NYPD Are Looking for 12 Black Females Who Jumped 2 White Girls

YouTube, May 4, 2012


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  • As usual, the phrase “black teenagers” never leaves the lips of the announcer. Although since this is a video it’s obvious that it’s two White girls, being attacked by a whole passle of blacks. Is this what this country has turned into — at least in its urban areas? A place where White people going out in public have to pack heat, and know how to use it, or face the consequences? What will the police say — “They should have known better than to get on that train”? And isn’t it interesting that the only people they interviewed for comments, were themselves black?

    • Church_of_Jed

      Laura Ingram in for Bill O’Reilly reporting on the Norfolk Whitey Beating:

      newspaper did not cover the story because of the racial component

      paper is admitting lapsing judgment for not reporting, but O’Reilly is “obscenely over reacting” (newspaper does typical deflect- call those who react “obscene,” which means raciss)

      interviewing feral blacks on the scene- blacks travel in packs to protect each other- the Whiteys should have stayed out of the neighborhood- if we went in their neighborhood, we’d be feeling same way ya’ll are now (really? blacks are safer in White neighborhoods than black, that’s why they are always roaming around all up ‘en heeah)

      Dave Parker radio show host:

      crime rates in Norfolk, crime higher in that area

      race issue- facts are that no racial slurs, but feelings are expressed here in Norfolk, vehement, and quite loud, feeling is there is racial overtone (is AmRen finally getting through to the suffering White masses?)


      what if two black kids, and 30 Whites who did same and news didn’t report or couldn’t get from police, outrage


      doesn’t have to be racial slur for it to have racial component


      two reporters gave record, 30 attacked them

      I’ve been asked to stop saying there were 30 people, police say only 5

      a 600% difference in number of people


      this is an attack that should have been reported, facts not known yet, but we’ll get to bottom of it

  • Detroit_WASP

    Well once AGAIN, it’s a good thing the girls didn’t have a legally owed and carried firearm for self defense.  Otherwise the victims would be facing murder charges like George Zimmerman!!!!  A pack of wilding kids couldn’t hurt anyone….right?

    Seriously, when animals attack….have your gun ready to defend yourself.  Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.  

    • Spartan24708

      If the victims are minors they would not be allowed to have a cc permit. It is far more important for parents to teach their kids to avoid large groups of blacks. I also take exception to calling these types of incidents “fights”. This is a massive attack of 20-30 on two victims who really didn’t have any kind of a chance.

  • Athling

    Not one comment by anyone in the video of the race of the attackers and their white victims. Race is never an issue when Africans attack whites. When the races are reversed however, then race becomes of paramount concern and is the primary focus.

    Thankfully, the MSM is at last being called out on their horrendous double standard by a growing number of websites.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Even the reporter is calling it a “fight.”  It was not a fight, it was an attack with robbery and racial beating as its aim.  Why would two fight against 12+ others except to defend themselves?

  • razorrare

    Did i hear that right? The part where the black news reporter at approximately 2:20 states that in later news they will be discussing the role social media(youtube-internet) may have in instigating these types of attacks….in other words,they will be claiming that by allowing videos of fight scenes,(often taken by black perps themselves–of blacks attacking Whites) this causes other blacks to do the same.

    I got news for them…black groups attacking Whites has been going on since the early sixties,without the use of video camera’s & the ability to load them onto a website.

    A more simple explanation is this…blacks are naturally violent & racist…these type of attacks occur whatever space on this planet they inhabit.Segregation and Jim Crow Laws kept most blacks in line.

  • razorrare

    Did i hear that right? The part where the black news reporter at approximately 2:20 states that in later news they will be discussing the role social media(youtube-internet) may have in instigating these types of attacks….in other words,they will be claiming that by allowing videos of fight scenes,(often taken by black perps themselves–of blacks attacking Whites) this causes other blacks to do the same.

    I got news for them…black groups attacking Whites has been going on since the early sixties,without the use of video camera’s & the ability to load them onto a website.

    A more simple explanation is this…blacks are naturally violent & racist…these type of attacks occur whatever space on this planet they inhabit.Segregation and Jim Crow Laws kept most blacks in line.

  • razorrare

    Did i hear that right? The part where the black news reporter at approximately 2:20 states that in later news they will be discussing the role social media(youtube-internet) may have in instigating these types of attacks….in other words,they will be claiming that by allowing videos of fight scenes,(often taken by black perps themselves–of blacks attacking Whites) this causes other blacks to do the same.

