Army Replaces Female Head of Drill Sergeant School

Susanne M. Schafer, Stars and Stripes, May 17, 2012

The first female commandant of the Army’s elite drill sergeant school, who had been suspended for a time by the Army, has bid a tearful farewell to supporters, students and colleagues as she stepped down from her historic position.

Command Sgt. Maj. Teresa King says the past six months of being suspended and then reinstated amounted to very trying times. She says she still believes the Army is a great place to serve the country.

The Army never explained why it suspended her on Nov. 29, nor did it offer a full explanation when she was reinstated May 11. It would just say the investigation involved her conduct.


Teresa King


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  • Oil Can Harry

    Sad to see her go. I’m positive she was the best candidate for the job and her promotion had nothing to do with affirmative action or political correctness.

  • libertarian1234

    The only thing we can be sure of is that the politically correct brass in the Pentagon promoted her above qualified white men, because she’s a black female.

    White men should NEVER enlist in the US military anymore.  It is now corrupt from the top down.

    • Anonymous

      I won’t either and I’m an able-bodied white male.  I’m not dying or getting my body parts removed from my body or going blind or deaf just for greedy politicians.  Unless I’m going to be fighting off drug cartels or the invasion on our border, I don’t see any reason to join the service.

      • blight14

         Well stated…..any war other that the righteous one you noted (OUR border) isn’t a war for America…….we’re constantly fighting for someone else…..

      • Mutant_Swarm

         ” I’m not dying or getting my body parts removed from my body or going blind or deaf just for greedy politicians. ”


        “War is when the government tells you who the enemy is. Revolution is when you decide for yourself.” – Harold Covington

    • dd

      I disagree.   Someday our marxist overseers are going to ask the Army to turn on white citizens.  I hope there will be a few left in the Army to oppose that action.

      • You are wrong, they will follow orders, any orders.  What Army do you think killed off the Indians and placed the survivors on reservations.  Who rounded up the Japanese-Americans in WWII and sent them to concentration camps.  The US  Army, any Army will just follow orders.  

        • crystal evans

           Also thousands of Japanese American men joined the 442 Regimental Combat Unit and the 100th Infantry during WW2. These were among the most decorated units of the war.

          • StivD

            Here we go again. I have no interest in cheerleading for the Japanese or having to read it..

            I would have put Japanese under guard too, if not in concentration camps. They would have had an eye kept on them as much as possible. The Japanese at that time were emperor worshiping militaristic fanatics. They were similar to Muslims of today who live in this country but retain a LOT of loyalty to their culture, and more importantly their religion. 

            Japanese are not white. I see no reason at all that they should be given such a pass and too much admiration.  If you think otherwise, you’re just another minority with a grievance.
            The U.S. also didn’t ‘almost lose’ WW2. There were a few battles where the Japs got the upper-hand, but we adapted to their fighting style and killed them to a man at times. The U.S. may have been slightly misguided in other ways during the war. But we were attacked  no matter what else led up to that. 

            I’m really sick of hearing this weird way of looking at the U.S. at that time. It would’ve been a hell of a lot better in many ways compared to the present.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            Well said and I agree for two reasons:

            1) Asians are way overrated on this website. Even the Japanese had to learn most of their technology from us, yet most whites seem to have forgotten that.

            2) While we should be against big government and foreign wars, I don’t understand why so many people on here enjoy degrading the capabilities of our military against nonwhites even during discussions about past wars when our military was still mostly white. When we lose wars against nonwhites it is because we choose to pull out and not fight hard enough. I refuse to believe that the Vietnamese, arabs or WWII Japanese armies ever had an upper hand over white armies in the brains department. The people in this movement who make these claims are the same people who claim we never went to the moon. Both theories are anti white and are driven by an irrational hatred of anything related to the American government after 1930.

            armies in the brains department. The same people in this movement make those claims also

          • My x’s Grandfather was an Italian farmer on the coast of Half Moon Bay, CA., during WWll.  He was allowed to farm the land during the day but at night he had to leave his home and stay away from the shoreline.  His house, which still stands today, was about 1000 yards from Venice Beach.  The Japanese were not the only ones who were quarntined.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             The Left loves to bring up this Japanese regiment every time WW2 is discussed.  Here’s the BIG FLAW; they were not fighting Japanese, but in Europe killing whites.  I often wonder what they would have acted  like if they were doing some of that island hoping or flying a fighter or bomber, or even manning an anti-aircraft gun?

