Trayvon Martin: Police Chief Asked to Resign, City Manager Says Law Prevented Arrest of the Shooter

Talia Ralph, Global Post, March 22, 2012

Trayvon Martin’s death has shaken the Florida city’s confidence in its police chief Billy Lee, as three Sanford city commissioners asked Lee to step down at a meeting on Wednesday night, ABC News reported.

The meeting was held to address the allegations of police misconduct in relation to the case, in which Hispanic neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old Martin as he was on his way home.

Zimmerman claimed he acted in self-defense, and has not yet been charged for the murder.

Sanford’s city manager Norton Bonaparte Jr. has said that under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, which allows the use of deadly force by someone who feels their life is being threatened, the police were legally prohibited from arresting Zimmerman, Yahoo News reported.

“Zimmerman provided a statement claiming he acted in self defense, which at the time was supported by physical evidence and testimony,” Bonaparte wrote in a letter released to the public Wednesday evening. “By Florida Statute, law enforcement was PROHIBITED from making an arrest based on the facts and circumstances they had at the time.”


Trayvon Martin weighed nearly 100 pounds less than Zimmerman, and was found unarmed and carrying only a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea, the Huffington Post reported.

“This law is for innocent, law-abiding citizens who are under attack by a perpetrator,” Dennis Baxley, the co-author of the law, told the Huffington Post.

“Anyone who is out pursuing and confronting people is not protected by this statute. I think they need to go back and read the statute,” Baxley said, referring to the Sanford Police Department.

However, police have said that they do not have grounds to charge Zimmerman with a crime unless they find evidence which proves that Zimmerman attacked Martin first, according to the Post.


“The unknown in a tragedy will make the heart do crazy things, and we haven’t done a good job of getting out in front of that,” said Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett after the vote at Wednesday’s meeting, according to ABC. “I have confidence in [Police Chief Lee] in a lot of ways, and don’t have confidence in him in some ways.”

The city commissioners’ votes of “no confidence” came after some tough questioning by community members about the way the police investigation proceeded. The US Department of Justice and the FBI have opened their own investigations into Martin’s murder.


[Editor’s Note: It appears Chief Lee is temporarily stepping down.]

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  • The_Bobster

    The meeting was held to address the allegations of police misconduct in relation to the case, in which Hispanic neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old Martin as he was on his way home.


    At least someone is finally calling Jorge “Hispanic”.

  • anmpr1

    This is a move not only to hustle a new (probably) black police chief, but to dissolve the Castle Doctrine altogether.  The former would just be racial spoils, while the latter would deprive whites of a legitimate means of protection against attack by blacks and violent Third World types.

    What we are witnessing is a despicable but not surprising attempt at mob “justice,” and the disintegration of due process.   

  • JohnEngelman

    Police Chief Billy Lee has handled this case badly. There should have been more of an initial investigation of George Zimmerman’s behavior.  

    The news media has also been negligent in not emphasizing that  Trayvon Martin initiated the encounter by attacking George Zimmerman. Many Americans have been left to believe that Trayvon Martin was trying to avoid trouble when he was murdered by a racist, who was allowed to go free.

    • The_Bobster

      Negligent? No, it’s intentional.

      • JohnEngelman

        A number of years ago I read an article in The New York Times that said that most liberals and most conservatives actively resist exposure to viewpoints they do not share, and facts that call into question their own viewpoints. It said that most liberals simply do not want to be told bad things about blacks and homosexuals. 

        • It has disgusted me to see the white female,God bless her fat,doughy heart,in the forefront of defense for little trayvon. Their grasp of the facts is even looser than normal on this one. They say trayvon was  a”child” gunned down by a grown man while trying to go home. Astounding ignorance and stupididty. One girl–on a site created to raise money for trayvons father!!LOL!,Hey kids,can you say “stereotype”!!—said she would be “scared” to be followed. I pointed out that its the trayvons of the world that would be most likely to follow her.

        • saxonsun

          I suspect that you don’t want to be told good things about gays–it works both ways, but I’ll be  dead before you admit it.

          • JohnEngelman

            I am not asking you to die, but homosexuals tend to have higher IQs than heterosexuals. 
            IQ is what matters. There is no future for those who struggled with Algebra I, and who have difficulty with mental aptitude tests.  

          • radical7

            Are you serious?

          • Lou

             Where did you pull that from ? Let me guess…

  • JohnEngelman

    A principle of American jurisprudence that liberals usually insist upon is that one is innocent until proven guilty. George Zimmerman is being declared guilty in the press before he is even arrested. If he is brought to trial it will be difficult to find an unbiased jury. 

    • I agree John. Whatever one’s opinion of this case is, it’s an outrage that the lynch mob of diversity, demanding “justice”, will lead to Zimmerman being arrested. He’s already been convicted in the court of public opinion. He doesn’t stand a chance!

      • JohnEngelman

        On the other hand there is probably a lot of clandestine sympathy for George Zimmerman. According to the police report George Zimmerman was attacked from behind by Tryron Martin. I have been attacked from behind by several black muggers. If I had had a concealed hand gun and a permit to carry it I would have used it. 

        • MikeofAges

           If he was attacked from behind, it was not even a stand your ground case. He had already given ground. But I still say, he was playing Big Britches. He should have done what he was told by the 911 operator. I still want a definitive account of all events.

          • Lou

             He did ,, he said ok when the operator said ” we don’t need you to do (follow) that , Zimmerman said OK but it’s funny, that little word is left out of EVERY news article and that changes the whole conversation and picture of what happened with that little omitted word  of “OK”..If you listen to the WHOLE take you will here Zimmerman say OK but you have to hear the full tape not the ones that liberal media put out there.. A long with the pictures, don’t even get me started on that..

    • You make a profound point.  The forces that want the Latino to hang from an end of a rope are really shooting themselves in the foot by stirring up this climate of agitprop and eliminationist hate against him before all the facts come out.  By now, there might not be twelve people in Florida who haven’t both heard of this matter and formed an opinion on it.  The fanatics say they want justice, yet their fanaticism means that justice can never happen.

    • Hell they insist that cop killers with over 30 witnesses are inne cent when 4 of the witnesses that live near his familly change their story saying it mighta been someone else 20 years later

    • libertarian4339

      It might turn out that the grand jury will issue a no bill and refuse to indict if the facts in the case overwhelmingly support Zimmerman…or if there is not enough evidence to convict, based on Florida’s “stand your ground law.”

      If that occurs, the blacks could well riot.  Either way there will be an increase in black on white attacks like the one above wherein two black girls jumped a white girl and beat her because she was white.

      There have been numerous black on white flash mob attacks and just ordinary black on white mob attacks these last several years. If it gets any worse there might be a backlash from a portion of the white population that still has a spine and refuses to be beat upon, murdered or tortured.

  • curri

    Interesting comment on the Zimmerman case: 
    “i live in nyc – there were a good thousand + people in Union square- mostly swpl liberals- protesting this murder – the parents were there etc, at a rally- its amazing how swiftly the left gets these angry defiant mobs- who flew her up? why the extensive media coverage on all local nyc stations (palestinan rallies there, for example rarely get any coverage) 

    the left is totally unconcered with justice – as is our resident poster truth, does he or they give a damn about the horrific black on white crimes? no, they are not ‘useful’.

    this is where ‘justice’ is going the left is making rabid advances to the point where they will criminalize opposition to their ideas- which is pretty much already the case in europe. “

  • libertarian4339

    Some info leaked out that Zimmerman was walking back to his SUV after failing to catch up to the black thug, who Zimmerman thought could be responsible for break ins that recently occurred in the neighborhood,  when the perp jumped him and took him to the ground beating him in the face.  This hasn’t been substantiated, however.

