Future Arrives to Diversify Small-Town USA

Maribel Hastings, National Journal, May 18, 2012

When an unexpected Midwestern monsoon hits, there’s nothing like waiting out the storm while sipping horchata and listening to some good mariachi. Welcome to Mexico Antiguo, a restaurant on Main Street in Marshalltown, Iowa.

At Postville High School, 133 miles away, a photo on display in the hallway shows a group of elegant youths of obviously European descent: the graduating class of 1903. The cloud of white faces no longer resembles the students who stream out of the school at the end of the day. In Postville, Iowa, population 2,227, one-third of the residents are now Hispanic, and the school reflects the town’s diversity.


By now, many Americans are familiar with the long-range projections that mark America’s transition into a world nation: By 2023, ethnic minorities will represent a majority of the under-18 population; by 2050, minorities will represent a majority of the entire population.

Over the past several decades, this powerful current has infused new energy and challenges alike into metropolitan areas that have long been magnets for immigration, including New York and Los Angeles, Miami and Phoenix, Dallas and Denver. But increasingly, this tide of change is spilling over into places that previously had not been shaped by diversity. While almost 50 percent of U.S. Hispanics live in 10 large metropolitan areas, almost two-thirds of the past decade’s Hispanic population growth occurred outside of those areas.

This is bringing propulsive ethnic and racial change, with all of its opportunities and complications, to places not used to it. While there’s evidence that the recession has cooled the Hispanic demographic explosion in places like Charlotte, N.C., and Provo, Utah, as jobs have been lost in cyclical sectors such as construction, that is almost certainly more a pause than a reversal. The basic trend toward new faces in new places seems irreversible: From 2000 to 2010, Hispanics accounted for at least 40 percent of the population growth in half of the 50 states. It’s probably not a surprise that minorities represent a majority of the elementary and secondary school children in Miami-Dade County and Los Angeles, but now they constitute 30 percent in Lincoln, Neb.; 50 percent in Des Moines, Iowa; and 53 percent in Salt Lake City. {snip}


The opportunities for cultural collision are many: fear of the unknown (especially of other races and languages) or of losing community identity; individual and collective prejudice; political opportunism; economic worries; and, in many cases, the sheer shock of the new. Many long-term residents assume that whites and minorities are engaged in a zero-sum competition for jobs; others are anxious over minority use of social services, or wary of spending public money on students who are still learning English.

As more communities wrestle with these changes, it remains an open question whether they will produce a new harmony or a contentious cacophony. The one certainty is that demography will provide no respite: The growth and dispersion of the minority population will remain one of the defining characteristics of American life for decades.


On first impression, it doesn’t look like anything has changed in Iowa. White residents are still as common as corn here, accounting for 91 percent of the state’s slightly more than 3 million people, according to the 2010 census. Statewide, Hispanics still represent only 1 in 20 residents. But over the last decade, Iowa’s white population actually contracted by 1 percentage point, while its Hispanic population increased by 2.3 percentage points.

That’s been enough to alter the look not only of Des Moines, the state capital, but even small towns, such as Marshalltown, population 27,552, and even smaller Postville. The ensuing changes have resulted in inevitable collisions—the growing pains of any community forced to adapt to change and integration.

The Hispanic share of Marshalltown’s population has almost doubled over the past 10 years to 24 percent. More than 42 businesses here are Hispanic-owned. For the past two decades, Hispanics have been drawn to Marshalltown by jobs in meat-processing and -packing plants, farms, and dairies. In 2006, the community found itself in an uncomfortable spotlight when Immigration and Customs Enforcement federal agents raided a Swift & Co. meat-packing plant here and arrested nearly 100 of its workers as undocumented workers.

From that wrenching experience, it would be easy to assume that the presence of Hispanics and other minorities has brought nothing but tension. The reality is more complex.

The first wave of immigrants to Marshalltown was men who arrived on their own during the late 1980s and early 1990s to work in the meat plants. The arrival of significant numbers of unattached men, who looked different and spoke differently than the longtime residents, generated predictable tension. This eventually gave way by around the turn of the century to the arrival of entire families—not just from Mexico, Guatemala, and elsewhere in Latin America, but Hispanic families from other states. By now, many of Marshalltown’s Hispanics say they have lived in the state for more than a decade.

This influx has been felt most profoundly in the churches and the schools. Sister Christine Feagan directs the Catholic Church’s Hispanic ministry in Marshalltown’s St. Mary’s Parish. The very existence of her job is a testament to change, but she can measure it even more precisely. “I use the parish as a gauge,” she says. “When I arrived in 1999, there was one Mass in Spanish and three in English. Now, we have three Masses in Spanish, and 70 percent of the parish is Hispanic.”

In the schools, the transition is almost as powerful. Twenty years ago, 98 percent of Marshalltown Community School District students were white. Minorities now represent 54 percent of the total enrollment, with Hispanics alone (43 percent) nearly equaling whites (46 percent). Last year, Marshalltown High School’s prom king and queen were Hispanic.

As Hispanic students, many of them immigrants, began to flood into the school district at the beginning of the decade, the English as a Second Language program became a lightning rod for controversy. In 1992, 75 students were classified as English Language Learners. Now 1,735 students speak one of 30 languages besides English, and the district has the third-largest population of ELL students in the state.


Salvador Lara, a 25-year-old born in Mexico, graduated from Marshalltown High School in 2006. He remembers edginess between whites and Latinos, but he says it gradually dissipated. He was part of the group Building Bridges, which was founded to improve communication among ethnic groups.

Conflict, he says, has eased in part because “Hispanics no longer have the worst jobs or the poorest houses. It demonstrates that we’re reaching a level that’s helping us be more accepted. We’ve contradicted a lot of stereotypes about Hispanics.”


