He has modelled himself as a cool, calculated leader of the free world.

But at the age of 22 Barack Obama had a strong ‘sexual warmth’ that overwhelmed his girlfriend at the time, according to a new book that identifies her for the first time.

Vivid diaries written by Genevieve Cook reveal she was driven wild by the smell of sweat, smoking and deodorant that emanated from his bedroom.

Genevieve Cook

She said that on Sundays the future U.S. President loved to lounge around bare chested in a white and blue sarong whilst doing the newspaper crossword

In a controversial claim she also recounted how he was deeply confused about his racial identity and ‘felt like an imposter because he was so white’.

In the end Mr Obama, who was raised in Hawaii by his white mother, decided that he needed to ‘go black’ because it was best for him.

Ms Cook has long been hailed as the ‘mystery woman’ from Mr Obama’s days in New York that he wrote about in his own memoir.

This is the first time she has been identified or revealed her extensive diaries from the time she and Mr Obama dated.

The disclosure are from a forthcoming book, ‘Barack Obama: The Story’ by David Maraniss and features in the June edition of Vanity Fair.

The extracts reveal Mr Obama and Ms Cook met at a Christmas party in New York’s East Village in December 1983 when she was 25, three years older than him.

Mr Obama was still in his ‘cocoon’ phase and figuring himself out whilst working a dull job and living in a modest Manhattan apartment.

The two began seeing each other every Thursday night and on weekends and Ms Cook instantly found herself drawn to her ‘startling’ new friend.

In one diary entry she remarks: ‘How is he so old already, at the age of 22?’

The book reads: ‘She remembered how on Sundays Obama would lounge around, drinking coffee and solving the New York Times crossword puzzle, bare-chested, wearing a blue and white sarong.

‘His bedroom was closest to the front door, offering a sense of privacy and coziness.

‘Genevieve described it in her journal this way: ‘I open the door, that Barack keeps closed, to his room, and enter into a warm, private space pervaded by a mixture of smells that so strongly speak of his presence, his liveliness, his habits – running sweat, Brut spray deodorant, smoking, eating raisins, sleeping, breathing.’

An entry dated February 9 1984 reads: ‘Today, for the first time, Barack sat on the edge of the bed – dressed – blue jeans and luscious ladies on his chest (a comfy T-shirt depicting buxom women) the end of the front section of the Sunday Times in his hand, looking out the window, and the quality of light reflected from his eyes, windows of the soul, heart, and mind, was so clear, so unmasked, his eyes narrower than he usually holds them looking out the window, usually too aware of me.’

The two eventually moved in together and spent their days cooking – Mr Obama loved to make a ginger beef meal or tuna sandwiches the way his grandfather had taught him.

The read books together, spent hours talking about authors and Mr Obama kept up his passion for jogging that he would keep with him in the White House.

In her diary Ms Cook writes: ‘The sexual warmth is definitely there – but the rest of it has sharp edges and I’m finding it all unsettling and finding myself wanting to withdraw from it all..

‘…his warmth can be deceptive. Though he speaks sweet words and can be open and trusting, there is also that coolness – and I begin to have an inkling of some things about him that could get to me’.

Genevieve was also with him when he had the dream of about his father, for which his first memoir ‘Dreams from My Father’ was named, in which the already-dead and barely present anyway Obama Sr says, ‘Barack, I always wanted to tell you how much I love you.’

Genevieve recalls the morning he woke up.

‘I remember him being just so overwhelmed, and I so badly wanted to fix him, help him fix that pain. He woke up from that dream and started talking about it. I think he was haunted.’

The future President went on to write about Genevieve in the memoir, but did not by name. Their relationship was part of a composite girlfriend he created to protect his previous lovers’ privacy.

In an interview for the new biography Mr Obama admits that one anecdote he described in ‘Dreams’ never happened.

In ‘Dreams’ he described seeing a play by a black playwright with his girlfriend.

After the play was over, my friend started talking about why black people were so angry all the time,’ he wrote in part, ‘And she said that anger was just a dead end. We had a big fight, right in front of the theater.’

‘That was not [Cook],” Obama admitted to Maraniss for the new biography. “That was an example of compression… I thought that [the anecdote involving the reaction of a white girlfriend to the angry black play] was a useful theme to make about sort of the interactions that I had in the relationships with white girlfriends.’

