Friends Reveal Fears of Hospital Receptionist ‘Gunned Down by Prominent Surgeon Lover Now on the Run’

Lydia Warren, Daily Mail (London), June 14, 2012

Friends of the hospital receptionist allegedly shot dead at point-blank range by a prominent surgeon have revealed she was ‘deathly afraid’ of the man, her former boyfriend.

Jacqueline Wisniewski, 33, was lured into a stairwell at the Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo, New York on Wednesday morning and shot multiple times in the head and upper body, police said.

Jacqueline Wisniewski

The woman, who had a young son and was training to be a nurse, was allegedly gunned down by her ex-boyfriend Timothy V. Jorden, a former Army weapons expert who is still at large.

Her friends have now revealed that Wisniewski had been in an abusive relationship with the man, who allegedly stalked her and once held her captive in her home, wielding a knife.

‘She told me, “I’m scared”,’ her friend, Heather Shipley, told the Buffalo News. ‘She said: “If anything happens to me, you know who did it”.’

Shipley said Wisniewski had lived with Jorden but left him as she believed he was having affairs with other women. When they broke up after more than a year of dating, he refused to move on.

Wisniewski said the surgeon had put a GPS tracking device in her car to keep track of her movements. After she discovered the device, she filed a police report, Shipley said.

‘[He] knew everywhere she was going,’ Shipley told WIVB. ‘He was driving by her house, sitting in the parking lot across from her street, stalking her.’

Timothy Jorden

On another occasion, he held her captive in her home for a day and a half with a knife and stabbing her deep enough to draw blood, the friend said. He also once gave her a black eye, she said.

‘He threatened to kill her a couple of times,’ Shipley added. ‘But I think in her mind she wouldn’t believe it would actually happen.’

But she added: ‘She was afraid of him. She was deathly afraid of him.’

Shipley said she believed her friend did not speak out more as she loved him. ‘She didn’t want to get him in trouble because he was a surgeon and she didn’t want to ruin his reputation,’ she explained.

Wisniewski’s boss at ECMC’s Adolescent Psychiatric Unit, Dori R. Marshall, said the woman had told her she was in an abusive situation with a physician, but did not name him

Cheektowaga police told the News that Jorden had been involved in two domestic incidents in 2003. ‘It didn’t involve this victim,’ said Capt. James J. Speyer Jr. ‘It was other people.’

The 49-year-old prominent trauma surgeon and former Army medic has eluded authorities since the shooting on Wednesday morning.

Witnesses reported hearing four shots just after 8 a.m. Ms Wisniewski’s body was found in a covered passageway connecting the Kidney Center and another wing of the hospital.

The shooting prompted a four-hour lockdown of the hospital, as SWAT teams and K-9 units swarmed the campus in an attempt to corner the killer.

Authorities blocked a road leading to Jorden’s home in an isolated area of private Lake View residences near the Lake Erie shore.

Officers obtained a warrant and used specialised robotic devices to enter and search the home. But hours later, they determined he was not inside.

SWAT team members in camouflage arrived in unmarked SUVs and say he may be armed and dangerous.

Police believe Jorden, who they have named as a ‘person of interest’, could be ‘special weapons trained’ from his time in the Army.

While many have described him as a popular surgeon, sources told the Buffalo News that he has recently suffered some emotional problems and it is believed he had recently lost 75 pounds.

‘He might have been having mental health issues,’ a police official told the News. Another official suggested he might have ‘some type of serious physical ailment that caused the drastic weight loss’.

Sources added that it appeared the man had been living in his office as food containers and dirty laundry were found in the ceiling.

Neighbours said he started losing the weight around three months ago, when they also began seeing him at the home less frequently.

Officials said as many as 400 patients and about half of the hospital’s 2,000 employees were on the grounds at the time of the deadly shooting.

‘The SWAT Team is in control of the situation,’ Buffalo police spokesman Michael J. DeGeorge said during a news conference after the shooting. ‘It is an active situation.’

The hospital also diverted emergency room patients to Buffalo General Hospital but most of the campus re-opened at 2 p.m.

‘Normally this is very safe,’ hospital volunteer Lois Peterson told the Buffalo News. ‘I’ve volunteered here for 42 years. But this is tragic.’

Police described Jorden as a bald, black male, about 6ft 2 and 250 pounds, and showed his photograph at check points in the search for tips. Authorities also described the four vehicles – two GMC Sierra pickups, a Cadillac and a Chevrolet Cobalt – registered in his name.

After completing high school, Jorden joined the Army and served with the Army’s Special Forces, as a weapons expert then as a medic.

His military career spanned 18 years and he served in the Caribbean, Japan and Korea.

He earned numerous medals including the Army Achievement Medal, Army Commendation Medal and Master Parachute Badge Scuba Diver Badge Special Forces Tab, ABC reported.

