The GOP’s Crackdown on Eric Holder: Racist?

Yahoo! News, June 21, 2012

Republicans say they’re targeting the nation’s first black attorney general solely to get to the bottom of the botched Fast and Furious gun sting

The 18-month investigation into the botched gun-running operation Fast and Furious “has finally handed House Republicans a prize they’ve long sought,” say Jake Sherman and Reid J. Epstein at Politico: “A legal smackdown of the Obama administration.” The House Oversight Committee voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress on Wednesday for declining to turn over hundreds of documents related to the operation. But that’s not what this is really about, suggests MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: “I don’t want to start too much forest fire here, but it is my instinct: Is this ethnic?” Matthews isn’t the only Democrat saying Rep. Darrell Issa’s (R-Calif.) investigation is “motivated by racism,” says Joel Gehrke at The Washington Examiner. In December, Holder himself said the House is going after him “to get at the president . . . . both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.” Is the GOP really targeting Holder because he’s black?

Liberals are playing the race card: If race is a factor here, it’s because Team Obama is “baiting a trap” for the GOP, says former Rep. Artur Davis at Politico. By claiming executive privilege over the contested Fast and Furious documents, they’re “deliberately escalating a conflict with congressional Republicans to drive the narrative of Republican extremism.” And “Holder’s race, frankly, is a convenience that abets the other favored Democratic argument of covert Republican racism.” Nobody’s buying it.


Race may actually help Holder: The full House probably will hold Holder in contempt next week, says Alex Koppelman at The New Yorker, but “barring some earth-shaking development,” that’s the end of the scandal. Sure, Republicans “will get some political mileage” from the move, but the only thing Congress can really do to enforce it is “the nuclear option”—arrest and try Holder itself. {snip}

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  • Francis Galton

    Chris Matthews is a disgusting, self-hating White In Appearance Only.  If Eric Holder were White, and ESPECIALLY if he were a Republican White, Ole’ Tingly Chrissy would be the loudest supporter of a hypothetical Democrat-led contempt vote.  Matthews’ stance is even more perplexing considering that Fast and Furious involves illegal guns and preventable gun deaths, and Chrissy is virulently anti-gun.

    Maybe the apparatchiks at MSLSD should talk about something HOLDER did that WAS racially motivated: dropping the slam-dunk voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party.  I won’t hold my breath….

    • Critic_of_Leviathan

      I have a good idea for Election Day this November, and I’m sure this has crossed the minds of many people who are sick of Eric Cupholder.

      It would be great to dress in a KKK outfit while open-carrying, right outside the polling place.

      I am trying to build up the balls to do this, but hopefully someone with more guts than I have will actually do something like this.  Hopefully a lot of people.

      I wonder if the Attorney Negro would prosecute so that he can be shown for the hypocrite that he is.

      • Francis Galton

         Actually, here’s something even better: just dispatch groups of five or so burly, salt-of-the-earth type White guys open-carrying guns to urban, majority-black voting precincts (making sure to stay within the letter of the law, of course), and then have them stand immediately off to the sides of the polling place, so that all the blacks in line will see them.  They won’t say or do anything, unless engaged by someone else.    

        I think it is “better” because there is no obvious reason why their presence should be intimidating, but given that black skin is thin skin, blacks will cower in their presence and demand that Holder open a voter intimidation investigation.  It would reveal an even greater degree of hypocrisy than would standing in a KKK outfit.      

  • MekongDelta69

    Alex Koppelman at The New Yorker:

    “…but ‘barring some earth-shaking development,’ that’s the end of the scandal. Sure, Republicans ‘will get some political mileage’ from the move, but the only thing Congress can really do to enforce it is ‘the nuclear option’—arrest and try Holder itself.””Itself”? Really? Alex Koppelman doesn’t know the English language very well, but then again, he works for the uber-leftist New Yorker and the only standards they have are that you have a B.A. in ‘journalism’ and are fully brainwashed and indoctrinated.But then again… Maybe it was a Freudian slip!  😉

  • humura

    Atty. Gen. Holder is the racist, as evidenced in Christian Adams’ book about his time in the Dept. of Justice.  Adams resigned because of the anti-white racism he experienced at his job in Holder’s agency.  Meanwhile Dem. Representative Pelosi declared that the Republican charges against Holder were motivated because Holder was the champion of defending the right to vote. As noted, Holder refused to uphold the Voting Rights Act when whites and Republicans were intimidated by the virulently racist New Black Panther Party.  Of course, Pres. Obama marched beside members of the NBPP in Alabama and shared a platform with them.  The real racists are Obama and Holder.  

    • Audieleon


  • mikejones91

    GUYS/GIRLS—All you have to do is read the comments on the OP and see the growing skepticism about these daily baseless claims. It’s great to see!

  •  Liberals say the Republicans are playing the race card? Gee, everybody who’s surprised at that, stand on your head.

    If “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel,” as Samuel Johnson alleged, then “the race card” is the last refuge of a cornered liberal. Things are falling apart for Obama; he can’t run on his record (it’s been said constantly by the Republicans, but it’s true), his health-care package may well be thrown out, bag and baggage, by the Supreme Court next week, the economy looks to be headed into the dumper again after a very anemic so-called recovery.

     “They’re picking on us because we’re black” is the only argument the Mulatto Messiah and his Algonquin J. Calhoun mouthpiece have left.

    • Heavenawaits

      Right, because I’ve NEVER heard of any blacks, hispanics or liberals accuse conservatives of being racist every step of the way.  This comes as a complete shock to me!  (sarcasm)

  • Rocky Bass,

    Jesus, you racist jerks, you don’t even see it! To hold an African to European standards of behavior “is” OUTRAGEOUS! Africans have a way of doing things (please see Africa or Detroit), and for us to expect them to comport themselves in any other manor, is racist to the core, they have a way of doing things and that is it.