The reality is that without the population growth that the immigrants provided, Marshalltown faced “very definite population and economic decline,” says Mark A. Grey, a professor of anthropology at the University of Northern Iowa and the director of the Iowa Center for Immigrant Leadership and Integration.

Ken Anderson, president of the Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce, agrees. “What has evolved over time is the realization of our indigenous population that they [Latinos] are in fact an economic force for everyday living,” he says. “And I think that it took us a while to roll that out.”


Concern about illegal immigration remains a burr in Iowa—not as inflamed as in places like Arizona and Alabama, but persistent and raw in some quarters.

“You hear around that they need to go home, they need to learn English, they are illegals, we need an Arizona type of law,” says Larry Ginter, a 73-year-old retired farmer who was born and raised in the nearby town of Rhodes. “We just push back. Some of us understand why so many of the folks are up here. But some people don’t. I try to change minds, but sometimes it’s difficult.”


{snip} The experience of Prince William County, Va., shows the opportunity for strain.

The county has been a destination for immigrants since the 1980s, when many fleeing civil wars in Central America settled in the Washington area. Tensions always existed, according to some residents, but rekindled when the economic boom of the 1990s brought another wave of immigrants attracted by the availability of jobs and the low cost of living.

Tension rose again after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and heightened further when housing prices collapsed in 2007 and the overall economy soon followed. Rising unemployment rates and foreclosures swept aside whatever grudging tolerance residents had developed for the new arrivals.

The county was thrust into the center of the national immigration debate in 2007, when its Republican-majority County Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance that allowed police to ask about the immigration status of anyone they suspected to be undocumented.

The bitter debate over the measure produced tensions, and Hispanics left en masse for neighboring counties. A University of Virginia study estimated that between 2,000 and 6,000 people packed up. Houses and apartments were abandoned, the local economy slowed, and some small-business owners were forced to shut down entirely. (Even so, the Hispanic population in Prince William grew from 8 percent in 2000 to 20 percent in 2010.)


{snip} The [immigration control] effort also drew on anxieties about the changing face of the student body in the public schools, the offering of English as a Second Language courses, and the availability of social services for immigrants—services that undocumented immigrants cannot access, but legal residents and citizens can. Fear of crime also fueled the move, although a University of Virginia study found that fewer than 2 percent of those arrested in the county in 2008 (after the law was implemented) were undocumented immigrants. Finally, there was the political dimension: The president-at-large of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, Republican Corey Stewart, ran for reelection on a promise to combat undocumented immigration.

When Prince William’s economy began to feel the effects of the anti-immigrant ordinance, pressure grew to amend it. That, combined with the potential for civil-rights violations and racial profiling as well as the high cost of implementing the law and defending it in court, led the board to narrow the ordinance in 2008 to apply only to those who had already been detained. But today, Stewart says flatly that the law “was not a mistake.”

“There were some initial impacts on some retail, especially restaurants in areas where there was concentration of illegal immigrants,” he admits. “However, the economy has exceeded all expectations in economic growth. The Latino population has not gone down. It has stabilized, with more young families with children and fewer of the single men that were illegal immigrants. It has been a very good policy.”

The gulf between the perspective of Stewart and his supporters, who believe the law has helped the county, and Hispanics and others who view it as discriminatory, shows no sign of narrowing. {snip}


The demographic trends transforming American communities across the country have triggered a process of adaptation—often forced, often tentative, and more painful in some places than others.

The growing presence of minorities in even the least-expected places, sustained by immigration and high birthrates, continues to test the capacity of communities and of the country itself to absorb the initial shock.

But so far, experience suggests that the longer communities are exposed to newcomers, the more likely initial resistance will yield to some measure of tolerance and understanding. In most cases, once the long-standing residents accept that change is inevitable and that they need minority and new residents to ensure the future of their economy and community, the choice becomes evident.


As the nation navigates these unsettled waters, the most hopeful sign is the proliferation of grassroots groups that have persuaded longtime residents to accept newcomers, if not out of genuine appreciation for diversity, at least from an awareness of economic necessity. One Iowa farmer offered what might be the best advice for a nation still adjusting to this epic infusion of diversity: “We have to agree to row in the same direction to stay afloat, because we’re all in the same boat.”

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  • This article is the usual disgusting anti-White claptrap.

    You can tell it is anti-White when it describes the  graduating class of a formerly entirely white town in Iowa as “obviously European.” They wrote that with a lot of disgust.

    • cecilhenry


      Well that’s because its envy and racism against whites.

      We need to stand up and stop it and get back out nation and protect white racial interests.

      Everybody should repeat it from the rooftops

      “Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White Countries for Everyone–NO!!!  This is genocide.”

      Which means that the program of doing away with all white
      people to the point where Europe and North America are to be majority
      non-white in this century requires a lot more than merely changing this

      • alastairabbacle

        Here is the current paradigm:

        “DIE WHITEY, DIE”

        We need to change it to:


        Be fruitful and multiply, Whitey.

    • gemjunior

      You are so right – this type of tone is disgusting.  I can practically tell that it was written in a tone of disgust, anti-White hatred, and justification for our genocide.

    •  Just replying to myself…

      Could you IMAGINE if a journalist wrote that the graduates from Malcolm X High School were OBVIOUSLY BLACK or the graduates of Cesar Chavez Middle School were OBVIOUSLY MEXICAN?

      • Dave4088

        Horror of horrors no!  That person would be ostracized from the family of left wing journalists. 

  • MissBonnie123

    The ethnic cleansing of White people in America continues.

    But I guess we are supposed to sit back and enjoy it.