            On the other hand, German Americans were fighting in Europe, as were Italian Americans, etc.  They had to deal with all the pain and contradictions of the factions in the populations, kill their own kind, even women and children.  I am aware of a Jewish song about how Jews from the same families and communities had to fight each other in WW1 on the Eastern Front.

            I’m sick of hearing about this PC Japanese regiment.

            It turned out that there was a very well set up spy ring in Hawaii and they had Pearl Harbor completely mapped out, including the ships identities.  Howard Hughes, famous for his paranoia and later huge contribution in spy satellite development, build the world’s fastest aircraft in the early 1930s.  His design was stolen by Japanese spies and used directly to develop the famous “Zero.”
            Even though it never happened, there was a fear of attack on the West Coast.  Some say that it could never have happened after the Battle of Midway, but few know that Oregon of the Japanese launched balloon bombs.  One killed several people later on in Oregon. 

            In retrospect it seems like an over reaction to have interned the Japanese American citizens during WW2, but we forget that it was total war, and that these camps were not in any way similar to either German OR Japanese prisoner camps.  Conversely, the Japanese for some reason were not tried for war crimes as part of the total surrender agreement, but they deserved to be for the treatment of civilians in China (mass executions) and other places like the Philippines, not to mention the POW camps where the Geneva Conventions were ignored and prisoners were tortured and starved.   The contrast in how the two countries managed their non-common ethnicity’s couldn’t be more starkly contrasting.

      • You should take a closer look next time you see a photo of the US Army.  Most of the troops are blacks, tans, and illegal aliens from South America.  The US Army is now a foreign army that looks at white Americans as a problem.

        • Luckly the elite troops havent droped their standards enough to let minorities in.

      • blight14

         Look up the ‘Oath Keepers’ if you aren’t already familiar with the organization….

    • TomIron361

      Sir, when the final break comes in our country, we’ll need people who are experienced with the latest weaponry. They’ll be the nucleus of leaders who will lead us in the inevitable fight with the minorities. It won’t be the talking heads. 

    • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

      I won’t say no one should ever join, only because since I did not and have zero experience with the military I can’t make such a statement with certainty. I do know I don’t want my sons joining up; for reasons such as we see here on AmRen and others.

      Parents of young boys: watch out for those damned video games, especially the Call of Duty series. They’re addictive, engrossing and worst of all they’re exciting. The depiction they make of combat couldn’t be a better propaganda tool for enlisting future cannon fodder if it were designed to be just that (which for all I know it might be). Even if your teenager consciously knows that it’s all glorified, dramatized nonsense, you’ll be amazed at how impressionable he still is. Listen in on him when he’s playing online, and listen to the other kids he’s talking too, you’ll likely be mortified.

      I have no disrespect for those who have chosen to serve and done so honorably. But considering the ends to which our military is being put these days- with much emphasis on imperial wars overseas and very little to actually protecting these united States themselves-  I cannot fathom how any loving parent could want it for their child.

      As for me, if I wanted to live in a third world hellhole and be shot at, I’d move back to Baltimore.

      • ncpride

        You’re not kidding my friend, we made the mistake of buying our son that Call of Duty game and the mic to go along with it. It IS addictive and never have so many fights and arguments followed to get him off that game. It’s to the point now where we have completely taken it away. And you’re right, the others he was talking to online was what caught my attention to begin with. Good grief! Yes, your warning is a very valid one so all parents take heed. Next time, I’ll do more research before buying him a video game.

    • The US Army is any army in name only.  The last war it won was WWII and it nearly lost that war.  The US Army cannot even defeat a nation without an air force or navy and is made up of old men and kids.  The US Army new mission is to subjugate the American people and provide a nation of economic slaves to the Government.  

