Blacks, Whites in US Shunning Diverse Areas: Study

Yahoo! News, May 31, 2012

Relatively few black or white families are relocating to an otherwise growing number of diverse neighborhoods in the United States, according to a study published Thursday.

Writing in this month’s American Sociological Review, a team of sociologists examined the “mobility patterns” of black and white families that moved house between 1977 and 2005 within their own metropolitan areas.

Of the 9,940 moves undertaken by black families, 43.7 percent were to predominately black neighborhoods, the researchers found. Among the 8,823 white families who moved, the proportion going to white areas was 56.8 percent.

Only 17.7 percent of blacks relocated to multiethnic districts — those with populations at least 10 percent black, at least 10 percent Asian or Hispanic, and at least 40 percent white. Among whites, the figure was 5.6 percent.


“The truth is, when it comes to eliminating residential segregation, we still have a long way to go,” she [lead author Kyle Crowder] added.

Crowder said her team’s study underscored a need for governments to pursue ways to address residential segregation, which influences crime rates, health care and exposure to pollution.


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  • WmarkW

    Do singles move into elderly neighborhoods for diversity?
    Do families with young kids move where tough guys drink beer on the front porch?

    People want a home where the community shares common expectations of public behavior.
    Diversity is the last thing a residential neighborhood needs.

    •  Here, here! There’s a very good reason why formerly all-White neighborhoods reach a tipping point, then go rapidly all-black. And it’s not “White racism,” despite all that the liberal Left and the mainstream media would like you to believe.

      • CharlesFinley

        Hear, hear!  (-:

        • Guess I misspelled “hear”. Sorry about that!

          • WmarkW

             There, there; don’t worry about it.

          • ? “Here” is perfectly normal for “hear” in this phrase. It’s a stylistic extravaganza.

  • mikejones91

    How does segregation increase crime rates? Mindless claims.

    •  because the poor little blacks are disadvantaged by not going to school with YT and therefore cannot receive an intelligence transmission via Osmosis from the white kids and therefore they turn to crime. 

    • It works the other way around by spreading out section 8 the crooks have more to rob within walking distance

      • Rocky Bass

         As with most predators, Blacks thrive when section 8 paces then where more “prey” peoples are available.

    •  It said “influences crime rates”, not “increases crime rates”.  There is an obvious INFLUENCE on crime rates due to segregation.  A segregated White neighborhood has little or no crime and a segregated Black neighborhood is a crime-ridden hellhole.
      It amazes me that these idiots think it is governments job to “cure” residential segregation.

  • Notice that the article is worded in such a way as to imply that “segregation” (so-called) of neighborhoods is a bad thing that must be stamped out. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the Left will not let go of this notion that we are — or should be — a “glorious tapestry” of racial colors (with the Whites gradually just fading away, of course). And the sad part of that is,  so many of the people who believe this, are White themselves. Self-hating Whites. Sad, sad.

    • The__Bobster

      The “Whites” who believe this also believe it doesn’t apply to them.

    • Church_of_Jed

      Notice how they left out all balance by not interviewing anyone with an alternative opinion.

      Anti White privilege is the only opinon allowed, unless you first frame the racists as haters, then you can quote them verbatim, because everybody has received their clue to be outraged and terrified on cue.

  • The question is:  ‘who gave you the right to ‘dismantle segregation’, and to dictate what is important to people and how they live?  Who gave you the right to disparage people’s racial interests and their preference to live and promote the continuity of their ethnic identity.  Opposing that IS GENOCIDE.

    Status seeking and manipulation of people is no excuse for this attitude.  Segregation may exist for perfectly valid reasons.   Anti-segregationists have failed to ask this question and to engage those who reject their position. 

    That is narrowminded and tyrannical behaviour.

  • B

    I think its more about white people don’t like having all their stuff ripped off or the constant threat of getting mugged or shot. 

    • dukem1

       Even if you don’t get robbed or attacked, who wants their neighbors to be dragging their sofa out on the sidewalk as soon as it gets warm out?

      It’s just gross!

      • B

        There are some whites in my area that do a lot worse than a sofa on the sidewalk – posting religious quackery signs in their front yard, parking a tractor trailer cab on the front lawn and so forth, so you have no guarantees that your white neighbors will use common sense, though the odds are far better that they won’t rob or shoot you.

