When Genevieve Cook first met Barack Obama in the kitchen of a mutual friend’s New York flat, he was wearing jeans, a T-shirt and a dark leather jacket.

It was 1983, and she was impressed when this cool, self-assured young man could tell immediately she was Australian.

In those days most Americans, even supposedly cosmopolitan New Yorkers, couldn’t tell a Cockney from a Kiwi.

But Obama had met many Aussies while living in Indonesia as a young boy with his mother and stepfather, and it turned out he and Cook — the daughter of a prominent diplomat — had lived in the country at the same time.

As the night wore on, they sat close together on an orange beanbag in the hall while Cook swigged Baileys Irish Cream straight from the bottle.

They were amazed at how much they had in common: both were children of divorced parents, both had lived all over the world and had never felt truly at home anywhere.

They exchanged phone numbers and the self-assured Obama didn’t waste time. Within days, he was cooking her dinner at his apartment.

‘Then we went and talked in his bedroom,’ Cook recalled. ‘And then I spent the night with him.

‘It all felt very inevitable.’

The U.S. president and his First Lady sometimes seem so well-suited to each other that it’s hard to imagine there ever having been any woman in his life other than the formidable Michelle, whom he met while working for a Chicago law firm in 1989.

Obama has reinforced this notion by making only fleeting mention of ex-girlfriends in his carefully calibrated memoirs, Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.

He gives the impression of a man in such a hurry to save the world that he had no time for such distractions as romance.

But now, in a blistering new biography, Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist David Maraniss has pulled his exes out of the shadows.

In so doing, he has revealed an unflattering picture of a president so desperate to sell an image of himself as a pioneering race warrior that he has air-brushed many of the ‘white’ elements from his life — including that string of well-heeled, well-educated white girlfriends.

Obama’s version of events, in his autobiography, is a moving story of a mixed-race child struggling to find his black identity after being deserted as a young child by his Kenyan father.

It tells how his grandfather was imprisoned by the British for helping the Mau Mau rebels in Kenya — an assertion that Obama’s step-grandmother later embellished with claims he was also tortured — for which Maraniss found no evidence.

Delighted Republican opponents are picking over the inconsistencies (38 at the last count) between Obama’s own memoirs — published in 1995 as he prepared to launch his political career — and the facts uncovered by Maraniss.

Time and again, Obama, who has had to fight hard to convince other African Americans of his ‘black credibility’, appears to have burnished his radical credentials, not least by playing up the roles of black people in his life and playing down the roles of the white.

And nowhere is this more apparent than in his romantic life.

For Genevieve Cook — to whom admittedly the President alludes in his memoirs — wasn’t the first white girlfriend in his life, nor the last.

As a young student in the early Eighties at Occidental College, a small arts university in Los Angeles, Obama developed a serious crush on another student Alexandra McNear, who was co-editor of a college literary magazine which published two of Obama’s poems.

Alexandra McNear

McNear, described by Maraniss as ‘lithe and mysterious, with the face of a young Meryl Streep and a literary bohemian air’, had just the sort of rarefied upbringing that might impress an amibitious young man.

Both her parents were established writers and her father, Erskine McNear, was the scion of a property empire. In the summer of 1981, Obama and McNear moved to New York, she to do a theatre course, he to finish his degree at Columbia University, so he could explore his black identity in a more African American city.

Far away from family and friends, Obama’s first summer in the Big Apple in 1981 might have been lonely but, suggests Maraniss, for the presence of McNear.

She recalls admiring his intellect, his sense of humour and his good looks.

After a first date at a dimly lit Italian restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, they embarked on a two-month affair.

She remembers it as a ‘summer of walking miles in the city, lingering over meals at restaurants, hanging out at the apartments, visiting art museums and talking about life’.

McNear, described by Maraniss as ‘lithe and mysterious, with the face of a young Meryl Streep and a literary bohemian air’, had just the sort of rarefied upbringing that might impress an amibitious young man.

Both her parents were established writers and her father, Erskine McNear, was the scion of a property empire. In the summer of 1981, Obama and McNear moved to New York, she to do a theatre course, he to finish his degree at Columbia University, so he could explore his black identity in a more African American city.

Far away from family and friends, Obama’s first summer in the Big Apple in 1981 might have been lonely but, suggests Maraniss, for the presence of McNear.

She recalls admiring his intellect, his sense of humour and his good looks.

After a first date at a dimly lit Italian restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, they embarked on a two-month affair.

She remembers it as a ‘summer of walking miles in the city, lingering over meals at restaurants, hanging out at the apartments, visiting art museums and talking about life’.

She was three years older than him, and an assistant teacher at a private school in Brooklyn.

As Maraniss observes, ‘there had been girlfriends before her but none quite like Genevieve,’ who ‘engaged him in the deepest romantic relationship of his young life’.

Cook is mentioned in Obama’s memoirs as a mystery woman.

While never naming her, he wrote: ‘There was a woman in New York that I loved. She was white. She had dark hair with specks of green in her eyes.

‘Her voice sounded like a wind chime. We saw each other for almost a year.’

She shared many of Obama’s obsessions. The daughter of a former Australian ambassador to the U.S., and a moneyed art historian who later remarried into a prominent American family, Genevieve, too, religiously kept a diary.

And, like Obama, she had a burning passion to save the world.