      • blight14

         We didn’t ‘win’ WWll, we fell for the orders of others to go off and fight our own people….I can’t call that a win by any stretch of the imagination……..

  • anonymous_amren

    She’s never been deployed and knows nothing about combat. By all accounts she is incompetent. She is only supported by black people. There is no chance whatsoever that she got the job on merit.

  • Francis Galton

    I would be very interested to survey all members of the American military with the following question, and then break down the responses by race:

    What is your primary motivation for serving in the Armed Forces?

    A) I have a proud family tradition of military service
    B) I dream of graduating from college one day, and the military will help me pay for it
    C) I have a strong sense of patriotism and feelings of obligation to my country
    D) The weak economy makes it hard to find and keep a good job, whereas the military provides security
    E) The cost of health insurance is skyrocketing, and the military provides excellent health benefits

    My guess is (assuming complete honesty) that most Whites would answer either A) or C), whereas most minorities (blacks especially) would answer either B), D), or E).

    Having lived in a Navy city for a number of years, I have concluded from many different conversations that the primary reason blacks join the military is for the tangible benefits they receive; they rarely join for patriotic reasons.  I wouldn’t be surprised if such is the case for this commandant.

    Even when they’re honorable, they’re really NOT!

    • A lot of whites would go for the college aid as they have now non merit based funding, and would have to compete with minorities that cant even spell their names to enter harvard

  • TomIron361

    Looking at this so called “woman,” it’s hard to figure it having anything to do with anything “Elite.”

  • StivD

    Her conduct may have as much to do with her sexual orientation and conduct with subordinates as it has to do with her race. 

    Black and maybe a lesbian, deadly comb. No wonder they won’t talk about it; two sacred cows would be slain at the same time.

  • anarchyst

    Those of us who have served honorably have taken an “oath” to defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic.  I trust that American troops (not necessarily officers) will REFUSE unlawful orders to fire on American citizens . . .
    The “oath” that we took is valid for LIFE and has never been rescinded.  Google “Oath Keepers” to learn more . . .
    The marxist way of quelling “insurrecction” is to employ FOREIGN troops as they have no allegiance to America and would have no problem firing on Americans . . . If riots break out in several major cities, look for the o’bama to request help from United Nations troops . . . those “blue helmets” will be easy to target . . .

    • It would be very comforting to hear that many officers would refuse to issue orders to fire. Are there retired officers capable of leading, who are active in the Oath Keepers?

      Ironically, I have their website open on another page and just started to look around. My friend recommended I look into the site the other day.

      • anarchyst

        It is fact that many higher ranking officers are more akin to politicians than professional military personnel and will “do what it takes” to please their civilian bosses (corrupt politicians, etc).

    • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

      The problem there is the word “unlawful.”  Who determines what is unlawful behavior and what is not?  The people who issue orders to the military, that’s who.  Remember Ruby Ridge and Waco.  They’ll kill your wife if you have a shotgun that’s too short without a tax stamp and they’ll burn your children if they don’t like the way you worship.  All it takes is for their leaders, who they are trained to never question, to reassure them that the people under their boots are outside the protection of the law. 
      They’ll brandish their bayonets at whites who want their own schools, when the Supreme Court’s determined it’s “unlawful” for them to want to keep their schools white. 
      They’ll gas and charge their own brothers in arms for refusing to drop their demands for promised moneys to be paid and refusing to vacate the National Mall.  It was ordered by the president, after all.  Must have been because they were acting “unlawful.”  

      Before that they invaded and laid waste to the South and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of its inhabitants, all because they felt the union was temporary and decided their fortunes were better under their own leadership.  Whites did this to whites well before Black Run America, don’t ever forget that.

