Black Worker Awarded $25 Million in Racial Lawsuit

Jason Sickles, Yahoo! News, June 13, 2012

A black steelworker has been awarded $25 million in damages after a federal jury ruled his former company didn’t do enough to stop years of racial slurs and taunting by his co-workers.

According to the Buffalo News, Elijah Turley testified during the trial that colleagues at the Buffalo-area plant called him “boy” and left a stuffed monkey with a noose around its neck on his car’s driver’s side mirror. He also recalled seeing “KKK” and “King Kong” scrawled on the factory’s walls.


Lawyers for ArcelorMittal countered that company officials suspended Turley’s co-workers and took other steps to stop the harassment. The newspaper reported they also suggested that a lot of what Turley endured was “trash-talking” that’s common on factory floors.

But the jury unanimously decided that the company and some of its executives were liable.



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  • This jurisdiction is probably known for civil juries that “stick it to da man.”  Therefore, lawyers on the plaintiffs side of civil cases against a defendant with a lot of money will find any pretext to venue shop their case to Buffalo.  St. Louis City is the same way.

  • anarchyst

    Anotha’ brutha’ hits the ghetto jackpot lottery . . . 🙂

  • Gustavventer

    Ahhh, the richness of irony. The Mittal company is from India. In the nineties they waltzed into South Africa, did one of those deals with the ANC, and snapped up South Africa’s formidable national steelworks, ISCOR, for less than the stock at the time was worth. It all was accompanied by a lot of Black Economic Empowerment hooplah. To have them being stiffed by a black worker because of racism claims, is very rich. Of course, they also found out that the BEE monster in South Africa can never be satiated. They are now involved in interminable wrangling about mineral rights and access to iron ore. Just desserts!

  • Church_of_Jed

    We approve of these payouts.

    If Jared Taylor and the WN movement would do their jobs, we could one day have “White privilege” treated as hate speech.  Just associate it with black on White crime enough times, and the conventional wisdom will turn our way. 
    “The company didn’t do enough to protect workers from racially charged comments about ‘White privilege,’ which have been proven to instigate racial intimidation and violence against Whites.”

    • Frosty_The_White_Man

      But White Privilege is real. High average IQ, pleasing variations in eye and hair color, resting upon the laurels of the most advanced civilization known to man, superior music, the list goes on. I love my White Privilege! Don’t you love yours?

  • newscomments70

    This is why no one wants to hire black people. This is why the government must force businesses to hire blacks with legal threats and bullying. It’s a form of extortion. Maybe this person really was harassed. If that’s the case, he should receive some justice, but 25 million dollars??  Often in these lawsuits, the charges are contrived and exaggerated. Literally anything could be considered racist. Whites who work in minority environments are often subject to racial and sexual harassment. Do you think any white victims will receive a 25 million dollar settlement?   How about five dollars?…Anything?

  • seek

    $25 million — that’s hitting the ghetto jackpot!  

    • Detroit_WASP

      No….finding a $10.00 winning lottery ticket in the liquor store parking lot is a ghetto jackpot.  Twenty-five MILLION is a white man’s jackpot!!!  He’ll be up to his neck in white women!!

  • How much you want to bet the company didn’t want to hire him in the first place? Would a closer look at their workforce reveal the bare minimum number of blacks required in order to avoid a federal investigation? 

  • Absurd. 100,000 would be more than enough.

  • Yet another race jackpot winner.

    Another anti-business blow to western New York. I wonder how long it will be before this Luxembourg firm pulls out.

    They also suggested that much of what happened at the steel plant is the kind of “trash-talking” that’s common in manufacturing facilities.

    A similar incident happened in Niagara Falls NY a couple years back.

    A white guy, joking with a black guy, put a “Whites Only” sign on a water fountain. The black guy sued. The white guy was shocked because the black guy was his friend and it was only a joke.

    I never joke with black co-workers.

    • The__Bobster

      In the 80’s, an old, lazy, rent-seeking Bantu applied for a job at my company’s Buffalo plant. He was rejected because there were no job openings….plus he was an old, lazy, rent-seeking Bantu.

      Two years later, a job opened up and we filled it. Somehow, the Bantu found out about it and sued us because we didn’t hire him first. We were forced to pay him two years back pay and give him a job. He showed up for his new job and quit the first day.

      The ironic thing is that the guy we hired was a fellow Tutsi.

      Now a little background: There was a tall, skinny Watusi gubmint EEOC officer who was always seeking revenge against my company ever since our HR manager offered to allow her to inspect the site on the third Monday of January.

      Well, she got highly offended and snorted, “Dat beez da Reverend Martin Loofer King’s birfday!”

      The HR manager said “That’s okay, we’re open that day”.

      The beeyutch went ballistic and went on a vendetta, always dropping by unannounced to “count our minorities”, as if she were on a mission from God.

      I happen to believe that this sow tipped off the Bantu who sued us.

      It wasn’t long before my company closed this plant. I wonder why. It was hard enough already to do business in Western New York. We didn’t need this crap.

      Afrovoodoos should never be given positions of authority. They are destroying our country.

    • A good strategy to take, sbuffalo. Also, don’t purchase anything from a Bantu co-worker (this is especially true more among females, who go and pimp cosmetics and such among their female co-workers, take their money, but don’t deliver), don’t make bets with them one-on-one; as they’ll never pay up, and don’t discuss charged issues with them, like politics or race, of course.

