Return of the ‘White Man’s Party’?

Charles Lane, Washington Post, April 16, 2012

In 1868, Horatio Seymour ran for president as the nominee of the Democratic Party, or the “white man’s party,” as it was called. The Democratic heartland in those days was the “reconstructed” South. White men there loathed the Republican Party and its standard-bearer, Gen. Ulysses S. Grant—who relied on the votes of newly enfranchised blacks. Women, of course, could not vote.

Today, such overt racial appeals are as passe as the “solid” Democratic South. But racial polarization, alas, is not. As election analyst Sean Trende argues in a provocative new book, “The Lost Majority,” one plausible scenario for the American future is the entrenchment of “racialized” parties—a prospect that should concern anyone familiar with the American past.

We’re already well on the way. According to Trende, the Democratic share of the white vote for president has lagged its share of the total vote by a steadily increasing margin since 1980; the white electorate “leaned” against the Democrats by 10 points in 2008, even though Barack Obama did better with whites than John Kerry had four years earlier. A similar pattern holds for the congressional vote.

{snip} More than three-fourths of African American voters identify with Democrats; Hispanics favor Democrats 47 percent to 24 percent, according to a 2011 Gallup poll. (The remainder in both groups call themselves independents.) By contrast, the Republican Party had an 11-point edge among whites in the Gallup survey.

Meanwhile, a July survey by the Pew Research Center showed an even more marked GOP advantage—21 points—among white men. According to Pew, barely a third of white men consider themselves Democrats.

If the GOP is becoming the new “white man’s party,” the Democrats are reliant on women and people of color.


An optimistic view is that party racialization is approaching the point of diminishing returns—and that the losing party in 2012 will conclude that it must broaden its base, or die.

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  • WmarkW

    Hopefully, with the primary race over, the building of the big tent can proceed.  That business about contraceptive coverage increased women’s preference for the Democrats from 10 points to 20.  That’s all women, not just white ones.

    But as I keep saying, our political philosophy CANNOT defeat a union of white women and NAMs.  Breaking  white women out of the “diversity coalition” has to be political priority #1.

    • Rocky Bass

       I find it mega hard to believe that our own women are this stupid. It’s almost as though they are enemies of the country. How could a white woman, after seeing the sham Obongo IS/WAS, still think he would be desirable over even POL POT!

      • haroldcrews

        Black crime should be a prime wedge issue to split white women from the Democrats.

        • Just see the Memphis pinata story today for proof.

          By the way, one of the tricks the media use is to contrast the voting habits of all women (including black women, the most loyal Democrat constituency, bar none) to white men.  The reality is that the white man – white woman differential is only about 5-10 points.

        • JohnEngelman

          From 1991 to 2010 the rate of violent crime per 100,000 inhabitants has declined from 758.1 to 403.6.The murder rate is lower than it was in 1960.
          Although the black murder rate remains high, it has declined significantly since the early 1990s.

          • The__Bobster

            You posted this yesterday. It’s not time for summer reruns yet.

            The black murder rate has dropped because:

            1. More of them are in prison.

            2. Advances in medical care have prevented more ventilated blacks from dying.

          • StivD

            I’m not sure it matters so much about crime rate. Animosity and leverage against whites via black power has increased significantly during that time. I can bet in that same time period there has been an uptick in black on white violent/near violent, specifically racial attacks, or at the very least, racial intimidation that is never reported…You don’t always have to assault someone to commit a crime against them… The crime rate can drop overall but it can become far more targeted to one group in new ways. The atmosphere is a lot more toxic racially towards whites now. But we may be seeing the beginning of the peak and then the decrease; because whites are becoming more aware of it.

          • robinbishop34

            The lower (proportional) black crime rate is due to the legalization of abortion in the 70’s. Seems that vacuuming out those future rapists has it’s advantages.

          • JohnEngelman

            That is the argument of Freakonomics, by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. Females who are unemployed, poorly educated (and stupid) are most likely to raise boys who grow up to be violent street criminals. They are also most likely to have abortions. 

        • Diamond_Lil

          Be sure to include lots of pictures.

