Romney to Hispanics: Boost Legal Immigration, More Green Cards

News-Press, June 21, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney acknowledged that Hispanics may not always agree with him, but he offered a vision Thursday of an America more welcoming to certain legal immigrants and their families.


But Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who is expected to officially accept his party’s nomination at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in two months, focused much of his speech on immigration, offering more details than on many prior occasions.

While he started by acknowledging that Hispanics may disagree with him on some issues, “there is much more that unites us than there is that divides us,” he said.

Romney said he hopes to crack down more on illegal immigration, including pushing for a border fence and strengthening efforts to find people who enter legally but overstay visas. Romney also tempered his remarks in light of his audience.

“I’m going to address the problem of illegal immigration in a civil, and resolute, manner,” he said.

But he spent most of his time talking about making it easier for legal immigrants to come to America, and making a case for the necessity of welcoming them.

“I will prioritize efforts that strengthen legal immigration and make it more transparent and easier,” Romney said. “…Too many families are caught in a broken system. For those seeking to come to America the right way, that kind of bureaucratic nightmare has to end.”

Also, more non-citizens would be able to stay legally in the United States under Romney’s plan because he would exempt from current numerical caps on green cards the spouses and minor children of green card holders.

Romney also pledged to find a path to legal citizenship for any immigrant who serves in the U.S. military, and argued that visas ought to be automatic for science and technology students who come here to be educated—and under current rules then often go home to create jobs in other countries because they’re not allowed to stay.


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  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    i listen to the black radio shows and they plan organize talk about how to register voters then i turn on the white shows and rush is calling ovomit a god or making a stupid joke singing imitating someone hannity is chanting ovomits name and calling it a god. michael is great but his attitude is just complain because he has 300 million dollars 16 cars 8 houses so who cares about helping other whites. our leadership are clowns thats why black mobs are attacking whites and white businesses because what is a clown going to do to them?

  • Athling

    Unbelievable. What good is it to crack down on illegal immigrants and at the same time open the flood gates even wider for these same immigrants to come here legally? The net effect is exactly the same only their status will change from illegal to legal.

    I know Romney is racially unaware, no wait, make that in a coma, but surely he realizes the country is becoming Third World because that’s where the immigrants are coming from.

    No, he probably doesn’t even get that. This loser will likely be another in a series of presidential disasters for this country.

    • The__Bobster

      Today, Mitt Romney has come out with a disastrous immigration statement that panders to Hispanics, but not as much as Obama did, promises to replace Obama’s unconstitutional, illegal, even impeachable, Obamnesty, with something that is just that much less unconstitutional, illegal, and impeachable—but not enough to win the election, let alone save America. Oh, and he wants to increase skilled immigration, further immiserating the American Middle Class.

      France’s Bourbon monarchs were said, when they were restored after Waterloo, to have “learned nothing and forgotten nothing.” Mitt Romney is the modern Bourbon candidate, but there is not going to be a Republican Restoration if he continues on this path.

      By a pleasing coincidence, Peter Brimelow’s “Time To Rethink Immigration” cover story in National Review was dated twenty years ago this Friday. We present it here in an anniversary, re-hyperlinked form.

    • NM156

      Romney hasn’t the faintest idea what America looks like.

      • JohnEngelman

        America does not look like the members of Romney’s country club. 

  • Francis Galton

     Breaking News: Mestizos Now Fall under the Rubric of Sons and Daughters of Obama:

  • Robert Binion

    Donning the aluminum fedora, I made an unusual visit to technology stacks at the library for books on climate change.  Real scientists, not Al Gore’s paid shills, have figured out how to drill deep, deep into Greenland’s frozen ice without melting or cracking it.  And from these cores they learn amazing things.  Ice ages, they find, occur in cycles with such uncanny regularity that their cause must be astronomical.  They know now that these freezes can come with astonishing rapidity, sometimes in mere months.  And they fear that we are due for a big one now!  (Google “Bond event” or “Maunder Minimum.”)  One could declare it a moral imperative that we repatriate illegals at once in order to make room for the sudden influx of twenty million flash frozen Canadians. . . Hot up under this tin lid.