        • I’ll take white trash over black trash any day.

  • “Crowder said her team’s study underscored a need for governments to
    pursue ways to address residential segregation, which influences crime
    rates, health care and exposure to pollution.”

    So she is admitting that blacks CANNOT FORM neighborhoods that are crime  and pollution free?  Hmmm sounds like a racial problem to me!

  • JohnEngelman

    “The truth is, when it comes to eliminating residential segregation, we still have a long way to go,” she [lead author Kyle Crowder] added.                       
    – Yahoo! News, May 31, 2012      
    A better idea would be to allow people to live with whom they wish to live with. Racial integration should be allowed rather than forced by the government.

  • Church_of_Jed

    We wish “dangerous discoveries” like these would stay hidden.  The fact that Whites avoid Diversity will be used as a weapon against us:

    “These shocking and disappointing findings prove that hateful Whites are doubling down on their racist unearned White privilege by self selecting new forms of segregation through sneaky systemic bias and institutional racism.  Whites who avoid Diversity will develop unhealthy White identities that legitimize ugly racism and violence against the beloved community of color. They are not adjusting to a changing America that is finally reflecting the vibrant and enriching Diversity that multiculturalism consents to offer us. The Federal Government must do more to force Whites to include Diversity in all aspects of their lives. Private schools and colleges that are not 50% diverse should be outlawed.”

    -Bishop Tyronne Cedric Ceasar Solomon Jefferson Washington, “We must do more to fight against White privilege,” 2012

    • mikejones91

      Is that an actual quote? If so, I have no words for this one…

    • RememberVienna

      If non-whites have demographic control over the U.S., the ideas espoused in this quote will become a reality.

      • Church_of_Jed

        It will happen long before we are a full minority, like right now.

  • “The truth is, when it comes to eliminating residential segregation, we still have a long way to go,” she [lead author Kyle Crowder] added.”

    John adds: “But we will proceed along anyway because we are ordained by God to carry out this mission” 

    • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

      “I am ordained by God to give my children and my congregation the spiritual weapons needed to hold and defend as much White privilege as God gives out through the blood of heroes.”

      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “This White privilege mission is ours,” 2001

  • APaige

    I would guess that a recent reason for the black mobility was caused by the movement of Sec. 8- because removing people from a poor black area to other black areas always reduces crime and increases test scores. The white movement was also influenced by moving farther away from the same Sec. 8 relocators. Why does the government need to do anymore? Most (if not all) of these people had the freedom, desire and economic-influence (good or bad) to make the choice to move?

    • actually it increases net crime as there are more within walking distance. 2 married liberals actually wrote about it (after 3 pages of makeing excuses)

  • sbuffalonative

    All the people and groups that celebrate diverse neighborhoods which are alleged to have achieved racial balance don’t understand that such neighborhoods are simply <Bin transition.

    As whites move out and blacks and Hispanics move in doesn’t mean the end, racial balance, has been achieved. All it means is that at one point in time, a temporary and arbitrary racial mix has occurred.

    In the last couple years, I’ve seen a two stories on national news shows about such neighborhoods.  I’d bet any money that if the reporter was to re-visit these racial Utopias that there is now a growing racial imbalance.

  • mikejones91

    Here should be the catch phrase of our “movement”. “We don’t hate, we just want to seperate” Or “Don’t hate, separate”

    • sbuffalonative

      Good idea. We could also try, “End Hate, Segregate”.

      • Church_of_Jed

        That’s better.  Hate is the normal and natural condition of integration, so to end it, they are obligated to stop forced integration and allow loving segregation.

    • Church_of_Jed

      You mean that you don’t have it in you to hate those who outlaw your separation from afrovoodoo Diversity?  If you don’t hate them, then hate has no definition.

  • mikejones91

    Look to the events in the beautiful city of Seattle as to why “WE” want to separate. Really, I just want to separate from the blacks. Have the Hispanics deported if they have been here less than 10 years. 

    • The__Bobster

      So invaders get squatters’ rights after 10 years? I don’t think so. Deport ’em all, especially the ones who were fraudulently amnestied in 1986.