But during their relationship Cook and her lover did often talk about race and when they did Mr Obama was quite revealing.

The book reads that it was part of his ‘inner need to find a sense of belonging’ and Ms Cook encouraged it.

The book reads: ‘If she felt like an outsider, he was a double outsider, racial and cross-cultural. He looked black, but was he? He confessed to her that at times: ‘He felt like an imposter. Because he was so white. There was hardly a black bone in his body.’

‘At some point that summer she realized that: ‘In his own quest to resolve his ambivalence about black and white, it became very, very clear to me that he needed to go black.’

Ms Cook, who is white, also writes that she was unable to shake the suspicion that his ideal woman was ‘a fighter, a laugher, well-experienced—a black woman I keep seeing her as.’

By the autumn of 1984 Ms Cook began teaching at a primary school and Mr Obama had set his sights on Chicago where he would work as a community organiser before going to Harvard Law School.

They broke up and in her diary she claims he was too cold and not giving her the level of emotional involvement that she needed

In an entry from May 1985 she writes: ‘Now, at this point, I’m left wondering if Barack’s reserve, etc. is not just the time in his life, but, after all, emotional scarring that will make it difficult for him to get involved even after he’s sorted his life through with age and experience.’

Of the breakup she wrote, ‘I was not the person that brought infatuation. (That lithe, bubbly, strong black lady is waiting somewhere!)’

Mr Obama went on to marry his wife Michelle in 1992 and have two children with her. The couple have been married for almost 20 years.

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  • Athling

    I see Barry, like his father, had a taste for white flesh.

    •  I bet the only reason he married a black woman, namely the former Michelle Robinson, is because he somehow thought his political career would revolve around the “sensibilities” of the South Side Chicago body politic, and marrying a white woman would have cramped that style big time.  Then again, that makes me glad blacks on the South Side of Chicago are as nationalist as they are.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         I think I can read that into this discourse; he sensed he would gain more by being a black in this particular society with its AA and black elitism than as a mixed race, white acting man.  He had to get a black woman to verify this to himself and the world.  It was clearly all calculated.

      • Athling

        Yes, that is one thing all nationalists get right and seem to agree on — the importance of racial integrity.

      • Marc B.

        That’s exactly how I see it. There is little attractive about Michelle to a guy like Barack other than her  Southside working class pedigree, Ivy league education, and her blackness. He chose his church for very much the same calculated reasons. His quest was to locate and reinforce his blackness while shoring it up for the world with a black wife who was also bona fide South Side helped project the blackness many in his community questioned.

        •  He needed to shore up his street cred, that’s why Obama picked TUCC knowing what kind of hate sermons Wright was preaching.  But there’s another more Machiavellian reason — TUCC was outside of his zone of community activism, and his job required him to deal with the in-area preachers.  If he would have chosen a church in-district, the preachers of the churches he didn’t choose would have been upset.  He couldn’t afford to defecate where he ate.

        • Donna Lyn Harris

          “There is little attractive about Michelle to a guy like Barack other than her Southside working class pedigree, Ivy league education, and her blackness.”

          Maybe not to you! What an idiotic assertion!

  • Detroit_WASP

    Obama needed to go black? Doesn’t Obama know there is no such thing as race?  Silly boy….I mean MAN! 

  • ………..

  • Francis Galton

    Yet another reason why race mixing is a bad idea: mentally twisted
    kids!  I fully believe Obama has a personality disorder of some sort
    (perhaps Narcissistic Personality Disorder?), and I think the cognitive
    dissonance brought on by his being torn between the “White world” and
    the “black world” is the biggest reason why he has it.  How would you
    like to have more mixed race kids running around and overcompensating by
    “acting black” to an extreme degree?

    • Hunter Morrow

       This used to be a fairly common literary theme, the “Tragic Mulatto.”

    • No

      I have a feeling that it’s much more complicated than him being torn between two worlds. 

      For one thing, I don’t think he was ever exposed to a white world.  His supposed father was jet-black and really just one step from being a zebra-hunting tribal savage.  His mother took him to Indonesia from age 6-10  then she dumps him and he returned to Hawaii (which is a multicult cesspool) to live with his weird, socialist grandmother.    There he meets Uncle Frank (the communist Frank Marshall Davis) who fills his teenaged burry head with Afrocentric babble.

