‘Whites Must Give Up Wealth’

The Citizen, June 22, 2012

White people in South Africa should volunteer to give what they have to be able to assist the nation.

This was said by ANC Youth League (ANCYL) deputy president Ronald Lamola yesterday at the league’s economic policy dialogue at Unisa, Pretoria.

The dialogue was titled ‘‘The Role of Civil Society in attaining Economic Freedom in our Lifetime’’.

Lamola said: “The only thing we are asking is to share the natural resources.

Why must we not get angry if white people continue to benefit?”

He also said young people must be given a platform in the mainstream economy so they can play a meaningful role in society.

“If young people are leaders of society why are they outside the mainstream of economy?”, he asked. South Africa will only be united through the economy.

South Africans are already living like people are in Zimbabwe,” Lamola said.

He said maximum participation in the economy was class-based and allows a particular class to participate in the mainstream economy.

Lamola also called for  Section 25 of the Constitution to be amended, saying nothing had changed since 1994, the first time a government was elected democratically in South Africa.

“We need to break the apartheid economy we received in 1994. White people are still living a Hollywood lifestyle.

‘‘The majority of black South Africans were relying on social grants. They needed to start playing a meaningful role in agriculture, mining and society,” Lamola said.

Lamola slammed the willing buyer, willing seller€ approach to land restitution.

“The only solution is expropriation without compensation,”€ he said.
National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) chairman Andile Lungisa said: “We are not enjoying Christmas as black people in this country.

“The lives of our people have not changed in the countryside.

“The confusion we have is a leadership that is not decisive. That’s why we have a debate about nationalisation of mines and we are told about investors,” Lungisa said.


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  • “We need to break the apartheid economy we received in 1994. White people are still living a Hollywood lifestyle.”

    Certainly right, if by Hollywood lifestyle they mean “Mugabe and the White African!”

     “We are not enjoying Christmas as black people in this country.”

    You mean that EVIL WHITE HOLIDAY?  Oh my, the tears are just rolling down my face!

  • newscomments70

    “White people are still living a Hollywood lifestyle.”
    The real Hollywood is full of violent criminals, interracial crime, and urban decay. Many houses and apartments there have bars on their windows. Many streets are no-go zones for whites (and everyone else for that matter.) Yes, I guess South African whites really do have a Hollywood lifestyle. 

  • frmore

    ‘‘The majority of black South Africans were relying on social grants”. 
    Got news for you, Lamola. They will always be in perpetual custodial care.

  • The reality for whites in South Africa


    • Warning: images of white children hacked to pieces by blacks (they were probably racist)


      • refocus

        Regarding the murder of the South African Whites…

        The response I get from my fellow white people is a shrug of the shoulders.

        If I press the issue and try to get a verbal answer they come back with something to the effect that it is the SA white’s karma. 
        There is no outrage or very much concern. 
        Dead white babies? So what? 
        Dead farmers…?  Well…what did you expect?
        I honestly know of no one that actually cares about this subject; the murder of the South African Whites.

      • When I say that there is a war against the White race, many think that I am crazy, I see you know better.

  • TFD123

    ‘Blacks must learn to create wealth & prosperity’

    • APaige

      That is a two step program.
      #1. Blacks must learn.
      #2. Create wealth and prosperity.

  • Nelson Mandela singing the ” let’s kill whites.” song


  • What they need cant be given, a higher inherited IQ

  • IstvanIN

    Blacks, no matter where they live, truly believe that somehow whites get rich and that by taking from them they will be rich.  They have not the faintest idea of how economics, or industry, or farming, or any enterprise actually works.  They believe that we have stuff and they want it.  So they take it.  Then they are confused when whatever they take stops producing wealth.  So they have to take something else.  Problem is they are running out of whites to steal their next meal from.  They are killing the goose that laid the golden egg.  I am sure someone else could say this a little better than me but you get my point.

    • Its the “Hunter-Gatherer” genetic programming. They wander from place to place (or follow a herd of buffalo) and strip the land of its resources. They have no concept of population control, they simple reproduce until they run out of resources. They have no concept of forward planning or investment.

      Whites have “farmer” genetic programming. A white person, removed from modern society, reverts into a farmer. The Amish are essentially “wild” or “feral” white people.

  • wsteinmann

    Always excuses with blacks…

    First, it was Apartheid.  Now that that’s gone, the ECONOMY must still be ‘apartheid’ (however that is supposed to work).  Of course, THAT’S why they’re still living in flyblown squalor.

    Now they’re calling for the outright theft of property from whites…

    Time is short for whites in SA… arm yourselves or bug out.  Now.

  • This is the future of whites in America AFTER Latinos and blacks become a majority: they’ll ally with each other politically to economically “mug and rape” whites in America.

  • “Progressive”-liberals and people of low IQ don’t understand money and how economies operate.

    They believe there is this finite pool of money that rich, white people horde for themselves and refuse to share. The only solution to this erroneous idea is redistribution of wealth.

    They don’t understand that money has to flow through the system. Seizing rich peoples’ assets (which they confuse with money) won’t make everyone rich or even comfortable. Once the money stops flowing, it will only make everyone equally poor.  