    I got news for them…black groups attacking Whites has been going on since the early sixties,without the use of video camera’s & the ability to load them onto a website.

    A more simple explanation is this…blacks are naturally violent & racist…these type of attacks occur whatever space on this planet they inhabit.Segregation and Jim Crow Laws kept most blacks in line.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      I attended Ganesha High School in Pomona, CA in 1971.  (Thanks SO much, Dad, for moving us into that hellhole).  One day, carloads of feral blacks from neighboring Pomona High School pulled up and disgorged their passengers who proceeded to rampage through the halls pounding any white they saw.  Two years later, as I was in the Air Force stationed on Guam, I narrowly escaped a gang rape by my fellow “airmen.”  I could go on and on, but you are correct:  This has been happening since time out of mind.

  •  Leave WSHH alone.  If blacks are that dumb as to willingly upload incriminating evidence against themselves for the world to see, let ’em.

    There’s a tiny part of me which thinks that WSHH was deliberately designed to do just that, that some “good guy” with a lot of money but little notoriety is funding it.

  • Church_of_Jed

    You’ve got to see this Epic Video: Treyvon Diversity Son of Obama gets life for killing a Whitey (why not death?), and his Diversity aunt unloads on da system dat didn’t hep him enough.  Then the Nordic Beauty points out that we can only do so much for those who don’t take advantage of the opportunities we give them to reform. Glorious.


    “Under the circumstances, racism really is the best option.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Racism is the one sin that saves White lives; is that why it’s forbidden?,” 2003

    •  Or this:

      Another Trayvon could’ve-been-Obama’s-son aspiring rapper gets soft life for shooting two St. Louis cops.  As he was being led out of the court house in cuffs on his way to Jefferson City to keep it real for at least 85% of the next 30 years, he yells at the two cops he shot, and uses that favorite word that Trayvons love to use:


      If I were one of these two cops, I would have said:

      “F*** us?  We’re not the ones going to prison!”

      That’s why there aren’t any snarky cops, just snarky bloggers.

  • One more example of the pack mentality of feral blacks. This has been true for as long as I can remember. If you are white and you board a subway train full of blacks, you might as well be entering a cage full of hyenas. Without a firearm, your chances of survival are about the same.

  • Francis Galton

    This is a little off-topic, but has anyone noticed that whenever the media shows obvious examples of blacks behaving badly (even if they don’t identity them as black), they almost always have a black reporter assigned to the story?  It’s as if they are trying to say: “look, not all blacks are hostile, violent, lazy thugs!  See, look at this intrepid, hard-working, articulate reporter!”  I now call this phenomenon the “Compensatory Black Reporter” (CBR).  I’m not sure if someone else has pointed this out already, but I have seen this again and again in local news broadcasts nationwide. 

    • Church_of_Jed

      Kevin MacDonald comments on this phenomenon- it’s called censoring implicit racism stories so explicit racism doesn’t break out.  The trick doesn’t work with us- we just double down on our investment in “ignorance”.  You are soooo ignorant for noticing the CBRs. 

    • ed91

       yes, I noticed.

    • Mentious

       I have seen this for quite some while and it’s so obvious and
      repetitive, so obviously their intentional policy — that it’s galling.
      There is psychological manipulation in it to be sure! Yes, part of it is
      showing us “the nice Black who is one of us.” But there is something
      more insidious there  that I see:

      Preventing Whites from getting this
      news from other Whites prevents viewing Whites from developing any sense of “us” or sense of solidarity. Can’t have any ‘private White
      meetings’ even to the extent of hearing another White tell you the
      racial news that concerns Whites.

      The social managers our media people have become probably view it as keeping down racial tensions. Certainly blacks, as these things are being reported, feel as if they have ‘egg on their face,’ so this brings them into it as something different than “the enemy.” These are probably how the media people think. But they way Whites are being socially and psychologically managed now by this multi-culti agenda, all through the media — is hard to bear.

      •  Preventing Whites from getting this news from other Whites prevents
        viewing Whites from developing any sense of “us” or sense of solidarity.
        Can’t have any ‘private White meetings’ even to the extent of hearing
        another White tell you the racial news that concerns Whites.

        Preventing white voters from thinking as whites and developing identity bloc politics is also a goal.  This is why I think every four years the stammering political chatterbox class dreams up these niche constituencies and con the politicians into thinking that their votes and only their votes will turn the outcome of the election.  And since the politicians buy it, it become true a la the self-fulfilling prophecy.

