Obama Pal Derrick Bell: “I Live to Harass White Folks”

Stephan Tawney, American Pundit, March 9, 2012

Derrick Bell, the radical left-wing professor with whom Barack Obama developed a long association, once admitted during a television interview that he, “lives to harass white folks”.

Video emerged the other day of Obama as a law school student embracing Bell’s teachings on Critical Race Theory, the idea that the American political and justice systems are inherently racist.

{snip} White House records show Bell repeatedly visited Obama in 2010.

[Editor’s Note: Click here for a summary of Critical Race Theory.]

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  • If anything really positive comes out of this Breitbart expose, it’s going to introduce a lot more people to the snake oil called critical race theory, and to all the quacks who profess it.

    • Oil Can Harry

      The insanity called Critical Race Theory is long overdue for a debunking.

      Two decades ago I recall turning on a talk show and seeing Bell spouting his racist garbage completely unchallenged. It’s nice to see some belated criticism finally heading his way.

  • MissBonnie123

    …he, “lives to harass white folks”. Isn’t this a form of discrimination against us White people? I can’t imagine a White man saying anything disgusting like this against Blacks AND getting away with it.

    • The_Bobster

      If we want to get even with Afrovoodoos, all we have to do is ask the police to check them for outstanding warrants.

  • SoCal Local

    “Stickin’ to da’ man” is a job title in some circles. The logic of their statements may go round-and-round, but that doesn’t stop the money from rolling in.

  • sbuffalonative

    I was watching a black man give a lecture which was broadcast on c-span. He explained how blacks worked as teams to get what they want.

    One group would speak rationally and  appeal to people in terms of basic fairness. The other group would take up the same issue but express their ‘outrage’ and ‘demand justice’.

    This one-two punch would usually force a compromise and blacks would get what they wanted. 

    • The_Bobster

      They’re not the only group that works as a team. As a matter of fact, it’s only Whites that don’t do it.

  • Cliff Yablonski

    As a white teacher if I ever said “I live to harrass black folks” I’d immediately be fired.
    Why isn’t this black professor terminated for such blatant racism?

  • libertarian4339

    Blacks are the biggest ingrates, and  the most hateful race on planet earth.

    This man has no business teaching at Harvard and could not if the bogus course of black studies was not created in order for institutions to be able to show a black face here and there in their faculty photos.

    And, critical race theory is stupid; it’s illogical; and it’s laughable.  Black Liberation Theology is even

    The entire Afo-centric bunch are no more than buffoons.


  • radical7

    The number of White people who have harrassed non-White people, especially Black people, past and present far outnumbers the small number of Blacks who have harrassed Whites.

  • Lastroadhome

    Ignorance is bliss. Plug me back into the matrix.

  • Sonya610

    Not sure if this is PETA propaganda or what. Pink slime? Who cares? You eat ketchup? How many bugs are mixed into that during the processing? Plenty! 

    Pink slime is animal protein, cook it to kill the bacteria and don’t overanalyze the details about meat because NONE of the details are pretty.

    I am far more concerned about Hispanics that don’t wash their hands and spread Hep A, or blacks that spit or worse in the food; now THAT is disgusting!

  • Xanthippe2

    I try not to listen to Sean Hannity, but sometimes I do out of boredom, or even out of curiosity.  Half the time he is paling around with a Black or Brown (guests or callers).  Today, he was saying something like, ‘of course no one on our side is racist!’  (Spit out in his annoying voice.)

    Hannity is bought and paid for.  Not necessarily by Blacks and Browns, but by those who want any racial thinking by Whites to be unthinkable.

    • blight14

       I think I know who you’re talking about in the last sentence….

    • Zorro

      I have never been that bored that I would listen to Hannity, or Beck. I would rather watch paint dry.

      Of course they are bought and paid for. They are Neo-Cons, just as Pearl and Kristol are. This translates into being Globalists.

      • schmenz

        Great comment, Zorro!

    • The funny thing is News corp which owns Fox News – the Mainstream Media voice of the conservative white Christian gun loving pro-life right wingers of this country  is owned NOT by a Jew or a liberal but by a white Australian Protestant conservative : Rupert Murdoch AND the second biggest stock owner of the company is a Jew/ Israel hating Muslim Saudi Prince: Al Waleed bin Talal. So before there are anti-semitic canards thrown in, please get the facts right!   Ironically, both  Muslims and White Protestants are well known for their traditional centuries old  deep seated hatred and persecution of Jews.