      So he had little or no chance to ever develop a white identity.

      I agree there’s a screw loose and that he’s a narcissist, but I think it comes from his being told that he was to be a Messiah. 

      Being abandoned by mother and father creates huge identity problems.  Kids rationalize and believe that when a parent leaves them it’s because of something they did.  Obama probably grew up with a sense of total worthlessness.  I bet that even today, he’s never quite happy with anything he does.  It’s never “good enough” (to earn back mommy and daddy’s love).

      So if you think you’re pond scum and some adult comes along and tells you that you are “special” and have some important “mission” in life . . . it helps you compensate for the feelings of being abandoned.  You then begin to cling to that Messiah identity and you convince yourself that it’s true.

      I think there’s an excellent chance that Obama has considered, or is considering, NOT GIVING UP POWER.  He knows that once he loses in 2012 or has to leave in 2016, he’s just going to be another Jimmy Carter . . . just one more “goodwill ambassador” sent on fund raisers.  I don’t think he can accept NOT being the Messiah and that makes him very, very dangerous.

  • Dr Al


    Blacks prefer white women and can  you blame them? Would YOU want a black woman? Even black men are racists and anti-black.

    Then they get mad at us whites.

    But, when it serves a black man’s purpose, they will use the black woman, just as Obama has done for his political career.

    And black women support this. 

    • ed91

       even black men are racist?

      I know the point you’re making about white women, but in actuality as we all know, black  males lead the racism list………..  when they can focus on a thought, it is about black/white………they are the most racist followed closely by black females……

      what a bizarro world the corrupt PC media has helped create.

  • Just another confirmation(not that we needed any more, what with there being so many) that mixed race kids come out confused and angry.

  • Dreams of white women, like my father.

    • But I dont see Barry as being very passionate. The girl says “the sexual warmth was there”. What in hell does that mean? 

  • Well….believable. Aside from identity issues, I find one characteristic very interesting: Obama was/is a calculating schemer. He’s an opportunist, not a man of vision; had he been into sciences or arts, he would probably marry White; an isolated figure, without true family warmth- and I think hence his sense of alienation; not a passionate man,  a product of US compromises in cultural policies …

    A sort of “tanned” Bill Clinton, politically & socially speaking.

    • SintiriNikos

      Obama may have many faults, but he is not much like Clinton. Slick Willie is the ultimate hypocrite, an out-of-control, depraved, lecherous degenerate who tried to cultivate an image for himself of a compassionate, God-fearing Christian. He fooled some. But he is a joke to most, even the liberals, although they dismiss his antics as a harmless curiosity, instead of the disgraceful behavior that it was. Pure slime.

      • I’m not talking about slime. I’m talking about emotional shallowness & moral opportunism.

        When it comes to sex, Obama is almost celibate when compared to Clinton. And they both are small fry in comparison to JFK, who was an encyclopedia of sex perversions & addictions.

        • SintiriNikos

          Agreed then. Really, JFK?. Without irony. I mean I knew he liked the ladies but I always chalked it up to the prestige of being associated with some of the country’s most desirable beauties, as opposed to being a bona fide sex fiend and pervert.

          •  JFK was also a cross-dresser & did threesomes with women in his stuff  in special lingerie- not them, he.
            OK, one thing stays- he was not gay.

          •  Now I know that you,Bardon,need to place yourself under the care of a well-trained therapist. JFK was a cross-dresser? First,Hoover was a cros-dresser;then Jack Ruby was a CD;next they said LBJ;the latest is Kelsey Grammer. (OK,that one I will go along with!)This is more of the same WE hate Kennedy Because He Was Irish.Bardon has that vibe about him. When you kick over a rock,its interesting what crawls out. BTW, is everyone a cross-dresser? Bardon? Bardon??

        • MikeofAges

           So was Lyndon Johnson. Puts a whole new spin on his 1960 slogan, “All the way with LBJ”. Kennedy was a walking pharmacopeia of necessary and unnecessary prescription drugs. Also the first pothead president since the early days of the republic, if not ever. Kennedy suffered from Addison’s Disease and depended on medication to stay alive. The medication left him constantly sexually stimulated. He was an experimenter and adventurer by nature anyway. For sheer perversion, no occupant of the WH could possibly exceed Johnson though. No one will ever know all of it when it comes to this duo.