    As Kyle Rogers reported, a witnessed described that it was Zimmerman who was calling for help.  When the black thug refused to stop his attack, Zimmerman shot him.

    This entire incident smacks of the Jena debacle wherein 6 blacks attacked an innocent kid on school property, kicking and beating him almost to death until a teacher showed up and they scattered. 

    The biased media never once had anything negative to say about the black attackers, preferring to infer their crime was justified, because a noose was looped over a limb by the school a few days earlier, which later was determined to be a prank.

    But that never stoped Al and Jesse from shipping busloads of wlfare mammies and crack addicts to protest the “injustice” of the main perp who was arrested.  It didn’t seem to matter to the press that the perp had been in trouble many times before and committed other crimes after the assault incident.  He was a vicious black criminal thug that was constantly committing one crime or another.

    One black thug posted a video on youtube with money stuffed in his mouth and all over his body, which were proceeds apparently from an inflow of money from unknown sources.

    The entire incident was a shameful display of how ludicrous and biased the media has become and it stretches credulity to the point of something that smacks of the the outer limits.

    As the “hoodies” gather to condemn the neighborhood watchman, and Calypso Louie is calling for reprisals, this current incidence is going the same way as the Jena one.

    A bunch of liars and evil black militants wanting to shake down somebody for favors or money or both under the threat of initiating violent reprisals.

  • If the shooter pursued the victim, then it’s not covered under “stand your ground” laws.   

    This Martin case reeks of the typical kind of manufactured outrage that is stirred up by the democrat/media complex when they are trying to force some bogus “landmark” event for political expediency.  They’re hoping to use the situation to drum up enough support to ban “stand your ground” laws.  It is also and obvious case of trying to make the rule by playing up the exception.

    There was a murder of an elderly white couple in Tulsa during a home invasion by a black guy, who sexually assaulted the old woman before he beat her to death.  That crime happened the same week as the Martin killing, and it is not only just as heinous but far more common a kind of murder.   Blacks are 39 times more likely to murder whites than whites are to murder blacks, and yet whenever there is a white on black murder, it gets treated like it was Rosa Parks sitting down on the bus.  These protests are all overplayed street theatre hogwash designed to drum up support for democrat candidates and democrat causes, like disarming law-abiding people.  

  • Yep, manufacturing a fake reality.  “See, blacks aren’t murderers…  Look in the news.”

  • I think you must be correct because I don’t see much word of it in the paper today; so that means that the usual pot-stirrers are backing off because there is strong evidence that the shooting was righteous.  

    • The_Bobster

      The lies are still flowing heavily on the TV “news” shows.

  • Paul Harvey was for George Wallace as late as 1970.  What surprises me is that he had a media career for as long as he did, and that the left wing never complained about him.  (A group called “Mexica Movement” did call him a Nazi a handful of years ago.)

  • Why haven’t we heard anything from the official organized voices of Hispanics?

    We haven’t heard boo from the Razatard cabal, i.e. La Raza, Mecha, Maldef, Lulac and others.

    You would think they’d be all over the premature public conviction of a Hispanic like ducks on a june bug.  Why the silence?

    One theory I can come up with is this:  Even though blacks and Hispanics despise each other on street level, their racial lobbies are buddy-buddy.  Maybe the Hispanic racial lobbies don’t want to cause angst with the black racial lobbies in an election year when Obama is hanging on by a thread.  Another theory is that the Hispanic lobby is worried about the facts coming out and their showing Zimmerman in an even worse light, and if they come out swinging for him now, and he shows to be an even “worse” apple than it seems, then it’s going to make them look bad, and the black lobby won’t do them any favors for a long time.

    • Jerrybear

       I think you’re theories are probably good explanations why Hispanics aren’t defending him but I believe one of the biggest reasons is that he doesn’t have a last name like ‘Rodriguez’.  The media’s response to this shooting has been hysterical and now people want to lynch this guy who has evidence and eye-witness testimony supporting his side of the story.  Here’s an example of someone being mistakenly identified as ‘white’ and is now suffering the consequences of being targeted as the evil racist white male. 

      • I agree…in addition, the media has already determined Zimmerman to be White. La Raza, and their ilk are off the hook!

  • anarchyst

    t turns out that Mr. Zimmerman was on the ground being pummeled by “poor little” Trayvon Martin. Mr. Zimmerman was merely defending himself against “great bodily harm”.
    The police report and witnesses state that Mr. Zimmerman was attacked by “poor little” Trayvon Martin (who outweighs Mr. Zimmerman by a considerable amount). The grass
    stains on Mr. Zimmerman’s back and the wounds to the back of his head PROVE that he was attacked. Of course the feds will get involved in this so-called “civil rights (for
    some)” “violation” because no crime was committed by Mr. Zimmerman. Of course, it will be brought out that Mr. Zimmerman uttered a racial “slur” (never happened). What we
    have in MY country is “mob rule” with the certain minority as the complainant and the federal government as the “enforcer”. Look at the inaction against the “Jena 6” and the “Knoxville murders” . . . google them and prepare to be sickened by the depravity of the “minorities” involved Revolution is coming . . . honest people are tired of one certain race (blacks) (and their “enablers”) (jews) forcing our so-called “legal system” to charge an innocent
    person under threat of violence. Yes, revolution is coming . . . it won’t be pretty, but is sorely neded.

  • B

    If you punch a stranger in the face who happens to have a loaded gun you will likely get shot. Blacks in Florida now know this.


      Why is the picture always of the person at twelve years old?

      • I have been thinking the same thing. You don’t suppose the mainstream media would be putting their thumb on the scales in this case, do you? It’s gotten to the point that I don’t believe anything they say about a racially oriented case like this one, because they always lie in favor of the blacks.

    • tickyul

      And the filthy liberals will do EVERYTHING in their power to shift the upper-hand back to THEIR Urban-American-Stormtroopers.

  • Did their killers walk free? 

    • It is my twitter avatar but it was due for a change anyway.

      • The_Bobster

        It better not look like Rosie O’Donnell. I would take offense to that.

        • saxonsun

          So  what?

  •  None of the Black on White hate crimes being referenced via the comments saw the assailants simply walk away without even being routinely booked. But then most of you know this.  Judging by how many AmerRen are defending Zimmerman he has achieved his obviously long sought after goal of being “white” and being accepted de facto white not just LEGALLY by US  law enforcement but by white racists en masse.  As for the awful murder of Nancy Strait as an example of “anti-white bias when it comes to
    hate crimes” in juxtaposition with the Trayvon Martin case?  If the
    assailant in that tragic case had walked away without being routinely questioned at a police station, never
    drug tested, no criminal background check done, conveniently labelled “white” and was walking the streets a free man a few weeks later? THEN I’d agree with most of you. Other then that, as tragically unreported as it has been, it is not relevant.  Can you show me a case where a Black person killed a White teenager (or adult) with a spotless (or even bad) criminal record and with no eye witnesses or trip to the station, walked away?  You can’t.  True , the hate crimes against whites are rarely prosecuted as such and that is an injustice ignored by most anti-racists but the Black on White killings being brought out on this comment thread saw no potential suspect simply walk away.