Francisca Wellsbury, who was married to Jorden before they divorce, told ABC she was shocked her former husband was the suspect.

‘We’ve lived separate lives for a long time,’ Wellsbury, who lives on the West Coast, said. ‘I’m just as shocked as anyone. It’s traumatic.’

She added: ‘This is not the person I knew. I wish he would seek help.’

Jorden has been licensed to practice medicine in New York since 2002 and treats patients at the medical center and other major hospitals in the area.

‘I’ve wanted to be a doctor since early in my military career as a medic,’ Jorden told the Buffalo News in a 1996 profile, which featured pictures of his wife and their son.

He received his certification from the American Board of Surgery in 2004. There are no legal actions against his license and he has no criminal background.

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  • News from Buffalo, New York in the UK Daily Mail?  What about the Buffalo News?


    • Sheila Dinehart

      ha ha ha…that is what i thought…

    • How dare you question Buffalo News? Dont you know Diversity is our greatest strength?

      Dont you know Diversity brings great joy and benefits to our neighborhoods, our tax returns, and our children’s future.

      All this great education, and sensitivity training were are getting.  How White extermination and demise is leading to the golden age of humankind?

  • Berkeley Redneck

    Now two young white children don’t have a mother. 

    • splitsing

       Better to not have a mother than that worthless mudshark.  Perhaps (hopefully) their father will re-marry with a more scrupulous White woman.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Better white foster parents than a coal-burning mother.

      • Dan

        Hopefully the kids will learn something from the actions of this mud shark and refuse to date outside their race.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      I’m having a hard time with this story, this poor lady looks exactly like my Mother when she was her age. I’m glad my Mothers parents were strict WASPs who did not believe in race mixing.

  • More news from Buffalo, the land of ‘progressive’-liberal democrat. 5th poorest US city of its size and 7th in most segregated communities.

    And again we read this story from a Brishish news outlet.

    I’m just glad this wasn’t a hate crime or someone found making a frank comments about race relations in Buffalo:

    There’s another interesting aspect to this story involving a Buffalo police officer who was found that the suspects house:

    At suspect’s home, a startling discovery — a cop on long-term sick leave

    When Hamburg police went to stake out the Lake View home of Dr. Timothy V. Jorden Jr. on Wednesday morning, they encountered an off-duty Buffalo cop coming out of the home who has been on sick leave for about three years.

    When Hamburg officers encountered Martin L. Motley III, he was carrying a Rolex watch, about $5,000 cash and a gun — his own service revolver — law enforcement officials familiar with the situation told The Buffalo News.

    Motley was taken into custody and was undergoing intense questioning late Wednesday by Buffalo investigators who want to know what he was doing in Jorden’s $540,000 home a couple of hours after a woman was killed at Erie County Medical Center and police began searching for Jorden.

    One official said that police believe Motley is a longtime friend of Jorden and that someone may have asked Motley to go to the house and retrieve the items for the doctor after the shooting occurred.

    As of 4 p.m. Wednesday, Motley was “not saying much” about why he was in the house, what prompted him to go there, or why he had the items, sources close to the bizarre probe told The News.
    “We’re trying to figure out why Motley was in the doctor’s house. We

    know they have been good friends since their days at Bennett High School,” one police official said.

    Motley could not be reached to comment late Wednesday, and efforts to reach Buffalo Police Benevolent Association leaders for comment were unsuccessful. Thomas H. Burton, an attorney for the PBA, declined to comment when asked about Motley.

    Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III also said he could not make any comment on Motley’s connections to the homicide case.

    Motley, 47, joined the city police force in 1988, according to city records. He made $63,849 in 2011 while being listed as “full IOD,” or injured on duty and unable to work even light duty.

    Before he went off on sick leave, Motley did patrol duty on the city’s East Side and also was a member of the department’s elite Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team, fellow officers said.

    “He’s been on sick leave about three years from an on-duty injury,” said an officer who knows Motley and considers him a good police officer. “I know he did a good job before he got hurt.”

    Motley was a track star in high school and at Erie Community College, and the college named him to its Athletic Department Hall of Fame in 2002. He also belongs to Bennett’s Hall of Fame.

    Buffalo police asked Hamburg police to stake out Jorden’s Hamburg home soon after
    determining that Jorden was wanted for questioning in connection with Wednesday morning’s fatal shooting at the hospital, according to law enforcement officials.

    The officials said that Hamburg officers were shocked when they noticed Motley leaving the home, and that, at first, they thought Motley might have been Jorden.

    “[Motley] was quickly taken from the Jorden house to [Buffalo] Police Headquarters for questioning,” one police official said.

    Hamburg Police Chief Michael K. Williams was not available for comment late Wednesday, and his secretary told a News reporter to contact Buffalo police for information.

