Deport the GOP Establishment

Ann Coulter, May 1, 2012

On no issue is the elite/American divide so great as on immigration. For decades, a majority of Americans have wanted to decrease immigration. Not just illegal immigration—all immigration.

Nearly three times as many Americans support reducing immigration as want it to stay the same, according to Gallup polls. A grand total of 5 percent of the population want to increase legal immigration—10 times less than want to decrease it. I myself would like to deport the people responsible for our current immigration policies.

Our official policy is to turn away scientists in order to make room for illiterate Pakistani peasants who will drop out of high school to man coffee carts until deciding to plot a terrorist attack against the United States. That’s this week’s immigration poster boy, Najibullah Zazi.

Zazi’s own step-uncle said of him: “He was a dumb kid, believe me.” Our immigration officials said, WELCOME, ZAZI! . . .  Oops, sorry Swedish scientists and nuclear engineers—no room for you.

In February, Zazi pleaded guilty in a plot to bomb the New York City subway.

One of his co-conspirators, Zarein Ahmedzay, was welcomed from Afghanistan to America because he was willing to do a job no American would: drive a cab. Where are you going to find an American with a driver’s license?

This week, a third accomplice, Adis Medunjanin, was convicted in the subway conspiracy. Medunjanin came from Bosnia and became an American citizen—a priceless gift to The New York Times, which was then able to begin its article on his convictions: “An American citizen was convicted of a host of terrorism charges on Tuesday  . . . ”

For this we can thank the late, lamented Teddy Kennedy, who altered our immigration laws in 1965 to ensure massive immigration from the Third World while severely limiting the number of Europeans who could come here.

And that’s legal immigration. When it comes to illegal immigration, Americans are in a sputtering rage about politicians’ obtuse refusal to address the problem.

Democrats look at immigration as a way to increase their voter rolls, and Republicans look at immigration as a way to get cheap labor for big business. Any Americans who disagree with our all-Third World immigration flow are called “racists.”


I would add that the absolute worst thing we could do is grant citizenship to illegal immigrant children brought here by their parents—as the various DREAM acts do. What stronger magnet could we devise than offering citizenship to a person’s children? (The parents will then become citizens, anyway, under our phony “family reunification” policy.)


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  • In true Ann Coulter fashion, an otherwise decent column goes off the tracks here:

    In a novel thought, Romney proposes that we grant citizenship to people
    who would make America a better place, repeatedly saying that he would
    like to “staple a green card” to the diplomas of foreigners who receive
    Ph.D.s in math or the hard sciences. He may be the first national
    politician in two generations who thinks we should use legal immigration
    to get our average up.

    Repeat after me:  “Staple a greed card” is code for totally dispossessing native born white Americans from STEM, CSIT, accounting and a bunch of other fields, and driving salaries and compensation packages way down.

    • Eagle_Eyed

       The problem with her analogy about North Carolina basketball, i.e. getting good immigrants, is that it is too materialistic.  Like Romney, the argument seems to boil down to economics–as if the sole purpose of having a nation is to have good GDP numbers.

      However, one point about getting “good immigrants” is that because economics isn’t a zero-sum game, many of the immigrants who arguably displace Americans also provide jobs as well–look at how many high-tech start-ups are run by immigrants.  I’m not advocating for more immigration, but just pointing out that some immigrants are more equal than others.

    • Carney3

      I agree that undermining the wages of American white engineers etc is a legitimate problem and issue, but then again brain-draining the rest of the world and bringing in heavily white and Asian engineers to become US citizens is a better policy than the status quo of flooding us with low-IQ mestizos, Muslims, and blacks.

  • Global Minority

    Ann Coulter is all about the money. Granted she has some good points once and a while. She is certaintly NOT about protecting the White race from genocide either.

  • Dave4088

    Little orphan Annie forgot to mention that Jewish Emmanuel Cellar was the proud co-sponser of the 1965 immigration that may well destroy white America.  Somehow the conservatives always give him a free pass.

