Surveillance Pictures Released in Mob Attack on CTA Red Line

Bernie Tafoya, CBS Chicago, June 13, 2012

Chicago Police hope surveillance pictures help lead them to one of three weekend mob attacks on people downtown.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports, around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, a 23-year-old man was beaten up on the CTA Red Line near the State-Lake stop Saturday by a group of about six teenagers.

The teens had just stolen the man’s 27-year-old female friend’s iPhone 4S. She had dropped the phone, and a teen had picked it up and taken it for himself.

The man told the teen to give his wife her iPhone back. But they instead began punching him in the face.

The group then fled the train at State and Lake streets, near the Chicago Theatre.

Another woman with the group, from West Chicago, tells the Aurora Beacon-News it was the scariest night of her life.

She tells the paper she and her two friends got on the Red Line at the Addison stop after attending the Brad Paisley concert at Wrigley Field. Near downtown, the group of teens got on, and by the time it was over, the man with the group had a broken bone near his eye and broken teeth, and he was bloodied.


In the wake of the attack, the Guardian Angels will be helping by passing out fliers at the State-Lake Red Line subway station and elsewhere.

Surveillance photos of alleged attackers.

“We’ll be patrolling the CTA Red Line also, and the subway system, so we’ll be making fliers throughout the week and putting them up, handing them out, and sort of hoping we can jar somebody’s memory, and somebody can recognize that one individual or all the individuals and call the police,” said Guardian Angels Chicago chapter leader Miguel Fuentes.


Police are looking for one girl and several boys in the Saturday night Red Line attack.


In a third incident, a 36-year-old man was attacked by a teen mob as he walked home from work along Dewitt Place near Pearson Street in Streeterville.

Police say the man was robbed and attacked by anywhere from 10 to 20 people. {snip}

Since the attack, the man, a doctor at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, has granted an interview to the Chicago Tribune’s John Kass for a column that ran Wednesday. {snip}

The doctor is Asian and the assailants African-American, but the victim told Kass he did not believe race was the motivation for the attack. He told Kass, rather, that the group seemed just to be beating people for fun.


[Editor’s Note: Below is another report on this story.]


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  • Francis Galton

    Chi-congo doesn’t need the limp-wristed, unarmed Guardian Angels; it needs a heavy dose of the HELL’S ANGELS!

  • Oil Can Harry

    Irony alert: the white couple beaten by Sons Of Obama were coming from a concert by Brad Paisley, a liberal limpwrist who endorsed Obama and wrote “Welcome To The Future”, a song about a black teen who gets a cross burned on his lawn because he asks a white girl on a date.   

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

       I should write a song called “Welcome to the Future”.  The lyrics may be a little different, though.

      • mikejones91

        Are you actually in Japan? How is it over there, It seems to be quite nice. People seem nice/interesting culture/ect. How are the blacks in Japan? That’s gotta be a mind f***; to hear a black speaking Japanese. 

        • sarah stein

           Japan is nice if you’re not Nicola Furlong.

          • JackKrak

            Any country is nice if you’re not dumb enough to go to a club and hang out with black “dancers” from L.A. and agree to back to their hotel rooms with them.

          • She may have been drugged, still under investigation. Also, some reports say she was pushed into a cab by the negroes.

        • WhiteGuyInJapan

          Yup, teaching for eight years.  I enjoy being in Japan.  Even being an outsider gives a certain aesthetic “buzz” to live.

          “How are the blacks in Japan?” -What Blacks?

          Besides the US military, the Western expat crowd is overwhelmingly White.  Some blame that on the Japanese being “racist” (not a far stretch), but I think it has more to do with Whites being a bit more curious and adventuresome.

      • Kurt Plummer


         I should write a song called “Welcome to the Future”. The lyrics may be a little different, though.

        That would actually be better as ‘Welcome To The Past’.

        Because blacks are a living anachronism.

        A view into what the world was like tens of millenia ago for our ancestors.  Living a predatory HG lifestyle.  On the edge of existence.  Wherein the worst attitudes were the most survivable because it meant carrying little baggage in the way of guilt or pride or social nobility.

        This is how we shape the conversation to bring iffy whites onboard people:

        “See this?  This is a step backwards into barbarism.  Everything your parents and grandparents for -generations- fought to achieve, lost to tide of darkness as unacceptable social pathologies induced by primitive genetics as low IQ.  Overnight.”

        This is how we make our case and make it -stick-.  I’m sure of it.

