They’ll Call This Video Racist

YouTube, May 28, 2012

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  • Church_of_Jed

    This will be banned as hate speech that stokes unjustified greviance and legitimizes violence against vulnerable and at risk communities of color because it “just goes to highlight the failure of some to adjust to the realities of a better, more Diverse America that is post White privilege “.

    “They’ve banned everything thing I love, and all they left me with is MLK. So now I just hate.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “The hate is getting bigger,” 2009

  • sgmpalm

    1954 Brown vs Board- Jews force public school diversity
    1964 Civil Rights Act- Jews force workplace diversity
    1965 Emanuel Celler Act- Jews force massive non-White immigration (100 million so far)
    Jewish-enacted legislation is the driving force behind diversity.
    Jews are anti-White and for decades have been diluting the White majority with massive non-White immigration while using political correctness to silence dissent.

    •  Which makes it so refreshing to see Israel reaping the *benefits* of African DIEversity!

  • This is how we win.  One clever, creative, riveting YT video at a time.  And yes, I’m using YT as a double entendre here.

    • haroldcrews

      Please satisfy my curiosity and explain the non-YouTube meaning of ‘YT’.  I see it used frequently but as a newb am not fully up on the jargon.

      • ncpride

        Whitey = Y T

        • haroldcrews

          Thanks, I was thinking something along the lines of ‘Yours Truly’.

          • Hirschibold

             Another acronym that always seems to throw people off in the YT community is “NAMs.” It means “non-Asian minority” and you routinely see it on White-centric websites.

        •  Thank you! I was wondering the same thing. YT — I’ll have to remember that — even though I don’t “text.”

          • Lou

            You don’t have to text to write “YT” ,as you just did in your post..

        • Southern__Hoosier

           How about this for a bumper sticker?

          “Y T and Proud of It”

      • j j


    • Rocky Bass

       Bravo, we need more and more video’s. One to dovetail with each and every World Star Hip Hop video.

  • Hirschibold

    Everyone with an IQ higher than their shoe size understood what Holder meant when he wanted  a conversation on race. The white person is supposed to stand there and allow themselves to be chastised like a dog that has made a mess on the carpet. They roll up the newspaper and bat us on the nose constantly, but every once and awhile, much to the surprise of those who thought they had us completely demoralized, the doggie still bites.

    •  Exactly. The Leftist self-hating Whites and the White-hating blacks always mean that when they say “a conversation on race.” And yes, it’s ludicrous to suggest that we don’t talk about race enough. We just don’t say the right things.

    •  All they want to do is bitch and moan about how they’re not coddled enough and how we need to open up our wallets.

      After the Trayvon Martin fiasco my local NBC station decided to have a “conversation on race.”  I didn’t watch it in protest, but from the commercials I noticed they were just going to talk about “institutional racism.”  This is a conversation I’m not going to entertain.

  • Johnny Reb

    Brilliant video.

    But you can’t convince a victim of 12 years  (or 13, 14 or more years depending on the student) . . . of public school propaganda with one video or even many videos.

    I think it takes blood being spilled . . . a friend or family member murdered, raped or beaten.  Or it takes a loss of property: burglary, robbery, car-jack.

    And in some cases, it takes a daughter coming home and announcing she’s pregnant . . . and her boyfriend Jamal would just LOVE to come over to say hi but he’s in jail and can’t post bond . . . so, mom, dad, it will be a while.

    But little by little I do believe things are changing.  Obama and Holder are the best reps of a white pro-racialist agenda that I’ve ever seen!

    •  I learned by going to school with blacks.  The liberal hypocrisy, double standards, excuses and coddling was what ultimately did it for me though.

    • vladdy1

      obama turned out to be a heck of a community organizer, didn’t he?

  • Joshua50

    Excellent video!

    Too bad it’s not part of our public school curriculum.. Instead we have educators across our country assigning martyr status to a drug-using thug..

    I am Trayvon

  • A remarkable video.
    Too bad Feb 19, 2009 is almost FOUR YEARS ago
    and nothing’s been done about our Black Fascist State

  • Outstanding video.

    Every white student in grade school through HS senior should be made to watch this… followed by reasonable, fearless discussion.

  • splitsing


  • A truly excellent and truthful video. Wonder how long it will take for some black grievance-monger to “flag” it, and YouTube to remove it, as — you guessed it — RACIST?! If you want to preserve it, I suggest you download it to your hard drive, then e-mail it to all the like-minded people you know. It’s too valuable to be allowed to vanish down YouTube’s black hole, as so many worthy videos have for a variety of reasons, mostly specious.

    • tacheles

      The video is also on the encounter books site, the publisher of Harry Stein’s book. So it would survive any YT purge.

  • New bumper sticker:  “It doesn’t matter what this says, you’ll call it racist anyway”.

