Black Teachers Don’t Make a Difference for Black Students?

Brande Victorian, Madame Noire, June 12, 2012

We often talk about the need for more black teachers, particularly males, in school systems across the country to help our kids excel, but according to a new study from the University of Houston, that desire may be baseless.

Walter Hunt, a  recent graduate from the University of Houston’s Executive Education Doctorate in Professional Leadership and a local assistant principal, says African American students don’t necessarily fare better when taught by African American teachers. When he examined the impact of African American teachers on African American eighth-graders in Texas Title I schools he found no significant relationship between their academic achievement and the percentage of African American teachers on campus.

At first glance, it would appear that teacher race doesn’t matter when addressing student achievement of minority students, but there are many layers involved when analyzing achievement of a middle-school student, such as racial identity, self-identity, age, involvement in school activities,” he said. “In this particular study, I was surprised to see that the campuses with more African-American teachers did not have the highest African-American student achievement. This just goes to show that having a positive impact on students is a complex, multi-layered process.


Hunt examined eighth-graders and teacher diversity in 198 Title I Texas schools because Title I is part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act which provides additional funding for campuses serving children from low-income families. {snip}


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  • Whites can’t teach blacks.  Blacks can’t teach blacks.  Asians can’t teach blacks.  Hispanics can’t teach blacks.  Indians can’t teach blacks.  I would say that Australian Aboriginals can’t teach blacks if they weren’t already dumber to begin with.

    How many races of teachers will they burn through before they finally realize what we all know to be true by instinct, that blacks are ineducable?


    • It’s just a vicious, never ending cycle of bungling ignorance and finger pointing.  First it was that the Racist (Tm) white teachers were purposely dumbing down the curriculum and holding down black achievement.  Then it was that White teachers couldn’t relate to black student needs because they weren’t black (funny how WHITE students never seem to have this problem with a NON WHITE teacher).  Then because White teachers couldn’t relate to blacks, it was decided that we needed more black teachers so the students would finally realize their Dazzling Potential when taught by a black face.  When that didn’t work they started screaming that the racist whites kept the best  White teachers for themselves (even though they complained that white teachers were racist in the first place).  So now we are back at square one and my head hurts just trying to figure out the thought process (or lack thereof) of these people.

      •  I happen to think that this is agitprop in the war against highly paid unionized teachers, (some of those are black).  Now that we have “proof” (probably true, in reality) that the race of the teacher doesn’t make a difference, therefore it should be no big deal to break the union, and slide in the Can’t Teach for America social justice dingbats (many of whom will be H-1B visa holding Asians) in their place.  They’ll flame out in 1-2 years, but behind them will be more dingbats and H-1B visas, lather rinse repeat.

        •  That is an interesting point.  I have heard for years how they want to bust the teacher’s unions under the guise of “Bad Teachers” making buckets of money and turning out idiots who can’t tie their own shoes.  While I’m not a big fan of unions, I think you are right in that they will just slide in their own little parrot tools to further eradicate any form of education and replace it with indoctrination once the Union is busted.  Like it’s the teacher’s fault that he/she cannot get Juan/Letisha/Faried/Chun King/Samir/Josh and N’dwaliga Mbekio to all produce AP quality work when most of them cannot speak or read English at a 5th grade level.  I mean you flood the public schools with third world people that have third world IQ’s and suddenly its the teacher’s fault they are failing (or more accurately PRODUCING at a third world rate!)

          •  Now we’re getting down to the bare metal of the hard drive.  We know that the money that districts don’t have to spend on experienced teachers for salaries and benefits will go somewhere.  We know it won’t go back to the taxpayer, because it’s “for the chillenz.”  So, where will it go?  Cui Bono?

        • holyflower

          A likely scenario, but “highly paid unionized teachers” long ago cast their lot — via their teachers union leadership — with just about every left-wing scheme trotted out of academia. 

          It’s hard to work up much sympathy. Here’s the then  nation’s top educator National Education Association president Reg Weaver, firing up his union troops in Minnesota in  2008:

          Part 1 (7 minutes):

          Part 2 (5 minutes):

          • I don’t think you’ll find an AR regular that likes the politics of the NEA and AFT.  But that doesn’t mean they’re wrong when they say that someone’s out to get them.

          • Waywont

            “A likely scenario, but “highly paid unionized teachers” long ago cast their lot — via their teachers union leadership — with just about every left-wing scheme trotted out of academia. “Very true. And those of us who couldn’t stomach it got out of the profession (in my case, barely in time… I think some of my sarcastic breakroom comments were reported).And for those who haven’t guessed, a meeting of the higher ups in the union looked like a tribal reunion in the Congo.

