Robbers Fake Accident, Attack Woman: Cops

David Chang, NBC 10 Philadelphia, April 23, 2012

Police are investigating the robbery and attack of a woman who they say tried to help a person who she believed to be the victim of a car accident.

It happened Saturday at 9:45 p.m. in Galloway Township. Police say a 65-year-old woman was driving home on Old Port Republic Road when two vehicles began to follow her. The woman told police one of the vehicles passed her and appeared to race up the road in front of her. Seconds later she found what appeared to be the same vehicle sideways across the road in front of her car, forcing her to stop, according to investigators.

The woman claims she saw a person “slumped” over the wheel. Police say she rolled her window down to ask if the person needed help. Suddenly, police say, the driver of the second vehicle that remained behind her approached her with a stocking covering his face and a knife in his hand. The suspect allegedly demanded money and jewelry. Police say the suspect cut the woman on her arm and ripped her earrings from her body. {snip}


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  • Hunter Morrow

    I went to the article about a crime in Philadelphia. See, this was about as up front and personal as crime can get. I wanted to see if the article had an excellent description of the crooks as well as police sketches and descriptions of the vehicles used to stage the phony accident to commit the crime. Here is what I got instead…

    Person, person, driver, suspect,  suspect, suspect and the article concluded with…

    “Police have not released a description of the suspects or vehicles that they used.”

    Mighty fine police work, Lou.

    • That is incredible.   We need to start wondering what is being said in journalism schools, and by the genteel, “I-don’t-want-to-offend-anyone” baby-boomer bosses.

      Throughout our culture, excellence is not the objective. Not offending somebody is.

  • 2573366

    No doubt if Obama had sons, these individuals would look like him. Electing this man POTUS was a tragic mistake. It is imperative that he be denied a second term.

  • sarah stein

    It’s a good thing she wasn’t armed.   She could have defended herself and ended up being charged with second degree murder.

    • Rocky Bass

      So now if you don’t throw yourself on the tender mercies of your attacking thug, you have to fear murder charges. They were nice enough to just slash her a little and not gang rape her. Ain’t diversity grand.

      • Pelayo1492

        In the People’s Democratis Republic of New Jersey law abiding citizens are not allowed to carry firearms de jure. However criminals, thugs etc.. carry them de facto

        • Zorro

          That’s to keep you safe. You feel safe, don’t you?

  • Detroit_WASP

    I was watching channel 7 news (ABC) in Detroit about a week ago.

    They ran a story and showed video of an old white woman who was walking her dog, in a 95% black neighborhood in Detroit.  I lived 3 blocks from there about 15 years ago and got out when I saw it becoming more and more “diverse”   Anyway, 2 thugs pulled up in an SUV, pulled AK 47 and took the dog.  So, about 2 hours later, the old white woman gets a call from someone who “found” the dog and demanded $50 to return the dog.  Race was never mentioned but I know from other sources the robbers were black. 

    The VERY next story was about a “white male” who tried to lure a kid into a car and to “be on the look-out for this guy”.  I actually screamed out loud.

    Here is a photo of the general manager of channel 7 news in Detroit.×184.jpg&w=144&h=184&ei=vwCWT4jsJaLx6AGj1rHHDg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=680&vpy=293&dur=106&hovh=147&hovw=115&tx=103&ty=76&sig=108903060135754365223&page=1&tbnh=124&tbnw=95&start=0&ndsp=20&ved=1t:429,r:10,s:0,i:91

    • 2573366

      I worked at the ABC affiliate in San Francisco for 5 years.  It’s all about maintaining the status quo. What you see and hear in the “mainstream media” is propaganda meant soley to keep you from the truth of what IS and what IS COMING.

  • sbuffalonative

    “Police have not released a description of the suspects or vehicles that they used.”

    Apparently, the police have a description but they made the decision not to release it.

    When are the police and the media going to realize we aren’t stupid and their efforts to protect us from uncomfortables truths only confirms what they’re trying to hide?

    •  Maybe in true British fashion, they’ll just call them all “Asians”.

  • tickyul

    A Skittlesbandit for sure.

  • blight14

     Bobster, have you heard of a corrupt script (or something) on NNN? I keep getting warnings not to proceed to the site from my antivirus software….it started about 6 months ago….thoughts? Thanks, B

    • The__Bobster

      I’ve never experienced that problem.

  • blight14

     His numbers were WAY off though….what did he say, something like 5% of blacks are doing all the mayhem?????? That may be the understatement of the century….

  • 2573366

    On Drudge today, there’s yet another story of blacks who attacked a lone white man who was sitting on his porch in Mobile, Alabama. It’s been shown to my satisfaction that these acts happen often enough that I’m armed and I suggest you do the same. Better tried by 12 than carried by 6.

  • SHe should have read the TALK from Taki mag. It talked about this very thing for helping blacks.

  • .

    Variations of the 2 car ambush are fairly common where I’m from. One car blocks the road in front while another blocks the road behind. It’s happened to my dad twice over the years. The first time there was enough of a shoulder to get around. The second time he held a gun out the window. He didn’t point it at them. He  just held it up so they could see. They moved and let him by. Both times it was the usual suspects.

    Another ambush tactic is to tap someone from behind like an accident. When the person stops they rob them.

    • Zorro

      When dealing with certain types, always leave anough room between your car, and the cars ahead of you, so you can make a quick evasive move and either go around and past them, or a fast U turn, and drive in the opposite direction. Don’t drive your car without at least a half  a tank of gas in it.

      On two or more lane streets, stay in the left, or outer lane, so not to get boxed in. If your car gets tapped in the rear, call 911 and let the Police know where you are, and that you are requesting an Officer at your location. Furthermore, in a ghetto or deserted area, keep driving until you get to a Police or Fire Station, Post Office, or other official Building.