Man with 30 Kids Can’t Pay Child Support

Fox 2 Now (Knoxville), May 17, 2012

Desmond Hatchett is pleading with the state of Tennessee to help him pay for child support.

With 30 kids, who could afford to pay child support? Yes, 30 children by 11 different “baby mamas.”

Desmond explained how it all happened, well you know what we mean, “I had four kids in the same year. Twice.”

The children range in age from toddlers to 14 years old. {snip}

Hatchett only has a minimum wage job, which means some of the moms receive as little as… $1.49 a month.

Desmond Hatchett

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  • Up to my neck in CA

    Forced sterilization is the only answer! If you can’t feed them, don’t breed them!

    My wife and I each have daughters from previous marriages, we never had children together.
    My wife is still heart sick over this decision, but at the time we felt two children was plenty enough for this over populated planet, not to mention the expense to raise and send children to college. The brain washing obviously worked on us. Stupid me, I could have had dozens of children and let the state of CA. pay for them.

    • Ronald

       The “players” are not limited by such moral considerations. They rely on using hard earned taxpayer money to provide themselves with bragging rights about how many taxpayer supported mamas they have impregnated.


    • Well the minimum number of offpring required per woman for a stable population in a Western (or Westernised) society is actually three.

  • Francis Galton

    At what point is society entitled to forcibly sterilize irresponsible nitwits who have litters of kids and can’t financially support them?  I have little doubt that Desmond has been a ward of the state since his conception–supported with food stamps, welfare, WIC, public housing/section 8, and a whole cadre of additional social services that cost taxpayers untold sums of money.  It would not surprise me one bit if Desmond has literally dozens of siblings and half-siblings, just as his own spawn do. 

    Here are some interesting questions to ponder: how many of Desmond’s THIRTY kids will graduate from high school?  How many of his kids will become felons?  How many will graduate from college?  How many of his kids will own their own businesses, including online ones?  How many will eventually commit a hate crime against a White person?

    My educated guesses, respectively: 7 (after social promotion and severely watered-down standards), 26 (24 will be violent ones), 0 (even with Affirmative Action, quotas, very low standards, and high-school level HBCUs), 1 (either a record company, a barber shop, or a church), 9 (23 if White prisoners are included). 

    Here’s another question I have: where are the “Green” zealots to condemn this massive increase in the human population’s carbon footprint?  I have noticed that White left-Liberals of all persuasions exempt blacks from standards they hold other Whites to.  Blacks can litter with impunity, be virulently homophobic, have Malthusian amounts of kids, eschew education, carry around illegal guns, be highly religious to the point of zealotry, and so on, and nary a peep from the Social Liberal brigades. 

    But GOD FORBID a White person do any of the above, even to lesser degrees.  White families not recycling? YOU HATE THE WHALES! Whites having slight doubts about gay marriage? YOU’RE GLAD MATTHEW SHEPARD IS DEAD! The Duggars? IT’S A QUIVERFULL CULT! Whites at the shooting range? MCVEIGHS IN THE MAKING! White Christians? INTOLERANT BIGOTS!

    Rant over….

    •  In 1997, an Africanus Bellcurvius from East St. Louis, Illinois by the name of Darnell “Boss Man” McGee met his untimely demise in the city’s gang warfare at the ripe old age of 18.  It was determined a short time later that he passed on the HIV virus to 100 girls and women, some were as young as 12 at the time of the “transmission.”

      The next summer, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran a follow up feature.  It profiled his mother and her troubles raising him.  And it’s no wonder she had her hands full — The article said that Darnell was one of his mother’s 21 children, who had in turn begat 105 grandchildren for her, who had in turn begat 110  great-grandchildren for her.  This was summer of 1998, so the latter two figures are surely higher by now.

      • Up to my neck in CA
      • IstvanIN

        And yet the promise of AIDS taking out a huge swath of the heterosexual population never occurred.

        •  Because even untreated AIDS won’t kill you fast enough before you can procreate sufficiently and then some.  Add in ARV treatments and AIDS isn’t lethal.

    • Petronius

      Liberals will always tolerate, cover-up, and excuse all black shortcomings.

      By the same token, Liberals will always find a reason to support any enemy, group, criminal, force, ideology, or cause that threatens to harm or destroy the West and, in particular, the white race which is the genetic transmitter and tangible representative of Western Civilization.

    • Yeah. Anti-Mormons in Utah post on blogs there about the Mormons having “too many kids” (only they usually refer to them as “brats.”) Well, at least the Mormons take care of their own; they don’t expect the taxpayers to foot the bill. And I don’t think any of them have fathered 30 children!

      • anarchyst

        Even if they have fathered 30 children (possibly with multiple wives) they take care of themselves, DO take their parenting seriously,  and are a valued asset to the white race.
        They are helping to stem the trend of whites reproducing at less than replacement levels . . .

  • loyalwhitebriton

    My first thought was sterilisation.

    But the problem with sterilisation is that it still allows the male to engage in intercourse – so increasing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

    Would not castration be a more prudent strategy?

