Niger Is Worst Place to Be Mother: Study

Medical Xpress, May 8, 2012

The African nation of Niger has ousted Afghanistan as the worst place in the world to be a mother, largely due to hunger, according to an annual report out Tuesday by Save the Children.

In contrast, Norway is the best according to the group’s “Best and Worst Places to Be a Mom” ranking which compares 165 countries in terms of maternal health, education, economic status and children’s health and nutrition.

The report, which this year focuses on nutrition particularly from the time a woman gets pregnant until the child is two, said that malnutrition is an underlying cause of 2.6 million child deaths worldwide each year.


After Niger, the next worst countries were listed as Afghanistan—which held the lowest spot for two years—Yemen, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Eritrea, Chad, Sudan, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“Of the 10 countries at the bottom of Save the Children’s annual index, seven are in the midst of a food crisis,” it said.


The top countries after Norway were Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Australia, Belgium, Ireland, The Netherlands and Britain.

The United States ranked 25th, up from last year’s 31st place but still below most wealthy nations.


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  • WmarkW

    Can anyone do a rank correlation between motherhood quality and birth rates?
    It obviously isn’t a matter of incentivising making choices.

    • Rocky Bass

      Western aid to Africa is the most horrible of all hate crimes imaginable.
      First you hear feed the 1,000,000 starving suffering Africans in need of help.
      After a lot of tax dollars are collected and American families suffer from the loss…
      Then you hear feed the 10,000,000 starving suffering Africans in need of help.
      After a lot of tax dollars are collected and American families suffer from the loss…
      Then you hear feed the 100,000,000 starving suffering Africans in need of help.

      This is suffering magnified to NO END! What good have you done in the end? You have deprived Americans of a better life (that they EARNED) and just made more miserable, suffering, wretched, starving, masses to require MORE AND MORE from us.
      The weather is Africa’s Government! The “people” there employ a totally different reproductive strategy. IE low per child investment and flood the field with offspring in hopes some eat enough of the others to survive. That’s not compatible with western ANYTHING!

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Niger’s population in 2003 11,972,000
    Niger’s population in 2011 15,730,000
    Niger’s projected population in 2015 18,317,000

    So whats the problem? Cut Africa off from all Western aid!

  • Speaking of Niger, remember in the run-up to the Iraq War back in 2002-3, when there was this talk about Saddam (supposedly) hiding uranium cakes or buying them from that country?  The media kept on pronouncing the country “Nee-GHAIR.”  I always thought it was “NYE-gher.”  I guess they fell all over themselves to pronounce it in a Francophone style because they feared they would trip over the English pronunciation and wind up saying the N-word.  Which of course is the worst thing anyone could do.

    • Reminds me of the pro baseball player named “Nyjer Morgan”

      I mean seriously WHAT were his parents thinking?

      • Up to my neck in CA

        or Simeon Rice of the NFL.

      • Oil Can Harry

        Mr. Morgan’s parent(s) probably thought that was the correct way to spell Niger.

        It’s very common for black parents to misspell names, even common ones like Anthony and Monique.

      • The__Bobster
        •  Yep, it’s been that long since MSNBC told the truth.

          “Republican consultant?”  That’s the Stupid Party we all know and love so much.

  • sbuffalonative

    And now we know why they all want to come to live in ‘racist’ white countries.

    • This is a good question. Why do they come? Why is it easier for them to come to a foreign country, with all the difficulties that come with that, than it is to just make your home a better place to live? It’s not like there are secrets to our success, we don’t have any magic powers, our land is not any better than theirs, and we are not hiding anything, we are more than willing to help them make their countries better, we give or sell them anything they want. But still it is easier for them to risk everything to come and live in a white country. The answer to this reveals not how good we are, but how bad they are

      • sbuffalonative

        Why do blacks leave black nation and black neighborhoods to live in ‘racist’ white countries and ‘racist’ white neighborhoods?

        I’ve been making that statement for years and being called a racist for doing so.

        The conclusion I’ve come to is that blacks are the true white supremacists. They see everything white as superior. They know they can’t do for themselves so they have to latch on to us. The irony is that blacks never seem to pick up on is that before they demand to live in a white neighborhood, they make the charge that it’s a ‘racist’ community.

        “It’s not like there are secrets to our success, we don’t have any magic powers, our land is not any better than theirs, and we are not hiding anything…”

        I’ve often said the handbook of civilization was written by whites (and, to be fair, Asians too). Everyone in the world has the template for our success. Yet few of them are willing (or they’re totally incapable) of making our systems work for them.

