Federal Judge Imposes Racial Quota on FDNY, Responding to Minorities Who Failed Entrance Exams

Elizabeth Harrington, CNS News, July 16, 2012

A federal judge is ordering the New York City Fire Department to implement racial quotas to address grievances from minorities who failed entrance exams.

On July 5 in Brooklyn, Nicholas G. Garaufis, a Clinton-appointed judge for the Eastern District of New York, issued a ruling that requires two of every five newly hired fireman to be black and one of every five, Hispanic—until the department has fulfilled the court-ordered quota of 186 black and 107 Hispanic hires.

The ruling allows back pay—totaling an estimated $128.7 million—for minorities who failed written tests.

The court order is a response to a lawsuit alleging that two placement exams (Written Exams 7029 or 2043) for the FDNY were discriminatory against blacks and Hispanics, because fewer minorities passed the exam than whites.  (See copies of the exams here.)

The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division is responsible for prosecuting cases under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  The DOJ claims the written exams had an “unlawful disparate impact,” causing fewer minorities to be hired.


Judge Garanufis ruled that any black or Hispanic individual who failed either written exam with a score of 25 out of 100 or higher is eligible to receive place on the priority hiring list as well as damages, including “non-economic damages.”


All new hires must pass an updated test—Exam 2000—as long as it is found to comply with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the ruling states.

Further, Judge Garanufis ruled that minorities who were not hired because they failed the entrance exams must be paid a “retroactively higher salary” and receive “retroactive seniority” once they are hired through the new quota system. Retroactive seniority affects accrual of vacation and sick leave, among other benefits.


In a previous ruling, Judge Garaufis accused the FDNY of being a “bastion of white male privilege.”

“While the City’s other uniformed services and fire departments across the country have changed to reflect the communities they serve, employment as a New York City firefighter—arguably ‘the best job in the world’—has remained a stubborn bastion of white male privilege,” Garaufis wrote in October 2011.


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  •  “…two of every five newly hired fireman to be black and one of every
    five, Hispanic—until the department has fulfilled the court-ordered

    I thought quotas were illegal?

    “The ruling allows back pay—totaling an estimated $128.7 million—for minorities who failed written tests.”


    “Judge Garanufis ruled that any black or Hispanic individual who failed
    either written exam with a score of 25 out of 100 or higher is eligible
    to receive place on the priority hiring list as well as damages,
    including “non-economic damages.”

    Your house is burning down. Jose and Demarqis show up and they scored a collective 50 out of a 100 point test, 200 points in all. If Greg and Pete showed up with a collective 180 on the tests that would be racist because Greg and Pete are White.

    • dukem1

       A $128M award for failing a test!   Zero, I suppose, for passing the test.  This is the type of reasoning that is all to common in our age.  It is bass-ackwards.  In the years to come, if there remains anyone capable of writing a history of what once was the US, …well, there won’t be, so I won’t bother trying to speculate on what would be said of this.

      • Non-whites will never allow any White History to exist let alone be known about and ya know it.

        • Ingsoc

          You are quite correct.  But it is only certain nonwhites that wish to rewrite white history and destroy whites or anything having to do with whites.  

          Hint:  Blacks and browns do not have the intelligence to implement or change anything.  And it ain’t whites doing this to other whites.

          •  Yes it is whites doing it to other whites.  Ever hung out with white communists/socialists/liberals?  Almost  half of white people in the US voted for Obama.  Do you know any of them?  It is whites doing it to other whites.

          • Ingsoc

            You need to do your homework or are brainwashed if you believe that, which is the point of American public education, to make American citizens sheeple, drones of the state and vote for the likes of 0bama.

            Whites did not and are not doing this to other whites.

          • Ingsoc

            You need to educate yourself, and quickly.

            These are the movements that are destroying white civilization and none of them were begun, promoted, advocated, legislated, implemented or pushed by whites. Whites are victims of these policies.

            ✔All people have the same biological potential for accomplishment. and no culture is better than any other. As a result, we can easily mold people into ideal citizens (Boasian anthropology).

            ✔We can create a classless society in which there will be no conflicts of interest and people will altruistically work for the common good (Marxism).

            ✔We can create a society in which people will be in tune with their sexuality and free of neuroses, anti-Semitism, and “racism” (psychoanalysis).

            ✔We can create a multicultural paradise in which different racial and ethnic groups will live in harmony and cooperation (the Frankfurt School of Social Research).

            ✔We can easily transform other societies into democracies and should wage war to remake other societies in our image (neoconservatism).