      The only difference: the Islamists are open about their animus towards the Jewish race, white Christians on the other hand (except a microscopic few) are even worse, the smile at 
      your face, pretend to be the loyal friend of Israel and the Jews, but have an even deeper animosity towards the Jewish people. The only reason the evangelicals support Israel is because these deluded folks believe they are speeding up the rapture where Jewish man ( white washed by eurocentrists into a white nordic character)   who happens to be their God will descend from the skies on a pink unicorn to kill the baddies and convert the Jews. The evangelical-neo con belief is based on this ridiculous principle. 


      • I’m checking the WeatherBug conditions for Hell, because the temperature has to be 31 or lower.  Why do I suppose that?  Because you got something right. 

        I’ve been saying for some time that most Jews easily conflate philo-Semite Glenn Beck with anti-Semite (fill in the blank), because philo-Semitism and anti-Semitism are two different sides of the same coin, that coin being inordinate and frankly mentally pathological interest in Jews on the part of non-Jews.  If I were some relatively minority ethnic persuasion, I too would be nervous if there were a lot of people not of me so interested in me.  A freaky form of stalking, IMHO, is what philo-Semitism is.

        To me, Israel comes between Ireland and Italy in the dictionary.  Nothing more.

        As far as the Christian fundagelicals, as the years and decades since the turn of the millennium pass on, and there’s no literal physical Second Coming, (as most educated Christians know there is not, i.e. good Catholics and High Protestants who have to do more than open a cracker jack box to get a theology degree), this rapture-prophecy philo-Semitism mental illness will dissipate.

        In spite of FNC’s ownership and well known Saudi financier, you have to admit that it’s the cable news epicenter of both Jewish and Gentile neo-conservative talking heads.  I think the Saudi interest in FNC isn’t ideology, but money.

  • and I live to harass non-whites.

  • Christopher_Nelson

    “I lives to harass white folks”

    That sholud be the National Black motto for BRA in the 21 century.

  • Anon12

     So true. It is like a script that all “conservatives” use to show they are not racists. Hannity is just like all the rest. The truth will horrify them. They know where their paychecks come from.

    • Zorro

      Neo-Cons are NOT CONSERVATIVES. Don’t let the label fool you. They are just as Liberal, and went to the same Liberal Universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Columbia, as the recognized Liberals like John Kerry, and they all have the Globalist agenda in their jacket pockets.

      Despite his Libertarian branding, Ron Paul is far more Conservative in his views, which match up nicely with the intentions of our Founding Fathers, than any of these Liberal and Neo-Con hacks.

  • radical7

    Hisorcally speaking, there are alot more White people who have  harrassed Black and other non-Whites that the much smaller number of Black  s who have harrassed Whites.

    • Well then, I guess I don’t know much about Hisory.

      • The_Bobster

        I’m still waiting for an ignore button for our token lawn jockey.

      • Actually, we DO know more about History! But, I guess your rather intellectually sublime ilk can only express stuff in terms of “Hisory”.  First learn to spell & write coherently in the English language and maybe then we could give you free lessons on History!  For whites to whine about the supposed harassment from non whites such as blacks, who have for centuries been at the receiving end of the most cruel, brutal and humiliating forms of atrocities and harassment by whites, makes as much sense as a serial arsonist complaining about forest fires in California! Get a life and stop whining. If non whites are beating whites in the race of progress, blame yourselves!

        The atrocities committed by the white European race, from slavery, stealing of whole continents subjugation and annihilation of people to the holocaust is so evil that even mother nature wants this vile race extinct, which is inevitable! And to that I say  – GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH! There surely is a God!

        • Hey genius, I was making fun of Radical7 by misspelling “History” in the same way he did.

          As far as atrocities, the only reason certain non-white groups have not been such large scale Hitler/Stalin/Mao style mass murderers is for the lack of opportunity and capability. 

    • Insoc

      radical7 you live in a vain, self-indulgent fantasy world.  The truth hurts so much you are reduced to ad hominem sputtering.

      There’s a place for you called Detroit.  Time to move there and be around the people you so dearly love.

      You hate Whites. You know it, everyone here knows it.

    • Sonya610

      Hisorcally speaking you are making things up.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Hell, it couldn’t be any worse than what passes for “school lunches” now — at least pink slime I could identify — what’s served now bears NO known resemblance to any known edible substance!!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Bell is a talentless parasite, utterly protected in a soft system made possible though the hard work of generations of Whites.