        • WhiteGuyInJapan

           Anachronism-good point. 

          On another site, I posted one of my recent ideas.  Will re-post it here:

          “I have a theory/feeling that humanity is regressing to an equatorial
          mean.  Europeans and North Asians are genetic/cultural outliers and
          represent (statistically) unusual adaptations to extreme environment. 
          Complex social structures, delayed gratification for long-term goals,
          emotional self-control-these are found in higher frequency in what the
          Black Muslims called “the Ice People”.

          These traits are found in lower frequencies among “the Sun People”
          and in fact are often seen as undesirable traits that are selected
          against in mating patterns. 

          Don’t want to get too apocalyptic on a fine Saturday morning, but I
          see the bulk of humanity moving towards a brown, 85IQ, dictatorial,
          religious fundamentalist/superstitious mean.  

          Hardly my ideal, just what I predict.”

    • ncpride

      How out of touch can he possibly get? A more accurate portrayal would have been the black teen asking the White girl on a date, and when she refused, he’d scream RACIST at her and possibly slap her around a bit. Seriously, what century is Brad living in?

    • The__Bobster,2933,299824,00.html

      Mellencamp’s song opens, “An all-white jury hides the executioner’s face; See how we are, me and you?” As he sings, images of Jena, the high school and the tree are followed by video from the 1960s, including civil rights marchers, police beatings, and President John F. Kennedy and the Rev. Martin Luther King speaking. Still images include one of a protest sign reading, “God demands segregation,” a stylized drawing of people in Ku Klux Klan robes and an older image of a black man in shackles, beggingRead more:,2933,299824,00.html#ixzz1xoZ4WVf9

      • ncpride

        So, six black teens attack a White teen, beating him unconscious and THIS is what that idiot comes up with? It’s just incredible! Again, what century are these fools living in? It’s unbelieveable how out of touch these people are. I hope he feels like a total jackass after the true nature of these thugs became apparent AFTER all the bias media reporting died down.

      • vladdy1

        Mellencamp grew up in Seymour, IN. We used to play ’em in basketball, back when America was mostly white. I doubt if he’s ever had contact with a black person who’s not a musician or activist. (Notice he went BACK there to live after getting famous, too…)

  • Up to my neck in CA

    The Sons of Obama strike again! The yoofs know that handguns are a no-no in Chicago so they can attack with out fear. That is what is needed here…FEAR OF THE WHITE MAN!!

    • Up to my neck in CA

      They are just like us, just darker….right?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Oh, look, they are all black — that means the video camera is racist!!  You know it, I know it and everyone in Chicago knows it!!

      Somebody get the Reverend Sharpton and the Reverend Jackson on the line. This racism has got to stop!

      • JohnEngelman

        When someone calls me a racist I ask, “What did I say that is not true? Sometimes the truth is racist.” 

        • SLCain

           Excellent.  That is exactly what we all must do.  When somebody attempts to shout us down for being “racist”, pointedly ask them:  “Explain to me – what did I say that was factually incorrect?”

  • LaGreca_Ministry_of_Truth

    Sudden Onset Diversity?

    On my CTA?

    It’s more likely than you think…

  • Oh yeah, all aboard the fun bus.

  • I’ve been saying it all the time: it is good. Harmonious race relations would lead to much higher levels of miscegenation with Blacks & intensification of Black on White violence serves to alienate those two communities, which is desirable.

    As for those who lament Whites’ stupidity, passivity or cowardice- I think they have an optical illusion. In a country of 3

    • What about race riots? If Obama isn’t elected there may be riots. If Zimmerman is acquitted there will be race riots. 

      What happens when the economy collapses and the government cannot send out welfare checks? The black population has never been self-sufficient and if their checks stop coming in they are going to assume its a white-man conspiracy against them. Think New Orleans or LA 1992 in every major city in the country.

      Also, Brazil was a different kind of colony than the US. Brazil never had a 90% white majority. The entire history of Brazil is one of different races and their interactions. The US has a true ethnic base in White-Europeans. Some would argue that we have the right to return to a 90% white majority.

      I wish there was a civilized way out of this mess, but its simply gone too far. Its like watching a slow-motion train-wreck.

      • crazy_j

         “Think New Orleans or LA 1992 in every major city in the country.”

        I welcome it.

        I have a 1000yd radius around me. Anything that isn’t lily-white (and even some of the miscegenating stuff that is) is will find itself with extra ventilation.