      • gemjunior

        I agree completely, but it is true.  Many women are senseless about what’s going on and I believe single women are easily tricked.  Honestly, my sister in law years ago was a horrible liberal retard who had even dated a black man (he passed but still) and when she married a white cop with 2 little boys, she turned into a Republican race-realist overnight and that’s how her three kids have been raised.  A lot of these women believe whatever people tell them at work and are too busy raising kids alone to get a handle on what is really going on.  Another reason for men and women to be married….

        • Xanthippe2

          I am a White woman who thinks independently, but I think you have a point.  I lot of White women get their ideas from the people they are around.  After a while they adopt their boyfriend’s/husband’s politics — although it takes a bit of time.  If women are not around people who discuss political matters they often just pick up what is being put out by the media.  And of course this is pure poison.

      • Natassia

        No, we are that stupid, and the higher our educational level, the more likely we are to vote for Obama.

  •  I read the story linked on Drudge today about Obama’s father:

    If he hated whites and Americans, then why did he take up with a white American woman?  That was my question at first.  Then I realized that my question contained its own answer.

    • WmarkW

       Yeah, to think we’re led by a man whose dreams come from a bigamist who abandoned his second family when his son was two.

    • The__Bobster

      Two of them, both with jungle fever.,_Sr.

      In June 1964, Obama Sr. met and began dating a 27-year-old Jewish American elementary school teacher named Ruth Beatrice Baker, the daughter of prosperous Lithuanian immigrants to the United States.[42][43][44]

      Obama Sr. returned to his native Kenya in August 1964.[45] Ruth followed Obama Sr. back to Kenya, where she married him on December 24, 1964,[46] and had two sons with him, Mark Okoth Obama in 1965 and David Opiyo Obama in 1968.[47] Ruth and Obama Sr. separated in 1971,[48][49] and divorced in 1973.[2][24] Ruth subsequently married a Tanzanian named Ndesandjo and took his surname, as did her sons Mark and David. Mark said in 2009 that Obama Sr. had been abusive to him, to his late brother, David, and to his mother.[20][43][44]

  • white_privilege_stigmata

    When the GOP loses in 2012, it will officially broaden its base to be more diverse and inclusive. Most of the new GOP candidates will be indistinguishable from Dems. Their new slogan will be, “We aren’t the White party anymore. We welcome all.” But frighteningly, they will mean it. CPAC will be cancelled because too many privileged Whites showed up trying to “drag the party back into the shameful days of lynching and segregation.”

    The big money interests will see that their protection will come from making appeasement deals with the coming new Diversity majorities, so they will back the “necessary changes,” and meanwhile will build higher walls around their gated communities (a temporary fix that only pushes out their inevitable demise just a bit longer).

    But where does that leave us? Bad off, as usual, but no one will say we didn’t see it coming and didn’t have time to prepare.

    Anyone who studies the timelines of American history knows that big social movements and pressures always trend toward a cataclysm, after which the winners have even more power than before and suppress the rest of us under extreme tyranny. There would have been no Reconstruction II without Reconstruction I.

    We will be completely abandoned after 2012. Forming a political party won’t make a difference, because both the GOP and Dems will count fraudulent immigrant and felon votes to neutralize us.

    So where does it go from here? Crisis, then cataclysm. But we can have hope this time. Many more Whites are on to the lies and the corruption than ever before, and more are suffering. The bitterness and anger are growing. Expect that we enter a season when Whites revive their dormant instinct for taking critical risks. Can we count on you?

    “If you think Hell is bad, just wait till you see the future.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Prayer diaries,” 2000

    • Zorro

      Oddly enough, it wasn’t the Republican Party that championed lynching or segregation. Those gems belonged to the Democrats. Further proof that most American idiots don’t know their history.

