During a Senate hearing on Democrat-sponsored legislation aimed to prohibit racial profiling by law enforcement officers, an attorney who served in the Department of Justice said the underlying problem of high rates of criminal behavior and out-of-wedlock births in the black community should be a part of the discussion.

Roger Clegg, who served in the DOJ’s civil rights division in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, was a witness at a Senate hearing on Tuesday and made the remarks in his opening statement.

“I think that this is an important point to make whenever we’re talking about racial disparities,” said Clegg, who now is president and general counsel for the Center for Equal Opportunity.

“As I said Mr. Chairman, I’m opposed to profiling, particularly profiling in the traditional law enforcement context where frequently it is African Americans who are the victims of that profiling,” Clegg said, addressing Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), who chairs the Senate Judiciary Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights Subcommittee. “I’m against that.

“Nonetheless I think we have to recognize that it’s going to be tempting for the police and individuals to profile so long as a disproportionate amount of street crime is committed by African Americans and there will be a disproportionate amount of street crime is committed by African Americans for so long as more than seven out 10 African Americans are being born out of wedlock,” Clegg said.

“I know this is not a popular thing to say, but I think whenever we’re discussing racial disparities in the United States that is the elephant in the room, and it has to be addressed,” Clegg said. “So ultimately, people like me, and everyone else I think in this audience who don’t like racial profiling is going to have to face up to this problem.”

Some members of the audience at the hearing gasped when Clegg made his remarks, but according to the federal government, statistics show that blacks have the highest rate of out-of-wedlock births in the U.S.—72 of every 1,000 live births are to black women who are not married, according to 2006 figures from the National Center for Health Statistics.


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  • June39

    This is not racial profiling. These are statistics. How can anyone be shocked? I don’t agree that crime is caused by poverty, however. Look at those of us who grew up in the depression. We did no witness our parents or neighbors turn to crime. We made it on our own. Poverty is  just an excuse for criminality.

    • J.P.

      Agreed, it is more accurate to say crime causes poverty then poverty causes crime. Thus if your racially inclined to crime you will never be able to lift yourself out of it, nor will anyone else be able to lift you out of it.

      • Mainstreaming_Diversity

        Conservative and liberal candidates of today are committed to the exact opposite of Burkean conservatism. They are committed to a complete break with the past. Whereas the antique European was prejudiced in favor of honor, blood ties, and Christianity, the liberal is prejudiced against such things; he favors dishonor, hatred of blood ties, and the worship of the negro.


    • Mainstreaming_Diversity

      In order to justify this attitude, he boldly repudiated the Jeffersonian and liberalistic clichés of his day in so far as they applied to the blacks, ho, he declared, were incapable of exercising with sagacity the higher functions of civilization. This position was of course not original with Tillman; but he was the first responsible Southerner after Reconstruction to proclaim it elaborately.

      The major premise from which Tillman drew his conclusions concerning the Negro was that the African was biologically inferior to the white man. Although he admitted that the Negroes in fact were men and not baboons, he qualified this statement by saying that some of them were ‘so near akin to the monkey that scientists were yet looking for r the missing link.” The record of this “ignorant and debased and debauched race” in its African environment, he affirmed, was one of “barbarism, savagery, cannibalism, and everything which is low and degrading.” It was therefore the “quintessence of folly,” to suppose that the Negro could emulate the civilization of the Anglo Saxons.

      A colored man, replied Tillman, should not have the same treatment as a white man “for the simple reason that God Almighty made him colored and did not make him white.” Was it either possible or desirable, he asked rhetorically, for “the caste feelings and race antagonisms of centuries to disappear in the universal brotherhood of man?” “Feelings of revulsion, he felt, arose in the breast of every white man when such a program was suggested. The unsoundest motives, he asserted prevented a frank confession by the North of this fact. These motives were a mistaken philanthropy born of ignorance of the blacks, and the desire to curry favor with teh Negro voters of the borders states.

      Tillman justified prejudices of caste mainly because they prevented the greatest social disaster of which he could conceive: the amalgamation of races. Would not the elimination of “the caste feelings and race antagonisms of centuries,” he asked, mean that the Caucasian, the “highest and noblest of the face races,” would disappear in an orgy of miscegenation? He even claimed that the purpose of those who would open the door of civil and social opportunity to the blacks was to make the South into a mulatto state. Roosevelt and other contemporaries would not admit this, he said; but an older and more fanatical generation of advocates of Negro rights had admitted that race mixture was implied in their theories. Wendell Phillips and Theodore Tilton had openly advocated the mixture and Thaddeus Stevens had practiced it.”

      Tillman’s most original contribution to the race controversy was his justification of lynching for rape. He bluntly declared to startled senators: “As Governor of South Carolina I proclaimed that, although I had taken the oath of office to support the law and enforce it, I would lead a mob to lynch any man, black or white, who ravished a woman, black or white. This is my attitude calmly and deliberately taken, and justified by my conscience n the sight of God.”

      It was Tillman’s belief that by the act of rape upon a white woman the Negro was expressing, in the boldest and most horrible form at his command, his desire to break down the lines of caste and thereby effect racial amalgamation. The white women of the South were represented as “in a state of siege,” surrounded by black brutes who had been taught “the damnable heresy of equality.” Although they possessed only the mentality of children, these blacks roamed freely in regions inadequately policed, their breasts pulsating with the desire to state their passions upon white maidens and wives. Forty to a hundred Southern maidens, Tillman asserted, were annually offered as a sacrifice to the African Minotaur, and no Theseus had arisen to rid the land of this terror.

      Tillman’s belief in the innate weakness of the Negro character led to an extremely pessimistic view regarding the future of the race despite the opportunities extended by the abolition of slavery. In fact of the optimism of hopeful Southerners he pointedly claimed that the race had retrograded, no progressed, since emancipation.

      But these conditions were suddenly reversed when, as a consequence of emancipation, the Negro was “inoculated with the virus of equality.” The “the poor African” became “a fiend, a wild beast, seeking whom he may devour”; then he inaugurated “misrule and anarchy and robbery” by voting for “the carpetbag hordes of thieves and scoundrels and their scalawag allies, the native born rapscallions.” Horizons were lit with the fires of white men’s houses and Negroes planned to kill all white men, marry white women, and use white children as servants. Among Tillman’s’ firmest convictions was the Reconstruction was one of the most horrible experiences recorded in history. It has so demoralized the Negro that he could never recover the virtues of the slave.

      Booker T. Washington, the outstanding example of the educated Negro of the times, was declared later to be “a humbug,” one whom a German was forced to chastise because this educated Negro “had been making goo-goo eyes” at the German’s wife.

      Convinced that the race question involved sinister consequences, Tillman was, throughout his career, as extreme and alarmist on this issue as any American who has ever lived. In 1903 he proclaimed that the blacks would soon attempt to capture political control in the areas where they held majorities; that, in hatred and invidious ambition, they would inevitably inaugurate a “war of the races.” He thanked God that he would not live to see the eruption of this volcanic situation, and the marriage had carried two of his daughters into areas without large Negro populations. He urged the arming and the military organization of Southern whites, advising those unable to effect such organization to secure “buck-shot cartridges for your bird guns and duck guns.”

