Martin Sewell, Cambridge Don, Urged to Resign over ‘Racist and Sexist’ Views

Lucy Sherriff, Huffington Post, June 25, 2012

A Cambridge academic responsible for mentoring students has come under pressure to resign over his controversial views which have been dubbed by some as racist, sexist and pro-Hitler.

On his website, Martin Sewell, a supervisor in the university’s Faculty of Economics, describes black people as having “lower intelligence” than whites and dismisses racism as “natural”. But he has defended his views, telling the Huffington Post he is “neither racist nor sexist” and saying the right to freedom of speech should be respected.

Martin Sewell

The 43-year-old, who also works for a think-tank in Cambridge to develop policy solutions, believes feminism “harms women” and says perhaps it is time to “reconsider” eugenics, the study and belief synonymous with Hitler’s Nazi state.

Cambridge’s student union has now called for Sewell to resign, calling the academic an “unacceptable individual”.


Reading-born Sewell currently mentors 27 undergraduates at Homerton, Newnham, Queens’ and St Edmund’s colleges.

His website lists links to articles published on various subjects, including one on racism. In a piece published in 2010, Sewell states:

So-called racism [sic] is a perfectly natural in-group bias which has been stigmatized by the politically correct West. The most likely reason for the high incidence of black crime is blacks’ lower intelligence and greater impulsivity, which themselves are probably biological in origin.


In another section, titled “Eugenics”, Sewell states:

Hitler gave eugenics a bad name. The modern objectives are actually highly desirable: eugenics can help eliminate genetic diseases, reduce personality disorders and increase intelligence via human biotechnology. Time to reconsider.


But Sewell told HuffPost in an email: “I am neither sexist nor racist, nor am I pro-Hitler.

“The real fascism lies with attempting to compromise an academic’s career on the basis of his synthesis of peer-reviewed scientific research. The university has a long tradition of ground-breaking science and freedom of speech, which Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU) would do well to respect.”


[Editor’s Note: Prof. Sewell can be reached at [email protected]]

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  • Truth does not fear investigation!  The truth will set us free as more and more of the top intellects in the Western World begin to lose their fear of the dark and march in solidarity towards the light of truth.

    Fighting back the feeling that you always could deny

    Anything but everything we know is just a lie

    As I cremate this memory and watch the darkened ashes rise

    Beneath the smoke I’ll stand and ask you if you can…

    • anarchyst

      TRUTH does not fear investigation–so true.  WHY is any investigation of the jewish “holocaust” looked on with disdain and outright hostility?  WHY is any questioning of “official” jewish “holocaust” orthodoxy considered a CRIME in much of the world?
      TRUTH-SEEKERS are finding out that there is a sordid “underbelly” of “all things holocaust” that is overdue for critical analysis.  These same TRUTH-SEEKERS risk personal and professional ostracization and even criminal charges and imprisonment for pursuing their quest for TRUTH.
      WHY the resistance to seeking the TRUTH in this matter?

      • The__Bobster

        For the same reason Algore won’t debate AGW.

      • Pandemonium

        Because “them thats got the gold, make the rules”.

  • JohnEngelman

    Sometimes the truth hurts. Unfortunately, when this happens the truth tellers often get hurt. 

    • brew730

       Agree.  People need to stand up to defend his right to speak facts….or he will be fired by the end of the week

  • libertarian1234

    [Martin Sewell, a supervisor in the university’s Faculty of Economics, describes black people as having “lower intelligence” than whites and dismisses racism as “natural”.}

    Rather than ask for his resignation, why don’t these same dregs put forth a thesis….with supporting references….that refutes his contentions?

    They don’t do that,  of course,  because they can’t.  Their entire ideology is based on a game they play that is based in pretending things are as they say they are and any refutations about these accepted “facts” are dismissed as being hate speech or racist.

    Leftist ideology has gotten too firm a hold on this society.  The only thing that will break its stifling clutches  is civil conflict…..and the sooner the better.  

    • Danimalius

      I’m not so quick to hope for violence. If everyone who did hope for it, would instead speak out with a healthy dose of intelligence and moderation, then we’d quickly change this mess for the better. Since many of us won’t speak publicly, could we really expect something better in the wake of some time of collapse?

      Worse is not always better; sometimes worse is just, well, worse. It will take a lot of hard work to improve the situation of whites in the world- not escapism. Write. Donate. Speak out. Give your friends and relatives books that might open their eyes.

  • APaige

    NOTHING is more racist than the truth, except maybe freedom. Once the former is unacceptable the latter will follow the same path.

  • splitsing

    The man sounds brilliant.  I can’t wait to check out some of his papers at the library tomorrow.