  • IstvanIN

    There is and will be no perfect world.  Work within your race, otherwise you are just a race traitor.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Since Reagan, the GOP presidential candidates have been uninspiring, borderline senile or outright stupid.   If the GOP wants to attract more women, they need to back off the “women’s” reproductive issues, and concentrate on securing our borders and creating jobs for their husbands and children.  I also completely agree with haroldcrews below about injecting the facts about black crime but also add latino gang crime.  The vast majority of these women voting Democrat would never think put their own children in a majority black or latino school and rightly so.  With respect to House and Senate candidates, the GOP needs to clean house and get rid of the closeted homos that always seems to get caught as well as the fundamentalists.  No one likes a hypocrite. Both stay at home and working mothers need to be valued and their hardships acknowledged, not pitted one against the other like both parties do.  Another moderate Reaganesque “great communicator” is needed, preferably younger while still distinguished, and more intellectual.

  • StivD

    They want to make certain that white women have much less loyalty, respect, trust, and affection for white men so that the white populace is less stable and united. They can help that along whether they can cause white women to prefer black men or not. Blacks can make gullible white women believe that they, among others, have  common cause against white men solely. I don’t think it has to be about breeding in a new race.

  • Jay1

    I work around a LOT of young 20-something women.  Don’t get me wrong, I love women and put them on a pedestal, chivalry and all that – it’s just a lot of young women are so liberal as to be delusional sometimes. 

    And when I say liberal, I mean the anti-white, social justice types who see nothing but oppression and evil from white men, specifically, and all their animosity is basically rooted in the narratives of slavery, the KKK and lynching, the patriarchy of old and the civil rights ‘movement.’

    They really believe that white men have done nothing good in the world and only oppressed all people -especially women- everywhere.  They believe in a rainbow, kumbaya vision of all races holding hands, males and females, but with white males cut out of the picture.

    I know SO MANY young women like this and have had a zillion interactions, conversations and observations to back my opinions up.  These are mostly suburban young women who have come to the ‘exciting’ city to participate in ‘social change’ i.e. building a hipster neighborhood in every ghetto. 

    • Diamond_Lil

      These young ladies are indoctrinated in anti-white propaganda in high school and then college.  Eventually, these young ladies will mature emotionally and intellectually on their own.  They will not want their children going to majority latino or majority black schools.

    • white_privilege_stigmata

      Sounds like the community pioneers in Atlanta who move into Grant Park, join the neighborhood association, and try to raise White children while surrounded by voodoo ghetto negroid Diversity culture and crime.

      They think it they “do more” to invest in the community, that the public schools will be “the best option” for their kids.

      What is it about Whites that makes us think that just because we move next door to blacks that they will abandon blackness and imitate Whiteness?

      Liberal Whites are sick racists. They not only believe that blacks need them, they believe that blacks are so weakly black that they will become White just by osmosis.

      I’m a healthy racist. I accept the negroes as negroes and will never try to change them or convince them to see things the White way. I respect their negroidity, fear it, flee it, and practice lifestyle segregation as much as possible.

      I never ever ever argue with negroes, because I never ever ever have a conversation with them that lasts long enough to reach an argument.

      Whenever you are in the presence of negroes, anything you say is automatically used as proof of your racist White privilege. SAY NOTHING TO NEGROES.

      Free Speech for White Humanity means freedom from talking to negroes so you can stay free from negro violence long enough to flee the negroes.

      We live under the Diversity Tyranny, and the sooner you accept the horrors that come with that, such as loss of liberty, the sooner you will “socially adjust” to the realities of our crisis. Right now, survival is more important than victory. Victory comes later, after you have survived long enough to join with others when the time comes…

      “The hate is getting bigger, as it should.”

      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Our only hope in our time of trouble,” 2008

  • Even a lot of libs agree, it’s time to end the two party system.  The Republican party makes me want to puke.  I probably identify most as a libertarian or even a Jeffersonian Democrat.  I’m certainly no Republican.  I would be in favor of a pro-Western secular society that embraced Western exceptionalism.

    • MikeofAges

       But how? If some group of people leave one party, opportunists smell blood and go to work.