    Rest in peace Nancy Strait and Trayvon Martin.

    • You obviously have come onto this website to try to “enlighten” us nasty old “White racists” — or, failing that, to try to play the shamey-shamey game with us to make us feel guilty. Might as well give it up, Amanda. You’re wasting your time on here. We’ve heard it all before, and we’re not buying it any more. Many of us never did. Why don’t you stick to the Huffington Post or some other far-Left website where you’ll feel more comfortable?

      • MikeofAges

         And stereotypes us. As I noted, many people here do have questions about what happened.

        • That was not my intention. I never said that no one did I was simply referencing people bringing up similar acts of racially motivated violence and the fact that none of the criminals/assailants/or suspects in those cases walked away as Zimmerman has.  I think if you are going to not simply view human life as disposal as criminals and low lifes do one should see the difference.  I feel very strongly that it is wrong that non white people are rarely prosecuted for hate crimes which by default makes me an anti-racist in my own movement of very few. I support White, Asian and Black people in South Africa struggling with race violence and to oust a corrupt and racist government without Neo-Nazism.

          My point was that Hispanics who appear non-European, tend to be reviled by white nationalists as US citizens and/or immigrants both legal and illegal. By Zimmerman receiving such an across the boards/blanketed defense from white nationalists  he has become “white” in similar  way Al Jolson  a dark Lithuanian Jewish man, put on Black face and became “white” and an enduring white racist icon.  You may never like Zimmerman or people that look like him but he is getting the wholesale approval he clearly sought from white racists and has been cast LEGALLY and emotionally in the white role.

          • Pure jibberish. If Zimmermen is white, then so is Barak Obama, since they are both half-white. You writing smacks of those who have been exposed to “whiteness studies.” Truth and reason are replaced with ideology.

          • radical7

            The one drop of blood rule that was imposed by White legislators centuries ago makes any Black person Black.

          • What you wrote is opinion.  What I wrote is empirical reality and LEGAL  if you want to get down to brass tacks. You perhaps need to read about the US history of the color line and where Hispanics are classified , why, when etc Whites specifically ALLOWED Latinos to separate themselves as whites racially from Blacks in the border states. It’s not uni gibberish it is legal US history.

          •  I replied to you above.

          • MikeofAges

             Not really decided by logic. In an American context, Barack Obama is considered black, but a biracial African with an African-American wife. The much touted “one drop rule” was a later addition. In reality (and that’s where people have to actually live) Southerners were much more pragmatic about the issue. When courts had to decide whether someone was white or black, they sometimes followed the rule of “having the reputation and appearance of being white.” This was noted by writer Charles Chestnutt early in the 20th Century.

            Not to mention, how are you going to tell someone whose forebears going back generations seemed to be white, who has associated with whites all their life, and who is identified as white by black people to suddenly become black? Never happened. Sometimes people who looked and considered themselves white who had an identifiable  recent black or mixed ancestor were forced to attend black schools. But that was about the limit of it. In practice it was more like the “one cup in your half-gallon rule”, if that.

          • MikeofAges

             The problem we have is that we are concerned about being treated as ourselves disposable. Here’s a little experiment for you, “SuperA”. Go back and read some of the so-called “racist” books of earlier eras, such as Stoddard and Cox. Admittedly, these works seem repulsive and are full of half-baked ethnography. They were derided as “paranoic” in their era, but try to tell anyone, even yourself, that what they were talking about is not happening.

            Now, here’s another idea and let’s see what you think of it. White, European North Americans, who are not all identical and the same, declare all of the land north of the southern border of Pennsylvania (the Mason Dixon line) and the Ohio River, and everything west of the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers west to the border of California, California north of Sacramento and the Golden Gate and the states of Oregon and Washington, and sll Canada as our North American homeland, respecting the indigenous rights of Native Americans.

            Within this territory, we grow our own food with our labor and clean our own toilets. It’s not hard. All you need is a brush and a can of Bab-O.

            Within this territory, we would limit immigration and begin peacefully persuading non-assimilable populations to start to leave, a process that might take several generations. Small minority communities would remain, but composed only of people who had adapted to Northern life.

            One effect of this change is that liberals could not control the political system through alliances with disaffected minorities. Political battles still would largely be between business- and labor- oriented parties. Regulation hampering economic activity would begin  to fade away obviously, since both capital and labor favor productive economic activity.

            Obviously, North Americans of indigenous European descent living below the Mason-Dixon line and the boundary going west could migrate into this homeland as they wished.

            Your opinion?

          • I think the CIA and FBI will show up.  As an person against racial violence and racism, I see no problem with how Randy Weaver and his family chose to live their lives or even some of the people around them who were non violent but the feds will appear.  I like the people in the US and the beautiful countryside but I prefer England because it is smaller. If you can create your civilised society without violence then you should try to do so.

          • MikeofAges

            Super Amanda, the super card flipper. I describe a scenario which concerns people as diverse as French and Tory Canadians, Jews, Russians, Irish, Anglo and Celtic British, Germans, Italians, Poles, Scandinavians, even Middle Easterners, along with numerous other ethnic groups, and she flips the Randy Weaver card. Clearly, she is opposed to people of European descent having  even a collective homeland which they are allowed to maintain for themselves and control immigration into.

            When  I discussed the idea of peacefully encouraging non-assimilable groups to withdraw in a process that might take generations, she equated that with violence.

            This is a free speech forum. But just put your position on the table. If you oppose the idea of white, Europeans maintaining ethnic nations and a North American homeland, just say so.

          •  The LEGAL history of the US colorline is not from the “Marxist Playbook”! It was created by the US government. Please read about the history of US immigration law. I’m simply being observant about how Zimmerman is being portrayed by both sides here.

      • Wrong. Nothing I wrote shamed any race in fact I’m inclusive and think all racism is misbegotten and if there are hate crimes legislation no race or ethnic group should be exempt. You may want to note that an Asian student was just convicted over the suicide of a Gay White student at Rutgers. I’m simply calling out bogus logic and truncated information. I’m happy on many different websites and will comment as I choose.

        • Jerrybear

          It’s good to see differing opinions on this websites comment section. As long as people are respectful and debate honestly we should have no problems. You are already miles ahead of the average liberal since you’re willing to recognize the anti-white bigotry propagated by same people who wrap themselves in the flag of ‘tolerance’. And you may get a different perspective of the AmRen community than what you’ve been led to believe by other sources. Welcome to the discussion.

    • MikeofAges

      Support for Big Britches Zimmerman is not not universal around here. He clearly engineered the situation all the way until Hoodie Martin jumped on him and started wailing away. Even then, we don’t know what really happened. Come to think of it, it is possible Hoodie felt threatened or even was threatened and hoped to incapacitate Big Britches so he would not get shot. We just don’t know.

      What we do know is that Big Britches was not a trained law enforcement officer. He should have gone home when he was told to. In the end, he will be charged with some crime, I believe. Maybe some form of manslaughter based on the idea of reckless conduct. What we need to know is every detail of what happened, especially right before  the altercation began. Big Britches doesn’t have to talk, but I, for one, hope that someone tries to get the full details out of him. And we find out what they are. All of them.