  • Because they’re black, the MSM totally IGNORES stories like this (30 kids, 11 women), and that “baby mama” who gripped that somebody’s got to pay for her 15 (now 16) kids:

    But the MSM follows every twist and turn of the “Octomom”, who has “only” 14 kids because she’s white. Just two days ago, there was another Octomom story on the front page of the LATimes (again!).
    and Yahoo

    •  Shows you how closely I followed the Octomama drama… Didn’t even remember she’s Middle Eastern.

      NEWS FLASH ! ! ! 
      I was STUNNED — stunned, I say — to see this 30 y.o. guy w/33 kids story is now being carried on Yahoo news:

      Stop foreign aid, stop domestic welfare, stop corporate welfare: then average white people will be able to afford more than 2 kids on 2 incomes….

      • loyalwhitebriton

        Well said.

    • And they also moan and groan about how the Duggars have “too many” children (19), although they’re self-supporting. The key is race: In the liberals’ world plan, White people are just not supposed to raise big families; they are supposed to only have one or two, who will probably have zero of their own, until our race just disappears. We ought to start having just as many kids as possible, just to spite the liberals.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Today, I met a German family with FOUR children.  I asked the gentleman if they were all his, and he winced as he answered in the affirmative, probably thinking I was going to castigate him for being an anti-social breeder.  Imagine his smile and our comradery as I congratulated him.  It made my day.  You usually see Germans with 0 or 1 child.  Now, the turks and africans are ALWAYS pushing baby buggies.


    My wife and I would love to have a child, but right now we simply cannot afford it.  Our house is under water, taxes are high and rising, and I’m only working part time. If we had a kid at this point, it would take every penny we had, leaving nothing for savings for our retirement.  We’ve had to support my mother-in-law as she got older, so we don’t want that to happen to us — we want to have enough money when we retire. 

    Seven years ago, we were doing pretty well; we had a small house in Chicago, but the neighborhood started going down, and so we sold at a loss and moved to a safer community.  But now the commute and road tolls ares eating up my pay, and as I said, our now house is under water, since the sup-prime meltdown.  Maybe in a couple of years the economy will improve and we can save enough to start having kids, but the problem is that we are getting old.  

    • sarah stein

       I hate to break it to you, but the economy will never improve, never has.  There was a time when a man could support a family while the wife stayed home.  He bought a house, sent the kids to college and had savings for retirement.  Those days are long gone and will never come back.  Our country is still importing third worlders  who will work for a green card.  If you have a kid,  it will pay 70% in income taxes.  He will be a slave.   Don’t have children,  let the third worlders leech off of each other.  When there’s nothing left, they can erect the guillotine in front of the capitol.

      • robinbishop34

        Ha, I should of scrolled down a bit before I responded to your previous post. I basically said the same thing except you articulated it better here.

      • MikeofAges

         Worse yet. whites in the West, especially in America, were told as early as the 1960s that the best thing they could do preserve their prosperity and give their offspring a  high level of opportunity in life was to limit their family size. Just a few year later, along came disparate impact, which doled out opportunity based on population. Smart.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         I understand what you’re saying.  I grew up in the 1950s and 60s and things have only become worse overall economically, most localities and the world.  The numbers of poor increase, the numbers of wealthy decrease proportionately. 

         I think that when it all settles out, the whites who remain will be the ones who were smart enough to get themselves into more rural survival situations with a small farm to run.  When most of America was white and made up of small farmers, the dads stayed home, working in the fields, the mom’s ran the house, and the kids helped around.  My great, great grandfather had 11 kids and they all worked on the farm.  That was typical then.   The whole family lived and worked together and neighbors helped out neighbors.  I think that we are going through a change and the facades of technology will collapse with the excess world populations.  Those with the skills,knowledge and foresight will be able to create communities that will be much like the 19th, early 20th century American, European models, but with some of the most useful technology to help.  That’s my ideal and hope, anyway.  The chances of it?  Judging by the sort of comments I read for seven years on Amren and elsewhere, not that good.  But there’s always hope.

    • I wish there was some way the “white community” could come together and help young couples get settled and shore up the numbers. Of course if someone hooked you up with a good job or a “fixer-upper” home in a decent neighborhood the minorities would come swarming in and demand the same.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       What you don’t understand, and I can’t blame you for it, is that by the time you are there, there will be no “retirement” possible, or a nation where retirement is even an option or lifestyle.

      Yes, I feel completely pessimistic about things remaining the same in the next 40 years as they have been in the past 40 years.  In fact, they’re already changed.

  • Saw this on another site.  This man IS poster perfect for forced castration!!!

  • crystal evans

     I agree with you but this sounds like workfare which many welfare activists did not like because recipients would be working for a welfare check and not receive additional pay for their work. I can see them now saying that this is another form of slavery. I agree that castration, vasectomies, tubal ligation and mirena should be used to prevent welfare recipients from having more children that they cannot afford to support.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Not long ago, I saw a program on PBS about a black woman and daughter in rural NC (I believe it was NC) who were “victims” of the state’s sterilization program back in the 1960s or sometime about then.  Their story was portrayed as a act of state sponsored genocide, just because this mother had no job, ever, but had birthed her 13th child or something near that.  I was so amazed to watch this program unfold.

