The U.S. birth rate has plummeted to its lowest point in 25 years as would-be parents postpone having babies due to the poor economy.

The average number of births per woman has fallen 12 per cent from a peak of 2.12 in 2007, when the economy began to falter.

Now the rate is predicted to hit just 1.87 this year and 1.86 next year, the lowest since 1987, according to birthrate forecasters Demographic Intelligence.

The forecasters, who produce quarterly predictions for consumer and pharmaceutical companies, said the rate is not expected to rise again for at least two years, USA Today reported.

They noticed a stark difference between race, with the less-educated and Hispanics suffering the largest decline.

But the share of births to non-Hispanic whites and Asian Americans with college educations has grown, the company told USA Today.

‘What that tells you is that births have clearly been affected by the economy,’ Sam Sturgeon, president of Demographic Intelligence, said.

‘And like any recession, it doesn’t hit all people equally, and it hit some people much harder than others.’
He added that the effect of the economy on births has been quicker and more enduring than any slump since the Great Depression.

‘Usually consumer sentiment bounces back a little quicker,’ Sturgeon said. ‘There’s a sense of hesitancy, especially for those of prime child-bearing age. The key word would be uncertainty, a lot of uncertainty.’

Other analysts said the decline could affect birthrates for years to come.

‘The more you delay it, the more you delay the possibility of a second or third child,’ Stephanie Coontz, director of research and public education at the Council on Contemporary Families, said.

She added that women are choosing to have just one child due to the expense of college and the belief that degrees are imperative for a job.

For more than two decades, the U.S. fertility rate has stayed close to 2.1 – the number of children each woman must have to maintain the size of the current population.

This compares to countries such as Taiwan, where the rate is just 1.1, causing concern about an aging population and lack of young workers.

Demographic Intelligence tracks fertility trends for companies in order to predict how products, such as diapers, toys, cribs and children’s medicines, will be affected.

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  • SarahConnor

    Someone has not told the Hispanics and all their children here in AZ about this study. I would question the intelligence of the Demographic Intelligence!

  • Neanderthaldna

    Well, some decent to good news from Amren for a change!

    Love the Truth, no matter how unpleasant, but…so depressing!  (HAR HAR HAR)

    I am all for publicly funded abortions, tubal ligations, and vasectomies for those of any race on the lower end who wish public assistance.  Why not?  Money for NO MORE kids?  Bet that’s a lot cheaper in the big pic than the current backward system.  For both responsible poor who are down on the ol’ luck and for the typical factories that pop ’em out as fast as the welfare checks can come.  Why would some poor person want more than one or two kids, anyway?  Why not take better care of the ones you got, invest more time and effort in getting it right, and have more time/money/energy to engage in risky activities on the side?

    Oh…yeah…well…guess some folks are pretty hard wired r-style breeders, eh?  Well, all the more reason to pass out taxpayer funded abortions, tubal ligations and vasectomies.  Good investment in the future, there.  Cost effective too.

    Heck, if blacks practiced strict eugenics within a couple or three generations they’d be the smartest people on the planet!  

    I guess…

    Oh, and ageing populations that need to be cared for?  Sounds like a good impetus for those populations capable of altering their environments and planning for the future…

    To get busy building awesome sci-fi style robots.  Also good for guarding borders from hordes of baby factories without having to breed like flies ourselves nor having to hire them to keep them out…

    Turnin’ lemons into lemonade here, folks!

    • toldev

       If I had my way, the government would not only provide free tubal ligations and vasectomies, it would give the recipient a check for $5,000.00.

  • Larry Klein

    ‘And like any recession, it doesn’t hit all people equally, and it hit some people much harder than others.’

    So what does that mean, wise Latinas are having only 5 kids instead of the usual nest of 10?

  • krak11can

    Birth rates are dropping fast almost everywhere in the world.

  • I doubt Mestizos and Blacks have a rate below 2.0.

    • OsRazor

       This article is nonsense, as you quite correctly point out.  The decline in US fertility is due to a decline among all racial groups, including whites.  According to the US Today article referencing this same source, Hispanic rates have fallen from 3.0 to 2.3.  No information was available for blacks, but their fertility rate was just under 2.1 in 2007 and I imagine that hasn’t changed much.  White fertility rates were 1.8 in 2007 (more like 1.6 when one accounts for the massive rise in mixed-race births by white women) and probably stands now at 1.6 or 1.7.  The moronic article makes much noise about the rise in births to educated whites and asians, but the baseline was so low to begin with (1.3) that any increase, which I doubt highly is above 1.5, has a marginal impact on demographic trends.  Overall, the article’s point is that the huge difference between hispanic birthrates and whites in 2007 has somewhat narrowed now.   The long-term demographic trends haven’t changed one iota.  It’s a stupid article.