    • I think you were serious, not questioning you, actually this is a brilliant forecast.  Of course the popular movie has the US moving in on Mexico after global warming causes an extreme ice age in N Hemisphere. And Mexico was just so generous for us to be there!  Anyway,  you hit upon one of those many issues that if our elected representatives were doing their job properly, they would realize that a new ice age will use a tremendous amount of fuel to keep all 8 billion of us alive. And would not put Traditional Americans at risk. Problem is, politicians can’t see any further ahead than their next graft payoff.

  • Guest

     Don’t kid yourself.  It’s unlikely the outcome will be another mexico or even atzlan.  Once mexicans reach a certain threshold, it will be the beginning of all out war between the US and mexico.  The real trouble is going to start when the mexicans basically tell our elites that they are in charge now.  I suspect most of the mexican population will be slaughtered and a new “Americanism” type of fascism will rule this country.

    Put another way.  If you were one of the ultra-rich with access to our military, and a complete sociopath with absolutely no value on human life.  How would you react to a challenge to your power.  That’s what’s going to happen once these people cross a certain line and are no longer useful.

    • Diamond_Lil

      “The real trouble is going to start when the mexicans basically tell our elites that they are in charge now.”
      –They are doing that now and have been for some years.  
      And you don’t have to be an ultra-rich sociopath to react protectively towards your country and for the sake of your children.  All you need to do is live in a border state like California.  For heaven’s sake, they are carving gang signs into living trees in my neighborhood.  There’s not much I can do here in L.A. as far as legal eradication as they are in charge here except shoot if they try to break in, but I going to start documenting the destruction on our society wrought by them, like Victor Hanson has, until we can afford to escape.

      • This is much like Florida. Really we have lost South Florida, although a case can be made that the hispanics of Florida are much closer to white traditions than are Mexicans. My neighborhood where I grew up in the 1960s is now split between blacks and hispanics. I can just imagine what I would report here if I still lived there. I guess it taxes my thinking to figure out how we get rid of 20 million mexicans in a state like Calif.  Or the huge numbers in Texas or the other border states. My answer is something militant since we can’t seem to get the attention of the elected any other way. Why not a “civil-rights” movement for whites complete with marches and clergy praying?  And if the clergy won’t help, why do we continue to give them our money? Well, it’s just a thought.

        • Diamond_Lil

          My goodness, you are in the same pit as I am.  Do you have children?  I think we need some sort of network to evacuate the whites from these areas before they are hurt and/or hostilities commence.  We need Amren poster-landlords and employers in majority white areas to consider our applications.  Until we regroup, we can’t fight back.

      • libertarian1234

        As bad as those south of the border are, I believe the blacks are far more destructive to this society.

        They whine the loudest and create trouble from rabid violence to demands to be  put into positions where they’re not qualified and could do great harm,  like the medical field and phamaceuticals.

        But,  worst of all,  instead of showing gratitude for all they’re given,  they delusionally think they earn what they get and demand even more, while they excuse hundreds of violent black on white attacks as either justifiable or simply part of growing up.

        (Yes,  I’ve heard several of them say that on various T.V.  shows.) 

        • mikejones91

          I have said it before and I will say it again..There are plenty of NICE Hispanic majority cities/town. Irvine CA for example. Lovely place. Detroit on the other hand, not so much. But then again, I’m on the East coast so blacks are the minority majority out here so maybe I am wrong.

    • I won’t argue that.  What used to bug me was why would a Teddy Kennedy do a BM in his own backyard, that is, why would the nation’s wealthiest and powerful mess up our beautiful country with all sorts of third-worlders? After all, their family compounds are only so big.  It really confused me from my youth growing up in S Fl in the sixties and beyond. It really wasn’t until the later 1990s that I began to fully understand our woes went well beyond the democrat party and rogue clergy and professors.  It would be the NWO, New World Order, some shadow governing body of globalists that could be communists or not, but were on track to destroy the West and America. Immigration of the lowest classes, not what the US had done before 1965, now no longer selecting only the best and healthiest was one of the strategies and the other, so-called civil rights. Through the transfer of wealth in all sorts of welfare give-aways combined with the most devastating of all, political correctness through institutionalized racism against white people. Of course the latest appears to be the condoning of physical attacks by blacks against white America. I’d say that this was the plan. How finally will complete the plan is unknown, it sure isn’t the obama pretend president. He is just here to put the structure in place or if you will, finish what Bush put in place.

