Mike’s Immigrant Plan to Save Cities

David Seifman, New York Post, May 23, 2012

Ratcheting up his controversial proposal for revitalizing America’s cities, Mayor Bloomberg yesterday suggested that the federal government “deliberately force” large municipalities to take in immigrants as the only hope for salvaging their battered economies.


Bloomberg spoke at a Midtown forum, timed to the release of a new study titled “Not Coming to America: Why the US is Falling Behind in the Global Race for Talent.”


The report by the Partnership for New York City and the Partnership for a New American Economy spotlighted failings of US immigration policies that the mayor has been complaining about for years, portraying a nation that’s sitting by idly while competitors around the globe snatch up workers who are most in demand.

The examples were stark: In 1991, some 18 percent of both Canada’s and America’s immigrants were rated as highly skilled; by last year, Canada’s percentage had soared to 67, while the United States was falling further behind, at 13 percent.

The report noted that Canada allows its provinces to set different immigration standards to attract the type of employees each region needs.

The mayor quickly endorsed a similar proposal for US states—and then some.

“There’s no reason why you have to have a common immigration policy for all of America,” he argued. “You could let each state do it differently.

“I would argue the federal government should go one step further. They should deliberately force some places that don’t want immigrants to take them, because that’s the only solution for these big, hollowed-out cities where industry has left and is never going to come back unless you get some people to move there.”



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  • The mayor also criticized President Obama for deporting more immigrants “than the last four or five presidents put together.”

    No, Obama did not.  Turning someone away at the border is counted as a
    deportation, and starting the paperwork to deport someone, even though
    it usually dies in the long bureaucratic process, is counted as a
    “deportation.”  I’m sure some of the self-deportations of illegals are
    also counted as forced deportations.

    He was joined on the panel by Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas, whose company helped underwrite the research.

    You don’t think he has a direct interest in unloading Mexico’s
    perpetual malcontent Chicanos on some other sucker, do you?  Can’t
    have leftist wealth expropriation and demagoguery without the “demos.”

    The examples were stark: In 1991, some 18 percent of both
    Canada’s and America’s immigrants were rated as highly skilled; by last
    year, Canada’s percentage had soared to 67, while the United States was
    falling further behind, at 13 percent.

    You and your buddy jump off the same bridge in 1991.  Twenty years
    later, your buddy jumps off the same bridge while you jump off a
    different bridge.  See how idiotic you are?

    “There’s no reason why you have to have a common
    immigration policy for all of America,” he argued. “You could let each
    state do it differently.

    This coming from the man who pouted and moaned about Arizona SB
    1070.  But let’s hope he actually believes this and is consistent about
    it.  Unfortunately, what he probably means is that he wants the whole
    country to have open borders but he wants cities and states to have the
    option for “opener” borders.

    Bloomberg caused a ruckus last year during an appearance
    on “Meet the Press,” where he proposed opening the door to immigrants on
    the condition that they agree to live in Detroit for five to 10 years,
    restoring that struggling city by starting new businesses.

    Duh.  Of course Detroit would improve, assuming the immigrants are
    non-black.  It’s not hard to improve on the lowest (blackest) common
    denominator.  Any place that was black and becomes more and more
    non-black over time is going to get better by definition.  But unless
    the non-blacks are whites, that’s just a matter of choosing to jump off a
    lower bridge.

    • cultural_marxism

       Why not force all these immigrants in Bloomberg’s house?

      Let the immigrants sleep in his bedroom and living room and let Bloomberg’s family use their wealth to pay for their housing, health and education. 

      Bloomberg’s wealth should be distributed to welfare recipients.

      let Bloomberg’s children marry, live and go to school with blacks first. 

  • libertarian1234

    “Mayor Bloomberg yesterday suggested that the federal government “deliberately force” large municipalities to take in immigrants as the only hope for salvaging their battered economies.”

    This character is getting more bizarre every month.  Just when I think he can’t say anything any more ridiculous than his last utterance he comes up with something even sillier.

    There are legitimate stats which reveal that immigrants….illegal and legal….drain from most societies they settle in with California being the worst.

    He also said on Fox News not long ago that immigrants create jobs in this country, so we need more immigrants or something to that effect.