    • The point isn’t to teach black kids; the point is to put off for another few years having to admit that there is a racial gap in IQ. Expect another “solution” that, conveniently, takes several years to prove or disprove.

      • alastairabbacle

        White went through all this trouble just to disprove a hypothesis of equal distribution of intelligence in all racial groups.

        That is very scientific, but it disproving the equality hypothesis sure took a lot of money, lying, and wasted lives.

        I think the next educational solution up the pipeline will indeed by based on HBD (human biodiversity). Some of the chumps in the educational reform movement are smart and logical enough to know Blacks on average are less disciplined, and less good at problem-solving academically.

        So, the thing to do now is to set up tightly-disciplined, rigorously structured “charter” schools with all Blacks.
        “Charter” just means “segregated and run strictly like in Black sxhools of the good old days”.

        There will be no need to publicize racial views on intelligence or anything, because Charter Schools are about independence, about setting their own standards.

        Eventually, people will get used to the idea that Blacks need to go to highly disciplined, rigourous schools just as the norm, at “Charter” (Black) schools.

    • Unfortunatly despite blacks and hispanics being bad at math, they sure can multiply with white taxpayer funding.

    • What do you mean whites can’t teach blacks?  You don’t think they were plucked from the jungle knowing how to pick cotton do you?  Blacks CAN be taught, but it requires very sepcific educational tools:  Whip,  shackles, a sturdy club and one or two mastiffs to emphasize the most important points of the lesson.

      The key to training blacks (like training any low intelligence creature) is to keep it simple, repeat often and provide lots of positive reinforcement like a cold juicy slice of watermelon or icy grape drank.  You want to keep punishment to a minimum to protect your investment but there are some hard cases that only understand the lash.

      The British, Germans, French, Belgians and Dutch all did very well with their black populations.  Europeans actually have a knack for training blacks.  We just need to dust off those unused muscles and get to work.


      • alastairabbacle

        “Europeans actually have a knack for training blacks.  We just need to dust off those unused muscles and get to work.”

        I agree! If Europe could colonize almost a whole continent, and start building civilized nations there, then America could do the same in its tiny inland African archipelagos!

      • vladdy1

        A bit hard to “repeat often” when they are making so much noise you can’t hear yourself.

  • haroldcrews

    I always assumed it was just a pretense in order to increase the number of black teachers.  Just a way to get more black people on the public payroll.  Black students were nothing but an after thought.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Black teachers just make black students more adept at uselessness.

  • Sure black teachers can make a difference for black students, aren’t they the ones who change the test scores????

  • holyflower

    One reason governments at all levels consistently make poor decisions regarding race and education and other social concerns is the ignorance most politicians share with the general public about statistical concepts.  To quote John Derbyshire:

    “Race realism . . .  is a matter of statistics; of averages and variances, of distributions and the Law of Large Numbers. Those concepts don’t exist for nothing. They belong to applied, not pure, mathematics. They are just the ticket for dealing with policy matters involving entire populations. (The word “statistics” shares a root with “state.” Statistics was originally the
    arithmetic of the state.)”

    • Sherman_McCoy

      “how does interpret heavy media exposure to the 15 percent of the black population that score above the white average, that is, above the lower half of the white bell curve for IQ?”

      I interpret it as white DNA lifting some blacks in America above their natural IQ of 70.

      • alastairabbacle

        Not just any DNA too: DNA of the toughest, most determined white slavemasters.

  • APaige

    Having a positive role model as a teacher could be an inspiration, but the belief that the teacher HAS to be the same race as the student is well…racist and stupid. The liberal/anti-racist crowd always pushes having black teachers for black students… and also having black teachers for white students. If ANYONE said/wrote/that having white teachers is better for white students they would be fired, mocked, terrorized, etc.

    • alastairabbacle

      Thats because liberals treat pop. groups like bags of skin, or walking gonads.
      Skin color and perverted sexual activities being in the open are the main things to notice about any individual.

      They have a really bizarre don’t judge by color of skin/do judge by color of skin Jekyl/Hyde complex. You can expect such confused state out of a person who fails to understand and account for the basics of human nature.
      Equality is the God, so they need to “blind” themselves to skin color and gender. This God however, is Diversity. Because Diversity is not worshipped by all, young white people must be sacrificed to it to satiate it, to balance for past failure to worship him. Thr name of this God is Baal, or Moloch.

      • xthred

        Please start a blog so I can read it.

  • Just like the theory that integrated schools would raise black achievement levels, so too the theory that black teachers would help black students is proven wrong by being put into action.

  • The last two Buffalo Public School superintendents have been black males. They were chosen by majority black school boards as role models for young black males. The last guy was so bad they bought out his contract and let him leave with his pocket full of money and life-long benefits.

    The interim superintendent was a white female from Buffalo who knows Buffalo and has done a pretty good job considering what she has to work with.