  • Robert11110

    If there’s a growing number of diverse neighborhoods but people are shunning them, then what’s causing them to grow?  It sounds like double talk to me.  Are these growing “diverse” neighborhoods really neighborhoods in transition as people abandon neighborhoods, cities and even states to flee diversity?

    • section 8 housing is moving diversity to those that flee it

  • Johnny Reb

    QUOTE:  “a need for governments to pursue ways to address residential segregation, which influences crime rates”


    Did I read that correctly? Somebody finally admits that “segregated” ‘hoods (i.e. ghettos) may have different crime rates?  You mean whites don’t kill, rape, loot, burn and rob anywhere near what non-white species do? 

    It seems like once or twice a week, we read how some new study confirms what we hideous racists have taken for granted for years.  Liberal heads must be spinning.

    If my fundamental belief system was being challenged weekly by new scientific findings, I think I’d go shopping for some new beliefs . . .

    • Church_of_Jed

      Sort of like the Libertarians who complain when more surveillance video cameras are installed.

      They argue that it just pushes crime into those areas that can’t afford cameras, but they never admit that the increased surveillance reduces crime where it should, nor do they come up with explanations on WHY crime must happen at all.

  • MekongDelta69

    Really? My comment was just ‘flagged for review’?!?! Really?
    I’ve been a subscriber almost since the beginning, give donations and I’ve been posting on here since AmRen went interactive. I’ve never used one profane word in all that time and *now* I can’t post? That’s unbelievable. I’ve *NEVER* had one post ‘flagged for review’. I’d *LOVE* to know who clicked that button…

    • It was osambo

      • Church_of_Jed

        Antifa Osambo

  • ncpride

    Believe me, when we move again it will be even further out into the countryside as far away from diversity as possible.

    • Talltrees

      Not to mention, housing values go way down when minorities begin to move into
      white neighborhoods.  One minority family can do it.

  • sgmpalm

    1954 Brown vs Board- Jews force public school diversity
    1964 Civil Rights Act- Jews force workplace diversity
    1965 Emanuel Celler Act- Jews force massive non-White immigration (100 million so far)
    Jewish-enacted legislation is the driving force behind diversity.
    Jews are anti-White and for decades have been diluting the White majority with massive non-White immigration while using political correctness to silence dissent.

  • That’s because the neighborhoods that are truly “diverse” (Shannon-Weaver Index meaning of “diverse”) have an eerie feeling in the air that there’s just plain something wrong.

    • Church_of_Jed

      The only response to tha eerie feeling is to FLEE!

  • El_Magyar

    How about just letting people live where the hell they want to live instead of forcing multiculturalism on everyone and creating strife.

    • Kurt Plummer

      How about just letting people live where the hell they want to live instead of forcing multiculturalism on everyone and creating strife.

      Because it’s a lie to suppose that blacks don’t want to live with white goodies close to hand.  Even if not whites themselves.  They just cannot create those advantages for themselves and they breed dumb in surprising numbers which is to say even an A/A leveraged rich black cannot guarantee his kids won’t come closer to the mean 87IQ that guarantees inability to function in an advanced society.

      This is the logic disparity that must be dealt with.

      Smart Whites DO NOT WANT to be with blacks.  Period.  We would seek separation, even if they were rich and/or otherwise had things -we- wanted.  And make no social leverage excuse for why we didn’t have it.

      Smart Blacks DO want to be near whites (and as far away from what Chris Rock terms the other half of his own people) as possible.

      And there is no getting past this.

      We are born to enjoy the company of our own kind as a comfort of solitude even amongst our own.

      Whatever blacks are born to, once you get past the attitude and the crude immitation, it is clearly self destructive.  Because blacks who seek out other blacks ‘for comfort’ reach a critical mass threshold level of population total and then _attack each other_.

      Which is where the reality of their criminality comes from.

  • The only reason its not high is that there are not enough white areas left to flee black crime

  • Why do people think all animals evolved except humans. Whites and east asians evolved in lands where no food grew during winter so they had to plan/ build/store/farm to survive. Africa until whitey brought the cure for malaria had unlimited food for those that survived tropical diseases and runing faster was favored. Nothing is more telling than comparing Nobel prize winners(except peace/ literature) and olympic strength/swimming winners to short distance run winners

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     “The truth is, when it comes to eliminating residential segregation, we
    still have a long way to go,” she [lead author Kyle Crowder] added.”