  • He’s in Britainistan. They gave up the right to free speech when they gave up the right to be citizens, and again became subjects. He’ll be out of a job in about a week, probably in a cell next to Emma West in a month. The thought crime unit is on top of it.

  • 1proactive2

    One can only imagine this professor’s censors the evening after savaging the man for his honesty.  “We cannot have any thoughts that harm our cause toward a perfectly engineered society, and this barbarian came close to doing irreparable damage”.  Wait a minute.  Isn’t that the regimented thought process and procedure of totalitarians?  Just wondering. 

  • Pechorin2

    His website:

  • Sounds like a reasonable white guy to me….

  • Danimalius

    What an obvious white supremacist:

  • Sherman_McCoy

    To those urging him to resign, I say with my best English accent:

    Bugger Off!

  • blindsticks

    Racism   From Mr/ Sewells thoughts on race: So-called racism is a perfectly natural in-group bias which has been stigmatized by the politically correct West. In order to boost tax revenue and keep inflation down, Western governments have allowed mass immigration. To mitigate their self-serving actions, they needed to encourage cooperation by enforcing egalitarianism.

  • mikejones91

    Was Hitler was the ONLY man to ever use/suggest/ eugenics? Hitler was a vegetarian. Does that mean vegetarians are pro-Hitler too?

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    I seem to recall reading about how the same things happening to the original Galileo & his ilk as well.

  • Pandemonium

    America “as we’ve known it” ended awhile back. Were you out-of-country?

  • Pandemonium

    What are “low erudition white chavs”??

    BTW, I would be much more inclined to take your posts more seriously if you would refrain from calling those who disagree with you stupid and/or insane.

  • Space4jan

      AmRen should steer clear of debate – or “debate” – of both “Anti-Semitism” and the “Holocaust”, not because these issues are unimportant or taboo or uinteresting, but because they can prove an immense distraction from the main questions, a time & energy wasting side-issue, quite apart from any prejudice against AmRen that its opponents can manipulate by exploiting posts on these subjects.
       The answer to the charge that “the Holocaust shows where racial attitudes lead” must be refuted without a wrangle about how many victims died in Nazi camps or by what causes (this matter can be left to other website controversialists like Mattogno and his opponents), by showing that Hitler’s actions have no bearing on the need to protect the present and future white world from racial and cultural suicide (except perhaps to note briefly that he got the opposite result to what he presumably wanted). 
        And to those who want the discussion to shift primarily to their own obsession solely with the Middle East (again a matter that can safely be left to many others, for whom this is the main if not only interest), simply say: Our first concern is the survival of Europeans and European-Americans, and if you live in their homelands, that should also be your concern, to some extent at any rate.

  • “We’ve refuted everything he’s said!”

    Really, where?  I suspect this is why views on race and IQ will be more popular rather than less.  People like Jared Taylor are willing to calmly sit there and explain why they think the races are different and give evidence to support their views.

    People that disagree seem to rely exclusively on mud flinging and name calling.

    The choice of anyone who favors rational debate and making decisions based on scientific data is obvious.

  • Tyler

    To any of you who have chosen to make Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour:
    Gen1:27, Gal3:28, 5:14, Jas2:1-13, Acts10:34, Rom2:11, Prov6:16-19, John13:12-20, 3:16, Mark 7:26-30.

    Not to make you feel condemned, nor to condemn others (there by the Grace of God go we) but to set you free from thoughts that do not recognize Christ (John 8:32, 1:10).

    To Christians and non-Christians alike (from an academic perspective): Indeed the pro-Nazi response is fallacious and was undoubtedly a result of searching for ‘an extra cannon ball to sink the ship’ so to speak. Furthermore the comment regarding racism being natural is (though I believe as yet unproven) highly likely considering several proven psychological principles that have nothing to do with real interracial distinction. That said, without a sense of community spirit and social decency, truly if we were stripped of everything but our baser ‘natural’ instincts would that be moving in the right direction?

    I have made a literature study on racial differences and, throughout my readings, those that propose a significant difference in intelligence have not isolated the intelligence trait (which in itself is very vaguely defined) from socioeconomic contexts that would affect whites equally.

    On a narrative basis, I am a white member of MENSA (based on conventional understanding of intelligence) living in South Africa. Most of the people I know are black and if I look at an average of those sharing a similar socioeconomic class I can make no intellectual distinction between the two races. I am limited in my observations to South Africa, perhaps the blacks in other countries are different to those in South Africa? I appreciate your enthusiastic energy and your empathy for your fellow man (no doubt a man who earned his position) but please consider doing your own peer reviewed research studies (considering reliability, validity and all nuisance variables) as opposed to going with the flow of common scientific, stigma-forming hype.