        Soccer moms, NASCAR dads, young single white women — We’ve heard ’em all.  Now this year the supposed swing demographic are people that work in CSIT/STEM that make more than 75k and live in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, because North Carolina is supposedly going to decide the election (nonsense — I think Romney wins it easily), and these given voters are supposedly the swing voters in that state.

        It all serves to keep whites divided.

      • ncpride

        That is my theory as well. They hide and cover up the growing number of black on White attacks, call us ‘racists’ at every turn, teach White guilt 24/7 all for one reason: They are TERRIFIED of any kind of racial awareness or racial unity most of all. That’s why they shove this diversity is such a wonderful thing nonsense down our throats all the time, and actually get people to believe it….after all, it’s taught to our White children from cradle to grave…. to keep us divided.  It’s falling apart though, as more and more Whites are beginning to see through all the lies and fairy tales at much younger ages, and then you have racially aware parents like myself who have taught their kids the realities of the world. It will get worse before it gets better… that’s just the nature of blacks, but I remain optimistic that Whites will start fighting back.

      • “Keeping down racial tensions” to a liberal means “Keeping White people anesthetized to what’s happening to their country until it’s too late to do anything about it.” They didn’t try to “keep down racial tensions” when it came to the Trayvon Martin case, did they?

  • One cannot help but notice the obvious pack mentality blacks exhibit when they commit assault against a lone or small group of Whites. Blacks are not like us and anyone who says they are is lying.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Let me introduce you to Charlotte McGill. She didn’t survive her enrichment by vibrant Treyvonic Diversity Curse. 


    The list grows; who’s next?

    Charlotte McGill, Channon Christian, Eve Carson, Anne Pressley, Carissa Horton, Nancy Strait, Kristen Warneke, Pam Gentry, Emily Haddock, Lauren Burke, Julie Love, Eugenia Calle, Brittny Watts, Beverly Melton, Sandra Rogers, Heather Mueller, Laura Dickinson, Ashley King

    Will you be ready?

    • Thank you for the link. It is sobering to see all of those names together and to realize there are tens of thousands more white victims of black violence every single year (robberies, home invasions, car-jacking,  muggings, rapes, assaults and murders). The ongoing cover-up by the mainstream media is sickening and disturbing. 

    • tickyul

      I live in Spokane, it is a really beautiful city. There is a fricken park and river that runs right through downtown. The downtown area has retained much of it old-town feel.

      But the Urban American population………..well, Big Brother reports it to be about 3%………….more like twice that. The same vile types live here….baggy pants…..irritating music blasting from their cars, violent, noisy.

      Maybe I am going to HAVE to move yet again to get away from you know who!

  • That’s a very good point. There were a couple of instances in the Army when I let myself be intimidated by blacks. I wish I could live those incidents over; I might get beat up, but I’d leave them with some injuries, too.

  • No guns “allowed”? The government doesn’t have to know everything we’re doing, or everything we possess — unless we’re dumb enough to tell them.

  • ed91

    gee – the attackers looked a little different from the two girls that were attacked………..

    what could it be?     eric holder?  were crimes committed or not?

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    they hate us we are devils and racists but then style their hair to look exactly like us……………………….. 81  IQ

    • chuck_2011

      how can society integrate these people so they can positively contribute, have a work ethic and quit with the “gibs me dat”? there are not enough low level jobs to employ all of them so the worst is yet to come.

      • With all due respect, Chuck, I hate phrases like, “The worst is yet to come,” and “It’s going to get worse before it gets better.” Yes, it may be so, if we White Americans do nothing about this. Things get worse because too many don’t do the things that could — possibly — start to turn it around.

        • chuck_2011


          How can we, white people, possibly turn the tide when they breed like rabbits and they only ever hope to get on welfare as a form of employment? At any perceived slight or racial incident wanton rioting occurs where they burn and destroy anything in sight. Show me one other racial group that acts like this….asians, nope, hispanics, nope etc

  • ageofknowledge

    Blacks are just wandering the cities now looking for whites to beat up?

  • quest

    Sir they are not called muggers anymore. They are called wealth redistribution specialist.

  • vladdy1

    I read one of these stories every day or so now. The BO “justice” dept.should be on this, but thy’ve already announced they will not be doing anything with white cases. Horrible to live in an era when we have no federal government protection. 

