A Changing Landscape as Immigrants Transform Main Streets

Allie Shah, StarTribune Local, July 21, 2012


The change from a barber shop to a henna and perfume parlor is a sign of how new immigrants are transforming business districts outstate just as they have along some main streets in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Drawn to Willmar because of jobs at the Jennie-O meatpacking plants, a growing number of Somali immigrants are calling this west-central Minnesota town home and opening small businesses on the side.

The official count says 700 of Willmar’s 19,610 residents are originally from Somalia, but city officials and Somali community leaders say the real number is at least 2,000. The city’s Latino population has leveled off at 4,099 according to the latest U.S. census data.

In cities such as Rochester and Faribault, too, new immigrants have arrived, adding new flavors and customers to downtown areas.

“Main Streets in many smaller Minnesota communities have not fared so well the last 25 or 30 years,” said Bill Blazar, an executive at the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. “The growth of immigrant populations and the businesses that are a direct result really are a shot in the arm. They’re an economic development program.”

The changes have also created angst for some residents.

“For those who have been here a long time, it’s a lot different,” said Ken Warner, president of the Willmar Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce. “It’s never going to be like it once was, and there’s plenty of opportunity to make it viable again.”


In a nod to the growing Somali presence in outstate communities, a Minneapolis-based agency that offers technical support to help African immigrants run their businesses has planted flags in Willmar and Rochester.

Yusuf Ahmed heads up the Willmar branch office of the African Development Center of Minnesota, which opened downtown last September. {snip}


Walking through the streets of Willmar earlier this week, Ahmed stopped at what is widely believed to be the first Somali-owned business in town—a corner store with a sign that reads: “Bihi’s Shop. Goat meat. Dry goods. Phone cards. Dairy.”

Outside the former paint store, two Somali men sat on a park bench beneath the grocery’s large picture window. Inside, the items sold include diapers, cereal, large bottles of sesame oil for cooking, plastic tubs full of dates and burlap sacks of basmati rice.

Right next to the store, Bihi runs a café. The bar stools and lunch counter inside the restaurant are remnants of the old Town Talk Bakery—a social hub that drew people from all over the city and surrounding towns, recalled Richard Hoglund, lifelong Willmar resident and former mayor.

After the bakery closed, he said, a new restaurant run by a Latino immigrant opened. Now, it’s the Bihi Restaurant.


Still, the new Faribault has been an adjustment for some residents.

“For a small town in southern Minnesota, to have this type of immigrant growth, it is a cultural shock to us a little bit,” Ross said. “It’s neither good nor bad. It’s just different.”

Large groups of Somali men tend to congregate at day’s end on downtown Faribault sidewalks, speaking Somali and often not moving out of the way for others walking by. The practice has annoyed and even intimidated some people in town, said Ross, who was prompted to write about the issue last week in a mass e-mail that was republished in the local newspaper.

“That’s the way they get together and exchange information,” he said of the Somali sidewalk conventions. “They get together and they really talk. We’re not used to seeing large groups congregating in public areas like that. We have to get used to how each other operates.”

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  • Biff_Maliboo

    “Large groups of Somali men tend to congregate at day’s end on downtown
    Faribault sidewalks, speaking Somali and often not moving out of the way
    for others walking by.”

    I grew up in the Midwest, and the local good ol’ boys would pull their pickup trucks beside each other in the street to shoot the breeze. As a teenager with places to go and people to see, it really used to annoy me. If the above example is the alternative, I’ll take the pickup trucks.


    • I grew up in the same kind of town. When my dad takes out his 57 Chevy people everywhere wave at us even though they don’t know us. That is a cool feeling and truly American. It comes from homogeneity and a common culture. You wouldn’t see any of these Somalis waving anything but a gun. I have seen blacks blocking the sidewalks in Portland and intimidating people walking by. I think they passed a law against it. This town in Minnesota would be smart to pass that law. Americans don’t do that $#!t so they can either follow the culture of this country or get out.

      • Anonymous

        Serves these delusional liberals in Minnesota right.  They want these people there and supported the “Unfair” nonsense.  The whites who live there who are tired of this should arm themselves and let these thugs know they’re not wanted.