      Just a few stances that were determined to be “unlawful.”
      So just what exactly do you think is more likely to happen once Adolf Hitler is again tied to race realism and it’s finally determined to be “unlawful” to be one?  Will the Stryker brigades lay down their arms and side with us, or will they run us down under their fighting vehicles and cut us in half with machine guns?  Soldiers make their money by following orders to visit death and destruction outside the protection of government.  If they don’t follow orders they don’t eat and neither do their families.
      You folks need to get over these illusions that the combat rank-and-file will split from their leadership and become good little white nationalists.  They’ve had plenty of opportunities to do so over the years and have never done it.  They’ll make sure you submit and obey as long as they get checks from Uncle Sam, and when they aren’t they’ll likely go freelance and kill for the highest bidder. 

      • anarchyst

        Good food for thought . . . thanks for sharing it . . .
        I would suggest obtaining a copy of the book “Unintended Consequences” by author John Ross.
        Although quite pricey and out-of-print, it is available on ebay and amazon.
        This book is a novel AND a history lesson in one and is a good read.
        In it are possible solutions . . .

  • Southern__Hoosier


    • Up to my neck in CA

      Why Southern Hoosier you ol’ super sleuth!! Thank you for sharing!

    • GOOD GOD, thats a soul draining site. But at least it shows how to cut spending.

    • Thank you Southern_Hoosier. I had a feeling the reasons for dismissal would have something to do with moral turpitude and/or incompetence. Anyone who has worked with blacks can relate similar experiences. I’ve seen it in manufacturing, sales and government. 99% of the time these and similar stories never make it through the media filter, unless they occur at the higher levels of government.  Former Detroit Mayor Kilwame Patrick of Detroit is a good example. But for every case we hear about, there are thousands of similar stories each and every year. Just like black crime, the media and our government do everything in their power to cover up stories of black incompetence and moral failure. 

  • Bandmoo

    Is that her “War Face”?

  • Why did I know she was black?  Why?

  • They were forced to come here against their will and they remind us of this 24/7.  If they can be forced to come here against their will, they can be encouraged to leave against their will.  Several African nations have started repatriation programs and would like their sons and daughters who were forced to go across the ocean and sold into slavery to return.  Blacks need to return to their own homelands in Africa.  They do not belong.

    • crystal evans

       Where would they go?Most blacks do not know where their homelands are. Attempts such as the establishment of Liberia and Marcus Garvey’s back to Africa movement failed.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Of course they failed.  Anywhere they go, they fail.  I could not care less where they go, as long as it is somewhere in Africa.  After they get there, their population will kept under control by their own depredations, if whites stop sending aid to them.

  • crystal evans

     I mean that as long as a soldier is on active duty, the military will pick up the tab for a college education. I guess she was too lazy to go to an online school like the University of Phoenix, where she would have to take classes and complete assignments. So she chose to attend a diploma mill where she could get a degree based on her “life experience”.

  • ageofknowledge

    It’s filled with bossy women and homosexuals anymore. It’s a hen house. I tell every young white male today thinking of joining the military today to consider the French Foreign Legion if they are tough and able and really do have what it takes and want a military experience or instead to go straight to college and pick up a degree in something useful and in demand.

  • Johnny Reb

    Since she’s black, the answer is one or more of the following:

    1)  Sexual abuse of someone she wasn’t supposed to touch
    2)  Theft
    3)  Corruption

    Simple incompetence wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Or all three?

  • Major

    Oh for gods sake….haven’t we gone too far? There’s just so much an American fighting soldier should take…and it’s not a negro female in the GD locker room. WTF is wrong with us? Or more precisely….these so called sissy “commanders’ that think multi cultural race baited AA crap can serve any “good”purpose.

    Don’t ask…don’t tell…is enough of an assault and against any true blooded soldier.

    Personally? If I had any sway over enlistments…..I’d grant every active duty serviceman 1 million to leave..resign…get out. To save face and America….they need to say..NO MORE DROPPED SOAP BARS IN THE SHOWERS!!! And gays…need not apply.

    What a disgrace…what a sham…what a waste.