      • MikeofAges

        If what the posters say below is true, that Hoodie sucker punched Big Britches after he broke off contact and turned around, there will be no prosecution. In that case, Hoodie initiated a new incident in which he gratuitously assaulted Big Britches. Well, Big Britches is still a stupid pud, but not guilty of a crime. But let’s wait till we know for sure what happened. We will.

    • radical7

      Exactly. A voice of truth and common sense.

      • Anon12

        OMG. Radical7 brought his little friend Amanda along to AR to teach us a thing or two about race……

    • Pandemonium

      Are you aware of the Bureau of Justice statistics concerning violent crime in the US? If not, you need to do some research.

      Your posting implies that Whites “get away” with murdering blacks routinely since law enforcement doesn’t “routinely” question them after a heinous crime against blacks. The fact is that an overwhelmingly amount of violent crime against blacks is perpetrated by fellow blacks. 

      Law enforcement knows this very well. We all know it as well. 

  • MikeofAges

     If what you say is true, that Hoodie sucker punched Big Britches, then it is self-defense not so much tainted by whatever preceded the final events. But I prefer to wait until there is a more definitive record available. We just do not know what happened or if someone is shading the truth just a little too much.

    • The_Bobster

      Wait? That would be the rational thing to do, which is why the Bantus and their MSM allies never do it.

      • MikeofAges

         Agreed. Rush to judgement, or maybe the rush to preempt all other possible judgements is their m.o.  Right out of the agitprop playbook.


    Why isn’t the media showing pictures of Zimmerman when he was 12 yrs old and cuddly?

    • camanokat

       Because it is totally irrelevant to this case. DUH!

    • radical7

      Cold blooded racist murderers are not usuallycuddly kids. 

      • The_Bobster

        Neither are pickaninnies, unless you’re a Hollyweird libtard in need of an obligatory  fashion accessory. We know what they grow up to be: Jamals like you.

        • camanokat

           What a bigot you are.

  • sbuffalonative

    Because white people have jobs and families to support. We don’t really have mobs of whites idly sitting by waiting to march for justice. 

    • The_Bobster

      The “opposition” would be at every site where we protested, cameras at the ready in their ratlike fingers, so they could send pictures of the “evil racists” to our employers.

  • radical7

    Actually more recent news reports have charged that the initial tapes did not have Zimmerman being attacked by  Trayvon Martin.  The story of Zimmerman supposedly being attacked from behind by Trayvon Martin were added to the tapes, thus these tapes were manipulated and doctored by the Sanford, Florida police department.

    Zimmerman and the police chief are guilty and need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

    • Don’t believe anything from the mainstream media on this story. They have their script and are sticking to it, the truth be damned.

    • Energizer2112

      Treyvon has a sealed criminal record, which may be unsealed by a judge if Zimmerman is tried and Treyvon’s record is germane to the prosecution or defense.

      • camanokat

        There has been no evidence of that at all. He was an A to B grade student and athlete.

        His “record” is irrelevant to this case. He was walking down the street with snacks and Zimmerman, the vigilante, chased him down and accosted, then murdered him.

        • There has been no evidence of that at all. He was an A to B grade student and athlete.

          Aren’t they all?  “A & B grade student” means he showed up to class most of the time and kinda studied the material a little bit.  An “A” grade in a black school isn’t like an A in a math class at MIT.

          • camanokat

             It’s still irrelevant. Trayvon was walking down the street, minding his own business. Zimmerman hunted him down and killed him.

  • Often in attacks such as this, weapons being used by the assailant (Mr. Martain) are picked up by the victims accomplices to make it look like the assailant was unarmed.  The fact that the neighborhood watch was in existence that there was a threat to public property and safety.  The police initial investigation proves that the shooting was lawful. Now black criminals and outside agitators are making demands and threats.  Obama has sent in his “Fast and Furious” Mexican drug lord gun running Justice Department.  

  • MikeofAges

     I think Big Britches outweighed Hoodie by a considerable amount. But, on stamina alone, a fit kid would get the best of an out of shape fatso.

  • The Black Nation’s retaliation against Sanford, Florida is a warning to other neighborhood watch groups in Florida and around the nation that  Obama and Eric Holder are protecting Black Criminals.  Obama will eliminate Florida’s gun carry laws and no one will be able to stop him.  The Rule of Law no longer exists in Obama’s America, our courts, our states or even Congress.  We have become a lawless nation and foreign nations are beginning to take note.  Because of Obama, we are now the BAD GUYS.

  • It’s kind of ironic that you like the Thug Report.  The man who does it is a St. Louisan, whom I know fairly well, though we’re not the best of friends.  He used to have a local talk radio show here, though back in those days, he was sort of a lamestream conservative.  Except during those days, he twice led the effort to stop light rail expansion into white flight suburbs and won even though he was massively outspent, and reading between the lines, it was obvious to tell that his opposition was purely racial.  But he has become more overtly racial over time.

    What’s ironic about it?

    He’s Jewish.

  • sbuffalonative

    I thought it was a fairly balanced article until it ended with “Martin’s murder”.

    The one good thing is that they made a CLEAR reference to Zimmerman being Hispanic.

    That’s what we need to be talking about in this case; why Zimmerman was labeled white by the police and the media when his family said he was Hispanic.

    “Zimmerman is described by family as a multiracial Hispanic.”

    Here is a good piece by from the Washington Post. It describes Zimmerman as Hispanic and not white. It also makes it clear that the FBI and Justice Dept. are looking into the ‘hate crime’ angle. Maybe Holder will be forced to act on this one. If so, we have to make sure to keep reminding people this was a ‘hate crime’ perpetrated by an Hispanic:

  • tickyul

    I doubt the hulking Urban American Yute was scared of much.

  • Alexandra1973

    My issue would be that this whole thing is being spun as “big bad White guy attacks and kills poor innocent Black child” when that’s just a load of hooey.

  • tacheles

    The high-intensity, incessant drumbeat coming from the media is whipping a paranoid, violence-prone segment of the population into a frenzy. This is a rerun of the hysteria surrounding Rodney King fanned by the media. The media hysteria comes close to an incitement to violence. I consider the media complicit in the Los Angeles riots and consider those who run the mainstream media to be utterly despicable.

    I saw a segment on NBC’s nightly news that was an Orwellian inversion of reality. In this segment, the underclass elements that terrorize society were depicted as hunted victims.

    • sbuffalonative

      That’s fine so long as Mr. Zimmerman is correctly idenified as Hispanic and not white.  Let’s see if blacks start going after Hispanics or attacking Hispanic neighborhoods. Let’s see if the SPLC makes this ‘Hispanic Kills Black Male in Hate Crime Attack’ a headline story.

      What we should be concerned with is stressing that this is an HISPANIC who attacked a BLACK ‘hate crime’.

      When this story is brought up, we need to ask why Zimmerman was labeled as white when his family said he was Hispanic.

      • camanokat

         In every census, poll or even home loan applications, Hispanics are assumed to be white, unless they identify with : Black, Asian, Pacific Islander or Asian. Even then, they need to check the “extra” that they are ALSO culturally Hispanic. It’s not considered a race.

        Not that had anything to do with an adult murdering a kid  for no reason.

        • The_Bobster

          Murder? Kid? No reason? Did you even read the story?

          • camanokat

             You apparently did not read it or you would have known that Zimmerman murdered Trayvon in cold blood.  Of course, I don’t expect much from a low-information con.