    Republicans are now busily crafting their own version of the USA Dream Act in the belief it will siphon off votes from Obama and encourage revanchist mestizos to become ditto heads.  Won’t happen.  The only thing it will do is alienate white voters who will decide to stay home on election day. 

  • Global Minority

    Well it looks like buisness as usual. We have no one to vote for then. So what to do about it?

  • jackellis

    Great commentary Ann.

    And everybody here – please PLEASE do the simple, very easy step of opposing mass 3rd World Muslim terrorist immigration. It’s an easy thing to do, virtually all Whites from Left to Right, secular to religious Christian even White Jewish Americans oppose throat cutting, gay stoning, ugly, backward, hateful NW Muslim immigrants. 

    Only contrarian, societal drop out, misfit, loner anti Semitic, conspiracy theory kooks have some idea that Whites can make productive alliances with NW Muslims.

    Please don’t tolerate CT kooks in your life.

    14 words

    • IstvanIN

      even White Jewish Americans oppose throat cutting, gay stoning, ugly, backward, hateful NW Muslim immigrants.

      And you live in which fantasy world?  75% consistently support anything anti-American, anti-white and anti-Christian.

  • The__Bobster

    Coulter has been engaged several times, but none of those engagements actually resulted in a wedding. Although she’s a right wing mouthpiece, her partners have ranged from the liberal to the conservative. She dated Spin magazine’s founder Bob Guccione, Jr. before she was a relatively famous pundit.

    Coulter then moved on to conservative writer and commentator Dinesh D’Souza, but after that romance flamed out, Coulter went in a completely different direction, dating Andrew Stein, a well known liberal Democrat and homer president of the New York City Council. Stein and Coulter were a strange pairing indeed, and they knew it. Stein was quoted as saying, “She’s attacked a lot of my friends, but what can I say, opposites attract.”

    •  Dinesh D’Souzaphone was the arrogant subcontinental that got Sam Francis fired from the WaPo.  Therefore, I conclude that Miss Priss has been engaged to three liberals.

      On a related note, I will never grok James Carville and Mary Matalin.

      • The__Bobster

        I do. It’s all about the money.

  • JohnEngelman

    Immigration is an issue that divides the elites of both parties from the rank and file. 

  • Thresher_Dan

    Wow, Republican candidates and “intellectuals” engaging in yet another sell out and rank betrayal of the White Americans who (used to) support them, our demographics and our interests. I’d be upset, if only it surprised me anymore.

    This issue has come up a lot here, and Ann Coulter gets some of it but still misses the elephant in the room. So it’s worth clarifying
    just why we rank-and-file White Americans have become so distrustful and
    reluctant to support Mitt Romney or the Republican Party in general, as both
    they and the Demoncrats have joined forces to act vehemently against our
    interests, with the GOP’s actions carrying the additional stench of treachery
    and betrayal against the White families who’ve supported them. If the GOP wants
    to have even a slight chance of winning some of us back and repairing the bridges
    that it’s burned, then its smug, neocon, globalist big business-pandering
    elites will have to listen very carefully to our anger and grievances and
    address them immediately, with concrete policies and action. Because what we
    see in the Republicans right now is a disgusting perversion of their previous
    conservatism that’s produced a corrupt elite interested in little more than cheap
    labor, wage depression, cronyism, profiteering and pillaging at the expense of
    rank-and-file White Americans who have the most for them to pillage- demographic
    warfare that’s caused tremendous harm to our people, gleefully waged by the GOP
    as much as the Demoncrats.