  • I tend to agree with you and this situation we find our selves in is terribly distressing. However, and I don’t like this one damn bit but what if we elect Romney.  We then mount another pressure campaign as we did once before and backed off Congress. I mean at least there is a chance with Romney that he and the Republicans can be pressured. With obama we know what will happen to us, genocide continues.

    I do not subscribe to the worse is better theory.  There just doesn’t seem to be a strategic advantage to fight more of the enemy. I am a realist as well and believe if we cannot turn this around, things will go exactly as you say.  Then we can agree the only option for survival will be a bloody one.

    • NM156

      Romney wouldn’t attempt an amnesty. He knows that the public annihilated the 2006 and 2007 attempts to pass Kennedy-McCain. He may, however, have much more authority as President to increase the number of permanent residency visas, which would be the equivalent to an amnesty. He will have many allies in Congress and on K Street who could easily justify the move politically to the public as being a solution to the immigration “problem”.

  • Diamond_Lil

    I agree with your sentiments about Romney however, he is more easily swayed by outspoken rhetoric and we could certainly provide that.  Obama, on the other hand, is anti-white and Marxist.  We need another, stronger, more intelligent, pro-U.S.  candidate for 2016.  We also need to hold our senate and representatives’ feet to the fire.  This will be our last chance.  For such an intelligent bunch, why are we not more organized?  Oh, that’s right, we have to worry about our jobs.  Jared Taylor for President.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Romney is a spineless disappointment, but there is something to be said for his desire to stop the march of the illegal tards into our country. 

    • Diamond_Lil

      Oh, moderator, as someone in the public education profession for years and years, you edited out my most pertinent point.  I’ll try another, more PC descriptive next time.  Promise.

  • On the right track there, Cuban Americans are not interested in Mexicans or PRs, they are considered by Cubans to be an embarrassment and a crime risk.

  • Diamond_Lil

    I had no idea.  We can’t live side-by-side with Mexicans or the South American third world.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    “I’m going to address the problem of illegal immigration in a civil, and resolute, manner,”

    –Willard the Rat

    There is nothing “civil” about the way illegal immigrants break into the United States.  There is only ONE resolution:  Deportation, you traitorous bastard!! — you included!!

    Rino Romney might want to ask Juan McCain how pandering to the ethnic grievance industry turned into votes in 2008; “long term solution” means vote for me and I’ll amnesty all of you, your relatives and keep the border open!”

    Reagan  tried a “long term solution to the immigration problem” back in 1986.   How well did THAT work out?  You can see the results all around you.


  • NM156

    Romney can stuff it. My visit to the polls on 11/2 won’t include a vote for president. Clueless, elitist douchebags like Romney are as good for America as left wing nutjobs, except the elitists smile before stabbing you in the back. Who needs political opposition with allies like Romney?

    • robinbishop34

      While I don’t disagree with your general sentiment I still think it’s important to vote, even if it is for the lesser of two evils. Think SCOTUS.

  • NM156

    You just go right ahead and try to get the message through to his campaign, but you will find an obstacle-the GOP elites who would love to stomp on the serfs in the rank-and-file and throw the borders wide open.

  • NM156

    So US engineers don’t deserve to make $75K? You are as brainwashed as Romney. The US has no shortage of engineers and scientists, but does have a surplus of employers tired of paying market-rate salaries for those professions. Americans are dissuaded from entering technical professions because of the lack of work and the enormous cost of a bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Romney and Obama both want more Asians to flood the sci-tech market. Is anyone in power not interested in destroying America?

