Non-Whites Save Planet Earth

Paul Jones, American Renaissance, June 13, 2012

Review of the film Prometheus.

I recently watched the big-budget sci-fi movie Prometheus, the first sci-fi film directed by Ridley Scott in 30 years. It is a prequel to Alien, which Mr. Scott also directed, and was released in 1979. I was too young to see Alien at a movie theatre, but I watched it on video and liked it.


I was excited at the prospect of seeing Prometheus. It was the first Hollywood film I’d been to see in years, and the first film I’d really wanted to see in recent memory. Unfortunately, it is spoiled by even more than the usual Hollywood anti-white stereotyping.

Prometheus is the story of a vessel of the same name that has been chartered to travel to the far reaches of the galaxy to a star system that matches cave paintings from ancient cultures on earth. The crew consists of geologists, scientists, company staff, and a robot.

Early in the movie there is an exchange between a geologist and his colleague that sets the racial tone. They are the whitest men on the crew: one with red hair, the other blond. When they wake up after two years of space-travel hibernation, one tried to make friends, but the other hisses “I’m not here to make friends; I’m here to make money!”

My heart sank. One white man is a money-hungry lowlife, and the other a cowardly fool. It reminded me of the old Star Trek series, in which you always knew at the start of an episode which was the unattractive, expendable character who would die soon.

I was right. The two whites are both shown to be cowards as they die horrific deaths early in the film. I thought Ridley Scott was above a lot of this type of cheap filmmaking, but we are left with a black captain, an Asian pilot, two scientists, and Charlize Theron. She is the head of the expedition, but continues the theme of blonde characters who must be calculating and evil. At one point a crew member contracts a virus. She burns him to death with a flamethrower while the black captain shows his virtue by demanding that the man be saved.

Charlize Theron and the black ship captain.

We continue to a scene in which Charlize Theron is looking at a map, not realizing that the black captain is also in the room also. He bluntly suggests they have sex, and she replies, “My room, ten minutes.” There has been no flirting previously in the film. The beautiful blonde woman immediately decides to have sex with a black man after a grunted pickup line. This scene seems to have been planted in the movie simply to promote miscegenation.

There is a scene reminiscent of the first Alien film, with a female character in her underwear running for her life from an alien. Eventually, we are left with the Charlize Theron, the black captain, the Asian pilot, and another character who hardly had a speaking part in the film. Their only options are to flee the planet or kill themselves in an effort to take down the alien vessel and save planet Earth. Charlize Theron, being blonde, obviously chooses to flee, and urges the black and Asian to do the same. They are far too heroic and refuse. Charlize Theron rushes to an escape pod and is killed soon after. The black captain and Asian pilot then kill themselves in a heroic act that saves humanity.

I was left wondering whether Ridley Scott really thinks this way or just had to satisfy the PC police. There is nothing really wrong with the script; just ridiculous casting choices. It’s almost as if Mr. Scott purposely chose the most unlikely option for each character in order to break stereotypes. Non-whites are always brave and honorable; whites are always craven and selfish.

Prometheus may be worth seeing for the special effects alone, but I wonder if the era of decent film making is over. Is this entertainment? Or is it simply propaganda?

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Paul Jones
Paul Jones is a company director from Sydney, Australia.
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  • anonymous_amren

    Sometimes I just imagine that in Sci-Fi they’ve solved the genetic flaws of black people with genetic engineering, some sort of injections, or eugenics. Which is actually pretty likely, at least if white people survive long enough to have mastered intergalactic travel, and all the other scientific advancements that go along with it. We’re not actually that far from being able to genetically enhance black people now, if we had the political will. We genetically enhance crops easily enough (again, when we have the political will).

    Unfortunately, sometimes the black people in Sci-Fi behave so black, while the universe bends itself to benefit them as though they were intelligent people doing sensible things, that I can’t suspend disbelief any more.

    • The__Bobster

      Why the hell would we ever want to produce an ugly supermoolie? Why not “enhance” their genes out of existence? 

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    Yup, as I figured, just tack it onto the list of a jillion or so other movies I have no desire to see. Only one in years I’ve even wanted to see was The Hunger Games, and that was only to see how it stacked up to the book.

    As an aside, if THG does hold to the book, other than two token blacks it would be about as non-afrocentric as anything I’ve seen in ages. Not my primary reason for wanting to see it (didn’t); I’m just saying.

    As for entertainment that doesn’t reverently deify blacks, try some old episodes of The Shield, The Wire, & Boondocks.

  • Francis Galton

    Now, I haven’t seen the film, and I’m unaware of the complete context, but the part where Theron immediately agrees to have sex with the black captain is enough in and of itself to make me NOT want to see the movie!

    What makes that scene so reprehensible to racial realist sensibilities is that it is one of many cogs in the machine that is White genocide.  Taken in isolation, one may mistake it for nothing more than the requisite “spicy” moment that “must” be inserted in all movies these days to hold the attention of the audience.  However, the sinister ulterior motive, as the author implies, is to–yet again–promote miscegenation.  And wouldn’t you know it, it’s a black man and a blonde White woman!

    I find it disgusting and disrespectful, and I will have no part of it.  Anyone on here who reads this article and then goes out to see the movie anyway is a hypocrite (of course, I think better of most of the people on here anyway!)

    • The__Bobster

      the part where Theron immediately agrees to have sex with the black captain is enough in and of itself to make me NOT want to see the movie!

      Has she figured out that it’s cheaper to make your own fashion accessory rather than buying one?

      • blight14

         May her punishment fit the crime……

    • mikejones91

      What do you think of me illegally downloading it when it’s available? That way I don’t support Ridley but still get to see the film lol

      • Francis Galton

         I’d say, at least it’s better than watching it AND financially supporting it!

    • Church_of_Jed

      We approve of and welcome black males with mustaches- makes them look sinister and untrustworthy, and White girls need reminders…

    • kerrysmith

       Of course, in the future depicted in the film–assuming that miscegenation continues between now and then – there wouldn’t BE any women like Charlize. Unless she’s meant to represent an albino.

  • regkeane

    That has settled it for me. I will not be paying to seethis movie. What a pity. My favorite movies of all time were the alien series. I will spread this article far and wide. Even if I reduce the revenue to those pc cretins by a cent it will be worth it.

  • Too bad, I was planning on seeing the movie this weekend.  Now I know better, Thanks AmRen!  How sickening, throwing in a miscegenation scene simply for the sake of throwing one in (knowing that TONS of white people will see this movie).  I absolutely refused to see Avengers.  There’s no way I could stand seeing sammy j. muck up the screen for 2 hours.  The last film I saw in the theaters was INCEPTION.  Absolutely ZERO DIEversity in that one (except for the always superb Ken Wantanabe).  Regarding Ridley Scott, I should have seen this coming.  Remember, Gladiator had the Noble Magic Black who fought side by side with Maximus and even buried the figurines of Maximus’ family after he died as shown in the ending.  What a thoughtful and noble gesture!  WHY RIDLEY WHY?  You would think he has more than enough money and clout to go the Mel Gibson route and just produce and distribute his own films.  Passion of the Christ was one of the highest grossing films of all time.  And you know how “you know who” felt about that one!

    • The__Bobster

      “You know who” have been setting him up ever since.

    • Ghost Wolf

       Actually, Samuel L Jackson’s character (Sgt Fury) turned out to be a sort of “bad guy” of The Avengers, being in possession of what is basically a doomsday device stolen from Asgard, and he tricked the superheroes into being his lackies.  It was because of Fury’s actions that the whole mess with Loki and his friends went down in the first place.  And no, he wasn’t hiding it for everyone’s own good, he was planning to use it for some not-very-nice reason I can’t remember at the moment.

  • A Black astronaut, Hmm ?  it’s just wrong on so many different levels, isn’t it ? it’s so contrived, it doesn’t work because there is no basis of truth in it. There is no black astronauts working at NASA or are they ?

    • haroldcrews

      A black astronaut.  They killed a black astronaut.  That’s like killing a unicorn. 

      • Sorry, but you live in fantasy land. Black Astronauts are a reality and YES, they are qualified!

        • Of course there are.  But if you don’t think they got a little bit of a leg up due to race, then you’re naive.

           Besides, the real idols aren’t the astronauts, but the engineers, physicists and others that created the space program, including the physical infrastructure for it.

        • nBmnp

          The main reason the Space Shuttle had 7 seats was to pick up enough “mission specialists” to meet the quota.

    • Its ignorant comments like these that shows continous evidence to the delusional absurdity of white nationalist morons on this website. Afraid of the truth? Go ahead, fret, scoff and frustrate yourself losers! Fact in the intelligence section, the Asians ( Chinese, Indians etc) will overtake the white man, which is evident, the sports is dominated by blacks and browns, and eventually you whites will lose out and be enslaved by your new non white Masters! DIEversity will rule you! Oh and to the moderator – go ahead you low IQ delusional cowards, go ahead and delete my comment. I will still be laughing at you white nationalist clowns, keep making amusing posts about your delusional wishful fantasies about how the white man will survive and take over..LOL.

      Oh and btw, there were, are and will always be black and other non white astronauts. I unlike you frustrated envious pathetic white gentile losers, follow facts not fiction!

      • Mr Finklestein your “intelligent Chinese and Indians, and athletic Africans” statement sounds like you’re
        using a race realist’s argument to combat an assumed ‘White supremacy’ ideology.

        You agree with inherent differences, but you just think that
        we should never acknowledge these differences unless it’s in the context of
        celebrating our own decline, such as you do. Which in the minefield of racial politics
        makes you a White guy who practices ‘nice racism’ or in other words you’re a
        non-white supremacist.
        Phew for a minute there I was worried that may
        be politically incorrect, carry on.
        What’s wrong exactly with fighting for your own group’s
        cultural or biological preservation?
        For instances the nation which is your namesake,Israel is currently making the news for its plan to deport between 25,000 to 60,000 African immigrants .
        What is your high moral opinion on that?
        Also as a counter your wiki link above.