    Racism is permanent

    Well, he’s right about that!  Bell, 0bama, Wright — all intractable, incurable, permanent racists.  But…we can’t let racism die out —   too many people and organizations benefit from it.

    From Bell’s Obituary: 

    Bell was credited with developing ‘critical race theory,’ which…argues that the life experiences of black people and other minorities should be considered in hiring decisions and in applying the law.

    Results as applied by 0bama?

    President Barack Obama is moving at a historic pace to try to diversify the nation’s federal judiciary: Nearly three of every four people he has gotten confirmed to the federal bench are women or minorities. 

    The American Bar Association secretly declared that 14 of President Barack Obama’s nominees to the federal bench are ‘not qualified.’ The rejection rate is more than three times that of Obama’s predecessors, Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush…Nearly all those found not qualified were either women or minorities and were nominated for positions at the district court level.

     Palin recently commiserated about Steve Schmidt keeping the McCain Campaign from vetting Obama: 

    ‘It is a tragedy the media did not do its job’ of vetting Obama when he was still a U.S. Senator running for the presidency said Palin. She slammed Obama for his radicalism and pointed out that he has surrounded himself with radicals, several of whom he appointed as White House ‘czars.’ Palin singled out McCain senior campaign strategist Steve Schmidt for not allowing either her or Sen. McCain make an issue of Obama’s radical associations on the stump.

    Well, really, McCain was chosen to fall on his sword so what did Palin expect?
    As for Bell:

    Sic Semper Tyrannis


  • Question for people that may know. I was just wondering how people feel about this whole “critical race theory”? From some of the comments it seems like people don’t like it much.  I’ve heard the phrase used a few times and guess I more or less just wrote it off as just a generality or just a catch phrase from the left. I wasn’t aware that it was actually a sort of philosophy (in the making?). Without buying a book on it, I did a simple Google search and what I found didn’t seem all that bad. So am I missing something? Thanks ahead of time.

  • Anan7

    Why were they harassing your sister in law?

    If you live in a CCW state you should definitely get a permit and learn the laws and how to use your weapon.  You might also consider moving to a safer, less “diverse” environment even though there are fewer and fewer of them every day.

  • I saiy the same thing about Kim Kardashian!

  • ageofknowledge

    I went to apply for a job at the EDD a couple of years ago and an old Hispanic woman, who was supposed to be taking my application, spent fifteen minutes recounting a well worn record about how when she was a little girl a white lady told her and her friends to get off her lawn while looking at me as if I were prejudiced.

    I didn’t have the heart to recount to her how my parent’s place was burglarized by Hispanic youth, while they were at work, literally carting everything they could carry down the street as recounted by eye witnesses.

    I didn’t have the heart to explain how I was braced by Hispanic youths with knives drawn simply for trying to get down the street to get a pepsi and a sandwhich when I moved back to California as a teenager to one of those “diverse” neighborhoods the liberals created for me to live in.

  • Black Swan

    I defy you to prove this, “honey.”

  • Pandemonium

    I’ll bet you can’t “prove” that Shakespeare even wrote those things attributed to him; the late Joseph Sobran (a scholar of Shakespeare) wrote an interesting book, ALIAS  SHAKESPEARE, in which he makes a plausible case that the real Shakespeare was in fact the Earl of Oxford. Orson Welles is quoted: ” I think Oxford wrote Shakespeare. If you don’t, there are some awfully funny coincidences to explain away”. 

    Not just Sobran, but many scholars have questioned whether Shakespeare, a fairly uneducated man of his time, could actually have written the works attributed to him. The case for Oxford doing it under an alias is compelling given the politics of the time. 

    For those who like a nice conspiracy, I recommend investigating the question.

    • schmenz

      Professor David Allen White very thoroughly debunks the Oxford theory and has marvelous sources.   You would enjoy reading him.

  • Zorro

    That is the black “Welfare to Work” that Politicians love to talk about. You couldn’t get a State job, with a good salary, and benefits, but the shoeshine boys and house maids can.

  • Zorro

    So, what you are saying is that the Space Aliens couldn’t  take the blacks destroying their home planet, and they brought all the blacks back here to Earth. 

  • Zorro

    You can post all you want, but don’t think for a moment that the Communist News Network will keep your posts on their boards.

  • Zorro

    Because, Hannity, like Rush, like that crybaby, Beck, are all Neo-Con shills. The opposite side of the same coin.

  • schmenz

    Dear Heart,

    No, I don’t like it and, no, he wasn’t.  Believe it or not, there are brilliant books about Shakespeare that were written before 1970.