  • murdock89

    If illegal immigrants and their children (even the “us citizen” ones) are not deported, however long it takes, and there is not at least a moratorium on any legal immigration save for the truly extraordinary immigrants  (which should amount to about 10 at most), then the US will have a civil war and will split up into different territories w/ various sectarian leaders.  Immigration is destroying this country both legal and illegal.  The best economic growth output occurred when immigration was the most restricted and there was no welfare state like the one we have today.  Mass immigration and welfare state is a recipe for disaster and genocide.

  • Athling

    Knowing the nature of White people in general, they are typically preoccupied with their own individual lives and their immediate families to really put themselves out for any seemingly abstract cause that doesn’t have an overt impact on their work-a-day lives. Whites will act and forcefully when their backs are to the wall.

    Whites will even act in racial solidarity as blacks and Hispanics do when a certain threshold of suffering is reached. We’re not there yet. Far from it I’m afraid.

    The White man is slow to wrath but once pushed beyond the limits of endurance is capable of producing a great measure of hell on earth. Few can oppose him in this state of martial fury.

    • No one can oppose him in a state of martial fury, except other White men. Since this new genocide is directed only at whites and only for being white, our enemies are creating an unstoppable demon forged from their darkest nightmare.

  • xthred

    Not voting.

  • newscomments70

    I was listening to Pastor Manning the other day on youtube. He is a black preacher from Harlem who is actually race realist. He warns that whites will actually have to rebel if we want our country back. Votes, petitions, silly tea parties, etc are useless. We’re voting for Romney because he is the lesser of two evils, but how is that really going to help us? He wants to let in millions more non-whites who hate us. Is he on crack? Hundreds of thousands more whites will be raped and murderd by blacks/browns if Romney becomes President. Like the other Rhinos, Romney will not address this problem because he wants to stay in power and support his business interests. Try writing to the Republican party and ask them to address minority on white crime. They will not respond. They are SPINELESS. We really need to rebel at this point. We’re facing extermination and we have no choice. This is not a radical viewpoint. Even some black conservatives have expressed this sentiment. We need to push back or we will simply die. 

    • I’m waiting for the system to collapse. The national debt is only a few years away from the tipping point. When the government has no money, it has no power. Patriotism is dead, no one truly believes in the government anymore. Police and soldiers are only fighting for their paychecks and pensions, which will soon disappear. In a few more years, we will have our revolution/renaissance.

      • mikejones91


      • bluffcreek1967

        In general, I think you are correct. However, it will take much more to occur before Whites finally throw off the chains of multiculturalism and political-correctness! It’s gotta get really bad for Whites before anything like this happens – and contrary to what some of us assume, we haven’t reached that point yet.

        • newscomments70

          We have reached that point years ago. Minority on white crime is at genocidal levels. When that is made known to the public, major unrest will occur. MSM liberals realize this situation and fight hysterically to black out such news stories and statistics. People have an idea of what is going on, but most of the stories are buried. I have suggested to Amren that they produce a daily video news show reporting minority on white crime. I believe that would bring awareness to the public, as well as push Amren ahead of the MSM. In the meantime, we must continue to post facts and statistics in comments sections on the MSM, or whatever else you can think of. 

          • bluffcreek1967

            Minority on White  crime has certainly risen over the years, and its undoubtedly increasing. But it hasn’t reached a boiling point that will awaken Whites from their slumber. Much more has to occur before that happens. One wonders whether it will be too late by then?

            To say that minority on White crime has reached “genocidal levels” is quite a stretch. This isn’t the case in America –  although hostility against Whites appears to be increasing each day in some form. One could perhaps argue this in certain parts of South Africa, but in most White Western countries, a true “genocide” has not yet occurred. The demise of Whites is mostly occurring via the philosphical-social theories promoted by Whites (i.e., liberalism, political-correctness, multi-culturalism). It’s these very theories that have proven more destructive to us as a race of people than all the minority on White crime one could cite.

          • newscomments70

            “To say that minority on White crime has reached “genocidal levels” is quite a stretch.” I disagree. There are several hundred thousand victims every year, worldwide. That is tantamount to genocide. Mob attacks are common now. The recent mob attack in Portland, OR was especially horrifying. 100 years ago, if a black on white crime occurred, even isolated and minor, whites would be filled with rage and act immediately. Now the media blacks most of the crimes out, and the liberal (anti-white) laws castrate us from protecting ourselves.  I know I sound extreme, but I believe I an correct. 

