The 2012 Failed States Index

Foreign Policy, July 16, 2012

 [Editor’s Note: Below are Foreign Policy’s stability ratings of the world’s countries.]

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[Editor’s Note: Visit the original article link below for an interactive map and additional data, including the countries with the lowest rankings.]

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  • haroldcrews

    This map will look much different within a year to two.

  • JackKrak

    Statistics confirm (again) what anyone with half a brain already knows – nations full of black and brown people are invariably poor, oppressive, desperate and usually violent places.

    Perhaps not coincidentally, American cities full of black and brown people also rank at the wrong end of every measurable standard of measure.

    As do schools.

    And neighborhoods.

    What an amazing coincedence…..

    • APaige

      You are correct. At every discernible geographical measurement the black social condition (crime, violence, lack of sanitary measures, broken families, education etc.) is the same- Nation;State;county;neighborhood;census tract; block. The only part that changes is how to blame whites: Slavery, colonialism, discrimination, white-flight (My favorite-blaming those that left for the condition created by those that stayed and the reason why people left), etc.

  • This map is racist.

  • IstvanIN

    Most of these nations are still recovering from European colonialism.  Some of the others are suffering from cold war hang-over.  Afghanistan has been tortured by Britain, the USSR and now the US.  Give them time to heal and they will join the modern community of nations.

    •  Don’t hold your breath until that happens.

    • Are you joking? Blacks are in a permanent condition of ‘recovering’ from some outside imposed force. Yet somehow the Germans and Japanese were able to recover after being completely obliterated and sent back to the dark ages to become the 2nd and 3rd largest economies in the world. It only took a few decades. hmmm….and African countries have had far more in Western aid money. The only variable is the people. Race.

  • When there is internal and external peace, people have the time and energy to watch their political leaders. Where the are external wars and internal conflict, people are too busy just trying to stay alive and are desperate for leaders to take control to fix everything. Therefore, statists, who want ever more political power in the US, must import conflict (aka “diversity”), so that the only thing the voters will have in common are their political overloards.

    Our own political leaders will have “divided and conquered” us by importing foreign peoples and discouraging them from assimilating. If we don’t turn things around fast, say “goodbye” to American self-government.

  • Well, well. Sixteen out of the top or “most failed” 20 are either sub-Saharan African or, in the case of Haiti, populated almost entirely by the descendants of sub-Saharan Africans. But of course the liberal media will blame this inconvenient fact on “European colonialism” and “White racism.” Funny how them poor black Africans just cain’t get no breaks!

  • IstvanIN

    Bhutan’s King has given up his powers to an elected parliment.

  • IstvanIN

    Thanks to the French Vietnam’s Royal Family was executed, the country was split by a 30 year civil war and became communist.  India is a h#ll-hole with mass poverty thanks to the British Raj.  Hong Kong doesn’t seem to have faired to badly, I suppose.

    • India doesn’t have “mass poverty thanks to the British Raj.” It has railroads, modern cities, a lingua franca (English) in a country with a hodgepodge of ethnic groups and languages, and the example of a parliamentary system, thanks to the British Raj.

      • IstvanIN

        Mass poverty, dead bodies on the streets and roads, shoeless waifs everywhere.  Sure, they have an elite, every nation does, but it is far from mostly middle class.

      • It is a society that will be a predominately male society since India is killing its daughters. A society without women will only increase crime, human trafficking, and prostitution.

        • alastairabbacle

          When 200 million Chinese men are unmarried, there will be two outcomes:
          1. Colonialism
          2. War

      • As an Indian allow me to respond. India was one of the richest nations and grandest civilizations well reputed for her advances in sciences, philosophy, kingdoms and was home to 3 of the major world religions (Hinduism, Buddhism & Sikhism) in the planet for much of it’s >4000 
        year old history, that was until the Muslim Mughals & later the British colonizers exploited and plundered the nation. The British ripped India which would amount to trillions & trillions of dollars…that excluded the stealing of the priceless Kohinoor Diamond – the largest Diamond ever!

        The English language was more of a default legacy of the Brits, when they were running short of staff to manage the colony & desperately needed local staff to learn English for their own vested interests.       