  • Major

    “The command sergeant major’s master and doctor of divinity degrees were issued by unaccredited diploma mills!…”

    Wonderful…now she can work for the other black fraud “Revvvvunds” like Al Charlatan or Messy Jerkson. They’re all the same…pimps with a fraudulent “holy” collar. I think I’m going to get a “Revvvvvvund” degree to…..from the White is Right Ministry. Why not?

  • TomIron361

    Yes J.P., I’ve always thought this. I remember a time when I was in Vietnam. I was in Da Nang and had just gotten out of hospital and was going back to my unit. I went to the quonset hut (arrival-departures) where you got assigned flights. It was during the Tet offensive. There were many blacks there. I reported to the guy at the desk and told him I wanted to go to Khe Sanh. He told me there were no flights to Khe Sanh, but I could stay in Da Nang for three days, but on the third day, I had to go somewhere and stamped my orders and told me I could wait till noon  and then I could do what I wanted the rest of the day. As I was sitting there, the MPs came in one side of the building and the blacks ran out the other side. If we’d been a ship, we’d have capsized. It occured to me that they were all without orders. Next day the same thing happened, but of course, the MPs were on the other side and caught them when they ran out. Blacks just can’t do anything on the up and up, no matter how big or how small. They just have to louse things up. The few that were in my unit were about the same as that, always beefing about everything.   

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      Interesting story. I am a female who respects white men who have served, but considering my gender, I am basically militarily illiterate. Can you explain that MP situation a little more and why the blacks were scared of them? Your story is fascinating and I want to understand it better.

      • TomIron361

        Hello Courtney, Yeah, they were over the hill AWOL (Absent without leave). They had to run from the MP’s because they didn’t have proper orders. When a man is detached from his outfit, he has papers stating why he isn’t with his unit. Some/many of the black originally had proper papers, but all orders have a limt of time. Certainly, I’d imagine they’d stayed away from their unit past the limits of their orders. My own were in order, therefore I had no reason to run from the MPs. They checked mine and then went about their business, just like if a policeman asks you to identify yourself. After you do it, the policeman goes about his business and leaves you alone. I hope that clears it up for you.

  • BO

    On two occasions I had the opportunity to be partnered on projects with affirmative action ‘service members’. My second experience was with ‘G’, a black 38-yr old officer. G would no-s*** hang out in front of Wal Mart wearing his uniform and hit on white girls. He got busted once for using an ultra high-security and hugely expensive communications connection to carry on a phone sex relationship with some female he had met in Japan. What kind of idiot doesn’t realize that security people monitor those connections?
    Me and G had a decent managed working relationship, and he even invited me to a sex romp with some sisters during an out-of-town hotel stay (I respectfully declined). As an aside, does this invitation prove that I am not a racist?
    Perhaps the military is making progress. More likely is that the colored in the leaderships ranks are simply undergoing wilding.

    • jlksdfjs

      G. sounds like a chill dude who is a good team player.  You sound uptight and a bitter racialist loser.

  • Are you actually trying to say these men would not follow the orders of their black commander in chief if he ordered them to violently defend the interests of Al Sharpton and black America against well-meaning white Americans? Preposterous

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    The fact that she is black doesn’t even phase me. It is the part about her being a “she” that shows me how far our military has fallen. Allowing women to bark orders at men in that profession inparticular is degrading and demeaning towards them (men).

  • Jack Whiskey

    Just another Affirmative Action hire! HOAH! FTA!

  • DongQuiDic

    She was prolly giving out the muh coochie to the privates

  • DongQuiDic

    Snowhitey, That is the best comment I have read all year.

  • Greg West

    One of, if not the finest Marines I ever served under was black as the ace of spades.
    He was very intelligent, earnest and extremely professional.
    However he was indeed the exception. During my last year in I had access to all service record books in my battalion and every black GT score I looked at was at a level of  mental retardation and the individual would not have been allowed to enlist if he were white.

    We even had a Major that was the C.O. of a Maint Co that had a BS phys ed degree and a GT score of 75. That is not the typical score of the vaunted USMC officer corps. In fact had that major been white he would not been accepted as an enlisted Marine which required a GT of 100 or 110 if SNM was a high school drop out.