      Some may recall that there was a forced sterilization program in some states back then.  This was so criticized due to the comparisons made to the earlier Nazi programs and the Eugenics laws that were deemed racist and immoral (in a Christian sense), that they went away.

      Somewhat related;

      I also just saw a business news report about how the big concern for China now is that the economy will slow down because their one child law has created a labor shortage.   The workers are now demanding and getting better conditions and wages.  So China is loosening up and encouraging Chinese women to have children, lots of them.  The Chinese government has a new program to help Chinese women have babies and support them in every way.  So, we can look forward to having plenty of Chinese around to do all the work and eventually take competely over as the consumers too.  Ain’t life grand?

  • crystal evans

     No, most Asians do  not dislike whites, they have no use for blacks who they see as immoral and lazy.

    • Very perceptive, those Asians.

    • I worked for a Japanese Family for approx 12 years. I found them to be honorable, hard working and easy to get along with.  The owner of the business did his time in the conscntration camps and refused any of the compensation money offered a few years back. He holds no anamosity towards the situation or the USA.
      They are very much Japanese culture oriented but that is ok. They like to marry within there race.
      However I stopped working (general contractor) for Chinese a long time ago.  If you don’t know the race of an Oriental like Jimmy don’t ask him if he is Chinese.  The Japanese take that as a very high insult.  I know!  I asked Jimmy and his face turned purple with rage. 

  • What we need is some way for white women realistic about blacks & hispanics to meet realist men, all the ones at gun shows are taken.

  • throw the Kansas city experiment in their faces, blank check to thow money at blacks, 12-1 student teacher ratio and no improvement.
    Money And School Performance: Lessons from the Kansas City Desegregation Experiment

  • radical7

    She is CRAZY! Let’s just leave it at that.

  • Blacks are not the only ones feeding their spawn at the publics expense. A few years ago, there was a triple homicide in Scranton, PA.  One of the victims, a Justin Berrios, was one of 24 progeny  Jose Berrios had scattered across the US.  The only one he had any hand in rasing. The rest, I guess, were left for the taxpayers to raise.

  • The__Bobster

    Far too many.

  • Djinn42

    He’s just doing his part to replace the White man, nothing to see here.
    Leave your donations at the front desk.

  • Johnny Reb

    I’m sorry . . . you say you’re a public health professional and you ask questions like that?

    The objective of public health is just that – PUBLIC HEALTH.  Left to their own devices, non-whites would wallow in filth and fester a number of diseases that would eventually jump to the white population.

    The investment in black public health is vital to  WHITE public health . . . until such time as we can ship them all back to Africa.

  • IstvanIN

    Sterilization (both sexes) should be a mandatory initial eligibility requirement to receive any form of welfare, whether it be TANF (families), General Assistance (single adults) or SSI (federal welfare). It shouldn’t be mandatory after a certain number of children. If you are a drag on society and your family/church won’t support you why should we?

  • IstvanIN

    But the Asians will vote Obama to disposes me and mine. Your kids, of course, as non-whites will be safe.

  • IstvanIN

    I have alwasy thought that.

  • Johnny Reb

    I can understand mothers #1, 2 and 3 . . . by about mother #5 there should have been a little bit of concern . . . mother #8 shoud have avoided him like he was a leper . . . mother #11 must be as dumb as a bunch of rocks.

    You can’t blame homey for doing what low-IQ negroes are hard-wired to do.  In the jungle, he would have advanced his lineage.  In the 1850s, this buck would have made his master a VERY rich man.

    In 2012, he’s simply another dreary example of what happens when we whites allow non-whites to share our land. 

    • I can understand mothers #1, 2 and 3 . . . by about mother #5 there
      should have been a little bit of concern . . . mother #8 should have
      avoided him like he was a leper . . . mother #11 must be as dumb as a
      bunch of rocks.

      You’re assuming all of his “type” of women talk to each other about everything.  I don’t think that’s possible.

  • Natassia

    Sterilize him. Now.

  • What a joke! It reminds me of the guy in Michigan a few years ago (also black, naturally), who had fathered 22 kids by the time he was 30. As I recall, he’d never paid a penny of child support to any of the “baby mammas.”

    And now this worthless piece of trash (the one with 30 offspring) wants the state to help him?! Bah! Take him out and castrate him. At least then he can’t dump any more of his spawn onto the taxpayers.

    By the way, anyone want to bet that this will appear ANYWHERE on the mainstream media? Didn’t think so.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Does this guy think he’s in the NBA?

    This is more fallout from LBJs “Great Society” which 0bama wants to expand it and keep going, encouraging   the dumbest, laziest, most immoral, selfish and irresponsible to procreate.  Meanwhile, our quality young people can’t have one child because they are subjected to hellish taxes to pay for this guy’s spawn.

    This idiot is a criminal and should be treated as one.

     Sadly, these children will grow up learning neither responsibility nor respect for others.

    This guy’s last name is “Hatchett” giving me an idea of what I’d like to do to him….