    • Sheila Dinehart

      good foot note…hmmmm very interesting…OJ had a partner in crime too

    • Oil Can Harry

      Sbuffalonative, our home state of New York is littered with gov’t workers who fake injuries and illnesses and then sit home collecting comp/IOD moolah.

    • There are soooooooooo many ni–oops,I mean blacks with fat,fat salries paid for doing nothing.Its incredible. And sickening. I hope they throw the book at this no-ggod filthy ni–oops,I mean black male. They’ll catch that dunb-ass “surgeon” soon enough.

  • Can’t Say

    As a kid, remember a local woman running hysterically around the neighborhood screaming ‘he’s going to kill me, he’s going to kill me.’ later, we were told that it was nothing. Her live in partner was black. Nothing like that had happened in my middle-class neighborhood before. 

  • mikejones91

    This is how WEAK our women (not all) are/have become. If a man hits you, YOU LEAVE. Bottom line. 

  • Sheila Dinehart

    wonder what made me think of oj simpson here

  • In my happy little Scottish family, no one has ever been shot. No one has ever been stabbed. No one has ever spent a moment in jail, except for those who were involved in law-enforcement, and worked there. No one has ever struck me, and aside from mixing it up with my brother as children, I’ve never struck anyone else. If memory serves, I’ve raised my voice a few times, but can’t really remember. My point being: perhaps for some silly white women, a life in a white family is too predictable, and not exciting enough. Maybe they need to be slapped around and dragged through the gutter by apes.
    Women are attracted to the most powerful I suppose, and unfortuantely, white men just aren’t portrayed in our society as powerful. History can turn on a dime, though, and the focus of desirability can change in an instant.
    Back in the day, with their snazzy uniforms, I bet the SS guys got a lot of chicks.

    • mikejones91

      Man I remember thinking the same thing when watching “Inglorious Basterds” How handsome/dominant they looked in the uniform. Blacks are VERY predicable, whites are just PORTRAYED as the boring ones. WE are not boring. Unless jail (not the idea) is exciting. Poverty/Aids/

      • mikejones91

        I’m not a “fan of the Nazis”. I just admire their dedication/uniforms/brutality as soldiers. Not as mass murders, but as men fighting for a cause they believed in. 

        • Sherman_McCoy

          And they were remarkably ineffective at purging the Reich of blacks.

        • blight14

           We should NOT have fought our genetic brothers…….

          •  I knew a man from my hometown who was a World War II veteran. He enlisted in the Marines so he would most likely be sent to the Pacific Theater. Why? Because he was of German descent. He would say, “I couldn’t fight my kinfolks.”

          • blight14

             I just can’t imagine a scenario where whites should fight other whites, quite the contrary…..its almost as if there was some ‘outside’ influence pushing the brother v. brother bloodbath of WWll…….

          • Or fought them for the sake of our genetic ENEMIES

        • The “Evil” Nazis are looking better and better every day.

  • KenelmDigby

    The shape of Timothy Jorden’s skull is most interesting. The side walls of the top of his cranium see to meet together at a raking angle -rather like a pitched, ridged roof. It is a characteristic that is very seldom seen in modern humans ( as an aside, living in a huge ‘multicultural’ metropolis I notice head shapes and scrutinize them intently as one of my many foibles, playing the part of a 19th century ‘gentleman scientist’), but is rather characteristic of  Homo Erectus and is also encountered in living Australian Aborigines. Also, it is noteworthy, that various extinct taxa of hominae were furnished with what is known as a ‘sagittal crest’ – an adaptation that serves as an anchorage for powerful masticatory muscles.

    • KenelmDigby

      Another source cited ‘forceps delivery’ as the cause of the distinctive headshape, noting also the acute narrowness of Mr. Jorden’s forehead.
      Not being a medical man I keep an open mind.

      • “Not being a medical man…”  You probably know more about medicine than this animal,”Doctor”  Jorden.

    • IstvanIN

      Actually I see the acorn head on blacks not that infequently.

    •  I noticed the same thing; you beat me to it! Of course, primitive features is are not evidence of primitive behavior necessarily. But in this case, they certainly go hand in hand.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        “Of course, primitive features is are not evidence of primitive behavior necessarily. ”
        No, but it can be a good indication, statistically.

    • WhitesRdumb

       When dogs have that bump on top of their head it is called a “stupid bump” because the bigger the bump the stupider the dog.

  • Francis Galton

    LISTEN UP, my White brothers and sisters: if one of your female family members starts seeing a black man, immediately inform her of interracial domestic violence statistics (or black male domestic violence stats in general).  Immediately inform her of the great danger she is exposing herself to by succumbing to jungle fever.  I know it’s uncomfortable and almost certainly unwelcome input, but it’s far better than the relatively likely alternative.