    Even so, the school board insisted on doing a national search and they came up with two black candidates; one black male and one black female.

    There was no way the black members of the school board would let the white superintendent stay on. With two failed black men, it was a no brainier that they just announced the new superintendent is the black woman.


    Brown named superintendent of Buffalo schools

  • IstvanIN

    You can’t teach blacks. 

  • IstvanIN

    You can’t teach blacks.  Period.

  • holyflower

    “Are you kidding? Blacks appear in 70% of TV advertising.”

    Irrelevant to my point.  That 70 percent is a “small sample” of the black population which mainly comes from the right 15 percent tail of the normal distribution of blacks by IQ. 

  • Church_of_Jed

    Today’s Continuing Education credits for your N’ggrology Certification-

  • Sheila Dinehart

    The last thing a black kid in America needs is a black teacher, especially a male one.  For decades schools have been plagued with black teachers who were given a pass in schools of education in the first place, then states wouldn’t make them take a state exit exam whites had to take (feds saying the tests were racially biased which of course they were not…another trick on the negro perped by the left white guilt promoters), in the second place…you could say the black can’t win (not honestly) because the radical leftist white guilt promoter is there to help him keep himself down…apparently to use the negro forever. 

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      For decades schools have been plagued with black teachers who were given a pass in schools of education in the first place, then states wouldn’t make them take a state exit exam whites had to take (feds saying the tests were racially biased which of course they were not…another trick on the black perped by the left white guilt promoters).

      I don’t know which states give black teachers a pass when it comes to teacher testing, this certainly is not the case in California.

      The ridiculously easy, 4th grade level CBEST test is mandated for ALL prospective teachers in California as a condition of completing their licenses.  

      Despite questions such as:

      “Which of the following is the most appropriate unit for expressing the weight of a pencil?” 

      a. pounds 
      b. ounces 
      c. quarts 
      d. pints
      e. tons. 

      and the opportunity to take the test multiple times with a score of only 41 needed for passing:

      The California education department admits that the first-time passage rate for Whites is 80 percent, compared with 37 percent for blacks, 47 percent for Hispanics, and 60 percent for Asians. 

      The Associations of Mexican American, Asian-Pacific and black educators sued to stop the administration of this test because their members were failing it in such large numbers.

      The uber-lefty full Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court decision allowing use of the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) to license entry level teachers in the state.


      • alastairabbacle

        You certainly do live in the land of babble…
        It is worrisome when “Asian-Pacific” islanders sign onto coalitions against Whitey.

        Will the Asians of Cali cleave to the Whites? Or will they form their own ethnic leftist rights groups? How will the Asians deal with the ‘Mexican” Quebec, when the time comes?

  • Karen Lewis is the head of the Chicago Teachers Union(and what a charcter she is.yes,she is…one of them) She had a big row with Rahm a while back,claiming Rahm was screaming at her that 1/3 (or was it 1/2) of the “keeyuds” in Chicago Public schools aint going ANYWHERE. Very funny especially in light of the fact that some blacks are  suing CAA,headed by Rahms nestmate,er,brother,Ari,for racial discrimination. In the suit the plaintiffs allege the aganets at CAA referred to balcks often by (the well know,do I have to spell them out??) racial names. The Ruling Class Masters dont abiode by the crap they shove down the throats of the stupified massess.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     blk mobs beating the police discuss it

  • The__Bobster

    More Greta news:

    A CONEY ISLAND principal already facing a host of controversies is now being investigated by the NYPD and city Education Department officials for allegedly smacking a student in the mouth.

    Greta Hawkins has been accused of striking fifth-grade student Jordan Leon, 11, as she took away his cell phone following a lunch period at Public School 90 last month. Jordan suffered a fat lip, but claims he can’t remember if he was hit. He and his mother, who reported the incident to police, blame Hawkins.

    •  I get the feeling that young Mr. Leon deserved a little bit of corporeal punishment.  I wouldn’t do it if I were the principal or a teacher, though.

  • alastairabbacle

    Note the above “middle-school student, such as racial identity, self-identity, age,
    involvement in school activities”…

    These are all self-centered ideas. So mushy! What the hell is “self-identity”?

    •  Middle school + Self-Identity

      = Sexual orientation.

      This is the era of LGBTQMIALOLPLPLTH.

  • alastairabbacle

    Thats why Mexicans have so many slow love ballads: they are about love affairs.

  • alastairabbacle

    Notice that whenever you point out how out of order Africans are, the PC person will reflexively try to make Whites seems just as out of order.

    To believe that humans races are the same, to believe these are normal “indescretions resulting in disciplinary action”, you must manufacture belief that Whites are just as misbehaved.

    Whites in society are nowhere close to the Afro standard.