Olympic Political Correctness

John Fund, National Review, August 7, 2012

The London Olympics features 302 events. But this year there clearly is a new category: racial sensitivity. These Olympic Games are rife with examples of people taking offense, and it’s time to discuss some guardrails and guidelines before political correctness takes over completely.

First, some behavior on the part of athletes is clearly out of bounds. After Swiss footballer Michel Morganella’s team lost to South Korea, he said on Twitter that his opponents could “go burn” and were a “bunch of mongoloids.” That’s hardly sporting behavior, and he was sent home for insulting the dignity of the Korean team. Beyond that, it was just offensive speech.

And sometimes it’s the critics who are clearly out of line. NBC was deluged with criticism because it ran an ad that offended fans of gold-medal-winning U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas, who is black. NBC commentator Bob Costas had just finished a commentary in which he said that “much of America has fallen in love with Gabby Douglas” when a gymnastics-themed commercial appeared promoting NBC’s comedy Animal Practice. It featured a small, grinning monkey doing gymnastic tricks.


Then there are the cases in the middle. Greek triple-jump champion Voula Papachristou was expelled from her country’s Olympic team last week after she tweeted a tasteless joke. In a reference to a recent outbreak of West Nile virus in Greece, she said that with so many Africans living in Greece, the mosquitoes carrying the virus would be eating “homemade food.” She was promptly booted for making racist comments “contrary to the values and ideas of the Olympics movement.”

I agree that her attempt at humor was stupid, insensitive, and silly. But racist? {snip}

It is true that Papachristou was also guilty of making comments supportive of Golden Dawn, an anti-immigrant party whose followers have been involved in ugly confrontations on Greek streets. But while I am not a fan of Golden Dawn, it is a legal party that won 7 percent of the vote in the last Greek election and has 18 members seated in the Greek parliament.

Papachristou has been highly apologetic for her tasteless tweet, but her sporting career still lies in ashes. {snip}

Then there is the case of Nadja Drygalla, a rower who was pressured to leave the German Olympic team last Friday after a TV station reported that her boyfriend was Michael Fischer, who had been a candidate for the far-right National Democratic party in a regional election last year. Some also claimed Fischer had been involved in disruptive protests against immigrants.

Drygalla vehemently denied harboring any extremist views. But the news report prompted Michael Vesper, chief of the German Olympic Sports Confederation, to call her in for a long talk.

“She explained the matter from her point of view,” Vesper told journalists. “I made the problem clear to her.” According to Vesper, the rower reaffirmed her allegiance to the Olympic Charter, and he acknowledged, “I have no doubt that she not only stands upon the foundation of the German constitution but also on that of the Olympic values.” But then Drygalla announced she was “voluntarily” leaving the Olympics, and Vesper accepted her “choice.”

Drygalla has since told the German news agency DPA that her boyfriend “hasn’t been a member of the NPD since May and has distanced himself from the whole thing.” She emphasized that “I made it clear to him in many discussions that I don’t share his views and don’t back them. We didn’t have a very happy relationship when all that was going on.”

If she’s telling the truth, to what office does she apply to restore her reputation? {snip}


People who want to root out everyone accused of holding objectionable views from Olympic teams—or anyone who is related to someone who has objectionable views—would be wise to remember something: The Olympics is about sports, not politics. {snip}



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  • Sick. Never excuse, never apologize. I may understand that these  sport people are essentially entertainment folks, with no much political & social brains. Also, they’re young.

    But, when push comes to shove, you’d better stick to your guns. Then, you’ll have much brighter prospects in future after all dumb jumping & running is over.

    • David Ashton

      Good advice.  “Never cower, be ruder next time” (John Bright).  Better not to make silly remarks in the first place, of course.  There are olympian problems with the Olympics other than these little tales, however, and the whole thing – including the achievement of white participants from the host country in the actual events – needs profound reflection when the show is over.

  • Danimalius

    National Review has zero moral authority on the issue of political correctness, after sacking John Derbyshire and Robert Weissberg.

    • Heinrich24

      Indeed! Notice how tepid and feckless this article itself really is.

    • Laura White

      Agree 100%. I was suspicious of NR’s sincerity when I saw the title of this article. And sure enough, that was a pretty wimpy denunciation of the outrageous negro worship and racial oversensitivity coming out of this year’s Olympiad. 