    • The Obama justice department doesn’t care what happens to us; the police often just shrug off black-on-White attacks. That means we’ve got two choices: Just hunker down and take it; or do like George Zimmerman and the Marines in Jacksonville, NC did: Stand our ground. Do we want to survive as a race? Then it’s pretty obvious which choice we’ve got to take. 

  • Detroit_WASP

    The Supreme Court over-turned local laws that ban guns.  I black guy in Chicago took it all the way the top and won.  What is NY waiting for?

    •  What is NYC waiting for?

      They won’t become part of America until the Federal government sends in FBI agents to arrest the politicians after a contempt of court citation because they continue to ignore the Constitution.

  • KenelmDigby

    So black women are just as dangerous as black men, and are targetting White women for assault.
      Couple this with unconscious sexual motives of jealousy and revenge and you have the potential for for an extreme situation. The unfortunate tendency of a large percentage of White women to gang up with other ‘oppressed minorities’ (actually this is time honored female cunning, quiet manipulation and herd instinct in action), against white men, in order to gain spoils for themselves is a serious mistake.
     If they had the chance, black women would eat them alive.

    • Mentious

       Speaking of which:

      A response to the poor little red-headed girl getting a righteous high from White-guilt indulgence (“I am Not Trayvon Martin”) —


  • I’ve read a lot about the way Fox News is treating this with kid gloves.  Maybe they’re being sly like a fox — Showing the incidents, talking about them, treating them with their usual lamestream conservative histrionics, then bring in kook radical libs or blacks to give the “other” side.  The Machiavellian hope is that whites ignore the nonsense analysis and just see the crime.

  • The great Dr. Moose, Chief of the Montgomery Commune, People’s Republic of Maryland Politb…er, Police.  The man couldn’t string three sentences together competently, yet he held a Ph.D.  Which white communist wrote his dissertation for him?

  • The__Bobster

    Quadroons don’t count.

    • Sabina had white skin. For the feral criminal blacks, being the possessor of white skin is like having a target on your back.  

  • The attackers look black and mestizo.  It’s funny how they only interview black and mestizo women on the train.  I guess this is just a tactic used for liberals to reach a confirmation bias and say: “see, this isn’t racial because these black and Hispanic women are denouncing the violence.”  They did the same thing with the attack on the white man in Baltimore.  They media interviewed a few black people and no one else.  On Yahoo the usual nitwits were defending blacks because of the interviews .

  •  Let’s say you’re some fairly well to do person with right wing WN/RR proclivities.  You see all of our favorite websites, including this one, sound the clarion call about black crime, revelry and merriment.  But, “they’re no good, they’re a bunch of right wing extremists,” because Heidi, Mark, Morris, Abe and Wiseguy said so. 

    But if you let blacks expose themselves for what they are under the rubric of the hip hop lifestyle, then you can’t dismiss it as the “rantings of right wing hatemongering extremists.”

    My theory might be so far out in left field that it’s on the warning track.

    •  I know it’s tacky to reply to myself, but my most frequent commenter at my own blog, RJP, made an important point:

      Somebody is funding it. You don’t run a video hosting business out of a
      basement. You need racks of blade servers and probably 1gb pipe, and
      minimum, and a **** ton of bandwidth. And the bulk of your clientèle
      isn’t people with credit cards (unless they have your or mine) who would
      support advertising.

  • Major

    “The attackers look black and mestizo…”

    So…lets bait them….tie two or three stupid looking liberal white kids from Yale to a street lamp…constantly chirping..”Pssssttt…Hey bro…got any dope”? Make sure they have a sign around their necks saying “I love Cinco de Mayo and I voted for Obama” as an added lure.

    Make sure they’re wearing nice jewelry, new sneaks, a BMW and money dangling out of their Izods. Should take about 2 minutes for the beasts to sniff them out.

    Also take notice that the chick doing the “interviewing” looks like her interviewees?
    And the color on that train? Yea….’diversity…that’s the ticket…underground San Juan.

    • Southern__Hoosier

       Good idea, wrong bait. All the press would talk about is the robbery and the stealing the of the BMW.  Or call it a drug deal gone wrong. What you need is an elderly white AARP member with nothing worth stealing to walk through the hood. Even then the press still wouldn’t label it a hate crime.

  •  Which is why there are not and should not be any snarky cops.  I would make the world’s worst cop.

  • D. H. Andrews

    These programs like “lock up” on MSNBC are a total waste of time if you really want to know what’s going on behind those bars.
    In the first place, they usually do their shows in states with low Black or mestizo populations like Idaho or Oregon. Then, their coverage is centered on the White inmates – and they focus on the worst among the White offenders. When they do feature a Black or mestizo, he’s usually a model inmate and in no way typical  of a minority inmate.