    As this story illustrates, it matters not how accomplished, civilized, or assimilated said black man may appear to be.  Probabilistically, a White woman (and BLONDE, again!) choosing to date a White man versus a black man is like teasing/slapping around a border collie versus a pit bull: both have teeth and have the potential to attack, but one is far more aggressive and unstable than the other.

    As an aside, does anyone know if black doctors are charged higher malpractice insurance rates by “greedy, racist” insurance companies?  I wouldn’t be surprised if this “surgeon” has inadvertently killed dozens of people during his unfortunate tenure. 

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Can you picture this guy standing over you with a scalpel?? It scares the HELL out of me! I fear for the day my elderly White doctor retires.

    •  Jungle fever. A very good and apt term for the madness of White women becoming with black men. I’ll have to remember that.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      And if she won’t listen, cut off all contact.

    • haroldcrews

      Also tell her that because of the risk of harm to other family members that the black man is not to be brought to family functions or even introduced to any family members.  Further ask that no information concerning family members be given to the black man.  There have been numerous instances of the black man killing the white girlfriend/wife and then killing some of the members of her family.

  • Here’s a Buffalo News link to a more current photo of the doctor. He may have discovered his African roots:

  • mikejones91

    She just looks like a weak/submissive woman. The type that usually goes for black men. 

  • splitsing

     She chose to mix with him, she got her just desserts.  I only feel shame for her offspring.  Her family obviously didn’t mind so they get no pity from me either.

    As far as I can tell, the world is a better place with one less mudshark and soon to be one less criminal on the streets.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Obviously, a shocking murder, and evidence that inter-racial marriage is just not a good idea.
    Question: This was reported in Britain’s Daily Mail; no US media coverage of this story?
    Is your media really that bad? Surely not?!

  • splitsing

     She chose to share her bed with that animal, she got animal behavior.  Let that be a lesson to all unsuspecting women.

  • The__Bobster

    Shame on her for bringing that savage beast home where he could be in contact with her White son. The “cleaning out da nest” phenomenon could’ve gotten him killed.

  • razorrare

    I am hesitant to believe that this ‘Dr’ actually performed any real surgeries…

    in any event-the hospital where he has been employed(website)states that out of 12 patients surveyed 75% gave him favorable score…that means 25% didnt…

    75% Surveyed Recommend this Doctor
    12 Patient Surveys

  • “There are no legal actions against his license and he has no criminal background.”

    That’s right.  He just hadn’t turned feral yet.  The clock’s always ticking on these creatures and you never know when the timer’s about to go off.

    But my real outrage is about the dead white woman.  I hate to talk ill of the dead, but I’m convinced there is something seriously wrong with young white women.

    We like to blame “the jews” or “the media’ or “society” for having brainwashed white females . . . but I seriously wonder if maybe there isn’t a deficiency in white female psyche that makes them susceptible to being brainwashed.

    It’s as if they have no innate survival instinct.  One hundred years ago, any of her female ancestors would have seen this negro beast skulking around the hospital corridor and would have run for her life.  She would have sensed the danger.

    But this woman probably saw this creature as a meal ticket and that was that.  All sense of danger vanished.  One of her friends even noted: 

    “He threatened to kill her a couple of times,’ Shipley added. ‘But I think in her mind she wouldn’t believe it would actually happen.”

    She didn’t believe it would happen.

    We need to train our white women to fear the negro as they would a tube of nitroglycerin.  You never know when the slightest vibration will set it off.

    Disgusted Chimpmaster

  • splitsing

    Let this be a lesson to all White women.

  • A couple years ago, there was another Buffalo incident where a white girl made the fatal decision to get involved with a black man. The suspect was never charged. The first link has a photo of the victim. The other links give you picture of the character of the suspect:

    Second autopsy on Wienckowski shows beating, strangulation

    Wienckowski’s body was found Jan. 9, 2009, upside down in a trash tote across the street from the residence of Antoine J. Garner, where she reportedly had gone for a paid sexual encounter about a month earlier, on the evening of Dec. 5, 2008.

    Wienckowski case figure in more trouble

    The last person known to have seen Amanda L. Wienckowski alive is once again in trouble with the law — this time accused of raping a 16-year-old girl he impregnated three years ago.

    Figure in Wienckowski case gets arrested again, this time in assault

    Buffalo police took Garner, 25, of Garden Village, Cheektowaga, into custody and charged him with felony assault in a June 26 attack on a 43-year-old woman in a vacant house on Jewett Avenue in Buffalo

    Under a cloud in Wienckowski death, man accused of harassing her mother

    Antoine J. Garner, the last known person to see Amanda L. Wienckowski alive before her frozen body was discovered in an East Side trash bin more than two years ago, has been charged with harassing the deceased woman’s mother.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Thanks for the post, devastating as it is.  This is why we need to work in our communities to attack these pimping gang bangers however we can.  They find vulnerable girls and turn them into prostitutes, ruining their lives.  Support anti-prostitution measures and go to town council meetings (not you, all of us).

