Days after an unruly crowd attacked lifeguards at Brooklyn’s newly renovated McCarren Park pool, a police officer was punched in the face and another hurt his wrist in a confrontation with swimmers, authorities said.

Police said the officers, who were assigned to the pool, were injured Monday when trying to enforce the “No Dive” rule. A 20-year-old swimmer punched one of the officers in the side of the face. The second officer hurt his wrist while trying to handcuff the swimmer, police said.


In a separate incident at the pool Monday, police say a 17-year-old man and an 18-year-old man were arrested and charged with inciting to riot against an officer and disorderly conduct.


Authorities heightened security at the public Olympic-sized pool after swimmers attacked a lifeguard who told them not to do backflips into the water on Friday.


[Editor’s Note: Locals have reported of increased littering and graffiti in the area, as well as sightings of “human waste.”]

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  • ncpride

    I predict a mass shooting, huge brawl, or down right destruction of this property will have this pool closing in…5…4…3..2..1

    • Spartan24708

      I’m sure the pool will probably be closed for good by the end of the summer, 50 million or no. 

  • How stupid are they that they punch cops instead of following posted rules.

  • Blacks assaulting cops at the pool?  It’s officially summer time in America!

  • Biff_Maliboo

    The pool must not have been told that rules -any rules- no longer apply to these people.

    • The__Bobster

      Rulez?? Rulez be fo’ YT’s.

  • IstvanIN

    Someone should have thrown a radio in the pool.  Ooops!

    • Rocky Bass,

      More like a depth charge. What was the old (retired before my time even) weapon system “Sub-Rock” I think it was called, a rocket assisted depth charge, if I am remembering right. The police there need to pull a couple of those out of mothballs and just sorta have them ready. I didn’t think blacks liked to swim anyways? Maybe they should implement a maximum height limit, if the water is not over your head, you don’t swim.

      • Jesse_from_Sweden


        Pronounced sub-rock though, for obvious reasons.

        But nah, no need for high-tech solutions to deal with low-tech savages.

        Just a good ole WWII depth charge consisting of a oil drum filled with explosives and a simply timer to set it off.
        That’s all tht is needed.

        Place it correctly, and you don’t even need to drop it in the water….

        SUBROC would do the job thoroughly though, since it was equipped with a nuclear warhead…..

  • vanderwater

    Here is some information on the perps

    Rodolfo Torres, 20, was charged with assault on a police officer for
    punching a responding cop in the face, police said. Jose Carmarso, 18,
    and Carlos Carmarso, 17, were charged with disorderly conduct, police
    Read more:

    •  So what we have are Afro- or Mulatto-Caribbeans that speak Spanish.

      • The__Bobster

        I call them spi**ers.

  • $50 millions tax payer dollars to pay for a swimming pool for illegal invading Mexicans! This is how they spend your tax dollars!

    • Here in Buffalo, Martin Luther King Park is going to be getting a splash pad that doubles as a skating rink in the winter (“weather” permitting):

      Once reopened next year, the splash pad will operate in the summer months. The basin will become a reflecting pool in the spring and autumn and will be used as a skating rink, weather permitting, during the winter months.

  • Sloppo

    It’s racist to criticize them for the laws the broke when they entered this country so it must also racist to criticize them for the laws they broke when they broke the face of the police officer or when they disobeyed the lifeguard.  I hope those police officers and lifeguards will learn to stop being so racist.  

    • joewest666

       Spot on…spot on..

  • curri

    Apparently mistaking him for a white person, A Nigerian felon kicked a German Shepherd in the head: 
    “The 28-year-old who is suspected of carrying out sex attacks n the Republic, kicked a ‘tough as nails’ attack dog in the head and then tried to throttle it before the dog bit his penis. The barking mad lag then tried to assault his handler in Northern Ireland’s Maghaberry Prison and is now facing the prospect of charges for his unprovoked attack on both.
    He’s also facing an excruciating recovery and last night Alauya was recovering from heavy blood loss and needed over 40 stiches on his arms, stomach and penis. Alauya was jailed in 2009 for the brutal murder of 38 year old Grace Moore, just hours after he fled from a County Kidlare court where he was facing charges of robbing two Dublin taxi drivers.”
    “And prison sources say he brought the attack onto himself. “The idiot got what was coming to him,” said a prison source last night.
    “He was returning from the prison workshop when he passed a dog handler with his Alsatian. For some reason the stupid b*****d kicked the poor dog in the head and the dog went berserk.
    “The dog handler drew his baton and told Alauya to stand aside. But Alauya fought the dog rather than stand down.
    “Alauya tried to strangle the dog and then tried to assault his handler. But he was screaming in pain in the end and begging for the dog to stop.There was a lot of blood.The dog ripped the top off his foreskin – which some people might see as some sort of poetic justice.”
    The Prison Service launched an investigation into the incident immediately but although he came off worse it’s likely that Alauya will face fresh charges.”