        Blacks demand to live with us and go to school with us but as soon as they move in, they say something like, ‘this isn’t like where I used to live. This doesn’t work for me’. Again they miss the irony; the  reason they left their neighborhoods and schools was BECAUSE they didn’t work and then they want us to accommodate them.

        It all comes down to inherent intellegence. Blacks aren’t smart enough to care for themselves. Their only skill is to leech off us.

        •  The irony of it all is that once these afircans do make it to civilization, they immediately begin to dismantle it, the concept of “biting the hand that feeds you” eludes them. Blacks are sociopaths by nature, so once they arrive in a civilized country (a journey of about 100,000 years), their natural arrogance has them believing that they can do it better, having completely forgotten where they came from.

          • sbuffalonative

            “…their natural arrogance has them believing that they can do it better…”
            The white man has built things to work so efficiently, that anyone of an average IQ should be able to use his machines or work by the system he created.
            Look at the car. A true marvel of technology; a machine designed so perfectly the average child of the right height can operate one.
            But blacks look at how smoothly, efficiently, and easily the white mans’ systems operate that they believe anyone can do what the white man does. Run a nuclear power plant? Sure it looks easy but that’s because highly intelligent people designed it that way BUT it takes highly intelligent people to keep it working efficiently.
            Blacks look at the systems the white man has built and they are deceived by their ease of operation. They can’t grasp the level of intelligence that is needed to keep these systems operational.
            That’s why when blacks begin taking over, such as in South Africa, they system begins to crumble.
             You said before, “… we don’t have any magic powers, our land is not any better than theirs, and we are not hiding anything…”.
             That’s a big part of the problem. Because WE can make our systems work, THEY believe we are hiding things from them. They believe we’re not sharing our secrets. But as you noted, we are. Our system of doing things is an open book that anyone can copy.

            Blacks can’t see their own limitations, and when they fail,  they believe we’re hiding secrets from them which all leads to anger, jealousy, resentment, and blaming us for their incompetence.

  • Francis Galton

    This is a little off-topic, but it pertains to the US ranking in this survey: I’ve often noticed that in these myriad surveys concerning human development, most desirable places to live, etc., that the US invariably ranks surprisingly low compared to other Western nations.  What is NEVER acknowledged is the real reason: the US has a huge third-world population within its borders, consisting mostly of blacks and mestizos.  I would bet anything that if you only surveyed White Americans (ahem, REAL Americans) you would find results comparable to those found in Western and Northern Europe, Canada, and so on.  Mainstream publications, which lean Left anyway, try to imply that it’s America’s lack of “progressive” policies that causes the low US rankings, but we know the truth here at Amren, don’t we?  

  • Blacks have higher infant mortality rates no matter where they are.

    •  the most dangerous job in the world is being a black child ages 1-6 (at 7 they can defend themselves from their mothers) and the most risks for these kids comes from the immediate family and friends.

  • Afghanistan is on the list because of it’s prehistoric religion, Niger is on the list because of it’s prehistoric people. The former you can change,  but not the latter.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      Perhaps the following of the religion has something to do with the people. They are smarter than blacks but still not at the level of whites.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Well Courtney, the West’s Christianity is what is destroying it, but for different reasons.

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          There is no comparison whatsoever. Most of the West’s outpouring in science happened when we were quite religious and we were also quite racially conscious as well.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             This is the problem with only having a superficial understanding of history and perhaps a biased interpretation.  The Church suppressed science for centuries.  It denied the earth was round, put pioneers of science under house arrest or just destroyed them as heretics, fought the advent of the printing press, sought to deny literacy to the masses, etc., etc.  Early scientists had to meet in secret.  It wasn’t until King Charles ll that science had government (and tacit church acceptance) when he founded the Royal Society.  Once the Church (both schools) recognized the benefits of technology in the spreading of its power, it got on board.  And as it always does by design, seeks to claim ownership of what it either cannot destroy or what benefits it.  This is culturally hardwired even into most Christians as you demonstrate.  But an honest look at the historic details would well illustrate my point.  I have been fascinated by the subject for two decades and spent a great deal of time researching and even doing some field work in Europe.  I am even recognized as a contributor in Slovenia’s first book on Freemasonry (since bans on such books on the subject was lifted only in 1997).  (Freemasonry turned out to be how and where those early scientists hid and communicated.  King Charles ll was a member of the early London Lodge – before it was called a lodge).