        I’m not trying to be racially derogatory (in this instance at least) in comparing minority astronauts to these ‘other mammal types’ of astronauts, my point is “anything can be shipped”.

        • mikejones91

          You can get to his Fbook page from his Disqus profile. Spam the f*** out of his page. Also, I love how he comes on here in the “interests” of non-whites. In the name of humanity. All while slandering US, and wishing enslavement/violence on us. Shows you the TRUE caliber of antis.

        • There is a huge difference in sending animals to space and  highly qualified and accomplished humans to space ( as astronauts). Sorry to burst your delusional bubble again, but there is more than enough evidence to prove that there were and are quite a few African American Astronauts and Physicists of high calibre.

          Here is another world famous African American Quantum Physicist and is well reputed by the scientific community and intellectuals alike for his work and views – Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Of course, you need to actually have a high IQ to appreciate this video where two great intellectuals Dr. Neil De Grasse Tyson and renowned Oxford Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins discuss Science:

          • SLCain

             “Here is another world famous African American Quantum Physicist and is
            well reputed by the scientific community and intellectuals alike for his
            work and views – Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson.”

            No physicist uses the term “quantum physicist” – that’s a term only used by Hollywood screen-writers who are ignorant of science.  And anyway, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is an astronomer, not a physicist (the two are related, but not the same).

            Mr. Tyson has become the public face of astronomy – much as Carl Sagan was.  He is famous because he is on TV, not for any actual discoveries he has made.  As a scientist he is far less consequential than Sagan was.  However as a TV presenter and human being he seems superior to Sagan, who was often just a pretentious ass.  Nothing against Mr. Tyson, but he is not a major figure in science.  And as astronomers go, he is an anomaly – very,very few astronomers are black.

          • SLCain

             I called Carl Sagan a “pretentious ass”.  You edited out “ass”?  Honestly?

            Carl Sagan was a brilliant man.   He was a scientist of some repute.  I have read and enjoyed many of his books.  But he was, in fact, a pretentious ass.

            What has happened to this website?

      • mikejones91

        What’s EVEN worse is I looked at your facebook profile and you appear to be Irish America. Really shows me/everyone on here how bad “the indoctrination” of you sheepish fools is. You call us ignorant, of course you do. That and racist are YOUR favorite “insults” for us. We are NOT ignorant at all. We here at Amren (most of us) are very knowledgeable. (I see you went to Purdue. You wouldn’t happen to be one who confuses educated with intelligent do you? You can be both, but it’s not a given) YOU are ignorant. YOU have a lack of knowledge. Sure, by “PC” standards, we are ignorant. Ignorant in that WE do NOT accept a false truth. WE speak the truth. IF you don’t agree with what WE say (the truth), YOU are ignorant. “PC/RACE IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT” provides a crutch for weak minded/guilt ridden/self-apologist whites like YOU. WE here at Amren (most of us), are humanitarians. We do NOT wish harm others. WE do NOT hate anyone. WE just love WHITE PEOPLE (OUR people. YOUR people) The longer we “exist” together, the more whites will be killed at the hands of the African. The longer we “exist” together, the further the black suffers (in his mind) from OUR perceived oppression. We would ALL be better off by ourselves. You think you KNOW ME. YOU think you can label me and guess exactly what type of person I am based on my racial views. I am 21 year old college student. I grew up around people of ALL colors. I have had friends of ALL colors.-Those who are most open to diversity, are the farthest away from it-

        •  Why would having studied at Purdue imply being knowledgeable? It’s another Midwestern PC-conformity factory. One can major in White Guilt there with a minor in Die(Whitey)versity.

          • mikejones91

            Again, knowledge and intelligence are different. He went to college, so lets assume he is knowledgeable in something (whatever it may be). I could be knowledgeable about pokemon cards, but still be an idiot. I meant he is probably one of those college liberal who thinks because he went to college, he is just smart.

          • Oh, so you mean all the pioneering engineers including a famous alumni like Neil Armstrong – the first man on the moon, were products of a “midwestern PC-conformity factory”? And thanks to my alma mater, I’m today a well paid successful engineer working for a reputed company in one of the greatest cities in the world doing very well, thank you! Here we go again, more delusional banter from you folks. Please keep posting, you only prove my point, time and again much to my amusement!

        • good to see someone else about my age on this site

      • newscomments70

        We have black (and other) astronauts because of affirmative action. They were placed their by whites in a program invented by whites. Asians are reasonably intelligent, but they were colonized by Europeans for many years. Furthermore, whites were first in space. Asians are only begining their space programs.  And you’re on crack if you think we will allow racist alien cultures rule us. As the race wars continue to escalate, liberal faggots like you will be hiding behind us for protection. 

    • What is really crazy is that anyone would be cast as not being smart on a space mission. I saw a volulteer position with NASA to just be locked up and eat their food, but you needed to have a masters degree.

  • If they really wanted to be PC , why didn’t they make the captain of the spaceship an Eskimo or a native American  ?

  • mikejones91

    Darn, I actually wanted to see that. It had so much potential, but it’s just a blockbuster. Anti-white/P.C blockbuster. So many possibilities with this film, wasted.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Thanks for the warning.  I hadn’t seen a movie in years, then went to 10,000 B.C. and then 2012. 
    Both were hideous displays of interracial voodoo and Diversity swarms.  I’m now boycotting anything with black actors, except Gone With the Wind.

    • Gone with the Wind, when blacks knew their place and everything was right with the world.

    • seek

      What about recent movies that depict modern African blacks for the brutes that they are?  To wit:

      “Hotel Rwanda”
      “Lord of War”
      “Blood Diamond”
      “The Last King of Scotland”
      “District 9”

      They are fine films.  I saw them all.  They also honestly depict the Afros. 

      • Church_of_Jed

        They’ll be banned as hate speech.

      •  Oh yeah Blood Diamond was right on the money, Blonde haired, blue eyed Aryan  white boy Leo D spends half the movie treating the noble black man like a savage and then in the end DIES protecting the noble black and his son and gives him the $20 million diamond and a ticket to Europe.  Nice. 

        • seek

          Edward Zwick’s “Blood Diamond” (2006) depicts African for what they are.  Leo DiCaprio’s character was a well-meaning product of his delusions.  In no way is point refuted.  Whether by accident or on purpose, the movie shows why Sierra Leone and the rest of black Africa is a no-man’s land. 

          •  I will agree that it depicts Africans as they are.  The whole “short sleeve, long sleeve?” scene kind of burns that into your brain as do the many scenes of the children soldiers.  I guess my problem with the movie was more with the Aryan blonde pulling a 180 completely out of the blue and sacrificing himself  for the noble black man.  Lord of War is awesome, Nic Cage at his finest.  “A Bullet from a 15 year old is just as effective as one from a 35 year old.  Often times more so.”

      •  “Black Hawk Down”
        Incidentally, directed by Ridley Scott.

      • blight14

         At the end of Lords of War when the text is scrolling is enough to make a person sick…….and they told us ‘they hate us for our freedoms’…….I think not….

    • blight14

       I’m proud to say the last movie I’ve been to see was Top Gun……that’s been a while to say the least………hit HollVitz where it hurts, in their $hekel purse…..

      • Rocky Bass,

         Download it first, if it’s decent take the family. I bet you will find the family doesn’t hit the theaters much.

  • The movie was written by  Damon Lindelof age 39, this is what it says on wikipedia about him ” I was a Jewish white kid growing up in Teaneck, but at the same time, I had African and Filipino and Asian friends and to have that experience all through high school while getting an awesome education was wonderful. ”  and ” Lindelof has stated that he is a lifelong supporter of the Democratic party.”
    Hmm, interesting, now we know where he’s coming from.

    • Damon Lindelof also co-created and co-wrote the TV show “LOST”  I think he was right on the money!

    • blight14

       I have a dream, some could call it the basis for Utopia……that dream does NOT include Lindelofs, period…….

  • It would be interesting to see a Hollyweird remake of Birth of A Nation.  I was reading on Wikipedia that the film was “highly controversial owing to its portrayal of African American men (played by white actors in black face) as unintelligent and sexually aggressive towards white women, and the portrayal of the Ku Klux Klan as a heroic force.”  To me that is an interesting assertion because it shows just how far from the truth we have strayed.  In 1915 the truth was pretty self evident and you could show it as such.  Now, nearly 100 years later, the “truth” has been completely inverted to show a false reality.  (well except for black men being sexually aggressive towards white women – but that is a positive right?)

  • newscomments70

    It’s time to go onto comments board of and the other mainstream media outlets promoting this movie. We need to spread awareness…too many clueless whites who just LOVE the movie. 

    • MekongDelta69

      IMDB is a COMPLETELY left-wing site. The only movie I’ve seen at a free screening (for the Community – and then later bought on DVD) in the last who knows how many decades was Act Of Valor. [If you know my User ID, you’ll know why.]

      Point is, I left a positive review, while trashing the other leftist idiots who had already given derisive negative reviews. I was very proud to have received way more thumbs-down, but I was also completely surprised at the percentage of thumbs-up – even on that site.

      Rule of thumb is ALWAYS:
      Straight, white conservative, male American citizens – BAD.
      Everybody else – GOOD.