    • sarah stein

       Illinois is the only state that does not allow conceal carry, so there won’t be any grave consequences of potential attackers in that state.  People will stop going to Chicago, people will move out, and it will end up like Detroit.  Must suck trying to unload your Gold Coast million dollar condo in a war zone.

    • Kurt Plummer


      What I am trying to say- don’t panic & support police forces & regular law enforcement, since this is the safest way & despite legal perversions, the right one. Step by step beyond this can lead not to race war, but to a sort of “Brazilification” where Whites will, no doubt, get their revenge, n times multiplied, but the US society will sink irreversibly into legal & moral morass.

      A noble view but it fails in three key areas…

      1.  It fails to account for the screen-door-on-submarine effects of infiltration by blacks into key civil service jobs, most especially law enforcement.  We see already what happens when whites no longer maintain control over black populations through exclusive access to police and legal system suppressionary systems.  Blacks get off without or with minimal, hand slaps.

      2.  Blacks live in a world where ‘Don’t snitch we’ll handle it among ourselves’ virtually _ensures_ their own variation of apartheid because ‘among ourselves’ in no way includes offenses done ‘outside the community’.  Which is why blacks have no real fear of attacking whites in OUR communities.  Because they know that we won’t go into theirs, willingly.  And because they know that nobody will say nuthin’ about what happens in Vegas as it were.

      3.  Whites -are- the majority here.  Which means that we are the most exposed, the most intermingled.  In Brazil, the south of the country is all white but it’s a small minority of effective business leaders and the like.  The north is majority black and separation is buy distance.  You -cannot- achieve that in a nation with 307 million people in it who don’t like living elbow to ear with each other.  What’s more, blacks know that they are dependent on whites to keep the systems themselves running.  Black corruption, ineptitude and simple stupidity as immediate gratification greed will drive them into a situation like Kibera or Dharavi if we somehow achieve Brazillian equivalent separation (see: Favellas).
      And that sir will make the situation truly ‘unapproachable’ as a breeding ground for nationwide disease, insurgency and racial hatred.

      There is no out here people.  There is no ‘Easy Button’ solution to racial integration.  Because the races were -never meant- to live together.  Blacks will pray on white largesse and pity and hold us back while the rest of the Asian and perhaps European world leave us completely behind.

      We can only separate into enclaves as a temporary solution while we play Noah and bring useful populations across state lines before snatching nukes and declaring -real- separation.  As a function of all social resources available to white society.  For the advancement and sustainment of white people.

      It is indeed _that serious_.  Because once we are a minority, our ‘right’ as ability to declare for our own posterity a separate lifestyle will be lost forever.

      •  You all forget that there are venues of action that will solve many of these problems:

        * Tea party, or any grass roots White movements with rallies of 100 k people or more, demanding racial crimes to be media covered & punished accordingly

        * blockades of cities or important highways by trucks or any other way.

        Most of readers here just complain that media are silent & “we” are helpless, except for the Wild West scenarios. WRONG. Mass rallies like TP, blockades etc. are much more effective.
        Why not make a mass TP rally as a tribute to Newsome & Christian, with their pictures & video footage on huge screens ?

        Dammit, learn from the enemy.

  • Robert Rhodes

    White genocide continues.

    When we object to this, they call us racists. It’s crazy.

    Anti-racism is code word for anti-White.

  • The video keeps panning groups of white people. The video also doesn’t show the suspects other than showing the flier which doesn’t give you a clear picture.

    This looks to me like another example of the media downplaying the evidence.

  • I can’t understand all the disgruntled comments.  After all, the attack wasn’t racially motivated, so it really doesn’t count.  They were just “beating people for fun.”  What could be wrong with that?

  • sarah stein

    Being an idiot has it’s price. 

  • Hey! Where are all the AmReners who say all the “People of Color” (POCs: Asians, Latinos and blacks), are all in cahoots w/each other against whites??? Funny how silent they are when, as here, the victims of black violence are both whites and Asians. Maybe these black flash mob thugsters just never got the memo that Asians were their allies…. (“honorary Negroes”? LOL! 😉 )

    Sure, SOME liberal Asians, the ones who have minors or majors in Asian Studies from college and NEVER lived among blacks, MAY believe blacks and Latinos are their allies and whites the great oppressors. But MOST Asians I know — and I know a lot having lived in the SF Bay Area for decades — know that it isn’t whites who are attacking them.

