Asian Grooming Gang Detectives Hunt for Forty More Men Who May Have Had Sex with Underage Girls

James Tozer and Nazia Parveen, Daily Mail (London), May 10, 2012

Detectives who brought down a child sex grooming ring are poised to make more arrests – as the hunt continues for more than 40 other suspected members of the gang.

Nine Asian men were yesterday jailed for a total of 77 years for raping and abusing up to 47 girls – some as young as 13 – after plying them with alcohol and luring them to takeaways.

Now police have identified four more suspects alleged to have abused the young witness whose evidence helped secure convictions at the end of the 11-week trial.

But many more remain at large as officers try to establish the real identities of men referred to in court only by nicknames such as Goofy, Ray, Juicy, Arfan, Ali, Manni, Mamma, Pino and Arfan.

The suspected abusers have proved difficult to track down and it is feared some of them have already fled the country.

But police in Greater Manchester have managed to identify four men accused of sexually abusing the main witness at a ‘sex party’ in 2008.

Detectives believe at least one may be in Pakistan. They expect to make arrests in the next few days but are not planning to extend the investigation abroad.

The trial heard that the men – who are all from Pakistan, apart from one who is from Afghanistan – groomed and ‘shared’ the young white girls because they were vulnerable.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood, of Greater Manchester Police said: ‘It is not a racial issue. This is about adults preying on vulnerable young children. It just happens that in this particular area and time the demographics were that these were Asian men.’

However, the gang’s ringleader yesterday branded the judge a ‘racist b******’ after he and eight other men were jailed.

The extraordinary outburst came after Judge Gerald Clinton accused the gang of targeting white girls because they were not part of their ‘community or religion’.

Yesterday senior politicians clashed over the case – with one former Labour MP claiming police and social workers ignored complaints because they were ‘petrified of being called racist’.

With experts on paedophilia insisting street grooming by Muslim men was a real problem, the judge made it clear he believed religion was a factor.

He jailed the 59-year-old ringleader for 19 years and eight other men for between four and 12 years, telling them they had treated their victims ‘as though they were worthless and beyond all respect’.

He added: ‘I believe one of the factors which led to that is that they were not of your community or religion.’

But he branded outbursts by some of the men claiming the prosecution was racially-motivated ‘nonsense’, telling them they found themselves in the dock because of their ‘lust and greed’.

Detective Inspector Michael Sanderson, of Greater Manchester Police, said none of the convicted men had ever shown ‘the slightest bit of remorse’.

They will be segregated from other prisoners over fears of revenge attacks.

They are being sent to prisons all over the country where they were will be placed on wings which house only paedophiles and other sex offenders. One senior prison service source said: ‘They will be given vulnerable prisoner status for their own safety.’

The longest sentence of 19 years was imposed on the 59-year-old ringleader, who cannot be named for legal reasons. After a series of outbursts – including reducing a female juror to tears and insulting prosecutor Rachel Smith – he was banished from the dock.

Yesterday he refused to attend Liverpool Crown Court to hear the judge jail him for rape, aiding and abetting rape, trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child.

Judge Clifton said it was no wonder he had struck fear into his young victims, branding him an ‘an unpleasant, hypocritical bully’.

He said the girls had been raped ‘callously, viciously and violently’ after being attracted by ‘flattery, free food and alcohol’.

He branded allegations that the prosecution was racially-motivated ‘nonsense’ and added: ‘This was triggered by your lust and greed. These sentences would apply to all defendants whether they be white or Asian.’

Two men were acquitted on Tuesday, while a twelfth alleged gang member, Mohammed Shazad, 40, fled to Pakistan last year.

Shazad, 40, was said by the Crown to have organised the ‘sex parties’ at his flat in Jephys Street, Rochdale. He was arrested but jumped bail before the start of the trial and fled to Pakistan last year.

He is said to have paid taxi driver Abdul Aziz, who acted as a pimp, £30 or £40 for bringing girls to his flat for sex.

The prosecution’s main witness said she went to Mr Shazad’s flat on countless occasions and was forced to have sex with him each time. He also took her to another flat where she was forced to have sex with other men, she told the jurors.

Mr Shazad, who is also known as Khan and worked in a chip shop on Spotland Road, Rochdale, is said to have told reluctant girls brought to his flat: ‘No sex, no money’.