  • Fritz

    With the country fragmenting between Blacks, Whites and Hispanics it seems reasonable to predict eventually, Blacks and Hispanics will no longer find common interest as Democrats.  Up till now there has been a presumed allience between the two formally minority groups, but as Hispanics outnumber Blacks by wider margins, conflicting interests between the two will put each at odds with one another to the same degree as they will both be at odds with Whites.  What needs to happen is for Whites to start thinking and acting in their own interests and I think as they get closer to being a minority and see more clearly the ramifications they will start to come together.  I think it’s happening already.

  • MikeofAges

    If “whitey” disappeared here’s what would happen.

    The Arabs would move in from the east, the Chinese from the west, the Indians from both directions and the Latin Americans from south. I don’t think the Europeans would have the get-up-and-go or the surplus population to attempt to compete in the colonization game against the vast numbers, ambition and talent of the South- and East- Asians.

    All theoretical, of course. This will never happen suddenly, but it
    already is happening slowly. Still, looking at what would happen “all of
    sudden” is a good way to scope out the process. Long ago, I started to
    think that the old saw of the 1960s, “black and white together”, might
    someday acquire a  new and urgent meaning.

    Politically, black and white might end up uniting someday. For
    awhile. But whites, unless they are forced out of their homes or
    outright murdered, always prosper. Blacks don’t have such a good record.
    In the absence of a strict color line, and there never will be one
    again, blacks who succeed very often leave their “tribe” behind, in many
    cases genetically as well as socially.

    It is a strong bet that the future non-white America will be less democratic and less free than today’s America. It may not even be a federal republic on a continental scale, with a strong federal government able to step in when local government fails to protect the rights of its citizens and residents. It will be no paradise for blacks, who largely will find themselves more marginalized than they are today, and with no big brother in Washington to look to for help even against the lesser vexations of employment and housing discrimination.

  • No

    Raise your hands if you ever had a coach whose guts you hated.  But then, slowly, you saw the wisdom in what he preached . . . and then you started doing things his way . . . and you won.

    That’s the template for whatever racialist party will eventually arise in America.   The template is actually called Tuckman’s Four Stages of group development:  Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing.

    We’re in the very, very early stages of “forming.”  The “storming” will be brutal as we figure out who’s who and what goals we’ll achieve. 

    “Norming” will bring about a swelling of numbers as whites realize we hold the answer.

    And in the “performing” stage, well . . .  I’m visualizing long, long lines of Pedros, Deshawns, Muhammads and Goldsteins heading for the Mexican border . . . with heavily armed, grimly determined, all-white battalions of a new racial army making sure they don’t take a detour.

    • BannerRWB

      I can see this coming to pass.  It’s just that I think the Mexican border will start somewhere in what is now central California and go through what we now call Texas.  And that’s only if such stages of change develop rather quickly.

  • gemjunior

    It won’t work that way.  If White women are separated from White men, and the White men form a separate party, that party will inevitably be the better party – in very short order, and with such a mega-difference as to be recognizably superior to all, including the White women who are supposed to be enticed away from the White man by black men?  They can wish for that, and their handlers can dream – but the fact is facial recognition and genetic similarity theory will probably continue to exert some effect on White women – I am a White woman and I wouldn’t touch a man of another race.  My 1 year old daughter says the same thing.  Some of us are socialized to be racially aware as well as inherent biological programming.  I don’t know .  There are undoubtedly women who are not politically astute but it doesn’t a

  • WmarkW

     I agree that the white women-black alliance is not largely in the romantic arena.  It’s in the political one, centered on diversity.  The fact that women earn 23% less than men (which is almost entirely due to differences in the careers they choose and their work-life balance preferences) has made a natural alliance to others who don’t earn as much as whites, to re-distribute income through employment regulation and government.

    Look at Obamacare.  Women got a rule passed that contraception had to be free.  Two years ago, when a commission recommended that annual mammograms weren’t necessary, a group of women Senators put an amendment into the bill guaranteeing annual mammograms.

    Women are going to write Cadillac services for themselves into the UHC regulations, while requiring fee structures that will be higher for men.

  • white_privilege_stigmata

    One of the ubiquitous female black news anchors MSNBC, who straightens the wool on her head to make it look something like hair, just went on a rant about fairness and income inequality.