      – Arturo 


    • Oil Can Harry

      Correctamundo. This year Neocon Review sacked Weissberg and the Derb (while regularly slamming Ron Paul).

       Years back, they excommunicated Ann Coulter, Joe Sobran, Pat Buchanan, Peter Brimelow, Murray Rothbard and other independent thinkers.

      And they have the nerve to complain about political correctness?

  • loyalwhitebriton

    The games have been political since Danny Boyles’ marxist par excellance opening ceremony.
    Apparently, there were Black and Asian workers and Industrialists in 19th Century Britain; never knew that!
    Besides, aren’t Koreans mongels anyway, or some type of mongel?

    • The__Bobster

      So how is this an insult? Isn’t that what they are?

      Mon·gol·oid  (mngg-loid, mn-)

      1. Anthropology – Of or being a major human racial classification traditionally distinguished by physical characteristics such as yellowish-brown skin pigmentation, straight black hair, dark eyes with pronounced epicanthic folds, and prominent cheekbones and including peoples indigenous to central and eastern Asia. See Usage Note at race1.

      2. Characteristic of or resembling a Mongol.

      • loyalwhitebriton

        I agree with most of your comments, the-bobster.
        However, on this occasion, I’m not entirely sure about what point you’re making?

    • As bad as the US is, Britain has gone off the deep end. If I was an Englishman I’d be in a strait-jacket by now, viciously trying to bite the Pakistani nurse shooting me up with tranquilizers.

      I see this Olympic PC madness as a good thing. They are getting desperate, people aren’t buying into their lies and distortions anymore. Since the Left is always “progressing” they can’t reverse course. They have to drive towards Utopia until they get there or until their wheels fall off. The opening ceremony proved they are driving on axles at this point. 

      It’s always darkest before dawn, the worse it gets for us, the better it gets for us.

      • Rocky Bass,

        I sense a wiff of one of my favorite philosophers, Friedrich Nietzsche in your post. Lets just hope it doesn’t get bad enough to kill us.

  • The opening cermonies were more insulting to whites than anything these people have said. BTW Papachristou is what we need more of. She has my attention whatever she is saying. 

    • The Verdict of History

      I would love for the OLYMPICS to allow for a SOLE DOMAIN for purely European and White American athletes (like the olden days)…. but I suppose liberal internationalists and PC terrorists would scream bloody murder…

      • The Verdict of History

        A WHITES ONLY Olympics, maybe?

        China and bleeding hearts might complain, but who cares? 

      •  If the Olympics is global, then the Olympics is global.  Other races don’t have their own competitions either.

        However, the practice of every white country importing their own steroid-using Jamaican athletes is sick.  White countries should field athletes of their ethnicity.  China, Japan, and Korea have no problem with fielding Chinese, Japanese, and Korean athletes.

  • potato78

    A beautiful woman life was screwed just like that. 
    “But then Drygalla announced she was “voluntarily” leaving the Olympics, and Vesper accepted her “choice.”” are too good to be true.

    “We didn’t have a very happy relationship when all that was going on.””.  For sure, the relationship will be fragile under such condition.

    Is that our beautiful woman has to marry a black, hispanic, or dark hybrid white, then we will say good……………………

    • The__Bobster

      This is what our overlords want.


      Bolt beat his training partner Yohan Blake to retain his 100m title and in the process set a new Olympic record of 9.63 sec. The 25 year-old decided to enlist the help of Gabriella Kain, Isabelle Gullden and Jamina Roberts, who lost all five of their matches and finished bottom of their group in the handball tournament, to celebrate his victory.

      The photo is slightly surprising considering that Bolt had insisted there would be no celebrations as he still has to try and retain his 200m crown.

      “This gold means I am one step closer to being a legend so I’m working toward that,” Bolt said. “That’s just one step, I have the 200m to go so I can’t celebrate.”

      A Swedish newspaper reported that the trio asked Bolt’s coach for accreditation so that they could congratulate the sprinter and spent an hour-and-a half in the sprinting legend’s bedroom.The Swedish ladies were not his only admirers. After confirming his status as the fastest man on earth he even got a kiss from last night’s silver medallist in the 400m Christine Ohuruogu.

