Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Rasmussen Reports, June 22, 2012

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows Mitt Romney attracting 48% of the vote, while President Obama earns 43%. Six percent (6%) prefer some other candidate, and another three percent (3%) are undecided.

The president picks up support from just 35% of white voters overall. That’s eight points below the 43% of the white vote he won in 2008. Among white Democrats, 17% currently plan to vote for Romney.


Just 30% believe the United States is generally heading in the right direction. Only 16% believe today’s children will be better off than their parents.


Daily tracking results are collected via telephone surveys of 500 likely voters per night and reported on a three-day rolling average basis. {snip}


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  • JackKrak

    He’s nearly there – the point at which the only white people that will vote for him are the ones that would still vote for him if he started wearing dashikis and let his ‘fro grow out.

    Stoners, militant gays, airhead soccer moms, most Jews, government employees and random people in Wisconsin, California, Mass, and NY. Congratulations, Dems – nice team you’ve got there.

    • JohnEngelman
      • The__Bobster

        Big surprise. Graduate schools are full of non-White foreigners. Fortunately, a lot of them can’t vote.

      •  Doesn’t say much for graduate schools, does it?

        • JohnEngelman

          Most people who go to graduate school are intelligent enough to know that cutting taxes for the rich will increase the deficit, and that reducing government spending and employment will raise the unemployment rate. 

    • MekongDelta69

      And all people on welfare or other gov’t. ‘assistance’ (paid for by YOU); feminazis, people who don’t pay any taxes (49% of the population); 95% of blacks; about 75% of Hispandex  (or is the plural, ‘Hispandices’?! – I’m not sure); about 67% of Jews; about 50% of Orientals; about 80% of college ‘students’; eco-radicals; animal ‘rights’ nuts; anarchists; marxists; communists; socialists; leftists; about 67%-75% of union workers; high percentage of leftist Christian denominations (i.e. Unitarians, etc.); your average, everyday John/Jane Doe who don’t have a clue about what’s going on in the world and couldn’t care less, even if they did.

      I must be leaving some lunatic fringe groups out. Feel free to fill in any blanks.

      • JohnEngelman

        After the election of 1994, when Republicans won both houses of Congress, a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle decided that the vote was bad for welfare recipients, so he went to several welfare offices, to ask the recipients what they though of the election. None had voted. Many were unaware that an election had taken place. 
        Helping poor people is like helping endangered animal species. They do not help back. 

        • “Helping poor people is like helping endangered animal species. They do not help back.”

          I have to say, this is just the right phrase I have been looking for. 
          I apologise ahead of time if you read it elsewhere.

          • JohnEngelman

            “Helping poor people is like helping endangered animal species. They do not help back.”           
            I would have attributed it to someone else, if I read it elsewhere. Quote me, if you wish.

  • The 43 percent White support in the 2008 election is seldom if ever mentioned by the mainstream media, but it’s very significant. A majority of White Americans never did favor Barack Obama for president. Now it’s down to 35 percent.  I’d say barring a sudden, totally unexpected and major uptick in the economy — which no one is predicting — or an “October surprise” designed to rally Americans around their Mulatto Messiah leader, Obama is toast in November.

    • NM156

      Romney’s recently disclosed position on immigration will keep millions of white voters at home on election day. Don’t fool yourself-Obama has an excellent chance for a second term. As of Romney’s speech to FL Hispanics, promising an amnesty-by-increasing-legal-immigration, I will not be voting for him. If his handlers listen to the Right’s elites instead of the white working and middle classes, Romney will do nothing but infuriate the large majority of white voters. Here’s an October Surprise for Obama: Romney promises to slash current rates of immigration, get rid of anchor babies, push for a worker ID check, and end chain migration for the immigrants allowed in. Romney would be elected by a landslide. Delusional Romney even thinks Americans will embrace his plan to give a visa to all foreign students who graduate from a US college with a science or engineering degree. Who but a complete wacko would propose this during a major, prolonged economic downturn? Who would welcome foreigners with no allegiance or cultural identification with America

      •  Despite what I know about the political preferences of most on this website — and I’m in the majority — I have to say that it sounds like some of you are secretly rooting for Obama to win a second term. Who are you so convinced that Romney is a loser, and that Obama, who couldn’t govern his way out of a cardboard box, will somehow pull off a brilliant “October surprise” that will ensure his re-election? Why are you all so pessimistic?

  • The__Bobster

    What happened to fake conservative Michael Smerconish’s poll that showed Obongo leading by almost ten points?

    • JohnEngelman

      The San Francisco Chronicle    June 21, 2012
      Washington –President Obama has opened a significant lead overMitt Romney in a Bloomberg National Poll that reflects the presumed Republican nominee’s weaknesses more than the president’s strengths.Obama leads Romney 53 percent to 40 percent among likely voters, even as the public gives him low marks on handling the economy and the deficit, and 6 in 10 say the nation is headed down the wrong track, according to the poll    conducted June 15-18.The survey shows Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, has yet to repair the damage done to his image during the Republican primary. http://www.sfgate.com/politics/article/Obama-leads-in-poll-Romney-called-out-of-touch-3650870.php       

  • JohnEngelman

    Support for Mitt Romney is pretty much limited to whites Gentiles. Although Jews and Orientals are usually more successful than white Gentiles because they have higher IQs, they also have the humanity to care about those who do not share their advantages. 