    Either that or THIS:


    •  La Raza and its relentless surge in population from various methods will eventually displace the other minorities, including Caucasians.

      Due to a severe lack of the once-vaunted assimilation prepare your offspring for the future.

      Become proficient in Espanol and embrace the cultures below the USA border.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight


    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       This is why I love your posts; paragraph 2 is a quick synopsis describing this upside down world most seem to think is the new normal.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Thank you.

        I was reading a furious debate the other day as to whether or not J.R.R.Tolkein ripped off Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen for his Lord of the Rings.

        The debate delved very deeply into German and Anglo-Saxon mythology as people compared the two works (and the debate became more heated) — with people lined up as either behind Tolken being wholly original or Wagner as the originator of the ‘magical golden, highly-sought out and omnipotent ring’ that ‘destroys those who possess it.’

        Well, there ARE a lot of similarities between the two works…Anyway, as I was reading, I thought:

        “Whiteplight would know all about German and Anglo-Saxon mythology and where and how the idea of the ring originated (and whether or not J.R.R. Tolkein ripped off Wagner).

        I read somewhere that Wagner’s descendants tried to sue Tolkein for plagiarism when “Lord of the Rings” was released, but the judge threw out the case — couldn’t find any references, though.


        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          I admit here that I rarely share your talent for brevity, and I ask yours and others pardon.  For those who don’t want the details skip to paragraph 8.  For the rest, read it if you have the time and powers of concentration; You may be inspired the way I was and at least learn what makes “Whiteplight” tick.

          Hail, and well met, Bon, From the Land of Babble!

          Well, well, you’ve come to the right guy on this one!  As it turns out, I am a very long term Tolkien fan (but not endorsing the nerdy re-enacting stuff).  I first read the main works, The Hobbit in school in 1968 and then read LOTR on my own immediately after, finishing it in two weeks.  I began rereading it taking a month.  I must have re-read it a dozen times over an eight year period.  I once read the entire Trilogy to a girlfriend as “bedtime stories.”  I always said that making a film of it would be impossible, because it would require 12 hours and then some would still be left out.  What finally was produced was mostly good, but fairly meaningless without knowledge of the books themselves, and objectionable due to a few important manipulations of the characters and plot.  Tolkien’s estate sued the producers, but lost because they had sold the film rights to Saul Zaentz in the 1970s.  (I had some contact at a point with members of Zaentz’s family in the 1980s).

            I know people don’t like to read about personal achievements, but the point here is to illustrate, just a little, how much JRR Tolkien influenced my life. 

          And you are right;  It was Tolkien’s works that influenced me to delve deeply into Nordic, Celtic and European folklore.  That led to now decades of the study of real history, etc., etc., including a over three years living in Europe and traveling, not as a tourist, but a field (cultural knowledge) surveyor.  For any who don’t know, JRR Tolkien was a professor of English and Literature at Oxford for most of his life.  He was famous for his then much heralded translation of the Beowulf manuscript and personally discovered another untouched myth cycle from the early medieval period known as “The Pearl.”  He was the linguist of linguists before the title came to be used.  He is also responsible for the way I write and the fact that I will not use foul language or cheap shots, no matter how much someone might use it on me in Amren or any other posting board.  He is also one of the reasons that I am spiritually Asatru.

          A really great place to read about this issue is a great book by historian Norman Cantor, “Inventing the Middle Ages.”  This deals with the prominent figures of the early 20th century who created the vision of that period in many way, but especially culturally.  There are sections on the consequential members of The Inklings, including JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis.  The section on CS Lewis is a real eye opener.  But the section on Tolkien will answer most of your questions and then some.  Here’s the BIG takeaway;  Tolkien’s whole point in writing LOTR was to attempt to renew a set of values and its culture that he saw as the epitome of the highest achievement of Anglo-Saxon (but really Northern European) culture.  It’s best model was to be found in recreating a through the traditional hero-tale a huge story cycle from which Wagner also sampled to very loosely utilize in created the operas known as the Ring Cycles.  What Wagner did that Tolkien did not do was present the story as a set up in the style of the usurpation of early Christianized writers of source material.  Writers for example of Beowulf wrote in the ideas of the fading of the old gods, which was also done in the Ring Cycles (Der Ring des Nibelungs).  Wagner portrays this in the final opera, Gotterdammerung (the twilight of the gods) where the early writers handily portrayed the old religion’s heaven (Valhalla) being destroyed so that a newer, “purer” God could enter into the “world.”  This is a great example of how the early literature of Northern European religion and spirituality was usruped and modified.  Luckily today, we have scholars who are able to see through this and fairly reconstruct a more probable scenario as usurpation rather than a real representation of how the people really believed and worshiped.

           Tolkien did not do this, but spent more time researching a wider field of literature and much more time in creating details such as entire languages for his peoples in the story.  There are recordings of him speaking in the Elvish tongue he created.  It is very beautiful.  That was Tollien’s genius, he told a vast, convoluted tale of struggle and redemption, but he did it with such love and beauty that it often breaks your heart.  There have been endless copycat books and films since then, including JK Rowling books and films.  She even styled her name to resemble JRR Tolkien’s.  It is at the point where some people who discover Tolkien after some of them think he copied them!