    I wonder if Mexicans would enjoy being replaced in Mexico today like White people in America are being replaced?


      The common phrase throughout “Latin America” was “Gringo Go Home!”

  • valeofignorance

    Migrants are offered work and pay in many countries (China, Brasil, Dubai), but it is only in white
    Western countries where they offered citizenship and the opportunity to replace
    the native population, its culture and its way of life.

    • libertarian1234

      If I were these projectionists of a white doomsday scenario, I wouldn’t feel too smug and self assured about it all if I were them.  The demographic changes they write of could well be stunted by the ongoing recession,  developing into depression, during which there could well be lasrge scale civil upheaval wherein this country splits apart into secessionist areas, breaking mostly along lines of race, ethnicity, and probably politics.

      Even without civil war the country could still break up into nation-states in order to escape uncontrollable financial conditions.  Already there are many states on the verge of bankruptcy and a huge number of cities headed in the same direction.

      Personally, I think every one of these leftist forecasters write their predictions, hoping to fool people into accepting that what they have to say is a foregone conclusion, because they believe it helps advance  their  political agendas.

      • I think you have the core of their agenda, attack on two fronts- flood us with immigrants, use them to abuse us and declare our defeat. Personally it is so difficult not to fall into their trap even with the knowledge of it being a trap. Our country, the whole damn thing is being taken piece by piece and instead of fighting, those that can afford to are escaping. Well my family did that when I was a child in Miami. We moved 5 times in the space of 20 years. And what did it get us? One lost paradise. I can’t even visit family graves in the daytime, the graveyards are too dangerous. If anyone had a doubt why the Kennedies have bought hundreds of thousands of acres of land in South America or Ted Turner or scores of the elites. They know what is coming.

      • NM156

        Muriel Roubini, one of the few economists to call the real estate collapse and subsequent recession of 2008, is now publicly declaring that the Western economies will experience a major fall in 2013. The EU’s problems are unsalvageable. When it goes, so will America’s exports and trillions in financial exposure there. Following that will be another collapse of idiot America’s schemes to print its way out of debt.

  • bluffcreek1967

    The article states, “The most helpful sign is the proliferation of grassroot groups that have persuaded longtime residents to accept newcomers, if not out of genuine appreciation for diversity, at least from an awareness of economic necessity.” And then the poor Iowa farmer concludes, “We have to agree to row in the same direction to stay afloat, because we’re all in the same boat.”

    Good Lord, what nonsense! There’s nothing ‘helpful’ when any group persuades Whites to give up their demographics to Mexicans or any other non-White race for that matter. Has that worked well for L.A. County or any other major city in California? Has it worked well for the most of our southern border states? And what good will result for Whites if they do so out of “economic necessity”? Will the prosperity of Whites increase in the long run? Not a chance!

    Moreover, as much as we might want Mexicans to “row in the same direction,” the truth is they won’t! When and if they get into full power and dominance (perhaps they already have?), they will not play by the same rules Whites do nor will they afford us the same kindness we have shown them. It will be time to repay the “gringo.”    

    • IstvanIN

       The simple fact remains if Mexicans, Africans and Pakistanis were such an asset THEIR own countries wouldn’t be such disasters.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        I have said/asked a similar thing to many minorities in school in this country. First I ask them if they will go back after they get their deploma. The answer is always NO, because they have it too easy here. I then ask them; “if you can’t make the place you come from better, how can you uphold the living standard of the U.S.A.? They can never answer that question.

        I also ask; “if you minorities are so great, why is your country a s**t hole when it is full of people just like you?


      Racia/ethnic/cultural/religiousl diversity is never a strength.  Most wars are the result of forcing different people to live together.   Diversity causes suspicion, competition, stress, and finally conflict and even genocide as one group tries to eliminate its competetor — i.e., Jews in Germany, Jews in Palestine, Jews during the Iquisition.  

      Diversity is always dangerous.

  • Did they say what happened to test scores as a result of the change?

  • JustaWhiteMom

    The article is “closed for comment.”  I guess they don’t want to hear how white Americans feel about their demographic replacement.

    •  They wasted no time at all did they, but that is how propaganda is done, that is how you brainwash.

    • MekongDelta69

      There’s ONE comment there. The best you can do is click “Like” and show them how you feel.

    • NM156

      Ha. I know this routine. Did you know that the New York Times greatly restricts anti-immigration opinion in its comment sections? I was told this by an IT programmer working for the NYT. Unbelievable.

      • Xanthippe2

        “Unbelievable?”  I guess you are thinking of a more new-fangled defination of the word.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Good. The more Iowa welcomes the illegal horde, the fewer we’ll see here.

    • IstvanIN

       Not true, there are more than enough to go around, and around, and around…


        There are 3 Billion Third-World People who want to come to the USA.  That’s 20 for every European-American.

  • The whole “minority will be the new majority” stuff is confusing, it would be easier to understand  if they used the terms “1st worlders”  and “3rd worlders” ,  for example,  “As 3rd world people continue to swarm our border and breed indiscriminately, it is predicted that 1st world peoples will be overwhelmed by 2023 and will no longer be able to bear the burden of the 3rd world invaders, causing the country to descend into a 3rd world nation”

  •  “says Jillian White-Hernández, 27,  a high school teacher married to an undocumented immigrant.”

    “americans” like this are the root of the problem

    • Anonymous

      Yep.  I’m seeing more and more whites in these areas with nonwhite kids or interracial couples, etc.  Hell, in the town I grew up in, there used to be a town on the south end that actually said, “When the sun goes down, your black a– better be out of town.”  Ironically, as more nonwhites have moved in here, crime has gone up.  Gee, that’s a hard one to figure out.