          • bluffcreek1967

            [This is in reply to your most recent post. For some reason it did not allow me the option to reply]: We don’t further our cause for good when our arguments are over-reached or extreme. What statistics do you have to prove (not assert or generalize) that there are “several hundred thousand” White victims each year worldwide? And on what basis do you prove that this is at “genocidal levels” or even “tanamount” to it? I would urge you to tone down the rhetoric so that the good part of your opinions are not dismissed because you’re over-stating your case.

            Moreover, saying that Whites are the “victims’ of non-White crime (as deplorable as that is) is not the same as proving that there is an demonstratable “genocide” presently occurring against Whites. Although crimes against Whites has been increasing, most Whites are not actually the victims of non-White crime  because many Whites avoid (though not all) Black areas and are isolated from them in their White communities. Blacks and other minorities are primarily the crime victims from their own race of people.     

          • On the fourth nested level, replying is not possible, because then the columns would be too narrow.

      • ‘I’m waiting for the system to collapse. The national debt is only a few years away from the tipping point.’

        Pat Buchanan seems to think America will probably collapse around 2025, per his last book.

        That is a pretty powerful back-up for the ‘Collapse-ist’ position.

    • mikejones91

      Realistically, we only have two choices. I don’t WANT to elect Romney, but I prefer him to Obama. You say “lesser of two evils” as if WE have a choice. We don’t. 

  • ageofknowledge

    Instead of seizing this epic opportunity for agriculture and land reform in a labor depression: they just want to import more of the poorest, most ignorant, most criminal demographic in the world and make them citizens. That’s how stupid our politicians are and the American voters for enabling it.

    • I never voted to flood my country with 3rd worlders. No politician has run on a platform of race replacement. This was all done behind our backs. Even now, neither party is offering to stop or slow down immigration, just 2 different ways of increasing it. Voting cannot help us, they will not let us vote on the issue.

  • newscomments70

    Romney was ahead until he started pandering to illegals. Now he is behind Obama again.

  •  Who says they aren’t?  Maybe one possibility you should consider is that a lot of AR regulars are involved in the many political opportunities that exist the pure electoral.

  • The__Bobster
  • robinbishop34

    You seem to be pretty confident in your claims and I’m not picking a fight but I believe some are more than a little dubious.

    You have to look at the circumstances that led to the emergence of the Hitler and Third Reich before we default to him once again as the universal madman of the ages.

    Because of some devastating bank crashes, the Versailles Treaty, and the spreading of communism in the country. Germany was in many ways being looted, culturally subverted, and stripped of it’s heritage, and it’s citizens humiliated. It isn’t untrue that jews were disproportionately involved in every aspect of these circumstances.

    • mikejones91

      True, but still not justification for genocide. I know..yeah.

  • Xanthippe2

    Check out Merlin Miller who is running for president as a third party canidate.  Although he doesn’t say he is concerned ONLY with Whites, he is far more pro-White than Ron Paul.

  • jeffaral

    Romney is even more anti-White than Obama.   Therefore vote for the lesser evil: vote for Obongo; anyway he’s going to be reelected!

  • jeffaral

    The Miami “white’ cubans are a Mafia in itself concerned only with their own wellbeing.   They are not Americans.

  • JohnEngelman

    Why is anyone surprised? Mitt Romney is a rich man. Like other rich men he benefits from Hispanic immigration because it exerts downward pressure on wages. 
    For at least a generation the people who own and run the United States have been getting richer by importing cheap labor while exporting good jobs. Mitt Romney has benefited from the process. Most Americans have been jeopardized by it. 
    George Romney made cars, providing those who built them with good jobs. His son makes deals, taking jobs away from Americans.  

  • JohnEngelman

    Deportations have reached record levels under President Obama, rising to an annual average of nearly 400,000 since 2009, about 30% higher than annual average during the second term of the Bush administration and about double the annual average during George W. Bush’s first term.        