  • “You also suggest that labeling Mr. Zimmerman “white” somehow benefits
    him. It doesn’t. It only allows the media to attack him more forcefully
    than they could if they labeled him “Hispanic.”

    That really says a great deal. I simply cannot put into words why you would see a mirror image of what you wrote on an anti-racist website.  I feel anti-Racists like Wise have simply anointed him “white” to spare any true racial dialogue about Hispanic and Black cultural wars and to put on a united front towards a fictional white person which defeats any progress for anti-racists as well as disregards reality. From The Washington Post:

    “His father is white, neighbors say. His mother is Latina. There may be no box to check for George Zimmerman, no tidy way to categorize…”

    But according to the US government there IS though.  Zimmerman can check “white” and “hispanic” unlike any other minority or ethnic group. The media does not create these classifications. They can be blamed for many things in this case but the racial classifications vis a vis the murkiness of where Latinos fall within the legal history of the US color line was enforced  through generations by the  US government. America will not grow up racially on all sides of the political spectrum until it looks at the how and why.

    • robinbishop34

      Let me clear up some of the murkiness. If Zimmerman, a Hispanic Jew, were the victim of an Anglo man in a similar situation, we would see the media do nothing short of cloaking the shooter in a Swastika tapestry and stoking anti-white sentiment among all the poor victimized masses (who despite your claims to the contrary, are defined by said media).

      • I understand what the opinions are on here but that clears up nothing and I don’t think anyone really can. You are claiming he’s a Hispanic Jew others claim he is from El Salvador…. Legally he is “white”. He may be Hispanic and/or aka “not white”  to most on here and even most of America but it is not the media’s doing.  My point is that this was culturally  Hispanic on Black crime not a White on Black  crime. What I find strange is that:

        A. Anti-racists as a whole have ignored the fact he is Hispanic and

        B. White Nationalists are  mostly defending him.

  • “I studied the disintegration of Yugoslavia during the 1990s and found
    many points in the process that could be called “triggers” . . . as in,
    “when you see this trigger, civil war is coming.”   One of those
    triggers is the formation of militias”

    I would blame Thatcher and Reagan for that  frankly.

  • radical7

    He would have prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law or shot by the police.

  • radical7

    I just read an article by Mr.Tim Wise about this event and he is exactly correct. I had no idea he was such an eloquent writer. He speaks the truth.

    • Wise has great points about the whole Travis Bickle syndrome but Zimmerman is not “white” and by inexplicably  and to my shock leaving out his Hispanic background  100% he committed a huge fail in that regard which for me negated his entire essay. He missed a huge opportunity to talk about the alchemy of racial identity in the US. Sadly few of us anti-racists even want to look at the hows and whys Hispanic on Black and vice versa crime and cultural warfare . Also the end bit about the death penalty was unfair because whites have also been innocent and then wrongly executed.  An injury to one is an injury to ALL or you are not a true anti-racist.

    •  Moderator: My Twitter Avatar is now changed. It may take time for image to refresh.

  •  “Please tell us how many black on White criminals were ever accused with hate crime charges?”  And as an anti-racist I agree  that is wrong, inexcusable  and should be protested. There should be no free pass in hate crimes ever.  I disgrace that those aforementioned criminals speak for an entire race of people though. 

    • MikeofAges

       Actually, as much as the idea is appealing, I do not like the idea of hate crime charges. Crimes already are actions taken with improper motive. I can see dealing with this issue as matter of range of sentences or whether a person is suitable for release. But not as primary charge. Too much potential for abuse. There always has to an underlying crime, I say.

  • Nonsense. I am a Croat & have participated in the 1991-1995 war. “Militias” were exclusively Serbian paramilitary forces affiliated with JNA, Yugoslav People’s Army (Serbs, who constituted 38% of the populace, have, in the last decade prior to the war, comprised 77% of the officer corps). Slobodan Milošević, Serbian nationalist leader, tried exactly what Hitler had done 50 yrs before him- to carve out greater Serbia (in Hitler’s case, Germany) by annihilating surrounding countries, Yugoslav republics of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    So, militias were payed & trained by JNA, the official military force which has, after expelling “unreliable” Slovenes, Croats, Albanians, Bosnian Muslims,… become in 1991. an exclusively Serbian (98%) military force. Yet- they lost in the end, and there is a moral about it: thugs & armed cowards at the end- lose.

    • Fortunately for your argument the Croats were not allied with the Nazis.  Oh wait…

  • Tito had a chequered career. Womanizer, NKVD spy & snitch, charismatic guerilla leader, mass murderer, world statesman,… Anyway, his rule from 1945-1980 was a rather “soft” dictatorship (compared to the likes of Stalin or Ceausescu). He tried various tactical manoeuvres to keep 6 different nations in one country. Of course, with the onset of free speech & democracy & the collapse of Communism-  the entire superstructure of forced “unity” collapsed, too.

    • Can4Amren: I look at history not personal opinion and I’m not a troll. Militias did not dissolve decades long self rule communist/dictatorships in Yugoslavia. That’s not factual.
      Barron wrote “Tito had a chequered career”. And out of curiosity which leader has not?  Visit Croatia as I did and ask anyone from far right to simply the apolitical and they’ll give you a different take.

      • I’ve read three books on the Balkans. I still cannot completely figure out how and why that region has had so much strife and flux and how Tito kept it together for those decades. I do not think the Balkans should have been broken up via the support of the US, Germany and the UK once he died. Too many people died and suffered for far to many years so the US could gloat over “freedom”. The zoo in Sarajevo will haunt me for life.

    • MikeofAges

       History student in early 1970s. Had classmates highly interested in Eastern European  history and Slavic studies. We knew that Yugoslavia would blow up when Tito died. His prestige held it all together.

  • An “eye witness” said Treyvon was sitting on Zimmerman’s chest beating him.  Perfect position to draw and shoot, if that’s how it happened.  Sure, he confronted the kid in the hoodie who was acting suspiciously, maybe Treyvon jumped him, sure sounds like he did as the BACK of his head was bloodied as well as his face.  Height is power in any battle, and the kid had it over Zimmerman.  Without access to the “great equalizer”, that pistol, Zimmerman very likely would be comatose, disfigured, or worse.  As they say, better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    • MikeofAges

      Height isn’t always power, but stamina, strength and fitness are. In any fight where the seemingly smaller person can keep it going, if that person has some degree of strength and fighting ability, that person will prevail if they are fitter than their opponent. Big Britches was massive compared to the taller Hoodie. But Hoodie quickly prevailed based on stamina alone. Big Britches may have been held back from trying to use his mass as a weapon due to the fear that he would lose his gun in the process and end up being shot himself. Big Britches should gone home when he was told to, but Hoodie should have walked on when Big Britches turned around. One good thing, Big Britches  the junior college CJ major will never get a public safety job.

    • Coroner’s report may be interesting … bullet entry point and angle, distance from muzzle. I am guessing he got it in the chest or side, bullet going up, muzzle in contact with clothing. But we will see. 

  • razorrare

    A few years ago my local newspaper did an editorial piece on the benefits of diversity and tolerance.They ended the editorial piece with this word of encouragement,” Elderly White people who are the most bigotted are dying off”….i believe it was Tim Wise who had stated something very similiar to this effect…tick tock tick tock tick tock.

    I made a similiar comment to another article on this page concerning the home invasion of an elderly White couple who had been married for 65 years,which resulted in her being raped and murdered by the young black perp(animal-N***R).Thought it would be pertinent here as a reply to radical7.

