Cops Cheer NYPD Officer Richard Haste, Charged in Death of Teen Ramarley Graham

Matthew Lysiak et al., NY Daily News, June 14, 2012

The cheers of fellow cops for her unarmed son’s killer stung Constance Malcolm as cruelly as the bitter tears in her eyes.

“That’s how they work,” the heartbroken mom said Wednesday after Officer Richard Haste was sprung on $50,000 bail in the Feb. 2 shooting of Ramarley Graham. “You see it every day.”

Ramarley Graham

Malcolm and her husband, Franclot Graham, sobbed throughout the Bronx Criminal Court hearing where Haste softly pleaded innocent on his 31st birthday. The weeping Graham faces Father’s Day without his son.

Yet the assembled cops still applauded their brother in blue, who faces up to 25 years in prison, in a salute that struck the Graham family like a slap in the face.

“There is nothing to cheer here,” said Graham family lawyer Jeffrey Emdin. “A young man lost his life, and that is the man who took that life.


Courthouse protesters infuriated by the Bronx killing offered a vocal counterpoint to the clapping by taunting the four-year NYPD veteran.

“NYPD, KKK, how many kids did you kill today?” the demonstrators chanted at Haste, who appeared in court on crutches after a recent motorcycle accident.

Richard Haste

Prosecutor Donald Levin, during the arraignment, said Haste’s decision to fire a single fatal shot into Graham was “neither reasonable or justifiable.”

In the most detailed description yet of the fatal encounter, Levin said Graham and Haste were just a few feet apart inside the cramped second-floor bathroom.

Haste “stood face to face with Ramarley Graham,” his weapon pointed directly at the teen, whose grandmother and 6-year-old brother were nearby, Levin said.

“Ramarley Graham was boxed in the bathroom. He had nowhere to go,” the prosecutor continued, using his hands to pantomime the shooting. “Ramarley was looking at the barrel, the muzzle of the gun.”

It was the last thing the teenager ever saw.

“Then Officer Haste consciously and deliberately pulled the trigger, shooting Ramarley Graham and causing his death,” said Levin.


Defense attorney Stuart London insisted Haste believed he was about to die when he pulled the trigger.


Haste slipped into the courthouse through a side door to face arraignment on manslaughter charges. One side of the courtroom was filled with police officers and unions reps, while the other held the Graham family and their supporters.

The latter group made a dramatic courtroom entrance, gripping one another’s shoulders to form a human chain as they marched silently through the hallway.


Haste chased Graham into his apartment after hearing reports via police radio that the teen drug suspect had a gun in his waistband, police said.

While cops contend Graham ran when ordered to stop, surveillance video showed him walking inside his home before plainclothes cops tried to kick their way into the apartment.

Haste claimed that he fired once after identifying himself as a police officer and mistakenly thinking that he saw a weapon—but no gun was found.


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  • curri

    No police were charged in this case in which an unarmed white man was shot from ambush: 

    Police Chief Jim McDonnell admitted in a press conference that no verbal warning or command was given for Zerby to drop the object in his hands, a water hose nozzle, in the more than 15 minutes the officers were present prior to the killing. He was ambushed and it was “target practice for the Long Beach Police Department,” according to the Zerby family’s attorney, Brian Claypool. 


  • This is what is so hypocritical about Bloomberg whining about Stand Your Ground in Florida.  On the same day this week that he was in Florida to join a rally against SYG, this indictment in NYC happened.  Stop-and-Frisk is to NYC what SYG is to the rest of the country.  The same people Bloomy was cavorting with in his opposition to SYG are the same people that hate Bloomy for SAF if they were in New York.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      What right does a Mayor of a city in NY have to protest a policy in the state of FL?

      With a name like Ramarley he was F.A.B.

  • KKK.  Always and Forever.  I swear, sometimes I think they the only reason they invoke those letters is because their brains are so small, they simply can’t think of anything else.

    • Southern__Hoosier

       I agree. KKK has a nice ring to it and makes a good sound bite for the liberal media.

      • I admit, I love those letters!  My ex had an antique Klan outfit in a glass case and one summer, his daughter visited and brought her black girlfriend with her.  Kitty (black friend) couldn’t take it and left after day two.  It scared her she said.  I think it was more than that though.  I don’t think she liked the jap helmet that had the bullet hole in it or any of the stuffed animals and birds or any of the Civil War stuff or the Indian stuff.  She liked me and Ivy but I think Tom scared her the most.  He wasn’t about to take down anything because she didn’t like it so I think that was the real problem.

