Kyle Rogers a Rising Star in the Radical Right Movement

Glenn Smith, Post and Courier (Charleston), June 24, 2012

Kyle Rogers has been described as a white supremacist and one of the rising leaders of America’s radical right, but most of his neighbors in Summerville probably don’t even know he’s there.

The 35-year-old computer engineer has kept a relatively low profile in local circles since moving from Ohio to the Lowcountry in 2004.

But he’s been busy building a name for himself through racially provocative writings and as a key player in the Council of Conservative Citizens, a national group that opposes “all efforts to mix the races of mankind.”

{snip} Rogers serves on the group’s national board of directors, runs its website, is the editor-in-chief of its newspaper and heads its 200-member South Carolina chapter.

The Southern Poverty Law Center recently named Rogers one of the radical right’s “30 to watch,” saying he is part of a new crop of activist leaders bent on distorting democracy and fomenting racial, ethnic and religious strife.

Rogers said he has received nothing but congratulations from supporters. But he scoffs at the distinction, describing it as “childish name-calling” and an inconsequential scam to boost fundraising.

“It’s all about convincing little old ladies that there really is this army of skinheads and Nazis out there so they will donate money,” he said. “They are talking about stuff that only exists in Hollywood movies.”

Rogers said he is not a racist or a danger; he’s just voicing facts and opinions that are ignored by mainstream media.


Poke a little deeper and Rogers also will share beliefs that black people ruin things for the rest of society and that “slaves who were taken to the United States hit the slave lottery” because they were brought to a country where they could thrive and prosper.

Black people here, he argues, “are the most privileged members of their race” and “benefit greatly from the generosity of American whites, as they always have.”

“I don’t see a legacy of oppression,” Rogers said. “Blacks have always benefited from being in the United States.”


Rogers joined the Council of Conservative Citizens 12 years ago in Ohio after a friend shared the group’s literature with him. He went on to lead the Columbus chapter, and Rogers later wrote that he joined the group “not only to fight for conservative values, but also to preserve my European and Southern heritage.”

Rogers is single and without children. He lives alone, likes to play AC/DC and Guns ‘n’ Roses on his guitar and has taken Irish step-dancing lessons. Beyond that, he doesn’t reveal much about his personal life.


Between 2006 and 2007, Rogers and his group staged demonstrations in Charleston, Columbia and other spots protesting illegal immigration and efforts to grant amnesty to undocumented workers.


Rogers dabbled in local politics for a while and served as a delegate at the Charleston County Republican convention in 2007. County GOP Chairwoman Lin Bennett couldn’t recall much about him, and her counterparts in Dorchester County said Rogers hasn’t frequented their meetings since moving to Summerville.


Rogers, however, has made quite a name for himself on the Internet. He writes for the Council of Conservative Citizens’ newspaper, the Citizens Informer, and for, opining on everything from black extremism to the Kennewick Man, an ancient skeleton found in Washington state.

Rogers and others claim the bones prove that whites arrived in America first, only to be slaughtered by Indians.

Last year Rogers also pushed a headline-grabbing campaign to boycott Marvel Studios’ “Thor” movie because black actor Idris Elba was cast in the role of the Norse God Heimdallr.

Most recently, Rogers has garnered attention for his writings about black-on-white crime and his condemnation of news outlets that do not identify the race of criminal suspects.


Gordon Baum, chief executive officer of the Council of Conservative Citizens, described Rogers as “one of the smartest guys we’ve got,” a natural writer with a keen grasp of history. He predicted that Rogers will go far in the organization. “Kyle is a very bright guy.”

Rogers said he plans to keep writing and espousing alternative viewpoints, with the hope that someday he can make this his full-time occupation.


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  • @kyle_rogers76 on Twitter.  You will be disappointed not.

  • WmarkW

    I’m not a conservative.  I do wish Jared would try to clarify the distinction between what Amren stands for and his involvement with the CCC.  Liberalism was a noble philosophy from the 1930s-60s, that got ruined when every issue gained a subtext about identity politics.  Protecting consumers, workers and the environment are important priorities.  They shouldn’t get confounded with protecting the special interests of blacks, Hispanics, women and gays, as all being alleged victims of exploitation. 

