Bizarre Baby Tossing Ritual in India

Telegraph (London), May 9, 2012

Thanks to their parents and a deep-rooted belief, babies in the Bagalkot district of south India’s Karnataka state unwittingly found themselves being tossed off the roof of a temple onto a sheet held by men waiting below, in a ritual that is believed to make them stronger.

On Monday, large crowds of devotees gathered at the Marutheshwara temple near Mudhol town in Bagalkot district to observe the ritual, locally known as ‘Okali’.

Eager parents presented their babies, who were between the ages of three months and two years, to priests at the temple who tossed them from the temple roof onto a cloth borne by a group of men standing below.

Though the ritual often evokes criticism, it is defended by devotees and priests, who feel that their belief necessitates a ritual that places babies at such huge risk.

A trustee of the Marutheshwara temple, Basavaraj, said that the ritual was an age-old one and it was important that it be respected.

“This is a ritual that we have been observing from ancient times. The important thing is for us to have the spirit of worship in our hearts, because true worship is from the heart,” he said.


Editors Note: A video of the baby-tossing ritual can be seen here.


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  • To bad there are no buildings in africa strong enough to stand on built by natives for this trend spread.

    • loyalwhitebriton

      Same with pakistanis in Britain. There are lots of tall buildings in London…

    • Oil Can Harry

      They do DROP African babies from buildings- but luckily they land on their heads so there’s nothing to damage. 

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    India is one of those countries I really wonder about. We keep hearing about how they will become the next super power and how their engineers are to die for. Sure, out of a huge population, I am sure that a minority of smart people exist. However, this country is complimented by the West far beyond it’s actual capabilities. NPR put up an article yesterday about India blocking that American ship from entering a scrap pile due to environmentally hazardous chemicals. In the comment section, scores of stupid whites were fawning over how Indians are smarter than Americans, when any rational person should know that India’s environmental standards are lacking and that perhaps there is a catch to the story that we don’t know about.

    •  NPR put up an article yesterday about India blocking that American ship
      from entering a scrap pile due to environmentally hazardous chemicals.

      I am told that India has a certain discernible stench, and that one can smell it as far out as 20 miles to sea away from any given Indian shoreline.

    • Leelywhite

      an article in a medical journal says that the average age of a prostitute in India is 12, and of her client is 52.

  • IstvanIN

    Fine with me, not like there is a shortage of them.

  • Johnny Reb

    I bet blacks could toss their babies off the roof with NO sheets.

    That thick black cranium and saggital crest common to reptilians (and blacks) means the black would probably land head-first.  Might hurt the street some but the baby would be unhurt. 

    In fact, based on their low-IQ and animalistic behavior, I suspect most blacks were probably tossed out a tenement window at least once or twice in their lives.

    BRAIN FLASH:  If you look at the high-rise projects in Chicago, you’ll see chain-link fencing on all the balconies.  I always wondered what that was all about.  I think I just figured it out:  They got tired of carrying those babies back up the stairs and having to fix the pavement.

    Or else, the falling babies were accidentally hitting and killing too many druggies and that was cutting into the demand for product . . .

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    Are you serious? You think a fall from that high is healthy? And the latter that you attribute to Islam has happened in India as well. So does female infanticide.

  • Unperson

    Pretty stupid ritual. Needlessly dangerous. And what’s supposed to be the point? Making infants cry?” Survival of the fittest” — while still in diapers?

    Hinduism tends to be one of those fatalistic religions, so I guess if your baby survives the drop then the blue monkey-god with the many arms  WANTED your baby to survive, whereas if your baby doesn’t survive the drop then the blue monkey-god with the many arms  DIDN’T want your baby to survive? Is that the “rationale” behind this socially-sanctioned (well, in India, at least) form of child abuse?

  • slobotnavich

    Well, I must admit that this one’s a bit unusual.  On the other hand, they do have lots of babies in India, and in actual fact it’s probably very rare for one to be killed or injured by this bizarre practice, appalling as it may seem to Western readers.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    East Indians deeply resent whites for what the British did to India

    Yeah, just goes to show how stupid Indians are. What did Britain do in India:

    Get rid of the murderous Thuggee cult.
    Abolished Sutee, to the relief of mothers and grandmothers.
    United (most) of the country.
    Introduce representative democracy.
    Introduce The Rule of Law.
    Opened up India to commerce with the rest of the Empire, thus enriching Indians.
    Built roads, railways, hospitals, schools.
    etc etc