    • Anonymous

      Me, too. I’m from the Midwest and it sickens me now to see more nonwhites, more pandering to nonwhites from “conservatives”, Spanish being spoken, white women with black guys and more delusional whites with nonwhite kids. 

    • alastairabbacle

      Many-Ape-olis.     They day is coming when all of the White Lutheran Communists have to deal with what they have transformed their state’s largest city into.

    • jeffaral

      Abolish equalitarian Marxist Christian churches.   Problem solved: No more alien mass invasion!

  • There are still some frontiers on Earth white men can run to. There is the Arctic. Cold can be used as a filter to keep out the wretched. Blacks and hispanics hate cold, and I would go through a great deal of suffering, shivering in the cold to be apart from them. There are the ocean deeps, and space. Granted, these are not simple solutions but I’m trying to put a good face on this. Makes things seem less hopeless.

    • Anonymous

      I’m seriously thinking of moving to somewhere colder, like Alaska or Montana.  Montana is very white, very conservative, very pro gun rights, and very little nonwhites there. 

    •  if we build it, they will come.

      unless we have the balls to tell them not to

      • bluffcreek1967

        Yeah, that’s part of the problem. There’s always some softie who’s going to allow non-Whites in the places that Whites build for themselves. Once that happens, it eventually becomes a haven for non-Whites and whatever Third-World culture they bring. We are sometimes our own worst enemy.

    • Why should I have to freeze my *** in order to eacape diveristy. Let the mexicans and blacks freeze!

  • Francis Galton

    Okay, Minnesota, here’s a reality check:

    1) Somalia is widely considered to be THE MOST dangerous country IN THE WORLD, bar none! 
    2) Its capital, Mogadishu, is arguably the most dangerous city in the world.
    3) The waters near Somalia are some of the most dangerous in the world.

    What makes these areas dangerous?  It’s not the hot weather… it’s THE PEOPLE, stupid!  And who might those people be?  SOMALIS!  Exactly the group of people you all are importing!

    It should go without saying that these black muzzies will never truly assimilate and become Americans (that’s SO 1900, Teddy!), and it’s disgusting how the interviewees for this article insist that the importation of Somalis is neutral at worst, and wonderfully beneficial at best.  NO, IT IS NOT!  It is the possibly the WORST thing that Minnesota could do from a demographic perspective.

    Here is an alternative state motto for the Star of the North:

    Minnesota: We’re Even More Like Norway Than You Thought!

    • Anonymous

      Not that I care for the Hispanics or want them here, but if I could choose Somalians over Mexicans, I would pick the latter.  At least the latter would easier fit into ‘white culture’ (Since they are part white) and usually don’t go around acting macho. 

      • Why should we have to “choose” either one? Mexicans walk around with a sense of bravado and arrogance that is disturbing to say the least. Moreover, Mexicans do not want to “fit into White culture,” they want reconquista! You obviously have never been to Los Angeles….

      • bluffcreek1967

        Actually, Mexicans do ‘go around acting macho.’ Consider Los Angeles: All that Mexican ‘macho’ has made it one of the worst gang infested cities in the U.S. Mexicans might enjoy some benefits of modern technology and the like, but they have no interest in assimilating into White culture.

    • alastairabbacle

      Keith Ellison (D-Minneapolis) keeps the refugee industry (Democrat Party) happy, by importing yet more Somalis.  More votes for the Democrats, and more money for the refugee industry.  

      Pure corruption, yet because of “multiCULTuralism” you cannot criticize this publicly.
      Great post, obviously stupid things cannot be criticized because of this Nordic PC.  
      Yes, Many-Ape-olis will soon have a full-out take-over by Muslims on its hands.

      Keith Ellison is a Black Muslim, with possible connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.  This stuff is actually scary, Michelle Bachman is starting to mention this.  

      I will suppport all of this statements with links at a later date, because there are many supporting pieces of evidence for this ANTI-AMERICAN INSURGENCY. 