Greater Manchester Police investigated a complaint by a 15-year-old victim that she had been raped in 2008, but prosecutors opted not to press charges and the abuse continued.

Police have played down the racial backgrounds of the men, saying the girls – mostly from broken or ‘chaotic’ homes – were targeted because they were vulnerable, not because they were white.

Backing them, Keith Vaz, the Labour chairman of the home affairs select committee, yesterday told the Today programme that highlighting the Pakistani origin of all but one of the gang risked giving ammunition to the far-Right.

But Martin Narey, former chief executive of children’s charity Barnardo’s, told the programme there was a ‘real problem’ which had to be confronted.

‘There is very troubling evidence that Asians are overwhelmingly represented in prosecutions for such offences,’ he said. Mr Narey added that ‘vulnerable girls on the street at night are generally white rather than more strictly-parented Asian girls’.

He was backed by Ann Cryer, a former Labour MP in Keighley, West Yorkshire. She said: ‘This is an absolute scandal.

They (the police and CPS) were petrified of being called racist and so reverted to the default of political correctness. They had a greater fear of being perceived in that light than in dealing with the issues in front of them.’

Kabeer Hassan, 25, of Oldham, was yesterday jailed for nine years for rape and conspiracy.

Abdul Aziz, 41, of Rochdale, was jailed for nine years for conspiracy and trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Abdul Rauf, 43, of Rochdale, was jailed for six years for trafficking and conspiracy. Mohammed Sajid, 35, of Rochdale, was jailed for 12 years for conspiracy, rape, sexual activity with a child and trafficking.

Adil Khan, 42, of Rochdale, was jailed for eight years for conspiracy and trafficking.

Mohammed Amin, 45, of Rochdale, was jailed for five years for conspiracy and sexual assault.

Abdul Qayyum, 44, of Rochdale, was jailed for five years for conspiracy.

Failed Afghan asylum seeker Hamid Safi, 22, of Rochdale, was jailed for four years for conspiracy and trafficking.

At least one of the gang is to appeal against his sentence following claims that a mole in the jury room was in contact with the  British National Party.

As the jury was making their deliberations under conditions of strict secrecy, BNP leader Nick Griffin tweeted that seven of the defendants had been found guilty.

Urgent inquiries established that he was correct about the jurors’ current thinking, leading defence barristers to allege that one of their number must have been in communication with the extremists.

Mr Griffin later suggested he had heard about the verdicts on Facebook – apparently on the page of far-Right splinter group, Infidels of Great Britain.

The judge rejected a defence application to discharge the jury, saying there was no way details of their deliberations could have leaked out.

But yesterday one of the men’s solicitors insisted his right to a fair trial may have been compromised as a result and an appeal was planned.

Alias Yousaf – whose client, Adil Khan got one of the girls pregnant when she was 13 – said: ‘We are left with no option but to conclude that the confidentiality of the jury’s deliberations must have been breached and we submit the proper inference should be drawn that there must have been improper communication from within the jury room to Nick Griffin and perhaps others.’

He added that it was necessary ‘to identify the perpetrator and to hold them to account for any interference or tampering with the jury’.

Adil Khan, 42, only stopped abusing the child after six months because she got pregnant. The baby was aborted and Khan denied knowing the schoolgirl until police presented DNA evidence that proved he was the father.

In a rebuke to those who had cast aspersions on the jurors, Judge Clifton yesterday praised the ‘painstaking and conscientious’ efforts of all 12, saying the entire nation owed them gratitude.

‘Anybody who may have doubted this jury should bear in mind the way that you have analysed the evidence and returned the verdicts,’ he added.

Mr Yousaf also rounded on Merseyside Police, accusing them of failing to do enough to protect lawyers involved in the case.

They were subjected to intimidation and even violence from far-Right protesters outside  Liverpool Crown Court, causing two barristers to withdraw early in the three-month trial.

In response, Assistant Chief Constable Chris Armitt said his force’s high-profile presence outside court – at a cost of around £300,000 – had resulted in ten arrests while facilitating ‘lawful protest’.

Among those held was Liverpool’s National Front mayoral election candidate, Peter Tierney, 55. The antiques dealer was later charged with a public order offence.

Three days into the trial, a 100-strong mob attacked the takeaways in Heywood, near Rochdale, where most of the abuse had taken place. Police were pelted with bricks and windows smashed.