  • After the no Nazis I had Charlton Heston with the statue of Liberty and then changed it to two tigers. I think Disqus takes time to show new Twitter avatars.

  • JohnEngelman

    The initial police report indicates that George Zimmerman was attacked by Trayron Martin.

    •  Congratulations. As yet, you’ve written the late Mr. Martin’s first name in three (3) different ways (Tyrone, Trayvon, Trayron). I wonder about the 4th version..tsk, tsk…

      • Odd names lend themselves to misspelling.  In any case thank you for your attention to detail. 

  •  I agree racism to varying degrees exists in all people including myself but I try to take people as individuals while using caution around all of society. I don’t ‘give preference to other races’ I try to give preference to the precedent of history.

  • Dan Reardon

    I’m sure Eric holder will ignore any inconvenient facts and charge Zimmerman with whatever cooked up scheme he can.

    • camanokat

       There is ample evidence that Zimmerman hunted down Trayvon…witnesses, 911 calls etc and evidence of a police cover-up. This will not end well for the shooter or the cops.

  • Dan Reardon

    It really is disgusting the way the news media automatically sides with Blacks. I’m curious to see if this thing heats up how the Hispanic population will react to it. They may come out in force to support Zimmerman and we could see friction between the Blacks and Browns.

  • jackellis

    We are doing a better job of this, as we completed a modestly successful publicity campaign publicizing racist murders of White farmers in South Africa. 

    We don’t currently have the ability to form White “rent a mobs” like Sharpton, but we are doing better jobs of resisting the lying mainstream media MSM’s narative of evil White racist people oppressing poor innocent Blacks.

  • This is Codified in U.S. Law.

    The Militia Act of 1792.

    Ready to be shocked?

    LIBERALS are using it to defend ObamaCare’s individual mandate to purchase health insurance.  I kid thee not:

  • radical7

    You are correct. The fact that so many posters are trying to exonerate Zimmerman and make Trayvon Martin (the person who was murdered), the aggressor is sick and pathetic beyond belief.

    It is hard core racism at its most perverse. 

  • radical7

    There are far more Black children murdered by Whites than the reverse.

  • radical7

    This is the sort of rhetoric that will lead to the downfall of the radical right.

  • radical7

    Yes it would .

  • radical7

    Frankly, I like writing about factual things. Mmy aformentioned post being one such example.

    • The_Bobster

      Oh yeah? When are you going to start, Jamal?

  • The_Bobster

    Who would wear a hoodie in Florida except a criminal? It’s damn hot there this time of the year.

  • The_Bobster

    They started with his kindergarten graduation photo. A bit of an improvement.

  • The_Bobster

    I did my part, but very few lemmings wanted to join me. They deserve their fate.

  • MikeofAges

     Most of them would receive her decently as a person of good will. But all it takes is one. There are far too many candidates for her not to suffer some kind of criminal attack sooner or later. Probably sooner.

  • ???  I have an opinion and I’m being cordial enough to not attack others and to change my avatar. “worshiping the false god of Multiculturalism.”  Not true at all!

  • On comments part below the article on Trashon Martin I wrote 3 comments. All erased within 10 minutes.

  • Your knowledge about relatively recent history of SE Europe is close to some LeShawn’s expertise on algebraic topology. In other words- you’re clueless.

  • Well,according to the Zimster himself,he LOST trayvon and was on his way back to wait for the cops. It was OVER!!!Then trayvon–the no-good dirty thug rat,jumped Zimmerman and the beating commenced. trayvon got what he deserved!

  • Good point about OJ but he was at least raked over the coals and became a suspect before buying his way out of jail for a time.  My concern is that a human being can be killed with a gun and the person walks away.  I looked up the horrific Zebra murders which I’d never heard of despite growing up in the Bay Area. At that time activism in the SF/Bay Area on the part of leftists was based solely around the Vietnam War ( I do not consider Black Muslims who funded the defendants attorney fees any part of what I consider to be Left) . It is inexcusable that the killings were never condemned along with so many other raced based murders which have faded from memory. I blame academia and not the media here.

    • tacheles

      This is a detailed article on the Zebra killings. You might have seen it. It is telling that these crimes are not widely known.

      •  Thanks for the link. I think there would have been reprisals  for condemning it if you were a leader in the Black community in the Bay Area at the time but that still does not excuse the atrocities going largely unnoticed. I saw a link to this group:
        European American Issues Forum  Can you please tell me more about them? I can’t find anything online that says they are still active. Were they non-racist and non-nationalist? Thank you.

        • Lou Calabro, its founder (?), is a somewhat regular poster here.

        • tacheles

          I’ve heard about it but am not familiar with it. Lou Calabro rings a bell.

  • saxonsun

    I’ve been waiting for white men to “man up” for yrs. I don’t want to wait much longer.

  • No need to worry. History has shown that in all such crises, when the situation comes to the pinch, the dominant group finally prevails.

  • Actually it is only being investigated because there was a protest. Regardless of what occurred it simply was not sound for law enforcement to act as they did.  As for what you wrote about extinction, I understand this is largely a  separatist/Nationalist website that feels this way and I do not question your beliefs despite not agreeing.  But since you asked, I don’t feel that any race is in danger of extinction. One may want to talk to an Amur Tiger or Rhino sometime-that’s on the cusp of obliteration.

    • Law enforcement was not permitted to arrest Zimmerman under the law in effect at that time. You may disagree with the law, but that is the law. Cops can do no more than enforce it. 

      I would venture a guess that the Stand Your Ground law is used as a defense by gang bangers who blow away rivals far more often than it is used by homeowners who blow away burglars.

  •  Lol For starters, I ‘m aware of all the varying statistics on genocide in Communist as well as non-Communist countries like the Belgian Congo, the Conquest of New Spain, the US in the Philippines, Rawanda etc. I don’t think an alleged higher body count of atrocities somehow makes the USSR worse than other brutal regimes-I think all of it is sick.  But fast forward to 2012 and one of the most brutal Communist dictatorships of all time (Mao killed more people than Stalin according to some sources) magically has most of the jobs that many in the US and the EU had.  David Cameron recently gave a “British” ping pong table to President Obama which was made in China. Are you going to tell me that “Marxist unions” drove all the jobs and manufacturing to China?


    Clinton & Bush are known for using terrorism and war to establish the first Muslim nation in Europe for 500 years: Albania.   Way to go guys!  Afterwards they turned back to America, where they worked tirelessly to turn our nation into Mexico.

    • Albania was a sovereign state from 1912. And it was the first officially ATHEIST country in the world. Clinton & Bush had nothing to do with it.

      Your ignorance is appalling.

  • New, improved Skittles.  Now with ‘strange fruit’ flavors.

    Got Skittles?  Do you have a receipt?  Oh, you were going to pay but you forgot.  And you left your money at home.

    Skittle Life.

    Skittle Syndrome is ‘triggered’ by over-consumption of sugar, caffeine and black-skin privilege.

    ‘These young children, they see these gangsters out here with large bags of Skittles…’

    Skittle 4 Life.

    Stay safe.  Share the Skittles. 

    Some hustle for money, some hustle for hoes.  I hustle for Skittles, I’m diabetic, I lost all my toes. 

  • Investigations take time and African Americans aren’t exactly known for being patient. 

  • I took part in this history.