        India’s recent economic success cannot be attributed to the British, but to the enterprising  nature of Indians themselves. Excepting railroads, almost all of India’s infrastructure, nuclear, technological, educational & medical infrastructure is built by Indians themselves. Indian scientists have created their own indigenous space program…the successful Lunar mission in 2008, where water was discovered, the launching of the max. number of satellites in one shot, including Satellites from USA, Israel & Germany, the world’s fastest & advanced hypersonic cruise  nuclear missiles -Brahmos & Shauraya ( till date the Americans & Europeans have NOT achieved a “hypersonic status, they are still at “supersonic” status!)  , the world’s most accurate long range nuke missiles with a CER probe of <40 mts, something even the Americans have not achieved.  

        India is also home to some of the best medical doctors and hospitals in the world. Recently, the Bangalore based Fortis Hospital Group was voted the #1 Medical center in the world for international medical patients beating rivals from nations like the United States, Germany, Singapore, Japan, UK and South Africa!
        Bangalore is already the world's 2nd biggest Hi-Tech Research and Development center of the world, just after Silicon Valley, San Francisco. Taking advantage of the economic boom there,  quite a few top graduates from the USA & Europe (whites) are heading to India for work in top notch Indian based Technology companies. 
        As for the British, well today the Indians are outscoring them in all levels….Indian Britons students score higher than whites & other ethnic groups at the GCSE High school and college levels      
        for science and mathematics, an Indian – Lakshmi Mittal is the richest man in the UK, who owns the world's largest Steel-Iron corporation, the national dish of the UK is "chicken-Tikka curry", the most influential British company i.e. the East India Co. which financed all of Britian's colonial invasions & wars (from her colonies in America to those in Africa and Asia)  is now owned by an Indian ( Mehta), the biggest automobile company in the UK ( Jaguar-Range Rover) is now owned by TATA – an Indian Mumbai based company, one of the greatest modern song writers & musicians in the UK was the late Freddie Mercury (real name: Farrokh Bulsara) of Queen, who was – Indian! The power is shifting and trends have changed!     

        • gemjunior

          Well whoop de do!  You sure socked it to those British.  The problem that I see is the reason that Britain NOW sucks is that all the chickens have come home to roost and that’s why there are now a zillion Muzzies from that part of the world, and why Chicken Tikki Mooka is the national dish when it used to be Beef Wellington and Yorkshire Pudding or Ham and Spuds courtesy of the neighboring farm.  The beautiful way of traditional English life is also gone, thanks to the invasion of colonials that the general public never wanted, asked for, invited, agreed on, you get my drift. 

          India is certainly one of the most amazing places I have ever been but completely alien.  I cannot say that I could live there permanently so it amazes me that Indian can leave home to live in my societies.  My European ethnicity-dominated society should be intolerable to them.  I wonder why it isn’t?

        • In reply to Achean:

           “What India has achieved in the last few decades would have been impossible without their importation of Western knowledge and institutions.”

          And without the importation of ancient Indian mathematics imported via the Arabs, the Europeans would be nowhere in terms of Science and tech. Touche!

          “We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made.” – Albert Einstein.

           “You are right that students of Indian descent do rather well in British schools, the bring traditional values which have evaporated from the British after decades of PC and multicultural denigration of their own traditions. But these Indians are in Britain for a reason, because Britain is still a better place than India.”

          Oh dear me, 
          you cannot blame the incompetence of white British 
          youth on others. Ever heard of the term personal responsibility? Simple, the Indians are more competent & smarter at school and no amount of excuses will work. Those Indian kids at British schools are exposed to the same environment and PC atmosphere as white kids. The Indians outscore whites against all odds! 

          ” Despite recent growth trends, India, with its 1 billion people, has somewhere between 200 plus million in a state of starvation. The cities are filled with latrines and putrid smells. ”

          I do not deny it! India in a nutshell is the Good, Bad and Ugly! There are horrible things about India just as there are good things albeit 
          your facts about starvation is wrong…this is 2012 not 1978 and with the economic boom since 2010 while the western world went into a deep economic recession creating more poverty & unemployment in the USA, UK etc, India was one of those few nations which actually had the reverse effect – it alleviated >300 million of her citizens out of poverty & into the middle class! The UK is much worse off economically than India! 