    To boil it down to essentials: There are two political
    philosophies which the lamestream media slavishly classes as ‘conservative’ but
    in fact, they are radically different in inspiration and in the outcomes they
    produce for White Americans, for our well-being and even for our demographic viability,
    and we can no longer overlook this. One is real conservatism which defends the
    interests of the people who have founded a nation, and created the communities
    that have made it strong. This is what Europe’s various home-defender parties
    have adopted, and it’s why they’ve achieved such breakthroughs and success of
    late- the Swedish Democrats, Jobbit, Wilders party in the Netherlands, Vlaams
    Belang, the Front Nationale, Austria’s Freedom Party, the Italian League and
    other examples. These parties make peaceful, but open and unabashed defenses of
    their White Nationalism and determination to protect the long term integrity of
    their peoples. They support conditions that encourage entrepreneurs and valuable
    businesses, but they also clearly care about their own people, defending their
    countries’ social insurance programs and trade unions, and they staunchly
    oppose the multinational big businesses that are constantly searching for an
    angle to flood them with massive 3rd world immigration for cheap
    labor. (Similar to the two opposing “conservatisms”, such purely economic “leftist”
    beliefs like supporting the unions and social insurance, are radically
    different and opposed to “cultural leftism” i.e. Antonio Gramsci’s doctrines
    and the Cultural Marxist “Left” that the UK’s Labour Party, and the Tories have


    The second “conservatism” is the radical opposite of the
    first and very dangerous to the demographics and interests of White Americans,
    and this unfortunately is the “conservatism” of the USA’s Republicans and,
    after their hijacking by big business after 2010, even the Tea Party. This is
    the globalist, neocon, corporatist “conservatism” of the Wall Street Journal
    and rich, well dug in economic elites, where the thinking is short term and the
    highest virtue is cheap labor, reduced salaries, broken unions, looted public
    assets and maximum profit for a few established elites and cronies, at any cost
    to the population at large- much like the way Latin America works, run by
    corruption and crony-ism. The perversity of this “conservatism” is that it
    makes White Americans into the archenemy, even as its Republican proponents beg
    us for votes and support! Since White Americans are the most disciplined, entrepreneurial,
    creative, hard working and frugal, we build up large asset pools in our
    communities while rightfully commanding the highest salaries for our quality
    work. This is directly opposed to the corporatist “conservative” belief system,
    which aims to loot the public wealth of our communities and reduce the wages we
    rightfully command. So Whites are now the GOP archenemy, and massive
    immigration, the H1B and outsourcing are favorite policy tools of these “conservatives”
    because of their multiple-bonus as mentioned by Pat Buchanan, Samuel Huntington
    and in Bowling Alone/ They reduce wages and out sense of togetherness, while demoralizing
    us and our communities with high crime, reducing our fertility rate and
    replacing us with cheap 3rd-Worlders who’ll work for peanuts, also
    making it harder to form ethnically-solid unions or pooling our efforts to receive
    decent salaries for our work.


    It is demographic warfare against Whites by these WSJ corporatist
    “conservatives”, make no mistake about it. Little surprise then that one of their
    idols is Ayn Rand, who foamed in the mouth with hatred for Christians and for
    the notion of White communities at all. Or Margaret Thatcher- who continued the
    mass 3rd-World immigration from Britain’s Commonwealth despite the prior
    warnings of Enoch Powell, while so thoroughly gutting England’s manufacturing
    and blue-collar base that working-class and middle-class British Whites have
    never regained their livelihoods, nor the fertility rates that they lost with
    their livelihoods. Or Mitt Romney, who while directing leveraged buyouts at
    Bain, somehow mysteriously aimed his mass layoffs, outsourcing and
    pension-gutting by far most severely at many of the Whitest communities in the
    country in the South and Midwest. I’ve personally known many of the White
    victims of Bain’s pillaging in Missouri and other states, and most of them are
    deeply religious Christians who opt for large families with six or more kids.