    •  More wastes of time:  Those “Scared Straight” shows.  Whole premise is stupid and illogical, that contrite incumbent jail inmates scare budding criminals into going straight, with the stories of how I screwed up my life so don’t screw yours up.

      “Contrite jail inmates” is the touch that gave it away.  Have you ever heard of contrite inmates?  No, everyone in jail or prison is innocent.  Insert all the excuses you’ve heard here.

    • Yeah. Like the shows on TruTV, such as “Las Vegas Jailhouse.” Why not New York City or Chicago? Ha! That’s easy — way, way too many blacks would be seen being brought in there. In Las Vegas, there is a reliable supply of screwed-up, or touristy, White people to fill up their time period without indulging in “racial stereotypes.” I’m sure that’s what the producer and/or writers would say.

  •  Whenever black crime comes up on Fox, the “argument” is whether it’s the fault of liberal politics and polices or conservative politics and policies.  It’s a classic overton window maneuver….but….at least they’re showing the black crime and mahogany mobs.  A fundamental rule of public relations:  Concede the words if you must, but always control the images.  And in this case, the images are of the black crime — People will remember the images and eventually forget the banal spoken rhetoric.

  • NYC liberal arrogant iditots
    beating white girls.

    NYC is TOO busy lathering about the NY Knicks being called niggas

  • ed91

     that would be this summer, not next summer………

    too many people, of all colors, esp. black

  • anarchyst

    Ask yourself, who promotes and distributes this “hip-hop” garbage? . . .
    You will find that the so-called “entertainment media” conglomerates are primarily owned and controlled by one “group”. . . (I will leave it to the readers to figure it out, as some of my posts have been deleted by those who did not like reading the “truth”)
    They are beholden to no one but themselves while pushing this garbage on our young people. 
    These people push racial “diversity” and “multiculturalism” and are responsible for the violence and eventual genocide of the white race.

  • Church_of_Jed


    Alice Randall is the annoying Diversity who goes to Atlanta and shouts at all the Whiteys about how raciss Gone With the Wind is.



    Black Women and Fat
    By ALICE RANDALLPublished: May 5, 2012

    FOUR out of five black women are seriously overweight. One out of four middle-aged black women has diabetes. With $174 billion a year spent on diabetes-related illness in America and obesity quickly overtaking smoking as a cause of cancer deaths, it is past time to try something new.

    What we need is a body-culture revolution in black America. Why? Because too many experts who are involved in the discussion of obesity don’t understand something crucial about black women and fat: many black women are fat because we want to be.

    • Kurt Plummer

      …many black women are fat because we want to be.

      I don’t believe that for a moment.  Because there is a lot of pain (constant fatigue, ruined knees, lack of mental alertness) inherent to feeding that monster metabolic excess, even -before- the chronic, long term, health issues like diabetes.

      When they were young, they wanted to be Halle Berry.

      When they didn’t have the biometric morphology and metabolism for it, they ate themselves happy in other ways.  Now they are cowed out and tired of being hassled for it.

      They know that they cannot compete with whites or asians for beauty and want to be left alone to enjoy what they can.

      I personally believe that one of the many things Exogenic Genomics could do (splicing in replacement DNA strands and exciting metabolic efficiencies with high strength hormonal treatments in an artificial womb) is provide humanity it’s first look at it’s idealized self as children who fall in love with who they ARE rather than dreaming of (and ultimately being disappointed in) something beyond their natures, BEFORE they become habituated to the notion of second best alternate behavior/pleasures.

      I believe that this functional achievement could greatly help in everything from depression to alcoholism and drug abuse.  It would certainly help save lives and lower TFRs towards mergent equality so that we are not faced with a world in which 90% of the population growth comes from the 80% who are sub-90 IQ, living in 3rd World Poverty conditions.

      Ironically, a natively svelte black woman with naturally straight hair and pert features might actually be attractive to black males which would also remove some of the predation of our own women.  Maybe.

      Obviously, it could do the same for us.

      But I suppose that treating the problem, early, is just too radical an idea when you can soak the system for ‘mo money’ to treat the symptoms.

  • Any White person who still lives in the “inner cities,” so-called, with all that’s happened in the past 40-odd years, should have his or her head examined. Who wants to feel ill at ease every time you step out the door? Who wants to feel the need to pack heat constantly in your own neighborhood?