      • newscomments70

        Yeah IMDB is pretty leftist. A communist in Hollywood actually recommended the site to me. (no joke). I believe the most offensive anti-white movie I know of was “Black Snake Moan”.  That was the film portraying the older black man who kept a young white woman tied up in his yard, bound by a chain and shackle around her neck. I left a comment of what I  thought of that…needless to say, I was sent a lot of hate mail. I’m not sure what the Hollywood folks are trying to prove. They are promoting racial hatred on both sides with their agendas. When I was younger, I was pretty neutral and socially liberal. Exposure to the racial double standard and the extreme hatred of whites by the media have made me extremely angry. Every time I hear of one of these films, I am filled with rage. Hey Hollywood, you are turning white liberals into white nationalists…good for you. These anti-white movies are a highly effective recruiting tool for Stormfront and David Duke.

  • haroldcrews

    Actually Mr. Jones I would have to disagree.  The film was worse than you portrayed.  The plot has a considerable number of holes.  The ‘Engineers’ seeded Earth with life a couple billion years ago but after all that time our dna matched theirs.  Ancient cultures knew of the ‘Engineers’ and even where their military outpost was located but not the Engineers home world.  There are a number of other unexplained gaps in the plot.  The only thing the film had going for it was the cinematography.

  • Boereseun

    This really shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. It’s all about promoting the ideal of diversity. Nothing says that more than a woman being the sole survivor -the idea behind most of the Alien movies, some miscegenation thrown in for good measure, some gullible, sinful and cowardly white men; and the brave, well spoken and muscular black man, with his Asian cohort, who save the entire planet from extinction.

    The plot almost writes itself really. Sounds like a great gravy train to me.

    • IF Ellen Ripley had been Eric Ripley the “Alien” films would have suffered greatly and would have been completely different.  By having a female protagonist you completely change the narrative and direction of the film.  IF Ripley had been a man, ALIEN would have been just another Sci-Fi action romp (think “Predator” in space) instead of a cerebral horror/thriller.  By making Ripley a female you make the character VULNERABLE and this adds to the tension.  Also, would a man EVER go back for a precious little kitty cat?  I dont think so!  Additionally, by making Ripley a female you add all of that intrigue with the interbreeding of the Alien race and the human race.  Put simply, Ripley HAD to be a female or Alien would have been something completely different.

      •  Hm…never thought about it (anyway, most sci fi films are not mentally challenging), but you have some truly good points.

      • Boereseun

        You’re missing the point though. 5th movie with the same plot device. No real change in the idea of what the Alien movies are about. I don’t have much issue with the first Alien movie. However, it’s now the fifth and nothing much changed. Except for the introduction of the Engineer race and lack of Xenomorphs and all this other diversity garbage, it’s still very much the same movie that showed in cinemas in 1979.

        Hell, even the robot survives.

        •  The Robot was decapitated and incinerated in “Alien” and the Robot in “Aliens” was torn to pieces by the Queen.  Are you sure you have seen these movies?

          • Boereseun

            You’re nitpicking mate, try to see the bigger idea of the comment. 

            I’ve seen quite a few movies in my life time and I can’t remember every single little detail. I’ve watched the Alien movies once or twice. They even appeared on TV here recently. I was watching whilst doing other things so I may have missed a few pieces here or there. 

            Excuse me while I go and brush up on my Alien Franchise knowledge and I’ll get back to you…

      • Just a bit of off subject trivia.
        Inspired by your post I googled and depressingily just found out that Dan O’Bannon (the great American writer/director who wrote the script for Alien and who played  ‘Penback’ in John Carpenter’s ‘Darkstar’) passed away in 2009.
        Race realists to me are (amoung other things) futurists, which lends itself to Sci Fi type imagination, unfortunately everything is getting so tainted and having the fun sucked out of it with left wing multicultural anti-merit politicization, so much so that I’m sure the first man on Mars will probably be a Bantu for PR purposes (instead of being the race realist White colony that it could/should be).
        ‘Moon’ was the last enjoyable Sci fi film that comes to my mind (Torrent here ).
        Also check out the the trailer…
        and synopsis for ‘Iron Sky’….
        No comment on that one.

  • Church_of_Jed

    wazzup with holding my comments for review?

  • newscomments70

    Paul Jones was brave for watching this incredibly offensive film. We need to get out there on the various comments boards and promote a boycott of the film.

  • Damn it, I was looking forward to seeing this film, oh well.
    This makes me feel even less guilty about using bit torrents, serves Hollywood right for the steaming piles of manure that they’re constantly serving up.
    And Charlize Theron to me is (or at least was) one of the most beautiful woman in the world, but then she goes and makes films like this and Hancock and she goes and adopts some cheap Bantu instead of carrying on her own elegant genes, madness.

    I was passively watching network TV with my partner the other night (her shows) and seriously every freaking show had a ensemble cast featuring at the least one black, one gay, one hot White woman and a goofy White guy. Looking at promo’s for all these singing and dancing ‘reality shows’  I just couldn’t get over how emotional, feminine, expressive and fruity the world must appear now to the younger people coming through (who’ll  have no other comparison). 

  • Over the weekend, I came across the movie “2012” on cable. I only caught the end when the people were boarding the arks.

    The arks had limited space for a select group of people. The new movie stereotype, the noble, selfless, wise black man gave an impassioned speech why more people needed to be saved. Everyone was moved by his speech even the cold, heartless white people.

    Best white sci-fi movie: 2001: A Space Odyssey.  

    • 2012 was so awful I couldn’t bear to watch it. Probably the worst sci fi movie ever. But at least they still had cell phone service even though every continent on earth was buried under 10 miles of ocean water.

    •  What about the Fifth Element where the key to saving humanity is a  Hot White Chick!

  • This kind of idiocy – re miscegenation- is present long since. Take Othello, for instance. Shakespeare conceived of this guy as a Moor, i.e. Arab or Berber, “tanned” Caucasian, not a Bantu Black.

    And Hollywood & Broadway always put Blacks in this role, the only exception being Orson Welles (and I’m not sure about production of that movie).

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    I went to see this movie. For the most part I enjoyed it. The racial messages are similar in every movie out there (outside of very, very few movies – such as 300) so I was not shocked. Yes, it is irritating that the only manly, man in the movie is black. But his role is not a major one and the Asian has about 4 lines in the whole movie.

    Yes the black and the Asian kill themselves to save humanity but the reviewer forgets the white guy (Scottish actor, Emun Elliot) who was with them and similarly sacrificed himself. As far as I can recall, the black and Asian are the only nonwhites in the movie and score about 10-15 minutes of the 2+ hour movie.  

    I’m not telling you to go see the movie. But the racial messages are not any worse than anything else on TV or at the movies. It’s not as good as the first two Alien movies but far better than the previous two.

    The acting by rising A-lister Michael Fassbender was wonderful, as was Swedish actress Noomi Rapace. I give it a 7.5 out of 10.

  • seek

    What a lot of people here don’t understand is that movie studios, like other types of for-profit enterprises, are under tremendous pressure from black “civil rights” activists to promote blacks favorably.  Jesse Jackson over the years has threatened to launch boycotts against studios that release films that fail in their affirmative duty to celebrate blacks.  Film execs are scared of the blacks. 

    It’s the same thing with corporate honchos.  The new issue of Forbes, for example, has a fawning special section on how American’s leading companies are weaving Diversity into all aspects of operations.  Blacks executives who head the “Division of Diversity and Inclusion” (or whatever these useless divisions are called) are all aglow about how they impose their mission on all employees.  Frightened white CEOs, and white-owned business magazines like Forbes, go along with this charade.

  • As I recall, most of Black criminals were realistically portrayed in NYPD Blue, too. Homicide- Life on the Streets- had that hardly believable, but telegenically impressive Black criminal Luther Mahoney, while almost all other criminals were as dumb as a rock.

    On the other hand, much acclaimed “The Wire” was race- realist only in small slices.

  • Not that I care about these entertainers: I’ve written off Theron after her adoption kitsch. After you adopt Black, we won’t you back.

  • htsone

    I have the Alien Anthology on Blu. Love it. This movie is an ABOMINATION. I actually enjoyed 3&4 also. This movie utterly and totally just pissed me off. The scenes mentioned just grated on me, and the storyline was something you’d find in one of those ridiculous modern TV series. I left the theater thinking “I waited a year for this bilge?”

  • mikejones91

    I honestly do like Idris Elba though…Sorry lol.

  • razorrare

    I wouldnt certainly watch this movie,even if it was available to view for free…

    Recently i bought a 3.99(special deal) DVD that was absolutely a masterpiece-a film by Christopher Nolan.I purchased it not solely because of its excellent price but because the cover had no black characters…

    many layers of deep…

    spectacular action & graphics–released 2010…


  • Southern__Hoosier

    Yeah it really is pure make believe. In the future the White race will be extinct. The mongrel race that replaces us won’t  be able to run a bus line, let alone build a star ship and cross the galaxy.

    •  I don’t like that kind of defeatist talk.  India still has whites around that survived the end of the caste system.

      But the other stuff is true.

      • Southern__Hoosier

        I’m just a realist. The population numbers are against us.

        I would hate to put the hopes for the future of the white race and Western civilization on India. Remember they are the ones that kiss cows, bath in the filthiest river in the world, abort female babies, and till the British made them stop, bunt widows alive.

        Remember what happened when our ancestors took over the Rome Empire? We couldn’t even figure out how to keep the water running or fix the pot holes.

  • Black males could never have made either of those two spacecraft.  

  • Southern__Hoosier

    I forgot to add. Like all Hollywood PC films, it will be flop. Can’t be making sifi  stuff like Star Wars,  Star Treck and Avatar, where white folks are  the heroes. Those film make money.

    • Bergeron

       I thought blue folks were the heroes in Avatar.

      • Southern__Hoosier

        They were the good folks. But they wouldn’t have won without the rogue white people pretending to be blue.