          What is remarkable was Tolkien’s own adherence to objectivity and purpose in his creation.  A devout Catholic, he refused to write Christian references into his tale.  He relied instead on the older, deeper views and influences.  If you read the works you would find that all the peoples (the good ones) in Middle Earth have a reverence for their ancestors; family genealogy is so deep that many characters announce their lineage back at least three generations as they prepare to fight  or are confronted by enemies.  The chief character at issue is the descendant of an ancient king and when he announces it to the Evil One, it carries power.  They similarly give their lineage to newly introduced parties.  Tolkien knew what he was trying to do.  He wanted the English (and all Europeans) to remember who they were and retain their identities and cultures using cultural magnetism older and more reliable than Christianity.  The funny thing here is that when they first became popular in America, for the first 20 years or so the LOTR was criticized as occult and satanic.  Later on, it was hailed as a sort of stealth form of Christianity.  I would agree with that only to the extent that Christianity took over and absorbed a great deal of pre-Christian cultural forms and ideas, BUT also some of its characters (as  saints in Catholicism).  For example, it took over the magic wells and converted them to holy wells of pilgrimage where Christian sometimes (still) occasionally see or hear “The Holy Mother.”

          So since both Wagner and Tolkien were using the same sources for their creations, some similarities are going to be seen, especially by the casual observer.  But Tolkien created much more than the original works and created even more than that from ideas and influences from many aspects of Northern European history, legend and myth than Wagner did.  Because Wagner’s work was not his actual creation, but an interpretation, his family rightly lost their lawsuit.  However, there is this from Wiki on this issue;

          “J. R. R. Tolkien’s fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings (1937-1949) shares elements with Der Ring des Nibelungen; however, Tolkien himself denied that he had been inspired by Wagner’s work, saying that “Both rings were round, and there the resemblance ceases.”[18] Some similarities arise because Tolkien and Wagner both drew upon the same source material for inspiration, including the Völsungasaga and the Poetic Edda. However, several researchers posit Tolkien was also indebted to Wagner for some of the latter’s original concepts, such as the ring giving its owner mastery of the world, the ring’s inherently evil nature, its consequent corrupting influence upon the minds and wills of its possessors, and the necessity for its destruction so that the world can be redeemed.

          There are many object lessons for White race realists within Tolkien’s works, radical Leftists have nosed them out and written at times of the “racist” nature of LOTR.  But this is really due to the exaltation of the Anglo-Saxon rather than intentional negativity.   This dosen’t stop the critics however.  The continued popularity of the books AND film are in perhaps an indirect way, a boon to white race realism, and white racial ideals and preservation.

  • sarah stein

     Some day whites will say f this working to support other people.  I’m getting food stamps and section 8.  I’m already being taxed into slavery, might as well reduce the stress to my mind and body and just live off the government.  I’m going to be poor in the end anyway.

    • robinbishop34

      I also believe that many whites may simply become so worn down by the increasingly pessimistic outlook for themselves, they choose not to bring children into the world that will have to shoulder the financial burden and physical violence of a growing population of undesirables.

      • sarah stein

        I’m already there,  my only hope is to see the leeches trying to feed off of other leeches.  I will not bring children into the world only to become slaves.

  • Mahound

    I think having an Asian (or of course a black or mestizo) wife makes a person very race conscious and shatters the egalitarian narrative we all been thought. The first step for such a man is to start reading up on racial science. The second step is to get hooked up with Amren and others. Hence the great number of men/women with non-white spouses or ex-partners on here. The third step is to warn others not to follow that path, for practical as well as philosophical reasons.   

  • TonyWestfield

    There are two ways to learn:
    1. by abstraction
    2. by example

    “Abstraction” takes brains.  It means I listen, or read, and thereby allow myself to be challenged, informed, persuaded, improved.

    “Example” requires no words because the truth is evident.  If I’m too stupid to heed the advice of the longtime resident who says, “Hey, there are rattlesnakes over there in the high grass”…So I stroll on over, maybe barefoot, looking around like an air-head and–CRUNCH!  Well, I learned by example, got bit by the snake.  Hmmm, wish I’d learned by abstraction, by the words of somebody who knows better.

    Desmond Hatchett is a candidate for learning by abstraction?  He may be an imbecile.  Or he may be smart.  You could try to persuade Hatchett with some good advice: “You’ll have a better life if you refrain from mating and replicating yourself times thirty (and counting).”  

    And you could give pretty much the same advice to all those baby-mama creatures masquerading as citizens.  “You would have a better life if only…” 

    Problem is, the good advice isn’t true.  Thanks to the welfare state, low-lifes like Desmond Hatchett and the associated baby-mamas (eleven and counting) are doing just fine.  The only remedy is to teach/learn by example.  If there were no such thing as government welfare, then every little girl and boy would grow up knowing the cost of mating and procreating before one is able to earn a living.  Every kid would learn, by example, that people who rack up huge costs will find themselves living as beggars, some of them in abject, grinding poverty.  Some lucky persons may make mistakes and be deemed worthy of charity, charity delivered face to face, delivered “at will” by persons or organizations that have the prerogative to say “No” if the person in need is deemed unworthy of charity, e.g., the baby-mama who shows up at your doorstep, pregnant, time and time again.