    • JohnEngelman

      Thomas Edsall has made a career of explaining mistakes the Democrats began to make during the 1970s, and how they divided the New Deal coalition that President Roosevelt helped to create during the 1930s. 
      This essay is an interesting introduction to Thomas Edsall’s thinking about Democratic mistakes.

    • What does this mean?  It’s supposed to be about us White People and both Organizations are for White People.

      As for your “liberalism”, no sir, that is what destroyed the Country and her People.  All of a sudden, everyone wanted a career and Family was quickly forgotten.  Women can be included certainly, but first should come guaranteeing White Survival.  Only White Ladies can do that.

      • mikejones91

        White women are the ones who do just that. Not that I have a problem with it but by your phrasing, it seems like you believe black women are the career women? Liberalism can be very good/effective in a racially solid country.

        • What in the hell are you talking about?  You really believe liberalism is a female thing?  It’s a way of thinking and not something that belongs to a certain gender.

          You’ve spinned off onto something I cannot follow.  What does black women have to do with what I wrote?

      • Boereseun

        “Only White Ladies can do that.”

        Yes. White men are entirely unneeded for the process of procreation and are entirely expendable. /sarcasm

        It takes a white man and a white woman to make a WHITE baby, ergo, your point is moot. Guess in your mind you don’t need white men to ensure the survival of the white race. 

        I’ll leave it to you ladies then. Doing such a sterling job as you are currently…

        • I didn’t write my post very well, I know.  Of course women can’t have children by themselves duh!

          I was talking about liberalism in the sense of careers.  Women want to be career people and I say no they can’t be until they first have a family.  That’s what I meant by only women can guarantee White Survival since they’re the ones who can get pregnant…BY White men of course!

          I just want America back.  Women can work all they want and be whatever they want but what’s wrong with wanting them to have children first?  I never thought of it but people are right, the longer they wait, the worse it is.  They either can’t get pregnant or there are problems.

        • Tina Fiedler

          And white guys don’t slobber all over Asian women? That’s YOUR fault…

  • “The Southern Poverty Law Center recently named Rogers one of the radical
    right’s “30 to watch,” saying he is part of a new crop of activist
    leaders bent on distorting democracy and fomenting racial, ethnic and
    religious strife.”

    Wow if that’s not a blatant example of the pot calling the kettle black.

  • mikejones91

    I really do hate the word “white supremacist”. Brings up such a negative image in peoples minds. FOR ANY OUTSIDERS ON HERE–LET ME SAY THAT WE ARE NOT WHITE SUPREMACISTS ( WE as in the vast majority of us here at Amren) We are race realists, keyword, realists. WE are logical/realistic/truth loving men and women. To call us “white supremacist” ,obviously implies that WE think we are better than other races. Obviously, we do NOT think that as we are logical/realistic people.

    •  A good point, Mike. But you surely realize that the leftist media won’t call us ANYTHING that sounds remotely favorable to them. “White supremacist” is their favorite pejorative for us — after “racist,” “bigot,” and “hate-monger,” that is. “Fairness” toward we race realists is not even an option, in their world view.

      • HenryHolliday

        Yes. It’s really up to us individually to define what we are. It’s a war of words and ideas. I often use the term “race realist”  or constitutional traditionalist. Take away the hot button terms, and the opposition is weakened, and the more open minded are more prone to listen

        • Take away the bite/sting/connotation from words that have a Rightful Place in Public Discussion and you’ll really be cooking with gas.

          If Non-Whites can Celebrate their Heritage in White Countries than surely, surely White People can be Proud too yes?  Fairness.  Let us all be Fair.

      • loyalwhitebriton

        You’re right, Wayne.

        Black Pride = Proud of their Race.
        Red Pride = Proud of their Heritage.
        Gay Pride= Proud of their Sexuality.
        White Pride = EVIL NAZI BIGOTTED SCUM!!

        T’was ever thus (or atleast since the civil rights movement)

    • What’s wrong with being a White Supremacist?  I have no problem stating the fact that The White Peoples have created and gave more than all the other races combined which of course, makes The White Peoples Superior.  What’s wrong with that?