      • potato78

        The media are so encouraging black/white mix.  Is this trending?  Who controls the media? “whites” or Jews or minorities? or

      • potato78

        Is this a current trend to encourage black/white mix?  Looks like that the media is so excited and very encouraging this kind of mix in contrast of Nadja case.  If “whites” controls the media, they are trending so that I could not even follow the trend.  If Jews control the media, I can understand that they were once hurt by pure whites. Or blacks/hispanics which I doubted. No wonder scandinavia countries imported a lot of blacks.

      • I wrote 5-6 pithy comments on Yahoo on the subject of the picture. One or two Blacks were jubilant, but other commentators were simply disgusted- keywords hoes, trash, ..

      •  absolutely disgusting to see white women whoring themselves out for political purity points.

  • Slightly OT:  NBC just showed Christophe Lemaitre’s heat in the 200m semifinal.  He will be in the finals, and has a good chance to medal.  He withdrew from the 100m.

  • Kevin W. Cornell

    My judgment, based on what I know: (1) John Fund’s article is so disgustingly lukewarm in places it is pathetic and revolting. For the record, yes, I am questioning his manhood; (2) Michel Morganella should probably apologize for having “said on Twitter that his opponents could ‘go burn’ and were a ‘bunch of mongoloids'” – but he should also definitely be welcome to compete, and kicking him off the team is beyond the pale and an embarassment to Switzerland; (3) Voula Papachristou did nothing wrong and has nothing to apologize for. Her joke was wholly within acceptable bounds of discourse and kicking her off the team is a travesty and an embarassment to Greece; (4) It’s a tragedy what has happened to modern Greece, and it is as amazing as it is dumbfounding that such a country was actually the birthplace and once-bastion of Western civilization; (5) Nadja Drygalla has no reason to apologize for having dated someone with far-right political sympathies. In fact, that is a point in her favor rather than anything for the traitorous German press or political class to throw a fit over. For the record, yes, I am questioning the manhood and maturity of all of these sick, politically-correct liberals; (6) It’s nothing short of a tragedy how far the once mighty Germany has fallen – how emasculated it has become – but in the end, I smile knowing that all of these disgusting, weakminded clowns will not be able to slide with disrespecting German blood forever.

  • How about the fact that people have a right to an opinion? Had anyone of those mentioned attacked christians or heterosxuals the media would be calling them enlightened.

  • After watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics which was a Cultural Marxist propaganda extravaganza, a ” Triumph of the Will ” in a brainwashing celebration of multiculturalism and miscegenation.

    Danny Boyle worked closely on the opening with former members of the Revolutionary Communist Party and the Socialist Workers Party, plus Catherine Ugwu, a half cast, leftist, that explains the race mixing sequence.

    Also included in carrying the Olympic flag Muhammad Ali, male, black American: boxer, draft evader, and humanitarian activist.

    Sally Becker, female, Jewish-British: peace activist.Daniel Barenboim, male, Israeli: an old-line leftist Israeli, of a type once common but made almost extinct by the perpetual, institutionalized Jew-hatred of the Muslim world.Shami Chakrabarti, female, British of Bengali parents: Director of Britain’s National Council for Civil Liberties (equivalent to the ACLU).
    Leymah Gbowee, female, Liberian: peace activist.Haile Gebrselassie, male, Ethiopian: great long-distance runner from an exceedingly poor African country.Doreen Lawrence, female, black British: mother of homicide victim Stephen Lawrence .Ban Ki-moon, male, Korean: Secretary-General of the United Nations.Marina Silva, female, black Brazilian: green activist.

  • British Ethnic demographics

    White British 90 %
    Muslim / Pakistani 5 %
    Black: 4%
    Mixed race: 1 %

    White (British): 57%
    Muslim 10 % 
    Black: 30 % 
    Mixed race: 3%

    London 2012 Ceremonies British flag bearers:
    White British: 0%
    Muslim 33%
    Black: 66%

    London 2012 Ceremonies representative British family:
    White British: 20%
    Black: 40% 
    Mixed race: 40%

    Coincidence or design?

    • ABM

      No way Britain is still 90% white. It was in the late 1990s before the immigration explosion.

  • David Ashton

    Your comment will be seen as a blasphemy against the new deity – the Mandela, the Obama and the Holy Bolt.

    •  The 200m final is this afternoon.  Christophe Lemaitre had the third fastest time in the qualifying heats, only 0.02 seconds behind the top qualifier, but at least according to NBC, he doesn’t even exist.

    • Excuse me, but I have a tendency to think of certain names in a parody style. I think of him as “Insane Dolt.”