        • Guest

          Sounds like she did like white southern culture. A lot of people are like that, they feel uncomfortable outside their circle.

          • I really don’t think the robe bothered her.  It was just an antique.  The whole house was nothing but antiques.   I was nice to her and tried to make her feel comfortable and welcome but I don’t think she felt comfortable around Tom.
            The reason Ivy had a black friend was because Jenny, Tom’s ex-wife, had left him for a black man and took Ivy (she was three I think) to live in St. Louis or Kansas City (I don’t remember which one) and Ivy was raised with blacks.  She was literally, the only White Child in her class.  It’s a school photo I will never forget.  Anyway, Ivy has black children now and Ivy is his only child.  I know a huge piece of him died when she came home with that black child.  He wouldn’t let her bring him in the house and he wouldn’t go outside to look at him neither.  Stupid me talked him into going outside to look.  Ivy was really hurt so I did it for her but I regret it.  We should be shaming our children instead of always just accepting their non-white children.  It promotes the behaviour when we accept it.  Maybe Ivy would’ve stopped at that one instead of having three more.

          • qpwoeir

            Sad. And I bet all the black babies she had were bastards and she is raising them on welfare.

          • Hello Qpwoeir,

            Yes, it is sad.  Ivy was good White Stock but forever ruined now.  Hells Bells, let me just be Honest, she was forever ruined after the first one.  I never asked her if they were from the same father as her dad and I broke up twelve years ago and the first was born before that.  I never saw her other three, just heard about them.  She called me and told me her dad died back in 2005 and that’s when I learned she had three more.

            Ivy probably is on Welfare.  One of the saddest things is the antiques.  They will be in the hands of people who have no appreciation and will certainly never take care of them.  Ivy and her mother probably sold alot of it for way under the value and the rest will be passed down to blacks.  I know Tom is rolling in his grave.  I also lost as I did spend ten years worth of my money in that relationship and at a minimum, 25% of those antiques were bought with my money but I walked away from them.  Getting away from Tom hassle-free was much more important than trying to recoup my losses.  We were never married but considered common-law so I think I had a genuine case but I moved out of State and had no money to pursue it.  The cops told me it was a civil matter when I called them to try to file a complaint against him for not returning my stuff to me.  He tried to ransom my stuff and I did pay him some money but when he refused to return anything after giving him money, I stopped and just forgot about it.

          • refocus

            Tom reads as if he were a real jerk. 

            Wife leaves him for black man?

            Live in girl friend leaves just to get away…?

            His child goes mixed race… what does one expect?

        • Southern__Hoosier

          Sounds like she did like white southern culture. A lot of people are like that, they don’t feel uncomfortable outside their circle.

        • Southern__Hoosier

          Sounds like she didn’t like white southern culture. A lot of people are like that, they feel uncomfortable outside their circle.

      • Major

        Yup….I find it easier to say than CBC, NAACP, SCPC or BET, or Ebony or 9,000 other acronyms for black “power” we’re inundated with.

        • Southern__Hoosier

          Don’t forget TSA, DOE,GSA, IRS. EPA, DOJ, “or 9,000 other acronyms for black “power” we’re inundated with.” 

    • IstvanIN

      The KKK is 90% FBI agents/provocateurs who entraps a few hapless whites.

      • Where did you get this information?  Are you saying Pastor Robb and Ms. Rachel Pendergraft are FBI?  Let me know please because they are who I call when I have questions.

      • They used to be, but the original KKK disbanded due to infiltration. The modern IKA system is regional. Each branch is independent of the rest and they only gather for festivals and important meetings.

    • Frosty_The_White_Man

      What do you call a vampire that only feeds on race traitors? Drakkkula.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    whats going on here??!! there has not been a mob of 40 blacks looting a gas station convenience store or clothing shop  in a week are they on break??!! GET BACK TO WORK YOU BLACKS!! YOU ARE TRIFLING!!  i did’nt say you could take a break….

  • Simple solution, White Cops are no longer allowed to go anywhere NEAR black neighborhoods.  Majority Black neighborhoods will now have to police themselves or are only ASSIGNED Black cops.  That is what they want, so let’s make it happen!  We all now what would really happen and it would not be pretty.  They would be BEGGING for White cops to return in less than 3 hours.

  • I really don’t want to speculate what the dead negro had in his hand that resembled a gun . . . if anything.  Suffice it to say this:  That young white cop was terrified.  He chased the creature deep into its hive.  It refused to stop.  it ran into an apartment and then into a bathroom.

    The cop was afraid for his life.  He didn’t know if he would ever get out.  For all he knew, he was going to end up in a boiling pot. 