  • The black pilot/blonde scene had me laughing hard at how amazingly stupid it was.  Perhaps it would have been believable if she was just as fat as he was and missing half her teeth, but as it stands it was simply bad film making.

    Honestly so many of the scenes read like the director was taking “the top ten things neo-nazis blame hollywood jews for in movies” and seeing it he could get a diversity bingo. 

    Evil blonde haired blue eyed white front man?  Check.
    Insidious evil white man behind the scenes driving things forward? Check.
    Attractive white woman that gets with a black dude despite him being the ugliest guy in the movie?  Check.
    Black man saves the day from evil whitey with a heroic sacrifice?  Check.

    I went to go see the movie hoping to see the Engineers from the previous movie elaborated on.  Instead all I did was waste ~$10.

  • I refuse to pay money for the PC garbage Hollywood puts out nowadays. I haven’t seen a new movie in over 20 yrs.

  • I saw it yesterday and thought it was a collosal disappointment. So far the most overrated movie of the century other than Avatar which was soaked in anti-white cliches.

    However, I think this review reads exactly like the anti-white tirades shoveled by and other pro-diversity propaganda. It sounds like an awful lot of crying and absurd conclusions about portrayals of race. I didn’t even think of half of this stuff while watching it as they are nothing more than imaginary. The one thing I did find insulting was the black captain hooking up with the insanely gorgeous and refined Theron – a scenario so improbably I laughed out loud. The black captain was a joke and seemed to be anything but competent. I think it’s ridiculous that the only time Theron breaks from her ice queen persona is to shag King Kong.  

    I do agree, though, that the characters were very off-base. Like the “geologist” Rafe Spall. At the beginning you think he’s gonna be this total badass soldier or mercenary type. When you find out he’s a scientist you’re like “HUH?” He ends up being the movie’s biggest coward. So unbelievable that it just takes away from the whole film’s integrity.

    I would like to say that in defense of white culture, the film casting does have a good selection of talent from white homelands – Theron (S. Africa), Rapace (Sweden), Pierce (England), some Scottish lady, Spall (England), Sean Harris (England), and Fassbender (Germany/Ireland).  

  • Aside from the race issue, the movie was nowhere near on par with Alien, Aliens, Alien 3….Not even close.

    • zimriel

       Ouch, losing to Alien 3. Just… ouch.

      It also wasn’t as good as Starship Troopers, Prince of Persia and Scorpion King

      • No comparison to Starship Troopers. That movie still blows me away, especially the special effects!

  • mikejones91

    For someone is clearly anti-racist, you sure do hate white people. Yet, you will defend yourself and say you don’t hate US. Your basically saying you look forward to the days WE are enslaved by non-whites. I guess what they say is true, anti-racist, is absolutely anti-white. We will NEVER be enslaved, you know that. Most of us are NOT supremacist, we are separatists. I don’t give a s*** if there is/was black astronauts. Congratulations! I am NOT above ANYONE! I just realize black and white (as a whole, NOT individually) cannot live peacefully. I am not anti-semetic, but I honestly HOPE your ancestors were killed by the Nazis. Goodbye friend. 

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Interesting point.  After some self-examination, I recognize that my virulent hatred of blacks is actually a reaction to having egalitarianism and fantasies about black intelligence and virtue forced down my throat at every turn.  All this, while I and mine are disadvantaged by AA and special handouts which bankrupt any country blacks inhabit.  Now, add even more injury by ignoring the prodigious amounts of black-on-white crime ignored by the media which serves to “fatten up the sacrificial cows” into becoming victims (including my family and me), and my attitude becomes very understandable.

      Now, it might well be said that blacks are no worse than any other dangerous predator animal.  Then again, no one is suggesting that we embrace rattlesnakes to our naked breasts, or have a vicious man-eating tiger as a live-in house pet.

    • Guy

      I believe most posters here get upset with the way society seems intent on crushing white culture. Out of that they strike out at other races, particularly those that are seen as being the tools used to crush their own culture. It’s the politicalization of race relations that is putting us at each other’s throats, most likely as an intentional tool. If we could get past that, perhaps it wouldn’t be necessary for a racial divide. As things stand now, though, it’s hard to see whether that’s true or not. I’ll pull the classic “I have black friends,” but it is true. And, frankly, they’re a whole lot like me and nothing like the hip-hop gangsters used by the elites to destroy my down-home white culture. But my black friends are not like ALL blacks, and I’m not like ALL whites, because we’re all individuals. 

      Of course we’re not all equal. That much is clear. But that doesn’t make any one individual superior over any other individual. And, regardless, we all should be guaranteed equal political rights. It’s at that point that the government’s involvement in our lives should end. Instead, the government is teaching our children that they should hate certain of their fellow citizens (for past injustices, they say) and that it’s those citizens’ fault they don’t have all the material goods society might possibly offer. But we don’t know what race relations might be in the absence of the influence of that tool. Blacks and whites can, and do, get along on an individual basis, and I’d hate to lose that all because some elitists gain an economic advantage by playing the “let’s you and him fight” game.  

      • mikejones91

        You have a good point friend, but your being naive, and way too optimistic. I admire it though, honestly. It’s not really society that is pitting whites against blacks, its the other way around. We are different, simply put. Sure, all the anti-white spew doesn’t help black on white relations, at all. Let say “it” all ended tomorrow, sure, things would get better, but not much. We will both find something else to harp on. Most people on here watch the news every night. What do we see? Black on black crime/black on white crime. Each day/EVERY day/Each city. That has nothing to do with an anti-white doctrine. In fact, it actually hurts it.

  • I W

    The moment I noticed Charbroiled Throne in this, my personal desire to ever see it vanished like water on a hot griddle, though I do thank you for the reinforcing review. After Gladiator though, why you ought to be surprised by Scott’s pandering is beyond me. Again though, thank you for the review -even if it only confirms that Hollywood is a sick and degenerative cesspool producing corruptive propaganda trash and prolefeed.

    • mikejones91

      “Charbroiled” haha, that’s good. How about “Charcoal Theron”?

  • The__Bobster

    There’s a new sitcom premiering this fall with a similar theme. Bad, bad White woman from the ’50s. Uppity she-Bantu from the present.

    I can hardly wait…..not!

  •  What grabbed my attention was that calculations were done with slide rules.  Many people have more computing power in their pocket than the computing power that ran the Apollo missions, yet our space program is moribund.

  • Noomi Rapace is Swedish.

    At least there was no Mexican throwing out Spanish expressions in attempts to be humorous. Pushing a taco cart around the ship is a far as those people will get.

    • zimriel

      Jason’s talking about the character. The actor is Nordic; but they set up the character as biracial.

      A more talented director might have made something of the irony that she is biracial and giving birth to a… more biracial… offspring.

      Personally I give this review a “meh”. La diversité est conflit’s rebuttal above is worth reading. Was there PC in this movie? Sure. But not everything is worth getting upset about. I just rolled my eyes at the PC parts… but I rolled my eyes more at the script.

      Prometheus was the third best Alien movie. It was a fun waste of time. But I won’t be buying the DVD.

      • I don’t know where you’re getting this idea that the character was supposed to be biracial. Definitely giving birth to one hell of a mixed offspring that would fit well in today’s mixed American neighborhoods. No real difference really. Charlize Theron’s adopted black baby, giant squid creature, both equally horrific.

      • Fredrik_H

        Her father is a spanish gypsy, she is not nordic.

  • There was a program on HBO and BRAVO called “Project Greenlight” that sheds light on casting of film.

    The screenwriter writes the script. The writer may even write for specific characters (ie White). It’s picked up by director who has his own concept of the film and the casting (which again can be all white characters). The director then has to get financing and this is where the trouble begins.

    The financial backers run the show and they make all the calls. ‘If you want our money, you will have to make the film in our image’. The financiers base their decisions by calculating which racial/ethnic cast will bring the biggest box office receipts.

    So while the screenwriter may have written a screenplay for an all white cast and the director signs on to the screenwriters vision, it’s the financiers who have the final say on casting. They can pay for a big name star if they believe it will increase ticket sales (even if the choice is all wrong to the writer and director) and they’re the ones who demand multi-racial casts in the belief that they’ll increase their demographic share.

    That’s why independent films are most likely to have homogeneous characters.    

  • Don’t forget about the obviously gay android character played by Fassbender. Walking around like a sissy wearing sandals on board the most important expedition in human history. “Do you intend to accept the Fuhrer’s medal with that collar button undone? The award is revoked!”

  • Blacks are evil monsters? Think about it…
    Here is a list of fatal shark attacks in the United States since 1642.,_unprovoked_shark_attacks_in_the_United_States

    Yes, that’s right– 112 people have been killed by sharks in the United States since 1642. In over approximately 350 years, 112 human beings have been killed by sharks in the United States.

    Are you scared of sharks? You should be. They’re monster-like aren’t they?

    How many white people have been killed by blacks/mexicans in that same time period? Quite a bit more than 112 don’t you think?

    When you go out at night, what are you afraid of? Vampires? Werewolves? Sharks? No, if you’re like me or anyone else with more than half of a brain, you fear being attacked by blacks or our neighbors to the south. And with good cause. Let’s just say, I don’t carry a harpoon gun.

  • Knuckle Dragger

    Good review, but barely scratches the surface of the race-hustling in this film:

    -The uber-villains in this film, the “engineers”, are big, muscular bald White Men. By the end its the White men vs. the heroic minority representatives.

    -Of the the 3 White men on the Prometheus’ crew, 2 are cawardly simpletons who are killed off, the other is a naive nerd who gets poisoned by:
     -The Aryan-esque robot who strives to look like Lawrence of Arabia’s stunt double.