    The Korean shop owners weren’t protecting themselves and their livelihoods against whites during the Rodney King Riots. In SF in 2008, 85% of ALL physical assaults were the 5% of the SF population that is black attacking the 30% that is Asian. The black predation of Asians has continued unabated for decades too, just like against whites.

    Nope. Asians are not fools. When they get money, they either stay among themselves or move to predominately white areas. Asians NEVER choose predominately black areas when they have a choice.

    • IstvanIN

      We still do not want them here.

    • I don’t see AmRenners saying non-whites are in cahoots with blacks against whites. I don’t know anyone making that claim.

      What I do see is black and Hispanic leaders trying to create a coalition of non-whites to unite against whites politically.

      Mind you, this is only the dream of black and Hispanic leaders. They want nothing more than non-whites to join forces politically against whites. However, on the streets, the average Hispanic and Asian and other non-whites know they are the victims of blacks. That’s why black and Hispanic leaders can’t build the non-white political base to unite against whites.

      As for Asians flooding into the US, that’s another matter. Asians have a large percentage of land mass and populations. They moving here only takes away from whites having their own homeland.

      It’s nothing more than killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

  • Detroit_WASP

    My god, they look like Eric Holder, Barrack Obama and Trayvon Martin.  Who would have thunk it.

  •  What “country” music today?  You mean that warmed over pop recorded in Nashville?  Even through the late 1970s, many country artists could be counted on to be for George Wallace publicly.  Something happened between then and 1992, when Garth Brooks cut and released the left wing sob song “We Shall Be Free,” as a tribute to the L.A. riots.  The only theory I can come up with is that the top floors of the record labels in Southern California discovered that they had divisions based in Nashville whose artists were way off the reservation, so it was time slowly and surely to crack the whip.

    • seek

      What about that “Highwaymen” LP from 1985?  You know — Johnny, Waylon, Willie and Kris.  There wasn’t any Afro-pandering.  David Allen Coe and Gary Stewart have made some gritty, no-pandering records, too.  Keep your head up.  Country still rocks for us, if fitfully.

      • vladdy1

        A lot of the alt-country groups are indistinguishable from old-time, traditional “twang” country. 

  • MekongDelta69

    I think it’s about 72 y/o.
    For ‘youts’ and ‘youfs’, it’s about 80.
    And for ‘roving mobs’, the media can stretch it to 90, if they can walk.

    This Don Rickles moment has been brought to you by Uncle Ben’s Rice and Aunt Jemima’s Syrup.

  • Kurt Plummer

    The doctor is Asian and the assailants African-American, but the victim told Kass he did not believe race was the motivation for the attack. He told Kass, rather, that the group seemed just to be beating people for fun.

    This is how the race classifiers get around the obvious in suppressing media attention to common occurences from within one group.  And it is the root of their hypocrisy.  For if dozens of incidents of U.S. soldiers on leave robbing and assaulting people had occured, you can bet there would be Sixty Minutes style investigative reporting on the ‘evils of the military’ -as a group-.

    But it’s not soldiers (who are of mixed ethnies but common discipline) now is it?  And what -is- the common factor, even when separated by hundreds of miles of distance (proving that it’s not a social pathology because none of the perps know each other)?

    That’s right.  The race doing it is all from one group, it -is racial- because that is their _standard behavior_.  Forget ‘racism’ and start looking at -racial- commonalities.

    Because when a nominally sentient and sapient group of people share a common set of psychopathologies as behavioral modalities, without any moderating sense of decency or even fear of the law, you have a situation whereby -racial- genetics are indeed the driving reason for the attack.

    This is how we will break the race classifiers death grip on the medias presentation of racial violence people.  Not by assuming that ‘beat whitey’ is the reason.  But by _proving with statistical certainty_ that BEAT ANYONE is the driving behavior of aggressive blacks.

    For pities sake.  You don’t do that kind of thing if you’re a human being.  You just don’t.  Inner city blacks as a group don’t seem to understand that and so they are -racially different- in their social understanding of acceptable behavior as common inhibitions on their actions.

    Dangerously, ferally, _different_.  From all other races.

    • JohnEngelman

      The doctor is Asian and the assailants African-American, but the victim told Kass he did not believe race was the motivation for the attack. He told Kass, rather, that the group seemed just to be beating people for fun.            
      – Kurt Plummer
      White and Oriental teens find other means of enjoyment.  When I was a teenager my white and Oriental friends and I would to to Washington, DC’s Chinatown for dinner. We never thought of beating anyone up.

