White Males Fading Among House Democrats

Susan Davis, USA Today, April 13, 2012

House Democrats will make history in the 2012 election, sending to Congress next January the first women and minority-majority party faction in U.S. history.

new analysis by the Cook Political Report reveals a further progression of white flight from the Democratic Party, which is increasingly represented by women and minorities, while the GOP remains a party dominated by white men.


In 1950, white men constituted 98% of House Democrats—a percentage that fell precipitously to just 53% following the 2010 elections. Based on the makeup of candidates in the current congressional races, Wasserman projects that the 2012 elections will result in a House Democratic Caucus that will be 46%-48% white males when the next Congress starts in January—whether or not Democrats win a majority.

In contrast, white men continue to make up the vast majority of the Republican Party. In 1950, House Republicans were 97% white men, which fell to just 86% in 2012—a figure that Wasserman says will remain largely unchanged in the next Congress.


It also raises the question of how the diversity divide will affect how a male-dominated GOP in the House and a Democratic caucus dominated by women and minorities can work together next year.

Congress is already polarized, with fewer common threads uniting the two parties. “When you have parties so divergent in views, regions, and genders, the culture wars could escalate from conventional to nuclear weapons,” Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, told Wasserman. “Just like the book about men and women’s differences, Republicans are from Mars and Democrats are from Venus.”

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  • Why is this happening?  Gerrymandered (“short bus”) districts drawn for blacks and Hispanics.  Obviously, minorities win the minority-gerrymandered districts, but this also means that faithful Democrat constituents aren’t much found in white districts.

    As an aside, I noticed today Rasmussen has the generic House ballot polling at 46-36 R over D.  Nancy Pelosi can forget about being Speaker again, at least any time soon.

    •  This is a rigged, anti-White system.

      “Democracy is beautiful in theory; but in practice it is a fallacy”-Mussolini

      America needs a White man who can get the trains running on time.

    • Impertinent

      Pelosi ought to be prevented from speaking her bilge ever again. Muzzle and ostracize the hag beiotch.

  • Rocky Bass

    Oh for JOY. Then some really goot lawmakin can get underway right?

  • Perhaps this will encourage White men to understand that the Democratic Party is not their friend.
    Then again neither is the Republican Party….

    • Impertinent

      “Democratic Party is not their friend.
      Then again neither is the Republican Party….”

      You have the former correct…as the dems are the party of racial division, incompetent weak women and that includes metro sexual men, LBGT’s , transgenders, transsexuals, illegals, Felons, blacks, gays, socialists. communists, labor thugs, bums, tax evaders, silly guilt ridden Jews, followers of Saul Alinsky ( Hillary Klintons college thesis and hero ) muslims, terrorists, radical – ill informed college trust fund babies, OWS scumbags….I could go on. But I think you get the picture.

      Now…so long as we still have a two party system…who do you want to align with? Satanists….anti constitutionalists, felon lovers, abortionists, military haters….

      Or white men…who love this country by and large…are willing to defend the Constitution ( Ted Nugent types ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QL5zmqbuMxo&feature=player_embedded
      and willing to die for it….

      Or for the black commie nationalists like Farrakhan, Wright, Sharpton, Jackson , Waters Lee, Jordan? The true haters of whites and America who have publicly stated they want to kill you?

      Wake up…our  time has come to rescue the country from tyranny and oppression foisted upon us by the slaves of the Dems. All those I mentioned above. It’s time to pick a side.

      • Steven Bannister

        Right, I agree. Two sides are shaping up and the Democratic Party seems the least likely to care about white survival. 

        But it’s not enough to simply vote for Republican Party – they will just take the white vote for granted. For the GOP to actually HELP white people and not just be a force for globalism, we need to BECOME THE GOP  – get involved with it, infiltrate it, run for office, make it our own. That’s what Tea Party and Libertarians have been trying to do with some success. 

      • KenelmDigby

        Lest we forget it was Ronald Reagan who pushed through the ‘amnesty’ of 1986 – the event that proved to be the coup-de-grace of White America (it was , in fact, the event that ensured a White minority in the USA).
         Closer to home George W. Bush tried, tried and tried again to introduce further ‘amnesties’ in order to destroy White America even more.
        Trust the Republicans? – I’d rather trust a snake.