      Avoid them if you can, deal with them if you must, but always keep them at arm’s length, and NEVER trust them.


  • Might as well put a Wet bar and a surround sound system in FLoyd Mayweather’s jail cell while we’re at it!

    •  Oh, that crybaby.

      The big tough boxer was too emotionally weak to turn himself in by himself, a rapper-clod who calls himself “50 Cents” had to accompany him.

      12 days into his jail term, his lawyers are claiming that it has already negatively affected his physical health.  Ocean front land in Wyoming, anyone?  He’s 35, and (sarcasm) as I can attest, 35-year old men never suffer from physical decline (end sarcasm).  (Don’t remind me.)

      His lawyers are also noting the negative toll on his emotional health.  I wonder how Josie Harris’s emotional health is these days.

      Thankfully, the judge laughed it off the bench.

  • If this was America, you wouldn’t be allowed to sue because your feelings got hurt or because some people won’t accept you.  And where’s the proof of all this so-called most egregious abuse anyway?

    When a non-white can sue over a word like “boy”, you know it’s over.  They can now “legally” dictate to us what we can and cannot say.  Also, when did words become worse than things like murder, rape, pedophilia, theft and other criminal acts?  I’m always seriously confused over this.  A stuffed animal is a crime?  “boy” is a crime?  Writing three letters (kkk) or the name of a movie gorilla is a crime?

    Also, why doesn’t anyone question these types why, if it was so bad, why did you stay?  We all know the reason but they should be forced to admit that the only reason they even took the job in the first place was to lie in wait for the first opportunity to sue.  Non-whites are constantly suing over garbage like this and they’re winning more and more with no thanks to non-white judges and juries.

    • Sherman_McCoy

       “And where’s the proof of all this so-called most egregious abuse anyway?”  
      Exactly my question.  Most of these racial harassment incidents are proven to be fabricated by the “victims.”

      Reminds me of an old joke:

      A patrolman happens on a white motorist at the side of the road hurriedly tamping down some dirt with a shovel.  The motorist’s car’s front bumper is caved in so he has obviously struck some kind of obstacle.  

      The patrolman asks, “What’s happened here?”
      The motorist replies, “I hit a couple of n*****s, so I buried them.”
      “Well, are you sure they they were dead?”
      “One of ’em said he wasn’t, but you know how n*****s lie.”

      • Good one!  Yeah, a lot of times, if not all times, they flat out lie or exaggerate what happened and no one dares to call them out for it.  I can’t understand this.

        I temped for a pregnant lady once and she told me (during my training session) that when a fellow employee (white man) had used the word monkey in a speech he gave, one of the black employee attendees filed a complaint against him.  It wasn’t said in a derogatory manner at all, it was used as just ‘monkeying around’ but somehow, that’s “racist”.  They actually get to determine what’s racist and we’re all just supposed to go along with it.

        Have you ever noticed that whenever fox news talks about race, they always ask a black person about it?  Even when it’s black on white racist crime, they ask black people if it was racism.  It’s bizarre and outright evil in my opinion.  Why don’t they ask the White Victims how they felt when they were being called cracker, white mother f’r and die white bitch and all the other nasty and racist names they were being called while they were being violently beaten by an entire gang of non-whites?  That’s always missing during their so-called coverage.

  • NYB

    The reason the award is so massive is because the federal court is extremely motivated by the cause, which is to exterminate any expression by a white person of hostility or aggression towards blacks.

    They think if they make the punishment so extreme, they can eliminate such thoughts from all whites.    Being ideological white liberals, they approach their task with the fervor of grand inquisitors on a religious mission.

  • William_JD

    God, I hope so.

  • JackKrak

    I’ve watched my country be ruined by the actions – not mere words – of millions of people like Mr. Turley. They have inflicted a cost in blood, treasure and trouble that is all but incalculable. They have made normal life impossible for the majority. The have degraded the culture to levels unimaginable just a few decades ago and handcuffed the incredible potential of a formerly great nation.

    Who do I sue?

  • Christopher_Nelson

    This guy gets 25 milliom bucks for what amounts to nothing more than some people being rude to him.  25 MILLION BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Call me pessimistic, but I I have a strange hunch that if the races involved were reversed, then a white worker claiming the same thing would get zip in a  similar lawsuit.

    Welcome to BRA.

  • I know, I was just saying that even astronomical amount should not surpass 100 k.

  • mialexa

    Come on, it’s not high IQ white people making racist remarks “in jest” to the few blacks lucky enough or skilled enough to get jobs at steel plants. Any person with an IQ over 100 knows he will be crucified for even making the most innocent of remarks to blacks. Any owner of any company has to worry about getting his butt sued to the tune of 25 million and must make sure his employees tow the PC line. These are different times.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    I’ve reached the point where anytime I read that “KKK” or a noose were used to intimidate blacks, I automatically assume the black is pulling a hoax. The Klan? Seriously? They’re all but defunct (and how strong a presence did they ever have in western NY anyway?). Only childlike blacks really believe in that particular bogeyman anymore.

  •  Hahahahh… you’re inimitable. Perhaps the most “not an inch” person on the Web.

  • Church_of_Jed

    How much will it cost me when my dog barks at a Diversity?

  • Excuse me?

    Hate crime is not applied to non-whites when they attack White People and Fox News never asks any White Victim of Non-White Racism how they feel about it.  Fox News ALWAYS dismisses the racial hatred aspect of it unless it’s White People “hatin'” of course.