  • This is what London looks like ,  hordes of blacks and muslims


    And Paris, mob of blacks doing what black people do ” enriching  ” France.


    • Seen that video of the guy speaking Welsh. What a shame those Celtic cultures and languages are rapidly dying out. I’ve heard they are trying to revive Gaelic in Ireland. The language has a beautiful cadence, especially when compared to the horrible sounds of Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese….these languages sound horrible like continous vomiting. It is noise pollution. Anyway, the clip looks exactly like a scene out of Children of Men. Interesting metaphor that movie – no children being born. Maybe the director was inspired by the lack of white children anywhere.

      • You mention Ireland , it’s even worse there, a rabble of uppity mouthy Africans squealing about ” their rights,” and as ever they are surrounded by their wide eyed, grinning from ear to ear, spawn

        Gerry Adams leader of Sinn Fein ( marxist ) wants the British out of Northern Ireland yet he wants to import Africans and muslims into the country !!


        • IstvanIN

           Since both the Irish Republic and the United Kingdom are going black and muslim what difference does it make?

        • thiudemir

          A Irish girl was smashed by an AA the other day in New York. I wonder if it was publicized in Ireland or  the UK? Of course it flew under the radar here.

      • MAJ

        For what it’s worth, the director of  “Children of Men” is Mexican (Alfonso Cuaron).

    • Anonymous

      A former liberal friend in the mid 2000s was explaining to me the blacks in Paris acted that wy because they were “being discriminated”, yet also pointed out to me blacks were “discriminated” and treated bad in Asian countries.  Does it ever dawn on white liberals that maybe blacks aren’t being ‘discriminated’ and maybe–just maybe–this is how many of them act whereever they go?

  • Wouldn’t it be nice if at some point in the future black people said

    ” Hey, you know what, we’re really not wanted here, we’re all going to get up and leave as it would be really rude to stay where we’re not wanted.”

    Of course it will never happen, but to any blacks reading this, question, why are you so disliked in every country you come to ? people are not born racist, remember that and take your blame.

  • Is there any country in the world that black people are not in ?

    • frank pucillo

      Well eventually Isreal will not have any black people. But to immigrate to Isreal you must be a Jew. BTW I read a science fiction called To The Stars by  Harry Harrison. Set in the future a man returns to earth and finds the world has become a one world multicultural hell with Naked News casters like they have in Canada now and violence everywhere. It turns out nations no longer exist. Except one. Isreal.

      • Yeah what a coincidence that Izrael can kick outs its blacks. Amazing.

        • jeffaral

          They are chosen, special, privileged, above criticism.   In short. they are God’s only people.   Period!

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but Europe, Canada, the US, and every other white country has to taken them.  Oh, but not the “Chosen people.”  Complete BS.

    • There are very very few in Asia. I spent a year in S. Korea and could count the number of blacks I saw there on one hand, with the exception of black Americans stationed there. I dated a Korean who worked in Itaewon which is sort of the red light district in Seoul where all the GI idiots hang out. She said black guys would harass her in the street, asking for sex, etc. She said she hates black people – a girl after my own heart! Blacks are absolute savages and it’s interesting to see them behave in countries where they are foreign. They think the women are theirs to just grab and take. The Koreans make no apologies about their distaste for blacks.

      • Anonymous

        I once dated a Russian girl that flat out told me she didn’t like blacks. 

      • thiudemir

        Koreans are very race conscious check out the book-The Cleanest Race.

    • Frankie

      Very few blacks in thailand and they usually get harassed by the police perceived as drug dealers (which most are anyway)Majority of Thai people hate them and they scare the kiddies.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, poor little wittle blacks!  Everybody is sooooo mean to those poor innocent little darlings.  (sarcasm)

      • The__Bobster

        Which explains Thai-Ger Woods’ mother?

  • Church_of_Jed

    Who is letting all these coloured in our country? How can we hold them accountable to the inevitable demise? How can we quit paying for it?

    • We will never be able to “quit paying” Jed as long as our “White privilege” continues to threaten diversity. Only our White money can make the brown hordes “equal.” I am afraid we will have the diversity boot at our throat as long as we continue to tolerate the deliberate eradication of our people via multiculturalism and diversity.  

