Obama Campaign Website Yanks BET Videos Following The DC’s Reporting

Neil Munro, Daily Caller, April 4, 2012

President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign website has removed several videos that pitched alarmist messages to African-American voters, following reporting by The Daily Caller and the Fox News Channel.

In one video that the campaign yanked from the “African-Americans for Obama” section of its website Tuesday, actress Tatyana Ali seemed to predict that a second Obama term would bring a host of benefits to African-Americans once the president no longer had to concern himself with campaigning.

“What really excites me … is that a U.S. president has only two terms,” a laughing Ali said in the footage that the Obama campaign scrubbed from its website Tuesday. “In the second term, ‘it’s on,’ because we don’t have to worry about re-election.”

The video series, titled “Leading Women Defined,” focuses on African-American women, including Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s longtime aide and a former Chicago government official. It was produced by Black Entertainment Television and is still available on that that network’s website.

“We’re encouraging people to come out and vote to, as we say, vote like your life depended on it,” BET CEO Debra Lee said in one of the videos.

BET’s top managers are sympathetic to the Democratic Party and to Obama. Lee, for example, has donated almost $100,000 to Democratic politicians and allies’ causes since 2008.


Obama’s deputies are running an under-the-radar campaign intended to scare African-Americans to the polls, said Jeffrey Bell, a veteran GOP strategist.

His campaign advisers are confident that “he’s going to get 95 percent [of the African-American bloc], but they’re worried about turnout,” he added.

The result is that the campaign will broadcast the message—often outside the view of the established media—that “any opposition to Obama is based on race, and it is open season [on African-Americans] if he loses,” Bell said.

The BET videos include a raft of black-targeted messaging, including a reminder that Obama has delivered $1 billion dollars to historically black colleges and universities and $3 billion in contracts and loans to African-Americans entrepreneurs.


“The person of him is so jarring to certain people that it has caused people to step into the way back machine and want to be in the ‘50s,” Joy-Ann Reid, an African-American journalist and talk radio personality, said in another . “I think there is a sense of panic that’s developing in part of the majority culture.”

One of the BET videos that the Obama For America website previously hosted touched on the contentious issues surrounding the Feb. 26 Trayvon Martin shooting.

“Trayvon Martin’s death sparks outrage,” Kim Keenan, the NAACP’s counsel, said in a video carried on Obama’s campaign website until Tuesday afternoon.

“These kinds of things are happening in communities all over America, but it takes something like this to finally get a camera on it, and that’s what we need to change.”


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  • IstvanIN

    In a second term they will be able to rape, rob, beat, kill and otherwise destroy the whiteman and bring his country to its knees.  Turn us into “Paradise”, spelled Zimbabwe in Bantu.  Get your final revenge.  Boys, the blacks have told us their plan, now what are we going to do about it?

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

      The black population does not have the financial or other resources to rise up and they know it thats why they are backing down. Their brains are too addled by drugs alcohol lead poisoning etc to organize or mount any serous threat and they know it. Even the Rodney King riots only lasted 2 weeks so just pop a beer and get some beef jerkey and enjoy watching youtube videos of them making  clowns out of themselves on Tuesday when Zimmerman is not charged.

      •  The good news is that these kind of riots peter out on their own entropy in about three days.  The bad news is that during the LA riots of 1992, the end of those three days corresponded with the first of the month, i.e. welfare time.  The first of May is three weeks from April 10.

        • In addition, for more good news, the burning and looting is generally confined to their own neighborhoods. The irony is of course they will have the audacity to demand that corporate American step in and reinvest in “their community” so they will have “employment” opportunities.

      • But the jews do who do you think paid for obumas schooling. The NDAA gives obuma the power of martial law

  • What is so darned funny and ironic is that Blacks should be AFRAID of Obama!  That’s right under Obama, Blacks have lost nearly all of their economic gains of the past 20 years.  Black unemployment is near an all time high.  Blacks have suffered MORE under Obama than under any other president in over 25 years!  The Black middle class is being destroyed but hey get out and vote for the guy that is making things WORSE for  you!  Thats what so many white people do not understand.  Obama is TERRIBLE for blacks, just like he is terrible for everyone.  They prove their monumental ignorance and racism by stubbornly clinging to a brutha with a white mutha from Indonesia….

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

      He could be a child rapist; they would still vote for him because of race, plus to them he’s a success because he takes from whites and gives to them and he’s a racist who hates whites like they do. To them hes an uncle tom he does not hate whites enough.