  • Paul Craig Roberts eplains the reason for the wars here:

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    I have a lot of respect for men who become pilots…….something I would be afraid to do. We need more white male pilots and less minority pilots.

  • Mutant_Swarm

    From the story:

    “But MCC investigators have checked
    out King’s educational credentials and come to a shocking conclusion.
    That’s the real smoking gun. The command sergeant major’s master and
    doctor of divinity degrees were issued by unaccredited diploma mills!
    They’re not worth the paper they are printed on.

    We found out King’s master’s degree in business management
    from Alameda College was granted her for “life experience” and cold,
    hard cash.”

    Alameda College appears to be a properly accredited two year community college. In California, two year community colleges do not award masters’ degrees. If I can check these facts, MCC can and should have checked also. It’s not fair to Alameda College to take the heat for a student who lies about them, if that is what happened.

  • Apparently I didn’t get the sarcasm across. My whole point was that liberals don’t join the military, so if a doomsday race-war ever broke out it would be trained soldiers vs. hippies and gang-bangers.

    • Sarcasm was not lost on me. I am a little surprised to see that picture though. What is the source and are you sure it is not photo shopped?

      Does the SS stand for sniper squad, or something else? I wonder how they would justify that?

      That being said, I’m glad they’re all White.

      • anarchyst

        Yes, the SS stands for Sniper Squad . . . there is too much “thin skinned” irrational behavior concerning the supposed “runes”.  It is our j****h supremacist masters who are up in arms over these patriots and their choice of style of letter “S’s”.

  • libertarian1234

    Good for you guy.  What you are advising should be followed by as many people who are able to do so.

    DHS is reporting that there are now about 1200 militias already formed in this country.

    We need about 5,000 of them,  consisting of an average of about 200 people each.

    They could also serve as social organizations with barbecues and other get togethers.

    •  DHS is reporting that there are now about 1200 militias already formed in this country.

      Doubtful.  DHS reports because the SPLC reports, and the SPLC reports that for the obvious fund raising purpose.

  • anarchyst

    I agree with the draft because, in times of conflict it is important for all citizens to have “skin in the game”.  I would take it one step further . . . politician’s sons and daughters should be the first to enlist . . . as enlisted persons. . . no “college deferments” as was the case during the Viet Nam war . . .

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      This is what stood out to me in the late 1960s, when I was up for the draft, we had a hot war going on and the Women’s Movement was making its demands.  When posed with the question of whether it was right to only require males to register and serve, their leadership countered with the lame reply that since they were against war in general and that war in particular, this was not a demand.  But when the  US Armed Forces turned voluntary in 1976, they were right there every time, pushing for the inclusion and promotion of women into every niche and office that existed in the military.  Pure hypocrisy with no apology, but piled higher and deeper.  I never considered burning my draft card or running away then, but  I would never serve under a female in the military.  Today, I would denounce my citizenship and go wherever I could.

      (This is a dramatic statement. I realize that one may gain a great deal of training in the military and it is needed for what is coming. I realize that those who aim at it can get into the special ops groups that are overwhelmingly white and there no female members – so far).

  • TomIron361

    This is just a poor slob woman who has tacken advantage of her position. Unfortuneately, it’s nothing new. It’s just within the army. Otherwise, nothing new.

    That doesn’t change the fact we’re going to need men who can handle weaponry and teach our brothers and sisters to do the same when the minorities finally go stark raving mad and attack white people wholsale in the streets. They will do this when it sinks in that no matter what their position in the country in numbers, they can never join the elite of the country. They will always remain on the bottom rung of the socioeconomic ladder, no matter the interfereance of the govt. to erect and maintain an illusion they’re fitting in with the society. Just like this poor slob of a woman, they just can’t sustain themselves in this society.

  • IstvanIN

    But according to the MSM China invented everything that led to the modern world.  Therefore, somehow, we stole heavier than air flight from the Chinese.

  • Well said.

  • IstvanIN

    There simply should be separate branches of the military for women, period. Like in World War II. Racial integration is bad enough, sexual integration is insane.