  • Kurt Plummer

    Look up ‘4S rules’.  You broke at least two of the ‘Stupids’: Place and Time.  After dark and end of week in an affluent area(?).

    I know it’s not always possible to live one’s life carefully in reaction to the depredations of blacks but you cannot beat back nor likely outrun a mob.  It only takes one to be faster or quicker eyed than you and the whole pack of them will be on you.  And while you are dealing with the first, the wave will break over you.

    And you will not be there when it passes.

    People make bad assumptions based on the ‘Well, this is a rich area, surely they wouldn’t dare come /here/…’ concept.  Nonsense.  Sharks come to chummed waters.  Lions come to waterholes.  Blacks come to where the money is.  And the cops do nothing because the cops are no longer in control, once the sun goes down.

    Rich people live outside the city in gated comunities where The Law is what they pay it to be.

    We need everyone we can get on our side for what’s coming.  Please don’t be stupid.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Perhaps a tad off subject, but here was my experience with diversity yesterday. I had a moment of stupid, but I’m up to here with them.

    In line at the grocery store, a fat african female  in front of me bought $70 worth of groceries. EBT of course, and owed $10 for non-eligible items. The fat african female who was behind me  fumbling through her purse was telling her friend she couldn’t find her EBT card to pay for her two foot high stack of pork chops, ribs and fatback.

    The clerk asked me, “debit or credit?” I said loudly, so both africans could hear me – “Debt. I have to actually PAY for my own groceries. The government doesn’t pay me just to exist.”  The white clerk just chuckled and gave me an “I hear you” look; both africans  shot me a nasty, superior look. As I was walking out, the first african was at the counter buying $20 worth of lottery tickets.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Absolutely! I’m not talking roaming gangs of Whites attacking blacks randomly. I’m talking punishing blacks for their savage behavior. An actual criminal justice system that PUNISHES criminals, not coddle them. No TVs, no magazines, bring back the work chain gangs! No luxuries what so ever! If they knew they would be executed swiftly after murdering or raping Whites it would stop almost over night. That and Whites defending themselves, family and property with deadly force.

    • We’re far from being in such desperate straits.  We can still win this thing legislatively.  Most blacks and Hispanics can’t really survive well without our handouts and our racial pity.  Cut those off and you’ll see how fast things can change.

      If we amend the civil rights laws to make strict scrutiny for racial classifications and the disparate impact doctrine outside the jurisdiction of the Federal judiciary, you’ll see how fast things change.  What I just said might read like legalistic psychobabble to most people reading these words, but an NAACP-LDF lawyer “bull” would clearly understand it as a red cape being waved in front of him.  Without strict scrutiny and disparate impacts, private and public enterprises can hire and promote white people without a barrage of lawsuits.

  • That’s what I’ve been saying, but no one cares to listen:

    Even Blacks got the idea, for different purpose.

    To repost:
     You all forget that there are venues of action that will solve many of these problems:

    * Tea party, or any grass roots White movements with rallies of 100 k
    people or more, demanding racial crimes to be media covered &
    punished accordingly

    * blockades of cities or important highways by trucks or any other way.

    Most of readers here just complain that media are silent & “we”
    are helpless, except for the Wild West scenarios. WRONG. Mass rallies
    like TP, blockades etc. are much more effective.
    Why not make a mass TP rally as a tribute to Newsome & Christian, with their pictures & video footage on huge screens ? How can a mass rally be organized for some minor Republican issue & not for pressing concerns ?

    Dammit, learn from the enemy.

    Strength is in numbers & courage to address taboo themes. You cannot expect O’Reilly to do it for the race realists.

    • Celestial_Time

       I’ve learned throughout the years that most people will not act until given a step-by-step path to work with. If you can’t even get a dozen or so people to meet face to face to brainstorm, then anything beyond that is just wishful thinking.

      Implicit racialism is a dead end without the explicit element becoming the vocal majority. That’s precisely why the Tea Party became so enamored with their own version of Black America when they touted the really black Herman Cain as their possible choice for President.

  • seek

    10 to 1 — blacks like those kinds of odds, especially against an unsuspecting stranger.  But when it comes to face to face, mano a mano, they’re quick to back out.  Blacks aren’t as brave as a lot of terrified whites think.  Challenge one of them and they are likely to wilt.  

  • JohnEngelman

    They do not observe it. They prefer to get their images of blacks from movie and television screens. 

  • JohnEngelman

    No body wants to live with those people. 