  • Francis Galton

    Here’s a simple slogan that will drive home “the point” to nearly anyone who reads it:

    “100% Diverse = 0% White”

    Although it’s somewhat subtle, I think that if we were to put that on t-shirts, billboards, posters, bumper stickers, and the like, then maybe–just maybe– we could get a LOT more people to wake up! 

    This slogan has the added advantage of being non-offensive on the surface, so that most people will not have a negative knee-jerk reaction to it (I’m thinking fence-sitting, go-with-the-flow type Whites, which probably represent the majority of Whites nowadays).  It should at LEAST make them stop and think.

    In fact, you don’t have to do anything fancy.  Just type that slogan in large font on a Word program, print out multiple copies, and then post the slogan on light poles, leave them in public restrooms, or do whatever!  I’m seriously going to do it and see what happens. 

  • Biff_Maliboo

    I actually live about 40 minutes from Marshalltown and have to navigate the mean streets fairly frequently as part of my job.

    If you want to claim tamale/taco trucks selling food comprised of meat of indeterminate origin, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, storefront groceries that seem to sell more  international phone cards than they do milk and bread, residential streets clogged every weekend with drunken  quinceañera revelers, an exponential rise in shady (better go in there now, it’ll be closed next week) “thrift/clothing shops” and check-cashing stores, aisles of the local Big Box Retail store populated by young “native Iowan” girls with multiple mystery meat children and a papa with gang tattoos on his neck and face, fierce-looking mestizo matrons with tattooed facial makeup  just daring you to step in front of their Escalade with its gold rims, the incessant din of the Spanish radio station that seems to play the same, never-ending ditty pouring out of the tinted windows of  every car as you wait at a stop light…etc as an example of vibrant diversity, I’ve got a run down motel on the outskirts of Marshalltown to sell you. Excellent growth potential.

    Marshalltown always was a rough town. The Hispanicazation has turned it into a rough toilet.

    • robinbishop34

       ‘mystery meat children’… this is funny even though the reality is far from it.

  • Ingsoc

    The reality is that without the population growth that the immigrants provided, Marshalltown faced “very definite population and economic decline. 

    Sure, Professor, so let’s grow the economy by importing a group with a low IQ, high crime rates, high rates of poverty, high use of welfare programs, high school failure and drop out rates and high fertility to replace the white population.  

    Yeah, that’ll work…NOT.  California said the same thing 50 years ago about Hispanics and is about to implode because it can’t support all the welfare this expanding population use and demand.

    Chamber of Commerce, agrees. ‘What has evolved over time is the realization of our indigenous population that they [Latinos] are in fact an economic force for everyday living,’ he says.

    Where do these idiots come from?   Hispanic use of welfare entitlement programs is higher than that of whites, dooming the entire system as the white population shrinks and the welfare population explodes.

    It’s white population replacement which is code word for genocide.

    • Anonymous

      Couldn’t encourage the whites there to have more children now, could we?  Of course, another anti-white professors who lives far away from the diversity they force onto other whites.  God, I hate these liberals.  I actually hate them more than I detest blacks, illegals, angry gays, muslims, etc.  At least without the liberals, these other social ills wouldn’t have the power they do.

    • Xanthippe2

      Sure, White towns never work out, never have.   Mestizo towns always!  Sorry, even the arthor of the article doesn’t believe that.

  • MekongDelta69

    I’m not going to read all this usual babbling from an idiot.

    This says it all:

    At Postville High School, 133 miles away, a photo on display in the hallway shows a group of elegant youths of obviously European descent: the graduating class of 1903.

    • I have Friends from The Vietnam War.  That’s all I can say.  I know some stuff they’ve told me and I’ve seen The Biggest, Strongest Men of all Men, shut down and become quiet as a mouse.  Almost like they were listenin’ for somethin’.  Truth be told, they were.

      • MekongDelta69

        It was a jungle then and it’s a jungle now.

        Different time, different place, different enemy. Same objective.

        Like our bro’s in 5th SF used to say, “Stay a LRRP, stay alive.”
        And like we used to say, “We own the night.”

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Postville has had trouble with outsiders of a different stripe before:


    • Xanthippe2

      You are triggering my memory!  I even remember there being some connection between the two! Where did I read that?  Could it have been the Forward?  No, impossible!

  • APaige

    I would rather have a declining white population then an increasing hispanic population. People (and their culture) are not the same nor equal. One culture can produce the bicycle, train, automobile, airplane, jet plane, rocket power, etc. is not the same as one that never invented the wheel.

    • Anonymous

      At least Japan would rather their culture disappear than be replaced.  WTF is wrong with whtie people today to allow this to happen?  Yeah, I know we say such and such senator back in such and such year implemented this, but it is our fault for not countering this stuff.

  • alastairabbacle


    There, I translated this article for you all.

  • Ugh…faces in the church could fit in the Comanche reservation. I tried, hard, to find anyone who could pass for white. Compared to these folks, George Zimmerman is a Scandinavian.

  • The__Bobster

    The Nightly Business Report ran a similar story today. A little town in the Midwest was overrun with brown squat monsters, and one of the old White gubmint employees was grinning from ear to ear as he recounted all the drunk and unlicensed driving offenses they comitted. Somehow, he thought he could change them into being assets for the town.

    • Anonymous

      Thinking you can change these people into productive, patriotic midwestern (white) people is like thinking you can teach your dog Quantam Physics. 

  • robinbishop34

    Ever notice how these types of articles always have a ‘ready or not,’ or ‘like it or not,’ thrown in as if the writer is figuratively putting his or her boot on the throat of white America as they are writing it?

    • YES!  I’m so angry, I have no words to define it.  I cannot wait for that First Bullet to Ring.