      White Supremacy may be bad for you but I’m Grateful for it.  I’m Grateful I live in a White World, even this rotten one that lies before me.

      • mikejones91

        If any one group was inferior to US, they would NOT exist. Blacks were around long before they had contact with us. Along with other groups. Sure, we have done more, but that still doesn’t mean supreme. The word “supremacist” along with The Confederate flag evoke terrible images of US.

        • What?!?

          I wasn’t aware that it was the White People’s duty to kill people who aren’t White.  You’re really out there kid.

          You’re gone.  I mean you’re really out there.  You apparently know nothing about My Country least of all this Confederate Battle Flag and I’m sure you know nothing about The Civil War either.

          As long as you’re willing to give the enemy what they want, they win.  You cannot allow your enemy to dictate your Speech simply because they say (YOU) it has “terrible images”.  You’re not a good American.  You’re too weak.  You’re too willing to do away with Free Speech (supremacist is a Free word) and History because YOU don’t like the images you CHOOSE to tie it too.

          By the way, next time, name those images because you obviously need to learn the Truth about American History.  I know you don’t know her History because you have “terrible images” and there’s nothing terrible about America and her History.

          • mikejones91

            Fall back woman.

          • Not until you get over here ready to catch me!

            Mike, don’t allow yourself to keep falling into their trap.  The English Language is ours.  They don’t get to shape our imagery and they certainly don’t get to redefine the definitions of our English words.

            Have yourself a nice evening!

          • mikejones91

            They don’t dictate MY speech. But, they do dictate it for the rest. Therefore, we must choose OUR words carefully to effectively change their thinking. Can you grasp this? Not being rude either. It doesn’t matter what WE think. WE are NOT the majority. As in Race Realist whites. Until that day, we NEED to choose OUR words carefully. Our thing hasn’t caught on YET, so obviously something isn’t/hasn’t been done right. Rethink/Re-adapt/Retake.

          • HenryHolliday

            You might examine the term “paleoconservative” and see if it fits you. It pretty much describes me.

          • HenryHolliday

            You’re right Mike. Stephanie, he said that they evoke bad images. Not to you or me, but to many of the people we hope to bring to our side. I’ve studied the War of Northern Aggression for quite some time. I understand what the real causes were, and the impact it had and continues to have on America.  But once you use a hot button word on someone who is educable, but currently ignorant, you probably lose them instantly and forever. We need more of us, and quantity has a quality all its own. We are not reproducing in acceptable numbers, and many of our children have already drank the koolaid. Every potential convert is important.

          • Yes they do.  You’re willing to change your “strategy” and we’re not even at War. (not at blood and guts war I mean)

            I understand your point and yes, your strategy but Time is of the Essence.  Actually, Time left us and we all got now is Hard Truth.

            You’re a Little Buck and you will do Great but you have to spend your time on those of your own age group.  Those in my range don’t have time for nor the aching for sugar.  We like to know what we’re eatin’ so to speak.

            Sir, focus on Double Standard if you care to “quietly” insert race into the conversation.

            If People are Equal, what is the need for Minority Privilege?  You can soften Minority Privilege with words like ethnic based, all groups included except this one (white) or, why are people being favored who’ve never suffered by my hands and why am I paying for people I’ve never hurt sort of stuff.  Just apply Common Sense and you’ll do Good.

            Also, if it’s wrong to say the N word or the C word the D word or the S word or any derogatory slang ethnic name, it’s wrong to say “white” in a snarling manner while beating, raping and murdering White People too.  Double Standard.  Non-Whites just commit Crime but White Crimes are race based whenever it involves a non-white?  Huh?

            Non-Whites have committed Acts of False Hate Crimes meant to implicate White People yet those Non-Whites were never charged with Hate Crimes.  Why?

            Why do non-whites have access to Government Money aka American Tax Payers’ Money, that White People do not?  Non-Whites are allowed to apply for any Loan they want to apply for but White People cannot.  I mean, non-whites have set-asides so they get to Double Dip whereas we cannot.  We don’t get to apply for the loan money set-aside for the non-whites but non-whites get to also apply for ‘ours’ (the leftovers).  Does this sound right to you?  Double Standard.