    -The only other White man in this film is the Prometheus’ owner, played by a poorly make-up’d Guy Pierce, who, it is revealed, is only exploiting the crew to find resources to extend his own life.

    -Charlize Theron is the typical White woman in a Hollywood production: a jungle-fever sex-machine with no sense of loyalty or morals; just the way the Chosen One’s like them. 

  • Knuckle Dragger

    Wouldn’t that be great?! Instead of jumping through hoops to keep the world spinning while the Great Color’d Hordes scream for free stuff, we could just sit back and trust that our superior Black brothers and sisters would make the world a better place….

  • There’s nothing wrong with portraying blacks in futuristic, high tech, science fiction. We will always need good janitors to get into the nooks and crannies the Mr Clean Robot can’t reach.

    All Hollyweird types are enamored with the idea that a black guy can do things better than a white because he’s more MANLY. It’s the image constructed by media jewery (inspired by Frankfurt School intellectuals): The white male is a weak/cowardly/sycophantic/money-grubbing/drug-addled/drink-besotted/wife-abusing etc, etc . . . non-man . . . while the heroic and wise black male struggles to overcome injustice and the disadvantages of slavery as he raises his young son into adult-hood (while the black mom works on her Doctorate in Nuclear Medicine) . . . cut to commercial . . . the black dad explains how he escaped the gang life as he fixes dinner . . . and so on . . .

    It’s enought to make a white man’s head explode, but really, what else can you do if you’re a Hollyweird mogul? You can’t very well show blacks in their natural habitat . . . murdering, raping and robbing each other (as well as any unlucky white who makes a wrong turn).

    I always thought the most accurate black portrayal was the Tarzan movie. Of course, those were the good-old days of Hollywood . . .

    • “There’s nothing wrong with portraying blacks in futuristic, high tech, science fiction. We will always need good janitors to get into the nooks and crannies the Mr Clean Robot can’t reach.”

      Sounds exactly like Parker in the original Alien.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        He had me until he said “good” janitors.

    • anarchyst

      Please be careful about criticizing the “tribe”.  Doing so, honestly can get your comments erased.
      Best regards,

  • The only blacks I imagine will ever reach space will be more like Cristi in Alien Resurrection.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    It was some type of unknown foreign agent, and Theron’s character was following the ship’s quarantine protocol by preventing the crew from boarding the ship — reminiscent of Alien (a FAR superior film) when Ripley wouldn’t let  Dallas, Kane, and Lambert onboard the Nostromo after an “unknown agent” attaches itself to Kane’s face (Ash the evil robot opened the door).

    Pity.  I thought it was going to be a great film, akin to Bladerunner or Alien; Prometheus pales in comparison. 

    Came out the same week the great SiFi master Ray Bradbury died…


  • I was interested in this movie.  Not so much anymore.

  • I was still sad when she got squished at the end by a ship that weighs a million tons. Epic death!

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Yes, but how many black fighter pilots actually exist?  And we know who had the brains between the two, don’t we?

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Feel free to see whatever you want.  Just keep any impressionable kids far away.  I’d prefer to see it as a pirate download.  No financial support for the studios that way.

    Excuse me, I’m heading out to buy an expensive Criterian issue of “Birth of a Nation.”  Not cheap, but well worth it!

    • Texan1st

      “Birth of a Nation” is in the public domain and can be downloaded at for free.

  • Ridley Scott’s best two films, in my opinion, are Gladiator and Black Hawk Down. Each film depicts white men as heroic figures. Of course the notion that white men are heroic figures could not be tolerated in politically correct Hollywood. It seems that Scott has been trying to make amends with the Hollywood elite ever since. Although I was planning on seeing Prometheus, I won’t see it now. If you want to see a great Ridley Scott film, see Gladiator or Black Hawk Down. They appear to be the high water mark of his film making  career.

    • SLCain

       I agree about Black Hawk Down – it was an excellent movie – perhaps one of the best war movies ever made.  I consider it to be Scott’s second best movie.   I found Gladiator to be disappointing.  Largely unnoticed at the time, is that it was largely ripped off of a movie from the 60’s “The Fall of the Roman Empire”.

      If you want to see Ridley Scott’s best movie, check out “The Duelists”, based on a short-story by Joseph Conrad.  It is, in my opinion, one of the best movies ever made.

  • Black in the context- but Moors have never been considered Bantu Blacks in the 167h or 17th century. Actually, some assimilated & or dark skinned natives were named after them- hence the surname Blackmo(o)re.

  • Black means “Black in contrast to us”. It could have fitted also dark skinned Indians or Polynesians. Anyway, it’s a common knowledge that Moors, as far as the dominant meaning goes, were NOT Bantu Blacks:

    Moors depicted during 12th-18th centuries did not possess Black African features- for instance  this is Moorish ambassador in England during Shakespeare’s times:×300.jpg

  • anmpr1

    “It only reinforces the concept of a lazy black guy who has an
    affirmative action job and then skips out on his duties to chase a White

    You mean it reflects reality?  Sounds like any black big city cop.

  • *******  Okay, call me Sherlock Holmes: I have figured out the “mystery.”

    Ridley Scott directed the movie Prometheus, this is true, but it was written by a gentleman by the name of Damon Lindelof. let us find some information on him that might explain all this non-white-worship nonsense. Here he is:×385.jpg

    And now let’s get out our Sherlock Holmes pipe, and see if we can find any answers on his Wikipedia page that might help us solve this mystery:

    Here are some quotes from his page:

    “Lindelof is a native of Teaneck New Jersey , where he attended Teaneck High School , a school whose diverse student body he credits with expanding his horizons as a writer.] He celebrated his Bar Mitzvah  in Teaneck, where he would join his family at synagogue for the Sabbath, and recounted how the fact that “I was a Jewish white kid growing up in Teaneck, but at the same time, I had African and Filipino and Asian friends and to have that experience all through high school while getting an awesome education was wonderful.” Lindelof has stated that he is a lifelong supporter of the Democratic party.”

    Now, if I might stretch my Sherlock powers even further, I would add that he is not married, and it is physically impossible to find any information on any girlfriends on the interwebs. Oh noes, I think he might be a little light in the loafers.

    To sum up my findings: Oy Vey! He’s Gay!
    Mystery solved. I’m going to bed.

  • Villly

    Thanks, you just saved 2 hours of my life. I intended to see this movies with a few buddies, but not anymore. I can´t endure/tolerate that much b***s**** and I would have probably left the theatre.
    You really have to wonder whether all diretors have lost their integrity, or if they had any to begin with.

  •  Thanks for the warning.

    Whilst I do not particularly go to the cinema these days (perhaps something to do with being a white-advocate – hence increased social outcast! – and being principled and aware of who and what I am going to be funding/supporting by going), I do like Sci-Fi films and hoped this one would be half decent.

    Now, I do not think I will bother with it even when it comes on to the terrestrial TV in a few years. Much like I avoid Avatar and a stack of others which are part of an agenda.

  • Time for a confession: most sci fi movies are essentially infantile. Perhaps the only film from that genre- if we neglect the recent Mallick’s movie- that will survive is Kubrick’s Odyssey. The best of the rest (Alien series, Matrix series, Star Wars, …) are watchable, but superficial- despite pretensions of depth some of them claim to possess.
    And yes- Tarkovsky’s “Stalker” will survive.

    Most other sci fi films are either obsolete or outright hilarious. Why the heck those troopers are killing all those bugs with something like automatic rifles & never use howitzers of MLRS ?
    I bet “Prometheus” is, apart from agitprop, full of silly mistakes & laughable situations.

    •  I assume you’re referring to Starship Troopers, which is probably one of the worst adaptations of a novel I’ve ever seen. The book is nothing like the film – the director apparently thought it was boring and depressing, so he decided the film should be a satire (“I don’t understand this, so I’ll mock it instead”). The novel has a number of well-written insights and arguments on subjects relating to military service, human nature, and the rights and responsibilities of individuals in a society. I have yet to read a criticism of the novel that accurately pins the claims of racism, fascism and military fetishism to anything other than the reviewer’s own fantasies.

      • Starship Troopers is supposed to be a propaganda film for the people living in the future.  It’s not supposed to be taken literally.  It’s a tool to help recruit future MI (mobile infantry) soldiers.

        • >>It’s not supposed to be taken literally. 
          Yes – it’s satire, I mentioned that. I’m saying I think that was a poor choice for the director to make, as it ignored or distorted a lot of good ideas and replaced them with a cartoon about liberal stereotypes.

      • SLCain

        Paul Verhoeven, a very doctrinaire euro-lefty, admitted that he never even finished reading the novel the movie was based on, so he just decided to mock the whole story by portraying them all as nazis.  That’s why the movie ended up being a cross between “Them”, “Triumph of the Will”, and “Beverly Hills 90210”.

    • kerrysmith

      I’ll put in a vote for the original version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, a richly imagined nightmare. But perhaps it’s not really science fiction.

    • SLCain

      ” Time for a confession: most sci fi movies are essentially infantile.”

      Agree.  Most are pretty silly.  Actually, one of the best, most clever Sci-Fi movies I ever saw was “The Arrival” with Charlie Sheen.

  • Nothing new here. Hollywood has been doing this for the last 20 years AT LEAST. Ever noticed every movie of the last 20 years has a black president? 

  • mikejones91

    They aren’t “evil monsters”. They are human beings, just like me and you. However, they are VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY different human beings. Also, I don’t like most of them. 

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Here’s a new TV show for the American viewing public. Keep a barf bag handy.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Charlize has a new fashion accessory.

    • I mean…this is disgusting. Don’t get me wrong- baby is a baby & is innocent, regardless of race, in this tacky show of faked motherhood.

