Black-On-White Link in Minneapolis Violence

Colin Flaherty, World Net Daily, June 6, 2012

Minneapolis police want you to know race has nothing to do with an epidemic of violent crime in their downtown.

Same for crime reporter Matt McKinney: The recent increase in what he calls “flash mob” violence and mayhem is “random” and “no other real pattern emerges” and the “motivation for the attack remains unclear.”

But more and more people in Minneapolis are connecting the violence with groups of blacks marauding through the downtown; beating, hurting, destroying and stealing. Sometimes right in front of police.


The attacks are part of a nationwide pattern of hundreds of episodes of unreported racial violence and lawlessness found in more than 50 cities over the last three years.


Over the past year, the Minneapolis area has been the scene of more than a dozen other examples of large scale racial attacks that are known.

“In September of 2011, a crowd of 1,000 black people rioted through downtown fighting, stealing, destroying property. Much of it on YouTube. (Warning: Graphic language)

A few days later, a gang of 20 black women beat a white woman after she confronted them about harassing her child.

A few weeks later, a group of black people attacked a mobile alcoholic beverage cart in Minneapolis—stealing, threatening. The newspapers dutifully reported the crime, and dutifully ignored the race of the attackers.

Except for the University of Minnesota newspaper, which in its early editions identified the attackers by race, but removed it in later editions.

Which is how it should be, said Minneapolis police spokesman William Palmer: “The MPD does not track arrestees by race,” said Palmer. “And frankly, no, it doesn’t matter. We arrest and prepare criminal cases for consideration of prosecution for those people who choose to break the law. Race has nothing to do with it.”


Blogger Neal Krasnoff says the violence is more widespread than the police or media are talking about:

“One of my friends was robbed at Nicollet and 7th. They harassed her, then one mutt knocked her down, pounded her head against the sidewalk, then took off with her cell phone. The perps are—yes, you and I guessed correctly—Male/Black/18-35. She’s the fifth person in her circle of friends to be attacked.”


Videos of groups of violent black people in Minneapolis are so numerous that some are even set to music.

McKinney and the police are not willing to talk about violence and how race is a part of it. But the readers of the paper, bloggers, and talk radio are.

“Let’s stop being so P.C. about all this,” said one reader of the Star Tribune. “It’s a racial thing, isn’t it? Isn’t it black youth who are the ones committing the vast majority of these downtown crimes, and aren’t they the ones harassing people downtown? Will this comment be censored? Isn’t what I’m saying factual, though, censored or not?”


Others point out race-conscious coverage of black ministers, black teachers, and other black institutions. They wonder why it is acceptable to do hundreds of stories about everything in the black community except for large groups of black criminals creating danger and havoc in downtown Minneapolis.


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  • haroldcrews

    Race has nothing to do with it?

    Seriously the intellectual dissonance required to be color-blind must create serious psychological issues in DWLs.  Perhaps this is the source of the absolute hatred they have for race realists?

    • Natassia

      They’re only colorblind when it comes to minority-on-white crime. When it comes to EVERYTHING ELSE on the planet, it’s about race.

      • JackKrak

        That’s right – the same people who see racism in the way clouds form in the sky and “white privilege” in solar flares cannot, will not, do not and will never see any racial dimension to black-on-white crime no matter what.

        • A Human in the NW Region

          Jack in one of my many verbal assault weapons against neo-liberalism, you have added a new ‘clip’. Many laughs and thank you, will be using it often.

    • seek

      A white “journalist” who honestly can detect no racial pattern in these mobs, and that the pack attacks have been “random,” has no business being a journalist.  Then again, his editor probably told him to keep mum on the subject.     

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    Mainstream media don’t like reporting on black racial violence. Left & right wing media don’t either.  Fortunately, there is one group that loves to:


    And now, thanks to YouTube, and cheap camera phones, they can do so with reckless abandon. Quite possibly the greatest boon for race realism in years. They make our case for us with video far better than we ever could with type & talk.

    • libertarian1234

      “They make our case for us with video far better than we ever could with type & talk.”

      Yes, we’re fortunate to finally have technology that gives us an accurate account of the numbers of black on white attacks.

      Almost every one of these vicious attacks would have been swept under the rug by politicians and police, if we were not able to see for ourselves what is going on nowadays.

      The real outrage here is that even WITH video proof they still try to deny the racial aspect of almost everything,  although anybody with good sense knows that there’s hateful anti-white animus at play in these crimes.

      There’s been a black on white war of hate going on for years now,  but our biggest problem is not the blacks, but the whites in authority who try continue to cover them up, going so far as telling us we can’t believe our lying eyes.

