Campus Diversity Suffers Under Race-Blind Policies

Terence Chea, The Jamestown Sun, April 21, 2012

Fifteen years ago, California voters were asked: Should colleges consider a student’s race when they decide who gets in and who doesn’t?

With an emphatic “no,” they made California the first state to ban the use of race and ethnicity in public university admissions, as well as hiring and contracting.

Since then, California’s most selective public colleges and graduate schools have struggled to assemble student bodies that reflect the state’s demographic mix.

Universities around the country could soon face the same challenge. The U.S. Supreme Court is set to revisit the thorny issue of affirmative action less than a decade after it endorsed the use of race as a factor in college admissions.


College officials are worried today’s more conservative court could limit or even ban the consideration of race in admissions decisions. A broad ruling could affect both public and private universities that practice affirmative action, a powerful tool for increasing campus diversity.


The effects of California’s ban, known as Proposition 209, are particularly evident at the world-renowned University of California, Berkeley campus, where the student body is highly diverse but hardly resembles the ethnic and racial fabric of the state.

With affirmative action outlawed, Asian American students have dominated admissions. The freshman class admitted to UC Berkeley this coming fall is 30 percent white and 46 percent Asian, according to newly released data. The share of admitted Asians is four times higher than their percentage in the state’s K-12 public schools.

But traditionally underrepresented Hispanic and black students remain so. In a state where Latinos make up half the K-12 public school population, only 15 percent of the Berkeley students are Hispanic. And the freshman class is less than 4 percent African Americans, although they make up 7 percent of the K-12 students.


UC Berkeley has tried to bolster diversity by expanding outreach to high schools in poor neighborhoods and considering applicants’ achievements in light of the academic opportunities available to them.

But officials say it’s hard to find large numbers of underrepresented minorities competitive enough for Berkeley, where only about one in five applicants are offered spots in the freshman class.

In addition, California’s highest-achieving minority students are heavily recruited by top private colleges that practice affirmative action and offer scholarships to minorities, administrators say.


Backers say affirmative-action policies are needed to combat the legacy of racial discrimination and level the playing field for minorities who are more likely to attend inferior high schools. Colleges benefit from diverse student bodies, and minority students often become leaders in their communities after graduating from top colleges.


The year after California’s ban took effect, the number of black, Latino and Native American students plummeted by roughly half at Berkeley and UCLA, the UC system’s most sought-after campuses.

Voters in Arizona, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Washington and Nebraska have since approved similar bans with similar results.

At the University of Washington, the number of underrepresented minorities dropped by a third after voters banned affirmative action in 1998.


Affirmative-action advocates say Proposition 209 has created a “new Jim Crow regime” in California, where elite public colleges are dominated by white and Asian students while black and Hispanic students are relegated to less prestigious campuses.

“It is extraordinary that the vast majority of high school graduates in this state are minorities, and they’re denied the opportunities to go to their state universities,” said attorney Shanta Driver for the group By Any Means Necessary, which filed suit to overturn the ban.

UC officials have tried to increase campus diversity by admitting the top 9 percent of graduates from each high school, conducting a “holistic review” of applications that decreases the weight of standardized test scores and eliminating the requirement to take SAT subject exams.


“We’re very interested in a diverse student body that reflects the state of California and the nation,” said UC provost Larry Pitts. “We have reasonable diversity, but not as much as we would like.”


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    We now live in an idiocracy!

    Diversity is Brawndo!

    Cohesiveness is Toiletwater!

    Idiocracy clip:

    Idiots are fooled into thinking good things are bad (i.e. water, “like from the toilet”) and that vague, undefined things are good (i.e. Brawndo).
    Because at some point, people are made to connect good and wholesome things with being unsavoury and “uncool”. 

    How should we water our societies?   
    With Diversity (BRAWNDO), because it’s got electrolytes (MAGICAL BROWN PEOPLE).

    • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

      Celebrate European White Diversity!

      From Hinton Rowan Helper’s NOJOQUE, 1867:

      People possessed of well-balanced minds, that is to say, people endowed with the prime gift of com mon sense, such people, for instance, as are to be found in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland. Great Britain, North America, and elsewhere, offer up their devotions to the one only living and true God, and to no other spirit, nor creature, nor thing whatever.

    • Rocky Bass

       That has got to be one of my all time favorite movies. And yes I do see the parallels. Only we elected OUR president “Comacho” 500 years early!