    • “…they also have the humanity to care about those who do not share their advantages.”

      I may have misunderstood your point but I believe the Gentiles have given probably more to any other peoples in world history.  I’ll go one further, than even in the future. 

      • He is a troll.  Do not feed the trolls. He is also most likely an Israeli or some other small penis jew who wants to help his “people” or whatever jews are.

    • Where do I begin to address the idiocy of this? Jews do not vote for lefties because they have “humanity”. When do jews show “humanity” for Whites? When the jooze had turned Europe into a slaughterhouse,and the Europeans,being low on “humanity” I guess,justifiably turned on them,the White American man went over there and rescued them. We also let in hordes of vicious psycopathic jews who immediately began the “revolution” that sprang forward in 1965. It has progressed ever further since. What do we get from “humanity jooze” for all we have done for them?  When other hordes of communist jews,covered in the blood of White Europeans, decide to head to Palestine and with the help of the self-described Zionist Joe Stalin,take the land away from the rightful owners,who was the 1st to recognize that vicious “nation”? Who pumped untold trillions into that rabid-rat of a country,where the “humanity jooze” frolic in cold swimming pools and the Pallies live on 2 gallons of water a day? I wish I could see you man-to-man then you’d get a taste of NON-humanity! Its obvious you are here to inflame the readers with your comments,and provoke that old lady,”Auntie Semite” to discredit Amren. But how can we IGNORE the obvious for so long?? As for “Orientals” having humanity,and caring for others,that comment proves you’re not serious. The problem is that the idea of   jooze as “humanity-havers” is the joke that no one seems to get!!

    • MissBonnie123

      You keep on commenting how high Orientals’ IQs are yet it was White people who founded and created the greatest country on earth—-the country that Orientals come to for jobs and education. Many Orientals with their “high IQs” choose not to receive a college education in their countries but come to America to take advantage of the education system created by my White race.

      You wrote “they (Jews and Orientals) also have the humanity to care about those who do not share their advantages.”

      What are you talking about? How do Orientals care about humanity? Do the Chinese have superb human rights in their country that no one knows about? When Orientals come to America to take advantage of our systems, do they defend White people who are being ethnically cleansed from their country? No. Instead, an Oriental professor in California gleefully tells Hispanics that they will replace old White men in professions.

      Since you are Oriental, you might be more comfortable finding a website geared to your ethnic group.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    i thought it was disgraceful when i read that ovomit and the ape-faced chris rock were running through the white house barefoot yelling black people rule the world  but the photo the white house released today of deviant homosexuals holding their middle fingers up in front of a portrait of Reagen outdoes that. pretty powerful message from  ovomit. why am i not surprised? 42 blacks shot by other blacks in chicago in a weekend and 12 killed, what a culture i am not surprised that they are proud of their degeneracy, low culture and stupidity. they are actually proud of being idiots.

    • Did you see the video one of the woman/man attendees posted?  She was the woman in one of the photos in front of Reagan.  Anyway, she took it down but The Blaze has it. In it you could see a Marine Band playing music while same sex partners danced.  There was even a woman that becam a man- it proposed marriage to a woman right in the middle of the ball room.  Then there was an elisted serviceman walking through one scene, I swear he was tiptoeing just like a short-haired Tiny Tim.  My God, I am so happy all of my older relatives are with their maker, especially my father who bore the physical scars of WWII all of his life. All I can say is this is purely evil, santanic.

      • NM156

        It truly was a bizarre spectacle. I’m surprised the queers didn’t have a circle jerk. No kidding. This country is a pigpen of diversity. Tossed between the leftist nutjobs and American plutocracy, we have no future.

      • Yes and you have to wonder if these WWll guys are up there in heaven looking down and saying.”We fought on the wrong side!!”

  • ageofknowledge

    Emperor Obama cannot be bothered with the grumbling of serfs from his unilateral edicts and decrees .

  • The__Bobster

    The Chinese only care about ther immediate familes. That’s why it doesn’t bother them to use lead paint on children’s toys or put melamine in dog food to artificially boost the protein level.



  •  So I presume that means you’re voting for Obama on election day? Or staying home, which will mean one less vote for Romney? And by the way, why do you think Romney is the “designated GOP loser” when he’s neck-and-neck with a sitting president, and the economy is going south again?

  • Or, it means they hate America so much that they want to saddle us with the lead weight around our ankle that calls himself Barack H. Obama II.  If your worst enemy wanted to jump in a boiling hot cauldron pot, would you vote no? 

    A recent poll shows that 92% of the French would vote Obama.  They would never elect an Obama type to have national power in France.  France must really hate us.

  • Founders created a federal government intended to be run by an HONORABLE elite class that would consider their own class but due to HONOR would include all socio-economic groups and the USA as a whole.

    Yes!!!! Exceptions DID exist but as time passed changes occurred, okay?

    Sadly, the elites owning and operating the federal government lost that HONOR.

    Only acceptable politician figurehead lackeys are allowed to be a potential high-level lackey.

    The mass media has tremendous influence as to who can be a viable candidate.

    I am convinced that only a full-scale military coup can make any meaningful change in the federal government, its multitude of bureaucracies  and the many embedded systems that control in many ways We, the People.