    But after they were laid off by Romney and his Bain lackeys,
    their pensions raided and their companies’ remaining jobs outsourced abroad
    (while the 3rd World was invited in to pick up the scraps), these
    religious White families, the backbone of our country, were left without a way to
    support themselves. Many of the workers got sick, no doubt aggravated by all
    the stress and frustration after they’d worked so hard for their companies, but
    with premiums shooting up since they lost their health insurance, further
    bankrupting them. The greedy CEO’s of these health insuring companies and
    bankers with their $20 million salaries- another corporatist Republican
    favorite- have been yet another tool in the GOP elite’s demographic war against
    the White masses. (If you have any doubts on this, then look up Aetna’s Black
    CEO Ron Williams, who gleefully made a $70 million yearly salary on the backs
    of suffering White Americans ripped off by Aetna’s excuse-making and


    This doesn’t even begin to describe the betrayals and
    demographic warfare portrayed by the GOP’s corporatist conservatives. A short
    list of these grievances:

    — Eric Cantor, a top Republican and Tea Party leader in
    Congress, was fine with emergency and relief dollars for the victims of Hurricane
    Katrina in inner-city New Orleans. But when it was White families suffering
    severe hardship from natural disasters in 2011- White victims of the earthquake
    in Missouri, White towns struck by the earthquake in Virginia, White
    communities ravaged by Hurricane Irene- suddenly Rep. Cantor changes his tune
    to callous arrogance, gratuitously attaching impossible strings to the mere
    pittance of assistance at a time of desperate need for White families. Both
    parties then followed with their typical show of melodramatic whining, and
    White families eventually got screwed over by both the deficient public
    services and the greedy insurance companies. But of course, Cantor has no
    problem spending trillions to get White kids shot at in Middle Eastern wars
    with no US national interest.

    — Paul Ryan’s proposed budget screwing over not only White
    pensioners who’ve paid decades into Medicare and Social Security, but also
    young working and middle-class White Americans studying for degrees in
    engineering or science, which require 4-year degrees. Young Whites are
    deliberately and gleefully excluded from thousands of minority-only scholarships,
    which Ryan does nothing about, but then Ryan pushes to increase student loan
    rates and even get rid of Pell Grants, which are nearly the only assistance
    that White kids are eligible for. So young Whites are targeted yet again,
    forced into debt and unable to start families- classic demographic warfare
    against us by the GOP elites.

    — Massive public-sector job cuts against White firemen,
    cops, teachers and other bread-and-butter workers, with no-bidding contracts
    and raids on public assets, that in 2011 just happened to be concentrated in the
    Whitest regions of the USA. The Koch family and Scott Walker teamed up in
    Wisconsin to lay off thousands of overwhelmingly White workers and get rid of their
    health insurance, pushing them into poverty, while rigging contracts to grab billions
    worth in state assets that Whites had patiently built up over many years. Same
    with Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa and the Whitest areas of
    Michigan. Cutting wages and opposing “communists” (as if any White American
    seeking a decent wage is socialist or communist) is more important than White
    solidarity. This explains why not only sell-outs like John McCain and Jack
    Kemp, but even many Tea Party conservatives like Sarah Palin wind up supporting
    obvious hucksters like Allen West, Marco Rubio, Michael Steele, Bobby Jindal
    and Herman Cain.

    — Outrageous immigration bills that would swamp out White
    America even faster than we already are, since 1965 promoted most heavily by
    Republican Presidents and officials often with a Republican Congress. There was
    the amnesty in the 1980’s, which while I still greatly admire him far more than
    the GOP traitors and sell-outs of today, remains Reagan’s biggest mistake. The
    Republican-sponsored immigration bills in 2006 and 2007- with a Republican
    President and Republican Congress- would have multiplied our legal immigration
    levels from the 3rd World, already a flood, many times over. This is
    one reason we doubt even the strategic argument made by some lamestream
    conservatives, that White Americans could at least work better with a
    Republican President. The immigration bills in George W. Bush’s administration
    were dangerously close to passing- problem is that a Republican President, to
    appease the WSJ and big-business corporatist conservatives, will often push for
    a mass immigration bill and twist the arms of Congressional Republicans, appearing
    “centrist” and “tolerant” for supporting an even bigger 3rd-World
    inundation, while being guaranteed broad support from Demoncrats who want this
    for other reasons. In fact I’ve heard a strong argument that maybe the safest
    situation for us, is to have a Democratic President with sufficient opposition
    in the legislative branch and other levels of government, since the opponents
    would have no reason to “get behind” the President’s proposal and instead can cite
    ideological opposition to unite amnesty or mass immigration bills. (And we don’t
    buy the Supreme Court appointment issue either- that Citizen’s united decision
    by the Court to allow unlimited donations to elections, gave even more power to
    the corrupt, big-business interests who are pushing hard for even more mass
    immigration and cheap labor.)