    • alastairabbacle

      Keith Ellison, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.  

      “Why Michele Bachmann Is Right About Keith Ellison” by Rovert Spencer


      Let’s kick him out of office.  There is a Red Army in Congress, it is called the Congressional Progressive Caucus.


      • keith ellison is a muslim.

        • alastairabbacle

          Thus, he brings in as many Muslim immigrants as he can.
          Thus, he hopes for the eventual conversion of more Black residents to Islam through the importation of more Black Muslims.

    • The only way to stop paying for it is to stop paying taxes or leave the country and denounce your US citizenship. The percentage of people who have denounced their citizenship has increased dramatically over the last few years. I’m sure the percentage of those who have simply moved out of the country has increased much more. White flight is surging. 

    • The__Bobster

      We import 100,000 genuine Afreakan bluegums every year, some at the behest of the UN.

      • Church_of_Jed

        All AmReners who have not yet read Anthony Jacob’s masterpiece White Man, Think Again! must atone for the failure and do so immediately.

  • A trip down memory lane, pictures of the Detroit race riots in 1967


    And it’s exactly the same when black people rioted in London, Paris and China. It just goes to show that black peoples behavior does not change whatever country they are in.

    • alastairabbacle

      Those Who Can See:  “‘In a Word We Suffer on Each Side’


      “Afro-Americans have long committed violent crime at much higher rates than other ethnic groups.  With the election of our first black president in 2008, many predicted this would end, as seeing a face like their own in the Oval Office would lead young Afros to lay down their arms and pick up a schoolbook.”

  • Of course none of these people open up businesses that employ out of work Americans.

    • Why would you want to work for a Third World Alien?  I’d live in the woods with nothing before I’d work for one of them.

    • Beth

      How true, they didn’t have jobs for white people but they did have jobs for blacks that had to be flown in from the other side of the world.  Go figure.

  • Adding new flavors? What is this, Baskin and Robbins? No thanks – I’ll stick with vanilla! Why ruin a good thing by adding chocolate to the menu? I’m so tired of reading stories like this. They are always the same no matter what part of the country they come from. The liberal disease has poisoned every corner of this country. It makes me want to leave this country for good. Things are only going to get worse so why hang on to a sinking ship? This country is so anxious to get rid of its white population so lets let them have it and see how it turns out.

    • IstvanIN

       They’re not adding chocolate, they’re adding dog poo, to put it nicely.

    • Anonymous

      The only whites who tolerate (large numbers of) nonwhites have never lived around blacks or lived on the Southwestern Border.  These whites tend to be liberal, full of guilt, losers, whiny, pathetic, anti-gun rights, etc.  They get very emotional and nasty when whites like us challenge their ‘everyone hold hands and join the love train’ mantra.  They can’t deal with reality.

    • xsfsoldier

      Where ya gonna run to.  This black on white violence thing just follows.  White people are targets for dispossesion and eventual physical destruction if they are unwilling to defend themselves, their family and friends, and their property.  I hate no one until they bring their violence forth on inoccent people or me and mine.  Liberals have created a Gordian Knot of ethnic hatred, muticulturalism, political correctness, and diversity worship.  We all know how Alexander dealt with the knot – right!!  Same old – same old with this problem real soon. 

      • Anonymous

        Good point.  There are few places to run to.  Whites have historically been targets of dispossession and genocide because we create civilizations and societies that attract people and it takes us a long, long time to get violent in response to the people trying to displace us and harm us.  We always try to “change the system” and wonder “what we did wrong” until we have to fight back hard, though we usually come out on top.  Again, history is repeating itself.  Here people of European DNA are just now realizing it’s too bad and that in the future we will have to start fighting back.

