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  • No

    Yeah, yeah . . .  good luck building your negro army pal, unless you have:

    1)  Truck-loads of grape drank and fried chickens to feed them . . .

    2)  Plenty of Air Jordans 2012s to uniform them . . .

    3)  Plenty of wommens to keep up morale . . .

    4)  Lots of replacements since your army will most likely start killing each other the first time they meet . . .

    • Rational_Liberal

      Can’t you make a smarter argument than that? This is not how we win. I know you’re mad. Believe me. But we must do better.

      • Where in the world or should I say worlds did you arrive from?  Really this is not how you win, can’t you make a better comment than that?  I know you are liberal but you must make a better attempt than that.  Mmm, say something quoted from Eric Holder or Michael Moore, you must do better.

        Now, as to No, I would like to add a couple, if you permit me.

        5)  Oh sheeeit, Dewane, yo crackhead yo forgots de ammo!

        6)  Since the official uniform will be pants, hung done real low, they will be at an extreme disadvantage- they can’t run

      • .

        I agree with Rational_Liberal. I’m all for witty smack downs. But that was childish.

        • Detroit_WASP

          One of the major reasons I post here is to blow off a little steam and lower my blood pressure.  

          After seeing yet ANOTHER black child killed for a pair of sunglasses, shoes, looking at someone the wrong way, blowing off steam by posting about black behavior helps me cope and a good laugh helps me do so. 

          You KNOW what “no” said above has a kernel of truth which is what makes it funny.  Had he said the same thing about Asians, everyone would say, “Huh?”

          So, it may be childish but is is true which makes it funny to me, and I need a laugh.   

          • .

            I was about to ask if we should be making fried chicken and watermelon jokes, too. But I see he’s already half-way there. If people aren’t careful with that nonsense they’ll end up looking like a ku klux karicature. But at least you’ll be able to laugh and blow off steam. And that’s what’s really important, right?

          • Detroit_WASP

            If you would rather talk about black crime statistics, academic failure or financial burdens… let’s. 

            I can’t name ONE predominately black city in America that isn’t a crime ridden academic and financial disaster…..can you???

            Whether you want to talk facts or make jokes, I’m game.

      • Detroit_WASP

        There is no such thing as Bigfoot, alien abduction, Loch Ness Monster….or a rational liberal.  

        Contrary to liberal beliefs, the amount of black rear one is able to kiss, is not really a true measurement of intelligence. 

        • Rational_Liberal

          Ah, I take it I can put you in the anti-dialog camp.

          • Detroit_WASP

            Incoherent barking of half truths, and flat out lies is not dialog. 

    • Detroit_WASP

      They will also need $2,000 designer sunglasses FOR EACH OF THEM, just to make sure they don’t kill each other for the glasses.  

  • Diamond_Lil

    This joker can’t even get his thoughts organized.

    • Anonymous

      Even Michelle Malkin owned him when she stood in for Bill O’ Reilly.  Watch the Youtube clip.  He called her a “whore for white conservative men” and she called him out for saying that and for him still supporting the fabricated Duke LaCrosse case. 

  • Shabazz…reminds me of General Butt Naked.

    I better not give him any suggestions.

    Or maybe I should — If he does try this, then the truly insane lunatic blacks will expose themselves (pun intended) for what they are.

  • Its Ashame But Can White People Kill Blacks Too?

    The Busch foreign policy was to attack strong threats before they are able to attack us.  America is now a combat zone  by act of Congress so can this fledgling Black Panther Terror Army be destroyed before it even gets started?  Has the FBI infiltrated the Black Panther Terror Party as it has the Tea Party and other Patriotic organizations?   Blacks should realize that Obama and Holder will not be around for ever to protect them against the Rule of Law and the Rule of Retaliation.  

  • bluffcreek1967

    This guy sounds like one of those Black prison inmates who, for the first time in his life, starts to read and learn a new vocabulary. Before long, he begins to use big words (often devoid of their original meaning and context) and enunciate each syllable. His entire image of himself is now one of an intellectual, and he looks for every opportunity to pontificate. The interesting thing is that so many of the MSM’s college-educated Black ‘intellectuals’ actually sound like this guy whether they’ve been prison or not. C’mon, you know it’s true.