    — Too many top Republicans and Tea Party members
    practically cheering when they hear of the suffering of the unemployed and
    uninsured. Most people in those categories are Whites, who ourselves were
    hard-hit by the economic collapse, and we were angered by this callous attitude
    toward us. The European White Nationalist parties would never express such glee
    at the suffering of their own people. I’m a small-business owner myself, and
    the worst anti-White hatred I’ve ever heard has been at Chamber of Commerce
    meetings where a handful of rich, privileged Whites, often heirs of big
    fortunes, express their contempt and hatred for Whites working feverishly to
    find work or get health insurance, and against White police officers, teachers,
    prison guards and other public servants.

    — The Republican-supported mass outsourcing of US jobs to
    Mexico, India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam and other such countries. This
    is one of the worst forms of demographic warfare against American Whites, since
    it hits the bread-and-butter blue-collar workers, the skilled craftsmen in
    manufacturing and the engineers and software programmers who’ve put in many
    years and often thousands in debt for their training. The result again is a
    sharp reduction in our fertility rates as our livelihoods are lost and we can’t
    raise our families. Except for Britain, countries in Europe don’t do this to
    their own people- especially places like Germany or neighboring countries,
    which refuse to outsource their jobs and instead hold on to their
    manufacturing, making them both strong and rich with jobs for their White


    We’re tired of hearing lamestream conservatives and
    Republicans telling us they’re “not as bad” as the Demoncrats or that what’s hit
    us American Whites is unavoidable collateral damage, that they’re really on our
    side. This is bull and it’s obvious now that the Republicans care only about
    enriching their top few elites at the primary expense of bread-and-butter,
    Christian religions White Americans and our families. The GOP’s demographic warfare
    against us has been active and targeted, concentrated in White states and
    communities- since there’s more to pillage there than in, say, Watts or Harlem-
    obsessed with knocking down our wages and weakening our communities and heavily
    pushing even more mass immigration and outsourcing.


    So to repeat: If the Republican Party wants to have even a
    chance of winning back the loyalty of White Americans after this disgusting
    betrayal of us and our people, then they need to pay very close attention to
    the grievances above and correct them. Every one of them, with action and
    concrete policies. Don’t for a minute imagine that we’ll be suckered and
    deluded into voting for Republican candidates again when such outrageous demographic
    warfare is being actively waged against us, or pretend that we’d regard a 3rd-party
    vote would be a wasted vote in any way. Other options like the American 3rd
    Position, the Constitution Party and a growing group of others are giving us
    true conservatives alternatives, like the ones in Europe, and we will support
    them instead. If they reach a certain threshold percent of votes, they’ll get
    fed funding and in effect become legitimate, and they will probably replace the
    Republicans by giving us a real conservative party. The United States has had
    many changes in its dominant parties before, and we may be approaching that
    point again. If the GOP doesn’t want this, then it had better walk back
    and address its multiple betrayals of us and the corporate conservatism that
    has turned White Americans and our families into enemies. Otherwise, the GOP
    itself will soon be replaced by a rising conservative alternative.

    •  You’ve got a lot there.  I thought some of my posts were unbearably long.

      I agree mostly, but the part about college loans and grants needs some clarification and response.

      The more grant money there is available, and the lower student loan rates are, the more colleges and universities can charge in tuition, because they can.  Therefore, any attempt to increase grants and decrease loan rates are de facto payoffs to Big Education.  The point in going in the other direction is to force colleges to reduce tuition, so that students come out of college with reduced debt principles.