  • bubo

    What, our military brass grew some balls and did what was needed and canned a phony, affirmative action black female who lied about credentials?  

    Nope.  They’ve already backpedaled after she played the race card. 

  • Luke

     For those in the AR community who’ve somehow managed to luck out and who have never found themselves in a job where they have had to exist under the thumb of an affirmative action black who’s a notch or two higher up on the totem pole than you are, let me assure you – it is an experience that will do more to jar you into a state of racial consciousness than anything, besides perhaps getting mugged or assaulted by some homey from the inner city.

    I’ve had this experience only once in my life, and it was a very brief and temporary occurrence, lasting only about 3 months – but, it carved a lasting impression on me that has lasted my entire life.     Tip:  Avoid ever placing yourself in a situation where you are ruled over by non-whites, and especially blacks or mestizos.

    As for whether white men or women should join the military, I have mixed emotions on that question.   On one hand, I do agree with the other posters that the military and combat-related training, particularly in the area of weapons and tactics – would be extremely beneficial to the future of our race, because I see zero possibility of avoiding full-scale racial warfare on the North American continent in the very near future.    This assumes, of course, that these White military trained men will get their skills and then get OUT before they wind up getting killed or maimed for life in one of these criminal neo-cons wars of illegal and immoral aggression all around the world, and then, once out – be able to rid themselves of all the military’s mandatory ‘diversity’ brainwashing and become loyal and committed White Nationalists.   As some of the other posters pointed out, this is no guarantee.

    A case in point:  On youtube there is a very interesting fellow who posts videos on the subject of prepping and survivalism.   A white guy, retired US Army, has seen duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.   Very knowledgeable and his videos are very worthwhile to watch.  I won’t give this guy’s youtube name, but he has appeared on the A&E cable show ‘Doomsday Preppers’.   At any rate, he often discusses what he calls a ‘WROL’ scenario – which is Without Rule of Law, such as will exist if a complete collapse of the USA does occur.  Well, after having watched a few dozen of his videos – I finally came across one where he revealed to his viewing fans that he has been totally brainwashed into swallowing this Franz Boas baloney about ‘race is only a social construct’ and that ‘all races are perfectly equal’ and ‘racial differences are a myth’, and that we are all the same and we should never discriminate or resort to profiling based on the mountains of FBI crime statistics that clearly tell us that we should be doing exactly that.

    I sat there, listening to this fellow spewing that line of malarkey – and I found myself thinking:  “Here this guy is, a literal gold-mine of fantastic and useful information about prepping and about survival in the coming economic and financial collapse of this decomposing, Cultural Marxist destroyed nation of ours – a White guy who claims to be a Christian and who loves his 100 percent White family, and who goes to extraordinary lengths to stockpile food, water, medical necessities, supplies, even weapons to defend his property and family with – and, yet despite all of his fantastic ‘survival’ oriented ideas – this guy has a serious and potentially FATAL flaw in his personality and mindset that could potentially result in the gruesome and horrible deaths of his entire beautiful white family, as well as himself and possibly countless members of his fellow community preppers.”

    This White,  former US Army veteran, is a race denier.    He fails to understand that in the very WROL situation that he describes so often in his excellent videos – our society will divide itself up along racial and ethnic lines.  This is always what happens when multi-cultural societies, which are unnatural and doomed to fail to begin with, begin their predictable collapse and fragmentation.   Thus, whether this Prepper fellow realizes it or not – his 2 decades or so of time in the US Army might have helped him to develop the knowledge and skills for survival, but at the same time, that same US Army – through their mandatory diversity brainwashing training – has planted the seeds of his own destruction inside his head and those seeds will, in the end, negate every bit of the other training he received.  News Flash:       Race denial can get you killed, people.