          Interesting how presidents turn into “gangs”. Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Carter — the Gang of Five.

          Clinton, G.W. Bush, Obama, whoever comes next — another gang of five.

          You work it out. Helps you in conceptualizing the idea of one-party rule.

  • radical7

    To those of you who are lamenting over Obama supposedly “using”  or chasing White women, how does this differ from the LARGE numbers of male posters on this board who drool, fantasize,  sleep with and lust over Asian and in a few cases, Hispanic women?

    •  Again, I will point out that “hispanic” women can be anything from pure Amerind, to part black (J.Lo) to pure European. A Spanish surname doesn’t a non-White make. Last I checked, Spain was in Europe.

      • radical7

        Last time I checked Egypt was in Africa, yet there are many Whites who dispute that egyptians are African. What’s your point?

        • IstvanIN

          Ancient Egyptians were not Negroes, or if you prefer sub-Saharan Africans.  Grow up.

          • radical7

            You might want to take your own advice.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble


            Half of European Men Share King Tut’s DNA

            Rueters – UK, August 1, 2011

             “Up to 70 percent of British men and half of all Western European men are related to the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, geneticists in Switzerland said. Scientists at Zurich-based DNA genealogy centre, iGENEA, reconstructed the DNA profile of the boy Pharaoh, who ascended the throne at the age of nine, his father Akhenaten and grandfather Amenhotep III, based on a film that was made for the Discovery Channel.”

            “The results showed that King Tut belonged to a genetic profile group, known as haplogroup R1b1a2, to which more than 50 percent of all men in Western Europe belong, indicating that they share a common ancestor. Among modern-day Egyptians this haplogroup contingent is below 1 percent, according to iGENEA. ‘It was very interesting to discover that he belonged to a genetic group in Europe — there were many possible groups in Egypt that the DNA could have belonged to,’ said Roman Scholz, director of the iGENEA Centre.”


            Egypt lost its dominance and military power as the White DNA died out.


        • BaronBaal

          African or not, King Tutankhamen’s DNA is Western European. Want to challenge me on this?


        • There are plenty of ‘hispanic’ women in this world who one might lust after and date without being a hypocrite. I thought that was obvious.

          • radical7

            That is true, However, I was talking about those men who avidly discuss their sexual escapdes with non-White women.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          I wish that Black people who derived from the Sub-Saharan region of Africa would stop taking credit for what the Egyptians did! You live in the same continent but are nothing alike.  Your modern day ancestors still live in huts and hunt with spears. And we all know that medicine and money is given to you in the form of aid by White folks who feel sorry.Bon

    •  As usual, I have a difficulty following your train of thought. I don’t think Obama was “using” WW (or any kind of women)- Barry is focused on other things (power, career), not sex.

    • BaronBaal

      There is no difference, technically,  but you have no moral right to judge whites who want to preserve their their heritage, race, and very existence.

      • radical7

        Just as you have no moral right to judge non-Whites and Whites who wish to date, marry or procreate outside thier race. 

        • BaronBaal

          I never claimed that moral right and I’m not the one trolling and causing trouble on this site, YOU are.

          From: Disqus
          To: [email protected]
          Sent: Sunday, May 6, 2012 10:52 PM
          Subject: [americanrenaissance] Re: Young Barack Obama Had Great ‘Sexual Warmth’ But Sharp Edges… And He ‘Didn’t Have a Black Bone in His Body’

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          radical7 wrote, in response to BaronBaal:
          Just as you have no moral right to judge non-Whites and Whites who wish to date, marry or procreate outside thier race. Link to comment

    • Flagged for trolling.

  • Major

    I think he had an  “OEDIPUS COMPLEX” myself.

  • No

    Great . . . so he went out and mated with his mother (or at least a mother surrogate). 

    There’s nothing “cool” or even “calculating” about Obama.  Everytime I hear about him lately it’s because he screwed something up.   I can’t think of another President who has been this incompetent.

    He fools blacks because it’s easy to full a low-IQ savage with a little glitz and bling.  He fools white libs who think they’ve finally “fixed” whatever needed fixing.  But he’s really just an actor playing a part.  Behind the scenes, I don’t think anyone takes him all that seriously.