    “If you don’t think you are getting a fair shot, how can you believe that the American dream is possible.”

    How many Whites no longer believe that the American dream is possible because we are prevented from succeeding because of Affirmative Action, Diversity and Inclusion, and general systemic, institutional, and societal White genocide?

    We aren’t getting a fair shot. Who will weep for us?

    “Haven’t we all noticed with great apprehension how many blacks are suddenly appearing in high positions of power in education, media, religion, and government? Do you think this happened because of their skill and talent and merit alone? Every time you see them ruling over you, you need to imagine all the Whites who had earned those positions but were blocked from advancement so that a higher up White could earn another anti-racism accolades. That’s how White elites keep their power and get more privileges for themselves: advance unqualified blacks to rule over the lower tier Whites. This is a sickness that will eventually kill the entire system. Will you know whom to blame? Will you know how to generalize the misery, instead of just suffering within your own particular circumstance? Will you take the vengeance of the Lord to those who violated the most sacred trust ever bestowed upon White leaders?”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Your coming duty,” 2010

    because the ones we have don’t give a rat’s a** about us NOW.

  • Zorro

    How about the Chevy commercial where the Manager tells his Team to take a knee? In a group of about eight people, with several White women, a token black, and two White men, one White guy actually gets down on one knee, while everyone else just stands around starring at him.

    Or the one where the Manager has a Board Room full of his Team, and one White guy takes out a pen to take notes, where everyone else has some IPad, or some such stuff.
    At the end of that commercial, the White guy has blue ink all over the front of his shirt.

    These are just two of many that have really ticked me off. Everyone knows, in reality, the White men are the only ones with the brains in the room.

    Who do they think invented all of it? Blacks? The race that never invented the wheel?

  • Zorro

    Here is another reason to stop abortion. How many White babies have we lost to it?

  • white_privilege_stigmata

    We need to resurrect Hinton Rowan Helper. He struggled for a White Man’s Party, and was neglected, much to our shame and regret. He knew our problems and solutions better than anyone in history, perhaps equalled by Jean Raspial, Anthony Jacob, and Rev. Jed DeValleyism, and Cambria Will Not Yield.

    Noonday Exegiencies in America, 1871:
    I wanted to see the Southern States, like the Northern States, filled up, or filling up, with white people, and with white people only, so that they might become in every respect homogeneous, prosperous, and progressive. This is what I am still longing to see; it is what I have long labored for; in truth, it is one of the principal objects that has influenced me in addressing you this communication. But the irrational and fanatical leaders of the Radical party and their black and barbarous minions have erected, between the North and the South, as barriers against civilization and progress, Ethiopian walls far more formidable and repulsive than Chinese walls; and the consequence is that you, and millions of other worthy white citizens, are still restrained from establishing your homes in the South — a great part of which is, by nature, the garden spot of the American continent — and what is yet worse, this unnatural and unjust condition of restraint is rendered prospective for you and for your children forever.

    • Impertinent

      “are still restrained from establishing your homes in the South..”

      Don’t forget too that the Injustice Department will NOT allow southern states to write their own voting laws and districts? After 60 years the whites and the south are still being punished by their masters in DC. All whites are being held in bondage and slavery by Holders crew now.

      I’d say that since then blacks have accomplished the complete takeover of major southern cities and states the law needs to be dumped. Let them run on their qualifications to hold office…rather than AA or skin color. Can  Anyone say “Al Greene” again?

      Time for another civil war over voting rights. But…then that would mean that blacks wouldn’t be able to take over many cities governments.

      • white_privilege_stigmata

        The coming civil war won’t be with the blacks. We’ll be fighting Mexicans. After they are given the vote, they will elect wet back politicians who will raise our taxes so high, we’ll have no choice but to fight. The taxes will go to fund third world style corruption and opulence for our new rules. When Whites see that they get no benefit at all from their taxes, they will revolt. They won’t fund minorities without limit.

        But frighteningly, by then we will be in a narco state just like Mexico is now. Do we have enough money to buy the mercenary armies to fight the drug cartel killers who cut off heads for fun?