      Unsustainable Debt, No more Loans and American Money nothing but Worthless pieces of Paper is what I see.  Those with Valuables be it Property or Personal Belongings, all will be called in.  ‘It’s for the good of america’ they’ll tell you.  ‘It’s your duty’ they’ll tell you.

    • Xanthippe2

      Sure, it is quite deliberate.  This happened for no reason at all.  And there is no way to stop it.  It is just “the future.”  Bunk!

      If one bothers to look into the matter closely, one will find some people pushed this, a few tried to oppose it, and most were paralyzed.  I think the Olsons, Svensons, and Berglands were proportionally represented in the first category; although, no doubt, there were a few.

    • alastairabbacle

      You can translate almost everything a leftist says as 
      “Die, Whitey Die”.     It is a suicide cult.

  • KingKenton

    It’s not over yet for White America, but things are NOT looking good.
    Unless we can come up with some strategy to halt the invasion of
    small-town middle America in it’s tracks, it’s game over. If there is
    going to be a future for Whites it probably isn’t here in America.
    Look to Eastern Europe and Russia and the last best hope for White
    mankind. The attitudes towards non-Whites in these countries is still
    healthy. If I were younger, and not married, I would have to
    seriously think about moving there and taking up the cause. ‘Cause it
    pretty much looks like a lost cause here in America.

    • DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM ANY NON-WHITE EVER!  Ask before you buy, who owns this place?  If they don’t like your “racist” attitude, they’re not White anyway.

      “We” can do this so easily and with barely lifting a finger too.  All we have to do is, to steal from another poster’s words is, “starve the beast”.

    • NM156

      How the hell can fragile small-town America afford them? My guess is that they can’t, so state and county governments borrow for them to pay for the diminishing returns of the never ending cheap labor influx. Moron America will reap what she has sown one way or another.

  • Diamond_Lil

    A lesson from LA for Iowa regarding school dress code – your future Hispanic prom queens will become less and less like the white European princesses of the past and more and more like the porn queens on the adult channel just before the pizza man knocks.

    • KingKenton

      Ouch, Diamond. Them’s some smackdown words.

    • NM156

      Porn earnings must qualify as income. Maximum welfare benefits are had by single mothers with some income, not by the unemployed. Lots of Latinas in porn. My spam folder can testify to that.

      • Latinas in porn look great. These women, on the other hand, could qualify only for some kind of fetish porn, with lots of fat & addiction to ugly freakishness.

        • Xanthippe2

          I think there is a male/female problem here.  Lil was talking about CLOTHES.  Bardon is probably thinking of, um, more innate (but still superficial) characteristics.

          •  Superficial ? It depends. Look what this White guy says (clip/paste):

            Eric in Cleveland

            I can tell you from a white mans perspective. I just met a Latina. She
            is the first I have ever been with in my life. She was absolutely
            amazing. I have never had a girl act that way in bed ever in my life.
            She is in New York and I am in Ohio so we won’t be able to date. I can
            tell you if I ever meet another latina (& Im trying) I will treat
            her like gold. Maybe the latin men take the passion for granted? And
            when a white man discovers this he will do anything to keep her. She was
            an ABSOLUTE ANGEL. This was last week and I have a major case of Latin
            fever now!:)

            Latinas are great for sex. But- this applies to White variant; one should not build his life on a passing infatuation & physicality; most of them – Latinas- are not particularly  educated or ambitious, so after a while relationship/marriage sizzles.

          • Xanthippe2

            Sorry, I still don’t want to have sex with one, personally.
            Unfortunately, I am from near SF and you will have to turn it up about 1000 degress to shock me. Stick to the trannies: slightly more “shocking” and no chance of  mixed race children.

          • Texan1st

            Well, Bardon.  I can tell you from personal experience that once the newness wears off, what you will be left with will be a psycho alcoholic that has her whole family up in your business.  It’s when the relationship gets beyond the physical aspects that you eventually realize just how different you two really are. 

        • Anon12

           Latinas in porn look great

          You are a  twit. You are not pro-White as I have suspected all along by reading your comments on amren. White  beautiful women are the best looking in the world not the “latinas”..ask any nonwhite man.

          • Latinas have in past 20-30 years collected most of Miss titles. Live with that. Or die, I don’t care.

          • NM156

            A Latina could be all European. Sally Jesse Raphael, the one-time talk show host with blond hair, is a Puerto Rican Latina. In fact, Mexico’s ethnic breakdown is something like 10% Spanish, 80% mestizo, and 10% indigenous. Ten percent of 110, 000,000 is 11,000,000 people of direct Spanish lineage. And no-the Spanish did not mix with the Arabs. That’s a bizarre myth. Catholic Church punished intermarriage with infidels by excommunication and, at times, hanging.

      • The__Bobster

        There used to be only a handful. Now porn is load with them. Give them a few years and they’ll gain 100 lbs. and 10 kids.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Most normal whites just don’t have any more children than they can afford.  It is an anathema for most whites to take money they didn’t earn.  And unlike minorities, whites will be investigated for welfare fraud and prosecuted first if they did.  Two incomes are required in the majority of states to ensure safety and an adequate environment for white offspring.  I have three movie star gorgeous children, and I’m not just saying that because I”m their mother.  In another time, I would have gladly had ten gorgeous children with my handsome husband, okay, maybe six.   What we need is another revolution, an economic and political one.

    • NM156

      Exactly. Most of my classmates didn’t start having families until they were in their early 30s because of educational and business demands. Third Worlders don’t care in the least about planning a family, and in fact, the large majority of their children are born out of wedlock. Expectations for one’s children? What’s that? School is a place to kill time until getting pregnant. I often wonder what they want from this country since it sure isn’t advancement. My tentative conclusion is WalMart and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

  • Diamond_Lil

    I imagine the crime rate goes down too.  Too bad about Idaho, I was considering a move to that area (I live in L.A.).