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Most blacks are functionally retarded by definition.   If they all disappeared from the planet tomorrow, it would only be good for mankind in general, and white people in particular.

      • jamokk

        I suggest if all the WASPs, disappeared it would do the blacks a lot of good.

  • newscomments70

    Its very predictable. Blacks from formally white ruled countries are swarming to South Africa for  jobs, food, utilities…all luxuries built and maintained by the remaining whites. They hate the whites, but they keep following them. Malema envisions the paradise South Africa will be when the whites are gone…but we can only imagine boatloads of Africans desperately trying to reach Europe…desperately trying to escape the horrors of black rule. Why do people that hate us keep following us everywhere? Isn’t it customary to avoid those that you hate?

  • Jack Milano

    The ANC is ‘brainstorming’ at a conference this week. Which is pretty much like plotting the heist. They’re figuring out ways to rob white people without changing the Constitution.

    They’re planning to force pension funds to invest in government ‘infrastructure development’.

    They’ll also decide how to deal with land reform. I read that the way they’re going to get around the ‘willing buyer, willing seller’ system is that they’re going to appoint a ‘minister of land valuation’, which would mean if they say your farm is worth $2, then that’s what they’ll give you for it.

    They’re also planning to limit the size of land that each person can own.


    Once everybody’s starving over here, it will still be the evil white man’s fault. I see dark clouds on the horizon. 

    What do we do? We don’t have the luxury of foreign passports like the French, Belgians, British and Portuguese had when the colonies started crumbling around them. It’s not easy to get work permits for Western countries. And I think most people won’t mind if all white South Africans moved to Oz or the US, but how will the PC liberals say ‘we’ll let all the whites in’ ? Because that would be racist, huh?

    Anyway, I don’t really know what Bob Whitaker is planning to do with this petition, but please go and sign it. We only need 600 odd signatures.


    I’ve been thinking that maybe we should start asking the Russians for a piece of land somewhere in Siberia so all the Afrikaners can settle there. After all, the Soviet Union trained and fed these ANC terrorists.

    • Boereseun

      Lol, give us Afrikaners land pretty much anywhere and it will be a success. Hence why these black maxists hate us with some venom. Everything we touch turns to success, everything they touch turns to…

  • Michael C. Scott

    “Whites must give up wealth”.

    Actually, young educated whites are giving up on South Africa and emigrating, as wealth and skills are mobile.

    When Kisangani was Stanleyville, the Hotel des Chutes was a beautiful city landmark, and with the Belgians gone, is now a crumbling, empty shell.  Salisbury was once a modern city; renamed Harare, garbage pickup and street repairs are nonexistant and has been described as “sunshine city-turned sewage farm”.  A 2009 liveability poll by The Economist listed Harare as the world’s toughest city to live in.  The missing element again is the Europeans who built and maintained the place had departed. 

    If I were a Boer, I would be thinking seriously about Western Australia or Argentine Patagonia.  The climates are identical, and due to Argentina’s recession, it wouldn’t cost much to get started there.

  • Willowville

    South Africa could have been broken up since its borders were “artificially created” by Europeans.  The ANC was determined to make South Africa a prison of peoples.   They could not have done this without the support of white elites in Europe.  I suspect the  whites are being used like guinea pigs or else they are keeping them there to make South Africa appear more “investment friendly”.

  • Christian

    I saw that too. I don’t think he was being intentionally ironic.

  • anthony wrottesley

    Typical, they screwed the country up, don’t know how to make money, don’t know how to farm the land and now its the whites fault again, they hate their own kind, they keep blaming the whites because they want to keep lining their pockets with money, when it comes to answering and delivering services to the people, oh we could not because the whites, the whites, the more this happens the more I hate these so called humans, always someone to blame, sorry to say this but everywhere in the world you go, blacks are always blaming the whites, somehow it all comes down to when they were made slaves?, well if you had the brains and the no how, we would have been the slaves and the blacks would have ran all the countries and owned all the land, but you don’t have the know how and that’s why we own most of the world, what us whites are now doing wrong is accepting this plea of them being discriminated against and our governments are forcing us to be one and live like one, whilst we trying because we care, they are not, they using this rare opportunity to take the well earned money, land and infrastructure because they cant do it for themselves, all the whilst breading like flies, by the millions, its this they going to use to try and run the white population into extinction. Wake up whites, God made us all different, stop listening to our governments telling us we need to be one, we don’t need to, we were all made different and we should keep it that way. Its their babies, toddlers and children I feel for, they never have anything, always suffering from starvation, no food let alone toys and why because their parents cant think that when there is no money, don’t have kids, no there is no money so have 20 kids, and then stick their heads up their own butts and blame the whites, its typical of them, they run countries and when they do its only the ones on the top who benefit and not the nation because they have no clue how to support a nation, this is exactly what the anc are doing, so yes Ronald Lamola, you are worse off because you screwed the country up you dump thick twats, your an idiot, dumb and blind, stupid to say the least, you a waste of space and go to hell where you belong.