Armed Gang Rapes Women in Mexican Youth Camp

Reuters, July 15, 2012

An armed gang raped seven young women in a brutal attack on a youth camp just outside Mexico City, state prosecutors said on Saturday.

Over several hours on Friday, the gang of about a dozen people beat, abused and robbed youngsters at the retreat located in a park in the State of Mexico just southeast of the capital, the local attorney general’s office said in a statement.

About 90 youths were camped out there and local media said the victims belonged to a church group.


In a report published on Wednesday, Amnesty International singled out the state [the State of Mexico] for abuses against women, and said Mexican police solve only one in every 21 rapes.

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  • Stay out of Mexico.  Unless you have pressing business stay out of south Texas.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Very sad.  I would recommend any Christian parent whose child asks to participate in a summer mission outreach to Mexico to refer to this article.  Oh, and BTW, just say no.  I would think that there are just as many opportunities to do good works among the poor in Appalachia.   I’ve seen a lot of mission activity in Eastern Oklahoma and Western Arkansas.  There are certainly plenty of struggling clergymen and congregations who would welcome some young folks’ sweat equity.  And don’t forget the white elderly in rest homes, possibly being maltreated by diversity staff.

    Yes, there is much a committed young Christian can do for his or her own people.  At this point, I think more than enough effort and treasure has been expended on the third world.  Especially now the that West is becoming a third-world country as well.

    Finally there is good reason that the Mormons send their young MEN (not women) out in pairs to proselytize.

  • Jesse_from_Sweden

    1 in 21 rapes gets solved?

    Wow, that means they are about the same level of effectiveness in crime solving as the swedish police.

    Maybe the should start taking some tips from the swedish police in order to fix their stats.
    Things such as cases counts as solved, if they conclude that no crime has been commited.
    Which tends to be how most petty crime is “solved” in Sweden, since the police can find no evidence of there having been a crime commited, they count it as there not having been a crime and close the case as solved.

    Of course, it’s pretty damn hard to find evidence if you don’t even bother to try and look for it….

    But hey, not all is bad, they are very good at solving some cases.
    Hatecrimes and the like, there are no resources spared there, to solve those extra evil cases where horrible racists might do something against the poor oppressed minorities.

    • alastairabbacle

      Dear Jesse,

      Please start a groundswell campaign in Sweden with select friends to rid Sweden of its Racial Genocide, and rape epidemic.    History can start small, if many like you take the initiative.   

      • Jesse_from_Sweden

         Look up Sweden Democrats.
        A party that got into the swedish parliament last election, and which has doubled percentage of votes the last few elections and got all the other parties wailing in horror over such a racist party (that wants traditional stuff like limiting immigration, deporting criminals, and more resources to law and order).

        The media climate in Sweden is fucked up, and free speech is under serious threat.
        For example, we had a member of a smaller fringe party gets sentenced for hate crime since he made an article on his homepage about racial differences in intelligence and linked to scientific articles (the article itself was something you could see here on Amren, nothing hateful about it, just pointing out facts and the problems associated with them).

        The repression against dissidents is getting harder, and you gotta be quiet about it, because apparently it is legal to fire sympathizers for a party that is in the parliament, which a few people have learned the hard way.
        Which is because the unions, who are supposed to protect their members, are part of a political apparatus and as such are more interested in politics than in their members well-being.

  • JohnEngelman

    In Mexico the murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants is 18. In the United States it is 4.8.
    The murder rate is nearly always higher in Hispanic or black countries than in white or Oriental countries. 

  • godzillabloggs

    A gun may not be enough in Mexico.  A small armoury would be better.

  • Jesse_from_Sweden

     Sweden isn’t as bas as UK or France yet when it comes to no go zones.
    And Islam itself is not the cause either.

    Many of the rapists are christian iraqis and christian assyrians, proving that it is about culture, not religion (even though religion is often the biggest part of culture).

    The problem isn’t really the police itself, but the judicial system.
    The police don’t have enough resources, crime have multiplied in the last decade due to immigration, but the number of police officers have stayed about the same, they are quite simply overwhelmed.
    And it isn’t getting any better when they want to bring in quotas to get more women and minorities into the force instead of those horrible young white men who used to be police officers.

    And the penalties in Sweden are so low that most americans would be stunned.

    For examples, there was a fairly big case a couple of years back, where two girls were lured through a park and attacked, picture of one of the girl, with her face covered in blood, made it’s round on the internet.

    So 4 “young men” (somalis) attacked her, beat her with a telescopic nightstick, raped her and finished the whole thing with kicking her so hard in the crotch they broke her pelvis.
    Apart from the fact that the media portrayed the men with silhouettes that looked distinctly european and reported them as a somali, a finn and 2 swedes (since that were their citizenships at the time) they pounishments they received were a laugh, but fairly typical for Sweden.
    The one considered the leader got 2 years, 2 companions got 3 months each and they youngest got no punishment at all “since he had only been looking on”.

    For two of the attackers, the got credited for timed served, meaning they were free to go after the trial…..

    And that’s Sweden for you, folks….

    A place where the judicial system is designed for swedes, but where the majority of the crime is commited by non-swedes now, which means a system designed to deal with swedish criminals is insufficient.

  • Jesse_from_Sweden

    Yes, because recruiting people for pornos is as bad as raping them.

    And yes, immigrants actually commit a majority of the crime in Sweden nowadays.
    If you are indeed living in Sweden, then look up Affes statistikblogg.
    Although you might call those numbers twisted statistics, since they tell a truth that you don’t want to know.

    And yes, Sweden is a social disaster, or at least becoming one, due to immigration.

    It’s strange that this apparently failed country with it’s cold, uncaring people managed to do so extremely well that the rest of the world admired them, before all the immigrants arrived…..