    • NM156

      Yeah well we can guess that Idaho still has a few white people left.

    • I was just in Idaho and must say that I didn’t spend any time in Boise. I went straight up north towards Coeur d’Alene.

      That area is gorgeous and well worth a visit. Also, Kalispell and the Flathead Valley in Montana are quite nice and quite White.

      Tough to beat SoCal in the winter though. I live in northwest Az. in a country setting so I have a good winter spot. I try to stay in the smaller towns.

  • alltoohuman

    The White response to this kind of stuff has hitherto been completely wrongheaded.  The left says, “America is a multicultural nation.’  They say what it is and don’t leave room for counter-argument.  “America is multicultural.”  It’s final.  But do Whites respond with equally final arguments?  No.  Instead they try to reason with leftists with questions and the Socratic method, e.g. “If Africa is for Africans, Asia for Asians, then why do White countries need to be for everyone?”

    This tactic doesn’t work because in politics, reasoning is pointless.  Politics is about power, and unfortunately knowledge is not power.  Power is power.  When some liberal douche says, “America is multicultural,” you respond, “No it f***ing isn’t.  We’re White, this is a White country, and we’re here to stay.”  Leave them no room for a rebuttal.  Don’t ever debate with them: you tell them how it is, then leave, because that’s what they do. 

    Whites need to stop responding to anti-White rhetoric and start GIVING THE ORDERS.  Some Latino says that you stole America from them, you respond with, “Yeah, and we’re not giving it back just because you want us to.”  Some Jew or “person of color” starts blathering on about equality, diversity, and all that crap they love, respond with, “This country was founded by White men, for White men, and you don’t have any say in it.” 

    In short: grow some balls.  The left cannot be reasoned with, so don’t try.   In a perfect world these people would just be thrown in jail not only for being anti-American, but just for being complete retards who replace historical fact with BS ideology they picked up in their “social science” (LOL) courses. 

    • I LOVE IT!!!!

      You could not be more Right if you tried.  I cannot tell you for how long, how many different ways, facts and facts and facts and TIME, my God, the Time I wasted on trying to make other people understand the difference.

      I will, going forward, do just what you suggested.

    • ncpride

      What irks me the most is how they say… America was built by immigrants… Yes.. by WHITE EUROPEAN immigrants who checked in at the gate! What part of that don’t they understand!? When they say America is a melting pot… Yes.. again, of WHITE Europeans from different nations. Now that’s a melting pot! We don’t need anymore diversity than that.

    • Anon12

       Whites need to stop responding to anti-White rhetoric and start GIVING
      THE ORDERS.  Some Latino says that you stole America from them, you
      respond with, “Yeah, and we’re not giving it back just because you want
      us to.”  Some Jew or “person of color” starts blathering on about
      equality, diversity, and all that crap they love, respond with
      “This country was founded by White men, for White men, and you don’t
      have any say in it.”

      EXACTLY!   I have always said this nation was for Whites only. Created by Whites, built for Whites, also for our WHITE progeny. That was suppose to be our legacy and our destiny until we allowed the “invaders” to set foot on our soil and infiltrate every institution in America.

    • Texan1st

      “This country was founded by White men, for White men, and you don’t have any say in it.”

      The problem is that they ARE having “a say in it”.  The results are all around us.

  • I don’t think any nation has ever celebrated its own demised as much as America. There’s a small town in Oregon called Gervais that has a population of about 2,000. It’s now about 90% latino. A few years ago, some Mexican got drunk and killed a cop in a head-on collision. Of course in Mexico drinking and driving isn’t even a crime so we should celebrate this diversity. The guy escaped from the hospital and ran off to Mexico. Got away with murdering an American police officer. We don’t know em and we don’t want to know em.

    • NM156

      What are hordes of Mexicans doing in Oregon? Lumberjacking? Timber is such a huge industry these days. Maybe they’re writing code in Portland or doing corporate market research for Nike. Oregon has enough vegetable pickers until 2077.

      • First of all, no one calls them lumberjacks but rich city slickers. They’re called loggers or timber fallers. Secondly, don’t ever insult white Oregonians by suggesting that Mexicans are even capable of doing that kind of work. Logging has always been the trade of the toughest white men and still is. Mining, crab fishing, logging, ice trucking, oil rigging – the real dangerous jobs are the domain of white men – the jobs Mexicans don’t want to do. Both of my grandfathers were loggers and my dad was a mill worker. You don’t see Mexicans in those industries at all. Why don’t you watch the show Axmen and see how tough it really is? Most Mexicans work in the service industries or in agriculture. There are some cities where they are over 50% of the population like Woodburn, a notorious city for being totally ruined by these people. They don’t even speak English at the gas station.

  • Marshalltown had hispanics in it back in 199 something.  We went there when Jim was fixing those game machines and one was in a hispanic bar.  I imagine by now, that little Town is very much flooded.  Next in line, Bankruptcy for Marshalltown.

    I lived in Iowa and went to many a small Town (antique shopping with Tom) and there were NO non-whites.  NONE.  This whole thing makes me sick.

    Last note:  Can anyone please explain to me why, from where and how, did such hate for a people, come to be?  I really do not understand this.  The extinction/take-over of The White Peoples always comes with some sort of ‘oh how wonderful’ or ‘just accept it’ attitude and I don’t get it.

    Please spare me on The Nazi’s, The Jews and Hitler please ’cause for me, you can’t be THAT selective when it comes to what people have done to each other for there’s so much ill will from all towards others that you can’t, if you’re to be fair, pick out The White Peoples as being the ultimate worse.