      What the end game really should be is to return to what we once had – Many states had free tuition for public colleges for state residents, but college was only for a small percentage of qualified students.  That would mean everyone else would flood into the job market without a college education, but most of those jobs really don’t require a college education anyway — The only reason they “seem” to is because high school has been so dumbed down for the sake of blacks and Hispanics that most HS diplomas are meaningless pieces of paper.  High school would have to become a lot more difficult for those on the college track and vocationally oriented for those that aren’t.

    • Leon Haller

      Brilliant comment, I’m “down” with you on 95% of it. But wake up to one reality, pal: the USA as a 50-state entity for whites is gone forever. The ultimate goal must be a secessionist White Republic – our Promised Land. But penultimately? I need work, I need to make back some stock losses, I want to be able to own firearms to protect myself from urban savages, I’m very worried about both the national debt, and the Fed’s QE-xxxx balance sheet … and on all these basic bread and butter issues, Romney is unimaginably superior to Obama. I cannot afford Obama again, and neither can our decaying country. Whitey is losing; can’t we lose at a slower pace (while organizing so that either the White Republic or White Zion become realities)?

      Seriously, folks, don’t be romantic fools. Vote Paul if you haven’t had your primary; vote Romney in the general. 

      • bluffcreek1967

        You’ve made some valid points, and they are worth considering. However, I fear that if Romney wins the election, many Whites will become complacent and the very thought of a ‘White Republic’ will vanish from their minds! I do hope that Romney wins, but I also recognize that another four years of Obama might possibly be the impetus to move large numbers of Whites to start thinking in racial-survival terms.

    • The__Bobster

      The Koch family and Scott Walker teamed up in Wisconsin to lay off thousands of overwhelmingly White workers and get rid of their health insurance, pushing them into poverty, while rigging contracts to grab billionsworth in state assets that Whites had patiently built up over many years.

      This sounds like DNC propaganda to me. Maybe that’s why it’s so long-winded.

      The health insurance for Wisconsin gubmint workers was provided by one only source: a corrupt and expensive  union-affiliated company. By changing insurance providers, Walker was able to AVOID layoffs while KEEPING the insurance coverage for the state workers.

      The Koch brothers crap is laughable. They are somewhere around 87th place on the list of political contributors, way behind dozens of unions.

      •  The left had to dream up some “right wing sugar daddy” out of pure projection.  (Soros)

        The Koch political money mainly fuels libertarian concerns, not to the glee of all libertarians.  They also sponsor a lot of PBS shows.

    • JohnEngelman

      You seem to think there is something unusual about Republican support for employers, investors, and the wealthy in general. This is the way the Republican Party has always been. 

  • sbuffalonative

    One of the provisions of Reagans’ “ONE TIME ONLY AMNESTY” was employee verification.

    I’ve changed jobs a number of times since the late 1980’s and every time, I have been asked to provide verification that I’m a legal citizen.

    If this ONE provision was enforced from the get-go, there would be no illegal aliens working in the US.

    • ageofknowledge

      Reagan’s amnesty was the biggest legal failure since prohibition. He should have known better. I think the alzheimers had kicked in and, of course, Bush Sr was ALL for it.

      • IstvanIN

        Bush Senior has “brown” grand children.  The boy (George Prescott) actively agitates against whites and is very rascist.

      • It was the biggest brown stain on his Presidency.

        For the LASTING DAMAGE it caused, it is probably the worst thing a Republicrat has ever done. 

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble


    You are part of the GOP-E.  You complain about the Republican establishment yet you were the very first one to champion their guy, Romney — and you want us to believe Romney is anti-establishment??  In what way is your guy NOT part of the GOP-E?

    Your pick, Romney was for the Bush II/Pelosi/McCain amnesty in 2007 and is not to be trusted on this issue.  Romney most likely will flip before the election to pander to Hispanics/ “natural republicans.”

    Romney makes a big issue of being tough on illegal immigrants.  He has pushed so hard for a wall on the Mexican border that Bill O’Reilly offered to call it the “Mitt Romney Memorial Wall.”

    Ann, you have jumped the conservative shark by endorsing Mitwit.  Anything you say to us now is laughable.