      • ABM

        You may be right but falling from 3.0 to 2.3 is a huge drop. And I am pretty sure that Conservative whites are over 2.1. It’s the liberal whites who don’t have any babies.

        • Seek

          Oh?  Matt Damon has four already.  So does Tory Spelling.  I’ve come across that “liberals don’t have any children” meme many times.  There’s a grain of truth to it, but it’s way exaggerated.  

          • gemjunior

            Well Matt Damon is married to someone Latin I believe who can control the amount of births as long as their relationship lasts. 
            Tori Spelling is a Jew and like many they have a lot of health issues.  They also run into fertility problems and end up taking hormones etc. and having multiple births from that.  These two libs aren’t the best examples of themselves; I prefer the ones that adopt blacks.  Perfectly capable of reproducing their own perfect genes – Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Sandra Bullock – and they go out and adopt children who may later rob and even rape them.  We have a lot, a lot of sick sick brethren in our White population.

          • I think that Kidman has only White children. Adopted ones are from Scientology- Cruise phase & are Cruise’s “White man’s burden”.

      • Yeah, but it was down even before, I saw it earlier:


        The changing profile of the nation’s youngest residents also stems
        from the fact that some groups, especially Hispanics, have higher
        numbers of children than do non-Hispanic whites. One illustration of
        this difference is in the “total fertility rate,” or the number of
        children the average woman is predicted to have in her lifetime, based
        on current age-specific birth rates. For the U.S. as a whole, according
        to a Pew Research Center analysis of American Community Survey data, the
        number is 2.0. (American Community Survey data in this posting come
        from a Pew Research Center analysis of the 1% sample of the 2010 ACS
        Integrated Public Use Microdata Series [IPUMS])

        Among Hispanics, the total fertility rate is 2.4. For non-Hispanic
        whites and for non-Hispanic Asians, it is 1.8. Non-Hispanic blacks (2.1)
        have higher fertility than whites but lower fertility than Hispanics.

  • IstvanIN

     1) What is an FWB?

    2) There are good men, including some divorced men.

    3) Sorry you are so jaded. 

    •  FWB – “friend with benefits”, i.e. a concubine

  • AmRem

    Interesting, I thought the argument was that poorer families had more children.

    This must be a stark difference between a service and agricultural economy. In a service economy, births seem more reliant on the amount of jobs available while agriculture seems to try to fill the amount of jobs needed around the farm with children. 

    ^ Just pushing it out there

  • KenelmDigby

    Irony at so many levels.
    Before the economy crashed the political class was bleating non-stop that immigration was good for America, and gave America a cutting edge over ‘declining’ Europe and Japan.
     The economic bust-up was more or less caused by immigration destroying America’s productivity base. A consequence of the bust-up (and thus immigration) is that birth-rates are depressed.
     You go figure.

  • JackKrak

    Let me say it again, for the millionth time –

    The state of the economy has never figured into any black or hispanic decision to do anything.

    LaD’ontravious : “You know, Sha’Quannelle, I just saw on CSPAN that the unemployment figures for this month are worse than expected and our mutual fund has underperformed for the third consecutive quarter so I think we should reevaluate our plans for having another child. I’m just not convinced that we will be able to provide for our expanded family in a manner appropriate for the lifestyle to which we are accustomed”.


  • Not my business, but you know that, in case you want a baby, there is always a possibility of artificial insemination.

  • Anonymous

    Me, too.  then again, you don’t know how many of the “dates” or “Friends” you’d find on these sites aren’t just setups and ploys. 

    • AngloKraut

      That’s the risk one takes on any dating site. I say that Google is your friend and most powerful tool when it comes to vetting a romantic interest.

  • Anonymous

    How is having more nonwhites a ‘good thing’ considering they can’t run anything, considering it takes white people to take care of them, considering they can’t revolt against the white minorities in their own countries (minus South Africa)?  Why do they assume that more of them means they can take us over?  We’ve fought against much larger and more dangerous odds throughout history and come out on top everytime.  Let these arrogant, anti-white people dwell in their ignorance.  Let them think they’ve won.  Let them put their guard down.  That will be their downfall.

  • Anonymous

    What?  You mean the people who hate our guts, who want to destroy us, who want to displace us and take over our country are having less children now?  Why, I’m so sad.  Darn, less of them I will have to support now.  Really breaks my heart.