      • freespeechzone

        It’s the liberal infrastructure that is so incredibly PC and afraid to hold blacks accountable for their actions—and whenever possible, want to blame whites.

        White politicians have become cowardly when it comes to holding minorities accountable—the race hucksters, Sharpton, Jackson and the media scare them to the point that they’ll sell out whites.

        It’s not about equality….it’s about retribution and ‘pay back’ for misdeeds that nobody today has a hand in.

        At some point, whites will stop allowing this ‘legal’ abuse and do what is necessary…it will be ugly.

      • mikejones91

        I have picked up on this “vibe” (black on white resentment) for as long as I care to remember. I remember when I was a child, I would visit my dad in Philadelphia on the weekends. He worked in southwest, which used to be white, but now it’s mostly black. I was outside on my skateboard in front of his work and people started to walk out their doors from the sound of my skateboard. I remember looking up at a window and there was this black kid my age flipping me off. Just the looks they gave me, they were VERY hostile.

        • newscomments70

          Reverse the races, it would have made the evening news…even something as minor as being flipped off. 

    • That’s why I speculate that World Star Hip Hop is the brainchild of some well to do racially minded white person.

      •  The site was founded by Lee ‘Q’ O’Denat, a Hollis, Queens-based hip-hop fan,[2] who calls himself a “Haitian ghetto nerd.”[3] Described by Vibe
        as a “remnant of the Geocities generation”, the site regularly features
        public fighting caught on tape, music videos and other content targeted
        to young American audiences

        •  So saith Wikipedia. 

          Would it be inconceivable that this “Lee ‘Q’ O’Denat” is basically the well-tanned front man for the real brains of the operation?  It wouldn’t be the first time:  A lot of “minority” firms that get AA contracts are “minority” only in terms of the window dressing.

          As one of the frequent commenters at my own blog said when I floated this theory, you just don’t run a video hosting operation in your spare time and with pocket change.  You need some serious infrastructure, a big expensive pipe to the outside world and lots and lots and lots of bandwidth.  Methinks that’s well beyond the means of a “Haitian ghetto nerd.”

        • mikejones91

          This is kind of random but I’ll share anyway. I went to Sunoco last night to buy cigarettes and as usual, the African guy from Ghana was working. I walked in, we talk sometimes, he’s not too bad. Anyways–I’ve noticed WHENEVER I go in there late (past 11) he’s ALWAYS on WSHH watching brutal fight videos. So I finally asked him why he’s always watching fight vids. (sure, they are fun to watch but he watches them excessively). He looked astounded by my question. He says “why?”. “I love this s***”. (strong western Africa accent).

    • A Human in the NW Region

      I could not agree more! Blacks THEMSELVES are the quintessential advocate(s) for White Nationalism, if not the further leap of White Supremacy. My former black roommate shocked me into realizing the depravity of these blacks. Who I invited to live with me as a decent civilized man turned out to be grimacing, grinning, and full of hate and violence.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “We are obligated to obsess sabout the sufferings of the noble, dignified black race and obligate ourselves to their civil rights and social justice, but when they attack Whites, we are supposed to say immediately that, “It was just an isolated and unfortunate incident, and race had nothing to do with it.” We are supposed to obsesses about race until it becomes Real, then we are supposed to ignore it. I can’t obey their rules, because I’m not a schizophrenic.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “My Continuing Education credits for Diversity Awareness are fully up to date,” 2011

    • Well said, shows how completely insane a typical leftist is. So far from reality I can’t even begin to grasp how these people function in the real world. 

    • Sherman_McCoy

      More wisdom from Reverend Jed.

  • The media CONFESSED its BIAS in the case where its own reporters were beaten – and the story covered up –
    with this story?

  • What is truly frightening about these attacks is that for the unwary traveler, life could end quickly for just making the wrong turn into an urban no go zone. What is hard to overcome are the many folks who have an outdated sense of the who, when, where, etc. and are not aware of the wilding or refuse to counter their beliefs crafted by the media, their church, the democratic party, or any other such mischief makers. However, as they say about Dante’s 7th Circle, those police and politicians that have deliberately hidden the dangers, well your reservation awaits you in hell.

    • johnny from N.Alberta

      Unfortunately, This is why I have chosen, not, to vacation into the US.  Although I Love the idea of the experience to your culture, I do not wish/choose “to make a wrong turn”. It’s a long drive to Sturgess by bike, and the opinions on this site and around the net lead to my considerations of safety more than to an exciting Nascar race or such.