    1. Year 1991: Serbs are 11% of Croatia’s population. They support Slobodan
    Milosevic’s pan-Serbian movement which took JNA/Yugoslav Army under
    Serbian control. This Army has been financed by all Yugoslav republics
    (Serbia plus Montenegro 36%, Croatia 28%, Slovenia 19%,..). So, Serbs
    literally “stole” all these planes, tanks, ships, rockets, guns,
    howitzers, … and, via their fifth column, Croatian Serbs, embarked upon
    their provincial imperial expansion: they wanted to occupy the entire
    Bosnia and Herzegovina & ca. 70% of Croatia. This was a combined
    aggression: Serbia proper + Montenegro +JNA + Croatian Serbs.

    During expansionist aggression against Croatia, JNA deployed 4 out her 6
    armored brigades, and 11 out 12 mechanized ones. Thanks to president
    Tudjman’s wise manoeuvres, Croatia has, by the end of 1991., partially
    armed herself, so after the truce, Serbs began their butchering in
    Bosnia and Herzegovina. Year 1995: Srebrenica massacre had happened
    & the world was fed up with Serbian savagery. Croatia, now armed
    & ready, launched a two-pronged assault (160,000 against Serbian
    para-state “Krajina”, 55.000 dug in Eastern Slavonia as the deterrent
    against Milosevic). The rag-tag Army of Croatian Serbs (40,000 of them)
    virtually collapsed in two days & fled, along with them their
    families- perhaps 120-150.000 people in all. In the meantime: from
    1991-1995 Serbs in the UN protected zones in Croatia (the so called UNPA
    zones of “Krajina”) murdered more than 600 elderly and incapacitated
    Croats, mostly peasant women- while Danish, Dutch, Kenyan and Jordanian
    troops just looked by; during Operation Storm, in the sector where
    general Gotovina was in charge- they just fled, even before Croatian
    troops arrived.

    2. in Bosnia & Herzegovina: the replay, heavily armed Serbs against disarmed Muslims & Croats- tanks and planes and rocket launchers Serbs and “their” JNA simply stole from those who had been financing it for decades.

    3. I was in a Croatian Army howitzer unit & saw huge columns of cars,
    trucks, tractors buses …fleeing to Srb & later via BH border to
    Banja Luka. There is a dispute around how many Serbs fled before us-
    perhaps, 100.000-150.000, nobody knows. But, they fled en masse, and
    only few people remained. They just fled. Serbs fled. As the last war has shown, their behavior
    exemplifies the case of colonial minorities elsewhere-from French in
    Algeria & British in Zimbabwe to Russians in Chechnya & Central
    Asian Republics. They either rule as a privileged caste or flee to their
    motherland when the system of exploitation, which they have been so
    avid a part thereof, breaks.)

    But, during their rule in UNPA zones, they killed more than 600 Croatian
    civilians, mostly elderly people. Kenyan, Canadian, Jordanian,
    Danish…UN troops just averted their eyes.

    • “…
      French in Algeria & British in Kenya to Portuguese in Angola & Russians in Chechnya & Central Asian Republics. They either rule as a privileged caste or flee to their motherland when the system of exploitation…breaks…”

      Please, tell us more.  Perhaps expand upon the ‘system of exploitation’.  Was it a ‘system of exploitation’ that introduced Muslims into the Balkans?  Or did that just sort of happen once upon a time?

      Are white Americans beneficiaries of a ‘system of exploitation’ and  merely waiting for the day that system ‘breaks’ and are forced to return to their European motherland?  What else could explain their status and wealth relative to other groups less rewarded by the ‘system of exploitation’? 

      Are you pleased Zimbabwe (and soon South Africa) has been freed of its ‘privileged caste’? 

      • Well, in case you ask about Kosovo, a brief summary:

        1. Kosovo was a part of medieval Serbian state during 13th-14th centuries. The majority of population were Serbs, with only a few Albanian outposts.

        2. after Ottoman subjugation of the greater part of the Balkans (14th-16th cent.), islamization took part in all Christian countries. Christian Serbia was more resistant to it due to religious homogeneity – they were exclusively Eastern Orthodox- while Albanians, due to their religious heterogeneity (they were both Eastern Orthodox and Catholics) were islamized in greater percentage. Also, due to their service as Ottoman mercenaries (they were loyal subjects in first 2-3 centuries), Serbs got written privileges from the sultan & islamization was not as intense as was in Albania. Today, Albanian people are ca. 60% Muslim, 20% Orthodox and 20% Catholic.

        3. the Kosovo region has undergone ethnic replacement during 1690-1720 period. It was a period of military campaigns conducted by Austria’s Prince Eugen of Savoy, who penetrated with a small army deep into Serbia (and Kosovo). But, this was a raid, and he had to retreat. Mass of Serbs from this area, fearing Turkish reprisals, just fled with Prince Eugen’s retreating army. That’s why Serbs got northern province of Vojvodina, which was historically Hungarian and Croatian -they ethnically swamped it. So: in the first half of the 18th century, Albanians became the majority in Kosovo, and Serbs territorially lost Kosovo and gained Vojvodina (in Habsburg empire) in the north.

        4. during Balkans wars 1912-1913, Serbs occupied Kosovo. Ethnic composition of the province was: 63% Albanians, 25% Serbs and the rest Turks, Gypsies and Bosnian Muslims. Had they somehow negotiated the division of the province with Albanians, this whole war would not have been necessary. But, they thought they could simply ethnically cleanse Albanians.

        4. during 1918-1941. Serbian dominated police and the military constantly persecuted and harassed Kosovo Albanians (raids with mass killings, tortures, rapes, village burnings,..). During WW2 Albanians had took to revenge- this time, Serbs were persecuted. At the end of the war, Yugoslav Communist party promised Kosovo Albanians that Kosovo would become a part of neighboring Albania. The promise was broken, Albanian uprisings quelled in blood, and this situation lasted for next two decades.

        5. during mid-1960s, along with the fall of Aleksandar Rankovic, Serbia’s strongman & man no. 3 in Yugoslavia, a liberalization policy has begun in Yugoslavia and Kosovo. In short- Albanians got more rights, and due to their patriarchal islamic culture (Albanians in Kosovo are mostly Muslims) their percentage rapidly grew- from ca. 65% to ca. 90%. After Tito’s death in 1980, Albanians staged an unsuccessful protest which was quelled & during the fateful decade (1980-1990) they were demonized in Serbian press and persecuted (for instance, even kitchen knives were taken from Albanian households as potential “weapons”). After Serbs lost in Croatia and, thanks to US and UK escaped total defeat in Bosnia and Herzegovina, they started their final clampdown on Albanians- a campaign of mass murder, rape, burning,…in short, over 10,000 Albanians killed in less than 2 months (and virtually no Serbs- they got everything, artillery, plains, howitzers,..) against people who barely succeeded to acquire some weapons illegally. The NATO intervention was inevitable, because Western powers were fed up with constant Serbian lies and aggression, and because surrounding countries could not deal with the influx of Albanian refugees.

        Finally, West has done something rational.

  •   I live in Tower Hamlets E2 @870de3118c5654813000249d98ea2cd7:disqus

  • This whole saga on Trashon Martin is extremely irritating.

    1. Black hysterical rallies pressure judiciary & police to behave according to their wishes.

    2. most of the media either wash their hands off or withhold crucial info. Soviet style press.