Within two months of meeting, they were seeing each other every Thursday night and at weekends.

On Sundays, he would lounge around in his cheap, cockroach-infested flat in the less salubrious end of the Upper West Side, bare-chested in a blue and white sarong as he drank coffee and did the New York Times crossword.

His bedroom, she recalls, smelt of ‘running sweat, Brut spray deodorant and smoking’.

He loved to cook and they would read together and discuss writers into the night.

Like McNear, Cook was attracted by the ‘mental exhilaration’ of his intellect, marvelling at how mature he was at 22, but dismayed by his remoteness and wariness about commitment.

Needless to say, he was as self-obsessed as ever.

When she told him that she loved him, his response was not ‘I love you, too,’ but ‘thank you’.

Cook described him as ‘an uncommon, earnest young man’ and confided to her diary: ‘He is very beautiful — more than he thinks himself to be.’

But there was another side to him she found unsettling.

‘The sexual warmth is definitely there — but the rest of it has sharp edges and I’m finding it all unsettling,’ she wrote.

‘His warmth can be deceptive. Though he speaks sweet words and can be open and trusting, there is also that coolness.’

They often talked about race and Obama would confide that he felt like an ‘imposter’ as there was ‘hardly a black bone in his body’.

She eventually told him he ‘needed to go black’ (to date a black woman), whereas he countered that he would never find a black woman ‘he would feel truly comfortable with’.

They moved into a flat together but their intellectual discussions eventually turned into fights over issues like the washing-up.

In the end, Cook tired of his emotional ‘withheld-ness, his lack of spontaneity’, and broke up with him in 1985.

Cook insists she couldn’t have been more sympathetic about his confusion over his racial identity but that’s not how Obama portrayed it in his memoirs.

He recounts taking his New York girlfriend to see a black play after which she ‘started talking about why black people are so angry all the time’.

They had a ‘big fight’ in front of the theatre and she burst into tears and said she couldn’t be black.

All very dramatic but Cook insisted to Maraniss that it never happened.

The only play she saw with Obama was entirely different — British actress Billie Whitelaw performing a monologue written by Samuel Beckett, And there had been no row over race, she said.

Obama had to admit to Maraniss the incident happened not with Cook in New York but with someone else, though he wouldn’t elaborate.

Did it really happen? He mixed dates and places to protect former girlfriends’ identities, he said.

Soon after that period, he made strides in his career, moving to Chicago to work as a community organiser.

In a moment of acute foresight, Cook had told her diary that while she was not the woman for Obama, ‘that lithe, bubbly, strong black lady is waiting somewhere’.

She may or may not be ‘bubbly’, but ‘strong’ certainly sums up Michelle Obama.

However, before Obama met Michelle, he went on to have a relationship with another white woman in Chicago.

The woman, who like Cook was an anthropology graduate, was barely mentioned in Obama’s memoirs, but by then he was trying to establish his African-American credentials by toiling in an impoverished and predominantly black area of Chicago.

Maraniss does not identify this new woman either, but says the relationship was ‘serious’ and ‘ended much like the one with Genevieve, when Obama was ready to make his next career move’.

Within four years, he had met Michelle in Chicago and the rest we know. Obama finally had the partnership he wanted history to record — with a strong black woman, a descendant of slaves who had pushed her way up from humble roots.

But she, at least, is not a ‘dream’, unlike some of the other fantasies in his own autobiography.

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  •  Obama tried to stuff his white girlfriends down the memory hole because he thought this would bork his street cred?

    From what I’ve seen, that only would have helped his street cred.

  • “They moved into a flat together but their intellectual discussions eventually turned into fights over issues like the washing-up.”  Hmmmn.  I wonder who was on what side of this fight.

  • WmarkW

    Why wasn’t this covered in 2008?  The Associated Press  assigned 43 reviewer to fact-check Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue” the moment it came out.  How many did they assign to Dreams From my Father?

    • WhitesRdumb

       “Why wasn’t this covered in 2008?”

      They couldn’t find a birth certificate to start the investigation.

  • It looks like two career-paths diverged at some point for Mr. Obama: the black one and the white one.  After dithering a bit, he had to make some hay. The interesting thing is that he apparently decided that the black career path was more lucrative.  It would’ve been harder for him to launch his career as “just another white grad student”.  He needed to play up the black side to succeed.  Far from the message parlayed by affirmative action advocates of “no opportunity”.

  • These women leave the impression of liberal idiots. They had been attracted to a Black who-whoa !- was intelligent & articulate.
    Good grief ! How many White young males are intelligent & articulate. But, these deluded coal-burners fell for an exotic specimen of a Black – never mind his mixture, visually he’s Black- who can talk & behave like them.
    Makes you ponder on the shallowness of liberal young female mind …

    • zimriel

       White males who are intelligent and articulate (even realists) get pegged as “beta” or worse, leaving them roadkill in the eyes of white women such as these. That goes some way to explaining why such men take the “yellow brick road” instead . . .

    • El_Magyar

      Exactly. The shallowness of the young, liberal female mind is that of an immeasurable depth.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Sorry, one cannot be both shallow and deep at once.

        I like, “A mile wide and an inch deep.”

  • QUOTE:  “They were amazed at how much they had in common: both were children of divorced parents, both had lived all over the world and had never felt truly at home anywhere.”