    • Sloppo

      Did you read the rest of the story?  The pretty white woman he was convicted for stabbing, strangling, killing, and then raping the blood covered dead body of … apparently invited him home after meeting him in a Belfast night spot.  The dead woman figured it was safe enough to be around him when she invited him home right after meeting him.  In 2003, Irish Immigration officials figured he was safe enough to allow into the country for the reason of “asylum”.  The judge figured society will be safe enough around the rapist/murderer/dead body molester after 22 years of incarceration.  Why are all these people so stupid?

      •  It looks like the woman he killed is the mother of Lori Moore, the 2010 Miss Northern Ireland.  Lori Moore is a mulatto, so it looks like the murder victim is a long time mud shark.  Not that I think she deserved it, but she was playing with fire.

        How a mulatto becomes Miss Northern Ireland is another tragedy altogether.

      • curri

        Mudsharks are becoming  a tedious cliche with the critical acclaim for a documentary celebrating their activities in Kenya and MSM articles about similar exploits in Jamaica. 

        But there’s nothing like a fine story about a heroic dog.  

    • That German Shepherd delivered the kind of justice the courts failed to do. Talk about poetic justice. Large, well trained, breeds are great for companionship and home security.

  • A day after they rough up a lifeguard and they bring in police for protection, they’re going after the police.

    The original video for this story was edited differently. The white neighborhood advocate said that the pool had been closed a long time because they feared if it was opened, stuff like this would happen.

    The people who were interviewed certainly know the drill. No amount of police protection is going to keep this pool open. It’s only a matter of time.

    This, or should I say THEY,  are the reason why we can’t have nice things. 

  • Human waste? 

    Mwahahahaha, I poop in your pool silly Gringo!

  • The__Bobster

    Surely you jest.

  • The__Bobster

    Summer Fun at the Pool, Multicultural-Style
    By Anonymous Attorney on July 4, 2012 at 12:34am

    A recent family trip to the public pool—in a somewhat rural area, but within driving distance of an urban area—showed how diversity can ruin even the simplest of pleasures. The minute we flip-flopped in to the crowded poolside area, three very large black women were engaged in a top-volume screaming match with three white police officers. The women, and their children, eventually left. I don’t know what precipitated the screaming.

    The crowd—and it was a dense crowd, both in the pool and out—was a sight to behold. Think of the population of several C-Train cars from Brooklyn transferred to a big pool. Whatever the race, it was a lot of people, and they were alarmingly rambunctious. I thought my small children were going to get knocked over a few times.

    In New York itself recently, things apparently got a little more violent.

    Cop Punched in Face at McCarren Park Pool, Another Sustains Wrist Injury: Police | NBC New York, July 3, 2012

    (Note that Steve Chapman would approve of this account, since race isn’t mentioned—but there is a photograph in the video of a black teenager being led away in handcuffs.)

    I think pools bring out racial tensions more than other venues. For one, everyone’s half-naked. The clothing that makes for comfy barriers is gone. If you’re black, white or Hispanic with full clothing on, well, you’re really black, white or Hispanic with just your trunks on.

    And you’re all smushed in together, sharing the same water. It’s intimate—which is easy and unobjectionable amongst genetic kind, but grating otherwise. Roman or public Japanese baths work well for a reason.

    Here in the good ol’ multicultural USA, the race that shows up “first, with the most men” is going to win. If it’s black folks, whites are just going to stay away. They’ll install backyard pools of their own. Which they pay for, on top of paying the taxes to support the public pools. Kind of like private schools.