    3. White people keep silent either because Zimmerman is Hispanic or because they wouldn’t like to “provoke” Blacks

    4. outrageously, Obama issues a statement that is a racially incendiary time-bomb. He very visibly crossed the boundaries of the permissible.

    And…nobody from the wider white audience, or White”pundits” utters even a whisper.

    I mean… this truly is disgusting. The President would like to have o hood rat thug temporarily dumped out of school- as a son. Obama, SWPL, Sharpton,… all are here like like ducks perched for shooting practice, and no one pulls a trigger.


  • One of the most realist comments.

    1. genetic engineering will have produced in 2-3/4 decades many-from our standpoint- desirable phenotypical characteristics.

    2. but, in the meantime- we don’t have a luxury to be too nitpicky. Blacks are off limits, and they know it too well. REJECTION of blackness is the keyword in this- not other- case:

  • MikeofAges

     Absolutely. Law enforcement is trained and experienced. Patrol officers and deputies have hundreds of thousands of contacts weekly. Considering  the possibilities, they do a superior job.

  •  Actually not just Sharia law fanatics but EU citizens  like the woman from Poland who did not believe in putting sunscreen or blankets on her infant so he was burned over 40% of his body severely while she smirked, pouted and acted offended on Brighton beach are not assimilating either. I don’t just love London I love all of England. I’ve lived extensively in the SF/Bay Area, rural conservative California, the suburban wine country and London so there is not much you could tell me about US and UK sociology. I lived through the riots this past August and still feel the UK is safer than most areas of the states.

  •   I’m simply not buying that this guy would not be anything but non white to most of the AmRenn people if he had not -in defiance of police dispatch-aggressively followed a Black teenager and then shot him “claiming self defence”, which according to the two authors of the Castle Doctrine, negates the law even if he was attacked.

  • In the past few hours “white” has now been dropped by the media en masse  because Zimmerman identified and registered solely as Hispanic on all his forms.

  • radical7

    That’s not true.

  • JohnEngelman

    I read somewhere that George Zimmerman’s story is that he left his automobile to see what street he was on. When he walked back he was attacked from behind. 
    This fits the police report I posted in this thread. He was bleeding from behind his head, and in his face. It seems as though Trayron Martin hit George Zimmerman from behind, threw him on the grass, and began punching him in the face. 
    I have also read that George Zimmerman has been mugged several times by blacks. I have been mugged several times by blacks too. If I had had a hand gun with me, I would have used it. 

  • JohnEngelman

    And they post an unrelated mug shot of George Zimmerman. They should have published a photo of George Zimmerman immediately after the event, when he was bleeding from the nose. 

  • I’m in the nicer part of an urban area which is one of the poorest in the UK but we are still safer than the cities you mentioned. I trust almost no one in society which is how you survive. If I had to live the cities you mentioned or say South Africa I would be a shut in with only vitamin D time outside and then I’d try to migrate. Adopt, migrate or die.

  • Founders1791

    Flat out lies here in this story……

    FACT: Trayvon was a 6’2″ Football Player
    FACT: Zimmerman is the voice crying for help
    FACT: Zimmerman was BEATEN BY THIS THUG
    FACT: Zimmerman was bloody, broken nose, had grass stains ‘on his back’
    FACT: EYEWITNESS says Trayvon ‘doing the beating’.

    FACT: Trayvon DESERVED TO LOSE HIS LIFE because he was ‘another’ thoughtless street thug with no respect for communities and their residents.

    The Professional Racists and Community Agitators are President Obama, The Justice Brothers of  Sharpton & Jackson, and the White House Dept of Propaganda….Media Matters.

  • jackryanvb

    Both Chicago newspapers made this fake White Racist hate crime in Florida – the lead, front page story. There is a huge, concerted propaganda campaign going on to force this hate White people story on the American public through the controlled, MSM (mainstream media). CNN is the worst.

    Please contact any and all local media that are passing along these anti White, race baiting lies:

    Occidental Dissent has good links and short presentation of the counter facts to refute the latest Hate Crime Hoax:

    (1) We know that the MSM continues to use outdated photographs of Trayvon Martin to deliberately portray a 17-year-old, 6’2″ football player as an innocent and sympathetic young adolescent.(2) We know that George Zimmerman is Hispanic. He comes from a multiracial family. There is no evidence that Zimmerman is a White racist. This story has nothing to do with the White community.(3) We know that Trayvon Martin had been suspended from high school for some reason. Just like the Jena 6, he is not the poor little darling he is being made out to be by the media.(4) We know from an eyewitness that Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman, that Zimmerman was on the ground and that Martin was on top beating him, that Zimmerman was heard screaming on the 9/11 call before Martin was shot and killed.(5) We know that George Zimmerman was within his rights to defend himself and his community from Trayvon Martin.(6) We know that is the reason that George Zimmerman was not arrested by the police. It was a clear cut case of self defense under the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law.(7) We know that this happened in a gated community that is only 49 percent White and that there have been robberies, burglaries, and shootings by the Black Undertow in that community. That is why Trayvon Martin looked like such a suspicious character.(8) Finally, we know that Zimmerman was bleeding from the back of his head when the police arrived, and that there were grass stains on his pants. This is consistent with the story provided by the eye witness. Fox Tampa Bay has finally blown the lid off this whole fake story by repeating what Fox Orlando had reported earlier.

  • MikeofAges

     What happens on the street and what happens on the political leader level may not be the same things. Think about Chicago — a lot of different people some of whom don’t like each other very much. Their elected local representative are antagonistic on a day-to-day basis. But when it come time to vote for governor-representative-senator-president-state legislature everyone is exactly on the same page. Old story. Politics is political.

  • Lou

     Sorry, but you don’t know ALL the facts and you are assuming..The scarey part is it seems you are just listening to the lame stream lefty media and assuming on their reports .. Wait till the story comes out in full.. There is a reason Zimmerman isn’t sitting in jail right now,obviously the police have a better perception of what happened and know much more than you, or anyone else..

  • Lou

     Let me ask you a question.. If someone walked up to you and asked you ,who you were and  what are you doing here ( in a gated community) what would you do or say ?  Me ? I would say My dad lives right over there I just came from the store, How are you ? That would be the end of the conversation,or a start of a friendly one, You’re implying that Zimmerman accosted the kid which is farthest from the truth .. There is a respectful way to act in this world ,you know.. I suspect you would automatically take offense when someone asks you questions ,throw your hoodie up and start throwing punches ,right ? Sometimes you have to be a human..

  • MikeofAges

     As noted, stamina means a lot. I doubt Big Britches was much on stamina.

  • JohnEngelman

    I am not sure who to support, but my instincts tell me that there has been a rush to judgment for which the establishment media is largely responsible. The fact that Martin’s photos are obviously not of a seventeen year old, and that Zimmerman is pictured as a menacing thug in an unrelated mug shot demonstrates press bias. 
    I am sure Martin has a more recent photo, and that there is a photo of Zimmerman bleeding from the face that would have been more relevant to this case. 
    Also, how large are both males? I have read that Martin was either 140 pounds, or 200 pounds. Is it really true that Martin was a 6’2″ football player, and that Zimmerman has been the victim of black violent street criminals? I have picked up little details about this, but the main story is that an unoffensive black boy who was trying to avoid trouble was murdered by a brutal racist.
    If Zimmerman is murdered, and/or if there is a black ghetto riot the press will be largely responsible.