    •  We’ve been through this before.  Turning someone away at the border is counted as a “deportation,” and starting the paperwork process that would lead to an illegal alien being deported if it makes it to the end (which it rarely does)  is counted as a “deportation.”

    • The__Bobster

      Why do you keep posting the same debunked crap over and over? You seem to exhibit a distinct inability to learn anything that is at odds with your strange world view.

      More Proof That Obama’s ‘Tough’ Deportation Record Is False
      By Brenda Walker on December 7, 2011 at 10:53pm Attentive observers have known for some time that Obama’s claims of record deportations were crap. The President himself admitted in September that the high numbers were “deceptive” and based on phony-baloney counting methods.Judicial Watch has provided an update showing that the Obama administration goes the extra mile in NOT enforcing federal immigration laws, even as it threatens states that do protect its citizens from illegal alien job predators with removal of funding (DOJ sends letter to Alabama police, warns against discriminating in new immigration law, AP, Dec 6). Fraud Over Deportation Numbers Confirmed By Lamar SmithBy Federale on October 19, 2011 at 2:52pm Lamar Smith has exposed the fraudulent deportation numbers claimed by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), and in response ICE has confirmed that voluntary returns of Mexican nationals arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol have been included in the count of deportations by ERO.October 19, 2011 The Texas TribuneICE Removes Record Number of Immigrants in FY 2011Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced this week it deported more immigrants during the 2011 fiscal year than it did in any year since the agency’s 2003 inception. The total includes more than 216,700 people convicted of felonies and misdemeanors.ICE, the investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), removed about 397,000 people from the U.S. last fiscal year, up from 392,000 the year before, the previous high mark. The figures are in line with the Obama administration’s increased enforcement since 2009, which has resulted in more deportations and prosecutions in three years than President George W. Bush’s administration accomplished in two terms.The enforcement has become a double-edged sword for Obama and his administration, which, despite the increases, continues to draw harsh criticism from Republican lawmakers who allege he is soft on illegal immigration. It has also angered advocacy groups that claim the administration has failed to reform the country’s flawed immigration system.U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, R-San Antonio, said after the ICE announcement that the administration was misleading the public and accused Obama of “cooking the books.”“The Obama administration continues to inflate its deportation numbers. The administration includes voluntary removals in its deportation statistics even though they impose no penalties on the offenders and make it easier for illegal immigrants to return to the U.S.,” [Emphasis added] said Smith, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. “Under this administration, worksite enforcement has dropped 70 percent, making it easier for illegal immigrants to live and work in the U.S.”A DHS spokesman confirmed to the Tribune that voluntary removals are included in this year’s count. But the official said that has been the process since the Bush administration — and that a voluntary removal is essentially a plea an immigrant enters that admits guilt. The immigrant forgoes a formal immigration court process and is then is deported, which the government says saves the courts time and money.

  • Zorro

    It’s a common mistake, which is why these globalist Warmongers co-opted the name Conservative for their use, simply to confuse people, and give true Constitutional Conservatisism a bad name.

  • mikejones91

    To be fair, there are PLENTY of non-white soldiers fighting. 

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     4 dead 26 shot but 3 hours to go. i am still in the 90th percentile as it stands and well inside my point spread. time to start playing the hourses.

  •    I work as a cashier at Kmart. These Mexicans in my line almost always have four kids in tow. It makes me mad that these kids will be overcrowding our schools. I wish illegal aliens and their children would disappear. Someone is telling them if they have more children they will get more money from the gringo. This is a concerted effort to speed up White people’s  irrelevance.

  • bluffcreek1967

    It’s amazing that at a time when we most need a reformer, one with some fire in his belly, the best we got to represent us instead of the current empty suit in the White House is ‘Mittens’!? I tend to think that if Romney gets the Presidency, he will make some positive changes economically. For a time, things will improve. But eventually, things will return to the status-quo (i.e., big, bloated government)and all the while an even greater mass of Third-World immigrants will flood our country.