    • The Democratic Party actively expels white men,overtly and openly spitting in our faces,proclaiming their despisal of us and our values. They are  NOT American in any sense of the word except they happen to BE in America. The Republicans,clumsy,stupid,blubbering like a pack of P.G. Wodehouse characters, know they need us but that we have nowhere ELSE to go. Its as if a filthy rich Old Money Boy found his declasse 3rd cousin knocking on the door asking for a place to stay. Theyre embarrassed to have us around. And they wish we’d be “gentlemen” about it and just shut up.

  • white_privilege_stigmata

    We deem that offensive.

    When the Dems reflect the future of America, they are due more respect than the hurtful and shameful stereotype of “party faction”.

    They should be given credit for fostering long overdue transformational change that finally fulfills the Dreams of Diversity embodied in the Dec. of Independence and Constitution.

    Washington crossed the Delaware River so that America could overcome its racist White privilege. Reducing his hardships to “party faction” is dangerous rhetoric.

    • The__Bobster

      Sarcasm off?

  • You would hope white women would not throw in with the blacks and the mexicans, but then again they are the sympathetic sex. I suspect white women were behind the surrender of South Africa to the blacks, who invaded SA much the same way mexicans are invading America today. lets hope we learn from that painful lesson.

    •  It was mostly women and Christianity that doomed South Africa to abandon apartheid. Not to mention all the jew-goaded White race traitors who sold the Boers out.

  • I laugh at White democrats who think they will have any power in a party dominated by blacks and mexicans, especially after they worked so hard to “empower”  the downtrodden masses

    • Anonymous

      These were the same white liberals and jewish liberals who drove California and every once nice white area into the ground by allowing in all these third-world savages and creating all these feel-good policies that annoyed the average, normal white person so much that they left. 

  • No

    Good.  We need the clarity.  Some of our fellow whites are still asleep and need a good smack from the 2×4 Reality Stick.

    I want white people to think of Al Sharpton when they think “Democrat.” 

    Or better yet . . . think of 95-pound soaking wet King Samir Shabaz (“you want freedom you gonna have to kill some crackers”).

    Shabazz!  Sharpton!  Black power!  Reprashuns!  Yes we can!

  • Steven Bannister

    A major political party that is composed of racial minorities, women, gays and other “victim groups” is the long awaited realization of the Frankfurt School which many Amren readers are familiar with. 

    For anyone unfamiliar with the Frankfurt School, do some research. It was an influential group of Marxists who finally figured out that the key to taking over America was to divide everyone up into “victim” groups (blacks, gays, women, immigrants, students, etc) and then train those victim groups to rebel against the larger society. In other words, divide and conquer. And that’s exactly what they did. 

    • robinbishop34

      They called it ‘critical theory.’ Who would of ever thought such bull—- would of worked so well?

  • KenelmDigby

    “The chickens have come home to roost”.

    Basically the Democrats are showing in the most direct and honest way possible what they are all about. Not that the Republicans are any different mind you, they have exactly the same mission statement (ie the destruction of White America, particularly castrating White American men), only they are more sly about concealing it.

  • This IS what liberal dems want – they HATE WHITE MALES.  They want control to lower the numbers even MORE.

  • KenelmDigby

    I distinctly dispute that.
    Apart from the Reagan ‘amnesty’, AA was actually introduced and legally enshrined by Nixon.
    No attempt has ever been made by the Republicans to repeal or amend the 1968 Immigration Act.
    In warfare and life in general, the ‘open’ enemy is invariably less dangerous than the ‘secret’ enemy.
    You know what you are dealing with and can plan accordingly with an open enemy. Most dangerous of all is the man who is all ‘looks and smiles’, who greets you and pats you on the back and then stabs you in the back when you don’t expect it. Such enemies are impossible to deal with and strategize against.
    I make absolutely no bones whatsoever in identifying the Republican Party as White America’s hidden enemy.
    To Hell with them.
    I hope many Republicans read this message.

    • KenelmDigby

      To all you Christians out there, the Republicans are the party of Judas Iscariot.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Racial conservatives are rightly disappointed with the Republican Party’s ineptitude when it comes to defending and promoting the policies of the White Americans who vote for them.  Ignoring the Sailer Strategy, refusing to enforce illegal immigration, and seeking “outreach” to minorities by nominating moderates like Colin Powell, Condi Rice, and Alberto Gonzalez has gotten the party nowhere with minorities.  Interestingly, the GOP has become the White Party by default–and this has helped strengthen it.