      • Sorry to hear that Johnny. There are still so many beautiful sights of such variety that is the US. I travel with my family but only to and through states that allow my family the right to defend ourselves and for adults to carry a licensed firearm. I have drawn realistic routes for foreign travelers that seem to work just fine. It is all in common sense. I no longer ride a bike and never have been to Sturgess but do long for those days in the 60s and 70s when riding a bike wasn’t a toss of the dice.

  • IstvanIN

    Blacks are natural psychopaths.  Read the warning signs in the article linked below. This sounds so much like typical black behavior that it makes you think just how human are they? How much have white folks been deluded that these are our social, intellectual and evolutionary equals?–spot-danger-signs-young-three.html

    • here is a link to a clinical definition of a sociopath

      the parallels with the common black man are scary, so scary that if you changed the title to “Profile of the American black”  scarcely anyone would challenge it or notice  it and would accept it at face value

  • Johnny Reb

    Is there a single white person left in America (regardless of how liberal) who doesn’t understand that “flash mob” is code for “negro?”  I used to get concerned that they didn’t identify race.  Now I’m just glad they’re bothering to report it at all.

  • When you have a white police officer openly stating that “race doesn’t matter”, when it comes to crime; then that’s the tipoff that police are naive about the “color of crime”, and that whites had best stock up on guns and bullets to defend themselves. Clearly, the police aren’t up to the job.

    As Charles Bronson said in “Death Wish”: ‘If the police can’t protect us, maybe we ought to do it ourselves”.

    True then, in a 1974 Hollywood movie, and even more so today.

    • Talk to a retired cop. They know, they just can’t say anything because they’ll be fired and lose their pension on the spot. Its the politicians and the lawyers that bind the hands of the police. It must be incredibly frustrating.

  • If the right clings to their guns and bibles, then the left clings to their childish idealism, and nowhere more so than in Minnesota. Any bets on which group will survive?

  • When you can trace 70% of violent crimes to roughly 2% of the population (blk m 14-39) why wouldn’t the media want to inform the public of this? why do they think it’s more important to protect the self esteem of blacks and image of blacks than the lives of everyone else? 

  • I think it is more a case of being  curious,  not liking what they perceived, as it made them feel racist,  so they suppressed it and fabricated excuses, going so far as to even blame themselves. aka white guilt

  • freespeechzone

    There certainly seems to be an anti-white feeling within the media. 

    I’m not sure if it’s white guilt for the travesty of slavery, that, nobody alive in America today have contributed to, or experienced–and that black crime against whites is just retribution and ‘pay back’ because….

    There have been too many incidents of black on white violent crime that has essentially gone without punishment, which only emboldens them.

    Unless this trend is stopped by law enforcement and the courts–there just may be a huge white backlash that will be ugly.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Those of us who have long been aware of the the anti-white genocide would not find the backlash ugly.

    •  the problem is that there seems to be no end in sight for this “retribution” , an it’s escalating. are we expected to “pay” what ever is demanded indefinitely?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Race has nothing to do with it.

    So it’s not racial, God Forbid!  And it’s not illegal judging by a lack of arrests or action from the DOJ.  So what is it, then?  Normal leisure activity?  Kids just having fun?

    I don’t care how much this is excused and covered up, I will consider any group of two or more blacks as a deadly threat.

    Soon, Whites are going to start going Goetz on these flash mobs and shoot these rabid, rampaging blacks on sight as a matter of  self-preservation and self-defense.


  • Sheila Dinehart

    uh didn’t the good white people of Minn elect al franken as their us senator…ha ha ha

    nothing less then they deserve

  • Texan1st

    The American media were silent during the early stages of the Holocaust too. An uninformed public is a passive public. No resolve because they are not aware of the necessity for it. It wasn’t until the media began reporting the extent of the problem that American citizens began to wake up. Ironically, the media is now controlled at the very top by those that have kin who experienced attempted genocide on their people and yet, they unsympathetically censor and many times suppress stories of blacks commiting violent acts against Whites. Blacks are the new Adolph H. and Whites are the modern day Jewish people insomuch as we are being exterminated from this planet at an alarming rate due to our race and yet the media refuses to acknowledge it.

  • MissBonnie123

    “Minneapolis police spokesman William Palmer:’………Race has nothing to do with it.'”

    Race has EVERYTHING to do with it. Mr. Palmer knows if there were a lot of White on Black crimes, race would be brought up and the villains would be investigated and found guilty of hate crimes by the Department of Justice.

    The reason why I say that race has EVERYTHING to do with it is because Black people are taught from a young age to nurse past hurtful experiences that they never went through themselves. That is, slavery, Jim Crow, etc. So they internalize all the negative emotions that these events are meant to bring up in them. Then, when they see a White person who is easy prey, they then act out their racial hatreds against the innocent White person.