  • tickyul

    Are white women supposed to be smart…………..I see SO MANY with black guys!

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    have a look at some of the self-hating white garbage who are campaigning for… “THAT thing”…

    • SLCain

       I didn’t know that horses could vote.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    how come nothing about this story really bothers me?

  • Jesus.  This negro is a murderer but most of this article is filled with praise (prominent, surgeon, armed forces..) for him.  The author of this disgusting article is saying that it’s perfectly okay for White People to be murdered.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      I saw a news report yesterday where a white male neighbor was saying what a nice guy he was and that he had never seen him angry in all the years he knew him.  Reminds me of “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde.”  People can and do live double lives. It seems that black males are especially prone to it.

      • I saw that same stupid white man on fox news this morning.  Fox news, by the way, did the same thing this article did.  Most of what they said was all about his “accomplishments”.  Disgusting.  I know she’s a race traitor but still.

        Pardon me please, I go back and forth on race traitors all the time.  Part of me gets mad and doesn’t want to forgive them for the errors of their ways and the other side of me wants to steer them back to the right path.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           I see race traitors as victims more than anything else.  They are brainwashed into acting against their best interests, even their own survival, even their own immediate survival as in this case.

          I think more whites are beginning to doubt the arguments for “Diversity” and are beginning to question even integration.  But they and we have a lot to work against, a 24 hour propaganda machine with a huge established range of vested interests.  Aside from that, I really think that leaders and journalists, etc., are simply afraid to let whites know the truth and advise them to avoid blacks and others as a basic rule of survival.  It’s something we have to work on as individuals.  I think Amren does a great service online through this reporting and posting boards.  Lots of people post, but many times more read.

          • Yes.  You’re right.  They are victims, victims of their parents, society, teachers and even their own friends.

            I never asked Amren for permission (I’m sorry Amren) but, I take their information and either post it on other places (I will copy excerpts from articles with link because I want them to at least see some of the words in the article and if I only post a link, I fear they won’t bother looking so I kinda force it via the excerpts) and I turn them into flyers and pass them around and sometimes I go door to door in neighborhoods and stuff them in doors (I open the screen door and shut the door on the flyer so half the paper is sticking out) and pamphlets.  I prefer pamphlets ’cause you can put alot more information in them.  I usually do a six or eight page pamphlet.

  • This poor woman is dead, God rest her, so I hate to speak negatively of her. But why on earth would a White woman be dating a black, with their propensity for unpredictable, murderous violence? And why would she still say she “loved him” after the way he had treated her?

    Also notice how the writer does her best to make the murderer seem “exceptional” and “heroic” (all the talk about his military career), and go out of her way to find people who will describe him as having “mental health issues”? He was a murderous black, with a previous history of domestic violence. I hope the police take him alive; it would be too easy for him if he is permitted to simply take his own life.  May he receive the death penalty, and may it be carried out.

  •  Why, indeed? I’ve wondered about that several times myself.

  • This another one for the list Jed? I’d like to start a list of white children who are now without a parent because of black brutality, but I don’t have the strength. This madness eats away at me, if I pay too much attention to it, I will end up having a nervous breakdown. I just feel so powerless to protect our uniquely-beautiful and uniquely-intelligent women from these savages.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      I’m not familar with this one, do you have a link or the name of this poor woman? Major national news blackout on Black on White crime!

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       The problem is that our uniquely beautiful and uniquely intelligent white women think they are smarter than anyone else and also don’t need a man’s protection – in general.  But as I wrote not long ago, when you are out in public there are ways to protect them by being vigilant for them while not falling into any sort of stalking behavior or seeming to be hitting on them.  The main idea is to be like a big brother – but not a stupid one. 

      I do think that eventually white women are going to come around and welcome our help.  The worse this situation becomes the surer that becomes.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Who will be next?

    This is a shooting war, and only the other side is armed.  White women, especially mothers, never seem to have guns when they most need them.

  • jeffaral

    “Prominent” black surgeon??!!!   I bet he was one more of those affirmative action overrated blacks.  Just like Obama.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       It’s real interesting to see how adjectives are used in the media to try to influence perceptions.  It’s worse today than ever because we have a generation that has been raised in it coming to age.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    I am just flat out getting whiplash at all the headshaking I’m doing lately. Stupid, stupid, STUPID white people!

  • splitsing

    I feel sorry for her children and the shame they will forever feel.

  • Dear Moderator,

    Just curious here, why do you change my post (you changed negro to black) yet don’t do that to anyone else.  Am I the only one who is not allowed to write that word and if so, why?