  • gemjunior

    Wow, what a great story – another White person to be proud of.  Don’t cross yourself off the reproducing list just yet (we need your dna more than anything else) – the wrong side of thirty isn’t as bad as the wrong side of 40.  Thank God you dodged that bullet.

  • AngloKraut

    Most of the women involved are the kind who look for casual encounters–the jerk in question simply took what was offered. Such women are skanks, and unworthy of even being called prostitutes. Prostitutes get paid.

    The pregnant girlfriend was “home base”. She always took him back, no matter how bad and blatant his cheating was. Until he started to beat her, and making threats on her life, and demanding that she got an abortion. She now has a restraining order, and has started counseling for battered women.

    And I? I’m glad to say that for once, my intuition was correct, and I teamed up with the pregnant girlfriend to take down this piece of sleaze. I even wrote an affidavit that was read by the judge that issued the restraining order. 

    Obviously not all men are so heinous in their attitudes and behaviors towards women. However, I have yet to meet one that didn’t view women as a type of “stress relief” that could be ignored and forgotten until needed again.

  • Seek

    I hear you.  Quite a few white women, whether or not “trailer park” types, are having kids with blacks.  Some, as we know, come to regret the decision.  It’s a disturbing trend.

  •  In theory, yes. But after “Welfare Reform” was passed in 1996, SSI was the fastest growing Federal budget line item from that time until 9/11. What that means is that many former AFDC clients who would have been automatically moved to the time limited work requirement program TANF make the lateral move to SSI. I think that’s the only reason Clinton broke down and signed welfare reform, other than the timing of the election, because he knew SSI would be there to “save the day.”

  • OK, but as Detroit WASP has said: Don’t WAIT TOO LONG.
    Besides, I’m a sort of Stoic determinist- I believe what’s your predestined lot, you’ll get that.

  • No, it’s a one-sided view. I’ve read a few studies & books on divorce & similar stuff. “Guilt” is about evenly divided. Essentially, it’s about general lowering of morals ( sexual, financial, empathy, self-esteem) & adoption, after the Counter-culture, of large portions of Black “moral standards”.

    • Boereseun

      Here’s the dilemma. Even if 90 % of men decided to keep it in their pants, it would not matter one bit. 10 % of men can easily keep 100 % of women entertained in their twenties with sex. Women are the gate keepers to sexual morality and they always have been. 

      Ms sour cabbage from English background has no one to blame but herself. She fell for the bad boy act hook, line and sinker. 

      These are the consequences to sexual liberation. 10 to 15 % of men get to have their harems and women get to use their sexuality in their twenties to trade up to a constantly better man, till such a time as they hit 27/28 and then baby rabies hit. At this stage they start seeking ‘commitment’ and no man worth his salt will take them. Thus you get, “Where have all the good men gone?”. 

      Then add divorce courts and the female favoured outcomes and the long term prospects for marriage in Western Culture has all but been destroyed. Of course I’m wrong though and thus never married women will continue to pile up. In a weird but wonderful turn of events, women’s lib become their worst enemy.

      • If it comforts you to think (in your obvious bitterness) that I must have “had it coming,” and that I must be a desperate, pre-menopausal husk to think that someone who said he was single and looking for “forever” might be sincere, then please continue. 

        No skin off my nose for what some newb troll says in a comment.

        But the regulars who know me on this board know that I’m–if anything–resourceful. Eventually one man’s betrayal will stop coloring how I look at men. Someday I won’t have to ask myself if I’m over my last serious relationship…

        But neither of those days are here yet. Until then, I have realized that it is not in MY best interest to date anyone.

      • You’re extrapolating from personal experience & perhaps from behavior in some loose morality social circles. Essentially, what you say is- most young females (17-25) are promiscuous sluts.

        Not true.

        I myself am a sort of male chauvinist, but IMO this is a one-sided approach that actually, out of genuine despair & disillusionment, paints all – or most- young women are slutty shallow morons. Well, I won’t write long posts & analyses of female sexual psychology, but:

        1. go to amazon. com books
        2. type in search option: infidelity, women infidelity, cheating, marriage infidelity,..
        3. you’ll get some 10-15 self-help books- mostly useless, but it’s irrelevant
        4. read the comments

        Audiatur et altera pars.

        • Boereseun

          It’s not just personal experience. You put 10 girls and 10 guys in a room. Are you going to get each girl going for a different guy or each girl competing for the best guy? To ask the question is to answer it. 

          Placing restrictions on male and female sexuality leads to prosperity, unbridled sexual nature leads to single moms, dangerous and uncouth children and a declining society. 

          Keep believing that societal decay has got nothing to do with the sexual revolution but, me being traditional, I got no stake in keeping the post modern women comfortable.  