      Old Hollywood people,whatever I may object to their lifestyles, nevertheless did possess some kind of integrity & real life in them (Clark Gable, John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Bette Davis, Gary Cooper, Greta Garbo, Katherine Hepburn,..).

      But, these &#$”?ß are beyond remedy. If this woman does not have a maternal instinct- fine, live your life with cats or dogs or whatever. If she does & is afraid or doesn’t want for whichever reasons to have her own biological child- fine, adopt a baby.

      BUT- adopt a boy or a girl who is in some way like you, visually & try to be a good mom. maybe you’ll succeed to connect, to raise a child who will love you & be loved in return.
      JUST- don’t sell me & other mentally sane people that adopting a small human being you have nothing in common with & who is out of place as Kunta Kinte is in the orchestra playing Mozart’s Jupiter symphony- is something I could sincerely believe in as a display of “motherhood”.

      Maybe it’s better that way. This is cruel, but I prefer a Bantu life ruined by a worthless slut than a White child placed in such an environment. Sorry, my universal humanism has long since evaporated.

      • I agree.  Placing a White Child in an ultra liberal home would indeed destroy the child’s life.  By the way, the look on that baby’s face shows me he knows that “white” woman is not his mama.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     white man and wife beaten by primitive 74 avg iq hunter-gatherers

  •  When I read many of the comments on this site and when I speak to many
    in organizations like the BPP, there is often an undeniable undercurrent
    of hateful, nefarious and sometimes murderous intent.

    Big difference:  “Murderous intent” is rampant among NBPP leadership, but it’s shunned by AR leadership (read:  Jared Taylor).  If you do read any “murderous intent” in these forums, I’m sure it won’t stay up very long.

    Primarily because I have a relatively large amount of interactivity with
    minorities and 9.8 times out of 10 it is simply an average,
    run-of-the-mill, quaint interaction.

    Is that supposed to be comforting?  The big problem is the 0.2 times out of ten when it’s not quaint.  Also, just because it is quaint 9.8 of 10 times doesn’t mean “minorities” (read:  blacks and most Hispanics) can build desirable first-world societies on their own volition.

    Rhetorical question:  It’s 10 PM at night.  You have no choice but to leave your house, walk a quarter mile to some place, then walk back.  You have to do it, not doing it is not an option.  Would you rather do it in the worst white trash neighborhood imaginable, or an average black neighborhood?

  • Well, I suppose you’re right. Pockets of small interracial friendships can exist, for some time. BUT:

    1) these are pockets & absolutely unimaginable as a pattern of behavior of a bigger social structures

    2) time will corrode even these pockets, as it does with much more resistant relationships

    3) when it comes to family & bloodlines, things usually fall apart


  • The__Bobster

    Yes, blacks like Nelson “Kill The Boer” Mandela.

  •  I generally agree with you, and share your circumstances in terms of having friends who are not entirely of my own race. However I think this tends to break down when considered in societal scales rather than personal ones.

    For multiculturalism to work, everyone must buy into it and participate in full. Yet we sit separately, reside separately, tend to marry and procreate separately, all along racial lines. I’m excluded from certain college scholarships, volunteer opportunities and internships where the qualification lists all races except white, but I’m told race does not exist. In high school, students wrote “brown pride” or “black pride” on their backpacks without a problem; the one student who wrote “white pride” was instantly suspended. Attempting to discuss these things usually labels me either as a cracker, racist, or just ignorant. Et cetera.

    Clearly not everyone is participating equally. Nevertheless I’m required, through taxes, laws and social standards, to support a method of thinking that doesn’t appear to be in my best interests. What’s more, on the individual scale of people like you and I, removing this social obligation would probably have little effect on our ability and right to correspond and support each other based simply on our mutual interests and shared primary culture. I think people here (AmRen) have a problem with race because people “out there” have a problem with race, or rather, just with my race.

    I don’t think returning to segregation or murdering anyone is the answer to this, but multiculturalism in its current form is too heavily reliant on the meme of evil whites, who need be either shamed, bullied or legislated out of existence.

  • robinbishop34
  • seek

    Look, whites are scared of blacks.  Maybe not physically, but economically.  All it takes is for the tag “racist” to attach to a leading figure in American public life, and that person’s reputation is shot and his/her career is over, save for the possibility of long-term public groveling.  That’s the ugly truth.  You can bay all you want about whites “started it,” but the fact is blacks have taken the aggression to a new level.  And whites everywhere, including owners of the major motion picture studios, know they can live well only within prescribed boundaries.  

    Those are the new rules.  It will take a new Neitzsche to redefine them for all time.

  • You’re right sir and I wasn’t even aware that I did it, ‘partner’ does leave it vague and probably conquers up images of us possibly being a couple of broke back mountain types.She’s actually my fiancé and cough, cough and the mother of my children cough, cough, but trust me us not tying the knot yet is not due to us being progressive types.On the subject  of movies with positive depictions of White males, I watched and thoroughly  enjoyed ‘Goon’ (2011) last night (coincidentally in terms of rhyming, I recommended ‘Moon’ 2009′ above as another good sci-fi film).Top link here is a good direct download for Goon. about about 2% of this film pays homage to the usual minority groups, but does so in such an unbelievable fashion that it’s easy to block out, and this film is more high testosterone than high art, but still very enjoyable.

  •  I just saw a new DirecTV commercial that showed a little black boy and a little white blonde girl in a pool watching a swimming event in the olympics while the little blonde girl’s fat, unattractive sister rails at them about “how good” they have it!  SICKENING on all levels.


    I am glad I read your review.  When I saw that the Captain was black I had a strange feeling that the film had the PC Approval Certificate.    

    I wanted to watch the film FOR GREATER GLORY.  Within 50 miles of my residence in NJ, only one theater was showing this film.  It was being shown once each day at 10:30 am in the morning.   Is this censor ship like in Liberal Nazi Germany or Liberal USSR?

    The Liberals did the same thing to the Atlas Shrugged film.  

  • It may be worth it leaning Russian because the Russians have some really good movies.  Putin is pledging to make Russia the movie capital of Earth.  Russia does not have Affirmative Action or blacks except when they need ACORN.

  • Mr. Jones,

    With all due respect Sir, it is not worth seeing just for the special effects.  We’re constantly made to look bad in everything and everywhere you look, miscegenation is being promoted so White People should not be paying one red cent to see even more of it.

    As for the propaganda question, you know it is.  It goes hand in hand with all the ‘asians are smarter’ lie.

  • Of course you enjoyed the film, you’re not White.

    roots – That’s rich.  You people have tons of your own thing but we can’t even have one.  You even have your own little congresses (congressional black/hispanic/asian caucus) that seek to help ONLY y’alls own.  White People pay taxes too yet we have no congress seeking the betterment for us like y’all do.  And it’s worth noting, those people vote on laws that White People must adhere to yet they don’t work for White People, they work for their own kind.  Is that fair?

    hateful/nefarious/murderous – How dare you.  White People have every Right, every Right to be upset, fed up and even angry.  We have been under assault from you non-whites from day one and now you want to cry “hate” and call us nefarious and murderous because we dare to write down our frustrations.  You dare to come here and slander us yet make NO MENTION of the black panther calling for the death of cracka’s and their White Babies.  Now that is nefarious and filled with murderous intent but not according to you, no, you only see that here.  This is a part of the reason why I won’t deal with you non-whites.  You can’t even allow us to write down our feelings but a black man can stand at a podium and call for our death.

    multiculturalism – You’re not White so you will never be able to understand.  It’s not your Country (Africa) and neighborhoods that are being flooded, it’s ours.  I don’t want a non-white to be my pharmacist, doctor, mailman, politician, teacher, neighbor or friend.  It’s never the non-white who must be “sensitive” and “tolerant” and it’s never the non-white who must deny their culture, it’s always and only White People who must do that.  Do you really have to question why some White People just might be a little annoyed?

    Non-whites viciously attack and viciously murder White People all the time yet there are never any hate crime charges applied and add insult to injury, we get lectured on tolerance and told how racist we are and told not to judge yet when a White Person merely hangs a dead animal from a tree, they go to prison.  Non-whites get tons and tons of Minority Privilege for doing nothing but being a non-white and White People are forced to pay for it.  We don’t get to choose where our tax dollars go so we’re forced to pay to have our very own Country discriminate against us simply because we’re White.  If non-whites were forced to pay for stuff only White People qualified for, you people would be screaming racism louder than you ever have before and you’d be demanding it stop immediately and ya know what?  You’d get your way too but not us.  Just simply asking for Affirmative Action to go away is cause for calling a White Person racist.  Some of us are just right sick and tired of it all.

    •  I sympathize with your outrage, but I think you’ve mischaracterized some of his statements.

      “Now that is nefarious and filled with murderous intent but not according to you, no, you only see that here.”

      Actually he noted seeing “murderous intent” both in AR comments and from the BPP.

      “When I read many of the comments on this site and when I speak to many
      in organizations like the BPP, there is often an undeniable undercurrent
      of hateful, nefarious and sometimes murderous intent.”

      Also, when you suggest that this is “not [his] country” – I suspect Africa is his “country” as much as Scotland and Germany are mine – that is to say, they aren’t. If Randy considers himself first and solely an American, and his politics don’t promote racial destruction, I’d say he has as much reason to consider this his country as I do, and we’re better off with him here.

      • BannerRWB

        “If Randy considers himself first and solely an American,…”

        – That’s a huge “if”.  Chances are he considers himself an African-American, which is quite different than being an American.

        “…and his politics don’t promote racial destruction,…”

        – In the long run, it doesn’t matter.  A primary reason for the decline of the While world is simply the proximity we have to non-Whites.  Humans do not exist in a state of racial separateness when we are in contact with others not of the same race.  Given a peaceful, multiracial state, even if no one in the group promotes racial destruction, the end result will be the demise of the White race.