    Sure, how else may the white race be eliminated?  Divide and conquer, and old Machiavellian principle.  If the boy next door is black, who else is Suzy Creamcheese going to date?  And she’ll date him or else be shoved into a taxi and taken somewhere and strangled.

  • Firepower’s MAXIM:

    Even blacks
    DON’T want to
    – live near blacks

  • mikejones91

    I believe you, it just sounds ludicrous. It’s just surprising, even from a Negro. It’s pretty sickening to think that. This guy OBVIOUSLY hates whites so what other reason the genocide/removal would he want to promote “diversity”. I saw this “meme” thing on google images. I will try and find the link. It said “Diversity–We don’t need yours.” Had a picture of Germans/Italians/English/Greek/Slavs/ect.

    • Hey Mike,

      I think Church_of_Jed is being satirical, and that the ‘actual quote’ is an actual quote from Church_of_Jed.

      However, I could be wrong.

      I enjoy his posts in any case.

      • mikejones91

        Oh lol, yeah. What is the church of Jed?

    • When I first read posts from Church_of_Jed, I thought that an actual church existed somewhere where this man Jed was a minister. After numerous searches led me back to posts on AmRen, I believe the “Church” exists here.

      The postings have different meanings to different people I’m sure. To me, they are satirical prose that assault my programming like a blunt instrument.

      I found myself openly declaring my “racism” today and I must say that it was incredibly liberating. After all, I am White, work hard, pay taxes, and dislike the government forcing political correctness on society. That automatically makes me a “racist” by default.

      • mikejones91

        I did the same thing lol. I searched it as well.

  • sbuffalonative

    The racial rule of thumb is this:

    If a neighborhood is defined as ‘historically black’, it must be protected and preserved at all costs.

    If a neighborhood is defined as ‘historically white’, it must be dismantled and destroyed.

    • dukem1

      Just like the ol’ politburo…”What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is negotiable.”

  • splitsing

    I think this study is racist.  The data says that all races, to a varying degree with whites being the most prominent, do their best to flee black areas.  That includes blacks that have the means to escape.  “TRUTH!” as they would say.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    black mobs attack bge worker and federal workers baltimore,0,5049461.story

  • Yahoo is full of ka ka. Always has been.

  • alastairabbacle

    The comments on this article all mostly like Amren comments, this is illuminating:

    “Let’s force gray squirrels to live with red squirrels……….even though the reds castrate the greys. Force Force Force, that’s all the Gov’t knows.”

    • Church_of_Jed

      What will the White political center’s platform be when that happens, or, just how bad will things get befor AR is the Left?

      For it to get that bad, we won’t have an electrical grid that works, because Obama, our Transformative Diversity Leadership Allah, will have bankrupted the energy supply with regulations. 

      AR fades when the system collapses…

      • alastairabbacle

        I would be interested to know, what you would think of this post at
        “Obama 2012? Destroying America for Its Own Good
        Should we or should we not re-elect Barack Hussein (Soetoro?) Obama, America’s worst and blackest president ever?”

        What do you think? Should we let the symptoms get worse, so that we can have a stronger reaction?

        • I don’t think it matters. I want Romney and I hope the blacks riot when Obama loses, more wake-up calls to white America. We are past the point of no return, Romney might slow this train-wreck a little, but no one can stop it at this point.

          • alastairabbacle

            True. We get a quick impact, then the whiplash.
            Upon Romney election we get riots.
            Later, the problems build on their own momentum.

  • alastairabbacle

    or this one:

    Timothy R: “Yeah….like I am going to move my wife and children into a rat infested crime ridden neighborhood simply because its the multicultural and right thing to do. You can go F%&* yourself.”

    Steven : “thanks to section 8 houseing that neighborhood might be comeing to you”

    • According to his bio he teaches in Bellingham Washington. (89% White, 4% Asian and .98% Vibrancy)

  • alastairabbacle

    Kyle Crowder

    • It is disturbing that the Yahoo article assumed Professor Kyle to be a woman. The poor guy might have borne emotional scars as a consequence of the careless oversight and need some help. I hope (he) is OK.