            Affirmative Action is very easy.  Intelligence and Ability.  Those who can, shall, and those who cannot, will be recognized for whatever skill they have and be given the opportunity to exercise it.  This is not to say, you can’t try your hand at whatever but you’re not owed anything.  If ya Flunk, well, you’re just not made out for it is all.  Not everyone gets to be Rocket Scientists so let’s all just admit that now.

            You get my point yes?

      • Pandemonium

        I agree with everything you say.

        When talking to a potential recruit, I like to avoid terms that might “turn off” that person before they have a clear understanding of our Cause. 

        I may be a White Supremacist, but I am not going to say that outright to a potential recruit. Let the recruit learn about the Cause, then decide for himself if he wants to be a white supremacist or a race realist or a racialist, etc. 

    • kerrysmith

      No, but the phrase ‘white supremacist’ needn’t mean anything more than ‘someone who believes that white people should be supreme (dominant) in those countries which have been traditionally white’.  From what I can see, that describes most of us here on this site. The phrase isn’t innately objectionable — it’s just that it’s been applied to some really unsavory people, and sadly, the association sticks.

      • That’s exactly right.  They take a very few, literally, a very few white people who are not the most desirable types and apply the word yet the word itself means something completely different.  “supremacist” is a person, not a White Person, just a person who holds a certain feeling.

        Also, when they apply “supremacist” they only apply it to white people which is deliberate because we all know, there’s plenty of undesirable non-white supremacists too.

        We need to re-define our words.  It’s time to get back to the Dictionary.

  • I like the idea of saying illegal aliens are white supremisists as they are willing to break the law to be in white nations.

    • “supremacists” perhaps but not White Supremacists.  There is only word, “supremacist” and that word applies to people of all races who hold feelings like I do as in, I believe my race is better than the rest.  Look it up, that word “supremacist” stands alone.  It names no one as it belongs to no one.

    • kerrysmith

      Clever. You’re right that by voting with their feet, they’re implicitly acknowledging the superiority of white societies. But more of them here means less of us, so ‘white supremacist’ doesn’t seem to fit.

      • Non-Whites cannot be White Supremacists, they can only be “fill in the ethnicity” Supremacists.

        I don’t want the word “supremacist” to be perverted like “racism” has been.  Just the act of not liking somebody is now “racism”.  It’s the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. 

  • ” The Southern Poverty Law Center recently named Rogers one of the radical right’s “30 to watch,” saying he is part of a new crop of activist leaders bent on distorting democracy and fomenting racial, ethnic and religious strife.”

    Classic example of self projecting their own personality on to other people, they’re talking about themselves.

    • WmarkW

       Hi Kyle, nice to see you’re here.

      Would you mind discussing how “conservative” you are on the rest of the political spectrum, if race, immigration, and other identity politics issues could be removed from it? 

      • Not answering for Mr. Rogers here but, how would one do that?  Race is tied to everything.  For every problem that lies within White Countries, it can be traced back to non-whites.

        Welfare was never a problem until the non-whites came along and sucked it dry.  Overcrowding was never practiced until the non-whites showed us how and terrorism was never thought of until the muslims reminded us.  Depressed Wages were not our Way and American Quality was taken for Granted.

        Common Factor; Non-White aka Globalization aka Immigration aka Identity.

        • Whirlwinder

          Shout it loud and proud Stephanie. I really like all your posts.

          • Thank You!  Some people here hate me but what can I do?  I can’t change my views or choice of words just so they’ll like me.

            Besides, surely you know, the use of flowery words is over.

          • kerrysmith

            Stephanie, there are some wonderful people here, but it’s like anywhere else – there are some people whom it’s an honor to be hated by.

    • razorrare

      Kyle…Very much enjoyed  reading your response to the P & C  on Examiner.I especially liked your response on the slave trade and kennewick man.