      The Civil War, he said, had settled only two issues, slavery and nationalism. After that struggle a false idealism had combined with sordid political ambitions to tie the putrid carcass of slavery to the South by means of the social and political threats suggested by the Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments. In 1900 he asserted that the race question was still causing “more sorrow, more mischief, more loss of life, more expenditure of treasure” than any other American problem. “It is like Banquo’s ghost, and will not go down.”

      But these views revealed bluntly and truthfully to an interested North what the majority of Southerners actually felt concerning the Negro. Since the Civil War it has been customary for the leaders of the whites to speak or write evasively about race relations. The average Southerner, however, was thinking in more definite terms. He was believing that the Negro was made of inferior clay and should be suppressed in his attempts to rise politically or socially. It was therefore inevitable, when Tillman expounded these views in the North, among a supposedly hostile people, that waves of applause resounded from the Potomac to the Rio Grande. Enlightened Southerners said that the words of the South Carolina Senator were harsh and imprudent; but to the white masses of the South they were all wisdom, all a courageous flinging of irrefutable doctrines in the face of the enemy. The crudeness and extravagance of the arguments stimulated a popular interest which could not have been aroused by less demagogic utterances.

      But no Southern senator dared reply; no Southern politician dared make the Negro question a campaign issue against the South Carolina leader. They knew that his words made him popular at home, and he had convincing proof of his popularity. It came in the form of thousands of letters of approval and in the form of applauding crowds whenever he appeared in the South. Indeed, it was his “religious belief” that even his views on lynching voiced “the feeling and the purpose of 95 per cent of the true white men of the Southern states.” Such popularity made him contemptuous of the hostility of the “negro-loving newspapers of the South,” and won to his side during the last phases of his agitations, the voices of two popular Southern demagogues, Senators James K. Vardman and Hoke Smith.

      A third was the northward migration of Negroes, which was provoking in the North race riots and a disposition to treat blacks in the Southern fashion. Claiming that all American whites had an instinctive aversion to fraternal relations with blacks, Tillman believed that the time was ripe for effective use of these tendencies in Northern public opinion. In order to bring the North and the Southern view on the race question, he felt that it was only necessary to dispel ignorance or indifference toward Southern actualities. For nine years, on the floor of the Senate an on the Chautauqua platform, he labored to destroy this ignorance and indifference.

  • And how are “out of wedlock” births that relevant?  I’m a product of an “out of wedlock birth,” yet I haven’t felt the need to murder anybody because of it.

    • white_privilege_stigmata

      “Vices the most notorious seem to be the portion of this unhappy [negro] race: idleness,
      treachery, revenge, cruelty, impudence, stealing, lying, profanity, debauchery, nastiness and intemperance, are said to have extinguished the principles of natural law, and to have silenced the reproofs of conscience.”

      -Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1798.

    • Marc B.

      Out of wedlock birth rates is dog whistle for the pre-segregation era, when black out-of-wedlock births were around 25% (still the highest of any race). The real problem is with the dysgenics that occurred post-segregation, fueled by the Great Society and the mass acceptance of libertine behavior by in the West. The stable blacks were outbred by the feral blacks.

      • Mainstreaming_Diversity

        What happens when we make the intellectual tradition of the West into the sum and substance of the West’s “spiritual tradition”? We have seen, in the last fifty years, what happens. Professed Christians treat the European people as something disposable. They think that the faith, since it is an intellectual thing, can be transported from people to people like an overcoat. But can it? Think with your heart. What do you see? I see a people who were once the Christ-bearers transferring their allegiance, at the urging of the rational men of the clergy, from Christ to the black man. And they do this because they believe that they are abandoning their prejudices, which are wrong, in order to adhere to a new religion, which is pure, intellectual, and righteous. But do we see the new people of God, the colored people, maintaining the old religion of the European people? No, we do not. We see a world gone mad with sex and blood lust facilitated by white clergymen who have abandoned a personal commitment to a loving God and his people for a universal love of the generic negro.


    • It really doesn’t take a village to raise a child … It takes a family with a mom and dad.
      Maybe the “wise” proverb should be “It takes a village to make a place like black Africa.”

      • Mainstreaming_Diversity

        The race issue is the primary issue for the liberals, because they need a black god to replace Christ. And the conservatives have made Christianity an intellectual construct so that they can avoid the race issue. “Western civilization has nothing to do with race,” they tell us. But Western civilization has everything to do with race, just as the Incarnation has everything to do with Christianity. The Christian faith needs to be embodied in a people in order to be revealed to all people. Christianity is a revealed religion, not an intellectual construct. God has revealed Himself through His people, and if we abandon His people we abandon Him.


    • Natassia

      Kids born out of wedlock have a higher risk of juvenile delinquincy and teen pregnancy.

      Your argument is on par with one that a black woman gave to Derbyshire for his “Talk” article. She wrote:

      “Please tell this black woman who is a devoted mother, professional woman, cat lover, and gardener, and Ivy league graduate about her inherent nature and intelligence. Do tell!”

      Here was his response:

      “If you cannot distinguish between a statistical statement about a population (“On average, men are taller than women”) and a statement about some one particular member of that population (“Sally’s real tall”), then … how intelligent do you expect me to believe you are, actually?

      “And if a person who cannot make that elementary logical distinction truly does have an Ivy League degree, Affirmative Action is a greater evil than I thought.”

      •  Again, could it be correlation-causation?

        Is it a matter of kids born OOW having a higher risk of yadda yadda because they’re born OOW, or do kids born OOW run a higher risk of yadda yadda because a given race of people are known to procreate OOW and also tend to the criminal and early reproduction?

      • Anon

         EXCELLENT reply from Derbyshire.  I’ve offended blacks by explaining a basic fact about statistics: predictive accuracy of large random samples vs small unrepresentative samples.  This was in a totally non-racial context (economics), but I think they still knew that statistics is a device that lays their nonsense bare. 

  • Francis Galton

    The saddest part about this whole article is the audience’s reaction: they were NOT gasping because that was the first time they were hearing those statistics (even people with an IQ of 85 have a general impression of these social problems); they were gasping because someone had the audacity to SAY it out loud.  In other words, someone (a WHITE MAN no less!) dared to be very weakly nonconformist on the question of race.  Oh, these pathetic lemmings! 

  • Rocky Bass

    I am also the product of an “out of” birth, to a heroin addict mother (died of OD in 92). And I have never been even tempted to become a street thug as a result.
    More excuse making is all this is, avoiding the GENETIC 800 pound GORILLA riding the elephant!

    • Boereseun

      No doubt that he was trying to avoid the bigger racial issue here. However, I think most would agree that back when black men actually stayed and raised their children, held a job and were generally productive; because they didn’t have welfare and all the free time that they do now, that they were less prone to actually commit crime.

      • Correlation without causation.  The days when there was the pretense of a black nuclear family and the days were also days when black crime was relatively low.  However, the former did not cause the latter.  Both were the effects of the cause of white people imposing their social mores on blacks with a heavy hand, aka the segregationist system.

        • Boereseun

          You may well be entirely right. Blacks may be entirely incapable of having proper nuclear families without white intervention and be entirely incapable of being non-violent without white enforcement. However, the man does have a point, at least when there was the workable solution of segregation and black nuclear families, without welfare and other social programs, there was less crime amongst blacks.

          That’s all I am trying to convey.

          •  Actually welfare is responsible for creating the single mother problem. In order to receive welfare and other assorted benefits, there could be no man in the house. So the man left and the woman stayed home and collected benefits and had more kids.