    So, as I said in the beginning – I have mixed emotions about whether or not White men, or women, should join today’s US Military.   If it were possible for a White man or woman who are already racially conscious and well informed on the subject of Cultural Marxism and therefore able to see through, and be resistant to, the ‘diversity brainwashing’ to join the military, obtain the useful training in the critical areas needed and then get out and return to their communities and help pass their knowledge along to their fellow White Nationalists, I would say yes, go ahead and enlist.   But, in reality – most Whites who join do so at a young and impressionable age and are not yet racially awake – and this renders them vulnerable to being brainwashed with the anti-white diversity baloney.   As evidenced in the case with the White retired US Army prepper fellow.   

    Oh, and one other thing.   In accordance with my advice to avoid voluntarily placing yourself into an environment whereby you will be ruled over by blacks or other non-whites – the US Military today is rampant with this sort of toxic danger.    Social promotions are no longer restricted to boosting public school kids who can’t pass along to the next grade level; the US Military is also doing this and this story about this black woman is a perfect example of it. 

    Hence, if a White man or woman joins the military – the odds are that you will put yourself under the thumb of a black who will be a lot like this woman, and there is no limit to how miserable your life and career can be.  

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       “I sat there, listening to this fellow spewing that line of malarkey –
      and I found myself thinking:  “Here this guy is, a literal gold-mine of
      fantastic and useful information about prepping and about survival in
      the coming economic and financial collapse of this decomposing, Cultural
      Marxist destroyed nation of ours – a White guy who claims to be a
      Christian and who loves his 100 percent White family,…”

      This is yet another reason why I am always criticizing white race realists clinging to Christianity.  No matter how hard they might try, strain for make it so, Christianity tears at the notion of exclusivity of any race, and sets the believer up for usurpation of all sorts.  It creates short circuits in logic and continuity in thought.  It infects the follower with neurotic extremes of self sacrifice and virtue.  It is easily utilized in tearing down any claim to racial exclusiveness or even importance, placing all that is really valuable, “beyond this world.”

      IMHO, the only religion whites need is the reverence of ancestors.  This causes a number of attitudes to automatically follow; the instinct to preserve one’s own kind and the sort of cooperation that whites will need to survive as a race.  No child brought up in such a philosophy and practice would dream of defiling his people by choosing mates outside of the race or even the racial ethnic group (except occasionally another white ethnic group).  If heroes are needed as archtypes, then we have the old Nordic gods and goddesses as our models.  And we have the old Celtic view of the cycle of life to furnish a very common sense based relationship with our land.  It’s all there to be utilized, but so many whites go on with this obsession over a crucified Magic Jew who people claim needs to save you from your “sins.  They tell you your reward is in heaven, but they pile up riches from your tithes on earth.  And they are opened for business to everyone, regardless.

  • j j

    Absolutely spot on… I served in the Army back in the days when it seemed we may never go to war again, “peace time”… so yes you are correct the amount of blacks in combat MOS rose greatly during those times… then a funny thing happened, Sadaam invades Kuwait, and we’re off to war… what, at the time appeared to be a “real war”, suddenly, all those blacks that had found an easy paycheck and path to promotions in the combat arms we’re claiming conscientiousness objector status, seaking “early outs” and most shamefully…. many were overnight converts to the religion of “peace.”

    I witnessed these transformations with my own eyes, in my unit… it was as disgusting as it was predictable.

  • 1gravity

    Pace George Washington, we had a lot of help from the French.  When Black Jack Pershing commented, “LaFayette we are here,” to the allies in 1917, he was referring to this debt of gratitude.

  • vladdy1

    As a white woman, all I can say is, “Well said” and absolutely correct. It”s great to read a post like yours on a site like this instead of a discussion about who’s hot or why Asian chicks are better. You get the Post-of-the-month Award in my book. 

  • vladdy1

    I’ve never seen proof for the Ron Paul claim and it goes against everything I know from talking to military family members.

  • RichardMahony

    Any pratt who prattles on like you do about women and sodomites isn’t worth defending either. So why not emigrate to Saudi Arabia or Iran where you can be comforted by real men?

  • RichardMahony

    Command Sgt. Maj. Teresa King may have plenty of melanin in her skin but at least she ain’t Irish or Italian. Look on the bright side.