    • Jared shabazz

      good film

  • Hunter Morrow

    “Since then, California’s most selective public colleges and graduate
    schools have struggled to assemble student bodies that reflect the
    state’s demographic mix.”

    What, the campuses don’t exactly look like North Mexico, even though the state does?

    Ay carumba, whats a reconquistador to do?

    • Hunter Morrow

       Eh, I know it is a bit uncouth to reply to yourself, but that cuts both ways. Ever take a tour of a California campus? You’ll feel pretty sheepish without your Chinese, Japanese and Korean pocket dictionaries.

      What, can’t these law-abiding geniuses create university systems worth a damn in their own countries? Or are they just smart enough to get on a boat and then bleed this country dry?

      • Many of these students that you see are from overseas and they pay out of state tuition, which is 3x the rate that in state residents pay. The state needs them to compensate for the illegal immigrants called SB540 students who pay instate rates but get no financial aid. This is going to change next year when the California Dream Act takes effect. This allows illegals to get state financial aid if there are remaining funds after US citizens and legal permanent residents have gotten their money.

        • The__Bobster

          Even though foreign students pay more, it still doesn’t cover the cost of educating them. However, all colleges really care about is filling seats.
          The taxpayers will cover the rest.

          • The University of California system has been trying to attract out of state students because they pay more in tuition that in state residents. The same thing for foreign students. The universities love them because they pay in full upfront.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    The point of a university is not to educate but to ensure that the proportion of degreed citizens mirrors their respective ethnicity in the community/state/nation at large.

  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    This absolutely stunning and “dangerous” video is an analogy for our Diversity Curse. He doesn’t mention race, but race is the problem.

    “If I wanted America to fail, I would teach Diversity that all its problems are caused by Whites, and I’d teach Whites to feel guilty for their White privilege.”

    This one video may be the game changer for the election. Given how profile it will be, it is a readymade opportunity for Jared Taylor to significantly raise the profile and impact of AmRen. We, the AmRen Community calls on Jared Taylor to spoof it.

    If I Wanted America To Fail…

    I’d make certain that the best, brightest, most beautiful blonde, blue-eyed White college girls would all agree that “Since Diversity is our greatest strength, making White babies is a hate crime against global dignity.”

    •  You have hit upon it:


      Many white girls I talk to, have been brainwashed by pop culture into not wanting babies.

      “Oh, I never want to get pregnant,”

      White women are routinely assailed with birth control offers, to keep them in dead-end relationship that won’t lead to conception.
      Women are told that they can CHOOSE their life, rather than following their calling as a woman, “to be fruitful and multiply”.

      Al Gore and his sick pals have pushed the idea of overpopulation, which is of course only of the brown people.  Whites will be 4% of the global population by then end of the century.

      Of course, Obama wants to provide FREE STERILIZATION and BIRTH CONTROL to all college girls. 

      The entire pop culture is directed, by the forces of darkness, to STERILIZING THE WHITE WOMAN. 

      Pursue dead end relationships with unsuitable fathers, and DON”T CONCEIVE.  
      Plus, your genes don’t matter, because all people are the same anyway.

      You are NOT unique, your genes do NOT matter,

      • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

        Birth control and free sex and feminism destroyed generations of White girls.  They let their boyfriends have all the sex we wanted, and we got it without commitment.  Secretly, we were determining that our gilfriends were sluts who wouldn’t make good mothers.  So we kept looking, and all the girls were the same- sex was easy.And the college hook up culture is just an orgy.  Sluts galore.  Who will marry them, or stay married to them.  College is a running porn movie.

        Men don’t get married and make families anylonger because the breeding stock is too corrupt and unworthy.   The responsibility for chastity and pureness falls on women.  Men are pigs, and all it takes is a little flesh to make us forget the name of Jesus.  Woman are in control of their flesh and how much they show and share.I’ve come to the conclusion that most White girls are no more moral than nasty whores, and now, we can’t trust they haven’t been ruined by bestial sex with negroes.We lost the war. Our duty now is survival and vengeance.  Forget prosperity and happiness.  Our joy is in our bitterness and hatred.