            “What’s Wrong with White Men”


            “Letter to the White Race”


            Then come back here and tell me that what’s destroying white civilization is other whites.

    • Church_of_Jed

      You would be deemed a racist by the Enforcers of Tolerance, Understanding, and Transformation for not celebrating the arrival of Jose and Demarqis and their enriching expertise at holding you accountable for your unearned White privileges.

      If your house is nicer than theirs, it proves how UnFair you are. You didn’t earn that house- somebody else did and you stole it from them through systemic bias and institutional racism.

      To be a qualified, law abiding, respectable American citizen in our “better American future,” which is here already, you are supposed to:

      be relieved when Diversity shows up instead of Whites, because you are witnessing racial progress

      show concern that it took so long for the fire department to “catch up and do the right thing” by reflecting more Diversity

      worry out loud that there may be a fire department somewhere that still has “too many Whites”

      confess your racism when you hear that voice inside your head “during an unguarded moment” that said, “hey, where is that town with all those Whites? maybe I’d like to move there.”

      commit more to “undoing your White privilege” and fighting against residual and socially harmful privilege that still lingers in our local institutions and nearby too White communities

      enroll in any mainline denominational theological seminary so you can learn the lingo that says “my heart is open to what God is saying to us all right now through the suffering, marginalization, victimization, and exclusion of the beloved community of color, and I just feel that the Holy Ghost is doing a new thing through me as I bring about social justice and honor MLK’s sacrifice”

      And then, just on general principles, please hurry up and go hang yourself for being such a nuisance and embarrassment to the rest of White Humanity.

    • Ingsoc

      The Rule of Law has long since passed in the US.  We are now under a dictator ruling by executive order and judicial fiat.  The former US is an emerging police state.  England is already there and we are close behind.  Expect more gun control laws, hate speech laws and confiscation of wealth to redistribute to nonwhites, which is what this settlement is about, reparations and redistribution of white wealth.

      Even mentioning that something is racist, no matter how banal the comment, will be construed at hate speech and result in punitive fines and real jail time as is happening in England.

      This is our future under Obama, and it looks like he’s about to get another 4 years as Romney falls on his sword as McCain did before him.  

      Orwell was correct, of course, he was just off by a few years. 

      • Tostig1933

        Yes here in England we ARE already police state. People are already being arrested for something, tried in front of one judge with no jury, in a secret court, and imprisioned on the same day. I know of two men treated in this way. I am very old and spent half of my life in, what was then, a wonderful country with a long and rich history and now, because of the war criminal Tony Blair, I live in an awful society and am very sad about it.

        • Ingsoc

          You are being systematically replaced in a land your people settled and have lived in for 10,000 years.  Native Born Britons are being replaced by high-fertility Africans and Moslems and soon you will be a minority in your own country, lorded over by hostile non-whites who wish your eradication

          It is obscene and sick and if it were being done to any other racial group except for whites, there would be a world-wide outcry, UN attention and a possible military response, as there is for African and other non-white countries.  In fact, there are people cheering this on, cheering on the death of the white race!

          It is genocide and it is being directed against whites and only whites in all white homelands.

          As for Mr. Blair and others of his ilk who accelerated this process, he deserves nothing less than hanging from a lamppost, after which his head placed on a stake over the Thames — as the ancient Britons did to previous mortal enemies, to warn others who deign to bring about the destruction of the white race.

          Good luck to you, we whites in the United States are going down the same path.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    “Judge Garanufis ruled that any black or Hispanic individual who failed either written exam with a score of 25 out of 100 or higher is eligible to receive place on the priority hiring list as well as damages, including “non-economic damages.”

    My dog (who is black) could score 25 out of 100!! Does he qualify for this money? I sure hope this judge’s house doesn’t catch on fire. If anyone in America claims there is no such thing as reparations, show them this article! More redistribution of wealth to those who neither worked for it, earned it or deserve it! The madness continues!

    • MekongDelta69

      My dog (who is black) could score 25 out of 100!! Does he qualify for this money?

      I would make him Fire Commissioner immediately.

      No, wait… ONLY if your dog scores LESS than 25. Then and ONLY then is he eligible for millions of dollars.
      (And don’t lie to me and tell me he scored 24, if he scored 26. That wouldn’t be very ‘white’ of you.)

      • Tim

        Our family Irish Setter never put out a fire, but I do recall him starting one in the garage somehow…

    • gemjunior

      Oh your dog sure does qualify!  If that White collie lassie could help people out of fires, why not your black dog?  That show was racist, and if your dog is not paid back pay and allowed to pass the test I think it should be taken to the supreme court, seriously, because this country is a total joke.