      If you havent already read Michael A. Hoffmans  book, They Were White and They Were Slaves–The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America may i suggest you do so…i am sure you will find material that you have never encounted before…

      White slaves were actually owned by negroes and Indians in the South to such an extent that the Virginia Assembly passed the following law in 1670: “It is enacted that noe negro or indian though baptized and enjoyned their owne ffreedome shall be capable of any such purchase of  christians…” (Statutes of the Virginia Assembly,Vol.2,pp.280-81).

      Negroes were also owned by other  negroes in America(Charleston County Probate Court Records,1754-1758, p. 406).

      While Whites languished in chains Blacks  were free men in Virginia throughout the 17th century(Willie Lee Rose, A Documentary History of Slavery in North America, p. 15; John Henderson Russell, Free Negro in Virginia, 1619-1865, p.23; Bruce Levine, et al., Who Built America? , vol. 1, p. 52).

      In 1717,it was proposed that a qualification for election to the South Carolina Assembly was to be “the ownership of one White man.”(Journals of the Commons House of Assembly of the Province of South Carolina: 1692-1775, volume 5, pp. 294-295).

      Wish you well in all of your endeavors and keep up the good work.

    • jeffaral

      Hi Kyle.    Strangely you look  like you’re slightly race mixed on the photo.   Not that I would mind (I have myself a small percentage of Indian blood) .   Just asking…

  • Interestingly, if that’s him in the article’s photo, he doesn’t look white to me.  Looks almost mexican.  Just goes to show there are many, many flavors of “white.”

    I’ve never read any of the CCC’s stuff, but it sure seems like it’s worth checking out.  The tradiitional forum run by a handful of thugs with questionable motives is on its way out.  More whites are putting pen to paper (or whatever the modern equivament is) and that helps encourage OTHER whites to speak out.

    Sites like VNN and Stormfront (to name just a couple . . . there are many) do more to stiffle white thought than assist it.  I’ve always wondered if they weren’t actually police-funded or at least heavily infiltrated by LEOs.  Those two particular ones focus on jews and you have to wonder . . . either their claims about the jews are false (if jews really run the US why would they allow these forums to operate?) or their efforts to stop the jew have totally failed and they’re a waste of time.  No other alternatives are possible as far as I can see.

    But sites like AMREN, which are a compendium of articles, do allow free white speech and discussion.  It looks like this gentleman is serving that cause and so I salute him.  The first key to awakening whites is for them to visit sites like this (or the CCC’s) and participate.  This is the new face of white racialism.

    Approving Chimpmaster

    • Ingsoc

      Tell that to White News Now and The White Race. seems our service provider GoDaddy has undertaken a mission to purge pro-White web sites from their services. White News Now and The White Race were caught in this purge and we have to move not only our domains, but all of our content as well. We were not the only sites caught in this purge. They offered us no real explanation why, other than complaints were made, and flatly told us their decision was final and there would be no debate. We have been loyal customers who always paid our bills on time and tried our best to stay inside the Terms of Service.+++++++++++

      We are transferring our domains to an offshore registrar, so we shouldn’t have any future issues with a registrar telling us they won’t hold our domain again. We are getting another new server that is even more powerful than the one we use now. Before we were hacked back in February we were riding in a Pinto. When we moved to the server we’re on now, we moved up to a Cadillac. The new one is a Ferrari compared to our current ride.

      It’s going to take up to three days for all of this to be completed, so don’t be alarmed if you see different pages or a blank page at times.

      As always, thanks to all of you for your patience and understanding. They can keep trying to knock us down, but we’re always going to get back up. One way or another!

      If you have any questions, you’re welcome to contact me, or give Jamie a call at 701.317.5317.|Like

    • It’s not exactly a secret that Jews own quite a bit but who cares?  

      • anarchyst

        And they’re definitely not “chosen” . . .

        • I’m just not the kind of person to fawn over any group just because that’s what Society tells me I need to do.

          As for the “chosen” part, I believe in Jesus so for me, no, they’re not chosen and besides, you don’t get to go against God and keep your standing at the same time.

