Alabama Gets Airbus Factory, Defying Critics of Immigration Crackdown

Neil Munro, Daily Caller, July 3, 2012

Alabama is getting a new high-tech aircraft factory and 1,000 high-wage jobs, despite warnings from progressive groups that the state’s immigration reform would frighten away investors.

“The naysayers were hoping it would,” said state Rep. Mike Ball. But “the immigration law doesn’t make any difference to the foreign companies—if they’re legal, they know they’re welcome, and we have a competitive environment where they can make a profit,” said Ball, a former police detective.

“More jobs for sweet home Alabama,” said Chuck Ellis, a councilman in the city of Albertville.

“Once again the state of Alabama has taken the ‘but’ out of the liberals’ [warning]—’So you’ve got your immigration reform law, BUT now industry will go to other states to do their business,’” he wrote.

The aircraft factory was announced July 2 by Airbus, which is Europe’s largest aircraft maker and the primary worldwide rival to Boeing. Other states competed against Alabama for the factory, partly by offering state aid.

The 1,000 Airbus employees will assemble four A-320 jets a month by 2017 and will support many additional jobs in the state, whose unemployment rate has fallen faster since 2009 than nearly any other state in the country. The state’s drop is only outdone by Michigan, which benefited from huge federal subsidies for the auto industry.


The state’s popular immigration law, HB 56, was passed in July 2011, despite fierce opposition from Democrats. It was intended to curb companies’ use of illegal immigrant labor, and has successfully opened up many jobs to Alabama residents, including Hispanics and African-Americans.

Judges have barred some portions of Alabama’s immigration law, and it may be further curbed because of the Supreme Court’s June decision to sharply restrict states’ authority to protect legal residents from illegal immigration. {snip}


The immigration reform was passed by “a xenophobic and anti-immigrant local government,” said Moises Naim, an advocate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. “The anti-immigrant law is in direct conflict with the pro-foreign investment posture of the State,” he wrote in December 2011.

Naim did not respond to The Daily Caller’s request for a comment about the Airbus factory.


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  • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

    Manufacturing just keeps on flooding into the right-to-work South.  And it ain’t going into Alabama and SC because of the Mexicans.  Throwing every Mexican out of the South would have positively zero effect on the trained aerospace and automotive workforce, so why would any company care about it?

    • IstvanIN

      Wouldn’t automobile and aircraft factories require somewhat literate workers?  And besides, shouldn’t we worry about OUR people before we worry about illegals?

      • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

        That’s my point.  When I read it again I can see it’s kind of unclear.  Throwing them out would have zero effect on the trained workforce because practically none of that workforce is made up of illegal immigrants.  That’s why companies like Airbus have no dog in this fight; it’s not like the workers they need are in danger of being deported.

        • I believe the case the illegal invaders and their advocates were trying to make is that industry would be reluctant to relocate to Alabama because of the passage of this law. It had little to do with the hiring of illegal invaders, but rather the “mean spiritedness” of the law the Razas wanted to convey.  The La Razas claimed businesses would stand in unity with them in condemning the state because of this law. Obviously, Airbus believes a nation should have the right to defend its borders and protect itself from illegal invading interlopers.

      • eunometic

         When the German automobile industry started to get serious about manufacturing in the USA they avoided the traditional auto manufacturing areas in the USA as if they were plague afflicted.  Of course the rational of choosing Carolina “Green fields sites”  over say Detroit was reframed in terms of avoiding industrial relations issues and an old, sick, cantankerous workforce.  They preferred the son of a conservative farmer.  Ditto the Japanese.

        Far from being attracted to “Diversity” some multinationals discretely avoid it by carefully choosing cities.  This includes many east asian firms who would rather avoid certain kinds of diversity.  I have visiting Chinese professionals and business people both male and female out who have expressed some distress at the lack of White people in certain neighborhoods.  Lack of White people in certain Western cities spoils their tourism and sense of safety.

    • curri

      23 states have right-to-work laws- obviously they’re not all in the South. 

      “Throwing every Mexican out of the South would have positively zero effect on the trained aerospace and automotive workforce, so why would any company care about it?”

      Every system has a governing ideology-that doesn’t mean that very institution within the system follows the party line 100% of the time. 