    • MekongDelta69

      No – that would be giving up. Never give up. That’s what they *want* you to do. Besides, WE built this country. If you built your own house (or anything else that was yours), would you meekly give it up just because some minority or leftist demanded you do? (And I don’t mean at gunpoint – that’s different. In that event – life first, for yourself and your loved ones – everything else is secondary.)You arm yourself. You *avoid* being around them. (NOT run from them or give up to them – just avoid them in the first place.) If you can’t avoid them, don’t appear weak. They pounce on ‘weak,’ just like any animal. If they attack, you defend yourself. You worry about the ‘Zimmerman’ consequences later. (If you’re dead, there are no consequences to worry about – or anything else at all.)You spread AmRen’s URL (and others like it – e.g. Vdare, etc.), to everyone you can think of. You leave URLs in every post you make on other sites. If you have F.B. or other social media sites (which I don’t – but if you do), do the same thing. Sure, a ton of people will ‘defriend’ you (or whatever they call it), but a ton of people will also ‘like’ you (or whatever they call it). Of course, they’ll be called ‘racist,’ etc. at first, but as more and more people come around, the less and less you’ll see of that.(Look at ANY article on ANY site (ESPECIALLY liberal sites or MSM ‘news’ sites) about race. 90-98% of the comments for the last few years could have been posted here without a second look. This wasn’t always the case. (Sane – meaning, non-leftist) Whites are completely fed up. They might not say anything in public b/c of all the usual reasons, but they let loose on the Net. These aren’t trolls – these are REAL people, expressing how they REALLY feel, knowing there won’t be any bad repercussions (e.g. loss of job, loss of friends, ostracized from the family, ad infinitum).I could continue, but you get the point.NEVER give up. Your ancestors didn’t. Follow in their footsteps…

  • Why doesn’t anyone demand to see proof that these “immigrants” are actually paying for their own way?  I mean, how many of them are on some sort of Welfare?  How many have had help from Government Agencies?  How much money in Taxes have they actually paid?

    Why isn’t anyone asking why, why did their ancestors receive NO help whatsoever but these Third World Aliens get it for doing nothing but being non-white/immigrant?

    Actually, I say they deserve it.  If you’re stupid enough to rent/sell your property to a Third World Alien, you deserve to lose your Town.

    • Yeah..where did a third-world Somalian, who came here with nothing more than the shirt on their back, get money to open a business? Don’t think we don’t know where that money came from!

      • Good Point Thomas.  I call it Taxation without Representation.  I just don’t see how you are being represented when you’re being taxed so some Third World Alien can have “help”.

  • Testing 123

    . ”

  • Chris

    You mean like this, a black man on a Japanese train


    The headline in Japanese says ” Call a health care official to come, a ferocious raging monkey has appeared in the train!” And the character they used to depict this man as a monkey was 猿. ”

    • thiudemir

      I saw that-unbelievable. Someone should of taught him to get on the goodfoot when visiting a foreign country.

    • I love that video, TNB. The poor Japanese have no idea what to do, do they call the police or animal control?

    • MekongDelta69

      That looks like any normal day on any subway in NYC for the past 48 years.

      • The__Bobster

        If you dare complain about it, you’ll be “Rockerized” by the libtarded MSM.

  • Anonymous

    That’s the biggest problem with the Multiculturalism/Diversity cult: that it doesn’t allow for objective evaluation.

    That’s just it, though.  Liberals, race hustlers and anti-white bigots aren’t interested in dialogue, period.  It’s all about browbeating whites and taking away our rights and our resources. 

  •   “It’s neither good nor bad. It’s just different.” 
    Mr. Ross can see very plainly that it’s bad.  He’s either too brainwashed to accept it as such, or he’s afraid of committing speech crime.  Either way, he is lost to his own cause.

  • MAJ

    “Yusuf Ahmed heads up the Willmar branch office of the African Development Center of Minnesota.”

    Well, that about sums it up.

    There must be a special place in hell for the so-called Americans who have allowed this.

  • Mrs. Victoria

    “African Development Center of Minnesota” What is this??

    • I’m sure the liberal do-gooders would call it spreading diversity…I call it treason! Besides, we have seen what Africans have done to Africa. One could hardly call it “development.”