    And I’m profoundly amazed that they didn’t notice the racial diferences that were big as a barn.  Of course, the fact she slept with him the first night gives a glaring clue as to what type of female this is. 

    One thing we need to emphasize with our youngsters is CHASTITY . . . the need to stay unsoiled (especially the females) until after marriage.  Our families need to get back into the habit of guiding their children and rebuilding what is most important to a people:  FAMILY HONOR.

    Yeah, it may seem old-fashioned but the ancient Europeans knew exactly what they were doing.  A young, white virgin is a PRIZE.  A white female discarded by the likes of Obama is a dishonorable embarassment to herself and her family.

    Disgusted Chimpmaster

    • WmarkW

       I disagree.  Sexual liberty works fine among educated, sophisticated populations like Europeans.  It’s when society assumes that NAMs can practice the same liberties as whites that it becomes a disaster.

      Today’s educated women (and women need an education to be economically viable) won’t marry until 25.  That’s a good thing, because developmental psychology shows that emotional adolesence ends about that age, and people who wait that long to marry are much less likely to divorce.  That leaves over a decade between puberty and marriage, and you can’t expect virginity through that period.

      The problem comes from the assumption that blacks with no prospects in life will be just as conscientious about birth control and disease prevention that a white with a future will.  THOSE are the people who spread AIDS (among heteros) and birth state-dependents.

      • robinbishop34

        “… and you can’t expect virginity through that period.”

        Probably not, but white girls are bombarded (targeted) with images and messages that hook-ups and disposable romances are the pathway to being empowered, when really they are being exploited and having their market  value immediately slashed among good looking, educated, white men.

      • Too bad that a woman doesnt  reach maturity until she has HAD A BABY!! TheseSex & The City broads are hideous skanks who are good for nothing except providing exrcise for horny men,including in-the-closet fey dweebs like Obama.

    • zimriel

      For shame. It was more likely the second night. I demand a retraction!

    • I agree.
      White women got the vote and used it to vote in office those who either directly or via the courts, stripped white fathers of authority over their daughters (along w/usurpation and/or invalidation of many other functions of husbands over wives, parents over children, churches in society, and states in our union).

      Then, in the 1950s-’70s the MSM/teachers/college profs (the “main stream” non-parental indoctrinators) then ridiculed white fathers who attempted to control their daughters and white daughters who turned to either of their parents rather than their own foolish white female peers (and the MSM propaganda), when deciding whom to date and whom to marry.

      MOST white women are fools until they’ve gotten married and raised children. But by then it is too late to make a wise marriage decision — they’re already married.

      And many AmReners gripe white guys w/Asian gals. At least the product of that union is not dysgenic….

      • “White women got the vote and used it to vote in office those who either directly or via the courts, stripped white fathers of authority over their daughters (along w/usurpation and/or invalidation of many other functions of husbands over wives, parents over children, churches in society, and states in our union).”

        Say this every time you can, everywhere you can.  My dear departed mother told me that most of our problems in this country were related to women.  She meant white women, she knew intuitively how terribly out of control they were and what that meant to our country’s future.  There are a string of never-ending gems that I recall coming from her about this issue.

        And for those men who do not understand or the women that feel put upon, it’s not that we hate women or want to abuse them, it’s as CA said, we no longer can provide direction and guidance.  And we miss the strong American woman that was the woman who were there with their man on the frontier, fighting off the savages and making a home for the family. 

        The fascination with the negro is the white woman playing the old ways of men in control but this time around it’s a perverted sense of what was.

        • ncpride

          Feminism has all but destroyed traditional White families, and that’s a fact.

          I can’t count the times I’ve heard women claiming they can do it ALL, and don’t need a man, and in the very same breath, whine that her ex or baby’s father doesn’t pay enough child support or spend enough time with their kids. These women want their cake and eat it too, but it doesn’t work that way.

          I was raised with the belief that a woman’s place was in the home with the children, and not only do I believe that’s true, I think it’s vital to keeping the family together. And before I get totally flamed, I am female myself. I actually feel sorry for the White male in these times, probably confused about WHAT role he should take on, and the mixed signals he must be getting from women these days.

          • WhitesRdumb

            Here is why white females choose black men.

            1) It is easier for a black man to get a government job than it is for a white man.
            2) The black man cannot be fired from his job (if he gets one).
            3) The black man will never be asked to work overtime, because he is incompetent, so he will be home more (OK, maybe not).
            4) It is easier for black man to win the ghetto lottery than a white man.
            5) The white woman can use his race card.
            6) A white man has to work 2 jobs to make the same amount of money as one black government employee.
            6) A black man can attack anybody that looks at his woman without legal repercussion.
            7) If a white man defends his woman he will be thrown in jail and raped by black men leaving his woman to fend for herself.
            8) It is easier for a black man to get welfare and free handouts.

          • Up to my neck in CA

            White males have been emasculated by the media (the news, TV and movies) and schools. They see the bros as strong virile lions who save the world and White men as sheep, too meek to even save themselves.

