Posted on June 25, 2012

‘Whites Must Give Up Wealth’

The Citizen, June 22, 2012

White people in South Africa should volunteer to give what they have to be able to assist the nation.

This was said by ANC Youth League (ANCYL) deputy president Ronald Lamola yesterday at the league’s economic policy dialogue at Unisa, Pretoria.

The dialogue was titled ‘‘The Role of Civil Society in attaining Economic Freedom in our Lifetime’’.

Lamola said: “The only thing we are asking is to share the natural resources.

Why must we not get angry if white people continue to benefit?”

He also said young people must be given a platform in the mainstream economy so they can play a meaningful role in society.

“If young people are leaders of society why are they outside the mainstream of economy?”, he asked. South Africa will only be united through the economy.

South Africans are already living like people are in Zimbabwe,” Lamola said.

He said maximum participation in the economy was class-based and allows a particular class to participate in the mainstream economy.

Lamola also called for  Section 25 of the Constitution to be amended, saying nothing had changed since 1994, the first time a government was elected democratically in South Africa.

“We need to break the apartheid economy we received in 1994. White people are still living a Hollywood lifestyle.

‘‘The majority of black South Africans were relying on social grants. They needed to start playing a meaningful role in agriculture, mining and society,” Lamola said.

Lamola slammed the willing buyer, willing seller€ approach to land restitution.

“The only solution is expropriation without compensation,”€ he said.
National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) chairman Andile Lungisa said: “We are not enjoying Christmas as black people in this country.

“The lives of our people have not changed in the countryside.

“The confusion we have is a leadership that is not decisive. That’s why we have a debate about nationalisation of mines and we are told about investors,” Lungisa said.