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  • Boereseun

    “Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood, of Greater Manchester Police said: ‘It is not a racial issue. This is about adults preying on vulnerable young children. It just happens that in this particular area and time the demographics were that these were Asian men.’”

    Okay, I’ll bite, where are the cases of gangs of white men preying on vulnerable young Asian children, plying them with alcohol and then handing them around for cheap sex? Please, show me this ‘demographic area’.  

    They’re all so full of bull. 

    “They were subjected to intimidation and even violence from far-Right protesters outside  Liverpool Crown Court, causing two barristers to withdraw early in the three-month trial. “

    About damn time! This case is blatantly a hate crime.

  • loyalwhitebriton


    I hate the whole bloody lot of you! Every time that you rape! one of our women, you get closer to paradise!

    UK National Front for the White indigenous Britons!

  • This stuff just makes me so sick I dont know what to do…… And seriously only white countries are being overwhelmed by mass immigration of this filth and SOME of you still dont think there is more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye……

  • You think they would get tired of saying it just so happens.” ‘It is not a racial issue. This is about adults preying on vulnerable young children. It just happens that in this particular area and time the demographics were that these were Asian men.’
    But anyone responding to that is guilt of racist hate crimes.
    Funny they only knew most of the guys by nicknames, goofy, smelly, tiny,pinto..
    Considering some of these girls where raped over 20 times a day a sentence of only 8 years each seems kinda small.

    • loyalwhitebriton

      I agree ,!Steven. The sentences are just pathetic! What’s worse, under British law they will serve just half of their sentence!
      If I was in charge, these asian males would drop through a trapdoor in the Tower of London with a nicely woven silk noose around their necks!
      Now that would be proper justice.

      • frederickdixon

        Silk! Silk nooses were for Peers of the Realm only. Hemp is what they should be getting (or maybe piano wire?)

        • StivD

          Or dried and cured pig intestines. 

  • ‘They will be given vulnerable prisoner status for their own safety.’ The UK cares more about the saftey of child rapists than white girls.

  • IstvanIN

    Pakistanis move to Britian because they were tired of Pakistan’s stifling lack of diversity.  Pakistani’s love Britain and its diverse people.  Pakistanis respect the native British population and wish to contribute to the nations vibrant diversity of cultures.  These men were merely a few bad apples.  By bringing in more Pakistanis all of Britains diverse, vibrant cultures, whether they be Afro-Carribean, Ibo, Arab, Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, or Roma, will realize that Pakistani’s are just as loyal to the British nation, its customs  and its Queen as they are.  Rule Britiannia.

  • I can’t really get mad at the arabs, they’re just behaving like they do everywhere else.  It would be like getting mad at african blacks for literally biting the hand that feeds them – what else were you expecting to happen?

    I can however, get justifiably mad at the white parents.  Where were they?  This is their fault, both the unsafe streets and the fact that this happened to their kids in the first place.  My children won’t be getting within a hundred yards of “people” like that.

  • camperdude

    I wish I could say things were better here in the States.  I find it sickening that a man can be convicted of raping a minor once and be sentenced to years in prison, yet another man can rape a minor repeatedly – and call it “pimping” – and get one or two years.  It’s sick.  And the reason it’s tolerated is that most pimps aren’t white.

    Congratulations to the few people in this story who have seemed to learn something.  And, of course, to the 100 in Rochdale.  Too bad they didn’t act sooner.

  • Ha
    serves those LIBERAL SOCIALIST brits right
    THEY LET their country go

    • loyalwhitebriton

      Not all Britons are Liberal Socialists, in fact, most aren’t.
      In 1997, Tony Bliar talked sensible talk about immigration, then opened the floodgates when he was elected. We were lied to, duped.
      Most Britons support serious immigration reform; and many would like to see it halted altogether.

      • It’s too late mate. You have my sympathy: You’ll have to flood the streets with blood now, to restore England.

      • tobermory

        The trick of the mainstream parties is to start talking tough about immigration in the run-up to a general election, then to quietly forget their election promises.  Both Labour and Tories do it – even the supposedly right-wing Thatcherites.   Sarkozy tried it in France when he noticed that Marine Le Pen doing gaining support.
        Of course, the voters are to blame for being taken in.

  • camperdude

    If there is one benefit from this – for Americans at least – is that we will most likely see Britain descend into third-world anarchy before we do.  Maybe it will be enough to wake up enough people to make a difference.  One can hope.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    My prayers are with you, sister.