German Far Right in Legal Battle over Free Speech

Yahoo! News, June 29, 2012

A German far-right party’s legal challenge against the German postal service over its refusal to deliver the party’s magazine will be decided in the Federal High Court in September.

A leader in the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) said on Friday the challenge on freedom of speech grounds was raised by NPD deputies in the Saxony state assembly, one of two state assemblies in Germany where the far-right party has seats.

Holger Szymanski, a spokesman for the NPD in the Saxony parliament, said the party believes its constitutional rights to free speech are being violated by the postal service’s refusal to distribute its newsletter, “Klartext”.


The postal service is the latest company to run into a legal challenge from the NPD. Since 2008 it has refused to send out “Klartext” in the Leipzig region.

Lower state and district courts in Saxony have backed the postal service’s position regarding “Klartext” and said it should not be considered a magazine but rather propaganda intolerant of different opinions. {snip}

Under German law, all newspapers must be distributed by the postal service in accordance with the principles of free speech and freedom of information.

“Political content does not play a role in the juridical decision,” said Joachim Bornkamm, chief justice at the High Court of Justice, in comments that opened the trial on Thursday.

Because ‘Klartext’ is distributed to non-subscribers, much like advertising pamphlets, its status as a newspaper has come under question. {snip}


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  • JackKrak

    Slightly off-topic, but does anyone in Germany or the E.U. recognize the existence of a “Far Left”?

    • Hirschibold

       Baader Meinhoff, maybe?

  • Because ‘Klartext’ is distributed to non-subscribers, much like advertising pamphlets, its status as a newspaper has come under question. {snip}
    That pretty much describes the whole internet, too.  But is the Internet not the newspaper of our day?  Of course it is.  Nobody subscribes to a blog.

  • robinbishop34

    …it should not be considered a magazine but rather propaganda intolerant of different opinions


  • alltoohuman

    Germany will most likely never be a great nation ever again.  All the bearers of its best genes were killed off in the death camps of Stalin and Eisenhower. 

    • Kronolog

      Not really. The best were killed off in Hitler’s various campaigns of conquest. The lot that went into the camps at the end of the war was mostly what was left after all of Germany’s finest sons had already died; sub-standard quality in other words.

      • Jerrybear

         Well the sub-standard Germans seem to be more innovative and efficient than the cream of the crop of most countries. 

  • Church_of_Jed

    If you see anything online that you like (good old racist stuff, that is), you’d better save it ASAP.  Either it will be gone tomorrow or you will be blocked from ever seeing again.   The DOJ already knows who you are, so no harm in grabbing to to your flash drive.

  • Church_of_Jed
  • JohnEngelman

    n Germany, the copyright of [Mein Kampf] book is claimed by the Free State of Bavaria and Bavarian authorities to prevent any re-printing. It is legal to own or distribute existing copies.
    In Austria, the Verbotsgesetz 1947 prohibits the printing of the book. It is illegal to own or distribute existing copies.[62] The law (§ 3 d.) states that, “Whoever publicly or before several people, through the printing of disseminated writings or illustrations to one of under § 1 or § 3 prohibited acts requests, strives or seeks to induce others, especially for the purpose of glorifying or advertising the aims of the Nazi Party, its institutions or measures, provided that it does not constitute a serious criminal offense, will be punished with imprisonment from five to ten years, or up to twenty years for offenders who themselves or their actions are deemed especially dangerous.” 
    I love Jews, Judaism, and Israel. I have also read Mein Kampf, and see it as a source of insight into human nature, and especially crowd psychology. No one who does not already hate Jews will hate them after reading Mein Kampf. 

    • jeffaral

      Surely we all love Jews, Judaism, and Israel.   They are so intelligent.   What would be of us without all this lovely people???????

      • imnokuffar

        Probably in the concentration camps you admire.

  • Strider73

    Why bother with the postal service? If it’s anything like the USPS, it’s a high-cost, inefficient mess with multiple layers of bureaucracy and unionized employees who can’t be fired no matter how incompetent they are. Just scan Klartext, convert it to a PDF document and e-mail to whoever wants it. Keep a few printed copies at party HQ to hand out to those who walk in.