    He’s probably lived a privileged life for so long he’s lost touch with reality even more so than the beltway crowd who think everybody thinks as they do and every place else, but Washington  is disregarded as fly over country.

    We’re in the “diversity” mess we’re in mostly because of people like Bloomberg.  New York seems to come up with the most grotesque mayors in the country, on a par with Detroit, Philadelphia, Camden, Newark, and New Orleans.

  • Francis Galton

    Bloomberg is absolutely right.  America needs to encourage the German, Irish, English, Polish, Italian, Russian, and other assorted White “foreigners” surrounding these Little Africas and Little Mexicos to “immigrate” BACK to said Meccas of Authentic Blackness and Brownness to gentrify them (i.e., reintroduce some semblance of civilization) and save them from their current statuses as Third-World Hellholes and Potemkin Villages.  I completely agree….

  • .

    Choke Israel with non-Jews first, Bloomberg. See what that gets ya.


    • Oil Can Harry

      Yup. Bloomberg should fly to Israel and tell them they should be forced to take in more Ethiopians and Arabs.

      It would be interesting watching him get tarred and feathered by his “landsmen”. 

  • Church_of_Jed

    Let’s watch him say the Feds should “deliberately force” the new immigrants to pay taxes enough to make up for all the  White flight tax losses after the “beloved others” arrive and ruin our landscape and civic institutions.

    “Diversity immigration is the elites’ flank maneuver against your weakened White privilege. Complaining or resisting is a hate crime.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “The bell tolls for us,”  1990

  • how could bringing in 3rdworlders help anything

  • Bloomberg has EVERY indicator of an Evil liberal.
    He just wants cheaper slaves for his plantation.

    And, to keep everybody fighting so he’s safe from Evil Guns.
    The link is PICS of his MANSION IN BERMUDA.

    Imagine what his MAIN house looks like…

  • slobotnavich

    I think Bloomberg’s onto something here.  He should declare open immigration to any former Viet Cong and NVA soldiers – And tell them to bring their AKs, RPDs, and plenty of ammunition too.

  • Yes FORCE millions of central american and mexican immigrants into the cities.  As we all know the secret to a great economy is founded on Lawn Care Specialists , Fast Food Workers and Hotel Maids.  Seriously what in the wide wide world of Sports is going on here?  Are the liberals coming this unhinged that they will say any batshit crazy thing that comes to mind?  News Flash liberal scum, the city of LA is filled with nothing BUT immigrants and it is an absolute third world hell hole of epic proportions.

  • Johnny Reb

    Where, exactly, will the demand be for “low skilled” immigrants, I wonder?  Is there some city out there that I don’t know about that WANTS to import more dumb, uneducated or unskilled people than they already have?

    If so, I have a simpler solution:    Start giving away free fried chicken, sail phones, fotys and rims.  The unskilled will come; trust me.  The US already has 36 million of them that we don’t know what to do with.

  • Bloomberg is a bloomin, hysterical idiot. Good grief these guys are OBSESSED with mass immigration, even Mayor Bing from Detroit suggested Bloomberg must’ve “smoked something” when the idea was first pitched a year or so ago. He needs to focus on destroying his own city before suggesting the same help for others.

  • Anan7

    “Mike” Bloomberg is one of the worst men in America.  He has been instrumental in completely removing 2nd amendment rights from NYC, and now he has the guts to go around the country telling the rest of us should turn in our guns to the government.

    If Time Magazine had “Worst Man of the Year” Mike Bloomberg would be at the top of my list.

  • No way,  when it comes to the “Holy Land”, I am sure Bloomy would take a different, self-serving position just as many other Jews had split personalities when comparing Israel vs. South Africa.

  • Someone needs to rouse Jimmy Carter into talking about the injustice, and double-standard of the Jews practicing apartheid in Israel.

  • MartelC

    The mayor also criticized President Obama for deporting more immigrants “than the last four or five presidents put together.””
    People may be surprised to hear this but BLoomberg either deliberately lies or is remarkably ignorant about a number of issues -including many related to New York. I suspect the lies are intentional, and he’s given a free pass by NY papers – the owners are literally his friends (Zuckerberg for example) reporters almost never question his flagrant lies. 

