Sean King Wears Black-Face to Be Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at School

Kristen Gosling, KSDK (Colorado Springs), May 18, 2012

A second grader got in trouble this week for dressing up as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and wearing black-face make-up for a class project.

Eight-year-old Sean King says he meant no harm by wearing the make-up, but that didn’t stop his principal from calling him into his office. Sean attends Falcon School District 49 in Colorado Springs.

The principal says several teachers and students were offended by the make-up.

The NAACP says the principal did the right thing.

The organization says it’s proud of Sean for portraying Dr. King, but says he shouldn’t have worn the black make-up.

Sean’s mother says she’s so upset she might pull her son out of the school.

“I worked very hard, I tried my best. I don’t want to be mean to them. It’s just a costume. I don’t want to insult anybody,” Sean said.


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  • Oil Can Harry

    The portrayal wasn’t realistic enough.

    After applying the blackface and fake moustache the child should have committed plagiarism, praised the Viet Cong and brought hookers back to his hotel room- while beating some of them. 

    • anonymous_amren

      The Viet Cong deserve praise. They fought bravely against a foreign invasion, and we should follow their example. Martin Luther King was right in that regard, and right to criticise the Vietnam war.

      Maybe you blame the Viet Cong for Vietnam’s current corruption and incompetence. But the truth is the problem is genetic. Vietnam is corrupt because it is full of Vietnamese people. Anywhere else that becomes full of Vietnamese people will become the same way.

      MLK had no other redeeming features though.

      • Oil Can Harry

        Like yourself, I feel the US should never have gotten involved in Vietnam.

        However, MLK didn’t merely make this point. He hailed the Viet Cong as “the only party in real touch with the peasants” and denied they were communist while comparing the US soldiers to Nazi doctors like Joseph Mengele!

        Of course these disgusting comments have  been sent down the memory hole.

  • MikeofAges

    Theatrical performance is, to a large extent, ethnic performance. Look at Shakespeare, for example.

    If you are going to teach, at least teach that back in the minstrel
    and vaudeville days, there was no television. No cinema in the
    contemporary sense until the 1930s. Traveling acts and shows were all
    people had. All of which means, we just don’t know completely what is
    was all about or how it was taken. Not that what performers did then is
    appropriate today. It might not have been appropriate even its own day.
    But keep in mind, much of our entertainment, especially comedy, is rife
    with racial and ethnic slapstick. We even have our own conventions about
    what forms of racial and ethnic impersonation are acceptable.

  • I thought race was merely a social construct.

  • Derb has noticed a comment that perfectly summarizes this:

    Multiracial societies are so boring.
    People waste so much time talking about race. In a monoracial society,
    that time is freed up for talk about money, sport, sex, politics.…

    I think it’s a good point. An American or a Brit might justifiably
    cast the occasional envious glance at Japan, Iceland, Hungary, Uruguay,
    or any of the other nations whose citizens can pass from one year’s end
    to the next without attending a diversity sensitivity training seminar, watching ethnic-leadership hucksters whining on TV about “discrimination,” or having his intellect insulted by jurisprudential preposterosities such as “disparate impact.”


    • mikejones91

      “We have enough diversity, and we don’t need YOURS”. Funny comment I read on a new-site. 

  • sbuffalonative

    White parents teaching their white child to admire a black ‘civil rights’ ‘hero’?

    I’m sorry but I can’t support this. He should have portrayed a white hero and not a black man. Did his parents and his school not teach him that there are white historical heroes to emulate?

    Stories like this are very odd. Even if his parents were enlightened, liberal, progressives, they should have known that white people can not do black face. I mean, how ignorant can you be in this day and age? How could they not have know this would be controversial?

    While I would have like to see him portray a white hero, I suspect he would have gotten the same condemnation for dressing up as any white ‘racist’ from Americas ‘racist’ past.

    • He could have done a story about the white doctors that discovered how to prevent Kuru. The disease is one of the best eye openers for multiculturalism. Dont look it up on a full stomach, but it was spread thru black culture.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Was that not an assignment by the teacher?  In any case, a valuable lesson for the boy, if he learned it.

    • For White accomplishments, I just start gesturing around the room at any device they see.   It works every time.   Literally everything they set their eyes on will have been made by White men.  
      Their cellphones, the TV, the artwork, the bulb they can see with, the remote control, the air-conditioning, their make-up etc etc.