    That’s probably why he’s so miserable.  He actually fell for his own propaganda and is now realizing that he’s just another house negro.  Like all house negroes who put on airs, he eventually realizes that he’s no more important to the true rulers than the sofa.

  • Dave4088

    Something just doesn’t smell right with this article, and  I suspect disinformation.  Obama is rumored to be a closeted homosexual and supposedly he is not the biological father of his two daughters.  The daughters bear absolutely no physical resemblance to him at all. 

  • vladdy1

    What great timing, this “diary” by the old “girlfriend” coming up, just as Obama officially announces his reelection campaign. Wouldn’t want anyone to think he has anything but a straight, married man’s sex life or past, would we?

    • radical7

      As opposed to the many men in the GOP who live closeted gay lives?

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        You just showed us what a hypocrite you are:

         “You should not be commenting on another persons sexual orientation unless they have publically delcared their sexual preference.”

        –radical 7

  • TonyWestfield

    After reading this article and puking (twice), I had a reversal.  It occurred to me that Barack Obama, then and now, is a special person who deserves sympathy and understanding for circumstances not of his making.  The poor guy couldn’t even have a normal Oedipus complex…Just try to imagine the neuro-linguistic significance of Barack’s quest “to find my Stanley, to seduce and subdue my Stanley, to have Stanley as my very own…”

    No wonder Obama can’t think straight!  It’s a wonder he can do ANYTHING straight (can he?).

    And this foolish girlfriend’s name is Cook?  C’mon, a lost little boy seeks to fill the empty space left by his absentee mother–with or without the Oedipus wrinkle–and he tries to satisfy his want of home and hearth by…taking up with a woman called “Cook”?  This is making me dizzy.

    But seriously, wouldn’t you just love to know the books they enjoyed together, the books that nourished Barack and his Cook in bed and elsewhere?  Maybe “Soul On Ice” with its romantic passages about rape as “an insurrectionary act” and the way to get revenge on Whitey by “defiling his woman.”  Umm, umm, that’ll get the juices churning, eh?

  • MikeofAges

    Cool. Now we know Barry’s real religion — The good old Church of the New York Times. But let’s get serious. What’s going to happen next January 20th, when he goes back to the old neighborhood and we don’t have Barack Obama to kick around anymore?

  • byronio

    He didn’t have a black bone in his body, but she did. 

    • Did she? “The sexual warmth was there” is as about a tepid a compliment to a man’s passion as  you can get. I imagine her always working to coax Barry into the bedroom…AND THE BLUE SARONG!???????????

  • Stupid black men and the homely insecure white women who love them.

  • Mentious

    The whole thing gives great revulsion.

    Especially one whose face is beautifully inspiring Nordic bones.

    Great disgust.

  • shmo123

    Is it me, or doesn’t she bear a striking resemblance to Obama’s own mother? You know, Stanley Dunham.

  • Major

    Since this mutt started his run for the WH in 2006…there hasn’t been one person that came forward to claim they knew thus guy. Except for his tribalist, racist “church”…no one played BB with him…no one remembered him in college….no one claimed a sandbox with him as a child.

    No one said they shared a joint with him let alone a coke spoon ( which he admits he did ).

    Not one “girlfriend” ( there was  a guy who said he had a homo affair with him though ), not one club owner, bodega owner in NY would even admit that’s where he bought his smokes from. No one from Harvard, Yale, Colombia or Occidental remembered any association with him, or came forward to say..” I used to hang with that dude”!

    No one from a local hash house in Harlem or NYC either. Guy never went anywhere for breakfast, lunch or dinner….nor with anyone.

    Now this year…he’s released a questionable / phony birth certificate, SSN and now this tale of BS!

    All this after 3 1/2 years in the WH? All this now comes out? Crap….more likely manufactured by Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground.

    It’s just unbelievable that a guy we know NOTHING about…is where he is.

    Once again we may have inadvertently stumbled onto how countries slowly go mad – it’s because everyone around you in your culture begins to adopt a casual approach to radicalism and also allows it to become institutionalized.

    • IstvanIN

      Man of mystery to be sure.  Another James McGreevey, except we knew about Gov. McGreevey’s place of birth, family history, first marriage, his political career and even, on a wink wink nudge nudge sort of way, his gay shenanigans.  Except when things got out of control he had the decency to resign from office.  Now, El Presidente….hmmm.