            That modern science emerged in Europe is not due to the support or even inspiration of Christianity, although it might have stimulated it through all of the suppression.  It seems to have produced an even more determination to an already strong drive in the European psyche to satisfy its burning questions and its innate curiosity. Christianity doesn’t like curiosity in its believers because it leads to disbelief.  It tells you to be childlike, a sheep, to read the WORD and accept it, OR ELSE.  Not the stuff that inspires progress. 

            Curiosity seems to be the one major ingredient that caused white Europeans to emerge as the cultural masters of the world.  That higher mind is what still largely separates us from everyone else, even though it has in many ways, gone astray (as in liberal social engineering, Diversity, etc.).  And that cannot be measured by an IQ test.  But it developed in spite of not because of Christianity.  Any objective review of European and Western history has to come to this conclusion.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Well, if your religion encourages marriage between first cousins, you get quite a lot of genetic defects.

        • anonymous_amren

          Wouldn’t that only happen at first? For example, pure-bred dogs can be inbred without problems, can’t they?

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          This only proves my point further. Why follow such a religion?

  • holyflower

    Irony:  The worst places in the world to be a mother have fertility rates in the 4 to 6 babies-per-mother range.  The best places in the world to be a mother have fertility rates in the middle of the below-replacement-level 1-to-2-babies-per-mother range.

    The obvious solution?  Accelerate the transfer of wealth from the low-fertility/best-places-in-the-world-to-be-a-mother countries to the high fertility/worst-places-in-the-world-to-be-a-mother places.

    How else will the world rid itself of these offensive disparities in the quality of the environment in which mothers-to-be find themselves. 

  • splitsing

    Quite a coincidence that such a place would have such a name.

  • haroldcrews

    No, I suspect it’s a good place to be a thug, butcher and rapist.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Or internet scammer?

      • anonymous_amren

        No, you’re thinking of Nigeria, on the other side of the Niger river. Does Niger even have internet?

  • Johnny Reb

    I wonder if we can get Niger to add that missing “g?”  

    Maybe blacks thought that’s how you’re supposed to spell it?

    I’ve always been fascinated by how places like Niger are considered to be “developing nations” by  the UN.

    On the one hand, they tell us that we all evolved from blacks and that blacks are the most ancient peoples on earth.  On the other hand they tell us their countries are still “developing.” 

    Just how much “developing” does a place or a group of people need?  Africa has been developing since the Europeans left in the 1950s and 60s . . . 50 years.   Should we give them another 50?  Or how about 100?  200?

    We’ve sunk $15 TRILLION into blacks in this country and statiscally, the poverty rate has only decreased a few points (but blacks are still the most poor) . . . meanwhile, other stats (incarceration rate, high school dropout rate, single-mother rate . . . just a few examples) have INCREASED.

    At what point are we allowed to conclude that blacks are hopeless and a lost cause?

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Don’t forget that we, the U.S. is not really part of that big success list.  I don’t need to explain why, do I?

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     I notice a big trend in all sorts of methodical stealing or assumption of white identity by non-whites in many ways.  If it isn’t the names they have or make up for themselves, its the cultures they steal.  It’s not an old phenomena, it is just becoming more personal, in a strange way.  It’s in the way whites are constantly betrayed as the problem people in the entertainment world while blacks and other non-whites are made into the good people, and the dastardly way it is done.  A huge brainwashing of white youth is underway and it seems to be largely working.

    • Djinn42

       I guess the old adage “What’s in a name?” holds true for me somewhat, maybe not when you name your child Shitavious though…..
      But as for blatantly stealing White cultures and characteristics ( physically!!) I was a bit troubled the other day to come across a group of oversized black women, all shades but undeniably all black, and all of them with long blonde wigs on and eye contacts in various shades of blue and green. I was a bit bothered that it didn’t bother them in the least to go out looking that way, on the contrary, they were completely comfortable looking so out of place.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    If I had twins I would name them Hutu and Tutsi.

    • The__Bobster

      So they could kill each other with machetes?

  • JackKrak

    Niger is also probably the worst place in the world to be ……… just about anything

  • anonymous_amren

    You are wrong. Yes fat mexicans and black people bring the average down. But white Americans are fatter than other white people. Shockingly so. For example, I watched the recent video on  (the one without the cats and guinea pigs) of white people being attacked by a mob of black people, and I was disturbed by how fat the white victims were.

    REAL Americans are comparable. but definitely not equal, to other Western countries in terms of social indices. And crazy right-wing politics are a part of it. It’s not just the third-worlders bringing it down.

  • whiteuncleruckus

    white people take care of black people. thats why they want to live in “racist” white countries. future genterations of white people are going to suffer dire consequences because their ancestors voluntarily surrendered the advantage evolution gave them.