  • blacks are overrepresented in jails, so how can one expect proportional hiring of anyone in the civil service ?

  • bluffcreek1967

    It’s always considered a “bastion of white male privilege” whenever Whites, by virtue of their higher intelligence, surpass Blacks and Hispanics in testing. Never is the issue of differences in IQ ever considered as a possible explanation. So when minorities fail to score high enough, it must be due to “white male privilege.”

    This article also notes that “The ruling allows back pay – totaling an estimated $128.7 million – for minorities who failed written tests.” Good Lord, can you imagine the financial burden placed on NY City taxpayers to compensate for this horrendous stupidity? Such Judges, in my opinion, are the ‘enemies within.’ I once met a law enforcement officer who told me his real fear was not so much the criminals per se, but the liberal appointed judges who, time after time, allows repeat offenders to go free on some legal technicality or render soft judgments. In the same vein, Judge Garafis is another one we ought to fear because his politically-correct verdicts are the type that will bankrupt most cities.  

    • holyflower

      “his [the law enforcement officer’s] real fear was not so much the criminals per se, but the liberal appointed judges”

      So should it be the fear of all of us.  Four U. S. Supreme Court judges are over 70.  The new president, acting according to his ideological predilections,  will likely appoint two or three judges Supreme Court judges over the next four years, establishing a decisive liberal or conservative tilt to the high court. That’s not to mention scores of very important lower level federal judges — such as the charmer mentioned above who was inflicted on us by Democrat Bill Clinton.


      • HenryHolliday

        Most likely left -wing appointees no matter which socialist wins the presidency.

  • They must REALLY want New York to burn to the ground.  Why not just make it the Law that every black or hispanic that walks through the door is automatically hired?  What is the difference?  That’s what the tax payers deserve, a firefighter than can’t tie his shoes and can barely read.  Hell why not just pull blacks and hispanics off of the street as the fire truck passes by.

  • This judge needs to be shot!!

    • Church_of_Jed

      Why don’t you just go ahead and post your FBI id card?

    • The__Bobster

      Hal, is that you?

    • Rocky Bass,

      Some things are best left unsaid.

  • Ok, so wasn’t this already decided by the Supreme Court against Affirmative Slackshun? Can’t they take this to a higher court? The non-whites get ‘back pay’ for doing NOTHING??


  • the exams may be discriminatory against the stupid, but that is the purpose, that is what they are designed to do, right?  they are not discriminatory against blacks,  it must  be just a coincidence, right?

  • Church_of_Jed

    The worst evil in the world is the “standards” that Whites use to exlude Diveristy blacks from vital jobs.

    Whites who try to protect themselves from the Diversity Curse are hate incarnate.

    • cjkcjk

       Blacks are the most racist people on earth.

      • Church_of_Jed

        Stop insulting racists by attaching our qualities to the blacks.

        Racism is a noble and aristocratic dignity. Blacks are just hateful voodoo, not racists.

        We should never give them the benefit of such a compliment.

        To continue, RACIST IS GOOD, black is bad, and the two shouldn’t be mixed in thought, word, or deed.

        “Look at that White man there- he’s a racist. Give him a medal.”

        “Look at that black over there- pure voodoo. Run.”

        Got it?

        • cjkcjk

           Blacks are the most racist people on earth, get it?

          • Church_of_Jed

            Dedication to superstition is a hallmark of White civilization.

          • cjkcjk

             Yeah sure, that would explain the difference between White nations and Black ones. LOL

          • Church_of_Jed

            Yes is would. When black nations beg Whites to run things, they chose qualified Whites who make things better.

            When Whites choose blacks to run things, they know everything will turn to turdworld, but they do it anyway.

      • Church_of_Jed

        And don’t even get me started on the “people” nonsense.

        Stuff Black People Don’t Like’s greatest flaw is it name, which is insluting to people.

        Stuff the Blacks Don’t Like is the only option and is long overdue.

  •  This judge will have the blood of anybody who dies in a fire due to this decision on his hands – I hope he can live with that come judgment day.

    And wait – a bottom-line score of 25? Why not at least raise that to 50?

    • Rocky Bass,

      From looking a few pages into the test, this thing was not for those joining Mensa at all.  An open book, multiple choice test, where the text the questions come from is attached to each small group of questions. This is just a reading comprehension test at best.