    • MikeofAges

      People have talked about taking his classes at the UC law school. The thing is, he grew up partially outside of the United States. He was secluded at a private secondary school. Registered at Occidental likely as a foreign student and lived with a wealthy foreign roommate. Transferred to Columbia where he made no waves. Perhaps was in some program where he was not resident at the Morningside Heights campus. Worked for one year in New York at a company which was a known CIA front. Moved to an isolated but influential neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. Spent 20 years there without ever traveling abroad or even within the United States to speak of except for his three years at Harvard. And he seems not well-remember at Harvard in spite of being president of the law review. Everyone has friends. He must have largely been drawn to people who are deceptive themselves about who they are and who they associate with. Think Bill Ayers. How could Barack Obama be a big wheel in the small world of Hyde Park and not know Bill Ayers? The only person he’s ever admitted “knowing” is Jeremiah Wright. Only because he was forced to. Only because the story supported his assertion that he was a serious convert to Christianity. I’ll say he was. But his Muslim sympathies are very strong too.

  • Our women have got to be the dumbest on the planet. I bet everywhere Obama went he was met by these stupid white people who want to play out some dumb-assedd racial drama with him.`

  • All that stuff about the “smells” of his room–sweat, Brut(lol)raisins,etc ad nauseum–is quite sickening. Now we know Obama smells! Imagine him and Michelle together:what does that smell like???

  • What if he had married a white mna,his true desire?

  • IstvanIN

    I am glad she is’t my daughter, sleeping around with blacks and writing about it.  I wonder what her husband and kids, if any, and her parents think?

    • MikeofAges

       See it as Droit du seigneur, probably

  • radical7

    Apparently you have not read enough comments on this website of White men who have experessed their desire for Asian and  Hispanic women. Some have even admitted to being sexually involved wtih Black women.

    You are the one who is in denial here, not me.

    • IanJMacDonald

      I’ve been reading this site for 15 years and all this time have failed to detect “the LARGE numbers of male posters on this board” who supposedly pine away for Asian and Hispanic females.  It’s all in your imagination.

      •  There was one, back in the old format of AR, who admitted that in his pre-awakening and younger days, he had a non-sexual relationship with a young black woman, and that both she and her father were happy for it, because all the black men she went with ever did was…the usual.

  • Is it just me-but this woman looks rather masculine ? Not that her features are “rough”, but they’re not harmoniously feminine.
    And you know what they say about Barry & male company…. 

    • MikeofAges

      She’s okay. Hey, it gets cold in New York City. Show some mercy.

  • anarchyst

    The o’bama bears a striking resemblance to the communist Frank Marshall Davis rather than o’bama senior . . . hmmm

    • MikeofAges

      Not so striking, really. Have studied this issue perhaps more thoroughly than anyone, including using “face combining” software. BHO, Sr is his biological father. He could have been born in Kenya, but I don’t know either way. Travel from Africa to America through Europe was not difficult at all in that era.

      One of the curiosities of the situation is that there is a strong resembling between Obama and 1960s heavyweight champion Sonny Liston. Curiously, Liston came to Seattle for a fight right after the Dunhams left for Hawaii. But don’t jump to any conclusion. The resemblance between BHO, Sr and Liston is quite clear also, the upper half of their faces anyway. Liston lived in Chicago for one year in the early 1960s. Liston’s former house is very close to the president’s Chicago residence, maybe on the same block. Grew up in that neighborhood myself. If I could walk the streets, I could identify Liston’s house based on a published photo taken from inside the living room. But I live nowhere near there and wouldn’t want to do that right now anyway.

      I also believe that if Obama’s father was Frank Marshall Davis or, as some have suggested, Malcolm X, he would have had a much larger build than he does. Leave Liston out of it entirely. No basis for thinking Liston had any contact with Ann Dunham. He trained in Everett, and any child he had fathered would have shared his massive build in any case, I am sure. If BHO’s father was someone other than BHO Sr., he would have been an anonymous young black male from Seattle probably from an established middle class family. But I just don’t think so. His place of birth and the question of whether his parents  were legally married are issues. Anything is possible, but his parentage itself does not seem particularly subject to question. Not in my mind, and I have studied it.

