US Senator Seeks 55,000 More ‘H-1B Visas’

India Times, May 16, 2012

A leading Republican in the Senate has unveiled legislation to raise the number of temporary visas for skilled technical workers from foreign countries, but prospects of passage this year could be clouded by election-year politics.

Senator John Cornyn, the senior Republican on a panel that oversees immigration, introduced a bill that would make an additional 55,000 visas available each year for graduates with master’s and doctoral degrees who have studied at US research institutions.


Cornyn’s proposal to add visas for foreign-born engineers, mathematicians, scientists and other with high-tech skills are important to US technology companies that want to improve access to an international pool of workers and stem the shortage of such talent in this country.

A Cornyn aide said the measure would not add to the overall number of US visas available, because it would eliminate 55,000 “diversity visas” for individuals from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States.


Boeing Co Chief Executive Jim McNerney last week told a conference in Washington that the United States was losing critically needed engineers and others to competitor countries because they were being forced out after obtaining advanced degrees at U.S. universities.


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  • A Cornyn aide said the measure would not add to the overall number of US
    visas available, because it would eliminate 55,000 “diversity visas”
    for individuals from countries with low rates of immigration to the
    United States.

    Like the new H-xB visa holders won’t be “diverse?”

    I don’t want either kind of immigration.  But given the Hobson’s Choice, I would pick the low skilled “diversities” rather than the “high skilled” diversities because well educated native born white Americans are far more likely to be economically dispossessed with the latter.  And also I have a personal motivation, because the accounting industry is really being flooded with H-xBs.

    • One Industry at a time, that’s the goal.  I saw this coryn thing the other day from CIS.

  • Johnny Reb

    Why doesn’t this “panel that oversees immigration” do its JOB and close that festering, open wound that we have with Mexico?

    You know, my long-suffering white friends . . . I say ENOUGH with the great ideas and fancy solutions.  Let’s just keep it simple.   Drive the browns back to Central America, get the blacks under control, tell the asians they have to live within 50 miles of Los Angeles . . . tell the jews they have to live within 50 miles of New York City . . . drive liberals out of the public school system and demand true educational standards in universities so whites start receiving an actual education . . . and the US will prosper.  

    THEN you won’t need gimmicks to attract the smartest people on the planet. 

    India, China, the Muslim world, Africa . . . even the best of these places are dumps.  It says something about the quality of life they experience in our corrupt Multicult America that the students want to go home again after living here . . .

    • anarchyst

      Please be careful about discussing “jews” on this forum . . . one of my posts (in another article) got “canned” for mentioning that exalted “Z” word in an article about muslims . . .

  • anarchyst

    Take care of OUR OWN PEOPLE first . . .
    Friends, it will take a REVOLUTION to dislodge ALL of the present politicians (traitors, all) (except Ron Paul).
    The coming economic collapse (yes, it’s coming) will make it possible . . .

  • How did this country ever survive without the endless number of visas we now have to contend with. Any politican who advocates increasing any type of immigration – including immigration under the guise of a visa – is a traitor to the American people.

    They simply cannot get them here fast enough! We are already a minority in our country and yet they (politicians like Cornyn) continue to let them in, both illegally and legally. When is enough enough! I guess saying enough makes me a “racist.”


    I know of several white males with Master degrees who are unemployed and one who works in a store.  With 19 Million unemployed Americans why would this RINO want to allow more aliens come to take what few jobs we have left.  

    I hope he gets burned with very hot TEA.

  • Cyb

    See the giavellireport for articles on H1-B 

  • Cyb

    We have 4.5 million technology jobs. We imported 3 million H-1B workers from india and china, mostly with fake degrees and fake resumes. Thats 75% unemployment for american engineers. Not good. Now they want to import even MORE? He knows crap like  this is BANNED from the US TELEVISION airways so he’s free to pander and sell out america

    • mikejones91

      Not really disputing your claim but how do you know the degrees were fake? By fake do you mean acquired in India/China? My doctor is Indian and when he told me he got his M.D in India, I was very surprised. I didn’t think you could do that.

      • Cyb

        oh they do it by the millions. they just have to pass boards when they get here. I always demand to see a diploma of a doctor!! if it says Bangladesh I’m out of there!

        There are several articles on the “diploma mills” aka a room above a curry shack that opened up with the advent of the h1b visa. about 65000 of them. They hand out degrees for six months work. Even the vvery few legitimate degreed people lie in several ways.  Many claim to be IIT grads (the only half decent school in the country) others take a 3 yr program which doesnt qualify at all. 

        3 sep reports by the gao all found massive obvious fraud

  • Sherman_McCoy

    There’s a reason tech salaries have been falling or stagnant.

  • KenelmDigby

    As I’ve always said, the Republicans are just as evil on the issue of third world immigration as the Democrats, anyone who thinks otherwise or that somehow the Republicans are the ‘white’ party is sadly deluded.
     However, what this senator is trying to do, ie trade one evil with another evil, reeks of gangsterism, danegeld and the protection racket. It is simply not the way an honorable man should behave.

    • mikejones91

      They are the white party. As in the worst case scenario/lesser of TWO evils White Party.

  • Companies and their lobby groups bemoan the shortage of skilled workers in the US, which is why they beg for the admission of more H1-B visa workers. In reality, it’s all about wages and flexibility. Hiring a foreign worker costs less and they are easily disposable and fungible, since the visas have an expiration date which may or may not be renewed.

    I don’t believe in the claim that there are “not enogh qualified workers” in the US (or other western countries), simply because the figures for unemployment of college graduates speak a different language. In addition, the real median wage has been dropping. If a true shortage of skilled workers existed, real income would go up.

    This is why I don’t believe that the economy is going to recover at any time soon, also due to the disastrous effects of “Free Trade” that allowed most of manufacturing to move off-shore.  Opening access to world’s labor market puts a crown on it, as it provides an almost unlimited cheap labor supply.

  • NM156

    Just goes to show that the GOP has more whores than a gold rush town in 1860s California. Shameless traitors. What a bunch of a**holes. The GOP needs to be overwhelmed by, and therefore transformed by, working class and middle class whites. Their inexplicable fetishes with profit at the expense of reality needs to be dealt with and destroyed as whites become the base. Unbelievable!

  • The__Bobster

    With very rare exceptions, we don’t need immigrants period. We’re all full up.

  • sarah stein

    That’s right, make sure people can’t make a living,  can’t feed their families.  This traitor is literally killing Americans.  As long as he and his family thrives,  that’s all that matters.  He couldn’t care less about you or your family.  He has declared war on Americans. And if you wonder why white Americans aren’t having children,  here’s your answer.  Mr. Genocide. 

  • ageofknowledge

    How about instead we eliminate 55,000 technical workers that are here illegally by deporting them back to their country of origin?

  • mikejones91

    The people that yell “immigration is good for us” ALWAYS forget one HUGE FACTOR. They are 3rd worlders, obviously. So yes, immigration can be a great thing, so long as they are productive/law abiding= WHITE EUROPEAN.

  • anarchyst

    Both democrats and republicans support unrestricted immigration, democrats for (illegal) votes and republicans for cheap labor.
    We don’t have true capitalism in this country, but crony capitalism . . .

  • steve1red

    I’ve heard that many Indians have gone home due to the poor job market in America. Now, if the government would stop giving them money to buy gas stations, motels, and chain restaurants, you would see a real exodus of Indians from the U.S.  They’re also slumlords who own the dangeous apartment complexes in black neighborhoods. If the government would stop giving them minority loans, you would see them flee this country in droves.

  • anarchyst

    Can anybody say TREASON??   It is time to get rid of them all . . .