          Even the Jewelery-Diamond business is now run by Indians ( who have successfully displaced the traditional Hassidic Jews in this trade)     


            “The claim that India achieved much before colonization is not true after the first centuries AD; thereafter India’s culture merely repeated itself, nothing new came until the great British colonizers taught them how to be modern. The Indians, to this day, love white British ways and looks. ”
          That is not true! In fact, India was much worse under the British…severe famines ( eg: The great famine of Bengal), massive plunder, loot, exploitation of our wealth & people to the point of torture and humiliation – these are documented facts, no one can deny! India today is a million times better-off without Britain. In fact, I dare say, looking at current trends, we Indians are not only doing better than the UK, but are actually steadily becoming the Masters of the British!
          India is also more militarily powerful than UK.  Besides, why bother the wealthiest folks there are Indian. The richest man in Britain is Indian (Lakshmi N. Mittal). An Indian owns the most expensive real estate in the UK ( “The Taj”, Kensington Place, London). An Indian American Anish Kapoor is set to build the tallest tower in London – The Orbit! The biggest steel companies are ALL run by Indians ( Mittal, TATA-Corus etc). The Indian corporation TATA runs Britain’s biggest automobile company Jaguar-Range Rover, The East India company – once the pride of colonial Britain is now owned by an Indian (Sanjiv Mehta) and the list goes on…

          And seriously, Indians and loving British ways?? C’mon lad, you & I both know that is NOT true. Even in Britain, the Indians still love their Indian food, Indians dresses and fashion sense, Indian movies and Indian grocery stores…thus keeping their $$$ within their own community! Whereas, quite often I see white women married to Indian men, dressed up in an Indian “Sari” or “Salwar Khameez” or dancing to a Bollywood song and most likely giving good business to the local Indian owned restaurants or supermarkets, enjoying hot curry and beer after the football game on weekends!

        • In reponse to Ryan:

          India has far superior missiles as compared to Europe. Infact just recently India indigenously created their ICBM, something which most of Europe, except for Russia, UK & France. India’s superb ICBM nuke missile is a long range capability >5000 miles which can reach Europe & all over Asia. India is now part of the elite nuclear club who possess an ICBM!

          The brains behind the nuclear ICBM missile which was a roaring success is a Indian WOMAN scientist – Dr. Tessy Thomas, an Indian Catholic. We love our diversity! Funny, I have never heard of a white western woman ever create even a helicopter, leave alone designing something as complex & high level as an ICMB nuke missile!

           India’s next long range nuke missiles ( Surya 1 & 2) which is soon to be released can travel > 12,000 kms which can reach America!

          India already has the world’s fastest hypersonic cruise missiles – Shauraya and Brahmos and we’re releasing our missile shield system which will go well with our indigenously made nuke submarines (Arihant). India also the best warcraft ships-air carriers in Asia ( INS Vikrant), even better than China!

          We are formidable in our own right, perhaps we have not reached there yet, but as the world’s 4th most powerful nation just after the USA, China & Russia, in less than 60 yrs we have’nt done so bad after all! Put it this way, if the USA does not interfere, India can easily invade the UK! And China is even better, I bet they could single handedly invade Europe, if not for Russia & America’s interference. 

      • In response to gemjunior:

        Thanks for 
        your comments. But again, had Britain NOT gone on a world wide invasion spree, colonising, STEALING, plundering and brutally subjugating the natives…the “chickens” would not have come home to roost!

        Colonial Britain was so intolerable to the natives of all those illegally occupied land (obviously the Indians did NOT want the Brits there in the first place!)  that even 
        your fellow whites in America fought a brutal war of independence to form a great nation -USA!

        Also, most white Britons that I know dig spicy Indian food. There are more white fans of Indian food than vice versa. Thanks to white Britons, Indian restaurants make > 300% profit on an average, a lot better than the next burger or fish-n-chips joint!  Jeez, I wonder why that is? Is that why something as delicious, healthy and awesome as the “Chicken Tikka Masala” became the national dish of the UK?     