    Just another quietly suffered cost of letting everyone in the pool.

  • Kurt Plummer

    This alone-

    “Every day since opening, the pool has operated at full 1,500-person capacity throughout the day,” said Michael Dockett, Assistant Commissioner of Urban Park Service. “Parks Enforcement Patrol is present at all large city pools, and visitors who repeatedly violate the rules lose their right to use them.”

    Should be enough to scare sensible people away.  You can’t put enough chlorine in a pool to keep it safe at that level of potential contamination.

    You also can’t swim laps or do much else because even an Olympic Pool is going to be cheek by jowl dense packed.

    Poliomyelitis was the term used by doctors to describe the condition in which the gray (polios) anterior matter of the spinal chord (myelos) was inflamed (-itis). Until a cure was discovered, no one had the slightest idea where “polio” had come from or why it paralyzed so many children. People learned later that, oddly enough, it was the improved sanitary conditions which caused children to be attacked by the virus. Since people were no longer in contact with open sewers and other unsanitary conditions which had exposed them to small amounts of the polio virus as infants, when paralysis is rare, the disease grew from a very mild, uncommon occurrence to a terrifying epidemic. This was now the second generation to deal with the fear of this crippling disease. In an attempt to control the disease, bewildered health officials reinstituted the usual rules of sanitation which they would later learn had worsened the threat of polio. They advised against open drains and unscreened windows. Parents were instructed to keep their children well bathed, well rested, well fed, and away from crowds. Bathing suits were locked away in closets, and nobody went to the public pools. When polio struck, movie theaters were shut, camps and schools were closed, drinking fountains were abandoned, draft inductions suspended, and nonessential meetings were canceled until the epidemic appeared to be over for the time being.[1]

    Infection rate is near 100% in susceptible adults and children

    And this is the face of tragedy

    As we begin to look like the third world, in our newly arrived populations habits and in total population density as effectant upon sanitation in general, we will begin to see the return of diseases like the above, now known in only 4 countries of the world.

    Count on it.

    Non-whites do not live like us.  They do not have a low footprint upon the land as we do.  They infest like locusts and overbreed to extremes, looking to lock down every possible resource.  And when the carrying capacity is approached, you start to get epidemiological consequences.

    For this _one reason_ alone, we need a white homeland.

    Because what comes so hard to them, is instinct to us.  The Balance of The Way.

  • Spartan24708

    If you look at the original article and check out some previous articles below it you will see that the pool offers free admission. There needs to be some sort of admission, if nothing else for upkeep. Having no admission charge is just an invitation for trouble makers.

    • Even where there is an admission fee, they are ruining our enjoyment of an activity.  For instance, the movie theater. How many stories do we need to read of their rude behavior and if a white questions it, they are physically attacked.  A similar thing happened to my family at our local bowling lanes this week. Apparently blacks have discovered bowling, a mostly white activity until recently. Their behavior there is horrible, walking in front of someone ready to bowl, their kids running all over, loud and sticky-fingered. There was one other place that we had to leave, the Golden Coral restaurant. We tried to get in there on early evening and they were already there, in quantity.  We could see the food being slopped around, on the floor and even saw blacks standing at the food line, eating. And remember, the toll of affirmative action has them rich beyond deserving so they will show up anywhere that we once enjoyed ourselves.

  • In the Southern Capital city of my state, the white liberals and blacks have joined to form a perfect, corrupted union.  The main black neighborhood (near the black university) has the latest in recreation centers, large A/C and full of toys- video games, large screen tv, olympic pool and a special huge water park. And what does my heavily property taxed 95% neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods have? Nothing. Not even a baseball field. Oh we have complained for years but what do politicians have to worry about white people? On this July 4 holiday we will remember when we all would rise up as a people to demand what is ours, not watch blacks, mexicans and PRs just walk away with everything.

  • SLCain

    “So the city ponied up enough money to build them their own pool – bigger
    and better than ours – but they STILL crossed town to swim in the White

    The white pool is where they are more likely to find white women.

  • ljot2

    Almost every public space turns into a ghetto thing.  Every public festival turns into a ghetto thing.  In any city the sidewalks have become a ghetto thing.  We can thank our federal government, our mass media, and our public schools for the gift of the ghetto thing.