    • alastairabbacle


      Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation
      Catholic Campaign for Human Development
      Comcast Foundation
      F.R. Bigelow Foundation
      Fannie Mae
      First Universalist Foundation
      Freddie Mac
      Greater Twin Cities United Way
      Grotto Foundation
      HECAT (Homeownership Education, Counseling and Training)
      HRI, Inc.
      Kandiyohi Development Partners
      Marquette Financial Companies”

      These people support, for a mixture of insane reasons, the recreation of Africa in Minnesota.

      • This is the same kind of stuff I found on the asians.  Actually, everyone has their share except for White People and there is nothing for White Men.

        It is for stuff like this (because we can’t fight it) that I say, do not rent or sell your property to any non-white.  Keep it White.  And don’t give non-whites any of your business neither.

  • Publius

    There is Africans in China, a small amount I know but that’s how it always starts out,  a trickle before the eventual flood.


  • bubo

    So they import thousands of Somalis.  One of them opens a fleabag shop selling goat meat and calling cards.   Braindead uber-pc types call it “strengthening the economy.”


  • alastairabbacle

    I have this theory:

    In recent human history to the 10,000 year explosion, the wealthy lived in trading cities.  The more foreign traders from other tribes present, the wealthier you were. 

    In trading cities, there were many foreigners.   Thus, seeing a marketplace full of foreigerns became associated with wealth.

    The worship of “Diversity” is an evolutionarily evolved STATUS SYMBOL.

    • I W

      I disagree.
      Status for a Roman came from being Roman -even Romanized foreigners and barbarians prized their ‘Roman-ness’ if you will. Greeks, Carthaginians, Egyptians etc. were the same.
      Many, if not most, trading cities set aside enclaves for various foreigners, and -again- many if not most were regulated to keep those foreigners ‘foreign’, both politically and from society in general.
      Xenophon wrote about the subject, and made mention of why it is right and proper. Today, his (very valid and uneeringly accurate) work is only remembered as a leftist slur -Xenophobic.
      Remember too, that there is a world of difference between roving traders and permanent residents (legal or otherwise.) Roving traders (by definition) generally only bring ‘Good’ ‘diversity’ -unique products or materials unavailable or scarce in the market. They brought their country’s best exports -instead of exporting their entire country.
      No, the worship of diversity is not an evolutionary plus, it is a sickness, a contempt for the familiar while welcoming the different for difference’s sake.
      Look at it this way, a McDonalds in Sri Lanka and the Coal Mine Dragon on anystreet USA. Both are examples of diversity, right? Sri Lanka gets the diversity of McDonalds and anytown USA gets the diversity of General Tso’s Chicken. Fine and dandy, right?
      But what happens when every street corner in Sri Lanka has a McDonalds on it and no Sri Lankan food to be found? What about anytown USA when every McDonalds is closed in order to ‘diversify’ and a Coal Mine Dragon opens on every corner, and American food is no longer to be found? Is that diversity?
      Or is it simple conquest dressed up in high sounding bilge to make it palletable enough for mass consumption?

      Also take note that Not One Empire or Nation that embraced ‘diversity’ has survived the experience.

  • He knows perfectly well it’s all bad. He simply cannot bring himself to say it. He’s probably suffering from post traumatic diversity syndrome. This condition comes about when Whites are exposed to a sudden onslaught of diversity in which they are mandated to accept.

  • I’m going to accentuate the positive– okay, how about Antarctica? As far as I know, there are only a handful of pengunis and hippy-naturalists there right? We can populate ice caverns. At least there is oxygen there? Water? Sunlight of a sort? It would be good training for when we terraform other planets. (let’s just forget to bring slaves this time) Agreed everybody? No slaves. Just robots. I’m glad we’ve had this time together.