    Now he confronts the negro in a cramped bath rooom.  The negro reaches for something . . . adrenaline pumping, the cop reacts without thinking and pulls the trigger.  Bang.  One down.

    Does he wish he could take it back.  Undoubtedly.  Does he deserve a day in jail?  Ridiculous.

    Society can’t have it both ways.  You can’t expect young, clean-cut white kids to deal with these animals on a daily basis and then get upset when one’s a little hasty on the draw.  Don’t like it?  Fine.  Build a big fence around every negro neighborhood and let them police themselves “Escape From New York” style..

    The NYPD won’t mind a bit.

    Satisfied Chimpmaster

  • crazy_j

    Screw that cop.

    If it’s one thing I hate more than the MultiCult, its the Cult of The State.

  • crazy_j

     I.. wait. What?

    • It’s sarcasm.  You know the black panthers aren’t out there doing any good.  They’re not even helping their own people outside of helping them keep their hatred for White People alive and well that is.

  • mialexa

    Police here in oakland just shot an armed teen. His friends are all defending him by saying that “He would carry a gun, but he would never point it at police.”

  • MissBonnie123

    I’ve believed for a long time that we Whites need to be separated from nonwhites and a case like this  proves it. If we had our own homeland, for example, White police officers would be patrolling and they would not be constantly harrassed with accusations of racism. Plus, they would be much safer.

    I don’t know a lot of the details of this case, but I believe that situations like this will always happen as long as we stay integrated. Nonwhites will never stop crying racism no matter what the situation.

    • Brazilians have a recipe:

      I thought of this study because I recently viewed two movies about Brazil, City of God and Bus 174.
      Both of these films dealt with crime in Brazil and the color aspect
      was clear to anyone with eyes. Though there was evidence of racial
      mixture in the slums, the Brazilian elite could have been southern European.
      Racism is a reality in Brazil, no matter the “racial democracy” myth
      propounded for much of the 20th century by the nation’s elite. One recent survey
      found that “black” slum dwellers were twice as likely as “white” slum
      dwellers to be shot by officers in the line of duty. Making this even
      more confusing is that he Brazilian police force is traditionally one of
      the avenues of middle class advancement for non-whites and is 50%

  • Knuckle Dragger

    …one less dope-slinger!

  • crazy_j

     I take my stance more for the reason that a white man wearing a state-issued costume will readily and gladly snatch up a fellow white man and arrest and/or imprison him on flimsy or even made-up charges, all in the name of “The Law.”

  • Kurt Plummer

    Don’t assume a black cop will deal with his own in a way that will put the fear of The Blue Wolves into them.  It may be a turn-away or lecture instead of an arrest.  It may simply be ‘not available to take call’ ignorement of a threat.  Especially when the odds are really long.

    Black cops _really are_ to black perps what black citizens like to believe white cops are to white perps.

    The Russians tried this approach to machiavellian transposition of forces (Byellorussians minding the business of Armenians etc.) in their various ethnic republics and it never worked.  The peacekeepers simply didn’t care enough to risk their hides and the locals were either outraged at the intrusion or afraid of the consequences to objecting to it.  Leaving organized crime to thrive.

    Whites should look after their own.  If that means hiring locals for something like the ‘Kuffs’ approach-

    To privatized policing of specific locations.

    Or going to more conventional, outside, security firms.

    If CPD can’t do it on their own, augment them with a force whose funding, racial makeup and locality _you control_.

  • anarchyst

    There are too many white cops that are “dirty”. . .

  • Kurt Plummer


    If he doesn’t, and the perp has a gun, the officer most likely won’t go home tonite.

    Maybe so but even if true, the solution is four pronged:

    1.  SAPI.  Small Arms Protective Inserts.
    As a hardvest you don atop your standard uniform before you go charging into the lion’s den of a pinned perp.  A decent ballistic shield or helmet is also nice.  He who runs fastest (after a fleeing perp) dies first.  Planning is everything here unless you actually have him by the belt buckle and don’t want to -lose- pursuit contact.
    2.  UGVs.  Unmanned Ground Vehicles.  As throwable balls which grow legs or treads along with cameras.  Again, blow away the ‘bot, we’ll buy more and you give the cops an excuse to throw the flash bang followup.
    3.  Tazers/Dazzlers.
    Which can be used preemptively to end a fight where the hands are not visible and without slaughter.
    4.  Return to a Death Penalty.
    No leopard, biped or otherwise, who has commited three felony crimes is going to change their spots.  Someone who has two felonies on their mandatory address listing is not going to surrender.  Everyone else gets a chance to come out quietly.  One Chance.