  • Let’s think positively. Let’s tell ourselves we ARE going to do something about it. The attitude some Whites take reminds me of a friend of mine, whose view on this race thing tends to be, “Boys, they’ve got us whipped, so we might as well just lie down and let them walk all over us.” Well, nobody’s walking all over ME, as long as I’ve got the physical ability to fight back, one way or the other. There’s an old saying: “If you attack a guy who’s too old to fight back, he may just shoot you.”

  • If they’re going to have Tavis Smiley on, they should have Jared Taylor on to debate with him. Or maybe Mark Steyn, who could probably make Smiley look ridiculous.

  • While I don’t normally urge the deliberate violation of any law, I say that, if it’s obvious that the thugs are going to be armed, and the police won’t protect you, then self-preservation suggests that you need to be armed — legally if possible, illegally if necessary. As I said in an earlier post, the government doesn’t have to know everything we’re doing.

  • If it happens again this summer, hopefully some of the Whites and Asians will be prepared (they’ve had fair warning), and some of the black thugs will get what is coming to them.

  • I have NEVER seen Blacks questioning their ways or  sincerely trying to change their behavior. Not just ghetto morons, but even more ideologues like Franz Fanon, writers like James Baldwin or Toni Morrison. They always whine about White privilege, racism, slavery, segregation, White “devils” blah blah.

    They NEVER condemned Black racism. So, I’m forced to say these people don’t have moral stature or developed human conscience. Similar thing with Muslims- only ex-Muslims denounce Islam, but believers just cannot concede that Islam is a dumbifying force-as it is- and could be transformed by some kind of reformation and critical examination of sacred texts & legal practices.

    It’s not the same with all humans: you have Israeli Jews who vociferously oppose oppression of Palestinian Arabs; the English are very critical about their record in Ireland; Germans about WW2; Solzhenitsyn & many other Russians denounced rape and cleansing of Germans from eastern 25% of pre-WW2 Germany.

    But- with Blacks you won’t find  a single person who would try to assess, realistically, historical processes that had lead to colonialism & slavery. Just whiners, parasites & aggressive bloodsuckers.

  • Anan7

    If the races were reversed, we would expect Obama saying “If I had a 3rd daughter, she would look like (insert name here)”.

    Blacks are starting this nonsense. Whites are not the aggressors, as the media would have you believe.

    *Peaceful* ethnic separation is the ideal solution!

    • Church_of_Jed

      Look at MSM keeping the words Diversity and tolerance glued together. Woe is us without Diversity.  An Oriental won the golf tournament today. We are supposed to celebrate that a Whitey didn’t win.


      The Arab world has steadily been losing its diversity, “and without diversity there is no tolerance,” says Hassan Fattah, the editor of The National, Abu Dhabi’s best newspaper. And without diversity, new ideas are harder to spark.       

  • Church_of_Jed

    Obama outed for failure to mention death of White Jew “trailblazer” rap star.


  • Just wait for when their entitlements stop depositing automatically to their EBT cards!  Murder and mayhem will ensue!  (More than normal, of course.)   When the producers finally awaken from their state-induced comas and refuse to produce, who will provide the “revenue” to slake the thirst of the parasites?  DOPE & RAGE 2012… It’s going to be a long, hot summer!

  • Does the hornet spray really work? I thought I got a Snopes that said it was bogus.

    I like the thought of it, just want to be sure it works.

    I know my Glock works 😉

  • Now bear spray sounds interesting!!

  • ageofknowledge

    Obviously the twelve need to be immediately apprehended and caged, for the safety of the public lest they continue on their violent rampage.

    A perfect solution would be to deport them to Liberia where they can be much more at home with this violent racist behavior than here in the U.S. where they obviously don’t function well. It’s a win-win. Unfortunately, our country isn’t that forward thinking.

  • Like flash mobs, this is strictly a BLACK THANG. You’d never hear about 12 Hispanics girls attacking 2 White girls. Same goes for Chinese, Indians, Koreans, and so on. Beware the REAL enemy.

  • ageofknowledge

    Honestly, you think they would have learned they are not in the gang wars of the 80’s where they spent a lot of time and effort showing each other that the radiator grill does leaketh when it gets holes in it.

  • Hirene

    Public transporation is heavily subsidized by tax dollars.

  •  Very possible. The main point we should all keep in mind is that blacks are by far the most violent threat to all people. This will never change.