        “I’d say he has as much reason to consider this his country as I do, and we’re better off with him here.” (I would not prestage this with an “if” statement.  I think Blacks deserve a nationstate here just as much as do Whites.)

        – In any case, I agree with the first part of this comment, about this being his country as much as it is mine.  As neither of us can truly “go home” though, I think the races should now have separate nations within what is now the United States.  As for Whites being better off with Blacks being here, I would have to disagree. 

        •  I agree with most of what you say, with the exception of this;
          >>Given a peaceful, multiracial state, even if no one in the group
          promotes racial destruction, the end result will be the demise of the
          White race.

          That sounds to me like white race and culture is at an inherent disadvantage. While I would agree that we have the most to “lose”, and that by attrition alone that loss would be guaranteed, I prefer not to think in such defensive terms (not that I think you are, just that this particular statement strikes me as defensive).

      • I DID see he named black panthers but he DID NOT mention the panther calling for the death of White People yet he says he gets that feeling here?  I have NEVER read even one statement that even remotely came close to “nefarious” or “murderous” and I for one am thoroughly angry about it.  I get sick of non-whites coming here daring to tell us how “hateful” we are and of course, the “nefarious” and “murderous”.  It is completely uncalled for and an outright evil lie.

        Evan, you move him into your house.  You live with him.  I always did say White People were going to split and you confirm that for me.  There are people like you who like your good little minorities and always wish to make exceptions and then there are people like me who just want to be left the hell alone already!  I don’t need a good minority in my neighborhood just because they call themselves American or have never committed crime.

        For me, I have never seen a minority not demand privilege of some sort.  There are either not enough people here who look like them or they need representation from their own stock or they need their extended family here or they want to race mix with White People or there are too many White People in powers of position or too many White People have all the best jobs or they want their non-white culture imported because it’s their culture or….

        White People need to go their own separate ways.  Those of us who wish to be around only our own shall be allowed to have it and the rest of y’all can live with your exceptions.

        •  He said he recognized murderous intent from the BPP – I don’t know how much more specific you’d like him to be. I do hope you can’t recall a murderous statement, as it means the moderator is doing their job.

          I extended courtesy to you in my disagreement. Your belittling language towards me is not conducive to a polite conversation.

          • You are saying there are people here with nefarious and murderous intent.  By you saying the moderator is doing his job is to say there are indeed, murderous people here and I say, there definitely is not!  I say that because I see alot of comments before they’re removed and no, none of them were calling for murder or had any semblance of evil intent.  Some were off topic, some were just too argumentative and others were insults to other people but here is the common thread:  none were calling for murder.

            specific – YES!!!!!!!  He is the one who dared to say he saw that here too remember?  So I say:  PROVE IT!  Name thread and name poster who supposedly wrote something that was “nefarious” and filled with “murderous intent”.  I take those words very seriously so, I need proof of it which he provided absolutely NONE.

            You extended nothing to me except to try to make me feel like I am obligated to accept him because you do.

            belittling – Grow some skin please.  We are in a life and death crisis right now but I’m supposed to forget about that and handle you with kid gloves.  I’m sorry Sir but I don’t have the time nor the patience for that right now.  My people are on the verge of extinction so my patience and good will is a little more than worn out.

            polite conversation – I am being polite.  The only thing I’m not doing is sugarcoating things for you.  I’m so sorry.

  • From this review it sounds like horrific garbage. Ridley scott must be the scum of the earth. A white “man” glorifying the black,and inetrracial rutting. I bet he has a cuckold fetish and is hot fo da black man!!!!

  • nBmnp

    Nonsense, Mel Gibson’s “Passion” was a huge money-maker, yet we don’t see any remakes of that.

    “Lord of the Rings” was also a huge hit, yet Hollywood didn’t copy it (they don’t shy away to copy anything).

    Of course money is part of the game, but ideology is also a part – probably even bigger part.

  • anonymous_amren

     I wasn’t suggesting that they should be present or tolerated in white society. But there’s no reason Africa couldn’t become a place Africans actually want to live in, if we could genetically engineer some changes to their worst flaws.

    Genetics isn’t magic. Neither is evil. They are things that can be manipulated by science once you understand how they work.

    Faster than light travel may be impossible science fiction. But genetic engineering is real known science, and we could do it today. There’s is no reason to think that someone in the next thousand years won’t try it on black people.

  • anonymous_amren

    You are assuming that black people meet black standards. They don’t. Black people also can’t stand to live around other black people, and flee to white areas whenever they have the chance. They are not just different, they are flawed by any standard.

  • EVAN,

    I’m sorry and I mean that.  I have no patience anymore.  I just can’t take a non-white daring to call White People “hateful”, “nefarious” and filled with “murderous intent”.  I can’t get over that.  Our People are being beaten, raped and murdered and our children are being molested and murdered but we’re the evil?  No.  I can’t accept that.  I won’t accept that.

    If non-whites want to come here, fine, but with that comes Honesty.  They can’t get away with calling us names while they conveniently fail to mention what their people have done to and said about ours.

    • I understand, thank you. 

      • I didn’t mean to make this sound like I approve of integration because I don’t.  I’m a Segregationist and that’s it for me.  If I had it my way, I’d pick the best of the best of each group and put them in charge of their own but with some oversight.  Oversight just to make sure everything is fair and right.

  • What you don’t see is what you don’t see. People who aren’t signed up with some sort of social media account or other Disqus account have their comments go into the moderation queue, in that they must be approved before they appear. Some really vicious junk appears there sometimes, meaning it will never appear here. — Moderator

    Dear Moderator,

    (font and boldness copied over because I simply copied & pasted yours)  For me, I don’t connect writing to action.  Yes, some people write before acting but wouldn’t those types have blown a gasket writing or no writing anyway?  Either you’re prone or you’re not? (that was written with no thought to circumstance (self defense).  And Sir, you know we’re not nuts here and you know we’re not about to listen to some kook telling us to do whatever.  I cannot help but defend all forms of Speech.  This includes allowing muslims to tell us their full intention is to either kill us or enslave us and I say back, over my dead body!

    Now, not knowing as you do, I don’t dispute you.  Perhaps I really would be surprised.  Still, I have a tendency to believe that at times, because all we can see are printed words, sometimes we mistake the feelings behinds them.

  • SLCain

     “Kubrick had us flying to the ends of the universe in 2001.”

    No.  Only to Jupiter – hardly the ends of the universe.

  • SLCain

    me of Independence Day when you had a black and a Jew head into the
    mothership.  The Jew I was okay with.  Okay, I thought Will Smith was
    funny (I have GOT to get me one’a THESE!) but looking back…having a
    black was a bit unrealistic.  He was just good for the wisecracks.”He wasn’t even good for the wisecracks. He was boring in ID.  He was boring in “Men in Black”.   Will Smith’s performances span the whole gamut from “annoying” to “ridiculous”. He  has to be one of the smuggest, least entertaining, least funny actors in Hollywood.

  • SLCain

     H.R. Giger is an evil, life-hating degenerate.

  •  Have you had interactions with whites? If so, how many “issues” arose?

  • The most ridiculous part of the film is Charleze propositioning the nagger after zero flirting in the film. WTF?? We ALL know in real life Charleze would NEVER go near a sub-human. What a goof……

  • Naggers in space seem much more tolerable.  Let’s send them there.

  • Sci-fi has been, from the first, pure propaganda. When the largest number of contributors ceased being ‘techie’ White Authors, and started to be populated with non-Anglo, non-European authors (Do I need to be more specific?) we began to be barraged with anti-Western, Anti-white, and (of course) Anti-Christ propaganda, as ‘sci-fi.’ I lost interest in the genre at about 12 yrs. of age- which is about when most intelligent people should stop reading comics and other pre-adolescent garbage. Let’s see… that was about when the third (and worst) season of Star Trek was on the TV, with who in the limelight? Roddenberry, Shatner, Nimoy. What do they all have in common? Hmmmm…..

  • ThothAmon

    Well if this was an all-White cast, or even a story where Whites are made to look heroic, they would not have allowed it to be shown in theaters. I worked in television for a while and I can tell you that this is pretty much the way it is now (and of course TV is controlled predominantly by the same ethnic group as Hollywood). 

    I worked on a reality show and it was almost blocked because there were no Black contestants in one episode. We did have an Amerind contestant in that episode, and all of the other episodes had at least two Blacks. But because this one episode didn’t have any they almost blocked the entire series from airing. But we fought long and hard and in the end the censors let it air. But that is an example of how extreme things have become. 

    Thanks for the heads up about Prometheus though because I did intend on seeing it, but I will skip it now. Where it’s my choice I am done financing the destruction of my race.

  • isnt the surviving female white?

  • Rogoraeck

    Thank you for posting this.
    That will make my decision not to see this scatological schlock made by the morlock tribe!

  • Orion_Blue

    I heard the film being praised at work today and that alone put me off seeing it.

    So much entertainment seems to be about pushing propaganda that it becomes almost laughable. This has been going on for a long time.

    • newscomments70

      In the past, liberal propaganda was carefully camoflauged. Now the anti-white messages are brazen and blatantly obvious. 