  • Sardonicus

    I can’t
    understand why Jacqueline Wisniewski endangered her only child by going with
    Dr. Jorden? Did she really think that he would be a suitable father for her
    son? Now the boy is emotionally scarred forever after observing his mother
    being beaten, stabbed and held “captive” How can he ever forget her
    brutal murder? I thank my lucky stars that I had a traditional  cultured “Southern Lady” as a mother, who
    always put the interests of her family and children first over her own selfish

    • Green grass & high tides

      Me too brother. Mine was May Day maypole queen in Tallahasee before the big war. She told me how it was in the segregated south and all the reasons why it was like that. She was the type that knew the score but was always pleasant to blacks.

  • CharlesFinley

    What is with these mothers? 

    “Timmy, this is my new friend, Turquorius.  We’re going to watch some tv in Mommy’s room.  Why don’t you go on over to Bobby’s house for a while.”

    It used to be, “Once you go black, you’re a single mom.”

    Now you just get dead.

    Wake up, White women.

  • mialexa

    Well, being a crazed stalker of women doesn’t preclude a man from doing his job. Look at Bill Clinton.

  • Wish your dog could have a talk with Dr. Jorden!!!

  • What a disgusting,sickening story. If this woman had come to me saying she was “scared” of her dear Black prince,I would spit in her face.She ended their “realtionship” and the poor boy couldnt take it. Awwww!   The story says the animal lost 75 pounds recently,appeared ill and was–wiff all his Benjamins,–living in his office. He appeared to have “mental health” issue. They really hold their surgeons to a high standard there,dont they?

  • razorrare

    This “Dr” was no more a surgeon than sharpton & jackson are reverends.

  • razorrare
  • Apparently they found the body of Mr. Jorden, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot:

    Authorities believe they have found dead body of doctor wanted in ECMC shooting

    • haroldcrews

      Hopefully they’ll confirm it is him via fingerprint or dna.  He was in the military so the DOD would have his fingerprints on file.  Presumably it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      A .25 cent bullet saves the tax payers millions in legal and incarceration fees. Not to mention all the studies “they” would do to find out what went wrong with one of their best and brightest when the truth was he was a jealous controlling psychopath, excuse me I mean black.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      A.25 cent bullet saves the tax payers millions in incarceration fees. Not to mention all the studies “they” would do to find out what went wrong with on of their best and brightest when the truth was he was a jealous controlling psychopath, excuse me I mean black.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      A.25 cent bullet saves the tax payers millions in incarceration fees. Not to mention all the studies “they” would do to find out what went wrong with on of their best and brightest when the truth was he was a jealous controlling psychopath, excuse me I mean black.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      A .25 cent bullet saves the tax payers millions in incarceration fees. Not to mention all the studies “they” would do to find out what went wrong with on of their best and brightest when the truth was he was a jealous controlling psychopath, excuse me I mean black.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      A .25 cent bullet saves the tax payers millions in incarceration fees. Not to mention all the studies “they” would do to find out what went wrong with on of their best and brightest when the truth was he was a jealous controlling psychopath, excuse me I mean black.  

      Does this keep getting deleted by the Moderator or is this a technical problem?

      • Up to my neck in CA

        Moderator, I was refering to the bullet that he used (hopefully) on himself. I am all for a public execution by firing squad. Imagine all the crime that could deter.

        • Up to my neck in CA

          Not shame but good ol’ fashioned FEAR!

      • I reckon I read differently than everyone else.  I never took this as a call for wanton violence.  I thought he was merely expressing his opinion.  An opinion borne out of a feeling of helplessness.  It’s tough to sit back and watch your People be murdered and say nothing.  I mean, it’s hard to always write in a fashion of ‘calmness’ so to speak.

  • Audieleon

    Oh no it’s dem dar white ho’s fault!!!!!!!!

  • As usual, AA Topix regulars are merciless:

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     This is the truth and even social scientists agree.  Women are naturally attracted to the “Type A” dominant male.  In a sick society, we make the unworthy our heroes and now we pay the price.  It’s an awful lot of damage for so few to try to undo.  One problem is the myths we create, like mialexa here.

    I grew up in Sacramento and my sister worked first for a senator and
    then as a lobbyist.  I also was close to people who were close, etc. 
    Most of these elected officials are corrupted by the power.  As a doctor
    I met many prostitutes who were high class call girls for politicians. 
    Even Ben Franklin was well known for his philandering in Paris.  So
    what are we going to do, pretend that this stuff doesn’t happen or work
    to make sure the socially perceived Type A males are the best
    representatives of the sort of world we want to see prevail?

    Clinton should have known that his enemies were out to get him on this because they saw his weakness early, but it was a hypocritical prosecution and it led to many real problems, like 9/11.  I was living in Europe when the impeachment was going on and it was all too clear that things were going on that would lead to 9/11.  In 1998, when Al Queada attacked those two consulates in Africa, it was clearly just part of a growing campaign, but it was more important for the dirty politics to proceed in the U.S.  All my friends were asking me what the Americans were doing!  It was clear to me that while the U.S. was distracted with impeaching Clinton, a lot was going on under the noses of the U.S.  When Clinton tried to act to kill Bin Laden, the yellow press in the U.S. was screaming, “The tail’s waging the dog, he’s trying to distract us from the REAL issue!”

