Obama Harvard Prof: ‘Abolish White Race as Social Category’

Aaron Klein, World Net Daily, March 7, 2012

Derrick Bell, the late Harvard Law professor now under a microscope for his early association with President Obama, endorsed a controversial magazine whose official motto is “treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.”

Bell signed a credo calling for the abolishment of “the white race as a social category—in other words, eradicate white supremacy entirely.”

He has a long history of racially divisive remarks. He was among the early critics of the June 1991 nomination of Thomas to the Supreme Court, stating, “To place a person who looks black and who, in conservative terms, thinks white, is an insult.”


Bell is largely credited as the originator of the theory [Critical Race Theory], which analyzes the way “white supremacy” and “racial power” are reproduced over time and seeks “racial emancipation” and “anti-subordination” from whites.

Bell endorsed a journal called Race Traitor, whose official motto is “Treason to the white race is loyalty to humanity.”

He signed on to a Race Traitor article titled “Renew the legacy of John Brown,” calling for John Brown Day to be declared in the U.S. in 1999.


The article signed by Bell began: “If the task of the nineteenth century was to overthrow slavery, and the task of the twentieth century was to end legal segregation, the key to solving this country’s problems in the twenty-first century is to abolish the white race as a social category—in other words, eradicate white supremacy entirely.”


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  • Now we find out that Prof. Bell was pallin’ around with Noel Ignatiev?  Now I know why Obama et al. are stirring up this “war on women” NON-troversy — They probably knew that this was about to come out, that he would be exposed for the vicious white-hating bigot that he has been for pretty much his entire life.  So they had to create a “Republicans hate women” narrative before they could create an “Obama hates whites” one.

    •  Noel Ignatiev is a jew and he publishes Race Traitor as a weapon against Whites and uses blacks like Derrick Bell as weapons against Whites. I want to see how long this comment lasts and where this website stands. 🙂

  • All that education gone to waste.

  • Jerrybear

    People seem to be slowly waking up to the quest to destroy whites. Will it be too late? The SPLC released another list of ‘hate groups’. It claimed hate groups are ‘on the rise’. They failed to recognize non-white supremacist groups that plague our cities. Gangs. But since double standards rule they get away with it and moronic liberals use the ‘study’ as proof that neo-nazis are hiding under everyone’s bed waiting to strike.

    • Well, the question as to how long a comment pointing out that the publication Derrick Bell wrote this offending article for, Race Traitor, is operated by a jew called Noel
      Ignatiev and that another AmRen boogeyman, Tim Wise, is also a jew, lasted all of about 15 minutes.

      Let me try it again. Persistence pays off I believe.

      Organizations that are anti-White are frequently led by jews, who use
      non-Whites as rhetorical and physical weapons against Whites. Jerrybear, the SPLC is one such organization. It is led by the jew Morris Dees.

      • Hirschibold

         Ignatiev deserves to have his own philosophy thrown back in his face. The Jewish writer Gilad Atzmon recently wrote a book “The Wandering Who” that has been causing an S-Storm for the simple fact that he, as an Israeli and ex-member of the Army, has been basically saying that Jews like Alan Dershowitz are the real supremacists, and that if a Jew wishes to join humanity, he should repudiate the supremacist ideology of Zionism. Naturally, Atzmon is now dubbed a “self-hating Jew.”

        • anarchyst

          Add to that the writings of Professor Norman Finkelstein and Shlomo Sand who have been made into “pariahs” in their own culture . . . for speaking out (the truth) against the status quo . . .

          • Insoc

            Brother Nathaniel Kapner as well.

          • blight14

             Indeed, Brother Nathaniel has a unique style about him….very interesting to watch!

      • The_Bobster

        The Southern Poverty Lawcenter – SPLC

        A militant organization concerned with immigrant rights, anti-racism, monitoring ‘right wing organizations’ the usual lot.

        Founded in 1971 by Jewish lawyer Joe Levin and Morris Seligman Dees (not Jewish but born into a philosemitic family who gave him his Jewish first name after Joseph Seligman; president Lincoln’s Jewish banker)

  • sbuffalonative

    Here is a first hand account of the legacy of John Brown:

    Brown told mother they were going to take father and the boys to the army, and left the house with them. They took them about three hundred yards from the house and murdered them. My father was shot in the head, my brothers cut to pieces. They left them all dead in a heap. They then went over two miles further to Potawatma River and killed two more men by the names of Wilkerson and Sherman. After they had killed my father and brothers, some of Brown’s men came back to our house to get our horses, but failed to find them, as we had them staked out on the prairie to graze, as that was the way we had to feed them.


    It should be clear that the legacy of John Brown is to slaughter white people.

  • I recognized that “Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity” slogan from the Jew-backed and written publication Race Traitor.

    Blacks are used as biological weapons against Whites.