  • bubo

    We helped global Communism win World War 2.  We’re getting our just deserts. 

  • bluffcreek1967

    She had no answer because when the logic (or lack thereof) of their argument is followed to its end, it makes no sense and is shown to be wholly impractical in the real world. But those who adhere to multi-culturalism have not fully thought out their position and it implications. They are led by their emotions and pathological altruism as opposed to logic and the harsh reality of life.  

  •  ” who are seen as better and more enlightened in comparison to the inhabitants who have been here for generations. ”

    and yet these better and more enlightened continue to do everything possible to get into such an inhospitable country. it is a very rare occurrence for the greater to  seek out the lessor, we should be truly grateful that they choose to bless us with their presence 

  • NM156

    The crush of Third Worlders is indeed an economic necessity-for farmers who want to undercut wages for American workers. What the hell is an “economic force for everyday living”? Does he mean everyday living for hustlers like him? The economic justification for tens of millions of immigrants and their children is laughable in an era of deindustrialization and automation, and they sure aren’t plowing under new fields on a homestead. The descendants of the homesteaders are now exploiting both clueless, public-dependent immigrants and the natives who need those jobs. I’m just waiting to see how the immigrant problem will be handled if Obamacare-or some form of it-survives. These Third Worlders cannot afford mandated insurance bought on a exchange no matter that their huge numbers have expanded the pool of the insured. This will all go kaboom.

  • Xanthippe2

    Postville.  I seem to remember something about Postville.  What was it?  Oh, I do not think it was anything. Just “the future.”

  • NM156

    Young white men, from HS age to ’30s have a bleak future, especially those without college educations. Affirmative action informs the hiring policies of all medium to large companies. Outsourcing and the destruction of America’s remaining industrial and technological base continues. Young men should be turning into activists and radicals. Instead, they live at home well until adulthood and earn just enough money for tattoos.

  • Conflict, he says, has eased in part because “Hispanics no longer have the worst jobs or the poorest houses. It demonstrates that we’re reaching a level that’s helping us be more accepted. We’ve contradicted a lot of stereotypes about Hispanics.”

    I doubt conflict has eased. I suspect it’s simmering under the surface on both sides.

    Hispanics want more; they believe they deserve it simply because white people made the town by themselves. They believe white people should now step aside and let them have their turn (after whites did all the work).

    As the nation navigates these unsettled waters, the most hopeful sign is the proliferation of grassroots groups that have persuaded longtime residents to accept newcomers, if not out of genuine appreciation for diversity, at least from an awareness of economic necessity.

    Translation: Whites must give up their right to claim what they built and the love of money is the root of all evil.

    BTW, PBS is running and excellent series on the history of England.

    It’s called, “Michael Wood’s Story of England”. If you get a chance, watch it:


    It’s a far cry from the detestable, “Simon Schama: A History of Britain”.


  • Biff_Maliboo


    Iowa columnist boldly lifts lid on dangerous pressure-cooker of ‘racism’ which percolates throughout small-town Iowa!


  • Mark

    To me it seems that the word RACIST should mean:

    Someone who recognizes differenes in races and verbalizes the facts he can see.

  • Athling

    Here we go again with this “immigrants are needed for economic growth” mantra.

    Eventually the little town in Iowa highlighted in this story will become completely Hispanic. You’ll have your economic growth alright by driving out the remaining whites in Smalltown, Iowa.

    You will then have an exact replica of Smalltown, Mexico with all that naturally follows — corruption in government, an increased crime rate, increasing dependence on welfare, and so on. White owned businesses will begin to feel the magic of Mexico and will start leaving Smalltown, Iowa in search of safer, more stable areas in which to conduct business, taking their jobs with them.

    In the end you have successfully created another replica of Smalltown, Mexico, dependent on white taxpayers for subsistance.

    Now, rinse and repeat over and over again until we drive all whites into a particular region of the country with their backs against the wall and nowhere left to go. Then you will have a civil war the likes of which are seldom seen.

    But, you’ve certainly got your economic growth now don’t you.

    How long must we suffer fools?

    • Athling

      Nations, cities, towns, communities, etc, are all byproducts of the people who create them.

      Suppose you are away on a trip somewhere and someone breaks into your home. What the burglar will find is your byproducts. That is, each of us creates a living environment filled with byproducts reflecting who we are.

      I can gather an enormous amount of information about you by visiting the mini civilization you have created known as your home. I can discover your educational level, what type of food you like, your age, whether you are healthy or not, if you have children, and on and on.

      The same is true for any particular town or city we may visit. Everything we find there are reflections or byproducts of the people who live there but on a communal level.

      If we replace all white people in Smalltown, Iowa, with Mexican immigrants then we must necessarily arrive at Smalltown, Mexico, as the town will end up reflecting the byproducts of the people who live there.

      We can observe this anywhere in the world. It displays the uniqueness of the races of mankind. Yet, the economic Phd’s never seem to take this into account. Neither do those in charge of immigration and naturalization.


    And why are taxes so high?  In order to provide for the millions of uneducated, low-skilled Third Worlders and their children and grand children that flood our previously prosperous nation. 

    So, as wages decline (due to flooding the nation with excess workers), taxes rise (due to flooding the nation with Third-World people who will forever be a burden to our society, and also to pay for the now unemployed USA citizens, whose jobs were taken by foreigners).

    • Periapsis

      I agree with you on all points but one, and that is taxes going to pay for unemployed U.S. citizens. The fact is, they do NOT go to unemployed U.S. citizens, unemployment benefits are paid for by employers and employees too right out of their paychecks. You can bet you last fake Internet dollar not one nickle from the crushing tax burden white males like me have to shoulder will ever go to help us when we are put out of work by free trade, illegal immigrants, multi-national corporations, and greedster elites of all races and religions.