  • During Obama’s time at Harvard law school, blacks were 12-14% of the freshman classes, while the ave. for law schools across the country was about one percent black. Why were blacks able to get into the most elite law school in the country in such large numbers? Were they so much better on the LSAT? Not likely, as every year blacks occupy the bottom ranks of this exam. The only explanation is Harvard engaged in blatant racial discrimination, admitting blacks based solely on skin color.  You can easily calculate how many qualified, deserving students were denied admission because of Harvard’s hyper aggressive “afro-action” policy, first count the total number of blacks enrolled in HLS, then divide  by 1 to get the actual number

  • Since half of mexicans don’t graduate high school, you can make the case that they are over represented at Ca colleges

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    callers to the al sharpton show today were calling for people to go after zimmermans mom and dad this sounded like inciting violence to me if anybody wants to file a complaint to the fcc the number i called is 1 202 418 1122 they were pretty accommodating. be nice to see this piece of garbage lose his broadcasting license

    • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

      Blacks mau mau, ook, and eek out of a long tradition of racial solidarity and tribal loyalty, uh, I mean racial characteristics and incompatibility with White Civilization.

      From Hinton Rowan Helper’s NOJOQUE, 1867:

      Truly and admirably, in the main, did the New York Tribune, not a great while since, say :

      “Nine-tenths of the Free Blacks have no idea of setting themselves to work except as the hirelings and servitors of white men; no idea of building a church, or accomplishing any other serious enterprise, except through beggary of the Whites. As a class, the Blacks are
      indolent, improvident, servile and licentious ; and their inveterate habit of appealing to White benevolence or compassion whenever they realize a want or encounter a difficulty, is eminently baneful an innervating. If they could never more obtain a dollar until they shall have earned it, many of them would suffer, and some perhaps starve; but on the whole, they would do better and improve faster than may now be reasonably expected. ”

      All the devil-begotten imps of darkness, whether black or brown, whether negroes or Indians, whether Mongols or mulattoes, should at once be dismissed, and that for
      ever, from the care, from the sight, and even from the thoughts, of the Heaven-born whites. Wherever seen, or wherever existing, the black and bi-colored races are the very personifications of bastardy and beggary. In America, these races are the most unwieldy occasioners of dishonor and weakness; they are the ill-favored and unwelcome instruments of disservice; they are the ghastly types of effeteness and retrogression.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Affirmative Action has real world consequences, not just for the White or Asian students that are displaced by those of lesser quality, but by the AA admitees themselves who suddenly find themselves far out of their league and unable to  compete.  

    This brutally honest editorial was published by the Chicago Tribune and posted on Pacific Legal Foundation’s website:

    I graduated from a diverse public college preparatory school and attended an equally diverse public university where no one ever felt anyone else got in because of affirmative action. My strong undergraduate performance earned me a full-ride scholarship to a prestigious marketing graduate program at Northwestern University.

    It was obvious that most of my fellow classmates knew I was there on a full scholarship and assumed that I’d gotten into the school through some official attempt at diversity.

    Here’s the thing, though: That may have been exactly why I got in. And guess what? I was not academically equal to my peers and woefully unprepared for the math-heavy statistical analysis needed to complete the basic courses in data mining. My low first-quarter grades put me on academic probation and I later ended up leaving school never having gotten that graduate degree — another statistic showing that minority access to college does not guarantee completion.

    The well-meaning admissions people who thought that I’d find a way to succeed academically were, as it turns out, a little too sunny about my potential, and I left with serious bruises on my psyche and ego.

    Notice these universities that promote AA and “DIEversity”  NEVER report the graduation rates of their AA admitees — this data are held tightly, the PLF has been trying to pry the stats loose for years.

    The real losers in this racist, discriminitory practice are the Whites and Asians who are displaced.


  • Blacks, who are ~14% of the CA pop are ~40% of the CA prison pop.
    Asians, who are ~14% of the CA pop are ~40% of the UC student body.
    Blacks are as disproportionately successful at getting into the prison system as Asians are disproportionately successful at getting into UC system….

    But Liberals, incl Asian liberals, keep trying to convince all Asians that they are fellow POCs — “people of color” (i.e., non-white), and thus have sooo many interests in common wit blacks and Latinos…. LOL!

    Blacks who were born & raised here and speak the language (sorta), have failed for generation after generation after generation whereas Asians who arrive here not knowing anyone (in many cases), not knowing the language, not knowing anything about living in the US (e.g., how to get a drivers license), hit the ground running, MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS (vs blacks, many of whom stick their noses in everybody else’s business), and join mainstream middle class America after only 1 or 2 generations. Asian parents focus on working and saving and their kids focus on their studies (vs playing midnight basketball or keeping up with the latest rap “musician”, movie stars or sports “heroes”….).

    How many generations of blacks are going to whine about “needing help” due to a “legacy of discrimination”? Current college students (18 and over) don’t need affirmative action since their parents (aged 35 and over) already were BENEFICIARIES of it!