    I have a strong feeling that many White police know this but they can’t come out and say this because they would lose their jobs.

  • Karen Frances

    How many in this country woke up with the Zimmerman case in Florida, as I did?  One “white” (he doesn’t look very white) person kills a black teenager (who was most likely up to no good and most likely attacked Zimmerman) and its ALLLL about race.  Oprah Winfrey and her boyfriend told us it was just about race; Obama chimes in about the black teenager looking like his son would look if he had a son, etc.  

    The internet is a process.  When you do wake up you go on the internet – not the mainstream media – and find so much. One site leads to another site.   So much has been covered up and there has been so much deceit and hypocrisy about race.    Thanks for American Renaissance.  Another great site is 

  • mikejones91

    I though that was Ohio? I was literally offended by that. I don’t get offended easily.

  • Police and prosecutors are really becoming corrupt scum. They act like the enemy of ordinary law abiding tax paying white people. 

  • Yep. Maybe she is scared to death of reprisals from the relatives of the “young ladies”.

  • freespeechzone

    These incidents in Minnesota are only the ‘tip of the iceberg’, when it comes to the PC media and politicians sanitizing black on white crime–you find it all over the country.

    Black thugs know this and are embolden to ratchet up their attacks, knowing that little will be done about it—even when there are loud protests from the white community.

    Given this climate, no wonder George Zimmerman LEGALLY carried his pistol–as I do when I’m out. 

    So far, the EVIDENCE suggests that Zimmerman was well within his right to defend his person from the black thug beating the hell out of him…yet, the PC politicians will do everything in their power to punish him–and allow the illegal will of the New Black Panthers and mob rule dictate ‘justice’. 

    Make NO mistake that this is to create a ‘teachable moment’ for whites who defend themselves against violent black on white crime… just sit there and take it, and possibly be killed ‘for Trayvon’.

    Unless the majority stops being complacent and LOUDLY and AGGRESSIVELY demand and make the lives of politicians and the media literally HELL to effect change back to fair and equal justice, this trend will continue and if you’re white, you’re at grave risk.

    We are looking for ‘equal justice’ and NOT the reprisals and ‘pay back’ for being white—supported by the PC government (Obama/Holder) and the media.

    Step up…or die.


  • ageofknowledge
  • haroldcrews

    This won’t make national news.  Just one more victim in the ongoing dirty war.  It happened this week. 

  • mikejones91

    Have you guys seen this yet? This Russian guy does a zombie prank in Miami. In response to the to that black cannibal. They’re calling THIS racism now. Just because the people who choose were black. People have asked why he usually films blacks, he said its because they give him the best reaction. I guess white people don’t take him seriously. 

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    yo….. here go creflo dolla……why he do dat……

  • Once a week I put a brutal and obvious black-white hate crime article on my facebook page. Not spamming, but a constant reminder it happens all the time.

  • TonyWestfield

    Sometimes a civilization can drift so far off track that it can’t find its way back.  

    Police officers live in fear of the federal civil-rights regime.  One move out of line — even one word —  and it’s ten years in prison for the cop who violates somebody’s civil rights, even if the “victim” just committed a horrendous crime and was apprehended in hot pursuit, i.e., obviously guilty.

    True, some police officers are ruined specimens of humanity, hopelessly bent out of shape by a lifetime of mis-education followed by an excess of professional “training.”  But most cops would do their job with clear eyes and a clear mind if they didn’t have to look over their shoulder to see if the Department of Justice (led by the likes of Eric Holder) is watching.

    Within the past few years, two women were raped in my town.  In each case, the perpetrator positioned himself in plain sight at the train station, slouching and shuffling his feet and looking down at his toes and fidgeting and looking at his toes again…waiting for the commuter train to arrive so he could follow a woman and pounce on her at the first opportunity.  It was the exact same modus operandi in both cases; two guys, one simple strategy.

    As late as the 1980’s these rapes could not have happened.  Our local cops would have walked right up to the sloucher and said, “What are you doing here?”  Nowadays the police don’t dare.  The confrontation itself, without anybody lifting a hand or throwing a punch, is fodder for lawyers who specialize in civil rights. 

    Oh, did I mention that in both cases the perp was a special person…”of color”?

  • Church_of_Jed

    Accusing us of White privilge is racial profiling of the worst kind, because our privilege was cancelled out by Affirmative Action privilege and stereotyping us as racists (i.e. someone who has White privilege) only serves to create a climate of intimidation and legitimizes violence against us.

    • RobertAtwood

       We should call it what it is – a blood libel.