    It’s the only way.  No entitlements, period.  People learn quickly, even if they’re not very smart, when the rattlesnake bites them, or when it bites somebody nearby, near enough that you can hear them groaning in pain, see the wincing.  Yep, learn real good when ya get wacked in the face by Reality.

  • Anon12

    WE keep them alive with all the $$$ we spend on their meds every year. I had read somewhere where it costs us over $50,000 a year for EACH aids patient!  I am sure it is way more than they report.  Most are getting SSI on top of that.

    Yet they complain about smokers and their health costs.  At least smokers pay huge taxes to cover what health concerns they need (if their taxes were spent on that, of course) . Aids carriers do not get TAXED for their immoral lifestyles and no one dare speak of doing so, do they?  They cost us more money than all smokers combined, even though the aids patients are smaller in numbers.


      It can also cost $50,000/yr to maintain a prisoner in jail.   So, whether they stay on welfare, get AIDS,  go to prison, or get an affirmative-action job, it’s all the same — us paying to maintain them.  It is always taxing Whites to provide for “vibrant” people who cannot care for themselves.

      • sarah stein

        We’re the slaves now.  When do I get my forty acres and a mule?

  • amazing the cultural contributions some blacks make to society.

  • mikejones91

    I had a similar “epiphany” on a recent mushroom trip. I was sitting there with a friend, who doesn’t really share the same views and I said to him “Why do black people exist? What good do they do. I mean actually, please tell me. They need us much more than we need them. Unless you are into rap music, they are no use to you”.

  • mikejones91

    I thought the black panthers were co-founded by a jap?

  • sbuffalonative

    30? Obviously he’s only counting the ones he knows about.

    One can only wonder how many of these baby Desmonds are going to grow up to be just like daddy

  • Wonder where all the people are comparing this guy to the Duggar father? I remember some black blogger saying that the Duggars were actually really collecting welfare because they were getting tax breaks, earned income credit and child credits.

    •  The Duggar father makes enough money to support all those children, which means he makes way too much for EITC.  He, like everyone else with dependent children, have per child deductions.

  • …and whats even worse is this guy looks pretty young. He still has quite a few more years of breeding in front of him. Hell, he’s probably had a half dozen more kids since reading this article.

  • ageofknowledge

    This is why voluntary sterilization should be required after the welfare application process is complete and their application approved before any benefits are paid out. It breaks the cycle and ceases to coenable this sort of behavior. On top of all the welfare and social costs, it will also cost millions and millions of dollars to incarcerate many of those children as they mature and begin a life of gangsterism.

    • Texan1st

      Besides sterilization, these women should be forced to provide the name of the father before any benefits are received. If they refuse then they don’t get any money. If they don’t know who the father is, then they must provide a list of possibles and these men should be tested to determine the father. Once the father is determined, the state should begin benefits but keep a running tab on how much they pay out for his children, then bill him for every penny. If it takes him 50 years to pay it back then so be it. If he stops making payments to the state then lock him up and put him to work making minimum wage, but instead of paying him, deduct his earnings from the amount of support he owes. He can have the amount he owes cut in half if he agrees to a vasectomy.

  • ViktorNN

    This one might be a troll, but indeed as a trend in general it’s depressing to so many white men – especially upper middle class white men – pairing up with asian women. We need a New Taboo.

    • Mahound

      It’s due the number of Asians in the universities and other places where Whites hang out. Moreover, since the behaviour of most westernized Asians is quite acceptable, often even more civilized than even some unsophisticated Whites, many Whites take Asian spouses.

    • Detroit_WASP

      Asian woman are beautiful and smart…..WTF is the problem with a white/asian combo?

      • ViktorNN

        There’s nothing wrong with a white/asian combo if you’re into  creating a multiracial mongrel culture.

        Knock yourself out.

  • ViktorNN

    During moments of kindness, I feel like stories like this are a bit sad, and for a moment I think it would be unfair to use this as an example of black stupidity, black incompetence, and black hedonism.

    But then I remember all the negative encounters I’ve had with blacks over the years, and all the members of my extended family who have been victims of black criminality, and I think forget it – this story should be held up and our voices raised to use it to push back against the non-whites who hate us. 

    Shove Desmond Hatchett in their faces. He’s a walking stereotype. Use him to mock them mercilessly.

  • sarah stein

    Responsible people are not having  children.  Who’ll pay for the welfare of future generations?  That’s right, no one.

  • Major

    This creep….this moron…this thug…this irresponsible expert of fornicating and of producing untold litters of dysfunctional future parasites that for the next 4 generation will produce more of the same…should be in a zoo.

    Yes a Zoo. As wild as an animal as he his….as wild and irresponsible as he his with spreading of his “seed”…he needs to be collared and his movements restricted. He’s a walking dirty genetic freak and a bomb.