  • newscomments70

    Penthouses in Central Park West, Manhattan are selling for 90 million dollars or more these days. What happens if there is a fire in the building? Incompetent AA fire fighters may not be able to suppress the fire. They won’t have the skills, bravery, nor character. These limousine liberals will burn alive…victims of their own arrogance really. As city services continue to deteriorate, these 90 million dollar penthouses will loose significant value. I wonder how much a penthouse goes for in Detroit. 

    • IstvanIN

       Wow, I like your optimism.  The rich libs usually escape what they impose on us, hopefully you are right!

      • gemjunior

        Well this time there will be no escape.  Within 1 year there will be untold tragedies.
        As far as it being the best job in the world – yeah, it is.  Why?  Because White men who do an excellent job at what they do, challenging beyond words – have a strong comradery with each other both in the firehouse and in the fire itself as they know their lives are in each others’ hands.  Since they are all White men, or a high percentage are – they set the tone of excellence for the FDNY and anyone other than a White who gets on the job usually complies with that tone and becomes part of the comradery – I’ve seen it.  Black and Hispanic firefighters, serious ones, on the FD are treated NO DIFFERENTLY than Whites.  Of course this will all change now that the White firefighters will be 2/5 of the FDNY, standards will now show the loss of these great mostly White guys who had total trust in each other. 

        By the way, my husband is retired from the FDNY and was told a zillion times at ground zero that the air was safe.  He’s having a follow up on a new lung node just found on xray.  Has to have CT scan now.  We’re hoping it’s nothing.  Maybe Garafunis will help us pay for it if it is lung cancer?  We’re White so I doubt it!  And he spent 30 years falling off fire escapes and having numerous other injuries but always went back – not for the sake of limosine liberal scum like the judge but for regular people, and to work with his brothers, the best people he ever met.  Another excellent system messed up by liberal insanity.  I only hope this time they get what they deserve – sounds mean but they really deserve some pain, because God knows they are willing to impose it.

        • Major

          God Bless you and your honorable husband. Millions of people honor, respect , love and appreciate your sacrifices. The men of the NYPD are renowned the world over as the best of the best.

          Especially on that dreadful day in 2001.

        • Tim

          If it helps ease your mind, I manufactured Spanish Cement tile for twelve years.  The pulverized cement  dust in the air each day was as bad as at ground zero. Plus solvent fumes stc. stc.   I quit twelve years ago and I`m still here…. Hope this helps…

    • Rocky Bass,

       Dem instruction manuals be all racist an sheet.

  • redfeathers

    For some, the “hire date” will be 2003, moving them at least 9 years closer to their “retirement” without working a day.

  • I’m going to take every civil service test there is and deliberately fail. Who knows, there might be a pay off in the future.

  • MekongDelta69

    Judge Garanufis ruled that any black or Hispanic individual who failed either written exam with a score of 25 out of 100 or higher…

    25 huh? That’s racist and unfair. Make it 5 Garanufis.

    All new hires must pass an updated test—Exam 2000—as long as it is found to comply with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act…

    Meaning any kindergartener could pass that test. Or my dog. Or a rock. Or Garanufis.

    The ruling allows back pay—totaling an estimated $128.7 million—for minorities who failed written tests.

    That’s a pretty lousy deal too. Make it a billion, promote them all to Commissioner and tell them they’re eligible for retirement tomorrow. This way, they’ll be ecstatic by being rewarded for being utter failures and regular people won’t have to lose their lives because of mentally insane judges. Besides, Bloomberg is worth about $16-17 billion. That’s pocket lint to him.

    [What? You expected a serious post to this insanity?]

    • 25 is remarkably low. Why did Judge  Garaufis decide on 25? That seems a bit arbitrary and capricious. Is there any logic or reason to arbitraily picking 25 instead of 37 or 21?

      One of the goals of diversity and multiculturalism is to do away with any and all objective standards. After all, tests were invented by whites for whites.

       The new standard is no standard.

      • The__Bobster

        I’m guessing the test is multiple choice with four choices, so therefore you would get a 25 merely by throwing darts at a dart board.

        •  The first question of the non-memory portion of the test is astonishingly easy. Its basically the SAT for retards. I don’t mean it as an insult. I mean it clinically. Anybody who couldn’t get a 25 percent on this test is clinically retarded.

      •  i think it is because the majority of black recruits scored in that area.

        what other  field could you get a job scoring 25%? McDonald’s has a higher threshold than a fire dept?