  •  how could so many self-respecting citizens of New York, and elsewhere, put up with this clown?

    Because there are hardly any self-respecting citizens of New York City.  Bloomy disgusts us, but the sad truth is that he’s a “conservative” in New York City parlance, just as Rahm Emanuel is a “conservative” by Chicago standards.  That’s the point of electing a new people via immigration — Making the whole country a NYC or Chicago in that the political center is so far to the left that people we think of as wacko leftists are “conservative.”

  • I like!

    Toss in protectionist tariffs to keep out the low-cost, low-grade Chinese made crap, and I’ll vote for you for President!

  • StivD

    This is sort of like a weird flashback to enforced integration. Again, originating from the Northeast.

  • jack ryan

    Is it only me, or did others see NYC mayor Bloomberg in that Israeli anti immigrant mob rioting against African aslyum seekers in Israel?

    Bloomberg is the arch double dealer when it comes to mass immigration to the USA (good), non Jewish immigration to Israel (bad). That #*$# Bloomberg went so far as to endorse the Muslim immigrant community in NYC’s right to build an in our face Mosque on Ground Zero to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 9/11/01 terrorist attack.

    Bloomberg and Abe Foxman of the ADL – these are two guy’s Amren’s Jewish readers should take back in to an alley and knock some sense in to them. It doesn’t do any good for American Gentiles to fight with folks like Bloomberg and Foxman as they feed off of our hostility.

  • Robert11110

    The Federation for American Immigration Reform says that more than half of legal immigrants are on welfare.  Unskilled immigration puts more money in the pocket of corporatists who can profit from the cheap labor and hurt poor Americans.  Skilled labor also drives down wages and targets the middle classes for destruction.  Pretty soon occupations like doctors, engineers and such will pay minimum wage.

  • Guest

    When Jerry Brown, now governor of Ca. was mayor of that little bit of hades Oakland Ca he moved in masses of asians and encouraged them to start new businesses.  It didn’t work.  Oakland is the same crime ridden sewer it has been since the shipping companies and military equipment factories brought blacks in during WW2.

    As Los Angeles has proven, it is only when blacks leave that the crime rate goes down and the schools become if not places of learning at places where non black students won’t be beaten, robbed and raped by blacks every day.

  • Bobby

    Bud, interesting comments. I learned a lot about New York from both you and Question Diversity. Now I didn’t say I liked what I learned. But the truth is the truth. Too bad millions of Americans cannot look at the truth and are therefore all the more helpless against what is happening to them.

  • Jason

    Like many here I also wonder what Bloomberg and the tons of other open borders types are thinking.  Everywhere where ‘immigrants’ have settled (non-white) the area has become like a foreign country, and not in a good way.  Who would say southern California, southern Florida or southern Texas is better now than when those places were virtually all white? 

    Trouble is, Bloomberg and friends live in gated mansions in the countryside, or commute via helicopter or limo from one sheltered rich-people’s playground to another.  The maids and other foreigners who work for them (real cheap) behave nicer than blacks, and this makes the rich people think that the immigrant workers like them.  They don’t, they just know how to smile and keep that job.

    The blacks and poor whites that would have had those jobs in the past were too expensive and couldn’t be treated like serfs.  The rich hate to be restricted, and liberal rich people are the most hypocritical of all.  My hometown of my youth is now undergoing slow ‘diversity’ and it breaks my heart because it no longer looks like home. 

  • It sounds like a “divide and conquer” strategy.  He wants citizens with lower expectations and demands.

  • Pro2A

    In NYC, all of NY State for the matter, to simply have the right to buy a pistol (very few models are compliant), one has to pretty much provide every detail of their PERSONAL life, such as jobs held, medications you are taking, traffic offenses, if ANYONE in your household ever saw a psychiatrist, you must get 4 people to vouch for you (notarized statements) and wait AT LEAST 6 months for a background check to be performed. I have no idea how is is not a violation of 1. doctor/Patient privacy, 2. Dr/patient privacy of people in your household, 3. Violation of 2nd amendment rights. And just a violation of one’s privacy altogether. Where is the ACLU ? I guess since most gun owners are WCMs, they have no interest.