  • IstvanIN

    The minuet he said “my people” he should have been asked to resign and then compelled to do so.

    • ncpride

      Exactly! But nope, it barely made a splash in the news. Imagine if that had been a White man…

    • Sheila Dinehart

      actually that is very true, very logical, reasonable and should happen

  • Audieleon

    Play that race card better hurry it’s coming to an end,people tired that same old s–t

  • ageofknowledge

    It must be racist, after all he’s a black man so no matter what crimes he commits it’s “racist” if society tries to hold him accountable for what he does.

    • Heavenawaits

      That’s just it though.  Nobody holds black people accountable when they get in trouble or screw up.  Liberals blame their failures on “jim crow” or “white men” or republicans, etc.  The conservatives blame black people’s failures on liberalism.  Neither conservatives or liberals are correct.  Black people who screw up in life are to blame as are whites who screw up or whatever.  Nobody holds anyone accountable anymore.  If you are against the notion of ‘white supremacy’, then doesn’t it make sense to hold blacks responsible when they mess up as you would with whites?

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Chris Matthews is such a stupid fat slob…I am always embarrassed for him if I see him on tv (though i rarely watch tv)…is this ethnic?  ETHNIC…what a stupid code word…if he had any balls he would say hmmm…sounds like racism to me, sounds like our HOLY BLACK AG is being hounded by white racist republicans to me which is a really good thing cause Obama can’t win unless we make everything into RACE…continued white on black oppression…over  600 years of white western civilization’s oppression…o boo hoo hooo will somebody please slit my fat arsed throat!

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Artur Davis is a number of levels  above most politicians anywhere in the country.

  • Kurt Plummer

    So few people vote these days that I doubt if they see NBPP as Mr. Shabbaz’ antics as more than quaint reflections of what people will complain about on a slow news day.

    Similarly, blacks have made such a bread winner out of playing the shuck and jive like black racism is just Uncle Tomism on the down low that we except it as harmless.  Hyuck, hyuck, he said ‘My People’ (in a Beavis and Butthead accent)…

    Those twin attitudes, taken in combination -do- make these arguments rather trite.

    Unfortunately, aiding and abetting an ongoing civil war in the face of KNOWN massive Mexican Government corruption (where those guns go, nobody knows…) is not a joke.  Though the notion that weapons bought off the rack at civilian gun stores when the Mexican DTO customers make so many billions that they can afford to buy Chinese milspec weapons has it’s own ring of absurdity.

    ‘What we are seeing is a failure to communicate.’

    A single salient fact:  Government officials have a fiduciary responsibility that extends above and beyond that of a normal civilian, even a normal civilian in a like (corporate executive) job class.

    For Holder this means three things:

    1.  He cannot be seen to be involved in something which could -possibly- be biased by his presence in office.  Which is to say that if something could be seen as pro-black racial, he has to have laid out a set of deliberate doctrines that make it clear that any and all cases will be played by the book, on merit, as straight and true as possible: ‘No race preference allowed’.  This includes routing bypasses of other, in-house hotbeds of black favoritism (such as voting and civil rights at Justice).  So that you don’t end up with top attorneys coming before Congress to say: “Look, our bosses said they would never hang a black for violating white civil rights.”  Because Holder could be right there pointing to a reality of “And I made sure you knew to go beyond them through this alternate chain of command, to WHITE LAWYERS (implied if not stated) if you had any problems getting what needed done cleared, through ‘my people’.”

    2.   He cannot be seen to make light of one racial groups’ identity by proclaiming affiliation to another.  Whether or not it is meant in good faith, all innocence or as a deliberately spoken truth.  ‘My People’ only applies to ‘We The People’.  And Mr. Holder should have known this as one of the most basic, “You don’t work for the President and you don’t work for me.  You work for our bosses, the American People.” quoatables (James Earl Jones, ‘Clear & Present Danger’) there is.

    3.  He cannot be ‘irresponsible’ for a given circumstance and expect to be let off because of his lack of awareness of it’s implicit facts.  This means that when something bad went down in his department on an international arms-for-drugs tracking op, he should have wiped the egg off his face and admitted it was his fault because he’s captaining the boat.

    ANY of the above attitudes of accepted responsibility would be worth a thousand denials based on racism.  Because they show a man cleaning his own house and taking charge of it’s flaws as his own.

    Holder has done none of this.  Holder is a bad penny that needed to be jettisoned a long time ago.  The fact that Obama wouldn’t shows how critically dependent he is on the -appearance- of being ‘unmoved’ by the threats to his own legitimacy that his appointee’s incompetence cast as long shadows over his own.

    Such an attitude is not one of confidence but of arrogance and smacks of presumptive certainty befitting a reign not an administration.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    ha thats funny…he really does talk like the fool he is…what if he is walking to his car one night and a black gets behind him and slits his throat?…or what if he goes to the mall to shop for a pairs of jeans in the fat-ass men’s department and suddenly he is surrounded by a black mob and they beat and beat and beat his fat ass to a pulp…wonder if that would be ETHNIC? or what if he is walking down the street and an innocent black child blows his head off because of his dumb ass looking whiteskinprivlege…would his last words be “Is this ETHNIC?!”, what if…

  • Marc B.

    Notice it’s about how the republicans finally have a gotcha, not about a false flag operation used to diminish the Second Amendment by arming Mexican drug gangs who than perform mass/serial murders of not only rivals with them, but also kill US Border Patrol agents, Mexican police and innocent bystanders. Rather than that, just focus on the people making life hard for their Dictator in chief.