      • alastairabbacle


        He does in a way want to be a womb for incubating more black and mulatto babies.  A man who advocates for more fruit of the womb from foreign tribes: a wombman.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Acolyte’s Initiation Prayer, Part I,” 2012:
    Blessings upon your seas of Fate,
    Washing clean your sins of Hate,
    Sailing clear past the storm too Late,
    Your ship rides high, this, no Mistake.

    Gleaning from your Cause Supreme,
    Your loves catch winds in your White Dream,
    To rise you up with Help Unseen,
    Some say “vile,” you, I praise and Now Redeem.

    For close you bear your upward Path,
    In your delights you enrage their Wrath,
    But stronger you are to resist the Graft,
    Your sorrows real we will divide by Half.

    Hold fast your line, hold firm your Wall,
    The call comes soon from within the Hall,
    When you it knows and you grown Tall,
    Then down your enemies we see will Fall.

    Dreaming dreams, and Bright soon sees,
    Hope redeems, and shrill their screams,
    Yours the glory, yours the means,
    The victory God’s, the loss… 

    The loss, the loss, by what, of what, from what they lose?
    At last you reach, you must, you choose.

  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    The Whites who flee always are selling their houses in a depressed market, because the buyers are all black. Equity in homes, or what was there, is wiped out through Federal Fair Housing and Diversity Initiatives.

    Middle Class Whites will never compound wealth in real estate, because the Diversity Curse will find them and destroy their hard work and savings.

    Diversity is the great equalizer. It pulls us down to its level. If it doesn’t find us in time, the Federals will export them from the ghetto into our community.

    Equality has consequences. It means one thing to us, but to them, the American Promise of Equality is an anti White privilege weapon. It never misfires.

    “Fairness” to us means fair play, but to Obama, it means post White privilege, a fundamentally transformed America.

    Our equity in homes go wiped out, our health care is about to go, and next they will come after your White privilege 401k and pension.

    Do you think that Obama hasn’t seen the racial breakdown of who owns what percentage of investment wealth in America? White privilege is the vastly disproportionate ownership of stocks and bonds. Obama will change that, fer shure. Get ready to suffer, Whitey, cuz you be raciss all up ‘en heeah.

    • Fredrik_H

      The double-squeeze of diversity.

       Not only do we have to pay for it in forms of welfare for racial others and increased crime rates, but it squeezes us financially as we have to take on ever more debt to live in increasingly more expensive white communities or go rural, where chances for a decent paying job is dramatically lower.

    • La Santa Hermandad

      As I witness what’s been going on for the last 60 years. I see more clearly the reason for secession and the creation of the Confederacy. 

    • Texan1st

      It takes years to build equity in a home. For instance, you purchase a house in a predominantly White area for $150k on a 30 year fixed. You make minimum payments because in this depressed market that is all you can afford. The first 10 years, most of your mortgage payment is going towards interest and you’ve only paid down $7000 on the principal. As the area shifts from White to non-White, the value of your home stagnates or depreciates and you decide to flee. Chances are that you will be paying closing costs on either your sell or the new home you move to. These closing costs eat away what little equity you acquired in your previous home. You once again lock into a 30 year fixed with no equity and start the cycle all over again — 10 years of payments, build a little equity, lose that equity to closing costs when you sell and buy.

  • “The truth is, when it comes to eliminating residential segregation, we still have a long way to go,”

    Exercise in futility: Fill white neighborhoods with diversity.

    Result: New white neighborhoods.

  • StivD

    I thought the point of sociology was to only research and observe people and society as it is. They’ve become social engineers instead of social observers. 

  • radical7

    Moderator stated:

    It takes more than one flagging to get a comment removed, a number that is on a “Need to Know” basis. As a reminder, flagging should not be used for disagreeable political content, only things like vicious language, cussing, and so on. —

    Then you should stop making efforts to quickly remove my posts. Sounds like some hypocrisy going on here. 

