Posted on May 18, 2012

Sean King Wears Black-Face to Be Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at School

Kristen Gosling, KSDK (Colorado Springs), May 18, 2012

A second grader got in trouble this week for dressing up as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and wearing black-face make-up for a class project.

Eight-year-old Sean King says he meant no harm by wearing the make-up, but that didn’t stop his principal from calling him into his office. Sean attends Falcon School District 49 in Colorado Springs.

The principal says several teachers and students were offended by the make-up.

The NAACP says the principal did the right thing.

The organization says it’s proud of Sean for portraying Dr. King, but says he shouldn’t have worn the black make-up.

Sean’s mother says she’s so upset she might pull her son out of the school.

“I worked very hard, I tried my best. I don’t want to be mean to them. It’s just a costume. I don’t want to insult anybody,” Sean said.