          • DiabolusCaeruleiOculi

            This is correct, where I grew up, pre-integration/welfare state it is well known that far more two parent homes existed, and the individual church groups more or less tended to themselves.  The troublemakers seemed to have this habit of dying from survivable gunshot and stab wounds for some reason.  So long as they kept it to themselves nobody seemed to really give a shite, the black church groups included.  Fast forward a decade or three and many of the men would hold down a job or call themselves a preacher just so they could buy their cars and whatnot.  The more women they had children with the more .gov cheese they had access to for mundane living expenses.  Last I heard SS# to claim as a dependent will run you $500-600 and you can get WIC groceries for around .60 on the dollar.

            btw. lots of crimes that get reported now probably didn’t back in the day.

          • Natassia

            Anon12 has never been to West Virginia, I see. Well, I lived there for seven years. It’s one of the least black states in the nation with the WORST teen pregnancy rates.

          • ed91

             QD is entirely right……. real men did not put up with the ghetto scene we have today………  what few real men are left are vastly outnumbered and outshouted by the liberals and women—————they are also unemployed for the most part which will emasculate the best

      • Kurt Plummer

        However, I think most would agree that back when black men actually stayed and raised their children, held a job and were generally productive; because they didn’t have welfare and all the free time that they do now, that they were less prone to actually commit crime.

        And there’s the crux of it.  Because a -poor- black (poor because he wasn’t smart enough to do better in life) of the 1950s couldn’t do much of anything.  If he was married and had kids, what little money he had was thrown at the black hole of his family.

        To do -better- is to acknowledge the need to pay people specifically to be parents and not inseminators.  And that will never happen because it will highlight the racial context of the requirement as ‘unfair because it only applies to blacks’.

        At which point, you can only say: “See’ya!” because admitting the truth will cause more than gasps.  It will force people who likely have little awareness of blacks (and the applicability of ‘generalisms’ about black intelligence as behavior) to rebel against the concept of being ‘racist’ as opposed to honestly ‘geneticist’.

        The phenotype follows the behavior which follows the genotype.  It really is that simple.  We can separate by actively destroying links which others would never think to until it is too late.  Or we can be pulled down with the drowning man that is our ruined society.

    •  It depends how you were brought up. Some of these black kids end raising themselves because mama is too busy doing other things. Some of these mothers actually work 2 jobs to provide for their kids. They do not get child support or any other assistance from the father of the kids.

    • Detroit_WASP

      The people in south-eastern Kentucky are POORER than the blacks of Detroit and they don’t have near the crime rate.  

      Blacks cause crime, not poverty.

      • NM156

        Nah, generally speaking, millions of unemployed young men of any race will be a big problem. The problem is more pronounced with black men, who are prone to violence.

  • WmarkW

    That last sentence is supposed to say 72 out of every HUNDRED, not out of every THOUSAND.

    The author of the original article, truly made a fly out of an elephant.

  •  I think you’re being sarcastic.

    It’s not that the phenomenon that our “backward” immediate ancestors called “bastardy” isn’t a social issue.  What I’m trying to say is that “conservative” anti-“racists” use it as a crutch to explain away race qua race or avoid talking about it.

    • Heinrich24

      Quite right! I myself and not a few folks I know were either born “out of wedlock” and/or raised in single parent homes. I’m not suggesting it was ideal, but none of us are criminals, haven’t murdered anyone, were able to find jobs/careers, etc.  Somehow, it seems that the problem is more a racial one than anything else. Shocking I know…

    • Natassia

      Illegitimacy among whites has detrimental effects; however, because blacks on average are less intelligent and more impulsive, the incidence of detrimental effects due to illegitmacy are much higher.

    • Mainstreaming_Diversity

      “Unity, in any event, is strength only when it is based on enduring family ties, on the unity of like peoples. That is why Aesop’s object-lesson on unity was given to brothers and not unrelated men. It is nothing short of lunacy, or Liberal unrealism, to attempt to weld civilized white men and uncivilized black men into an enduring ‘family unity’. The two cannot mix: and all attempts to make them mix will work gravely to the detriment of the Whites, upon whom civilization exclusively depends. To my mind it is self-evident that the Anglo-Saxon and kindred peoples are absolutely irreplaceable, and that without them the civilization they engendered and represent would, with the possible exception of one or two curious deviations or malformations, soon cease to exist. Let there be no mistake about this. When we speak of civilisation we are referring to that which is wholly our own. There is no other civilization whatever. At best there are one or two minor foreign cultures. At best there are one or two successful foreign copyists of our civilisation’s more material aspects. But there are absolutely no imitators of its moral and spiritual uniqueness, because there are no other people like the Westerners whose possession it is.”

      -Anthony Jacob, White Man, Think Again!, 1965

  • SoCal Local

    If bare facts cause audible gasps, what response will offering effective solutions to the unmentioable problems blacks pose cause?

    • Up to my neck in CA

      My guess is a long the same lines as the villagers reaction to Frankenstein’s monster.

    • libertarian4339

      I think offering solutions will be ignored, because I doubt they’ll acknowledge that they’re anything but perfect.

  • ageofknowledge

    I heard it was 72% not 7.2%.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    An “accidental” typo?

  • I think that under the circumstances, “800-pound gorilla in the room” would have been a better way to word it. And shouldn’t the statistic on illegitimate black births have been “72 out of every 100 births,” not “every 1,000 births”? 

    • libertarian4339

      You’re right.  First the article correctly refers to 7 out of ten black births are to unwed mothers,  which, obviously,  is 70%, then the reference below claims 72 out of 1000 births are to unwed black mothers, which is 7.2%.

      70%  is correct.  That figure has been cited again and again.

  • Freyr

    In Black Africa, the extended family is strong and it does help raise the children. Whether it is better or worse than the nuclear family is a moot question here. It is the natural Black system and it probably lower the Black crime rate at least a bit.

  • I find it hard to believe that those who attended that conference did not know that the high number of out of wedlock births contribute to the crime rate in the Black community. But from what I have read, that 52% of black pregnancies end in abortion. I also have heard that the birthrate of blacks is so low that they are not replacing themselves, which explains why the hispanic population now exceeds Blacks as the number one minority group in the US.

    • haroldcrews

      What is the Race/Ethnicity of the Women having Abortions?
      According to the Guttmacher Institute, abortion breaks down along racial/ethnic lines as follows:
      White: 34%
      Black: 37%
      Hispanic: 22%
      Other: 7%
      While blacks and Hispanics comprise only 28% of the population, they account for nearly 60% of all abortions.  A black woman is three times as likely as a white woman to have an abortion during her lifetime; a Hispanic woman is 2.5 times more likely to abort than a white woman.

    • sbuffalonative

      They know but, to the left, facts are irrelevant. What matters is maintaing their belief system and preventing loose cannons and brave souls from speaking the truth. That’s why the Left has given us PC Speak.

  • sbuffalonative

    The Left is terrified of facts and the truth which is why they have imposed politically correct speech codes.

    We live in an age when ‘the truth is no defense’.

    • Rocky Bass

      This is on display in the Zimmerman persecution, in that “Innocence is no excuse”.

  •  I have worked with quite a few single mothers who worked more than one job and also went to school full time as well.