    I will vote for Romney because there is no other alternative (that is, one who actually has a chance to defeat Obama), but I will hold my nose when I vote for him. I may even vomit upon leaving the voting booth. Romney may be a nice man, and he may have a nice family. But Romney is not reformer. He is not a fighter. He wants everyone to like him. He is an ‘establishment’ Republican, and he thinks in terms of big government as the answer to many of the problems we face. He will do nothing about the Mexican invasion from the south in terms of stopping illegal immigration nor of halting the demographics before us. He may be White, but he has no concern of protecting our White population. For that, we must look to someone else at a future time in history.    

  •  Anonymouse is correct about Ron Paul.   If people in the AR community care to see the real Ron Paul, google up and read the transcript of the speech he gave to a auditorium full of Mexicans in Las Vegas around the time of the GOP primary held in that city.

    He was pandering to them and promising them all sorts of goodies and special provisions – and, if I recall, he also was promising them that he’d find ways to increase the number of Mexicans who could flood into America ‘legally’.   I also seem to recall some quote attributed to Ron Paul whereby he said that these illegal mestizos are now the ‘new jews’, which implied that they were being mistreated and demonized unfairly, and through no fault of their own.   Apparently, illegally breaking into a nation which is not theirs and then carrying signs in demonstration parades that tell Whitey to carry his white hiney back to Europe, because the Mexicans are taking over – somehow doesn’t qualify as behavior that is deserving of arousing the anger of the White European majority. 

    Also, isn’t it interesting, how all of these politicians are so brazen & cavalier about their open participation in a crime of Genocide against the native and traditional White European descendants of our 100 percent White European Founders? 

    I wonder if they’ll be so calm, cool, and smug after  their genocide trials and convictions, as they are being escorted to the gallows?

  • JohnEngelman

    By Roque Planas
    Published June 19, 2012
    Fox News Latino
                                                                      President Barack Obama’s decision to halt deportation proceedings for immigrants brought to the United States as children is playing well with voters.                                                A Bloomberg poll published Tuesday finds that 64 percent of likely voters favor the June 15 policy change, giving Obama an edge in the rekindled immigration debate.                                                   Some 86 percent of Democrats approved of the decision, along with 65 percent of Independents, according to the Bloomberg survey. Republicans, by contrast, opposed the new deportation policy by 56 percent.                                                   The Obama policy orders immigration authorities to use prosecutorial discretion to freeze deportations for undocumented immigrants who arrived before the age of 16, have lived in the United States for five years, have clean criminal records and who are younger than 31…                                                             Romney stopped short of criticizing the policy itself, however, endorsing a statement by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio calling for Congress to find a long-term solution to the problem faced by undocumented youth.
    During an interview on CBS’ Face the Nation, Romney refused to say whether he would reverse the deportation policy if elected.   

    • JohnEngelman

      If one is a political activist public opinion surveys are likely to be disappointing. To be a political activist with any degree of enthusiasm one probably needs to believe that the majority already shares one’s opinions, but lacks focus and leadership, or one should believe that most people would agree if they listened to one’s arguments.
      Once one realizes that the majority has different values and concerns, and that these are not susceptible to one’s arguments one is likely to retreat into apolitical cynicism. 
      The United States is one of the freest and most democratic countries in the world. Regular elections assure that the status quo is reasonably congruent with public opinion. Most Americans would like personally to be better off financially. Nevertheless, on any issue there is rarely popular support for significant change. The only exception is when the United States faces a difficult and serious problem that lacks an obvious and easy solution – such as now, with the economy. 
      The way to get places in politics is to get in front of a popular issue. Association with an unpopular issue wastes energy and discredits a movement on issues where it may be effective.                   
      One does not get places in politics by changing people’s minds. One gets places by articulating and channeling sentiments that already exist. 

  • mikejones91

    To many to count. Type in White Port Richmond. It’s a guy In Philly basically driving around his white neighborhood and showing it. He then drives to the “black” neighborhoods and…well…yeah..>They look like hell, obviously.

  • Viva La Raza!!!!

    Observe Los Angeles where the police chief publicly  stated that the Chicanos were committing genocide against Black USA citizens.

    Other minorities also suffer at the ends of the tidal wave of invaders crossing the southern border.

    To truly understand the danger to We, the People and the USA one has to live amongst the non-assimilating horde as I did for decades before fleeing my home state of California.