  • JohnEngelman

    There is frequently wisdom in tradition. 

  • JohnEngelman

    I like Orientals and feel safe around them. 

  • Wasp and hornet sprays are poisons and using them against someone is assault w/a deadly weapon. You’ll have to defend yourself and justify your actions in STATE court for that.
    If I’m justified in using a deadly weapon against someone, I’d prefer to shoot them!
    If I’m NOT justified in using a deadly weapon against them, that is what I carry pepper spray for.

    Plus, you may also have to defend yourself in FEDERAL court for using it in a manner inconsistent with its labeling (they all have warnings about this on the label on the can).

    I hope you have PLENTY of big $$$ to hand over to lawyers for your defense in both state and federal court….

    Compare that to pepper spray (aka “OC”): it is legal for use for self-defense and is NOT considered deadly force. Of course, OC is not 100% guaranteed to stop a BG (bad guy), but then again, people often get shot and keep on fighting….

    • anarchyst

      You are correct about wasp and hornet spray being a “deadly weapon”.  HOWEVER, blasting a “perp”, walking away and then throwing the can away is a viable solution.  
      By your line of reasoning, it could (and has been argued) that a karate black belt holder’s “hands” are considered “deadly weapons”, so I would not place too much credence in a lawsuit, especially if you simply “walk away” and “blend in with the crowd”. 
      How many “perps” carry sharpened screwdrivers and do not get hassled for carrying “deadly weapons”?  (remember Bernie Goetz?)   
      It is still not illegal to carry a can of wasp and hornet spray . . .

      •  If you blast and walk away w/o reporting it, that makes you look even worse in the eyes of potential jurors….

        Nowadays, w/everybody’s phones having cameras and video, and many people’s homes and businesses having video monitoring of their exteriors (and interiors w/businesses), I don’t think what worked for Bernie in ’84 (25+ years ago), would work now. Buses, trains, and their stations are completely covered by surveillance cameras nowadays (thanks al Qaeda!).

        So, for me, I’ll be the Good Guy and not start the fight and I’ll continue to be the GG in how I defend myself and in reporting it to the police. That way the police, the prosecutor/DA, the judge, and hopefully, the jurors will continue to see me in that light.

        On the webpage for FREE “Crime Avoidance and Self-Defense Advice” (google it), there’s a link to some wise advice my Mas Ayoob on dealing w/the police after an incident. I strongly suggest you watch that 4 minute video of “5 things to say after a shooting.”,AAAAAETeEfI~,i-5J2ubuAMtj_R-Ysh59NPXX8YJFfXDc&bctid=16359316001

        As Mas says, “Whoever calls in first (i.e., first party to report the incident), gets to be the ‘victim-complainant’ and there’s only one other role open in the play, and that is the ‘perpetrator.'”

  • refocus

    Does the reporter look totally bored or what?

  • From the Trib story:

    Others didn’t want to view it through a racial prism.
    very difficult to discuss,” said Tim Hunter, an insurance executive. “We
    don’t want to talk in racial terms. We don’t want to hurt people’s
    feelings. It’s just difficult.”

    Yes, it’s so dificult to talk about what’s right infront of your face and kicking your ass.

    Fools like Tim Hunter will get lots of people killed.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I read this article originally on CBS Chicago a few days ago along with the comments, which were brutal.  Since then, all the comments have been deleted and are now blocked. 

    The leftist media cannot handle that people are opening their eyes to their deception and lies and that they are receiving blow-back from trying to stifle the truth.  The media will never admit that the welfare state is a failed lib experiment and that there is justified outrage coming from sensible, law-abiding people who are victims of failed government policies.

    Here’s one of the typical, now-deleted comments:

    Just wait until these animals watch their Marxist messiah obama go down in flames in November. It is going to be entertaining watching them burn their own neighborhoods to the ground. If they step out of their own slums, they will find out who has been buying all the weapons and ammo for the last four years.

    • Its all just too much. A racist black president and his extremely racist subordinates (Eric Holder). The Trayvon Martin case, which is an obvious whitey witch-hunt. The black flash mobs, which are really minor race riots. Its hard not to see the writing on the wall and everyday more and more white people wake up.

  • mikejones91

    Yeah, I know the area. I used to buy heroin around their when I was using. Usually from white men. hahah, no I’m kidding.

  • Brad is good..saw him at SC of course. I love his OLD
    stuff…his new corny lyrics just rub me wrong and have to change the channel
    when it comes on. Tickets are cheaper than others at