  • According to websites such as toomanyaborted.com, one out of two pregnancies end in an abortion. Abortion clinics such as Planned Parenthood are in Black neighborhoods for a reason.  Life Dynamics has a film called Maafa 21, which states that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood wanted to use birth control and abortion to eliminate the black population. Also, there are a lot of whites on public assistance.  As far as the Hispanic population goes, border crossing is at the lowest level in years. This population is on average younger than whites and as such, they are more likely to reproduce.

  • dulouz

    The legalization of interracial marriage means that no has to get stuck marrying Black women and Black women got dropped like a hot rock.

  • There are lots of  “Elephants in the Room” when it comes to race.  In fact the entire American Renaissance can be described as a giant Cameral Elephant Pointer.

  • Rocky Bass

     No I did not have to raise myself. I and my sister were lucky as hell to have grandparents (fathers slightly more stable side of the family tree).

  • BO

    James Madison envisioned something similar and addressed it in Federalist 46 (recommended reading). Basically, the widespread presence of firearms along with thousands and thousands of local governments, will forever check the ambitions of traitors.
    Consider that the vast tropical human tribal biomass in America is largely dependent on a teetering federal government for their basic survival, and that the run-up to open conflict would make law-abiding white people more pissed off than they are already becoming. Now consider how simple and easy it would be to block the exits from urban areas. All you would have to do is park a couple pieces of construction equipment at the mouths of bridges and tunnels and back them up with one or two trained guys. If you wanted to be mean, you could dangle a ghost figure above the streets from a high flying helicopter and really create a frenzy.
    I think we’ll be fine. All we’ll lose is our innocence, which might not be a bad thing.

  •  Poverty does not cause crime but lack of morals does.

  • white_privilege_stigmata

    The American Negro: What He Was, What He Is, and What He May Become

    A Critical and Practical Discussion

     William Hannibal Thomas, 1901 (negro)

    The truth is, the freedmen know there are negroes, of a certain class who, bestial by nature and lascivious by breeding, are wholly lacking in self-restraint when their sexual instincts are aroused; that when opportunity offers they will, and do, commit criminal assaults on women and female children of either race. This fact is patent to every intelligent resident in the South.

    • Rocky Bass

       Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I come here to NOT SEE things like that attached image there. 😛

      • Mainstreaming_Diversity

        That image was a piece of well known Diversity propaganda- a black toddler boy kissing a white toddler girl- destroying White purity as soon as possible.  

        The written content of that post was excellent. How about pasting it here?

      • white_privilege_stigmata

        You come here to read race realism stories, but you don’t want to see race realism. White girls surrendering their sacred trust to the negro Diversity beast is death dealing disaster for our community. White girls who commit bestiality with negroes are worse than whores who perform sex tricks in dirty movies. We must find a way to help White girls understand their duty to the race and to hate Diversity.

      • I Defend White Stigmata.

        I find it good to remind us all, what’s going on with our White Children.  Yes, I know we know no reminding but still, while I find it gross, repulsive and unnatural, it’s good to see it due to, it makes us want to stop it ever so pressing more.

        We’re just still too queasy still.  “We” need to get our American Back Bone back that Demands, that NO, “We” do Not Bleed.  I mean, Bleed out Our Blood.  Race Mixing.

        • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

          WE need to be confronted by images that disgust us for
          their gross, repulsive, and unnatural aspects. 
          The trend of White Humanity is downward- anything that makes us recoil
          in horror is helping us stay invested in our ideals of Whites Only Segregation,
          i.e., God’s kingdom plan for our sacred White privilege.


          When we confront our intolerance for the intolerable, we
          are listening to the voice of God in our blood.


          White girls who commit bestiality by dating Diversity are
          lower than whores who perform sex tricks in porn movies.     I live near race mixers, and I see them
          with their disgusting buck boyfriends.  
          I hate them with the hate of hell. 


          Our crisis is so dire, that now, meeting a pretty White
          girl isn’t a joyous as it was.  Now, we
          must worry if she’s a race traitor and has tainted herself forever by dating
          blacks, or worse, fornicated with the black beasts.



          That’s how the Diversity Curse works: we now distrust
          even those who carry the wombs that could give us our next generation of White


          Nathan Bedford Forrest’s mother would never have given us
          his grandeur if she had committed bestiality fist, because he father would have
          shunned her at the outset.


          I most worry that White girls no longer think
          genetically- they think socially, and a buck boyfriend is a status symbol in
          the sick, degenerate, hellish society we are.  


          When are White women betray us, there really isn’t
          anything left to fight for.  Best to just
          look forward to the hastening final catastrophe, and let God start over after
          that.  Maybe he will learn from his
          mistake: Diversity Destroys Creation.


          “Jesus White Christ! May God withhold his mercy from
          those who betray his greatest creation: White Humanity.”



          -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Godly anger is our strongest refuge,” 2000

          • I am so sorry I missed this.  I really need to get e-mail notifications for follow-up because I think I can remember which articles I posted on but never do.  Now to you:

            WOW!  You wrote EXACTLY how I feel.  EXACTLY.  You and Anon12 and a few others really make me Happy.  I’m grateful for ya’ll.  Very Grateful.  It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

          • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

            If you see something you like, save it in a doc for later reference.

            Our haters most hate, next to our defiance of their enforced tolerance and sensitivity, our commonality. The know that the more White people feel alone and ostracized for our concerns, the less our ideas will spread. We certainly don’t talk like this to our coworkers. That’s what they call toxic and viral, because race reality is a disease that must be quarantined and eliminated.

            Or maybe it’s all a set up and AmRen is just a SPLC front to bring out the crazies who can be reported to authorities who will report us to our bosses.

            In 1984, they set up Winston Smith with the 5 minutes of hate, and when he showed a response, they threw him a subversive book, and when he bit the hook, the let him run with the line until the reeled him in an tortured him for his transgressions.

            Could be us.

    • Love is colorblind. And braindead.

    • The South Died Long Ago and ya know it.  America Does Not Exist Anymore.

      Can “We” mark a day when we’re gonna Flood the Phone Lines Speaking of White Issues?  Let us be specific and Speak of the Vicious Racial Hate Crimes put upon us by non-whites and how “We” are COMPLETELY IGNORED.

      I want action damn it!

  • JohnBoye

    The article has Clegg saying 7 out of ten (70%), and also quotes the statistics (follow the link) – 72 out of 1000 (7%). Which is correct?

    • JackKrak

      I noticed it too. It should read 72 out a hundred (72%), not 72 out of 1,000 (7.2%). If blacks had an illegitimacy rate of 7.2%, about a third of that of whites, we would be reminded of it three times a day, I’m sure.

  • white_privilege_stigmata

    We won’t make real social progress until for every White woman on the pill, ten black females must be put on the pill, for every White woman who aborts, ten black females must abort, for every White man who get snipped, ten black males must get snipped.  Ditto for all non Whites.

  • ‘out of wedlock” is not the problem; Freedom is.  Some people just don’t do well in Freedom, that’s all.

    • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

      Sadly, too many black females are free of the ethics that should make personal demands upon them that they stay forever on the pill.

      The opposite of this is true:

      “Every time another White baby is born, the Earth cries out in pain. Making White babies is a hate crime against global dignity.”