    • anmpr1

       How have blacks “suffered MORE” under Obama?  The negro middle class is not indigenous, but simply a product of racial spoils: mostly forced affirmative action and high paying government jobs.  Blacks have never “made” economic gains.  Instead, everything was given to them by whites.  Using your logic, we would then expect that Republicans would be better for negroes since a “better economy” would mean even more affirmative action and more government jobs for them? 

      The truth is, negroes have not suffered at all under Obama, but have been empowered.  They don’t mind living off the dole, and aren’t particularly thrilled about being members of the bourgeoisie, in any case.  Middle Class is not strictly an economic term as you imply.  It is a class mind-set reflecting shared values.  I wonder whether you’ve been watching too much television, a medium showing a fantastic romantic view of blacks as Homo faber.  At best they are Homo parasiticus.  Remember, a thing always reverts to its intrinsic nature given enough time, and places like Detroit reveal the true negro. 

      •  All that glitters is not gold.  The reason blacks are better off under Obama is because Obama is black.  A black President makes them feel good and “empowered.”

  • This is basically a fancy way of telling blacks what he told Russian PM Medvedev:  “I’ll have more latitude in my second term.”  If I were black, and I was expecting all these goodies, I’d be a bit insulted that Obama would rather pander to the electorate, I would want my goodies now, not in 2013.

  • “What really excites me … is that a U.S. president has only two terms,” a laughing Ali said in the footage that the Obama campaign scrubbed from its website Tuesday. “In the second term, ‘it’s on,’ because we don’t have to worry about re-election.”

    So if Barry wins the second term “it’s on!” I think I know what that means…it means that much delayed purchase of a weapon can no longer be delayed.

  • redshirts

    Rush has Obama CRT vs. “too White” SCOTUS nailed.  Listen to what he says Obama will say if Obamacare is struck down.  Brilliant.


  • The second term of King Eggplant will kill the country. He’s added trillions of dollars in debt, deliberately, to kill the country.

    Cloward-Piven: Get everybody on the government teat, corrupt capitalism and bankrupt the country for “revolutionary change.”

    Google Cloward-Piven, that is exactly what the president is doing.

      Jump to: navigation,

      The Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward (1926–2001) and Frances Fox Piven (b. 1932) that called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a national system of “a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty”.

      The Ultimate “Gibs Muh Dat.”

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    I listened to sharpton today to hear what the enemy is saying and the guest host was urging non violence yet predicting trouble and telling listeners to stock up on food water etc. the National socialist movement neo nazis have been running armed patrols through sanford. my bet is that blacks have more sense than to start violence in florida i think a lot of people are armed there. ive seen some videos of the NSA and those guys are fighters they held rallys to support the white victims of the wisconsin fair mob attacks.

  •  Well, it seems to be one of the disparaging remarks you can say against Obama and it slides and everybody has a chuckle.

    I say Obama is worse than LBJ. Debt, deficit, food stamp usage (50+ million Americans), the ruinous Obamacare bill put him over the top.

  • joewest666

    In the second term Eric Holder will really put the slap down for his people on Whitey..

  • JackKrak

    So let me get this straight – a black President’s reelection campaing makes openly race-based appeals in which blacks are told that both the gravy train is coming if he gets a second term and blacks face a return to some vague & ill-defined horrible past age of discrimination if they don’t get out & vote. After being called out on it by a media outlet, the White House quietly removes some of the material and simply moves on.

    Did I miss anything?

  • Jobingwe Tomiason

    What an absurd argument.  If you “was gonna be gettin all crazy” why wait for a second term?  Why not just do it with your first?  You still only have 4 years. 

  • It’s not the second term that scares me.  It’s the third and the fourth and the…

  • sbuffalonative

    The video of the woman is telling. She says, ‘a US President only serves two terms, that’s it’. Then she chuckles.

    My first thought was that she would be happier with a president for life, someone like Robert Mugabe.

  •  I couldn’t agree with your point of view more.  Yes we are a civil, Christian nation, but that does not mean we are fools, well at least not ‘us’…..The current gov, well that is a different story.

  • To Everyone here:
    Well Ladies and Gentlemen:
    I have “bad” news for you. Obama is going to get re-elected by a landslide. The reason for this is because of  his competition or more like, lack of. Fare thee all well!!

    •  If you’re speaking of the generic Republican that just won the nomination?

      You just might be correct.

      Then again, you might not be.

      I’ve always thought the generic Republican’s strategy since the beginning of his campaign was just to hold his index finger to his nose and walk ten feet in a straight line, while the world around him screws up.  He might not be much competition at all for Obama, but he thinks he doesn’t have to be.  He’ll wait for Obama to screw up.