    • kerrysmith

      Nicely said. As for Stormfront, Kevin Macdonald, etc.: if (as they appear to assume) it were really true that Jews were supremely clever manipulators, and non-Jews were massively stupid dupes and tools, this would be a compelling argument to SUPPORT Jewish rule. Because, y’know, who wants to be ruled by dummies? 🙂

  • zimriel

    On the assumption that Kyle Rogers reads here, I recommend that he find an editor for the CCC’s articles and maybe a web designer for the site itself. Those articles are written like a blogger wrote ’em. Don’t get me wrong – I love the CCC’s *content* these days; there have been several occasions when it’s scooped the mainstream media, notably in the Trayvon Martin case and maybe even more so in the Oklahoma case. But the CCC could definitely stand a more professional “look”.

    I mean, *we’ll* go over there and read it, whatever it looks like – because of the content. But I suspect that the CCC is capable of a lot more . . .

  • Notice that the only photo published of Rogers is one deliberately chosen to make him look like a snarling beast. Not surprising, given the leftist leanings of the American news media, apparently even in South Carolina.

    Also, I see that the Post and Courier did the same thing countless other members of the media have done when they are reporting on anyone who is White and preaches pride in his/her race: Contact the Southern Poverty Law Center so they can be quoted as saying (surprise, surprise!) that the person (or organization) is “racist” or “bigoted.”

     I often wonder whether the typical reporter is really as clueless as many of the ones I worked with for 40 years, or is simply playing the usual, cynical leftist game of “dump on any White guy who is not self-hating, and who does not swallow whole all the codswallop the schools and the media feed us daily about race in this country.”

  • Mahound

    I’d spew hate all day – even though I’m not a hateful person – if it would get me on that “30 to watch” list. 

  • Eduardusjacobus

    After reading this article I certainly plan on reading more of Kyle Rogers material. As for the $PLC, I have been under the impression that it has pretty much been discredited long ago as simply a front for raising money for its leadership

  • S

    Rogers for pres!

  • The traditionally ‘Southern’ CofCC is active in … Ohio?

    Guess the Yankees are coming along!

    • zimriel

       Ohio and Indiana were founded by New Englanders, yes. But they received much immigration from Kentucky from the late 1850s on.

  • Fair enough, but it’s always interesting to know the psychology behind the mindset of the self loathing white.

  • mikejones91

    Greeks are white. 

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Stephanie is correct,  “that White people have created more and ‘gave’ more than all the other races combined.”

    In his book Human Accomplishment Charles Murray formulated a list of 4,002 individuals from around the world who lived between 800 BC and 1950 who “achieved great things.”

    Murray, who has an Asian wife and half-Asian children,  “began this project wanting to devote even more attention to Asian accomplishments but found he couldn’t justify his predisposition.”

    In the sciences, “97 percent of the significant figures and events turned out to be Western. White European men predominate, especially in the last few centuries: “from the middle of 15th century” to the beginning of 20C, almost everything came from Europe,” and, “What the human species is today it owes in astonishing degree to what was accomplished in just half a dozen centuries by the peoples of one small portion of the northwestern Eurasian land mass.”

    Steve Sailer takes it one step further, to  moden times in his article, How can we Measure Innovation and Creativity?

    Two papers provide data on this subject. One by Ola Bengtsson and David H. Hsu looks at 1780 pairs of tech start-up founders and venture capitalists over about a decade centering around about 1998-2007. These are start-ups that at least got VC funding.

    Among founders, a surname analysis shows 3% Chinese and 7% Indian.

    Another analysis came up with 87% of founders white, 12% Asian, 1% black. These are both national surveys. 

    Or, as Sailer writes:  “Investors put real money down on what will be a successful and enduring innovation.”

    Enough said.


    • Thank You but Ms. Bon, when I write “gave”, I actually mean in terms of Charity.  I can’t think of any Race that has given more (financially) to others during their times of trouble than White People.  I’ve never clarified the meaning of “gave” when I’ve written it and that’s my fault.

      I also want to Thank You for Teaching too.  I had Great Teachers and you remind me of them.  It was still mostly White back then and we got to Pray and Stand to Face our Flag while Pledging Allegiance to our Country for which I am Eternally Grateful.

      There’s just nothing like Country Pride to make one want to learn about it and Preserve it.