      -Bishop Tyronne Cedric Ceasar Solomon Jefferson Washington, “We will prevail when blue eyes are extinct,” 2012

      • Nasty as it is for the blackie to say it, I say it about them.  Every time a Non-White is Born, Our Earth Cries Out except when I say it, it’s True.

        There really was Good Reason to Segregate.  They didn’t do that just to make themselves feel good.

  • HOW STUPID are Americans,
    that they now “gasp”
    when hearing

  • Rocky Bass

     If my reply sounded offended, it was not my intention at all.
    You have not offended in the least.

  • Rocky Bass

     We are all Rhodesians now.

  • Rocky Bass

     Yeah, these days it seems standard practice to immediately SHOOT these truth bearing messengers cold dead.

  • Rocky Bass

     Blacks need to re-think this “race war”, they claim to want. To me as, I have said before, it’s like “the tick planning to kill off the pesky DOG”. If they(blacks) possessed the ability to kill this dog, it would mean their own undoing.
    I say this dog would not be so easily dispatched, as this dog created EVERYTHING in the modern world, including all modern weapons. When these dogs fight, one needs to re-draw maps and re-make globes. When parasites fight, the ghetto burns a little more (and a few unprepared “Reginal Dennys” stumble into the cannibal’s pot).

    PS, I do know the Chinese used rockets in warfare 700 years before western science discovered gunpowder. I am referring to modern effective weapons.

    • ed91

       blacks don’t do ‘re-think’ very well.

      • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

        Add “re-think” to the list of Stuff Black People Don’t Like.

  • Carney3

    What’s wrong with racial profiling?   Profiling began with profiling serial killers – there was a whole cop show about that called “Profiler”.   Nobody cared because it was usually white males.  

  • Anon

     A liberal wouldn’t even see what’s “astonishing” about it.  Hate facts, crime think…George Orwell was a visionary. 

  • Anon

     Try that as a blond woman. 

  • ncpride

    I once saw a clip of an appearance Mr. Taylor made on Oueen Latifa’a show where he was discussing racial profiling and why it was needed. He was talking about black crime when the rather large black woman on stage with Mr. Taylor starting talking about the worst serial killers in history such as Bundy, Gacy and Dahmer who were White. Do you see where this is going? Mr. Taylor smoothly pointed out that part of the reason they were caught was because… (gasp) they were racially profiled by the FBI. It was so funny to watch her waddle right into that one… What a good laugh.

    • Actually- the top serial killers were/are Mestizos, without true competition.

      Following the footsteps of Mayas & Aztecs, eh ?

      • ncpride

        Oh my, that is very interesting. I knew there were quite a few black serial killers as well, and the reason the black woman didn’t know that is because they didn’t have their faces splashed across the TV for months on end…. in fact they were barely covered at all.

        • When I was putting this link at taki, I inadvertently started to laugh. Not because of a bad taste, but macabre humor in the sentence of Sithole, South African serial killer, was irresistible:

          On December 5, 1997, Sithole was sentenced to 50 years imprisonment for
          each of the 38 murders, 12 years imprisonment for each of the 40 rapes,
          and five years imprisonment for each of the six robberies. Since his
          sentences run consecutively,
          the total effective sentence is thus one of 2,410 years. Justice David
          Carstairs ordered that Sithole would be required to serve at least 930
          years before being eligible for parole (in around 2927). 

          So, Moses will be eligible for parole in 2927. And, by the way, he’s caught AIDS in the prison.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        You link lists serial killers around the world.  Far more pertinent is black vs. White serial killers in the U.S. and the widespread U.S. media myth that “only Whites are serial killers” certainly not blacks.
        I will go to my grave blasting apart this myth (and a zillion others just like it spread by the lying-stream media). Compare media coverage of the Zebra killings to that of The Manson murders, Jeffrey Dahmer or Son of Son — or the relentless 24/7 wall-to-wall coverage of  George Zimmerman for that matter.
        I’m a Californian and rarely, if ever, hear about this case: The Zebra Killings of the 1970′s specifically targeted Whites for random killing and was the most prolific murder ring in American history — bar none — randomly killing at least 71 innocent White people, mostly the elderly, young children and women, yet few Whites have even heard of it.According to FrontPageMagazine:At least one filmmaker who tried to get funding for a documentary on the killings has said that producers will not touch it, as it involves the taboo of black-on-white racismAnyone see any media coverage of this recent black serial murder case out of LA? I doubt it.  I live in the LA area and it was barely covered by the local media here:Nov. 2011:
        Chester Turner, the most prolific serial killer in Los Angeles history, known as the“Southside Strangler,” was convicted of 13 murders between 1987 and 1998 (police think it was at least 20).Here’s the truth, post it everywhere you can: In a sample of 413 serial killers operating in the United States from 1945 to mid-2004, it was found that 90 were African American. Relative to the African American proportion of the population across that time period, African Americans were overrepresented in the ranks of serial killers by a factor of about 2. African Americans and Serial Killing in the Mediahttp://hsx.sagepub.com/content/9/4/271.abstractBon

    • Anonymous

      She even accused him of being racist in that clip, too.  Then she whines ‘I can’t get a cab!’  Please.  Even Larry Elder, a black conservative radio show host, is annoyed when black celebrities belly ache over “I can’t get no cab” or “I only make a two million instead of three million because I’m black.”  He calls that victicrat mentality.

      • Any big-city cab driver who is honest will tell you that they will pick up elderly black people, black women, and black children. But often they will REFUSE to stop for black males who appear to range from the middle to late teens, up to 35 or 40, in age. Why? Because those are the people, out of the entire population, who are most likely to rob or even kill them. It’s racial profiling, which is just common sense.

        And most big-city cab drivers nowadays are NOT White!

  •  They do have abortion rate well above the average- but not above enough.

  • Crystal is mostly- not entirely- right, unlike your comments which are pure subjective speculation.
    You people simply don’t want to seriously discuss just because she’s Japanese.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      So someone posting “I have read” or “I have heard” trumps years of hard, first-hand experience or the evidence I posted above?


  • The black single mothers that I worked with were the most hard working people that I have ever seen. These women worked  with me every day and then they had second job in an office or doing hair in a beauty shop. Some of them also went to school. They were not chronically unemployed moochers as you would call them.

  •  The reason why Mexicans and Central Americans come to the US is to work. But if there are no jobs, why would they come? I have read that many of those who are returning to their country of origin have lost their jobs and cannot afford to stay in the US. Sure, there are pregnant Mexican women in their 30’s and 40’s but the average age of the Hispanics is 27.4 according to the US Census Bureau.

    • NM156

      They come for benefits, including education for their children, medical care for themselves and their families, government assistance programs too numerous to list, etc., etc. No free MRI’s and CT scans in Central America. The hazardous journey is worth medical care alone. Many immigrants use the ER as health insurance. They are never refused.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      They DO NOT come here to work!!

      They come here for FREE WHITE MONEY.

      Please stop spouting off about “I have read” or “I have heard.”

      Better yet, stop commenting on things which you know nothing about!!  

      Here are a few facts about Hispanics who humbly come to the U.S. “only to work” or “for a better life” — a better life are OUR expense!!!

      *More than 43% of all food stamps go to illegal aliens.

      *Fewer than 2% of illegals are picking crops but 41% are on welfare

      *More than 66% of all births in California are to illegals on Medi-Cal paid for by the US TAXPAYER

      *Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties in the U.S. are illegals

      *More than 39% of California students in grades 1-12 are illegals.