  • Marcus Trajanus

    How careless, they dropped a word: “By now, many Americans are familiar with the long-range projections that mark America’s transition into a THIRD world nation…” There, all fixed now.

  • Marcus Trajanus

     “For the past two decades, Hispanics have been drawn to Marshalltown by
    jobs in meat-processing and -packing plants, farms, and dairies.”

    So it’s ethnic cleansing driven by the near-sighted search for short-term profit. 

    “arrested nearly 100 of its workers as undocumented workers.”

    The ugliness of this bit of Newspeak is breathtaking. The reason they are “undocumented” is that they are aliens who entered and are working in your country illegally, i.e. “illegal aliens”.

  • razorrare

    I agree…and to not ignore the 800 pd guerilla in the room,Kevin MacDonald is right as well…another view…


  • Anon12

    We here at Amren saw the writing on the wall about 3 or 4 decades ago. America is no longer OUR country. It is a 3rd world cesspool waiting to implode.  We as Whites had a chance to stop this 3rd world invasion 3 or 4 decades ago but did nothing.  Too afraid to be labeled a racist I would guess.  We will never stop this madness until we as Whites learn to EMBRACE that word, RACIST!  Also the words such as, bigot, homophobe, intolerant, evil, nazis, or whatever. EMBRACE those words because we are the only ones that do see the evil perpetrated against our race.

    This is OUR nation, not a nation built for the nonwhite hordes of the world to invade and conquer. Let us get that through our heads asap and DO something to stop this genocide of our people.  The agenda was clearly set up to replace the White population with browns and blacks from all over the world.  We all know it, now what are we going to DO about it. Expose the true enemy of our race. Expose all those traitors within our race. PREACH  the truths to family and friends and I don’t care what they say any longer. If they snub you so be it. I would rather be snubbed by the White brain dead race traitors than to be a traitor to my race.

     There is NOTHING that worse in my eyes than a White race traitor and a cowardly one at that.

  • To say that Jared Taylor “should” frame the issue in terms of racial dispossession is to say that liquid water “should” be wet.

  • Jupiter7

    American calvalier

    I’m going by what I read in Pat Buchannan’s new book. As Pat laid it out in his book:when the unemployment level drops to certain level-when labor becomes scarce-crank legal immigration up again…which of course will make labor in surplus again bringing us back to where we are today. Does this make any sense to you? It doesn’t to me. So basically, Pat is conceding the labor scarcity issue-that a scarcity of labor is a bad thing-to the race-replacement enthusiasts..and, as a consequence: 1)the post-1965 immigration issue gets framed in terms of economics;2)and the window is opened very wide to make the economic case for race-replacing the Native Born White American Majority. Now, if one is a Native Born White American Patriot as I am:there is no economic case for race-replacing the Native Born White American Majority.

    Given how fast the race-replacement process is occuring,nothing less than a policy of 0 legal immigration is acceptable. I’m not interested in a policy wonk debate about an immigration moratorium with evil creatures who want to annihilate Native Born White Americans out of existence.

    It is really shocking to me that Pat Buchannan wants to deprive Native Born White Americans of the great benefit of a prolnged and very severe labor scarcity. By the way, this is exactly how I would debate leftist race-replacement enthusiasts such as Alexander Cockburn and Noam Chomsky. I would really enjoy seeing them making the case in public for giving multi-billionaire Bill Gates an unlimited supply of hindu legal immigrant scab labor. Make the left debate the issue on our terms and they end up discrediting themselves in a very short amount of time.

  • jc

    Iowa is 90% white.  It has one of the highest percentage of college educated people in the country.  It’s school system consistently performs near the top of the country’s schools.  It has low crime, low illegitimacy, and high rates of church attendance.  It ranks in the middle of US states in terms of per capita income, but it has low income inequality and low unemployment.

    My question is, if Iowa is unwilling to fight for white culture while enjoying all of its advantages, who else will?

    • I’ve heard that Iowa is one of the best states to be in right now. They are really doing something right. North Dakota is another state that is defying the downturn. Also around 95% white. I saw a map of the U.S. showing the states with the most and least Latino immigration. The main entry ports were the darkest – California, Arizona, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Florida….the shades got lighter toward the middle and north. It looked exactly like an invasion plan or WW2 battle strategy.

  • SentryattheGate

    I get the same avoidance from the radical Muslims on our town’s university campus. During their annual Islam on Campus (held during Black History month, to attract black converts) they used to have an open mike for questions, not any more !  I shamed them and their hateful, one-sided views—and even more so because I’m a woman! Now they ask that you submit questions in writing for them to choose. I complained about that, they took my question, but lied about taqqiya; that there is no such thing, yet there is! Taqqiya allows them to lie to infidels.

  • David Karner

    Here is Maribel Hastings’ bio…

    A native of Puerto Rico, Maribel Hastings is a graduate of the
    University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus, with a major in public
    communications and a history minor. Before joining America’s Voice, she
    worked for La Opinión, the largest Spanish-language daily in
    the U.S. Ms. Hastings became La Opinión’s first Washington, D.C.
    correspondent in 1993. Previously, she worked for the Associated Press,
    San Juan, Puerto Rico Bureau. During her career, Ms. Hastings has
    received numerous awards, including the 2007 Media Leadership Award from
    the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) for her coverage of
    the immigration debate in the U.S. Senate. Ms. Hastings writes for our
    new web site, a Spanish-language news and analysis portal on the immigration debate, and is an expert on immigration issues.

    In other words, not a reporter…. a propagandist.