  • Here is an interesting article on last year’s Failed States Index:

    Demographics Loom Large in State Failure:

    I took his data and compared them to a broader set of indicators and the conclusions were predictable but still fascinating. Richard Lynn’s national IQ scores, GDP growth per capita PPP since 1980, population growth since 1960, Human Development Index scores, World Ecnomic Forum Global Competitiveness scores, and percentage of world academic citations (published scientific research).

    I wish I could post the results on here but the box won’t display it. The most failed states had the highest birth rates and population growth, lowest increase in GDP, lowest IQ scores, least % of academic citations per population, lowest competiveness and on and on and on. I am amazed at how closely my prediction lined up with the actual data. The least failed states showed the lowest population increases, proof that population growth does not equal prosperity or economic growth. Immigration from these countries is absolutely the worst thing any nation can do. The most failed states average around 75% increase in population growth since 1960, while the least failed averaged around 30%.

  • AvidReaderSometimePoster

    From the original article:

    ‘..Due to technical problems, Newfoundland is white and cannot be colored in….”


  • gemjunior

    Eventually (it’s already started with the Afrocentrism) when Whites are so weakened a minority that extinction is around the corner, when (if?) blacks are publishing the school texts (can they work the printing press?) it will say that Europeans were the subspecies scratching around in the dust, unable to build a second story, without the wheel, without calendars, etc.  The magnificent cathedrals in Europe will have been built by the blacks.

    None of the above will ever really be possible, since blacks destroy and lay waste every city they get near – so there will be no magnificent cathedrals or infrastructure left, once they get busy.  The only possibility would be that the few token Whites run the machines and do the work at the point of a gun, as they are doing right now in SA.  Keeping the country running for the low IQ majority.  Who knows what stories they will continue to lie to themselves with.  I’ve seen videos in youtube and heard even a speech by Al Sharpton when they claim 100% seriously that “they will take back what is theirs, when they began civilization and ran beautiful countries while Whites in Europe were still running around in animal skins”.  I’m thinking WHAT books are they reading?  Where does one get off lying to oneself this way and what prompts it?  And it scares me to think how powerful the ignorance that must allow people to utterly ignore ugly truth in favor of pretty lies  in the face of such a huge planet of evidence disproving the lies.  I guess I’ve never been that desperate.

  • alastairabbacle

    Good thing Minnesota is bringing in lots of Somalians.

  • American_cavalier

    We should develop a standard unique to America and apply to our individual state, counties and cities. Which top ten cities would make the list of failed cities?

  • I saw that same article. The irony is that if you accept that as valid science then you also have to accept racial differences in IQ as well. Africans will never close the IQ gap no matter how much ‘aid’ is thrown at them. They have been receiving aid for decades and little progress has been achieved. Those environmental factors are not enough to change their genetic structure. That is one of the reasons why IQ tests are valid according to Richard Lynn. Black IQs are the same across environments, no matter what conditions they grow up in. As their environments improve, their intelligence remains the same.

    “whites in the early 20th century were dumber than the blacks of today”

    Definitely not true. Medieval England had higher living standards than modern Africa. It is interesting to read Jane Jacob’s Cities and Wealth of Nations where she talks about the Marshall Plan aid injected into Europe during WW2. The fundamental factor behind Europe’s revitalization was the prior existing infrastructure i.e. intelligence of those who lived there. That is why Africa still fails despite receiving far more in aid than Europe.  

  •  …at least until it ceases to be European.  Pretty soon Germany and Poland are going to switch places.

  •  ahahahaha confusing melanin with melatonin

  • This is the story of our lives. Living in Africa the reason for the failure is obvious.  Black Africans have the world wrapped around their fingers because they have played the sympathy card for so long, and gained from it, that they have no reason to try and sort their own SH!T out. The west powers the wars in almost every African country, not by supplying arms but by making work unnecessary. You fly and ship in thousands of tons of food per day, this is worse than shipping in guns because without food the men will have to work. If you shipped in guns and no food very soon those guns would be melted down to make spades and forks. This continent has been destroyed by political correctness. We are only agreeing that blacks are useless by continuously feeding an overpopulated and lazy peoples.