      *US Companies using illegal labor in 2005 profited over 2.36 TRILLION dollars.They neither assimilate with Americans nor “raise themselves up” even after three generations:

      *Fifty percent of Hispanic households use some form of welfare, the highest rate of any major population group.

      *Even third-generation Hispanics drop out of school at a higher rate than blacks and are less likely to be college graduates


      They are the very definition of government parasites!


  • If what you say is true, why are the Planned Parenthood clinics and other abortion clinics located in the Black community?  Personally, from how little these women get in public assistance any sane person would rather work than sit home and collect these benefits.

    • NM156

      Receiving the most benefits requires working, which most welfare women do. They have enough income to qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (which is not a tax refund from the IRS), Section 8 housing, WIC cards, Medicaid, state and local benefits, etc., etc., ad nauseam.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      How little these women get from public assistance??

      What rock have you been living under?  

      The government parasite has a whole host of paid-for services that are NOT available to you or me, and which WE are mandated to support through our wages:

      Need a home that you must pay for out of your wages?:

      The government parasite, on the other hand, has a whole host of federal, state and local housing programs to take advantage of.

      Need power and heat for your home that you must pay for out of your wages: 

      For the government parasite, there are once again a whole host of government programs to help with this.  For example, LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) assists low income households in paying their home heating bills.

      Need phone or Internet service which you must pay for out of your wages?

      For the government parasite, cell phone service is not a problem…Those that “qualify” can receive a free cell phone and free cell phone minutes every single month from the federal government. In addition, in some areas of the nation low income families can qualify for deeply subsidized home Internet service.

      Need fuel for your car that you must pay for out of your wages?

      A new bill (The Low-Income Gasoline Assistance Program Act) has been introduced in Congress that would give “qualifying” households money to help pay for gasoline

      Need health insurance that you must pay for out of your wages?

      For the government parasite, health insurance is not needed.  If there is an emergency, the government parasite can just go get free medical care at any emergency room.

      And of course there is always Medicaid.  Back in 1965, only one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid.  Today, one out of every 6 Americans is on Medicaid, and things are about to get a whole lot worse.  It is being projected that Obamacare will add 16 million more Americans to the Medicaid rolls.

      Like to eat?  You’ll need to buy food out of your wages for yourself and your family while the government parasite:

      Well, that is where food stamps come in.  Right now, there are more than 46 million Americans on food stamps.  Since Barack Obama became president, the number of Americans on food stamps has increased by 14 million.  Food stamps have become so popular that rappers are even making rap videos about using food stamp cards.

      And then there are taxes, stolen from our wages to support government parasites, the average state, federal, local and property taxes paid for by the average wage earner is ≈ $1,000/month.

      Meanwhile, the government parasite does not pay any taxes because he or she does not earn enough money to be taxed.

      NJ Governor was not wrong when he stated:

      We have a bunch of people sitting on a couch waiting for their next government check.


      AND, it’ll get a whole lot worse if 0bama is re-electected!!


  •  This behavior that you call it has been around since slavery. I read a story about a Black woman in slavery who was told by her master that since she was big and another male slave named Rufus was big, he wanted them to live together and have big kids that would be able to work the fields. He told the woman that if she refused, she would be whipped. He told her to clean up one of the slave cabins for her and Rufus to live in. She and Rufus had 2 kids. She also had 7 kids by her slave husband who lived on a nearby plantation.

    • Nonsense. Blacks’ sexual behavior has always, as far as recorded history gos, included very high levels of promiscuity. In Africa, the Caribbean, the US, South America, … everywhere.

      Trying to lay it at the door of slavery is absurd.

      • Anonymous

        In Europe, white men had to work all day, cut down trees, hunt their own food, etc.  There aren’t as many resources in Europe as there were in Africa.  White men knew the more they slept around and screwed around, they’d have to work ten times as hard to feed their families.  In Africa, on the other hand, there are tons of resources and that’s why blacks could “fool around” more.  Their children weren’t as likely to starve and they didn’t need to plan ahead for winter.  Are liberals and the ‘race is a human construct theory’ advocates going to tell us we are all the same at our core?  You aren’t going to change thousands upon thousands of years of basic DNA evolution.  (I do notice the ‘race is a social construct’ people don’t have any qualms asserting blacks are better at sports than white guys are.)

  • Detroit_WASP

    I disagree.  Marrying the mother MAY help slightly.  However, out society would be far better off if the poor (85 average IQ crowd) was offered an incentive to not have children at all.  The benefits to society would be enormous.

    •  What would you suggest? Paying them to get sterilized?

      • robinbishop34

        Maybe we could put birth control in grape kool-aid?

        • Strider73

          Malt liquor would be even more effective.

  • Ernest

    “”“Nonetheless I think we have to recognize that it’s going to be tempting
    for the police and individuals to profile so long as a disproportionate
    amount of street crime is committed by African Americans and there will
    be a disproportionate amount of street crime is committed by African

    Yet you say you are against it(racial profiling)? You are either a liar or stupid.

  • anarchyst

    Another reason for black behavior is the genetic “quality” of the blacks that were brought here.  It is no secret that the “losers” in the various tribal wars were often sold off to be used as slaves.  It turns out that the blacks that were brought here were of poorer genetic “stock”.  This could explain the differences between the native-born American black descendents of slaves versus black African immigrants.  These black immigrants generally value education while the native-born American blacks have disdain for education and criticize  their peers who do so as “acting white”.
    It looks like we got the “short end of the stick” with our native-born black “descendents of slaves”.

    • haroldcrews

      I expect that the primary difference is the sense of entitlement and grievance that you’ll find among blacks in the West as opposed to those in Africa.  From what I’ve been told the blacks in Africa have IQs lower than blacks in the US.  Which some say is due to the presence of white admixture into the black population.  I’m unsure myself.  It could easily be due to better diet and pre-natal care or perhaps some other reason or combination of factors.  

    • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

      That’s why the Diversity Curse is so horrible here. We are surrounded by the descendents of the Africans that even other Africans found so disgusting and intolerable, that they sold them to the Dutch with pleas that the Dutch build bigger ships to hold even more. Africans knew that their lower elements were fast breeders, just as we’ve discovered.

      We prefer the Yankee version of Fort Pillow. If NBF really did turn his men loose to massacre the surrendering negro soldiers, then each victim never again fathered more Diversity. We celebrate whatever slows down the vicious expansion of Diversity. If we have it bad now, imagine how bad it would have been without NBF!

  • hyperborean_genesis

    Another Diversity Son of Obama attacks White Humanity.   

    When they attack one of us, they attack all of us.  Until we are all safe, none of us are safe.

    Suspect: I Beat Up White Man Because I Am Mad About Trayvon Martin Case


  • Anonymous

    Them being better behaved than some Europeans doesn’t negate the argument.  I’m sure there are some cats who won’t attack birds or mice.  I’m sure there are some girls who are taller and stronger than me.  I’m sure there are some Asian males who like to sleep around and get in trouble while there are some black men who are responsible, not sexually irresponsible and who are good in academics.  I focus on what more likely is than the few exceptions.  You waste so many resources basing your decisions in life on the exceptions rather than the rule. 