  • Thank You!  I really didn’t know the difference so this helps.  I reckon I’m a Social Conservative but only to a certain extent.  I have to admit, I’m not on the side of White People who are still falling for that stupid word trap.  You can’t allow people to dictate to you what words are “acceptable” or not and what images must accompany what word.

    As for learning Spanish, what Traitors!  This is your Country and it’s not your Duty to learn some immigrants native language.  How dare they even suggest that!

    “we’re all the same” – Oh yeah!  I plan on digging a ditch and kicking one of my fellow White People in it and setting them on fire ’cause don’t ya know, I’m just like the Africans in Africa.  Or maybe I’ll just go out and go to the bathroom in the Street ’cause hey, I’m just like those Indians in India….

    follow the money – Amen!  You’re right, nothing wrong with making money but at what cost?  I just won’t betray my own people just so my profit margin can be bigger.

    • kerrysmith

      I’m all for learning foreign languages, but they should have no place in the public sphere. Sorry, Sen. Rubio!

    • HenryHolliday

      Stephanie, see if you can agree with this. english is and should be our official language, anyone who legally immigrates here must be able to speak passable English. We should not have to listen to other languages on the phone or read them on public signs.
       If there is a culture in which you are, or anticipate coming into conflict with, being able to understand their language is a tremendous tactical advantage.

  • Hahahahaha!  You’re funny!

    The majority of non-white Countries are Third World and there isn’t one non-white Country that doesn’t have Third World parts inside them whereas White Countries, the only Third World parts in them are all due from non-whites who just so happen to live in those parts.

    Look, there’s no need to be jealous over White Civilization for you too can have it for yourself.  All ya gotta do is learn what we learned and apply it to your own Countries.  Of course, y’all will first have to drop all your silly beliefs but you can do it, I believe in ya!

  • Yes but I’ve also heard men say they wanted no children.  I’ve also had people tell me it’s about money.  They simply can’t afford them.

  • Mark Powell

     Here a snippet of the C of CC essay straight off of Wikipedia: “The CofCC considers itself a traditional conservative group opposing liberals and neo-conservatives, supports national self-determination, immigration restriction, federalism, home rule, and opposition to free trade and global capitalism. Its specific issues include states rights, race relations (especially interracial marriage, which it opposes), and conservative Christian values.”

    Though C of CC people are social conservatives, they do take positions on economic issues (it’s just that they are different from the Neo-Cons’ support of NAFTA, the IMF, the WTO, etc.). Many of their economic views are intimately bound up with the importance of national sovereignty.

    Here are a couple of URLs that you might find helpful:

  • Dear Henry Holliday,

    No “reply” button so I’m answering here…  Your choice of word “conflict” brings me to conclude that you are talking about Non-White Immigrants.  I don’t plan on being close enough to them to actually hear what they’re saying so while I understand your point, I just see no need for it.

    Besides, I don’t think I can learn non-white languages even if I wanted to.  They’re so Foreign, my tongue just won’t roll that way.  I can make out a little with European Languages because they have a common thread I can pick out and words I can relate to English (habe/have, etc.) but I can’t pick out anything with Eastern Languages.

  • But why?  Why?  Where does that hate come from?  I really don’t get it.

    Yes, The White Peoples have a History and some parts aren’t the prettiest thing in the World but who’s History doesn’t have ugly parts?  Seriously, how did it become so that only White People are to be held to account and better, held to a Higher Standard?

    While I do consider White People to be better and thus, should be held to Higher Standards, this in no way, explains why Non-White History is allowed to be ignored while our extremely old and most if not all of it is exaggerated, must be exemplified.

    And yes, you’re right of course.  Why are they living in a White World if White is “evil”?  This is a point that needs to be driven home.  Ya love ’em so much, go be with them.  People who have a problem with White People or White Unity needs to be stripped of everything White.  No Phone, No Internet, No Welfare, No Christian Style Law and Order, No Medicine and No Rights (Constitutionally Speaking).  I’m sure I’ve left out a ton of White Stuff but you get my point.