        The future is so bad, so bad…

  • white_privilege_stigmata
  • Holin

    I say NO to free contraceptives for women willing to use them.

    Why should they get a few dollars worth of medicine when they can have kids that will cost US millions to raise, house, incarcerate?

    As far as Whites voting as Whites this is out and out racism, unless you are not white or not in America legally.

  • Kurt Plummer

    Banner RWB,

    What I do care about is the White race overall and our long term survival, which is threatened far less by crime than it is by our proximity to, and intermixing with, other races, period.

    Divide and conquer.  Fractionalize and factionalize the total voting constituency behind pet interests and watch the monolitich protection of specific founder groups fade.

    What whites need to realize is two fold-

    1.  If we all stick together, we will all fall together.  Because no one who represents us will see the future, only the present, and they will _not_ take any step, first, which makes it seem like we are worsening an already perilous situation towards disaster.

    2.  Females and Non Aligned Males get the freebees of drama and sense of victim entitlement.  So they will never change what feels good to them (and a self enabled persecution complex ‘feels’ -so good- when it justifies your sense of vendetta…), not least because the other ethnies know it’s just a matter of a few years before our population aging  statistics ensure we are a 35% minority with no hope whatsoever of climbing back out of the sewer.

    Blacks are either smart enough to see it coming or dumb enough to be controlled through selective enforcement as disenfranchisement of their own criminal or social positions.

    Hispanics hunker down and breed.  Hoping for economic dominance in a world whose existence they still foolishly see as an agrarian/subsistence labor driven construct.
    And women are frankly too driven by hormones to emotional extremes where rationality of ‘do you -really- want your bloodline to become non-white?’ is unreliable.  Because acknowledging the consequences to that fact means accepting their primary role in instigating it by making themselves unavailable and too high standarded.  i.e.  By admitting that the contrary to social disenfranchisement is not empowerment but destruction.  Their egos can’t handle that and so will deflect from the topic.  As all women’s psychologies do in blame-gaming.

    POINT BLANK:  If whites don’t make the revolt as secession behind nuclear arms and secure geography happen, it won’t.  Because the other races and our own  enemy gender are too inept and too ruled by their own interests to ever create the ‘justification for opening a can’ we all hope for.

    This is the white male’s primary problem.  The alternative to fixing a system that is being taken apart by a hostile co-population faster than we can repair it is not to take apart the rampant fools but to further the destruction, so that they have -nothing- to manipulate.

    When our Founding Fathers came up with the notion of standing together lest we swung apart, what drove them to that conclusion was the Atlantic Ocean as a relatively simple demarcator between English Force and ‘convinceable’ (Tory) political opposition.

    There is no such thing here.  Someone will have to stand up, create the demarcator and essentially say:  “Here is the dividing line between -your- system of changing everything.  And what we will go with as a replacement to what you have utterly corrupted.”

    If we cannot see this, we are doomed.  As a race.  To extinction.

  • Shawn_thefemale

     Thank you, Anon12. We’re not all air-headed liberals. The females in my family and my friends are absolutely pro-white.

  • white_privilege_stigmata

    He posts every Sat. morning by about 9 or 10 a.m. Hundreds of White Christians make a religious ritual of reading him weekly. Our churches are so corrupt and apostate, we can’t go into them unless we want to worship negroes and march in gay pride parades. CWNY gives us hope that Jesus White Christ hasn’t abandoned us. Since we can’t go to church, we can have segregated church moments in the privacy of our homes. At least here, the Diversity can’t get their hands on our daughters during Sunday School.

  • ageofknowledge

    Honestly, a lot of us white men left the GOP and are now independent after watching them dig an economic hole for the country to live in.

  • robinbishop34

    JohnEngleman wrote “That is the argument of Freakonomics, by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J.
    Dubner. Females who are unemployed, poorly educated (and stupid) are
    most likely to raise boys who grow up to be violent street criminals.
    They are also most likely to have abortions. “

    Yes. I recommend both Freakanomics and SuperFreakanomics (sp?) as insightful reads.