        • “fighting off the savages” ? Oh, so you mean “fighting off” the savages, while stealing their land and racially dispossessing them. Oh those “God fearing white Christians” who were so “honorable” to slay the “savages” and enslave innocent Africans, making generations of all their lives miserable, dehumanizing non whites and poor immigrants, dehumanizing Jews and Asians – the “savages”, eh? Must have been a good Christian act of the superior white man! Fast forward a few hundred years…AND, the exact same is happening in the United States & Canada and this time its even worse – as an extra bonus, the “strong American(white) woman” is now readily fornicating & enjoying with “negro” & other “savage” men. As an Asian Indian man, I can see us now steadily dominating the fields of science, medicine, technology, academic and business-trade. We are here to stay & DOMINATE! Love us or Hate us, it won’t change the future of your life vis-a-vis mine! And this time WE have the upper hand! 

          What goes around, comes around! There is justice in this cosmos. There is a God! 

          • Orion_Blue

            What goes around, comes around! There is justice in this cosmos.

            Too bad the mask slips, sometimes. Or maybe not.

            All the talk about equality is shown up for what it is: A bid for subjugation and revenge. The reason WE find ourselves in this position is because of treachery and treason. How do you know this will not happen to you?

          • In repl to the nutjob NC pride! We’re NOT here as cheap labor, perhaps you are getting confused with Mexicans and Chinese. Indians are the wealthiest ethno-racial group who are paid quite well as medical doctors, engineers, academics, scientists venture capitalists and business executives….the poorer Indians in the USA own hotels, motels, food stores, supermarkets etc. We are buying up your nation mile by mile and dominating your inferior kind!  The denial and sheer ignorance in is amusing. The future of our dominance is inevitable. Learn more:



            Secondly, the disease affecting your youth will never affect us because we know how to prevent the rot and unlike your insolent dimwitted white youth, we have successfully prevented our youth from getting infected! And since you are from NC, let me remind you that the governor of your neighboring state SC is an Indian too! The problem with people like you is your appalling ignorance. And btw, in more than one TV program, I see white men chasing Indian women. I believe one of those TV shows was “The Big Bang”. Get your facts right!

          • Up to my neck in CA

            Revenge, yup that is all you want. Ask yourself this Rajesh, Why are White people the only ones concerned with race equality, the environment and saving animals from extiction?

          • Because they are infantile! We (most of my kind) on the other hand are grown up enough to study hard, take over the best jobs, professions, business and trade…steadily, meritoriously and legally. Meanwhile, most of your white kids are busy listening to Adele, Eminem, Nikki Minaj, Ghetto rappers, boring new generation “emo” rock music, wasting time on facebook & twitter, partying, woring 2-3 odd jobs, playing video/ computer games, smoking, wasting time & resources, boozing, dating, copulating without actually procreating ( making their evolutionary status even worse) and deluding themselves with being the best without actually earning it – misplaced delusion of superiority! The biggest traitors of the white race are NOT Blacks or Jews or Asians, its whites themselves! The biggest enemies who will decimate your future prospects are the present generation of dim witted overweight whites themselves, the same nitwits who adulate the likes of Justin Bieber & Robert Pattinson! Meanwhile, we are having the last laugh at seeing you retarded clowns slowly destroy yourselves making us your future masters!

            So, yep – What Goes Around, Comes Around! 

          • Up to my neck in CA

            Choke on this story Rajesh!
            A former Indian army officer wanted in the 1996 killing of a human rights lawyer shot and killed his own wife and two of their children in their California home before apparently committing suicide, authorities said.

          •  Israel Finkelstein, Weiss something, Medina something… your inferiority complexes are plain boring.

          • Who? And btw from your avatar there could’nt be any human on earth as ostentatious and boring as you! Thank God, we are steadily dominating and ruling over you, inch by inch….day by day! Inf eriority complex and we? ROFL, please, don’t flatter yourself, from what I see, its you and your pathetic ilk which overtly display signs of envy, paranoia and colossal inferiority which you disguise as arrogance. If I truly had an inferiority complex, trust me, you would know!

            p.s just out of curiosity, who is Media, Israel and Weiss?

          • ncpride

            Since there is no reply tab to this delusional nut’s rant, (Rajesh) I’ll do it here. Masters? Ruling over us? What century are you living in, freak? You are mistaking our government allowing you here for your cheap labor for ‘domination’ in intelligence of the fields you mentioned.

            You also seem to think that YOUR youth will be immune to the rot you accuse our youth of engaging in. Riiiiight! We’ll see about that, won’t we? Btw, the propoganda has already begun in case you haven’t noticed. I can think of at least one popular T.V. show where one of YOUR women is sleeping with and chasing the White male.

            Anyway, it’s good to let other lurkers and fence sitters see just exactly what you think of them. And with that, I think I hear the tinkle of a bell, so you should probably run along back to the 7-11…. you have a customer.

          • In repl to the nutjob NC pride! Although I’m in the medical profession and I guess the last sentence was meant to sound in a demaning fashion towards some Indian who OWN food and drug stores ( the 7/11 stuff)..well see the bright side:

            1. We OWN most of the food stores, hotels and motels in the USA. So tinkle tinkle…. we got a customer – more $$ for the Indian to laugh his/her way to the bank.

            2. The senetence you made only proved my point…we own and are buying up most of your businesses from a small to a big level.