    In addition…him…he and those like him of which there are many…need to be neutered by a society that demands that one take care of their own. NOT the good taxpayers….NOT the people who are forced to contribute to this walking stud…where in his “world” is looked upon as some kind of a “man…a hero..a bro”…rather than the criminal he is.

    He is the poster stud for the “hip” ghetto male. Disgusting that we have to pay for his lack of control…or the cows on the receiving end of his “generosity”.

  • Texan1st

    If he were White, he would’ve lost any professional licenses he may have and been thrown in jail for non-support. White men go to jail when they fail to support one or two kids. Black men face no consequences when they produce many more and fail to support them. The “child support” is simply passed along for White taxpayers to pay in the form of welfare and other social services.
    As a sidenote, my wife received a notice in the mail the other day that she must reimburse the state $1400 in unemployment benefits she received back in 2006. I couldn’t believe that they were demanding reimbursement 6 years later so I called and spoke to an obvious black lady on the phone. She advised that my wife’s former employer challenged the payments and won in arbitration when my wife failed to show up. I told this lady that the only reason they are coming after my wife 6 years later is because she now lives in a zip code considered upper middle class. That if she lived in a zip code considered “disadvantaged” then the state would merely write it off as a loss and would never seek to recoup. This black lady denied that this happens but told her, “I doubt there are too many people living in the black part of town receiving notices to reimburse the state for unemployment benefits they have received. Kind of like reverse red lining. She got mad and in an angry tone asked me, “Are you going to pay it or do we need to send it to collections?” I told her I haven’t decided yet, at which time she hung up on me.

    • sarah stein

      As the number of white taxpayers drop, because they don’t choose to bring more slaves into the world, the remaining slaves will be squeezed harder.  You’ll see your property taxes double and triple.  And for being responsible by putting money in a 401K, that will be taxed out of existence as well.  The rules have changed, responsibility is punished, irresponsibility is rewarded.

    • Here’s a suggestion as to what to say to the angry black female if you’re ever in that situation again. When she says, “Are you going to pay it or do we need to send it to collections?” just tell her, “Charge it to the dust and let the rain settle it.” That was one of my dad’s sayings, and I’ve always loved it.

  • jack ryan

    “Eight is Enough”

    There was a 70s sit com of this name about a big White family of eight. We need to use this remembered phrase to launch state initiatives to limit low IQ, low income men (Black) from fathering any more than 8 children that they can’t support.

    Let’s start with the great state of Tennessee, contact state legislators.

  • jack ryan

    White racial dating sites have been talked about…. for ever. It’s never worked. The ratio of men to women is about 20 – 1. The best dating tip I have is to get out of politics and get very involved in a very White cultural activity like C&W dancing. White women love to dance and by choosing very White music, instead of Latin music they are strongly putting out the word they want White men. 

    White men learn to fight.
    White men learn to dance.

    Dancing leads directly to sex.

  • If we can’t castrate him, can we share the “flesh-eating bacteria” that ate a man’s penis after surgery?  []

    • sarah stein

       If he would have leased an attractive hooker for the evening, he would have cured his erection problem and wouldn’t have needed the surgery which cost him his penis.

  • That’s a really excellent post, and you make some great points. I never went to college either, and I’ve never regretted it.

     And I agree with you — if you are White, and you want several kids, then have them, and you’ll figure out how to raise them. I’m 67, and many of my classmates in school were the oldest of five or six kids (the Baby Boom was starting). Then we tended to have, on average, probably two kids of our own.

     But I know several people my age whose (on average) two kids have produced six or seven kids of their own. Could it be that there’s a mini-baby boom among the cohort of White Americans between about 30 and early to mid-40s, and the news media is just keeping it from us? Or have I just not kept up with that aspect of the news?

  • You’re absolutely right. My mother was one of 13 children of a farmer and Methodist minister and his wife. All their kids did reasonably well, and I don’t remember any long-standing family feuds or anything like that. I grew up as an only child, and I’ve regretted it all my life.

  • Wrong move, Lorin. That’s just what they want us to do — give up and go away. I’d have confronted her about that attitude. As long as we keep “taking it,” they’ll keep dishing it out.

  • ed91

     my, aren’t you the cat’s meow?

    I doubt that you’re as smart as you think you might be.

  •  Not all of us have Asian wifes. My wife is a white Arab. Yet I receive only scorn from the Amren die-hard.

    • Detroit_WASP

      I’d rather have a smart asian or arab wife than a dumb white one.

      • ViktorNN

        The real question is whether you’d rather have a dumb asian or dumb arab wife rather than a smart white wife.

        I’m betting you would, and that’s really all we need to know about you, isn’t it?