  • APaige

    “Answer question 15 based solely on the following information:
    Firefighters primary means of protection against a hostile fire environment are their protective clothing and equipment. Before getting on their fire apparatus at the firehouse, firefighters must put on their protective gear in the order given:
    1.     Pants and boots
    2.     Handie-talkie radio
    3.     Hood
    4.     Coat
    5.     Gloves
    6.     Helmet
    7.     Prior to exiting the fire apparatus at the fire scene, firefighters put on their SCBA(Self contained breathing apparatus), which is the air tank they use to breath.
    15. You are a firefighter at your firehouse preparing to go to a fire and are standing near your apparatus putting on your protective gear in the proper order. You have just completed putting on your gloves. The next item you should put on is your
                A)        coat
                B)        hood
                C)        SCBA 
                D)        helmet”

    • Rocky Bass,

       To miss these kind of questions suggests an individual who would have trouble pouring urine from a boot with the directions printed on the soul!

      • That’s funny!! I will have to use that in the future.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        That would be sole, not soul, Rock.  In order not to offend anyone (again) I shall refrain from restating my opinion about animals, humans, and souls.

        • Rocky Bass,

           I stand corrected.

  • B

    A racist liberal judge who favors minorities simply due to their race. Is anybody shocked by this blatant racial discrimination?

    • dukem1

       And just think…should any of these firefighters, regardless of race, creed, or national origin, spend 4 or 5 hours trying to save people and put out a fire, if they’d like a big Coke or Pepsi when they get a break…in NYC it will be illegal to give them one!!!
      As far as I’m concerned, the whole sh*thouse can’t go up in flames soon enough.

    • Southern__Hoosier

      Yep another white liberal race traitor. 

      • If I am not mistaken, this “white liberal race traitor” is a member
        of the tribe that is only White while in the company of Whites. If he is
        in the company of minorities then he is part of the tribe that has
        suffered more at the hands of Whites than any other group in history.

        This tribe does more harm to Whites than blacks ever could because they are the brains and finance behind this nonsense.

        Whenever I read this kind of harmful legal decision I always look for the tribe.

        I wonder if I spoke in code enough that the moderator will let my post remain as written?

        • Southern__Hoosier

          His loyalty is always to his tribe. And his tribe’s goal is nothing less than the destruction of everything we hold dear, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If that destruction requires a Black president, then so be it. If that destruction requires open borders, then let the illegals in. He and his tribe think they will be safe in their gated communities.

          Why? To rephrase Milton’s “Paradise Lost” It is better to reign over a 3rd world cesspool than to serve in the greatest nation in history.

          • Ingsoc

            SH:  He and his tribe think they’ll be safe in Israel which is in the process of clearing its land of undesirable African refugees and others not of his tribe and at the same time is busy building a security fence around the entire country to  keep out immigrants.   No one is calling them bigots, xenophobes, haters or racists, are they?  Which is what they call whites who wish to preserve the white race.

            Israel for Israelis only, Asia for Asians only but white lands like the US, Europe, Australia, SA for everyone.

            It’s white genocide.

        • Vil

           You don´t need to always point out “the tribe”. Every white person with half a brain knows they are always involved whenever there is discrimination against whites.

          I´d sure like to talk about “the tribe” here as well, but those comments usually get deleted or like recently the whole thread.

          • Ingsoc

            Yes, it should be pointed out as much as possible even if our comments are deleted.  White people do NOT know how much discrimination against whites is financed and legislated by “the tribe” and how much encouragement and legal support is given to nonwhites to fight whites.

            It needs to be brought to light because we are talking about the genocide of the white race here.  “The Tribe” pushed through, financed and argued for the passage of the Hart-Cellar Immigration Act that opened up the borders of the US to hoards from the Third World.  Soon we will be a hated minority in our own lands, overlorded by hostile nonwhites who wish all whites lands cleared of whites. Ask whites in South Africa how it’s turning out for them.

            None of this should be hushed up or censored.  We whites have a right to know who is engineering our genocide and how, otherwise how can we address it put a stop to it?

            Again:  we are talking about genocide here.

          • I respectfully disagree. There are plenty of “lurkers” who are reading these comments and have yet to connect the dots.

            What would these forums be like if everyone tap danced around the
            fact that it was blacks that were causing so many problems at public

            I believe that referring to blacks as “teens” or “youths” is the same
            as referring to Jews as “liberal elites” or war mongering “Neocons”.
            Until enough people will openly identify the problem, there will never
            be a solution.

            Even our simple exchange could help shape opinion. A lurker would be
            able to have their curiosity piqued wondering… what is “the tribe”?
            And then they would be able to read this post where I identified the
            tribe as Jewish. At which point they could start to spread the truth to
            their friends and family.