  • kmorgana

    To answer your question it’s not “propaganda” per se, as it is conditioning. Why does the illuminati have a fascination with miscegenation? It’s rather complicated and hard to believe, but it has something to do with the tribes of Israel. OK- apparently, the white Europeans are one of the REAL tribes of Israel. They don’t like the fact that we white Euros are the real tribes of Israel so they want to dilute the tribe. They HATE us- they discredit us, they murder us, they destroy us: The “Jooz” of today SAY they are, but they are not (Rev 3:9
    Behold, I will cause those of the synagogue of Satan, who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie–..) they are in fact Khazars, or was we know them today Ashkenazi jooz. The frizzy haired, hook nosed, money lenders we were warned of from the Bible. This very group, along with NON-jooz, make up the illuminati, who are directly responsible for the evil underworld that runs this world. They have infiltrated EVERY thing- schools, the church (any 5013 (C) I’d say) anyone in high places. They are those that have Mammon as their God. You, as a person, either worship one or the other. There IS no middle ground, whether you’d like to believe that you are not one or the other. THAT is the lie perpetrated by THEM- that there IS no God. There is, and he is angry, and he’s coming soon.

    • kmorgana

       turn on any prime time TV show, comedy – whatever. See a pattern? No one’s married, they’re all boyfriend/girlfriend. Inter racial romances are becoming more common, and no one in the TV program ever brings up the subject that they are dating a different race! As if it’s a regular, non-event. Fart jokes, sick pedophilia type jokes a la Seth MacFarlane (total illuminati shill of the WORST degree- downright foul) are the plan. For more information, please read “Pawns in the Game” by WG Carr which explains this illuminati plan in detail, along with descriptive explanations and motives behind modern comic books, toys, and indoctrinations of schools. PDF books are online free. Another in depth study is “Satan-Prince of This World” aka The Synagogue of Satan. Highly recommended- both free PDFS on web. People in high places are almost ALL compromised by this conspiracy, by blackmail using sex films and pedophilia. Even Janet Reno let a Saudi official get away with child molestation- gee, wonder why? Wonder what blackmail they’ve got on HER (ugh- i dont wanna know) cheers guys, take care and watch out, anything you say/comment on WILL be used against you (me) and since I have been commenting on sites regarding this, I assure you I have not heard the last of it, in fact have been duly warned to “shhh” and you will too. Trust me, try it yourself and see what happens. If you’re out of work, good luck finding a job, you won’t get one if you do what I do. If you have one, you’ll lose it for some weird reason. “They” have spies everywhere, especially comment boards on Youtube and all conspiracy websites looking for people just like me.

  • Orion_Blue

    I agree with much of the above and concur especially with the view that miscegenation is not the way forward.

    One point concerning the correlation between intelligence and morality; I do not believe they necessarily correlate that closely. Some of the nastiest and most devious people have been of above average intelligence. In fact, they needed to be in able to pull off their antics and do the dirty against their fellow man.

  • “We continue to a scene in which Charlize Theron is looking at a map, not realizing that the black captain is also in the room also. He bluntly suggests they have sex, and she replies, ‘My room, ten minutes.'”

    Black men like blondes, and many white women are turned on by black muscle, charisma, and penis size. 73% of all white women under 30 prefer Obama, and their favorite music is Kanye West. So, No surprise here.

    Usain Bolt, Michael Jordan, Overeem, and etc all got tons of white women.

  • Here’s the paradox. White males(at least the geniuses and enterprising among them), by having created a world of plenty–at least in Western nations–freed most people from ‘want’ of basic necessities, and so most white people are more into stuff that excites than stuff that they need. People are animals after all, and just like animals, once basic needs are met, humans want fun, thrilling, orgasmic, and etc. stuff. 
    For example, an alarm clock, toothpaste, shampoo, toilet, electrical wires, gas oven, and etc are more necessary for good life than rap music, internet porn, and sports. But even though we NEED all the many stuff created by white males, we don’t think much about them because they are utilitarian than sensual in nature; they don’t engage our emotions or senses. I mean concrete has done wonders for civilization, but who gets all excited about a sack of concrete or cement? 
    Everyday, we wake up, use soap and clean water, and use oven to cook stuff–all thanks to the genius of white males–, but they don’t engage our imagination, desire, thrill, and excitement. So, while tons of stuff that white guys made are very useful to us as modern people, the eternal-animal inside us still looks for thrills. Since most whites have been liberated from ‘want’ by white man’s technology, most whites are looking for orgasmic pleasures, and in this competition, Negroes beat whites. Negroes are better at sports, sing louder and deeper, are more muscled, more ‘charismatic’, more commanding-voiced, more masculine, and etc. 

    In the past, most white people were poor and their minds were on survival; so, their minds were more on basic necessity/morality than thrill. Today, most white people are well-fed and don’t have to worry about survival; and so they go lookng for thrills… and they find more of it from Negroes. 

    Of course, there’s the problem of black violence and crime, but whites(the feminine race relative to blacks) are so obsessed with black masterfulness that they can’t shake their thrill-addiction to blackkness. It’s like feminists constantly remind the sisterhood all about male violence against women–and it’s true that most sexual violence is male on female among all races and in all nations–, but women are still attracted to men because they seek orgasmic thrill by submitting to men. So, women risk male violence because they are excited by manhood and sexual thrills. It’s a biological addiction. Just like junkies take risks just to get another high, women take risks with men cuz they just gotta have that orgasm. 

    Similarly, though the white nationalists warns white people of black violence(just like feminists warn women of male violence), the ‘female’ white race is just too much in love with the ‘male’ black race. White girls are crazy about BIG muscled Negroes, and white boys have ‘male orgasms’ when they watch the feats of black athletes. I remember going to a bar when the Bulls were playing for the championship. Whenever Jordan slammed a dunk, white boys in the bar would go out of their minds, as if they were having orgasms by submitting to the superior Negro. It’s like Chris Matthews getting thrills up his legs from listening to Obama talk. Now, Obama is, as black males go, rather dweeby. But if Obama has such effect on white boys, imagine what effect real tough Negro dudes have. White race is thus finished. 

    So, white male genius paved the way for white addiction to the funkier and more thrilling black race.

    •  I remember going to a bar when the Bulls were playing for the
      championship. Whenever Jordan slammed a dunk, white boys in the bar
      would go out of their minds, as if they were having orgasms by
      submitting to the superior Negro. It’s like Chris Matthews getting
      thrills up his legs from listening to Obama talk.

      THIS! I wonder what they would say if told to them? Would they first react winth anger then later reel and realize?

  • “We continue to a scene in which Charlize Theron is looking at a map, not realizing that the black captain is also in the room also. He bluntly suggests they have sex, and she replies, “My room, ten minutes.” There has been no flirting previously in the film. The beautiful blonde woman immediately decides to have sex with a black man after a grunted pickup line. This scene seems to have been planted in the movie simply to promote miscegenation.”

    Maybe you guys are out of touch but this kind of hook-up sex between black males and white females is now very common in colleges and the military.  And it’s due to natural forces.  Women like tough manly men, and black men are tougher than white men. Men like pretty women, and white women are prettier than black women.  If you mix pitbulls and beagles in the same room, male pitbulls will beat up male beagles and hump female beagles big time.

  • newscomments70

    I haven’t seen much press on this movie lately. It seems like the MSM is downplaying any bad publicity and profit loss.

  • newscomments70

    I have recently read the IMDB comments on this movie. Any race realist comments have been systematically removed…so much for free speech. I did have to laugh though; the movie only received 5.7 stars out of ten. I guess the truth does come out eventually, no matter how much liberals try to hide it.

    • Funruffian

      IMDB is notorious for purging any comments deemed at being Racist toward Blacks or Anti-Semetic. I guess their boards are inundated with eggheads screaming racism.

  • Ghost Wolf

    Oh, it’s all propaganda now.  As much as I love Doctor Who, they’ve started sticking in weird gratuitious homosexual references this season,  and have been sticking blacks and East Indians in weird places for a while now (how does the Queen of England wind up black?  That would be “Liz 10”.)  And then you have the IMDB boards with weirdos thinking the Doctor should regenerate as a black, an East Indian, or a woman (and as a woman, no, I don’t want a femdoc.)

    Check out the boards, you may find me on there.  You’ll know who I am.

    It’s too bad I don’t watch very much at all any more.  I’d rather play video games with furry humanoids in, it’s much more satisfying than watching TV any more.

  • Ghost Wolf

     It’ll be a sequel to the reboot – with a young Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, in which, iirc, Vulcan has been destroyed.

  • Ghost Wolf

     Given how large the Universe is, and how many planets have already been discovered (granted, big, obvious ones like Jupiter) – it’s unlikely that Earth is the only home to some sort of life.  Granted, other life will not likely be like Earth-life, and if there are other technological species out there, it’s highly doubtful that such beings would look like hairless apes (a la Star Trek and most other low-budget sci-fi.)

    Just because we see no spaceships zinging overhead doesn’t mean there isn’t  other life out there. It just means that RL technological limitations means we probably will never meet in person – even if SETI does eventually pick up the equivalent of a radio commercial from somewhere out there.

  • The first scene with the Negro captain showed him smoking a Blunt, and then disrespecting the Blonde woman. He even carried the typical blackish accent, making him look an outcast on a ship full of intellectuals. It’s incredible how the non-whites accepted their deaths, rather, they simply didn’t care, dying was irrelevant. 

    Them laughing about killing themselves and “savin da world” ruined the movie for me. What’s also hilarious is that in the year 2089 white people will be a TINY TINY minority, and I doubt space technology will be anywhere as advanced.

  • Whirlwinder

    Funny, wormwood explaining wormholes

  • Funruffian

    I’m well aware of this Hollyweird formula: White people are domineering and evil. Black people save the day and show remorse. White people devise plans of hatred and destruction. Black people correct their wrongs and amend them with virtue and skill. A load of BS. When will Hollywood quit the Hollywood driven character device of cowardly Whites and saintly Negroes. If you are going to do Science Fiction, let’s have more science and less fiction.

  • The problem is actually mostly with white guys because there are far less of us than white women.
    White guys are dating, marry and breeding with EVERY race(increasingly with black women) when there aren’t even enough white guys for all the white women as it is.