            Oh and since you are the typical frustrated unemployed white bum….I think you need to go down and catch the public bus to your welfare office for your food stamps! The fence sitters make no difference. We are here – to stay and rule over your declining ilk! Keep dreaming of running things, every event daily proves otherwise. Fool – both the GOP and obviously the Democrats pander to us and are in our pockets Indian Caucus in DC favoring our geo-political policies in S. Asia and favoring our business and professional goals here in the USA. Meanwhile you paranoid envious arrogant oafish blowhards get dispossessed by us – Asian Chinese and Asian Indians etc.

          • ncpride

            Yeah, I can see how you’re SO superior Rajesh, having to come to the White mans land to gain any kind of success.

            Medical profession, huh? Perhaps I should do a little digging and find out where you work. I’m sure the few ramaining White folk left out in California would love to see your posts here and be interested to know exactly what you think of them. Maybe even your boss?

            Your FB page says you’re a software engineer. Funnily enough, so is my ‘inferior’ White husband.

            And just because our government is in your pocket and selling us out every day does NOT make you superior.  I see you still insist on thinking you are going to ‘rule’ over us and be our ‘masters,   talk about a nut job….

          • Up to my neck in CA

            That’s the smug arrogant attitude we have come to expect from you “high achieving” Asians. Keep it up, all you are doing is waking up more White Americans to your agenda.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      “A white female discarded by the likes of Obama is a dishonorable embarassment to herself and her family.”

      Truer words have never been spoken.  I would never date a coal-burner, especially specially easy to spot with a mulie in tow.

      As to marrying a virgin, it is a well-known fact that the less experienced a girl is, the higher value she has as a prospective wife. LIke it or lump it, ladies, that is the truth. Personally, I train both my kids (boy and girl) to save it for their wedding night. WIll I be successful? Dunno. I can only try. Hopefully there are other fathers like me out there.

  • While I understand the attraction of black men to white women, I will never understand the attraction of white women to black men.

    AR once did a piece on WEB De Bois. He had traveled to Germany; here’s an excerpt from the Wikiepedia entry:

    While in Germany, Du Bois remarked that he was treated with warmth and respect,  but on his return to the United States, he voiced his ambivalence about the Nazi regime.


    While Mr. Du Bois was in Germany, he apparently had relations with a few white women and noted how free he was to pursue a hobby in Germany that was denied to him in the US.

    If I remember correctly, he said he had considered marrying a white women but them made the deliberate choice not to because he thought it would deminish his credibilty as a black leader in America.

    • robinbishop34

      WEB De Bois…lol. One of the first artillery pieces lobbed at Western society from the critical theory movement.

    • Ugh… are you aware that he was close to 70 when he visited Nazi Germany ? Although the topic is worthy of discussion, Du Bois is hardly an example of possible Black “attractiveness”. 

  • Gee, is one of his “girl friends”, Larry Sinclair?  What happened to that part of the story?

  • “…… Cook swigged Baileys Irish Cream straight from the bottle.”
    ‘Then we went and talked in his bedroom,’ Cook recalled. ‘And then I spent the night with him.

    ‘It all felt very inevitable.’

    I think the bottle had more to do with the course of this “relationship” than barry’s compelling personality.

  • “They moved into a flat together but their intellectual discussions
    eventually turned into fights over issues like the washing-up.”


    “In the end, Cook tired of his emotional ‘withheld-ness, his lack of spontaneity’, and broke up with him in 1985.”

    sounds reminiscent of barry’s first term as president

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    White girlfriends?

    Looks like another photoshopped picture (or document) from 0bama’s past. I have yet to see anything about oBama’s “past” that didn’t look photoshopped!!

    And, as usual, we have to look to the British papers to find out anything about 0bama’s life.

    White girlfriends?  Wonder what Larry Sinclair has to say about that!! (and yes, I admit you beat me to it Ran!!).

    She may or may not be ‘bubbly’, but ‘strong’ certainly sums up Michelle Obama.

    Strong?  How about bossy, domineering, arrogant, spiteful, imperious and dumb. 

    • robinbishop34

      Didn’t you get the memo? She’s this generation’s Jackie Kennedy.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        The memo only went to those whose idea of beauty, refinement, elegance and taste is THIS:

  • El_Magyar

    Obama is as about as Black as a Rhode Island Red. Can you blame him? Who the heck would want to run around with a screeching, blabbering, afroed Ubange when upper-middle class white women want to woo you.

    The inner-city Black is right in being suspicious of Obama, he is not one of them. I just wish he would come to terms with reality and stop all of this underclass pandering. Put power and resources in the hands of proper people instead of throwing them down a rat-hole.

  • Athling

    Ignorant white women used for the sexual gratification of Africans then discarded like an old dish rag. What else is new? No reason to hide this, Barak. It is a very common occurrence in today’s morally twisted society.

    Does anyone really see anything unusual here?

  • I agree.

    There’s a quote attributed to Freud (which I can’t verify) that goes, ‘if a man knew what a woman thought about sex, he would be 10 times bolder’. I do believe women are more sexual than we like to believe though I do see the sexual freedom of women creating a culture of ‘sluts’. Think Paris Hilton and the Kardasians as role models and sexually provocative clothing for young girls.

    As for women being attracted to sexually aggressive men.

    There was an experiment done concerning women. They had them fill out a questionare. In the questionnaire there was the question asking where they were in their menstrual cycle.

    They then had women look at computer generated photos of men. They had the ability to change the photo to make the man look more masculine or more feminine by using a sliding scale.

