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  • Francis Galton

    In reference to James Maurer’s hand-wringing over “hyphenated” Americans (1:50 in the video), he misses the point entirely.  What he fails to ackowledge is that inner city blacks are “Americans” only in a legal sense–they just happened to have been born on American soil (unfortunately for us); they are NOT culturally American, which is what really matters.  

    D’Quantavious Washington-Jackson-Cuffee-Sykes–the Inner City Feral Thug–has far more in common culturally with his Long-Lost Liberian Brethren–who are currently recovering from their latest civil war–than he does with Bob Smith–the Upstanding Working Stiff American–who pays his bills and taxes on time, delays gratification, saves and invests his money, has children within marriage, volunteers in his community, and never knowingly or willingly commits crimes of any sort, much less violent crimes.

    No, Mr. Maurer, the esteemed residents of these war zones are NOT Americans, as far as I’m concerned.  I’d sooner help out non-American Whites from Canada, Ireland, Australia, Russia, South Africa, etc., than I would “American” feral blacks.  I bet many Whites feel the way I do, although they would never admit it.   

    •  That’s the kind of excuse only a white liberal or white “conservative” will make.  Then again, this video is full of lots of people making lots of lame excuses for black crime.

      But your point in the second paragraph makes me want to say something I’ve been wanting to say about the Sir Skittles affair for awhile, but I haven’t found the right segue.  So I guess I’ll be OT and say it here and now.

      If it were up to us all along, that whole incident would have never happened.  The reason is that the first one would be picking coffee beans on some hill in Peru, and certainly wouldn’t have the surname Zimmerman, the other one would be keepin’ it real living in some shack on the banks of the Lagos River, being some foot solder for some General Butt Naked clown act, and therefore, there would still be orange groves instead of condos where Sanford, Florida sits now, because white people would still be able to live in and pretty much monopolize Orlando, and live in a real urban environment free of Trayvons and Zimmermans brawling with each other.

  • redshirts

    White people who wreck their lives on drugs, booze, and tobacco are only fit for slavery, and they won’t last long at that…

    Race pride would go far toward making us clean, strong, and prepared.   White Humanity can recover its power if it understand just what’s at stake and who it is that wants us weak and vulnerable.

    • Many of the white girls that date blacks have only done it due to being exposed to drugs given by blacks.

      • xxxtonygunsxxx

         psychologically i think a lot do it to get even with their dad but many white woman are in league with blacks because they feel as though white men discriminated against them. in a race war i think white females will hold that allegiance with blacks above racial identity ie in a street confrontation the white wife of a black man will take up arms against a white male. and any mulatto offspring will identify as black. it seems that obese white woman hook up with blacks due to their bad feelings from being rejected by white men. i think the white female vote elected obama and he still carries that demographic i believe. in baltimore if you see a white woman with a baby there is a 95 percent chance it is a mulatto.

    • Lou

       Tabacco ??  lol   wow !!!  Mormon  ?

  • ncpride

    No, he can’t. I believe it was the interview before this segment he had with some ‘Dr.” of African American Studies, where he was giving statistics on the number of black males in prison and the murder rate among themselves. It was the perfect opportunity to bring up the black on White crime stats too, but ‘ole Billy boy wouldn’t TOUCH that one. He’s a pathetic coward like all ‘conservatives’ are on race issues.

    • Bill O’Reilly is pro gun-control too. ‘Nuff said.

  • ageofknowledge

    Chicago has had street gangs since the 1800s. But they were considered more neighborhood clubs until the puerto ricans and blacks moved in enmasse.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx
    • Lou

       Thanks for the link and proving everyones point about media bias. Had a black man pulled over and asked directions then shot 5 whites you wouldn’t be linking to the story all happy like.. You wouldn’t be because it wouldn’t be reported.. Thanks again, shill..

    • What’s your point?

      You people don’t get to keep running around attacking and murdering us without consequence.  See, that’s the problem we have here.  You people have become so accustomed to us just taking it that now you act surprised and appalled that it’s now coming back to bite you.  Get used to it ’cause there’s alot more of that to come.

    • Hmm… well the man isn’t exactly White. But then, perhaps it was only a matter of time before we started hearing about “white Cherokee Indians”.

  • The solution is so darn simple. Legalise drugs and you take the profit out of drugs and that would stop the crime.

    • Lou

       Let me guess…. Ron Paul, huh ?

  • Lou

     Oreilly = Obama stooge/shill .. A nobody.

  • Smokers are not fit for slavery because we do not fear death. 

  • Squid Exedor

    They talk about needing more money…more money! They’ve spent over $1.5 TRILLION over the last 5 decades trying to lift ni99ers up and they are worse off than ever. Spending money won’t solve the problem, ni99ers ARE the problem! It doesn’t matter where you go on the planet, whenever ni99ers are the majority, they turn everything into a 3rd world ghetto!

    The USA needs a race war!