    Governments and empires fall because of this kind of infighting.  We are often our own worst enemy.

  • robinbishop34

    I’m a year older than this woman and just the idea of ever going with a black is so ridiculous I can’t even put it into words. The perils of interracial relationships or even blacks in general were never discussed in my household growing up. I had no learned bias against anyone –but the mere thought of being with a black would be just as plausible as being with a kangaroo. It was just so unheard of it never entered your mind.

    It seems to me that there are no shades of gray with Western white women today. Either they have strong, natural, familial/maternal instincts and common sense, or they are complete flakes who feel they need to rebel against some non existent oppressor. And that usually means making unbelievably foolish choices and either having lonely, unfulfilled lives…or dead.

    I hate to say it but I see this woman’s demise as simply collateral damage in a long struggle for sanity amongst white morons.

    • I also didn’t understand these kinds of behavior- to me, they seemed absolutely unnatural. But, I  started to treat them as persistent minority aberrations, like homosexuality or BDSM. Frankly, I can’t “understand” homos. But- I can accept that some brain chemistry got messed up during pregnancy & voila.
      So, white females who are authentically attracted to Blacks are, IMO, genetically predisposed, just we don’t know yet why. Others are socially conditioned or have murky reasons (drug abuse history etc.).

  • I thought there was no such thing as a white woman leaving a black man’s company, because the sex was so good?  (sarcasm off)

  • I swear if you google her name and Formspring it’s her with dark hair on there! She seemed like she liked to have a good time. Some posts I wonder if she was talking about the surgeon. So weird. 

  • Is this the victim? I think it is but a profile pic from the side! With dark hair.

  • ECMC shooting suspect found dead near home

    Surgeon killed by self-inflicted gunshot

    In the end, Dr. Timothy V. Jorden Jr. chose the same fatal solution he had worked so hard to avoid as a trauma surgeon — gun violence.

    A two-day nationwide manhunt for Jorden, a suspect in the Wednesday morning shooting death of a former girlfriend at Erie County Medical Center, ended Friday when he was found in a wooded ravine about 800 yards from his lakefront home, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

    Jorden’s body, in blue surgical scrubs and black jacket, was discovered by two female state parole officers in dense underbrush near a ravine along Eighteen Mile Creek.

    A .357 Magnum was found in Jorden’s right hand, Buffalo Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda said. Ballistics tests will determine if it’s the same gun he used to kill Jackie Wisniewski, his ex-girlfriend and the single mother of a young boy, he said. No suicide note was found. “Had the doctor been taken alive, he would have been charged with murder,” Derenda said. “He shot the victim in the head four times and once in the back at point-blank range.”

    Cellphone records and Erie County Medical Center surveillance video, the commissioner said, show Jorden on the phone talking for 17 minutes to Wisniewski, “luring her down to a basement stairwell where he shot her.”

    Another doctor heard the gunfire at about 8 a.m. Wednesday and rushed to the stairwell, where he found the 33-year-old woman.

    At the same time, the 49-year-old Jorden ran up to his office on the third floor of the David K. Miller Building and unloaded shells from the gun before fleeing to his vehicle and heading to his home.

    Other hospital surveillance video showed the doctor, earlier that morning, arriving with a large bag that police determined contained a shotgun, Derenda said. The shotgun was later recovered from the surgeon’s office.

    Surveillance video at the doctor’s house on West Arnold Drive beside Lake Erie also played a crucial role in assisting police. Jorden entered his $540,000 home at 8:37 a.m. and 4 minutes later went out a back door, headed south toward a heavily wooded area in the direction of the

    “We believed there was a strong possibility he had committed suicide,” Derenda said, but heavy brush, the ravine, cliffs and a low tree canopy all conspired to slow the search.

    A neighbor on Thursday told police out canvassing that she had heard a single gunshot between 9:30 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. Wednesday — another sign that the doctor might have killed himself, Derenda said.

    But without a body to confirm a suicide, Buffalo Chief of Detectives Dennis J. Richards said detectives could not dismiss the possibility that Jorden was still alive and on the run, given the fact that he had withdrawn $36,000 from his bank account in the last two weeks.

    “We never gave up control of the doctor’s house as we worked on dual scenarios,” Richards said.
    FBI interviews

    The FBI conducted interviews nationwide and tracked the doctor’s cellphone and credit card records, while keeping an eye on airline passenger lists, according to Steven Lanser, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Buffalo office.