    • The__Bobster

      I’m sure this post will get the requisite number of flaggings, Jamal.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    stand your ground by tonyguns
    (sing to the tune of “bang your head” by quiet riot
    stand your ground
    if assaulted by some blacks or some browns
     stand your ground
    when a flashmob trys to beat you down
    stand your ground
    its mighty white of you to stand your griound
    stand your ground
    xxxtonygunsxxx tells you to stand your ground

    stand your ground
    if you are walking through a “diverse” part of town
    stand your ground
    you white honkey xxxtonygunsxxx authorises you to stand your ground
    stand your ground
    if tarvo mau-in is smashing your skull on the ground
    stand your ground
    if the police commisioner says they are all isolated incidents its a vibrant diverse safe city the police have everything in control its not a hate crime for 8 blacks to strip you beat you tag you with their genitals and film it and crime statistics are down
    stand your ground
    xxxtonygunsxxx will whip you if you dont stand your ground
    stand your ground
    copy paste my song and pass it around
    stand your ground
    dont act like a liberal and get a beat down
    stand your ground
    xxxtonygunsxxx will beat you like a red headed step child if you dont stand your ground

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     heres the link sing along!! ENJOY!!

  • Joshua50

    Most people prefer to live in these non-diversified neighborhoods for obvious reasons such as lower violent crime rates, schools that are safe for their children to attend, and lastly,  a non-war zone atmosphere.

  • S

    Kyle Crowder is a university id10t, I.E. clueless and a leader in destroying our youths minds.  Remember “diversity” training in college, military?   I’d like to meet this Kyle and smack some white pride into his head.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    By showering us with ‘diversity’, the liberals and blacks are trying to water down and spread crime equally among all districts for statistical (funding) purposes. Also, reports of robberies, murders, etc., in a multi-racial neighborhood  muddle the specific races of the criminals,  making the huge gap between racial behavior much less blatant, which is an intended goal.

    However,  one of the most important goals of diversification can’t be overlooked: the effect on voting districts. Introducing substantial numbers black and minority voters into staunchly white/Republican areas will put the final nails into what’s left of the conservative core.

    • sbuffalonative

       I live in south Buffalo which was majority and historically white.

      About 10 years ago, they HUD started shutting down ‘projects’ and giving out vouchers. Since the, we’ve had a large influx of first blacks now Hispanics.

      Crime rates have risen as well. Now when you read articles in the Buffalo News about ‘a major violent drug gang’ was just apprehended, you know who the usual suspects are.

      However, when these stories are reported in the Buffalo News, the comment section is abuzz with statements like, ‘see, south Buffalo has drug gangs too’. This is only true because of our new residents.

  • seek

    Notice how one of the investigators sees racial self-sorting as “segregation,” as if voluntary associations with like persons constitutes a grievous injustice done to others.  As an ex-social science academic all too used to these types, I have a golden rule in such cases:  Heed the data; ignore the interpretation.  Do we “have a long way to go?”  Actually, yes, in the very opposite direction of that which the authors advocate.  We need MORE self-segregation.  


    Why do they love BBQing in the middle of the night?

  • Shawn_thefemale
    Welcome to my back yard. A good example of why whites would like their own little corner of the world.

    • She spits in people’s faces while yelling “I have AIDS.” Yet, if you don’t want her as your neighbor, then you must be racist!

  • anarchyst

    I work with a number of blacks who say that the “lily white suburbs” don’t have enough “street action” and are “too quiet”.
    Self-segregation is a good thing.  It is a shame that restrictive covenants regarding race were outlawed . . .

  • The rate of black on white crime is ridiculously high. Blacks and whites need to stay the hell away from each other. According to psych 101 people love to be with people that are a lot like themselves. So can you blame either race for not wanting to be in a diverse neighborhood. The people that embrace diversity are the ones that have been brainwashed by the Jewish media and the indoctrination in schools.

  • When desegregation is increasing, it’s because that area is in the process of transitioning from one racial group to another.  Not because it’s going to reach a certain liberal approved proportion of ‘mixed’ and then stay that way.  That period in the middle where it appears to be growing more mixed is because not every member of the race that is being driven out is gone yet.

    It’s either gentrification (whites/east asians driving out everyone else) or ghettoization (blacks/hispanics driving out everyone else).