  • Boereseun

    You’re on the wrong side of 30, you wasted your youth with bad men and expect us to feel sorry for you. Come on, why didn’t you wait till marriage before giving it up? It’s so easy to give it up and yet when one has done so, their prospects for marriage decline.

    No man is going to prove himself to you because you are not worth it… Why would any man commit to you when you gave the milk away for free?

    • God? is that you?

      • Boereseun

        This is your conscience speaking. I wrote a short story just for you. Ja ja, how kind of me. Its got more chocolaty goodness and meaning than Twilight, I assure you, so…do enjoy. Just no sparkly vamps… sorry about that.

        Imagine, two girl scouts each selling a box of chocolate cookies at a craftmarket. Mmmmm, I know, YUM!  Both boxes have the same amount of cookies and sell for the same price. Girl one tries to sell the full box to potential buyers. Each buyer says they would like to sample the cookies first, to test if they taste good. This girl realises the worth of the box would be diminshed if she handed out cookies for free and therefore doesn’t give them permission, not until the buyer purchases the entire box. This drives away ‘so called’ buyers and she struggles to get other buyers interested but eventually a buyer comes along who knows a good deal and buys the full box and girl one gets to go home; happy in the knowledge that she got the full price for every single cookie.Girl two tries to sell her box as well. Buyers ask her if she wouldn’t mind if they sample a cookie. Not understanding that each cookie given away diminshes the value of the whole box, she gives in and allows a buyer to sample a cookie of hers. Each buyer comes along, takes a cookie and then leaves saying they don’t like said cookie and are not willing to pay. After awhile, girl two is left with just under half a box of cookies but is still trying to sell the box at the original price. No buyers at this point are interested in paying full price for a half eaten box but they do try to negotiate down the price so that a new deal can be struck. Girl two refuses to budge and eventually, even those buyers who would still negotiate for a reduced price, leave her alone. As the day draws to a close (you know age 27/28, baby rabies time, ja?). Girl two tries madly to get buyers interested but can’t; she even tries begging them by giving more cookies away for free. Plenty ‘so called’ buyers jump at the chance to get more free cookies but deep down inside the girl knows they wouldn’t pay the asking price and are only there because of the free se… ehrm… I mean, ‘cookies’ on offer.The day comes to a close and girl two is left with an empty box and no money. She goes home sad, with only the memories of the buyers enjoying her cookies at no expense to themselves….. and cats! 

        “Wunderbar! Great story”, you say! Would you like to hear the one about the used car salesman trying to sell an old, beaten up and used Volkswagen 1975 Mk 1 Golf GTI for the same price as a new, show room finish Golf 6 GTI?

        • Oh, I’m sorry; I don’t speak Troll.

          But for a guy who spouts on about “traditional values” like the second coming of William Jennings Bryan, the use of a liberal organization like the Girl Scouts in your analogy is a bit…unusual.

          Oh, but here I am using critical thinking on a troll. Silly me. 

          Oh, but it’s time for my “babies-rabies” shot; nothing makes me want a tubal ligation quite like reading your posts. Good thing I know you’re a troll, and just here to make this site unwelcoming to women.

          • Boereseun

            Women are fine. Feminists coming to cry about guys not committing to her, nah. With sexual liberation women are free to use their bodies as they wish and men are free to discard them after using them. 

            I will keep my faith and marry a chaste woman or not marry at all.

            Good day.

    • This is not realistic. WW may have 2-6 bf before marriage- not that future husband will be ecstatic about it, but hey, it’s life.
      It’s 30-60 hookups & “bfs” that make- for most man- retreat from marriage proposals.

      • Boereseun

        It’s quite realistic for a traditional family and since that’s what I value I will stick to it. For non-traditional people… if they can handle their future wives laying down for other men, I got no problem with that. It’s their business. 

  • Boereseun

    Read “50 Shades of Grey”, I hear it’s a great romance story that assuages the anguish of aging spinsters…

  •  It’s their terminology, not mine.

  • I’d add some great books about happy & messed up stories: D.H.Lawrence: “The Rainbow”, “Women in Love”; Flaubert : “Sentimental Education”; Chekhov: Ionych, My Life, Duel, Uncle Vanya;  Garcia Marquez: “Love in the Time of Cholera”; Verga: “She-wolf”;  Marguerite Duras: “The Lover”; E. Bowen. Stories,..

  • Thanks Periapsis; that’s both sweet and encouraging. 

  • Thanks, Periapsis; I appreciate the encouraging words.

  • I have two dogs already; they are big sweethearts.

  • When eggs are donated, they usually don’t expect the donor to do the surrogacy, too.