  • Speaking of censorship of communications, anyone else using Opera and seeing that is blacklisted, considered a “malware” site?

    • robinbishop34

      Sunday I was blocked by AVG saying the site had a trojan horse. Several hours later I typed amren in google and ran my cursor over the link and got the ‘safe to visit’ popup so I assumed it was cleared up. I am using Firefox.

  • anarchyst

    You will find that both the left and the right practice censorship in most of Europe.
    Most European countries have laws in place that criminalize ANY criticism or deviation from official “jewish holocaust orthodoxy” with fines and imprisonment.  This does not just cover “jewish holocaust denial” but ANY deviation from the “official holocaust story”.  It is illegal even to investigate or to bring to light any inconsistency about ANY aspect of the “jewish holocaust”.
    I ask those who are better versed than me . . . WHY??

    • Jerrybear

       David Irving was arrested in Austria or Germany some time ago so I read his book to see what was so controversial.  He doesn’t deny the Holocaust whatsoever.  He simply debunked some of the myths propagandized by psych-warfare agencies and had a slightly lowered estimate of deaths during the Holocaust.  He also credited Typhus with many of the deaths in the camps.  When governments go to such lengths to silence people from questioning any aspect of the Holocaust it makes you wonder what are they trying to hide.  They have to act like Nazis in order to protect the demonization of the Nazis. 

      • jeffaral

        The winners’ version of events is what they want us to believe.   The losers are demonised.

    • Sloppo

      I consider myself to be a “holocaust agnostic” because the official version of that story cannot be validated because no critical scientific research is permitted.  If it were 100% true, I do not understand why that story would be the only one we have with that much political protection.  North Korea protects the story of it’s “dear leadership” and the Muslim world protects the teachings about Muhammad similarly and I also have serious doubts about those stories.

  • So is actually transmitting a long-known virus?

    • Jerrybear

       I doubt it.  Maybe if the site was hacked.  It was probably just blacklisted so people don’t come here since it is growing in popularity. 

      • Jerrybear

        I’m now getting the AVG block and cannot log onto Amren. Hopefully it wasn’t hacked.

      • robinbishop34

         I don’t know if you are able to access amren since this post, but I (my husband) tried everything in the book. Finally, after about 40 minutes of troubleshooting, a tech at AVG had us diable the AVG toolbar extension from Firefox’s add-on manager. This fixed the problem.

        It wasn’t until we completely disabled AVG itself and still encountered the problem did we start to think the problem might of been with a browser setting.

      • AVG and Symantec are giving us problems.

  • Jerrybear

     They better start having children.  Fast.  Otherwise Turks will have to take up the mantle of  ‘German’. 

  • I find this pretty amusing given most of the NDP’s stances on certain policies and freedoms.  Then again, if you can use the system to fight against the system – why shouldn’t you?

  • anarchyst

    Germany is the only country in the world where the “sins of the father” have been “visited on the children (and grandchildren)”. WHY? Nazism pales in comparison with communism yet people of the “tribe” STILL make excuses for communism, stating that “communism was not properly applied” and that “mistakes were made”. I, for one, am tired of seeing Germany being made an example of, when it comes to totalitarian governments. The political situation in pre-WW2 Germany was volatile (to say the least). Outside agitators made it easier to marginalize certain groups of German citizens with questionable loyalties. This made it possible for Adolph Hitler to gain power . . .
    . . . However, the demonization of Germany has a much greater purpose–to deflect criticism from that great “invention” of the “tribe”–communism.The “tribe” took a relatively minor event in world history and turned it into a “cash cow” that “keeps on giving”. Influential leaders of the “tribe” were willing participants in the destruction of their own people and did so to force the creation of a “homeland”.It is no secret that members of the “tribe” who wielded power in communist-dominated countries were hated (with good reason). Domination by Germany was seen as preferable to living under the boot heels of their communist oppressors. This was the reason why so many oppressed people volunteered to “help” the Germans “take care of business”. . .
    . . . those that lived under the artificially induced “famines” come to mind. It is only natural to want to destroy your oppressors when the opportunity presents itself.To this day, events that led up to WW2 Germany are conveniently “dismissed” while the self-inflicted “troubles” that the “tribe” endured are displayed as if they happened yesterday . . .