    • I W

      Nope, sorry, I will make my Stand Right Here and Will Not Retreat One More Step.
      Devil take antarctica -they’re in Norway for Gods’ sake, antarctica is simply running away. Our grandparents and parents ran away from the problem, moving from the towns that they built when life there was made intolerable by ‘diversity’ and its concumbant crime, thuggery, welfare, and declining property values. They ran away from hard but necessary decisions, and the problems became worse -as they always will.
      Enough is enough; no more running away. It is time to decide to look our problems square in the eye and -call me what you will- proclaim that a spade is a spade, that the Emperor wears no clothes, and that the time of pansy-footing and coddling is over.
      We could have already had a colony on Mars if we had not been footing the bill for an entire world of worthless, ingrateful, genetic filth that does not even have the courtesy to say ‘thank you’ but instead scorns us and actively seeks our genocide, while telling our children how ‘unfair’ it is that they came from stable homes and have a gene pool replete with brilliant artists, musicians, scholars and scientists who literally wrought this world from savagery and superstition.

  • alastairabbacle

    They cannot drive worth sh*, ask any White resident of Many-Apo-olis. 

    • Anonymous

      No, that’s not true!  Why, I was assured by the white liberals in Minnesota who pushed the Unfair Campaign that we are all the same and any problems blacks have there is due to ‘white privilege’

      • alastairabbacle

        No, its because they drive like they are spear hunting. And the women put their cellphones under their headscarves/burqas/chadors (!!) and yak on them nonstop while driving.

        There is certainly White privilege in driving ability, I’ll give you that.

  • alastairabbacle

    Does anyone see any conflicts of interest here?  In bringing in more immigrants?http://www.adcminnesota.org/about/fundersCarl and Eloise Pohlad Family FoundationCatholic Campaign for Human DevelopmentComcast FoundationF.R. Bigelow FoundationFannie MaeFirst Universalist FoundationFreddie MacGreater Twin Cities United WayGrotto FoundationHECAT (Homeownership Education, Counseling and Training)HRI, Inc.Kandiyohi Development PartnersMarquette Financial Companies

  • xsfsoldier

    Why not find some people of like mind and stand and deliver!!  They want you to run!!  That’s why they think you’er are afraid of them.  Don’ be!!  It’s been my experience that being WILLING to do battle in what ever form is a good start .  Who dares wins – British SAS.

  • JackKrak

    Okay, people of Minnesota, please stare at what I’m going to write and let it sink in.

    These Somalis that you seem to actively recruit will never – N.E.V.E.R. – be like you. They will never pack their kids in the car to take them to youth hockey practice. They will never go ice fishing and pass the time with beer and sausage. They will never participate in any of the civic functions and cultural markers that make you Minnesotan.

    This is because they are – and I want you to pay attention to this part – SOMALIAN. They are from arguably the worst hellhole on earth, made that way because of a perfect storm of race and culture that is awful even by African standards. If you have read anything on the subject written in the last thousand years, you may have noticed that nothing good has come from their corner of the world – ever. This is because – again, try to focus here – Somalians are incapable of developing or sustaining any bit of civilization beyond that which is required to stack sacks of donated rice or the basics of goat husbandry.

    Minnesotans, I know that your hyper-liberal, naive, bleeding heart Nordic nature makes it tough for you to understand that importing half of Somalia will have profound and lasting negative consequences for your once lovely and peaceful state (I’ll give you a second to get your head around that). But I ask you to please look at the facts and the reality of the situation and compare it to your expectations of what you thought would happen when you opened the gates to thousands and thousands of people who come from a place that cannot produce birth certficates and can’t even control their own airspace (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civil_Aviation_Caretaker_Authority_for_Somalia).

    How much longer before we start to read about conficts between “warlords” in different sections of Minneapolis?

  • One look is enough: the authoress of the article is a Pakistani or Indian Muslim woman.

    • She sure is and one cannot help but notice her giddiness regarding this ‘transformation’ taking place in Minnesota. In fact, her job is to write about this transformation exclusively at the Star Tribune.

      • alastairabbacle

        “Die, Whitey, die!”

  • Anonymous

    These are the same liberals who spout moral relativism, yet never miss a beat to criticize whites, conservatives, mormons, christians, southerners, gunowners, etc.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Drawn to Willmar because of jobs at the Jennie-O meatpacking plants…

    I cannot think of a more depraved, wretched “immigrant/refugee” population that Somalis.  