    Meanwhile, the rugged terrain was mapped out, and law enforcement workers walked every inch of the area, with state police rappelling cliffs, K-9 dogs sniffing the grounds, and GPS units used to assist in guiding the search, according to State Police Capt. Steven A. Nigrelli.
    At 10:40 a.m. Friday, the meticulous approach paid off.

    Parole Officers Beth Hart and Paula Hughes found the doctor’s body. It was only then that authorities could stand down, State Police Maj. Christopher L. Cummings said.

    “Having an armed and dangerous individual on the loose is what causes police supervisors to have sleepless nights,” Cummings said.

    At a news conference early Friday evening in Buffalo Police Headquarters, Derenda said the satisfactory conclusion to the search would not have been possible without the cooperation of so many police agencies all willing to assist.

    Gifts for his brother

    In answering questions that arose over the last two days, Derenda said:

    Jorden took $20,000 of the $36,000 bank withdrawal and mailed a cashier’s check to his brother, Terrance, a dentist in Atlanta.

    On Tuesday evening, Jorden gave a Rolex watch and $5,500 to his close friend Martin L. Motley III, a Buffalo police officer on long-term disability.

    Surveillance video at the doctor’s home showed Motley arriving there at about 10 a.m. Wednesday. As Motley left the home at 11 a.m., Hamburg police officers took him into custody, Hamburg Police Chief Michael K. Williams said.

    Motley is not believed to have committed any criminal acts, Derenda said, though he remains suspended without pay for violating the police department sick leave confinement policy.

    Motley told city homicide detectives and FBI agents that Jorden gave him the watch and cash to pass along to his brother in Atlanta as gifts.

    The motive for the killing, Derenda said, “appears to be domestic in nature.”

    Friends say Wisniewski, a secretary in ECMC’s adolescent psychiatric unit, had confided to them that Jorden had been abusive and that he had threatened and stalked her in recent months.

    They said Wisniewski broke up with Jorden, a former Army Special Forces soldier, because he was cheating on her and she feared for her life.

    “Even while he was stalking the woman, he was dating other women, and it looks like it all came to a head,” a law enforcement official said, speaking on the condition he not be identified.

    Neighbors on Friday afternoon expressed relief that the search for Jorden was over, and one woman driving by said she was glad the doctor did not harm anyone else.

    Constant surveillance

    The last two and a half days were nerve-racking for them, with law enforcement members coming and going, state police and Erie County sheriff’s helicopters flying overhead and dogs searching the woods and fields around them.

    “It was constant. The helicopters were right over the house,” said Jenny Turner of Old Lake Shore Road. “It was not knowing.”

    Neighbors said they locked their doors and didn’t let children play outside, just in case Jorden was still in the area.

    “It made me nervous. I said, ‘He’s still around here. They wouldn’t be doing this much if he wasn’t right around here,'” Turner said.

    She said her two children were scared at night and did not want to sleep alone.

    Wisniewski’s co-corkers at ECMC also expressed relief that Jorden’s body had been recovered but acknowledged their grieving for a lost friend is far from over.

    “This has been a difficult and sad time for the ECMC family,” Chief Executive Officer Jody L. Lomeo said in a statement. “We are just starting the healing process and trying to cope with an incomprehensible event.”

    The hospital staff, Lomeo said, is mourning but wants more than anything else “to honor and remember Jackie Wisniewski, a dedicated member of the ECMC family and extraordinary mother to her son.

    “We also thank the entire community for its support,” he said. “ECMC has taken care of thousands from the community, and now the community has been taking care of us. The thoughts, prayers and well-wishes for the ECMC family have been heartwarming.”

    Other law enforcement agencies that assisted in the search for Jorden included the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Marshals and several SWAT teams from suburban police departments.

  • SLCain

    One often sees a certain phrase employed in the comments at this website: “If you go black, we don’t want you back”.   This is a play on the old saying by black men: “Once you go black, you won’t go back”.  What too many white women don’t realize is that they (black men) are serious about it: once you go black they won’t let you go back – they’ll kill you first.

  • blight14

     We DID until a mere handful among our population deemed it ‘unfair’…..said group went on to flood us with new ‘immigrants’ and a plethora of new laws to outlaw natural instincts……I’ll leave it at that………..

  • blight14

    Correct, and we all know that the term ‘corrupt media’ is code…….

  • blight14

     Or simply ‘you cannot escape DNA’………….

  • blight14

     While I was in dental school we had a lone black male and a half/half (father white/mother black-a rarity)…..huge biochem test and everyone looks over and the black male has every book/note/etc wide open on his desk….blatantly out in the open…the attending prof couldn’t believe his eyes! He was, of course, asked to leave the exam and then went in front of a ‘board’ to discuss his behavior….they actually expelled the guy BUT allowed him to reapply for the next class…the mixed race female did fine and has a thriving private practice about a mile down the road from mine.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      My “Like” was for the expelling of the cheater, not for letting him back in.