  • Jim

    Somehow these heightened standards of scrutiny only apply to white western athletes.  It’s totally cool for Serena (?) to do the C-Walk after she wins.  And if they did an audit of which political affiliations and beliefs are held by the teams from Saudi Arabia and Somalia and a lot of other countries, well, we all know what it would be like.

    I completely boycotted watching any Olympic events this time because it has become an exercise in cultural Marxism.  I have no interest in it.  I was hurt when they sent that Greek athlete home.  She supports Gold Dawn, which is a legal party in Greece and has far more moderate views than most political parties around the world.  What are the beliefs of the North Korean team members?  I hope they’re not affiliated with the Worker’s Party of North Korea!!!

  • razorrare

    Well stated Jim…

    Whats next? Lie detector  tests for White athletes that ask if they are racist? That would certainly thin the herd of White athletes…notice how the media is not even mentioning Israel in the games? Just like they arent commenting on Israel viewing blacks as a cancer and deporting them.

    • The__Bobster

      They ARE mentioning the muzzie women who are competing while wearing ridiculous garb.

  • I’ve never been much interested in sport. But, from my disinterested angle of perception:

    * personally, I like sports that require skills & have some beauty in execution. I don’t want to denigrate other sports, but running- never mind meters-, javelin, weight lifting … cannot be compared with tennis, pommel horse, rings, figure skating,..

    * when Mr.Bolt is in question, I also don’t deny his accomplishments in his chosen area. But, IMO, this is media over-hyped. Men’s gymnastics are much more interesting & rewarding than running. Hell, I used to run as a kid, just for the sake of joy. It’s something primal, actually childish. Blacks dominate track & field (most of it), while other sports where Whites dominate are somehow media marginalized.  Of course- except swimming, due to Phelps. But, one of the most interesting sports, water polo, is totally neglected due to US low level of success there.

    * also, a side note- why not divide gymnastics, especially for women, into categories- like boxing (welter weight, heavy weight,…) ? I mean, we could look normal, grown women in competition, not only some pygmies. Here East Asian half- children have a natural advantage. Or in Caucasians- extreme shorties.

    • The__Bobster

      Have you seen the Chinese female gymnasts? There is no way that they are 16. It appears that China is cheating again.

    •  You just alluded to a reason why this NON-troversy with Gabby Douglas and the monkey commercial is nonsense.  The ad showed the monkey doing the rings.  Women gymnasts don’t do rings, only men.

  • The__Bobster

    I knew this would happen, but I thought it would be far worse. Maybe the true number is being hidden so as not to encourage future “refugees”

  • The__Bobster

    Proctor and Gamble is hyping a coalburner who whelped an American mulatto decathlete.

  • The__Bobster

    Congrats to little Gabby Douglas she earned her medal.

    I was cheering for the two gymnasts who didn’t get any hype, yet won more medals.

  • They just ran the 200.  Lemaitre came in 6th.  All three medals went to runners from Jamaicamahn.

  • David Ashton

       Before the Jamaican success at the 200 metres the BBC ran a film on the possibility of a genetic advantage in black runners with the usual irrevelant footage and misleading commentary (Jews being exterminated, Jesse Owens, slavery, &c).  It was later said that Jamaicans do well because of their nationwide commitment to such sports, but then if people are good at something they get together to enjoy and improve their skills in it.  My father ran as a Royal Navy competitor at the old Crystal Palace but came last, as I always did on school sports day – the main reason, below average short legs!  Usain Bolt’s legs are a good bit longer just for starters. 
       When the Eskimos win High Jump gold medals and the Pygmies win at Long Jump I shall revise my race realism.  

    •  We all know that different races have different sport abilities. Of course, in many sport disciplines they are almost equal. But:

      * Blacks dominate sprinting
      * Whites swimming, winter & motor sports
      * East Asian females gymnastics

      I guess some disciplines need change of rules. Also, there is much cheating, from steroids to whatnot (former East Germany was a Mengele-like state re sport- forcible abortions etc.)

      All mentioned in previous posts- false multicultural opening, selective attention to some sport disciplines, PC purges of White athletes, double and triple racial/ethnic standards, pornified approach (especially re females), … all this is somehow wrong.

      Anyway- sport would have never turned into such a money making global enterprise had TV not been invented.

  • American_cavalier

    Milquetoast quisling article by the NKVD-lite “Operation Trust” outfit called the National Review.