            Now, are all Jews bad? Of course not, just like all blacks are not
            bad. Do I want anything bad to happen to people who are Jewish or black?
            Of course not, but I don’t believe that they should shape policy in
            this country.

            Thank you for helping me state my case.

          • Vil

            One of my assumptions is that people have some kind of “basic knowledge” if they visit sites like this…

            I guess you are right. Many, even on this site, still have no idea about “the tribe´s” influence.

            Reading our little chats here might encourage some of them to do a little research about “the tribe”.

          • The Worlds Scapegoat


            I disagree. It is only whites with a full brain that know the tribes involvement in the genocide of the white race.

            Whites with only half a brain can’t figure it out even when it smacks them in the face.

  • FDNY should go on collective strike. Burn, baby, burn, who cares ….

    • The only thing that saddens me, sickens me, is the loss of our stuff.  All our Museums and European Style Buildings and Houses and Art and Documents and just everything, our everything our Ancestors left in our good and able hands.

      I say, we take it.  At the first opportune moment, let’s take it.  It all belongs to us anyhow so it ain’t stealing.  As for our Buildings and Houses, “We” can rebuild those.

      • Tim

        I had the same idea!!   Putting the artifacts into some kind of “protective custody”…

  • Apologists like to say IQ tests don’t measure practical intelligence, and that blacks fair much better in “real life”testing.  Well this firefighter exam is about as practical as it gets, plus the fact that the black recruits get special tutoring for the exam, and cities have spent millions to create race neutral exams, going back as far as 40 years ago, and yet blacks still fail miserably. Maybe them IQ tests are more accurate than anyone thought

    • Rocky Bass,

       That test skimmed the surface. As a Naval recruit (Great lakes), we were given some damage control training in basic. While we didn’t go very far past manning hose crews and confined space entry, we were made aware of of the complexities of saving a damaged vessel. Shoring bulkheads, maintaining watertight integrity, breathing apparatus, chemical risks, munitions “issues”, communication etc round out the list nicely. To take someone who cannot read (which is what that test was for), and place the saving of, in some cases hundreds of lives, or more in those idiotic hands is to kill almost directly.
      There was this little tag on the canisters that went into the OBA (oxygen breathing apparatus, a pyro-tech oxygen generation breather, see soviet space station’s “oxygen candles”) that told you NOT to drop the spent canisters onto oil, as explosion would result.
      Uhm, this is just one tiny example of what being unable to read and tasked with using in some cases complex or dangerous gear could cause.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    Another liberal judge doing his part to stir up racial hatred. He cares nothing for human life. He doesn’t care what happens to unqualified rookie firemen . He doesn’t care what happens to the professionals fireman. He doesn’t care what happens to the property owners or their property.  All he cares about is stirring of racial strife between the races.  It is not so much the Blacks that are causing problems, but the white liberals that keep stirring things up. The Blacks are little more than useful fools to be used to gain power for the liberals. 

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      He doesn’t care what happens to the property owners or their property.

      No one in the government gives a ****.  Property owners = Kulaks who aren’t taxed enough, hoarding wealth and who got rich on the “backs of others.”

      I strongly suggest that everyone here load up on fire extinguishers and practice how to put out fires — and quickly —  as it appears we can no longer count on the new “diverse” fire department to put out fires or rescue us.

      Several years ago, troubled teens from local youth camps were used to help put out wildfires in California — with the hopes that this experience would put them on the path to becoming  firefighters later — HA.    They were caught breaking into evacuated homes. 

      Remember the huge fires in Colorado a few weeks ago??

      Fire Evacuees Return To Find Property Burglarized, Vandalized

      So far 22 homes have been reported as being burglarized while evacuees were waiting out the fire….About 60 cars were broken into while evacuees were staying in nearby hotels.



      • I’d sue.  How dare they not inform me they’re sending “little” criminals to my home to “help”.

    • Your points are very true. I would again like to mention “the tribe”. My posts are often pulled when I speak too specifically with regards to said tribe.

      • Not to start Bible Thumpin’ or nothin’ BUT, we’re all gonna git ours.  The only thing we (all ethnicities) can count on for sure is, we’re all gonna git our asses kicked and up one side and down the other too.  No one’s gittin’ outta this one.

  • tickyul

    A failure this country is……….melting pot my ass………….everything is race based.

    • “Melting Pot” for Europeans ONLY!  I’m American though were you to put me in England, outside of the ability to copy their Language, you’d never be able to tell me apart.

  • I have been chided about this in the past but I have often wondered if blacks were conspiring to deliberately score exceptionally low in order to invalidate these tastes by claiming they’re racially biased.