  • pfic

    Ann Coulter is a disgusting whore who used to date an East Indian. Don’t be tricked into listening to her or her “stamp a green card” non-sense. We need to get rid of the invaders who are here, not bring more in.

  • IstvanIN

    Ann “looks like a drag queen” Coulter, Rush Bimbaugh, Sean Insanity, that Levine guy, yeah, all conservatives.  Make me barf.

  • anmpr1

    Coulter is a mainstream Republican shill.  It’s that simple.  She is just doing cover for Mitt since people are starting to become hip to his real intentions.  Mitt’s recent slumming with Marco “I never met a foreign war I didn’t like” Rubio, a Cuban pro-immigration hack, made a lot of people nervous. 

    One can tell a lot about people by who they hang with and spend the night.  Dinesh D’Souza, Andrew Stein, Bill Mahar, and now Jimmy Walker.  Ann’s pretty transparent.

    •  The source is Alex Jones, so one should definitely double check before believing it.  But if he’s right, Marco Rubio is going to Treasonstock at the end of this month.  If he does, that is one shark he will never be able to unjump.  The only reason I wouldn’t say the same about Rmoney (sic) if he picks him after doing that is that the other guy on the ballot is black.  Otherwise, I’d be voting third party.

  • The__Bobster

    You are mistaken. The black market economy is huge and involves mostly minorities. They could live on that alone.

  • DelmarJackson

    Immigration is actually the most simple of all our national problems to discuss and solve as the issue is easy to define. here is the immigration issue-Who comes. How many come. And what will be our immigration laws and how will we enforce them. Either you want unlimited unending immigration, or you want some limits.

     Anne Coulter and Pat Buchanan have been the only adults in the room when immigration is being discussed. They are willing to debate it, they want limits. The pro immigration side refuses to discuss immogration and prefers the status quo where we have the uSA population incease driven entirely by immigration until we have displaced the traditional American people. The pro imigration forces will not debate, they only want to smear their oponents as racist and sidetrack the issue with discussions on how they should control the linguistic landscape and try and guilt trip white Americans for not wanting unlimited immigration.

      Want to shut up any pro immigration rant? Ask them what immigration laws would they enact and how would they enforce them, ask them how many come, who comes, and how would they enforce it.
     This will make them choose to be on your side of limiting immigration or exposing themselves for the racist Anti American weasels that they truly are.

  • DelmarJackson

    Some wags  say Bill Clinton was our first black president. Thanks to his pro immigration decisions, Bush was our first Mexican president.
     Right now the GOP is sitting on mandatory E Verify legislation.
     We have been betrayed by both sides on immigration for DECADES!
     As a Pat Buchanan Democrat, I can truly see how the GOP earned the nickname of the STUPID PARTY. Who do the GOP think will vote for them once we become like Mexifornia ?

    • IstvanIN

      Mexico only has one real poltical party, the Institutional Revolutonary Party.  The Republicans here will become like the Whigs and we will end up a truly single party state.

      • Carney3

        The PRI’s one party dominance ended years ago.  The PAN and PRD are nowadays at least as big and important, and the PAN has won the last two presidential elections.

  • ArturoPendriago

    You would have to add in ‘freedom of association’ otherwise whites would be forced to hire the garbage over other whites.

  • radical7

    Ann Coulter is one of the most engaging people on the political right today. However, that is not saying too much.

  • xthred

    I won’t read this article. Why is she given a forum here?

  • IstvanIN

    I would rather live in a slightly dumber country than be a persecuted minority in my own nation ruled by an “alien” elite.

  • Kurt Plummer

    I’ll go you one better:
    Top ten percent of America controls as much wealth as the bottom 150 million.  There is NO WAY their ‘goals and problems’ can be the same as ours.  Don’t believe me?  Look at those mansions and ask yourself:
    Can one man/woman/family possibly take care of all that?
    Ans:  Not if they spent 24:7:365 running the vacuum and pool cleaner.
    Which is where they justify wage slavery.
    See a slave who works for nothing has no incentive to do anything well.  A slave who works making X (widgets) or doing Y (doing groundswork for the rich folks’ estate) can be paid -just enough- to become dependent on that check for his/her most basic necessities.
    And the threat of more slaves is the best way to keep those Christmas bonus’ as small as possible.