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       i like your peom and i agree you wrote it within contest. however malcom shabazz maubamma pontrificated it in a more exactly way when he enunciated the phrasing withing our black constitution in a ernest methodology by saying to the brothers whats good for the goose is another mans dander. you feel me? minister bamma X excorrugated the brothers to devoid their slave name that was behooved UPON them by the white man and adapt a true african name given by frorbearance by the heirarchical king in africa .

      • bluffcreek1967


      • ed91

         school we much!!   ?

  • Good luck; all black organizations do is fail.  Time and time again, blacks have proven that what they do best is to destroy themselves.

  • bluffcreek1967

    This dim-witted fool speaks of Neo-Nazi’s entering Black communities and victimizing individual Blacks and thus the need build an army. He talks as if this is occurring rountinely and at an alarming rate. The truth is, the only Whites who enter Black areas do so accidentally as tourists, or as ‘wiggers’ or as bleeding heart liberals on a mission to ‘save the disenfranchised.’ This man is simply trying to agitate other Blacks to attack Whites and implement a revolution against them.

    That reminds me: Where are all the Black voices raised against this kind of hateful speech of Chairman Shabazz? When should I expect to hear denunciations of his words from Black leaders? If any White person started such a militant group (let’s call them the ‘White Panthers’) that called for the killing of Blacks, including an army of Whites patrolling the streets looking for Blacks, the entire MSM and every White political hack would be condemning it! Eric (“my people”) Holder would immediately muster his department to have the agitator arrested. Yet, strangely, we hear nothing of the sort.

  • I remember reading a column by Thomas Sowell in which he stated blacks were better off during segregation because they could only count on themselves and helped each other.  They built black businesses in black parts of town and went to black schools in which the kids actually learned.  Before the “Great Society” black families tended to stay together because there was no welfare.  With desegregation and the subsequent emphasis on black victimization, blacks left their comfort zone and entered a white world which they were unprepared for.  Moral degenergation, drug proliferation, welfare dependency, unemployment, educational decline, etc., has been the result.  I have no problem with black self-empowerment.  SELF empowerment, not handouts extacted from white-guilt liberals.  Its a dilemma author John McWhorter refers to in his book, “Authentically Black” as “letting whitey off the hook.”  He claims blacks know the only way they are going to get anywhere is to take responsibility for themselves, but to do that, they risk letting whitey off the hook.  Its a psychological crutch because they know once they do, they can never go back.  Blacks are comfortable on the liberal plantation.  They get fed, free money, and special treatment.  Why give that up for a lousy 9-5?  In some strange way I wish this Black Panther luck, sans violence of course.  If blacks could, just maybe, somehow organize and take responsibility for themselves, as Malcom X encouraged, things might start to get better for them.  But I know it will never happen.  They can’t bring themselves to let whitey off the hook.

    • gemjunior

      Another way they’d really be letting Whitey off the hook is by going back to Africa.  What a wonderful solution for everyone, but then it lets Whitey get away with all the things Whitey is guilty of (barf) – however, there MUST, EVENTUALLY?, come a time when WHITEY’S TIME IS UP? and all the debts are paid? NO? WHAT? a prison sentence of eternity!!!???? are you mad?  You mean you’re NEVER going back to Africa? OMG.  I think that Whitey needs to open dialogue on this issue with Shabazz anda ll the black “leaders” but then they’ll say it’s a racist idea and they might even feel hurt that we want them to go back to Africa or at least somewhere, Baffin Island maybe?, and then THAT might  be racism and the whole thing starts over again – not letting Whitey off the hook for this hurtful suggestion…etc…..etc….etc….ad infinitum….

  • To Everyone here:
    This is indeed terrible and has to be stopped in its’ tracks. However, what’s the difference between them and you people? Look, your W.N. extremist organizations are doing the same thing only in reverse to non-white individuals or anyone, who don’t agree with your views. Read the old rag  called the “Turner Diaries” and you’ll see this. Just something  i wanted to point out.