    • I just wanted to say that I really enjoying your brutally direct comments and I’m glad that you’ve choosen to ignore the narrow minded (the politically correct within the world of the policially incorrect) ‘die hards’ here and continue sharing your views. Your words carry weight such as “white woman are the only raical group I’ve seen who attack their own racial group’s men”, such as with the use of calling white men “guys” and the “Holland must be a black mans paradise” are all painful truths of which I come here to read.
      I have a lot of respect for your past, intelligence and opinions sir, I just posted it here, because I doubt anyone comes back this far or looks at my personal activity. All the best.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Tragically, they are not all black baby mommas, either.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Ignore ed91.  Some people on posting boards have such low self- esteem that rather than discuss or debate the story, they attack anyone who speaks of their own achievements when making a point.  I know of many very intelligent people who cannot get jobs or careers started due to their being white and especially white male.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Tabby’s are British cats (as well as some other breeds, I’m not an expert), so check yours, you may have a cat that is more British than many people in Britain today.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     You’ve given a good example of why we mustn’t condemn our welfare system out of hand.  I mean that in an all white society, trying to survive and perpetuate itself, we would want to take care of our troubled members because they are our brethren.  I wish I had enough money to pay for young white women to have white babies.  (Don’t laugh, I don’t mean with me as the baby daddy).  I mean even if we used the sperm banks for the best white male dna.  I would love to see a program for producing uber whites put in place.  I am always criticizing posters who seem to support Hitler and his style of national socialism.  Just because I think he got it horribly and tragically wrong, dosen’t mean he had no good ideas at all.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Funny you should post this comment.  The white civil wars go all the way back to the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of Christianity.  These wars, even our own CW were either frankly Christian Civil wars, or results of the problems that their earlier religious wars caused.

    If one studies the very religious English Civil War (17thc), and follows its principal characters to the American colonies, we have the Royalists (nobility) in Virginia and the Roundheads (Puritans) in Massachusetts.  Their resentments and opposing outlooks simmered right through the colonial period and Revolutionary War, to finally rejoin to settle the ancient resentments once and for all in 1860.  The English CW was religiously driven and our CW can be traced straight back to it.

    Our own CW could have been prevented (slavery was ended in England  and Europe without civil wars), but in the U.S., we had religious factions in New England that supported inciting slaves to runaway, causing harsher treatment, which in turn increased the fervor of the self-righteous abolitionists.  Next, we have the case John Brown, who you might recall was a preacher who went to Kansas, where he helped stoke the fires for the war.  He said that there would be no justice in America until every drop of blood drawn by the whip was atoned for by the blood of the sinful white nation.  He led a terrorist plot to capture an army munitions depot at Harper’s Ferry, VA with the aim of fomenting a slave revolt.  His plan was put down and he was killed, but his actions spurred the inevitability of the CW forward.  It was a religious war, top to bottom with all the righteous hymns and prayers from both sides, but especially on the Northern side. 

    So Anon12, history is a huge subject, but studying it superficially is a mistake and it doesn’t do anyone any good if they can’t learn from it.  This is just one of the many reasons that I reject Christianity.  If you want to read about where the modern epic of whites killing whites wholesale began, start with the Albigensian Crusade in France in the 13th century.

    The question is, can we learn enough to not repeat this history among ourselves?

  • vladdy1

    I read the first line of your post and that’s all. What a let-down, after reading the great post in the last thread (I congratulated that smart man and gave him the Post-of-the-month award.) It would be nice -t and good for the white race, if white men would stop telling us white women that we are unbearable and that you worship the Asians. It makes us feel completely unwelcome, which I don’t think is what you want for your future White Nation. You want to chase white women away from sites like this, that’s just how to do it. (My apologies to any men — or women — who gave him what-for after I wrote this and left for the night.)

    We’re not shrews or pieces of meat to be judged or PC idiots — we are peoople  as worried about the racial situation as you are, if not more, as we ultimately are in more danger.

    End Rant.

    • ViktorNN

      I’m afraid a lot of us men confuse “feminism” with “white women.” 

      It’s an easy to make mistake considering how most educated white women have had some degree of exposure to feminism, but it’s still a mistake. The situation is this: the problem isn’t white women, it’s feminism and the entire array of anti-traditional forces that are well on the way toward destroying the institution of the white family. 

      Blaming any amount of our plight on white women is to squabble amongst ourselves in an energy sapping manner which only chips away more at our damaged gender relations and strengthens our enemies who love to see us weak and in decline.

      Again, white women aren’t the problem. It’s feminism and anti-traditionalism. Look for who is propagating these toxic ideologies and then you’ll find the true culprits.

  • Just as people can have property confiscated or destroyed, and therefore property has terms to it, so should reproductive ‘rights’. The state should enforce vasectomies.

  • Despite the claims of IQtards, many people plan kids just to claim off the state and fund addictions. Some of them use abortion as birth control between needing to squirt a new one out, whilst the kids they have run riot without discipline.

    Reproductive choice must be removed from family planning for it to be effective.


    It’s absolutely sickening.  These people could just shut up about it, but they choose to rub it our faces constantly.  It shows they are really here annoy people and are not seriously pro-white(how could they be?).  


    Seriously, the moderator needs to stop allowing posts from white males boasting about their miscegenation.  It’s an outrageous double standard that is driving away racially aware white females from this site.   How do you think white women feel reading this garbage, moderator?  

    Doesn’t matter what I think, even though I agree with you. I’m not the boss. — Moderator