      •  Yeah, agreed. But Davis was an influence, this is undeniable. Also- a Communist who is simultaneously an author of a pornographic novel is a sect of one: I don’t know any other example.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx
  • BaronBaal

    I’m not buying it. This whole story is a fairy tale. If you wanna know about about Obama’s REAL sexual orientation then google…”Sinclair” and “Obama” and see what you come up with.

    • We don’t know, but it will be known in a few decades. My take- Obama is a bi, but not very passionately. He’s a sexless man, like some important historical figures (Lenin)- just, he’s not remotely of that stature. Obama is driven more by brain than by gonads. Power, scheming, corruption, … here his passions lie, not in other men’s or women’s genitalia.

      • radical7

        One could make similar charges aobut you say the same about you, Baron Bal and others who are insinuating about President Obama’s sex life. You should not be commenting on another persons sexual orientation unless they have publically delcared their sexual preference.

        • BaronBaal

          You can’t make such a charge against me because I have no history of perverse sexual behavior. Obama, on the other hand, has a gay man who PUBLICLY claims to have had sex with Obama and I doubt he is lying because Obama has been avoiding this guy and his claims like the plague. If this man were lying I’m sure Obama would have taken the legal means to shut this guy up long ago. 

          • radical7

            I do not know anything about your sexual beavior or past, nor am I interested. All I know is what you just stated. That being said, just because this “one” person has made such a claim  does not mean that it is true.   

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            It is more than one person making these claim.  

            None of them want to end up like the three blacks that were disappeared before the 2008 election, two of whom were executed.  0bama is not very smart, but his handlers sure are.


        • Mentious

           At this point it is not practical for a U.S. president to declare that they are perverted.

          Obama’s homosexuality has been reported. He belonged to a homosexual mens’ club in Chicago. All this is available online. The story about the race-mixer coming out is probably meant to give him a chance to get re-elected and destroy the country more and serve the chosen more.

  • BaronBaal

    No, it’s not just you because this whole story is a LIE, a fairy tale used as a lame attempt to make Obama appear more mainstream, more American, as there are so many questions about his past and whether or not he was even born in the United States (which he wasn’t). 

  • tnb – Black Affirmative Action Baby nails liberal white girls. 
    Then sides with ghetto blacks to gain power.

    Still, dumb Americans fall for this old game.

  • Anon12

     Mixing is happening because people fall in love.

    What a crock.  There is definitely something wrong with the wiring in the brains of mixed race couples. Love?  What is “love’ to these types?  They are mentally ill to begin with.  Just look at these mixed “couples” that we all know and tell me that there isn’t a screw loose somewhere along the line and always has been. 

    • IstvanIN

      You’d be surprised how many people agree with you.  With woman many people believe it is a way to get back at mom.

    • bluffcreek1967

      No, Cultural Marxism is not completely wrong. Many of these mixed race couples are together, in fact, because of  love. And I doubt most of them are mentally ill. They might have chosen an interacial relationship for a variety of reasons, and some of these may have indeed been because it was considered ‘taboo’ or as a means of getting back at mom, etc. Often, they are ignorant of race realism and they have been victims of a very liberal education.

      Cultural Marxism is also correct in pointing out that Whites are simply not having children like they used to. They are too consumed with everything else than settling down, getting married and having children. As a result, their lives are indeed empty and futile.   

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Today, for the first time, Barack sat on the edge of the bed – dressed – blue jeans and luscious ladies on his chest (a comfy T-shirt depicting buxom women) the end of the front section of the Sunday Times in his hand, looking out the window, and the quality of light reflected from his eyes, windows of the soul, heart, and mind, was so clear, so unmasked, his eyes narrower than he usually holds them looking out the window, usually too aware of me.’

    OK, this is just creepy.  It sounds like something out of a Harlequin Romance novel, except 0bama is on the cover instead of Fabio — either that or they got this from one of those bad writing  “It was a dark and stormy night” competitions. 