    Cops _choose_ to be the men as the career paths they are.

    They are overwhelmingly the jocks and the failed professionals who were too dumb to become engineers, doctors, architects or gain other post-graduate high degrees.  And yet just smart enough to know that the difference between a schoolyard thug and an adult criminal is realizing that all games have rules and the team you play for had better be the one setting them.

    You cannot feel too sorry for a volunteer.

    Myself, the worse it gets, the more excuses there will be to do unto whites that which is illustratively ‘racially unbiased’ in it’s extremity of police state reactionism to ALL threats.

    As what blacks and increasingly hispanics bring down upon themselves.

    We can only get out from under this shared Damocletian Outcome by separation from our ethnic other so that we are not tarred with the same assumptive brush.  Sort to Morte as a mandate for all due care has real value when whites are _proud_ of their low criminality.

    Because then we can shame each other into conformity in ways we would not tolerate from other population groups.

    • Kurt, some biped leopards are black. They can’t change their color.

  • Dear Anon12,

    I felt pretty bad for Ivy.  Raised with ALL blacks, not just some.  I can’t get past that school photo she brought home that one year.  I really do wish I had allowed Tom to send a cold message.  I’m sorry about that but 20/20 is perfect and I’m not 20/20.

    I was young (yes, I’m going there!) and still stupid and I was trying to help Ivy and her dad come together.  I myself being from a “broken” family, it was hard to watch her hurt.  It was wrong but on the good note, she told me on that phone call that Tom never really did ever accept her kids and though I’d never tell her, I was relieved.

    She Murdered his Viking Blood and I know he did not like that, not one bit did he like that and she knows it.  Tom always told her about her Viking Blood every time she came home so she knew very well.  Her “mother” Anon, her “mother” destroyed Ivy.  Ivy was a good kid but in the latter years, we always had to de-negroize her when she came home.  We had to make her take out the nose ring, take off the make-up (dark eye shadow and that black ring she outlined her lips with) and dress White.  And then one day, she showed up with little blackie.  He looked kinda mostly white but more like a light mud color.  It’s just not right.  Viking Blood, Gone.

    biggest sin – I could not agree more.  It comes down to Nature for me.  I cannot help but feel that it is completely unnatural.  Don’t you feel ‘weird’ whenever you see a White Person with a non-white?  I just can’t describe the feeling I get.  Mostly a feeling of Death and Great Sadness.

    Loyalty – I just Love you!  That’s me, Loyalty and White Pride.  We have nothing to be ashamed of.  Nothing.  Yes, you can dredge up hundreds year old stuff but who’s the Best?

  • I seriously need to know, is Pastor Robb and Company real or not?  I call these people when I have questions and I need to know if I’m being lied to or not.

    I defend The Klan and so when I have questions about History, I call them.  Please answer ’cause for one, I’d like to know I’m getting accurate information and two, to call them back up and tell them I’m onto them and remind them, asking about History is Legal!

  • Dear Refocus,

    Tom was a mean alcoholic.  Not physically, it was verbally but it was bad.  I had to plug my ears and talk to myself just to block out his vocal bombardment of insults and name-calling.  I went from room to room and he would follow me and continue to scream. Sometimes it’s just best to leave and forget about counting your losses.

    wife left him for black man – Yes, she sure did.  Jennifer and I always got along but she told me short of my leaving that Tom bought beer instead of buying food but she also mentioned his keeping her from college so I happen to believe, she killed him over the college thing.  Tom loved his daughter to pieces so I doubt he failed to feed her.

    Child goes to mixed race – I blame Jennifer and only Jennifer on this one.  Jennifer is the one who CHOSE to take Ivy away.

  • Okay, Thank You.  I reckon the reason they’re infiltrated is so when the Government plans on rounding us up, they have  lists of names?

    Free Speech is on its way out so I can see the Government rounding up members just because they don’t play along with multiculturalism and diversity.  Nothing is hated more than Guilt Free White People.

  • I Love The Ku Klux Klan and I don’t fault them for what is probably, ten or less genuine rouges.  I mean, if it’s even True about what they supposedly did. 

    I just don’t believe they were that big (membership) and violent at the same time.  I think a few genuine uncalled for acts were blown way, way, way out of proportion and made to look like it was the order of the day and that ALL Klansmen were doing it and it’s just not True.  It’s not.

    I question the “rouge” part too.  I just have to wonder, is it really True?  I tend to think it’s all been distorted and turned into something it wasn’t.