Censor Gets a Workout at BET Awards

Los Angeles Times, July 1, 2012

The BET Awards became the Bleep Awards on Sunday, as entire segments of performances were muted out due to foul language. Still, censors failed to catch many vulgarities that were uttered onstage, from performances by Nicki Minaj to even a parody by Samuel L. Jackson and Spike Lee.

It started during the opening number by Kanye West‘s G.O.O.D. music group, which included Big Sean, Pusha T and 2 Chainz. There were extended moments of censored silence when the rappers performed “Mercy,” though not all the offending words were bleeped out. Moments later, Jackson, the show’s host, was joined by Lee as they did a comedic version of Jay-Z and West’s hit song “… In Paris,” to laughs.


The censor police also worked overtime when Rick Ross performed with his Maybach Music Group and during Minaj’s performance and acceptance speech for best female hip-hop artist. Minaj’s win was her third consecutive time taking the prize.

“I really, really appreciate BET for keeping this category alive, and I appreciate all the female rappers doing their thing, past, present and future,” she said, before uttering an obscenity.


{snip} Even West offered tributes: after his performance, he name-dropped Rodney King and Whitney Houston in a verse that got cheers from the crowd, including his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.

Presenters included Taraji P. Henson, Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx, who wore a T-shirt that had a picture of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen killed by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman.


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  • People cussed at an awards ceremony revolving around music whose lyrics have a lot of cussing?

    What a surprise.

    What else would one expect from people who have two-word vocabularies?  One of the words is “mother.”

    Why did they bother to bleep it out at all?  It’s cable.

  • MekongDelta69

    This is called IQ (low).

    Culture (lack of).

    Class (none).

    Glorifying the ‘thug’ life and criminality (plenty).

    Being anti-white racist (off the charts).

  • mikejones91

    Is this the same group/culture that WE stole all those wonderful ideas from? 

  • The__Bobster

    When Afrovoodoos are on the air, you need a 70-minute delay.

    The up side to not having one is that White Americans get to see them as they really are.

  • I am so disappointed I missed this culturally enriching broadcast! 

    Well, actually… no…

    I was watching Falling Skies instead… didn’t even know the BET “Awards” were on.  (An aside:  can one actually earn an award for cursing?  It appears so..).

  • BET “Awards?”

    The only reason BET is still in existence is because we don’t have a la carte pricing.  And guess who squeals like a stuck pig every time someone seriously proposes it:  NAACP.

    • Foo

      Whites are dumping cable by the MILLIONS fleeing to Netflix and Amazon Prime

      For me, I refused 10 dollars of every 50 I paid to go to support JIG ball and their 5 million dollar a year salaries while college professors make 50k

  • I W

    I know I’ve said it before, but…
    Have you noticed how you very rarely see any ‘old’ black entertainment/entertainers?
    Notice how the Disney movie ‘Song of the South’ (Uncle Remus, zip-a-dee-doo-dah, the Tar Baby etc.)has never been on VHS, Beta, Laser disk, DVD or BluRay in the US and was only on betacam in the UK years ago?
    Because they ‘portray blacks in a negative stereotype.’
    Every few years, the censors of PC have to sanitize nearly everything ‘black entertainment’ for the same reason;  blacks keep living up to their own ‘negative stereotype’. 
    Well, one of two things is happening;
    A) Blacks have collectively decided to live up to every negative stereotype attributed to their race throughout time as a kind of ‘irony’ thing.
    B) The negative stereotypes attributed to blacks throughout time were/are correct.
    Of course I am speaking broadly of an entire group of people in blanket terms; but so is saying ‘Head-hunters hunt heads’ -while all of the tribe may not actively snatch melons from unsuspecting necks, enough do that your healthiest bet is to avoid their villiage all together.

    •  You and I are of the same mind.

      Have you noticed how every decade they have to change the name of what we call blacks?

      Negros, Colored People,  African-Americans, Black, People of Color. Each time they do so it’s because the older name has been deemed a racial slur.

      That’s because although they keep changing the name the behavior remains the same. Soon the behavior is once again associated with the new name and the name is again seen as a slur or a stereotype.

      I suspect that’s why blacks refer to each other as ‘n*gg*rs’. It’s a name they believe the white man can’t corrupt because he’s forbidden from using it even though it has the worst of all associated behaviors.

      Time for a name change.

      • I W

        “A Rose by any other name…”

      • sbuffalo, I’ll stick with “Bantu”.It’s not a racist term,  and besides, virtually all American blacks do not know what a Bantu is.

  • Audieleon


    • IstvanIN

      That is an insult to animals.  Animals take care of their young and live life according to rules.  Blacks do neither.

  • ncpride

    You know, my dearly departed grandmother always used to tell me that people who curse constantly are showing their lack of intelligence, because they simply don’t have the vocabulary to adequately express themselves. I’ll admit however, I can curse with the best of them when angered.

  • shmo123

    Profanity is the linguistic crutch of the inarticulate. 

  • The lowest common denominator.

  • I love the picture of Spike Lee in the original piece. He looks like a stereotype of a crazy, old black man.

  • JackKrak

    Skimming quickly across the headlines on today’s Amren, I thought this one said something about EBT cards….

    Oh, well – it would be the same audience watching it.

  •  This isn’t confined to just blacks either, liberals just love to pat themselves on the back.

  • Dale McNamee

    So much for the black music & “musicians” & “black celebrities”…

    To be “fair”, the MTV awards show was equally as disgusting from what I read…

    I’m glad that I don’t listen to either one’s “music” !

  • Damn! Sorry I missed it. Tributes to Whitney? How wonderful! She was an angel…LOL!

  • SLCain

    I liked that picture of Spike Lee, togged-up like a gangsta-rappa – the contemporary equivalent of the capering, bug-eyed darkies from the minstrel-shows of yore.   I am given to understand that the initials on his cap – HNIC – stands for “Head Negro in Charge”, or some such equivalent.

    The show also featured Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Foxx, two of the publicly presentable faces of blackness that are routinely shoved at us.  Why, Jackson was in “The Incredibles” (an otherwise good and laudable film).  And Jamie Foxx has made a career out of playing incorruptible prosecutors (hah!), fighter-pilots (yeah, right), and, in an upcoming movie, even the President of the United States (ok, I guess I can buy that premise).  Of course, none of us here are fooled by these pretenses, but we should take pains to point out to others that, deep down, these so-called respectable black men who are held up as worthy role-models for whites are really nothing but ghett0-thug wannabes.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Look at the theme of the movies with black Presidents.
      Deep Impact
      The 5th Element

      Do you see a pattern?