    Every word of this was probably written last week, took them a while but they had to find 0bama an old girlfriend to quiet certain rumors about this:

    The Mysterious Murders/Deaths of Gay Members of Obama’s Church

    The months of November and December of 2007 marked the deaths of 3 openly gay members of Barack Obama’s church which he was known to be a member for 20 years. Two of the men died execution style by unknown hit men. One of the murder victims was confirmed to be an acquaintance of Obama, and said to have confessed to a sexual relationship with Obama. He was murdered in his own home on Christmas Eve. It should be noted that hit men have been said to sometimes operate on holidays when they know that the victim will be at home. The other man was executed the weekend before Thanksgiving. The third was said to have died of AIDS the day after Christmas.

    The mother of one of the murder victims believes that her son was killed to hide Obama’s history just as he was running for presidential nominee in late 2007. Others have also expressed this belief such as Larry Sinclair who says that one of the victims, before his murder, confided to him his relationship with Obama.

    There have been other claims as well that Obama enjoyed having sex with men. Sources in Chicago’s gay community have reported that Obama and his current chief of staff were members of a gay bath house. And according to Larry Sinclair’s published account and sworn testimony, Sinclair and Obama once took cocaine and had sex together in a limo.

    0bama said in his book the girlfriend was a “composite” — who do you know that has a “composite” girlfriend??  This is too weird and contrived to believe.


  • radical7

    Afrikanerheart  wrote “Flagged for trolling”You mean disliked for telling the truth.

  • radical7

    Bon From The Land of Bable wrote:”You just showed us what a hypocrite you are.”I am not a hypocrite. I stated a generalization/ fact that has been well known and substantiated by many Americans. You and others targeted a specific individual.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Well known and substantiated by whom?  

      Put up or shut up.


  • radical7

     Baron Baal wrote:
    I never claimed that moral right and I’m not the one trolling and causing trouble on this site, YOU are.

    Just because you are uncomfortable with dissenting viewpoints does not mean that the person posting an opposing view is a troublemaker.

  • rentslave

    Does this woman have any proof of this relationship?Why should we believe her and doubt Larry Sinclair?

  • “Sexual warmth”. This elliptic expression reminds me of old times when I was reading D.H. Lawrence’s “Women in Love”. Some passages were clearly about sex, but I simply couldn’t understand who was doing what to whom.
    Two or three months ago I read critic Harold Bloom’s essay on D.H. Lawrence- despite some bizarre claims, a good text. And what was really funny- he wrote at length about the same puzzling passage. It turned out that he and other critics were, back in 1960s or so, almost scholastically analyzing what the heck the author had been writing about. The monumental conclusion was: anal sex.

    So, when I encounter such murky passages “warmth”, “sharp edges” … I invariably think- OK, enough with purple metaphors, say what’s actually going on.

  • radical7

     Mentious wrote:

    ” At this point it is not practical for a U.S. president to declare that they are perverted.Obama’s homosexuality has been reported. He belonged to a homosexual mens’ club in Chicago. All this is available online. The story about the race-mixer coming out is probably meant to give him a chance to get re-elected and destroy the country more and serve the chosen more.”Proof?

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    Does it matter one way or the other? Whites, including nordics, have done far more than the arab race. I feel no need to take credit for Egypt’s civilization for the same reasons (compared to all of European civilization, what did they do?).

  • La Santa Hermandad

    Be careful Fr. John! You’re risking being defrocked and excommunicated from the Church of Diversity.
    Say three Our Fathers and make a good Act of Contrition.
    Deinde Ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis in Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen
    Ite in Pace.

  • radical7

    Wow! What an imagination! Displaying some secret fantasies?

  • radical7

    Oh you mean like the majority of your posts?

  • Marc B.

    Arabs were not necessarily the same peoples as modern Arabs, who have a much higher sub-Saharan DNA admixture. That was the result of absorbing blacks into their gene pool via the slave trade for over 500 years. They were the the greatest importers of black slaves in the entire world.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      People in this movement bring this up a lot and I don’t think it is relevant. In some parts of the Middle East black admixture is abundant while in other areas Indo European genes are more abundant. But as a whole the people of the Middle East are in their own Caucasian category separate from Europeans, and no matter how far back you go, these people have never measured up to Europe in achievements overall. Most people in the Middle East are descended from brown skinned semites and brown skinned Central Asians. I don’t understand why the topic of black admixture in the region always comes up on this website. It is irrelevant. European Caucasians are capable of producing far more than semetic Caucasians. This should be obvious.