  • No

    In other words, Rational_Liberal, you believe that we can still “rationalize” with the likes of the Mr Zulu Shabazz. 
    In other words, you believe that when you and Mr Shabazz examine the race issue, racialism, European history, African history and American history, you will both:
    1)  Derive the same conclusions
    2)  Make the same assumptions
    3)  Have the same behavioral expectations . . . and
    4)  Have the same motives
    If you can, good for you . . . but I can’t.  I suppose that makes you as much my enemy as Shabazz.
    I highly encourage you and every white liberals (and even some racialists) who still believe we can “rationalize” with the negro, to read the book CRAZY STATES, by Prof Y. Dror.  There are other works like it; that’s just one I happened to focus on post-grad.
    You need to abandon the illusion, Mr _Liberal, that we all share a similar view of what is “rational.”
    Do that and you may become a good racialist.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    The Black Panthers are only one of many off-shoots of radical nationalists groups made up of black people in America.  Some are often represented by individuals of obvious intelligence.  The Black Panthers was started with the help of the monied people and intelectual radicals, like Bernadine Dorn , and of  the SDS/red diapers (Bill Ayers/David Horowitz typesof the 60-70s ) along with other groups such as The Weatherman, SLA and so on.  Many of these leaders are still teaching in universities and law schools and are given appointments (US Education Department) in the present administration.  All of them, large (Nation of Islam) and international, to smaller cells of local BPanthers connected to the NAACP, are given its secret blessings, and then protected by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s oftentimes propaganda, the ALC and the US Attorney General’ Office vis a vis the office of The  President of the United States.  The real threat was organized in the 1930s in Detroit…everything of a serious nature regarding the conception of an organized genocide directed toward whites in America by radical nationalist blacks begin there.  It is not to be taken lightly.  Certainly, *I* would not laugh at the present situation regarding Race in  America.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    I meant the ACLU…and forgot about the American Lawyers’s Guild…and that is just the tip of the iceberg…the rest of white America is frightened to death…just go to Tulsa OK and Sanford FL
    you will see…local and state governments and the court systems along with shop owners are terrified, as well they should be.  We will never be permitted to have authentic dialogue regarding race in America…it is too frightening…ever read Thomas Carlyle on the topic, or Robert Penn Warren (Who Speaks for the Negro?)…who speaks for the *white*? one might ask? Seems as if JTaylor has been consistant but often he speaks so well that I am sure he will not be permitted to be heard by *media*…unless they figure out a few things, then they may very well need to listen, but it might be too late.  For now it appears the SPLC, the Panthers/NOI now speaks* to* the *white man*.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    How could they communicate when 1/2 speak Ebonics and 1/2 speak Spanish?

    OK, let’s say they do team up and win the bloody race war against their “common enemies?”  Looting and burning only go so far — then what?  A white-free, work-free Third World utopia filled with all the fully-loaded EBT cards one could want?  

    There’s a reason Africa is called The Dark Continent and Mexico is a violent Third World hell hole where even the Mexicans don’t want to live.

    A bunch of black and Hispanics loaded down with weapons?  Ha, they’d use them in a heartbeat — against each other!


  • I agree with your opinion of Malcom X.  I simply meant that he admonished black fathers to stay with their families.  I don’t know of any black leaders, at least publicly, that are saying this.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Brainwashed victims of the media and educational system.


  • Rocky Bass

    This is one of those…
    COMMENT preemptively removed by commenter!

  • gemjunior

    Be Warned
    I can’t remember if I got it off this site, but just in case:  I had heard there was some funny things on a site called “irate irishman” so I went on it and it was, so/so not a gem, but funny enough that I kept scrolling and picking some funny things here and there like a really old cartoon that was pretty racist.  Anyway, I got this RIPPIN virus that tore up my whole pc and gutted a lot of it.  I had protection and firewall, Ido not know how it could have happened but it DID and now all i have is this stupid pos like I was at the public library all my own personal stuff GONE, poof so be careful.  It sucks probably some libs or some uppity negroes angry that such sites exist…. anyway there it is so all I can say to them is YOU WILL NOT STOP ME FROM LOOKING AT THE TRUTH