  • Boereseun

    Yea, they want marriage at 30, once they have used up all their beauty on one night stands and hook-ups to bad boys. They may want marriage and children now but they are totally unmarriageable and not worth the hassle. Marriage takes true commitment, through the bad times and the good. I’ve heard Stephanie on more than one occasion stating that if a women is unhappy in marriage, she should get divorced.  

    White men are not ‘afraid of commitment’, they are afraid of the divorce rates, the divorce courts, alimony payments, child custody battles and the total lack of submission from women who are instead full of moxie and hot air.  It also doesn’t help that men realise they can get sex far more outside of marriage than within it. And expecting sex from your wife is akin to rape so… go figure. 

    Women are driving the divorce rates up by the delaying of marriage past their most marriageable years, sleeping with bad boys and then expecting men to marry them. 

    When women are serious about marriage, as a virgin to a proper man, at a young age with a view to family and a life union, give me a call. Till then, all I see is garbage.

    • Okay, you don’t read my posts very well or I really suck at writing.

      I wrote ONCE that people should get a divorce if they’re not happy and I wrote that with Rocky Bass in mind because he said his wife tried to hurt him with a gun and I say that’s no excuse to run off and marry a non-white like he did.  Divorce the abusive white girl and find a normal white girl.  That’s what that was about.  I would never recommend anyone stay in an abusive marriage and I don’t care what skin color they are.  Abuse is abuse.

      So yes, I support Divorce for some people.  Why should anyone stick around just so their mate can beat on them?  To hell with that.

    • Boereseun

      Stephanie, you will find in most of my posts to do with marriage and relationships my absolute disgust with divorce. I only agree with a ‘fault divorce’ system that protects men and women from abusive spouses or spouses that commit infidelity. 

      I don’t agree with the new term of ’emotional abuse’ as anyone can claim that after just having an argument with someone else. I certainly don’t agree with physical abuse which is why I agree it should be a reason for divorce but needs to be proved by the spouse before a divorce is granted.

      The family is the cornerstone of civilisation, at least I believe it is, and that is why I feel so strongly about it. The current feminist state of Western Civilisation spells the doom of marriage and the ease of divorce merely helps it on the road to death.

      And Stephanie, abuse is abuse, a real, constant physical endangerment of a person. Not being ‘happy’ is not abuse. There are ways and means of making a marriage ‘happier’ that do not involve divorce.

    • That’s it, I don’t write very well.  You have mistaken me but it’s not your fault.  I did write the words ‘if you’re not happy’ and that’s not an accurate way to describe being abused.

      Emotional abuse is very, very, very, very real and it’s easy to tell that from an argument(s).

      I agree with ya about divorce.  It’s too easy to come by but on the other hand, so is marriage.  People don’t take it seriously like you said so they jump right into it knowing they can easily get out of it anytime they decide they’re “not happy”.

      Don’t take the above to mean I think people should wait forever before they get married or wait til they get older, it only means, take the meaning of it seriously.  It doesn’t seem like too many people do that anymore.

    • Tina Fiedler

      All you care about is looks- that’s obvious. Women need to make a place in the world for themselves before marriage…. JUST LIKE MEN DO. They need to go to college or vocational school, travel, meet people, grow up, etc.

  • Pandemonium

    Bravo to you!!! 

    The ONLY way we beat this rap is as you have stated!!!!! 

    I remind everyone I know that no less than 3 children is “replacement”.
    That can lead to interesting discussions. 

    I have four. 

  • Dave4088

    So basically the Charleston P&C is casting Kyle as big, bad, white supremacist because he dares to  deconstruct the anti-white mythology of cultural Marxism.  The horror.

    I don’t know much about Kyle but his original report on the Trayvon Martin shooting was excellent and the facts that have emerged since the writing have only added to any prestige it has rightfully garnered. 

  • It is self-evident from your post who the “infantile” one is. Some people are out in the trenches fighting for our rights, and some people throw rocks on the internet.

    • Tina Fiedler

      You’re my hero- keep fighting! I’ve been talking to white people in my neighborhood.

  • radical7

    Then how do you account for the large number of conservative homosexuals?

  • Tina Fiedler

    Bravo to Rogers, but bravo to you too! I’ve been saying all along: throw the Mexicans out and then go and make some more white babies!