    I know full well that as a group blacks aren’t as intelligent as whites but how can you prove these guys didn’t conspire to drive down minority scores to claim ‘disparate impact’?

    Not all blacks are dumb as a rock; there is a small percentage of moderately intelligent blacks.

    It’s not inconceivable to me that someone is encouraging blacks to fail or do poorly and to be hired through affirmative action means.

    • Wouldn’t surprise me none.  All non-whites know how to scam the system and it is my personal belief that the mass majority, if not all of them, do it.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    New FDNY Entrance Exam:

    1.  Fill in the circle that best describes your race.

    If African American or non-white Hispanic skip to question 100.

    100.  Print Your Name Here ___________.

    Congratulations, you passed!!


    • Rocky Bass,

       It surely does sound as though, for the favored groups, questions 2-99 are but a formality. Someone else pointed out that with a 4 selection multiple choice, that 25% is random guess range. So to not hire sub 25% scores is to pass up more intelligent folks, as some understanding would be required to know to pick the WRONG answers at a greater than chance rate right?

  • Major

    Well…if the ruling keeps them all working in houses in Harlem, Bronx or the remainder of the ghettos in NY…who cares? If that’s what the corrupt racist judge wanted…then send them there and we’ll see how well they succeed by their own “community” standards.

    • Ingsoc

      White firefighters will be assigned to black and brown ghettoes like  Harlem and the Bronx. AA hires will be assigned to the upper East Side. 

  • Major

    More proof that blacks have no dignity or shame. parasites and leeches all.

  • Who cares?  It’s non-white anyhow so let ’em have it.

    I hope this stuff drives White People out of the Cities and into Small Town America and together we will all only help each other and never give business to any non-white so as to send a message and make the invaders unwelcome so they will move back to the Cities.

  • He is not White. He is Jewish. There is a big difference, and I know as I have learned this from Jews by simply asking questions and listening. Not to mention their actions, as demonstrated by this story.

  • Just imagine the tension in the firehouses, the legitimate firefighters will quickly resent the afro-action hires for having to pick up the extra load, and I can see them self-segregating like they do in prisons and schools, on the surface it appears to be by race,  but in actuality it is by intelligence. 

  • BJDeller

    It used to be in pursuit of “excellence”.   Now it appears to be “mediocrity” as in the UK.   Surely some FFs who scored high but have been rejected on racial grounds in the future can sue?  Otherwise what is the point of having the exams anyway?

    • Rocky Bass,

       Mediocrity, you say? I want to know who’s mediocrity, African or European?  

  • ViktorNN

    Being able to pass a freekin’ civil service test makes one a beneficiary of “white male privilege???”

    Passing a test?

    I could understand the charge if there was an “old boy network” at play, or if the test results were fudged to benefit whites, or some other shenanigans…

    …but simply passing a test?

    Surreal. Simply surreal.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Yes, I understand your point, but I was mainly referring to the intellectual aspect of it because the article was dealing with Blacks and Hispanics’ inability to pass the academic entrance examination. I’m sure there are other tests (physical, emotional and otherwise) that they may not able to pass either, but that wasn’t the point of the article nor of the judge’s ruling.

  • RileyDeWiley

    About 300 of the guys holding ‘the best job in the world’ died on one day not so long ago. 

    • Truth is, there are No Words.

      How does one Describe the Love Lost of a True Love, Family and Beloved Americans?

      And, dare I mention, Islam and Muslims to be the Cause for these UnDue Early Deaths…  My writing extends to ALL Deaths and Losses to Everyone Everywhere.

  • Vil

    That judge seems to care more about making some idiots that happen to be a minority happy than about hiring people who are quallified to do the job and save lifes. I say throw that judge along with those idiots out of the country and ship them to africa or mexico. What the f**k is wrong with that judge´s brain?

  • john67

    to Edmond Connelly, 96% of American airline pilots are white males. Wouldn’t it
    be something if a federal judge imposed a similar mandate for airline pilots?
    Even the Justice Department wouldn’t have the audacity to bring such a suit-
    would they? The fact that white males dominate this profession could and should
    highlight the very same reason for the ratio of white males who dominate other
    professions such as the FDNY. When lives are on the line we expect and demand
    the best of the best. Read Edmund Connelly’s article, “Flight”: Denzel Washington’s
    New Movie published in The Occidental Observer, July 16th 2012.