    What they found is that women who were menstruating would slide the adjustment to make the man more feminine. When women were ovulating, they would slide the adjustment to make the man look more masculine.

    Another experiment was done where they took underarm swabs from men and put them under desks with computers and others without. They surveyed the women who used the computers with the swabs and those without the swabs and they found that women who used the computers with the male underarm swabs reported a greater sense of calm and security.

    Hormones are clearly affecting a womans choice in men. Considering that black men have higher levels of testosterone which likely appears in their sweat, women who have higher sexual drives are attracted to men who give off masculine pheromones.

    Yet another reason to keep white women away from black men. 

    • mikejones91

      Only thing wrong with this theory is that black men smell incredibly bad even with the smallest amount of perspiration. 

  • Up to my neck in CA

    “They were your typical White people.” Code words for boring, law abiding and non-vibrant. He dismissed them the very second he hit the spot light.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    It was CHOOM!!

  • The utter stupidity,submissiveness and worthlesness of the dumb-ass known as the white woman never ceases to amaze and sicken me! UGH! Throwing themselves at that THING> That fey,silly in-the-closet-druggie-thing. UGH!

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Is it my imagination or what? but is there a pattern when half black and half white people choose to go black?…like that actress Halie Barry (actually I think the spelling of the first name is the same as the spelling of that old king of Ethiopia they claim was God), who kicked the white people who raised her to the curb in favor of her black daddy who deserted her, sound familiar?

    Do they think they get more bang for the buck by going black?

    Or is it more like a pathology, a kind of mental sickness for the need to identify with victimology…kinda like so many Jews get off on the persecution identity. 

    No offense, I mean I just think it is interesting…like if you are a black dude like Obama what would give you the idea that if you were a black you might have an edge in the race of the president of the United States!…where on earth did that come from?…maybe Bill Ayers? Like his killer and whiteskin hater Weather Underground revolutionary Marxist wife Bernadine Dorn became good friends with Michelle when they worked for the same law firm in Chicago…is that where Obama got the idea he could be the first black (but he is not black he is half white) president? So he can’t say he is the first BLACK president because he isn’t…how funny we all live in a Hollywood fantasy written and directed by old marxist killers and thugs…

    If America has always placed puppet leaders in positions of power around the world…why do we not expect our own presidents to be the puppets they are?

    …nothing less than we deserve.

    • WhitesRdumb


      In most non white countries, if a person can pass for white, they will do it

      In most white countries, if a person can pass for non-white, they will do it.

    • This is more complicated & I’ll write something about similar themes somewhere below. Just:

      * male White- Black biracials will try to get a White wife
      * female biracials… depends. It’s a never-ending topic on Black forums, and “celebrities” are frequently talked about. These are mixed or mixed-race couples lists- not only US:

      Some investigations show:

      * female W-B biracials’ spouse choice depends on education, upbringing & profession
      * most will try to find White husband, the exception being biracials in showbiz, and especially parts of it that are “colored” with Black cultural hue- hip-hop, rap etc.
      * many mixed females start with White bfs, but are somehow disappointed because for Whites they’re not something special- only light Blacks.  In short, they settle for “true”  Blacks because Whites are not much interested.
      For real Blacks- they are something special. For Whites- nothing special (I’m not talking about love)

      Both “celebrities” & ordinary mixed females would, statistically, like to “go White”- but Whites are not too enthusiastic. So they end up either with “real” Blacks or other biracials or some mixed people like Hindu Indians etc. Percentages are not exact, but most- maybe 60-70% mixed females end up with non- Whites.

      Btw- Obama is a puppet, but that’s another story.

  • bubo

    I’ve never heard of a mixed man marrying a woman who was darker than himself.   To me the Obama marriage has always seemed like a political marriage of convenience.   To make Barry more authentically black.  

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Regardless of travel or lack or it, being articulate or only able to mumble in the crudest Ebonic manner, most black males in America (and everywhere else whites live) have “dated” multiple white women.  In fact, I’d like to see a true chart on how many white women haven’t sleep with a black man in the past 20 years.

    But unlike the kindergarten rhyme, most do go back.

  • First, I thought I’d comment on numerous posts, but it would be too much. So, I’ll write a summary on miscegenation, female sexuality etc., trying not to slip into vulgarity & stereotypes.

    1. Mr. Taylor has reacted to Derbyshire’s text on miscegenation. I’ve given the link from Derb’s text & it states than ca. 1-3% American females are attracted to Blacks (maybe 1.5% college girls & 3.5% of “proles”- I dislike this misuse of Orwell, but, ..). From my experience in other countries- Austria, ex-Yugoslavia, parts of Russia,… the percentage is even lower. There are numerous illustrations & examples, but I’m not writing an essay. Popular myths are just that- myths: most obese White females don’t care about Blacks; some physically very attractive WW are obsessed with them. It seems that numerous parameters have to be considered: financial status, media brainwashing, societal pressures,… If White families would be adamant about the issue & most young people could think outside of media box, a different picture would emerge. A conclusion in 3 points:

    1. there is a small percentage of WW who are attracted to BM. This is smaller than the percentage of homosexuals among male population, and the “explanation” is similar- it’s something about brain & physiology we still don’t know exactly what’s going on- similar to fetishes (why are some people turned on by cross dressing or high heels…)

    2. then comes the culture- sociological studies have shown that most sexual encounters of WW with BM had happened when women were- drunk & in shady circumstances. Virtually all regret this, but, hey.. This applies to many  encounters with WM, too. In sum- a promiscuous hookup “culture” is to blame.