    Leaving I re-entered the USA.

    Learn Spanish, Gringos Because I fear the USA’s future will be akin to what we see in Mexico today; an oligarchy with extremely concentrate wealth and power and the masses mired face-down in an economic quagmire.

    • JohnEngelman

      The conflict between blacks and Hispanics is the reason it is foolish for Democrats to give up on the white working class, and to promote policies that will create a white minority in the United States. 
      A Democratic Party that depends on a coalition of blacks and Hispanics will be unstable. I think the Democratic Party needs to regain the support of most white blue collar workers, and much of the South. I believe it can regain that support if it comes to understand why white blue collar workers and the South became disenchanted with the Democratic Party in the first place.  

  • Malibugfoot

    Take a gander at Deserre Cattle and Citrus and who owns it. Think Romney and the saints have a vested interest in illegal immigration?

  • better_times

    Some of the comments below tell the story of why a white majority cannot bounce Obama. Silly protest votes for folks like “Merlin.”  Does anyone here know what percentage of the 2008 vote the Libertarian candidate got? Is it even Googleable?  It’s so negligible that the only message being sent is one of impotence.
    Don’t think there’s a difference between Romney & Obama?  Think your vote won’t matter? 

    Learn from the winners & how they think:

    “Obama’s “message didn’t mean sh*t to me,” Jackson said, according to the New York Post. “I just hoped he would do some of what he said he was gonna do.” Implying that Obama has not yet been able to behave like a “scary” “n*gga,” Jackson said he hopes Obama will be more “scary” in his second term, “cuz he ain’t gotta worry about getting re-elected.” “I voted for Barack because he was black,” Jackson said. “Cuz that’s why other folks vote for other people — because they look like them.” Is this an honest insight, or gross intolerance?

    • ‘Some of the comments below tell the story of why a white majority cannot
      bounce Obama. Silly protest votes for folks like “Merlin.”  Does anyone
      here know what percentage of the 2008 vote the Libertarian candidate
      got? Is it even Googleable?  It’s so negligible that the only message
      being sent is one of impotence.’

      Actually protest votes effect elections all the time:

      1.) Gore lost in 2000 because so many Lefties voted for Ralph Nader in Florida.

      2.) In Washington State Senator Slade Gorton lost to some soccer mom Dem. because so many people voted Libertarian (WA is a Libertarian strong-hold)

      Romney is a HORRIBLE candidate.  I think I will be voting for the Constitution party for THIRD time (Peroutka, Baldwin, and now Goode) because Republicans refuse to put up at least someone as Conservative as Reagan (who gave Pat Buchanan a job BTW)

  • xxxtonygunsxxx


  • Now, what do you say about SCOTUS ruling on Arizona law ?

  • newscomments70

    I hear you. And any candidate who takes a strong stance against immigration is labeled as a radical and has literally no chance of winning.

  • ageofknowledge

    The crop of politicians from Reagon on just look at voters as warm bodies to sell out for money. If dogs and pigs were smart enough to vote, they’d make them all citizens and sell them out too. They don’t care about this country’s history, traditions, culture, etc…

  • JohnEngelman

    By MJ LEE | 5/23/12 6:38 AM EDT Updated: 5/23/12 9:00 AM EDT
    Opposition to gay marriage has hit a new low among Americans, weeks after President Barack Obama announced his support for it, according to a new poll Wednesday.Less than 4 in 10 Americans, 39 percent, said they are opposed to the legalization of gay marriage, in a new low found in a Washington Post-ABC News survey. Meanwhile, a majority of Americans, 53 percent, said same-sex marriage should be legal — compared to just 36 percent who said the same six years ago.

    Half of Americans, 51 percent, said they approve of the president’s recent decision to publicly support gay marriage, while 41 percent said they disapprove. 

    Read more:

  • TheTruthHurts4

    Romney’s support is limited to a demographic that is declining, aging, and dying. Obama is the president of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, young white people, and the best educate whites.
    Obama represents the future. Romney represents an unlamented past.

    The start of a dystopian novel. — Moderator