    As for businesses that hire this human refuse:

    *As many as 100 Somali Muslims who are current and former workers at Gold’n Plump Inc. will receive a total of $365,000 in a settlement of federal lawsuits alleging religious discrimination at the company’s chicken processing plants in Cold Spring, Minn., and Arcadia, Wis.

    *The Council on American-Islamic Relations is preparing to file discrimination charges against Dianne’s Fine Desserts for allegedly mistreating Somali workers.

    About 45 Somali workers walked off their work site because they refused to follow a new dress code mandating that workers roll up their skirts so they are “15 inches from the ground,” which some are calling a “burqa ban.” CAIR’s president says that new policy was merely a pretext for something more sinister.

    NO sympathy from me!!  These businesses deserve nothing less than to be sued out existence.

    Meanwhile, in NORWAY:

    In deepest secrecy, the government has prepared a return accord with Somalia.

    It means that asylum seekers from Mogadishu and other southern somali regions can be sent back by force.

    And CANADA:

    Gang member deported from Canada—to Somalia

    Canada has more Somali criminals in the pipeline and ready to return to Africa.Not one of these vile creatures belongs in a White homeland.  NOT ONE.


    • I truly hope that Jennie-O, Gold ‘N Plump, etc., choke on their beloved third-word diversity! It serves them right for what they have done! So much for “cheap” labor!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    immigrants are transforming business districts. 

    Transforming?  NO, degrading.

    This is what the government calls a “shot in the arm” and an “economic development program.”


    Employed Somalis:  47.7% vs. 67.1% White

    Median income of Somali:  $14,716 vs. $32,463 White


    With IQs of ≈ 70:

    They are taught how to flush,” Marie (not her real name) said. She began to describe how the émigrés are taught how to use and flush a toilet, how to turn on kitchen faucets to get hot and cold water and how to use a stove in a house built in Somalia expressly to teach immigrants to the United States how to behave in their new surroundings. the Somalis bring home their groceries in the metal carts and just discard them along the streets and sidewalks,

    Even thought black unemployment rate is high:

    The Black unemployment rate jumped from 13.6 percent to 14.4 percent from May to June.  Black teenage unemployment is now at almost 40 percent…In Illinois, for instance, Black teenage unemployment is 47.7 percent.

    The CBC, Black Congressional Congress, continues to push for more refugees from Africa:

    According to Heidi Boas in her important 2007 paper entitled,“The New Face of America’s Refugees: African Refugee Resettlement to the United States,” she places much of the responsibility of the large African refugee component on the Congressional Black Caucus.

    And, with 0bamacare kicking in, life as an African refugee in America is about to get a whole lot better:

    Refugees, as lawfully present immigrants, are eligible for the same protections and benefits under the Affordable Care Act as U.S. citizens. Refugees will remain exempt from the five‐year waiting period to receive Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and will receive many new benefits thanks to health reform. The benefits and protections in the Affordable Care Act are particularly In fact, important for refugees, who often arrive to the United States after years without access to proper medical care.


    Minnesota, and the U.S., is importing future , jihadists, war lords, gangbangers, drug dealers, criminals, massive numbers of welfare parasites in need of medical care and morphing itself into Crapistan.

    But the important thing is that they’ll all be voting Democrat.


    • I could have swore that replacing the native population of a country by its own leaders is treason. I guess I have to look up the definition of treason.

  • jeffaral

    What whites are doing to stop this mass invasion??  Nothing!   Why?  Because they are c….

  • Joe

     I love this website. You can honestly see how average people feel. Non of this PC garbage. Also I don’t think racism is all that bad. It would keep some races from acting like savages. People would start  behaving themselves. If the liberal media would come down hard on gang bangers things would start to change for the  good.

  • This sickens me.  Not the behavior of the blacks or the immigrants, because they can’t be blamed for what they’re doing because it’s their nature.  But the whites in this story.

    They come here because we allow it, and they commit crimes against us because we refuse to stop them.

    If white nationalists/separatists (no skinheads, thanks) with a spine ever get their own town started I’ll be there in a heartbeat.

  • aandrews

    Oh, gee. One can’t leave a comment at the article’s website. I wonder why?? (blink-blink)