  • Sloppo

    Obviously, the testing method is an obsolete method for deciding who does and does not become a firefighter in NY.  A more fair method would be a device like they have on “wheel of fortune” which could be used to decide who gets the job and who does not.  Any breathing creature would have a similar chance of getting the job and that’s the way it should be.  We must not allow ourselves to choose workers while considering such outdated factors like “intelligence” or “competence”, because that kind of thinking unfairly favors one or more ethnicities over another.  When you’re in a burning building, all you need to know is that a randomly selected group of breathing creatures is physically equipped to save you and they might happen to find their way to your address.

    • When the Federal civil service migrated away from formal testing and toward educational requirements, it turned out to be code for affirmative action.  That is probably the future of big city FDs:  No testing, but “education” as a workaround.  There will always be some school that gives a black a degree for having a pulse.

  • haroldcrews

    That would be a quick way to find yourself in contempt of court and spending 30 days in jail.

  • haroldcrews

    Another hike to the black tax.  This time in several forms.  First the 128 million payout if it’s not overturned.  Second is the cost of defending this insanity in court.  Third is the costs of having incompetent firemen to be paid in dollars, property, health and lives.  Fourth there will be fewer jobs for presumably competent whites as firemen.  Five higher insurance rates.  Seriously you have to be some sort of boot lick to indulge in patriotism in BRA if you’re white.

  • Rocky Bass,

     No way. These black guys will soak up the knowledge once on the job, via the same (yet to be understood) “learnin osmosis” that busing proved to be so invaluable at providing their young. 

  • Zapp Branigan

    Was the test written in some sort of code that only whites could understand?

    • Yes, it was written in standard English. Perhaps an ebonics test would boost black test scores.

  • This is an outrageous ruling endangering the public. When blacks know they don’t have to score well and even score poorly and still get the job they won’t study as hard and won’t know how to do their job well. Incompetence is encouraged by this liberal nonsense.

    This nonsensical  “disparate impact” part of the civil rights laws has got to go.

  • This is just another liberal scheme to elevate blacks. bill clinton 
    thought that by using the CRA to make blacks homeowners they would pull
    themselves out of poverty, instead they pulled the worlds economy to
    it’s knees. Now this liberal judge, under the phony guise of racism and discrimination has found a way to award a group of blacks a big chunk of cash and
    hand them good paying jobs with luxury benefits, never mind that they
    cannot do the job, just like blacks who failed as home owners. This NYFD
    case is very similar to the Pigford “farmer” scandal, where another
    liberal clinton judge awarded upwards of 100,000 black pretend “farmers”
    about $50,000 ea based on imaginary discrimination. This pattern
    suggests some kind of stealth reparations scheme where the govt. fabricates discrimination scenarios using whites as the scapegoat.

    for those unfamiliar with the pigford reparations scam, check these
    links for excellent summaries of how we were once again made fools of.



  • razorrare

    This judge needs to practice what he doles out…give up his “bastion of White male privilege” Federal Judgeship seat to a less qualified Minority.

  • Hirene

    Oh well, these were the same people who demonized the KKK and marched with MLK, Jr.  They are getting a taste of their own medicine.

  • APaige

    According to the court document posted by the New York Times it was spelled “breath”. 

  • HenryHolliday

    Half of the answers are contained in the test itself. Practically an open book test.

  • B

    So was evidence presented showing test answers that only whites can know the answers to? I didn’t think so.
    Lets apply this insanity to the bar exam and pass all those who score 25 percent or better.

  •  And consider this, these poor scoring afro-action hires will also be fast tracked for promotions to meet the quotas, 
    so captains and lieutenants and battalion chiefs will be the dumbest
    people on the force, kind of the opposite of the way it should be 

  • Ingsoc

    You need to educate yourself, and quickly.

    These are the movements that are destroying white civilization and none of them were begun, promoted, advocated, legislated, implemented or pushed by whites. Whites are victims of these policies.

    ✔All people have the same biological potential for accomplishment. and no culture is better than any other. As a result, we can easily mold people into ideal citizens (Boasian anthropology).

    ✔We can create a classless society in which there will be no conflicts of interest and people will altruistically work for the common good (Marxism).

    ✔We can create a society in which people will be in tune with their sexuality and free of neuroses, anti-Semitism, and “racism” (psychoanalysis).

    ✔We can create a multicultural paradise in which different racial and ethnic groups will live in harmony and cooperation (the Frankfurt School of Social Research).

    ✔We can easily transform other societies into democracies and should wage war to remake other societies in our image (neoconservatism).

    “What’s Wrong with White Men”


    “Letter to the White Race”


    Then come back here and tell me that what’s destroying white civilization is other whites.