    3. media promotion has done its job in glamorizing Black entertainment culture, so if this aspect of social life were realistically depicted, WW consorting with Blacks would drop by, say, 50%.

    On female sexuality & masculinity

    True, most women want their male partners to be dominant. It’s natural. But- popular “wisdom” tries to pin Black mean as “masculine”. It equates “masculine” with “muscular”. On average, Blacks in the US are more muscular -at least in early phases- than Whites, but sheer number of muscular Whites is greater than muscular Blacks. Moreover, it’s not realistic- to use popular images of “celebrities” (now middle aged), gubernator Schwarzenegger is certainly more muscular than Kevin Costner- but is he more “masculine” ? Or “attractive” ? Many commentators here use simplified cartoons. Social reality is: Blacks are not more masculine than Whites; they are denigrated by Black women as “White Man’s” slaves & pathetic toys; Blacks (men) publicly concede that that WM “rules the world” (I’ve seen this innumerable times).

    Since this post is too long, I’ll finish it in another comment.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Bardon:*In short- most women fantasize about rape 

      *that females want “rough Neanderthals” is partially true, 

      *Many WW (and WM, or other races) do not think much of sex- they channel their energies into other directions.

      *Because many WW want to be “ravished” in the bedroom.

      *Conquered, treated like slaves etc. 

      Okay, this is all a bunch of new age, utopian nonsense with no basis in science.  Reports and research like this, all the way back to Freud, are used to tear apart White Culture, civilization, heritage and traditions down to the familial levels by labeling normal White Americans and American families, the very backbone of Western Civilization,  as sexually repressed, abnormal, perverted and/or deviant —  in order to justify its destruction.

      Reminds me of the Kinsey Report, which Human Events rates as #4 on its  Worst Books Ever Written list.  

      BTW:  Kinsey was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and lauded lavishly by the NYT and leftists everywhere. 

      Jack Cashill, out of Perdue writes:

      Kinsey, acknowledged that part of his purpose was to give a scientific gloss to the normalization of promiscuity and deviancy. He laid the blame for the sexual dysfunction then presumably rampant in America “at the door of the Christian Church.”  He wanted to use science, the greatest weapon he commanded, to attack the conventional morality that had caused him so much pain.
       As Kinsey saw it, Christianity channeled the essential animal nature of man into “cultural perversions” like celibacy and asceticism, perversions that ate away at the American family.According to Kinsey, 70 percent of American males patronized prostitutes, 37 percent had indulged in homosexual sex and at least one out of every six farm boys had had sex with animals.  He described sexual activity involving girls younger than 4 and suggested that sex between adults and children could be beneficial.

      The results of Kinsey’s discredited research were (and in some quarters are still) accepted as DOGMA in academia for decades and the Kinsey Institute is STILL receiving funding to this day.  


      • ? What are you talking about ? Nobody mentioned Kinsey, nor New Age.

        I mentioned a few trivial things that are indisputable, i.e. all psychological researches in the world confirm them (not only in the US).

        1. sexology is not exact science, but it gives outlines of human sexual behavior. The data & research that are relevant  come from last 30-40 yrs.

        2. women of all races want their men to be dominant, and this includes bedroom, too

        3. sex is is just a part, but an important part of male-female common life

        4. masculinity is a complex of the physical, volitional, mental, emotional,… traits and it cannot be reduced to the purely physical component

        That’s all.

        If you cannot accept trivial points on sex fantasies, orgasm, nuances of sex and race analyses- well, that’s not my fault.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          “If you cannot accept trivial points on sex fantasies, orgasm, nuances of sex and race analyses- well, that’s not my fault.”

          You are trying to justify your introduction of “orgasms,” “nuances of sex” and “sex fantasies” as appropriate for a White issues site such as American Renaissance and you suck at it.

          I responded because I was offended.

          And this is why:

          These types of reports, like Kinsey’s, are subjective and have been used to debase, destroy and damage — ON PURPOSE — White American men and women, families, Western culture, Christianity, White traditions and heritage and Western Civilization by portraying us, White men and women as “sexually sick” and in need of sexual “reform” –reform meaning to break down sexual barriers and accept all kinds of aberrant behaviors as normal — and throw them blatantly in our faces all the time.

          Anyone who objects to the sexualization of our culture or things like “orgasms”, sexual fantasies or masturbation thrown in their faces constantly or entering the mainstream culture, is instantly labeled a prude, old-fasioned or sexually repressed — as a means to shut them up. This is SICK.

          women of all races want their men to be dominant, and this includes bedroom, too. Most women fantasize about rape.

          Give me a break.

          Here are two excellent essays about this process.

          Research on Pornography and the Sexualization of Western Culture



          Masters of Porn: The Systematic Promotion of Sexual Deviance


          Is a high, blatant level of sexualization on every level destroying our culture? Read the articles and then tell me they’re not.

          I’m going to have to link some posters here to porn sites because I’m starting to see things like masturbatory fantasies and personal sex confessions more frequently on these threads, which is done to debase American Renaissance.

          This is what subversives, trolls and infiltrators do to drive off readers and posters on White Issues sites.