    Now.  Let’s talk thermodynamics 101.
    1.  Never more work product out than energy in.
    2.  The more process steps between E-> and WP-> the less efficient the system is in
         producing WP as cheap goods and lasting wealth.
    3.  _ALL_ systems are natively entropic.  Which means that as _not when_ you deplete
         E  (as physical resources as much as societal ‘energy’ in racial potential to each
         other) the total amount of WP goes down.

    This is where Greenspan’s thintelligent vision of all work product as virtual ($$$$) is flawed.  Because we _cannot_ lever up the world as it now is and not deplete our environment and all known, physical, resources.  Can.  Not.

    The reality is that exhorbitant wealth is made by the flawed use of money as a representative, scalar, means of trade.  How much we will pay you for work -we- will not do.  And what type of currency it will be in.

    Not by appropriate control over the resources as energy it represents.  Not as a king tied to the land he rules but as a viking pillager stealing everything he doesn’t burn, rape or butcher.

    If we would acknowledge this by privately funding the development of anthropomorphic service robots (no they don’t have to look like us or dominate us like ‘I, Robot’ would have us believe), we would free the planet within decades from the wealthy.

    Because the one thing money cannot endure is something or someone working beyond it’s control.  As _free labor_.  This is particularly true for the middle class who will soon be ‘competing with the Juans” of a population that gravely outnumber them and whose ideal society is Mexico.  Or Africa.  Or India.  Or China.

    If you want to make money, take one penny from the back of each person you employ as pilloried stocks and indentured bonds in the production of whatever you make or provide as services.  THAT folks is the only thing ‘capital investment’ really is about.

    And it has created a poverty class of some 36 million people in this country.  Until and unless you reenfranchise those people, putting them under roofs and feeding them in trade for sterilization, you have no right to bring in another wave of dependents.

    In this, the rich are truly like spoiled children.  Unable to enjoy what they have, they always want more.  More racial stress.  More violence.  More crime.  More police state controls.

    More Slaves.

  • IstvanIN

    Deport Ann Coulter, the Bushes, the Gringrichs, and a zillion more.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    from wnd
     “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of
    entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to
    limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the
    necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate
    willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much
    deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of
    what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone
    to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The
    Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool.
    It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who
    made him their President.” — Translated from Czech Republic
    Newspaper Prager Zeitung (April 28, 2010.)

  • Carney3

    Romney may be to our left on race and immigration, but  on this issue he is furthest right of any Republican nominee since Eisenhower, including Reagan.  Accusing him of trying to exterminate white people is insane.  We have serious enough issues without resorting to Bircher-esque crack pottery that causes despairing inaction or desperate violence.  The hour is late but there is a lot of ruin in a nation and we can still turn things around.  Not all at once, but step by steady patient step, the same way we got in this mess.

  • Carney3

    I’m just fine, more than fine, with bombing them over there.  It’s bringing them over here that’s the problem, and the GOP is being dragged against its will to improving significantly on that score.

  • Periapsis

    Neocons are not conservatives at all. They are fake conservatives who are hostile to white Americans and whites in general worldwide. And if you do even cursory and not in depth research about them, you will see they are ethnic and religious aliens who despise America and the white population therein. You will also know they are funded and directed from outside the country, which is why they work so assiduously to destroy the rights, freedoms and futures of white Americans. You will also see where they really come from. They are usurpers and looters, when they are not fomenting the ongoing genocide against us. They are deceivers, but they are not stupid. They are flooding the third world into the U.S. so they can displace us, then when they decide the time is right, exterminate us. They know precisely what they are doing, of that you can be absolutely certain.  They are going to be known as the greatest collection of usurpers, bandits, and genocidists in history by future generations.