    The Tea Party rallies, the Voter ID initiatives, the Pro-enforcement state laws, etc. are all instances of White Americans getting fed up with the government’s intervention into their lives and livelihood or ineptitude of preserving the country.  As the divide furthers, even White men who have a more social or even economic liberal bend (like Reagan Democrats) might be drawn to the Republican Party if it shows it can stand up for White interests in areas like affirmative action, right to assembly, immigration, and patriotism.

    Anytime a Republican or conservative hears that a Democrat or liberal is spelling doom for the party or movement because minorities vote D, they need to point out that the Democrats have an anti-White bias–and this is causing Whites to vote GOP in droves.  This will do 2 things.  It will put the liberal on the defensive just like the accusations of “racist” put the conservative on the defensive, but more importantly it will embolden other conservatives, Repubs, and Whites in general to speak about their own interests which often conflict with those of minorities.  Instead of trying to accomodate low-IQ blacks by claiming drug laws are racist, Ron Paul could accomodate conservatives he alienates by ignoring illegal immigration and Muslim terrorists within our borders.  Instead of trying to find “common ground” with nominally-Catholic immigrant mexicans, Rick Santorum could excite the conservative base by standing up for normalcy and (White) culture by seeking to actual conserve it through an immigration enforcement platform.  Instead of saying and doing nothing, Mitt Romney could point out the current president has been racially divisive on issues from the Cambridge, Mass. policeman to Trayvon to Black Panthers to immigration. 

    • Kurt Plummer


      Interestingly, the GOP has become the White Party by default–and this has helped strengthen it.

      Yeah, but for who?
      I think we see the same: Issues can conform or divide a party but if the nominal public venue (where 90% of the legislation going through the Senate is not even debated) is abandoned in favor of crafting policy through external committee and conference work (by polarized staffers with an axe to grind), then the issues are what will kill us.

      Because THE KEY to an ‘inclusive’ (Universalist) party is that they allow only those public issues which engage their own side and whose denial effectively makes GOP’ers both defensive and racist for fighting.

      Say you pay at least 200 dollars a month in combined utilities.  Over a 30 year mortgage, that’s 72,000 dollars.  We _have the technology_ with simple, elevatable, corner mounted, wind turbines, to give every house 80% of their electrical generation ‘onboard’.  Much as we do with home roofs, we could create a trust fund which installed giant wind farms for the reserve capacity and then fitted these simpler (think barber shop sign with cutouts for the helix) secondary turbines for every home.

      On the promise that we would disempower Global Oil.

      Will that every happen in the existing system?  No.

      When further searches for offshore petroleum resources were shoved through an unwilling Congress, inside six months we had a ‘major’ BP oil leak.  Six months after that, Obama signed legislation which effectively closed off off shore exploration again.  Six months after that, the ‘major’ spill was leaving little or no sign of it’s ever existing in water samples.

      Because the broken header valve was never broken.

      We cannot beat such a system.  We must SEPARATE from it, instead.

      Otherwise we will be left voting on subjects akin to how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.  And we will be -crushed- by the overwhelming ethnic majority special interests whose tax burden is already killing us.

      If you are a race realist, you are a revolutionary.  Period.  The sooner this is realized, the sooner things will get far worse.  As whites do efficiently unto the system what ‘democrats’ can only slowly poison and exsanguinate it of.

  • MissBonnie123

    White women better be warned that eventually they will be pushed aside by the Democratic Party once nonwhites have more control over it.

    White women better realize, too, that their children and grandchildren will be a despised minority in their own country if the Democrats have their way.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    I’ve long complained that the Democratic Party is for Feminists and Foreigners while the Republican Party is for Christians and the Rich, (rich Christians and Christians who support the rich but don’t realize it).  There isn’t a place for me in this mess.

  • ageofknowledge

    It’s interesting to see this demographic shift. I was surprised a couple years ago to learn that one out of every four military personnel is now a black female. I didn’t have to worry about being bossed around by women when I was in the military because there were so few of them back in the day. Now just black women make up 25% of the armed forces.
    I’m a realist and non-racist, unlike some of you that visit Amren that are racists, so my main concern is what’s happening to the MEN in this country. There are less men in the U.S. workforce, colleges, etc… than women now but many more homeless men and incarcerated men.

    • Giuseppe Verdi

      You put your sex before your race? Hmm, I think that’s part of the problem…A society run by white women would still be civilized and advanced; a society run by black men would be…well, take a look at Haiti.

      Are you really sure you know where your priorities should be?

      And by the way, as of 2008 official stats show that blacks made up 19.8% of the US military, so of course black women alone could not be 25%.