    • I think you’re right. That’s the reason for racial profiling. It’s not that every black — or Arab Muslim — is a thief, rapist or terrorist. It’s that the probabilities for them being so are many, many times greater than for, say, a middle-aged Swedish man, or an elderly White grandmother. The safety of the greater numbers demands that we not split hairs about things like that. Racial profiling is, in certain cases, justified. Too bad nobody in authority in this country is willing to say that publicly, for fear of being called “racist.”

  • Detroit_WASP


    Detroit video.  This is the future of the USA

  • True. But masters often DID pair up large, muscular black men and women so they would (supposedly) have large, muscular progeny who would be good field hands. Unfortunately, we’re now reaping the whirlwind of those unions with large, muscular blacks who are a menace to society, who take advantage of their bulk and musculatur to beat up much smaller and weaker White people at will, and often with impunity; who fill our prisons, and intimidate store clerks and others with their sheer size when they pull armed robberies.

    Having said all that, I’ll add that, yes, blacks in general have never had to be encouraged to procreate.

  • Some people gasp at the truth and some people grasp at the truth.

    • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

      Cotton is king, and pro-slavery arguments: comprising the writings of Hammond, Harper, Christy, Stringfellow, Hodge, Bledsoe, and Cartwright, on this important subject”, 1860

      Introduction.–Cotton is king: or, Slavery in the light of political economy. By D. Christy.–Liberty and slavery: or, Slavery in the light of moral and political philosophy. By A. T. Bledsoe.–The Bible argument: or, Slavery in the light of divine revelation. By T. Stringfellow.–Slavery in the light of social ethics. By Chancellor Harper.–Slavery in the light of political science. By J. H. Hammond.–Slavery in the light of ethnology. By S. A. Cartwright.–Slavery in the light of international law. By E. N. Elliot.–Decision of the Supreme Court of the United States in the Dred Scott case.–The fugitive slave law. By C. Hodge.–The Bible argument on slavery. By C. Hodge.–The education, labor, and wealth of the South. By S. A. Cartwright.–Concluding remarks. By the editor.

      Dr. Cartwright’s “Ethnology of the African Race,” are the results of the observation and experience of a lifetime, spent in an extensive practice of medicine in the midst of the race. He has had the best of opportunities for becoming intimately ac- quainted with all the idiosyncrasies of this race, and he has well improved them. That the negro is now an inferior species, or at least variety of the human race, is well established, and must, we think, be admitted by all. That by himself he has never emerged from barbarism, and even when partly civilized under the control of the white man, he speedily returns to the same state, if emancipated, are now indubitable truths. Whether or not, under our system of slavery, he can ever be so elevated as to be worthy of freedom, time and the providence of God alone can determine. The most encouraging results have already been achieved by American slavery, in the elevation of the negro race in our midst ; as they are now as far superior to the natives of Africa, as the whites are to them. In a religious point of view, also, there is great encouragement, as there are twice as many communicants of Christian churches among our slaves, as there are among the heathen at all the missionary stations in the world. (See Prof Christy’s statistics in this volume.) What the negroes might have been, but for the interference of the abolitionists, it is impossible to conjecture. That their influence has only been unmitigated evil, we have the united testimony, both of themselves and of the slave holders.

  • A few loosely connected thoughts re some ideas posted here:

    * Whites don’t & very probably won’t in a foreseeable future form significant White defense leagues, some vigilante groups etc. Simply-despite horrifying crimes (Wichita, Knoxville,..), let’s be frank- in a country of 315 M, this is not enough to react violently. Truly disgusting Black on White  crimes that would provoke an all-White outrage are maybe 20 or so, spread over 15+ yrs. And almost all perpetrators have been caught and punished- LWP or death sentence.
    Whites don’t have the motivation to “take law into their hands”- the police are doing the job.

    What is realistic to expect is intensified re-segregation because Whites are – thanks God for Internet- better informed & the flow of information is impossible, despite all efforts of censorship, to prevent. And the multiculturalism is not on the rise, but on the contrary- throughout all White European world. Blacks will only help because their behavior is all too obvious. Just read comments in any newspaper or news portal when some race crime happens- most are of such nature that would make AR regulars feel like a PC

    * selective breeding in the ante- bellum South did not produce muscular Blacks. This is Lamarckism, and it never worked in practice (Frederick the Great of Prussia had tried to produce a “race” of gigantic soldiers & failed miserably). Blacks are naturally more muscular in young adulthood & the rest is Darwinism- only fitter for hard work survived.

    * despite commercials & manipulations, dominant images of Blacks in the US are- STDs, violent crime, ghetto, lack of education & animalistic stupidity.

    * as far as miscegenation goes, leftist idiots -1968 leftovers- are complaining that it is way below what they had hoped for in 1970 & that country is sexually segregated. It is true that it’s far from ideal, but, hey- what did you expect in times of pretty widespread promiscuity, when non- negligible part of White females has had 30-60 partners until they turned 28-30.

    • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

      An Excerpt from: Richard H. Colfax’s Evidence Against the Views of the Abolitionists, Consisting of Physical and Moral Proofs, of the Natural Inferiority of the Negroes (New York: James T. M. Bleakley Publishers, 1833):

      The lengthy arguments concerning the intellect of the negroe drawn from history, and the numerous explanations of his mental inferiority, which have at various times been given, (without supposing him of a distinct species,) are rendered totally useless, if it can be shown, that the portion of his brain, which presides over the animal functions, exceeds, to any great extent, that from which the mental endowments arise. Furthermore, although we are not believers in physiognomy, (as a science,) yet we cannot avoid making a remark upon the negro’s face, which may not be entirely overlooked–although we may thereby risk the commission of a tautology.

      His lips are thick, his zygomatic muscles, large and full* (*”These muscles are always in action during laughter and the extreme enlargement of them indicates a low mind.” Lavater)–his jaws large and projecting,–his chin retreating,–his forehead low, flat and slanting, and (as a consequence of this latter character,) his eyeballs are very prominent,–apparently larger than those of white men;–all of these peculiarities at the same time contributing to reduce his facial angle almost to a level with that of the brute–Can any such man become great or elevated?–the history of the Africans will give a decisive answer. Even the ancients were fully aware of this kind of mutual coincidence, between the facial angle, and the powers of the mind: consequently, in their statues of heroes and philosophers, they usually extended the angle to 90 degrees,–making that of the Gods to be 100: beyond which, it cannot be enlarged without deformity. Modern anatomists have fixed the average facial angle of the European at 80–negro 70,–ourang outang 58–all brutes below 70, the average angle of quadrupeds being about 20. ******

      If then it is consistent with science, to believe that the mind will be great in proportion to the size and figure of the brain: it is equally reasonable to suppose, that the acknowledged meanness of the negroe’s intellect, only coincides with the shape of his head; or in other words, that his want of capability to receife a complicated education renders it improper and impotitic, that he should be allowed the privileges of citizenship in an enlightened country! It is in vain for the Amalgamationists to tell us that the negroes have had no opportunity to improve, or have had less opportunities than European nations; the public are well aware that three or four thousand years could not have passed away, without throwing advantages in the way of the Africans; yet in all this time, with every advantage that liberty, and their proximity to refined nations could bestow, they have never even attempted to raise themselves above their present equivocal station, in the great zoological chain. (pp. 24-25)

      •  His lips are thick, his zygomatic muscles, large and full* (*”These
        muscles are always in action during laughter and the extreme enlargement
        of them indicates a low mind.” Lavater)

        Hahahha…..please, this is junk science of physiognomy (Lavater & Lombroso). What’s next, crime astrology ?

        • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

          I can walk out of my door right now and find immediate empirical proof that junk science is vindicated.

          The Negroes have an uncanny ability to confirm all our the racist stereotypes we have “invented” for them. Strange how that works, i.e., reality.

  • ed91

     I’d settle for some segregation along the way too.

  • ed91

     Reality is racist………… so is nature, as in survival of the fittest.

    blacks evolved in a hot climate…………  in a temperate climate they would never have made it.  Planning 6-12 months ahead is not in their list of assets.

  • IstvanIN

    Please, everyone, there is NO SUCH THING as racial profiling.  There is criminal profiling, an aspect of which is race and ethnicity.  You can not racially profile someone, they either is or is not black.

    • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

      There VERY MUCH IS INDEED such a thing as racial profiling. Just today, I racially profiled the Diversity and fled the premises before they could make their enriching contribution to my social values. Just too many teens and youth, ef u know whu’um say’n.

      Living near Diversity forces us into the zone of ethnology, a place we’d rather avoid. If you’ve survived so far, you are a bona fide scholar of N’ggerology. It survive in the future, advance degrees will be required. AmRen is our study hall.

  • Natassia

    that was the point I was trying to make.

    Yellow jackets are more likely to sting than honey bees, just as children without fathers are more likely to engage in criminal behavior and have babies while still in high school than those children raised by married parents.

  •  During the 1930 ‘s, young men of all races worked for the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). They built roads, cleaned recreational areas. The units were racially segregated. But the pay was the same. The bulk of each corp members pay was sent to his family to support them during the depression. The majority of these men served in the military during WWII

  • chickensandkittens

    Your statistic should read 72 OUT OF EVERY ONE HUNDRED (100)
    not out of 1000, are born to black women out of wedlock.

    • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

      Whites are racially profiled as “racist” just for being White.  The Diversity puts us under a racial Bill of Attainders, and we have no recourse in law and no defense is allowed.  Whiteness is evidence of guilt, so just go with it.Best just to say, “Before the Knoxville Horror, I wasn’t a racist,” and leave it to them to explain how, even though you are a born racist, the Knoxville Horror should have nothing to do with  justifying your racism.Or, the old standby, “Under the circumstances, racism really is the best option.””Anti-racism is codeword for anti-White,” has iys time and place, as well._______________
      Inside the Racist Mind

      The fact that you may honestly believe you are not biased
      does not free you from unconscious racism
      Studies show most people have some sort of prejudice or bias. “Decades of
      cognitive bias research demonstrates that both unconscious and conscious biases
      lead to discriminatory actions even when an individual does not want to
      discriminate,” write Michelle Alexander in her book The New Jim Crow.
      “The fact that you may honestly believe that you are not biased against African
      Americans, and that you may have black friends and relatives, does not mean that
      you are free from unconscious bias. Implicit bias tests may still show that you
      hold negative attitudes and stereotypes about blacks even though you do not
      believe you do and do not want to.” Part of the problem is the monsoon of
      negative messages about blacks coming at Americans which makes being non-racist
      almost like mentally swimming upstream.****
      Racism is a mental tumor. It’s an acceptance of stereotypes, of otherness, of
      fear, of racial hierarchies. It requires embracing the concept of constants
      about certain racial groups even though there are no biological certainties
      about the races. Scientifically, there is only the human race. Race as we know
      it is a social construct and, in the sweep of human history, a relatively recent
      concept invented in America to justify having both “liberty for all” and
      slavery. Racism has long had sub-ideas protecting it like bodyguards—the idea
      that blacks were lesser human beings with inferior brain power and morality and
      criminal proclivities aided in the perpetuation of slavery, Jim Crow and the
      current wave of criminalization in which young black men are considered
      synonymous with criminals—some have captured this via the term

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Thanks for the kind words.  I’m still a little testy after paying my California State Taxes, Federal Taxes, Property Taxes and Car Tax — knowing as I do where the money is going and that these leeches, if they do work, work in an untaxed, cash-based economy while collecting lavish benefits.

    And this is while the border remains wide open and “our” traitorous politicians welcome the absolute dregs of the Third World to destroy the U.S.


  •  No, the weaker had been weeded out. Darwinism.

  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    We know that AmRen isn’t anti-Semetic, but is it off limits to ask if Jews racially profile when they decide who is a Jew and who isn’t?

    Does the Congressional Black Caucus racially profile when it makes membership decisions?

    Does the Fed. Govt. racially profile when it hands out Affirmative Action jobs?

    Did Nkosi Thwandi Diversity Son of Obama racially profile when he shot White Brittny Watts in the neck and let her bleed out until dead in an Atlanta parking deck while he was being paid as a security guard to protect her from Atlanta’s roaming Diversity?

    Did MSM racially profile George Zimmerman when it attacked him as a “white” Hispanic?

    Aren’t we racially profiled for White privilege just because we have Whiteness? (If White privilege were real, shouldn’t it protect us from racial profiling? Privilege is when you are left alone to enjoy life, liberty, happiness, and private property. Being attacked and marginalized for mythic privilege destroys the very notion of privilege.)

    “Diversity is our greatest strength.” Racial profiling, bullying, discrimination, hatred, and racism against Whites is a social value that reflects who we are as people. Embracing Diversity is tolerance for anti-Whiteness.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     heres a new low a white man apologizing for an apology . zimmers lawyer apologizes for his apology ha ha white men reaching for new lows  PITIFUL COWARDS  sad sad white people. no hope for whites just give up . disgraceful

    • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

      That’s just his opening speech in his future campaign for governor.  Look at his face. He’s a good Anglo-Saxon, so he hates Diversity, but he knows that selling out the rest of White Humanity to Diveristy is the only path to political power today.

  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    I’m stuggling with the temptation to racially profile these two images.  If I give into my weakness, I want to make sure that my sin is not mispent.

    Please help me, AmRen Community, and tell me which one should I racially profile as Beauty, and which as Ugly?

  • Kurt Plummer

    A man who has no hope in life beyond about 12-15 dollars an hour is a man who cannot afford a serious relationship because he will never have a child that doesn’t drain his finances completely.

    A man with an 87IQ is looking at bus driver or similar roles, at best.

    Hence he ‘hooks up’ and the woman gets pregnant because she is instinctively inclined to and because it brings in the money.

    Trying to create a make-work society based on giving a man four times -what their work is worth- (to the tune of Escalades and 180,000 dollar mortgages) is destroying ALL of us.

    The problem is thus two fold-

    1.  We cannot do well as whites while hauling a black albatross around with us.
    2.  We cannot -not- profile while still making specific statements about race and reproduction, specifically:  “There will be no more than one child per welfare family before sterilization.”

    The cognitive dissonance in acknowledging these two opposed conditions is what makes me question the social intelligence of whites.

    We cannot ignore as abide it any longer.  If we cannot summon the courage to -change- it, we had better **SEPARATE** so that we can live alone amongst ourselves.  Because multicult is a failure.  But it is one which will kill us, first.

  • Impertinent

    “Community ‘Elephant in the Room”…

    Possible typo? Maybe they meant…. “Elephant in the Womb”?

  • Carney3

    Well said of course.