      Here is the hegemonic ideology of the American Empire: 
      “To be immersed in the Department for any length of time is to know with absolute certainty that the battle of ideas, for the highest seat of power, for the basic outlook of the United States of America is over and it has been won by globalist, multi-culturalist, liberal capitalism. That is to say, the USG is currently fanatically devoted to a world-view that can best be described in shorthand as a mix between the Wall St Journal pro-global business and open borders stance and the ideology one would find in the Office for Multi-Cultural Affairs at a major liberal arts university.
      Mencius Moldbug (whose father was in the Foreign Service, and as he once pointed out to Larry Auster, when a person IN the Foreign Service and a person who grew up in the Foreign Service are telling you, who are NOT in USG that USG is fully and completely committed to the modern liberal revolution and is not capable of being reformed, one should LISTEN) is completely correct in noting that this view has hardened into an ideology and has intertwined itself so thoroughly in the popular mind with what it means to be “American” that nothing short of an intense crisis or a complete breakdown will bring about any change. Certainly, electing this or that Republican makes no difference to the Permanent Government.

      • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

        Yes but every state of the former Confederacy is on that list, making up about half of it, and the only blue states on the list that jump out at me are Iowa and Kansas, odd ducks with conservative populations that somehow end up voting for the donkey every four years.  That proves to me that not every ideological battle is decided.

        I’m well aware that the US is governed by a cabal of cynics and charlatans that believe in nothing but power.  I get that the two-party system is a sham.  I’m fully aware that it doesn’t matter who is elected to the federal government because nothing is going to change.

        I’d still rather live in a red state than a blue state.

    •  “Throwing every Mexican out of the South would have positively zero
      effect on the trained aerospace and automotive workforce, so why would
      any company care about it?”

      Well, their workers would be less likely to have their cars and houses burglarized, and would be less likely to be hit by drunk drivers. This would result is less time lost to filing police reports, waiting for repairmen, and time away from the job spent in the hospital.

  • The__Bobster

    The immigration reform was passed by “a xenophobic and anti-immigrant local government,” said Moises Naim, an advocate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

    Moises Naim? That sounds like a fine old American name.

  • Sloppo

    The federal government seems to believe that we can’t have industrial growth unless we have more diversity (diversity = less white people).  On the other hand, Zimbabwe is almost 100% diversity and that country boasts a per capita GNP of $460 while the US has a per capita GNP of $47,310.

  • It will be built near Albertville, Alabama, in the northern part of the state.  It’s far from perfect, but North Alabama is practically a whitopia by Dixie standards.

  • Epiminondas

    They’re assembling commercial jets in Alabama?  Next thing you know, they’ll be making Mercedes-Benz automobiles there.  Wait…they already do.

  • Robert11110

    Why would a European aerospace company care if Alabama was cracking down on illiterate illegal Latin American workers?  The only businesses that would shy away from Alabama would be things like Mexican restaurants which I’m sure there is a glutton of them.  None of them hiring American workers or even legal employment and doing nothing to help the economy. 

  • And soon, it will be chock full of indians.

    • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

      You’re right about that.  Last time I rode a bus past the office complex at Boeing Field I was shocked when it stopped and picked up nothing but Indians, probably almost two dozen at once.  And there’s nothing else down there but Boeing, so that’s where they had to come from. 

      Well actually they came from Delhi, but you know what I mean….

      • We (America and Europe) have been sold out.
        People are right when they say everything is going to be destroyed and they’re right again when they say the only people that will come out of it is White People.

        Third World Aliens may know how to live without but so do we and they may be used to suffering but so are we but they don’t know how to be build a Western Society and we do.

        We will have the last word.

      • eunometic

         The Indians are proud of the demographic power of their huge diaspora.  I’ve heard of them boast of it as an ’empire upon which the sun will never set’

        Because elite and high caste Indians selected from a huge population are generally reasonably competent they have been use as the vanguard for replacement of White middle class professionals in many countries of the west.

        We’ve lost the corporations who are now as much a problem for us as leftists indeed transnational elites (Rockefeller, Ford) always were.

    • Born_In_The_Pineywoods

      Dot or Feather?

  •  From Alabama, unemployment 2012  7.4%, unemployment 2010 8.9%.

  • curri

    It’s more racism-they should be building the plant in Birmingham. 

    Albertville demographics:,_Alabama#Demographics 
    As of 2010 Albertville had a population of 21,160. The racial and ethnic composition of the population was 68.1% non-Hispanic white, 1.9% black or African American, 0.8% Native American, 0.5% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 0.1% non-Hispanics reporting some other race, 2.1% reprting two or more races and 27.9% Hispanic or Latino.[19] 

  • Maybe the reason they decided to move the plant to Alabama was because they knew they wouldn’t have to deal with hiring illegals.

    They may see the new immigration law as a plus. 

    • Our they believe a nation has every right to defend their sovereignty, as well as borders, from foreign invaders from Mexico…..