  • sbuffalonative

    Said it on many a post, when it comes to blacks, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

    This is a very good video highlighting the diversity-race contradictions. It’s good to see someone make such a pointed video on this issue.

    BTW, I still say AR should be producing more video content for this page and to be posted on youtube and other webpages. The digital age is video and that’s how you’re going to get the most bang for your bucks.

    While the MSM can ignore you, the internet can’t (at least for now). Strike while the irons hot.

  • We hear the word ” RACIST ” every 5 minutes, I never heard the word in the 1950s, 60s or 70s. Where does the word come from ? It’s a Russian Marxist word created by Leon Trotsky in 1930 to smear fellow slavs who wanted to hold onto their ancient culture. Their traditional customs was seen as backward and did not fit into the world view of international communism, the new Soviet man and the USSR.

  • When some liberal automaton / brainwashed Eloi brings up the subject of ” racism ”.  I never engage in the debate because that means I’m fighting on THEIR territory, which they want of course.  And I want them fighting on MY territory.

      And as we all know” anti racist ” is just a codeword for anti white.

    • Kurt Plummer

      Wrong attitude.

      You really mean ‘on your terms’.

      On -their territory- is always a better military option because any attritionary losses likely to be sustained are theirs.  Which is why guerilla revolutions accept huge losses to inflict terrorism on someone else’ civilization.

      This may seem ridiculously obvious but the psychology is not to be laughed at.  To fight on your turf first requires someone else to acknowledge it as such (the defiant ally or lone submission effect) and thus allows any uncomfortable discussion to be label-driven as “What’s his is is and I won’t play that game, just please don’t take anyting else!”

      It means you have already allowed them entry to your world and are giving ground rather than lose by standing on it.

      The way to beat anti-racists is to keep things short, sharp and indeterminate.  “Oh, so you’re an anti-racist?  How many blacks where you live?”

      “Oh, so you believe in giving hispanics back land that their grandfathers never lost?”

      “I bet your grandkid would look cute with kinky hair.”

      Twist them in their own entendre` but never let them see that you are uncomfortable with the reality of their assertions to the point that you let them have their way, uncontested.

      If push comes to shove about whether you ARE a racist tell the truth:  “I would like to see a world where I can live with the people I choose to.  Just like the Constitution states.”

  • Southern__Hoosier

    Orwellian Newspeak. Racist: Anyone that disagrees with or questions the Black agenda.

    Eric Holder is correct, we do need to have more open and honest discussion about race. We must be open and honest enough to say that it is not the Blacks fault. Everything is  whitey fault. If a Black man has to prove his manhood by the number of illegitimate children he fathers, it is all whitey fault. If a Black flash mob beats up a elder white person, then again it is our fault. Every leaky pipe, every run down crack house, every dead gang banger, every ho in the hood; is our fault. Again, as holder said we must be open and honest enough to own up to it and discuss what we did. There is no reason to feel guilty as long as we are open and honest about it.

    I believe the problem started between 125,000 and 60,000 years ago.  White people moved out of Africa and didn’t take the Blacks with them. When Cain ask God, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”  God replied, “Yes.” and put the mark of Cain on him. That mark is stooped shoulders and a bent back from carrying around the white man’s burden.  All that is in the Bible, I just can’t remember where.

    • tacheles

      [Orwellian Newspeak. Racist: Anyone that disagrees with or questions the Black agenda.]

      It’s not just the black agenda. It’s leftist orthodoxy, dogmas and ideology in general. As I like to say: “Racist” is a leftist synonym for telling the truth about the black situation.

    • Kurt Plummer


      I believe the problem started between 125,000 and 60,000 years ago. White people moved out of Africa and didn’t take the Blacks with them. When Cain ask God, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” God replied, “Yes.” and put the mark of Cain on him. That mark is stooped shoulders and a bent back from carrying around the white man’s burden. All that is in the Bible, I just can’t remember where.

      Leave religion which requires us to submit to a god in gratitude for killing his own son a debt for Original Sin which could just as easily be termed ‘OEM Error’ as anything we did involving fruit from a tree or killing our brother.

      That said, the dates you give are not entirely unrealistic, depending on how much Neanderthal you think you have in you.

      Here’s the truth:

      In the wastelands of a subarctic Eurasian landmass undergoing severe glaciation, there were two solutions:  Conquer the coastal regions sheltered behind mountains too high for the glaciers to penetrate and harness the warmth of a marine environment to live the good life on fish.

      Except that the Neanderthall were already there and would likely kick our behinds quite thoroughly.


      Tough it out in the extremes and learn to master the seasons as they are in groups small enough to sustain the caloric resources of the available prey species.