    UC will follow other PC lemmings off the cliff, destroying what little remains of their once great reputation as they ever try to twist the admissions process to get more NAMs (non-Asian minorities),  as freshmen, just to watch them fail after a year or two….

    • The__Bobster

      White are at a disadvantage when competing again Asians, as they believe in fairness and honor, and thus do not believe in cheating.

    •  I love your PC battering ram, keep using it all over if you can:

      “Blacks are as disproportionately successful at getting into the prison
      system as Asians are disproportionately successful at getting into UC

      It is like a battering ram to the PC-castle.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     white man beaten critical cond by black mob graphic

  • Mentious

    This writer is so hyper about “diversity.” The diversity of the White Europeans, in these colleges, is plenty rich enough.

    White Europeans are a very diverse people. We don’t have to be “everynation” for these crazies.

    • Diversity leads to divergence, homogeneity leads to a larger variety of friends.
      This is the crux of the issue:  variety, not “diversity”.

       People are naturally varied as human beings, regardless of race
      There is diversity within a human race. 

      What the sick mind-twisting propaganda has done, is based on the idea of blank slatism:

      People are all the same at the level of behavioral genetics, culture comes from conditioning. 
      In essense, humans are blank slates.
      It is this blank-slatism that is at the root of the “diversity” curse.

      When it comes to friendships with actual human beings, “diversity”,  divergences in culture, lead to niche groups. 

      Diversity leads to divergence. 

      We need to figure out how to hammer at the issue, to make the pillars of the “diversity” lie crumble.   In everyday conversations, there are ways to do this without activating the PC matrix.

      Human beings all naturally vary as people, even within a ethnic group.
      Generally, people make friends with people who they have a culture in common with.

      If there are more different cultures, there are more different niche groups. 
      When there is a greater “divergence of cultures”, I would have a smaller diversity of friends, as human beings.

      Diversity means LESS FRIENDS. 

  • Where are the whites and Asians whining about professional and collegiate sports teams not “reflecting the state’s demographic mix”?

    We don’t because we get it: if you suck at something, better to find something to do that you don’t suck at! Or at least don’t expect to get drafted by top teams if you persist.

    Here, w/college, liberal UC regents and admin folk are determined to get people who aren’t qualified to play in the academic Big Leagues onto “top teams” (UCB and UCLA). The UC’s reputation and the value of degree from UC (esp for a NAM), just won’t be the same as more and more people understand the games being played.

    •  Well, you have run up against the crux of the issue:

      You see, Blacks are superhumans.  Uebermenschen, under Father Obama, if you will. 

      In addition to being naturally more gifted at athletics ON AVERAGE, and at jive-singing ON AVERAGE, blacks are at equal ability academically with whites.

      Blacks are better at sports, AND potentially just as good at academics. 
      Thus, they are SUPERHUMAN. 

      Get past the PC matrix with this:

      Aren’t blacks better at sports and singing on average?
      Well, if blacks are better at these things, and just as good at academics, wouldn’t that make them SUPERHUMANS?  UEBERMENSCHEN?

      No race is “superior”, every race has its advantages and disadvantages.   

      White people and asian people do better at IQ tests, Black people have more natural flow and confidence. 

      (PC agent: “But IQ tests don’t show true intelligence, and are culturally biased”)

      That’s true, IQ tests show the kind of intelligence good for running CIVILIZATION.  Black people have their advantages in their own way, but unfortunately they don’t always function as well in civilization.

      Leave them be, and stop blaming the White man for all of their problems.  Blacks are running a different race, which will never involve caring as much about civilization.

  • This is a fantastic PC  battering-ram:

    “They have equal opportunity, what they want is equal outcome. ”

    You are aware that your list is ACTUALLY too difficult for the majority of minorities?
    “Stay in school, go to class, listen to the teacher, read your
    assignments, do your homework, study for tests, don’t get pregnant,
    don’t shoot anybody, make good grades”

    This not shooting anybody and not getting pregnant part routinely screwed up.
    If a person cannot master the above too, how can they ever master a test??

  • “That said, we now have a mulatto who is plain brilliant. He started as a
    lab assistant, and as a bacc he already has several publications and
    three new parataxa of conodonts to his credit. Happens.”

    Smart Blacks HATE dumb blacks more than we do.  What the liberal marxists do, is to try to tie them down to their race. 

    Those blacks want to join with civilization, but they are constantly told to hang with their “noble savage” brethren.