          They do it because it works.


          • You posted a few conspiracy texts from  not very reliable sites (Mac Donald’s views on porn, Jews etc.). Now, I don’t want to waste time:

            1. many comments on supposed Blacks’ sex attraction were posted earlier on this topic. It’s perfectly pertinent because the subject is miscegenation.

            2. I gave my opinion on some of the points (masculinity, female sexuality,..) as 3 separate comments, not wanting to respond to various posts because it was technically clumsy & not very readable

            3. in what I wrote, I tried to use my knowledge of history & sex research to dispel these myths (Black masculinity, high rate of White females sleeping with Blacks,..). You evidently misunderstood that.

            4. what you seem to be uneasy with is the topic of human sexuality, and the fact that this subject has some “dark aspects” – both for men & women-which ordinary, “sane” people find either morally corrupt or brimming with perversion. So, you ascribe those traits of human behavior (or mental life) to some conspiracy against White race or traditional American society.

            What can I say ?

            I can agree with you that American society is absolutely oversexualized, saturated with morals corroding pornography (especially in media) & inimical not only to traditional, but- I’d say- healthy & productive human sexual norms. Here we agree.

            Where we- at least implicitly- disagree is that I don’t have an idealistic view on human sexuality & know that frequently orgiastic or violent sexual behavior is deeply rooted in human psyche- especially in White European cultures, both historically & in the present. It is NOT the norm, but is an essential part of (White) man’s mind.

            You may dismiss it as a part of some conspiracy; for me, your stance is absurd & not realistic.


  • Now on female sexuality.

    First rule – much of it, although not all, is in the mind (btw, it explains while Whites are most sexually “creative”- Blacks are, contrary to stereotypes, sexually rather conservative & unimaginative). Many WW (and WM, or other races) do not think much of sex- they channel their energies into other directions. Blacks are, as a rule, more sexual beings than other races. It means that they spend much more time on this issue than other races. This does not mean they are adept either in techniques or mental/emotional aspect of it. Just, they are determined by their physiology. Other “sexual” races are also to be found in the tropics-Polynesians etc. That said:
    * Blacks do not have higher testosterone level
    * they are not more “equipped”- measurements have shown
    * women do not care about male insecurities re this matter: http://www.topix.com/forum/news/sex/TS94EAKGA4P0P6Q8A

    So- is there anything in this myth about Blacks’ animalistic sexual attraction to WW ?


    Because many WW want to be- sexual “researchers” have conclude- “ravished” in the bedroom. Conquered, treated like slaves etc. And the same women who have had sex with both Whites & Blacks, under controlled conditions, have reported they had been “ravished” by blacks & not by Whites. Sex researches have been confused, since “objective” parameters have frequently shown that White partners had been more “enduring”, skillful etc. But, those females- who voluntarily participated in these “researches”- said they felt better with Blacks.  Then, experiments went the following way: White men were instructed to treat White females with disrespect, roughly & domineering. After that change- WF reported more sexual satisfaction with with White men.

    As I said- it’s in the mind.

    To be cont. to the last part.

  • St. Louis & orgasms of rape victims.

    This phenomenon is known from at least 1920s. In short- most women fantasize about rape (it’s a common fantasy on male domination). Virtually NO woman wants to be a rape victim. But- SOME women, due to complex psycho-physiological reason, experience orgasm during rape. It is also known that many women orgasm during display of male power without actual intercourse- for instance, numerous instances of German women orgasming during Hitler’s speeches in 1930s.

    However, this is a small minority. Historically, perhaps the greatest rape orgy had happened is Eastern Europe & Germany at the end of the WW2- at least 2 million, and up to 4 million of German, Hungarian, Romanian, .. women had been raped by Soviet Army soldiers. No orgasms but numerous suicides & life-long traumas.

    So- yes, SOME women do orgasm during rape; and SOME men do ejaculate during hanging: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autoerotic_asphyxiation Most women & men- don’t. Simply, psychological “explanation” that females want “rough Neanderthals” is partially true, but far from being a universal truth – it’s a fusion of mental attitude & physiology that gives results similar to asphyxiation with males.

    To conclude this rather unusual comment:

    1. WW’s attraction to BM is way exaggerated- although, some WM are genuinely attracted to BM
    (see homosexuals argument- a minority of sorts)

    2. even so, most race mixing is not “natural”, but a product of media manipulation

    3. it can be successfully combated by different social & media strategies

    • Orion_Blue

      Talk about opening Pandora’s box. A plague of disease and pestilence. Unfortunately, I did not see Hope leave the box.

      Perhaps genetic engineering or neurological manipulation could evolve to curtail all tis. Let’s hope so.

  • Tile

    What a fine SON and GRANDCHILD this man is.
    He never mentions his (white) mother or the White grandparets who fed, educaded and took care of him WHY?

  • Orion_Blue

    In fact, for most americans under 50, they will probably look at those who are questioning such relationships with ridicule.

    No, I do not think that is true. Admittedly, most under 50 may feel pressurised into keeping quiet about their misgivings, but from the conversations I have had with many under 50 by a wide margin, it is only public consumption that is the point to be concerned with.

  • Orion_Blue

    Is that the joke about being able to feed a family?

    I think that, given prior form, said ‘coal-burners’, will be resourceful enough to secure an income in one way or another.