      Far from the morals of the Biblical guilt trip, the latter mode meant also meant expanding the definition of endogroup tribal loyalty into true social altruism.  Because the alternative was losing these territorially dispersed micropopulation groups to accident or inbreeding ‘because they weren’t us…’.

      And so we learned to measure each other by pragmatic analysis of success rather than simple familiarity and to offer warmth and welcome to those who _earned it_.

      What the modern breakdown of our meritocracy driven culture has caused to happen is the disconnect between what is seen as good and what is forced upon us as the measure of ‘success’.

      Blacks and Hispanics are NOT a success story.  If they were, they would not be _here_ but rather in their own homelands.  Those who are being successful are the ones who use force of law and social disparagement to make us believe that being conquered by our own is that same as allowing ourselves to be obliterated by the other races.

      It is not.  Even today, blacks (13%) and Hispanics (23-25%) of this nation’s society could do -nothing- if whites in law enforcement, the military and the justice system did not covertly and overtly oppress the rest of us (65%) into believing that if we don’t go along to get along we will be punished for defending our genes.

      This is also why we must create a secessionist state where NEITHER the law NOR the rule of force as social intimidation can be used against us.  For ONLY in that environment can we be judged by what we use our ‘racist’ attitudes to create.  For ourselves as the example by which to continue to lead our own lives.  Whether the ugly rest humanity comes along for the ride or not.

      If the other races have a useful purpose it lies in the simple fact that they provide an easy measure of the limits of social atruism as the true definition of ‘not like us’.

      Not meritocratically worthy of our warmth and generosity.

      • Southern__Hoosier

        A lot of what I wrote was tongue in cheek at 3 a.m. However, since we have many points of agreement, I would like to take the time to give you a proper response.

        First off we cannot leave religion out of the equation. For better or worse, religion makes use what we are as a society. The most highly successfully people on earth are Christian Protestant. Europe which is getting away from Christianity is in a downward spiral faster than we are. China when is quickly becoming the economic powerhouse of the world, has more Christians than Europe does.

        I simply stated the timeline of the current Out of Africa theory. Though we carry some Neanderthal genes, it is not enough to make them our ancestors.

        But I do agree with you. The biggest problem we face today is the race traitors that use our laws against us and the useful fools and guilt ridden whites that follow them. The laws of our land were originally written by men for men that had a respect for law and the rights of others. Obama, who is a product of the 3d world and socialism, and his cronies has neither.

        I don’t have a problem with other races as long as they accept our laws and Western Civilization. As many of us see, not only do they not accept them, but they try to impose their culture and barbarism on us.

        Like Rome, we had a good run. But now it is almost over. The Romans tried to absorb the barbarians pouring across their borders by offering them citizenship and recruiting them into the Roman army. We try the same thing thing with the Dream Act and amnesty and we too will fail.

        But I see something more sinister behind the Dream Act and recruiting of illegals into the military. If your secessionist movements takes hold, you will find your cities occupied by an American army that speaks little English and has no concept of the Constitution or human rights.

  • I think that’s Bill Whittle doing the voice over on that video. This is him talking about ” The History of Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness.”

    • Shawn_thefemale

       Excellent video, thanks for the link. Prime example of how Americans are brainwashed and outright lied to by the agenda-fueling media.

  • I’m damned if I do.

  • JohnEngelman

    The Hundred Flowers Campaign, also termed the Hundred Flowers Movement, (simplified Chinese: 百花运动; traditional Chinese: 百花運動; pinyin: Bǎihuā yùndòng) refers to a period in 1956 in the People’s Republic of China[1] during which the Communist Party of China (CPC) encouraged its citizens to openly express their opinions of the communist regime. Differing views and solutions to national policy were encouraged based on the famous expression by Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong: “The policy of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend is designed to promote the flourishing of the arts and the progress of science”.”[2][3] After this brief period of liberalization, Mao Zedong abruptly changed course. The crackdown continued through 1957 as an Anti-Rightist Campaign against those who were critical of the regime and its ideology. Those targeted were publicly criticized and condemned to prison labor camps.[4] Mao remarked at the time that he had “enticed the snakes out of their caves.”[5][4]  
    The liberal call for a dialogue on race is not as hypocritical as the Hundred Flowers Campaign. Taking it seriously is not as dangerous. Nevertheless, it is hypocritical. Mentioning certain facts can be dangerous. 

  • HaywoodGiablomi
  • Major

    Throughout 6,000 years of recorded history, the Black African ***** has invented nothing. Not a written language, weaved cloth, a calendar,a plow, a road, a bridge, a railway, a ship, a system of measurement, or even the wheel. He is not known to have ever cultivated a single crop or domesticated a single animal for his own use (although many powerful and docile beasts abounded around him.) His only known means of transporting goods was on the top of his hard burry head…or now on a White mans back.