  • sbuffalonative

    Yes, this boy was brainwashed by his school. They likely only taught him three things: blacks were slaves, white people were (and still are) racists, and only blacks are heroes and to be admired for standing up to the ‘injustice of racism’.

    I’ll bet it’s de rigueur when speaking of our Founding Fathers to include snide remarks about ‘racist slave owners’.

    • That is what I leaned.  To the tee, you just described my social studies education.

  • radical7

    I admire him for paying homage to Dr. Martin Luther King jr. A truly great American. However, their ignorance of racially inappropriate behavior is troubling.

    • I don’t think the young man will have any use for that mask any more after this hoopla. You might want to try and buy it from him.

    • Flagged for trolling.
      Can we get a final ban on this clown?

    • The__Bobster

      Yes, this fraud and sorry excuse for a man truly does represent your people.

  • He was probably assigned or only given a choice of pre aproved people.

  • radical7


    “Flagged for trolling.Can we get a final ban on this clown?”

    Perhaps you can actually make an effort to refute my arguments as opposed to requesting  that I be prohibited for expressing my viewpoints on this website at every turn?

    • Shush child.  The adults are having a discussion here.

    • MikeofAges

      You may think you know how to stay on  message. You may think that you are the North  Star. But one of these days, you and I will get into it and you’ll find out what being exposed means.

      “And you will know my name is The Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.” Jules in “Pulp Fiction” (1994)

      You think that you are the “righteous man” and that the people here represent “the tyranny evil men”.

      Actually, you represent “the iniquities of the selfish”. That idea I interpret to mean the world of lewdness and greedy egocentrism the masses of humanity lives in. You think not, but the constant accusations your type flings around and your demagoguery betray you for what you are, a bunch of angry nihilists.

  • radical7

    The Bobster wrote:
    “Yes, this fraud and sorry excuse for a man truly does represent your people.”

    If you are referring to the human race, then you are indeed correct.

  • radical7

    Afrikanerhart stated:

    “Shush child.  The adults are having a discussion here”

    Then you certainly have no business being here.

  • Jim

    Wow. The next Al Jolson.

  • sbuffalonative

    This boy and his mother are wholly misguided.  I can excuse the boy because of his age and his indoctrination but the mother should have known better.

    While I don’t approve of his choice of ‘heroes’, this kid thought he was doing something good by emulating someone he was told was a ‘hero’. Blacks should have commended him and supported him for the effort (or at least, laughed it off). It’s another sad reminder that when it comes to blacks, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  • Way to go, mom. Perhaps your son will realize who the real racists are in this country, and it aint us here on Amren.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    I don’t disagree about the Cong, or any other communists, for that matter.  What I don”t see is how it got to be the US’s responsibility to shed blood and treasure for other countries.  Perhaps WW2, certainly NOT WW1, nor Korea.  Nope, I think the last “good” war was the Mexican-American War.  In fact, I think we need another one to push back the Reconquistas.

  • Francis Galton

     I agree, except for one thing: I think you meant to say Liberalism…is a form of DYSGENICS.  Eugenics specifically refers to improvements in the gene pool, which Liberalism most certainly is NOT.

  • sbuffalonative

    “This child needs to be taught a lesson.”

    Please, everyone, stop blaming the boy. The kid is only 8. He’s the victim. The victim of the school for what and how they teach and the people at the school who can’t see this is a success for them (teaching a white boy to see MLK JR as a hero) and then turned around and condemned him.

    Stop blaming the boy.

  • “they turned on each other like hyenas because they are so P.C. programmed”

    This is going to be so crazy and funny to see.  P.C. programming in action can be very scary, almost Zombie-like.  Some crazy things may happen to people who have their programming broken down.  

    It can be chilling to witness large gathering of verbose-PC speak, it’s like a meeting of the Communist International.


    If you want less competition from up and coming smart people, DISCOURAGE THE SMART PEOPLE FROM BREEDING.

    The White Genocide project is aimed at creating more docile subjects, and less competition against the current elite. 

    Liberalism: Eugenics for more dependent subjects, and less competition.

  • IstvanIN

    At least Mom didn’t put a Don King wig on him.