  • IF Bell really wanted “racial emancipation” and “anti-subordination” from whites he is more than welcome to take himself back to his native Africa……….I wonder WHY he has not done this already, A real head scratcher…….

  • I guess I’ve committed treason against humanity. I’m loyal to whiteness.

  • anarchyst

    Sounds like “war” has been declared . . .

    • blight14

      I agree, lets do it……….it is inevitable anyway……

  • bubo

    “To place a person who looks black and who, in conservative terms, thinks white, is an insult.”

    Thinking white gave birth to the greatest civilizations the world has ever known.    What has thinking black given the world?

  • Hirschibold

    I have several books on the subject of radical “abolitionist” John Brown. He is not someone you want to emulate, unless of course your goal is to literally castrate innocent bystanders, and to conscript your own sons into the work of murdering women and children. Read “The Devil Knows How to Ride: Quantrill and His Raiders” to get a fuller appreciation for this canonized saint of the Left.

    A dictator once remarked “What a wonderful thing for politicians that men don’t think.” Indeed, even better that most apparently can’t even be bothered to read.

  • ViktorNN

    I think the libertarians and Tea Partiers in the GOP have got it wrong when it comes to attacking Obama over federal spending, the national debt, and health care reform.

    All this talk about Obama being an economic socialist and so on, when the truth is that Obama is pretty much in the pocket of Wall St and big business. It’s a revolving door between his administration and the boardrooms. Aside from a little jockeying around, it’s business as usual.

    The radicalism of the Obama admin is on the social policy front.

    This is where the Dem Party and its army of activists, academics, and ideologues are really doing the dirtiest work. 

    The thing is, I think a lot of this work is going underreported, and I hope some opposition media out there looks into what’s going on. All these academic nutcases are being given carte blanche to go in and re-write policies and procedures, it’s their chance to go to work and dismantle “systemic institutionalized racism.” I think we barely know any of what they’re really up to.

    • So you’re saying focus on social (i.e. racial) issues and less on economics?

      I agree.

      Curiously, Michael Savage does not agree.  His initial take on this expose was the same as mine (that it’s sort of a snoozer).  However, the more time goes on, the more I’m warming up to it, precisely because it’s coming out in the wash what a white-hating kook this Prof. Bell has been for a long time.  Savage sometimes has an ulterior agenda — It took him awhile on his show Thursday for him to hint around the real reason why he was oppose to this expose in Andrew Breitbart’s postmortem, but he eventually did drop enough two plus twos in order for me to hear the sublime four:

      Savage is opposed to any political effort that “runs the risk” of white people developing racial solidarity.

      Which is not a surprise to me, because he hates AR.

      • IstvanIN

        Michael Savage is in a difficult position being Jewish and a victim of AA.  Like most Jews he fears white/European solidarity because it would lessen the strangle hold Jews have had over white scoiety for the last 100 years.  On the other hand he sees the handwriting on the wall: the end of white America will lead in short order to the end of Jewish America.  The creation of a third world America, and violence against whites, will also be visited against Jews.  The Jews can not control blacks through subtle means like the media and education (like whites).  Blacks can only be controlled through physical means, and their are simply not enough Jews to accomplish that.  In addition the collpase of white America means Israel’s patron will no longer be there for her.

        He doesn’t want his people to lose their disproportionate power in America to either whites or blacks.  When people like Barry Sotero no longer need Jews (his administration is disproportionately Jewish) they are history.

        The sad thing is both Jews and blacks have flourished under white America’s benevolence.  There is no country in the world, and there was no country in the world 100 years ago, that provided a better life for either it’s Jewish or black cicitzens.  Unfortunately both groups have such a burning hatred for Anglo-American society and the European-American population that they are blinded to the damage they are inflicting on themselves.  Facts and logic, unfortunetly, do not trump emotions in most situations.

        And not to sound like a “non-racist conservative” or a liberal, but there are a few blacks and Jews who see the falacy of white hate.   I have met them.  But they are to few in number to have any real affect on their communties.  Worse, DWLs are far to common in our community.

      • Insoc

        #1.  Stop listening to Michael Weener.   He is an white hating subversive in line with the genocidists.

        /So you’re saying focus on social issues and less on economics?/

        While you’re focusing on social issues like race relations our enemies are planning genocide against us.  Blacks are profoundly stupid,  powerless “useful idiots” doing their masters’ bidding, nothing more, they are not our true enemy.  I wish more people would realize this, stop focusing on the black population and open their eyes.

        What our mortal enemies want and plan for us  is what happened to that white kid in K.C. who had gasoline poured on him and ignited.  Throwing gasoline on children and lighting them on fire is evil.  Maybe this will give you an idea of what our enemies think of us.

  • KenelmDigby

    But, oh no, don’t think for a milli-second that non-whites will ever give up their massive and extensive ‘affirmative action’ priveleges (that are enshrined in law), which are purely predicated on *their* skin color.
     You try to do that, and by golly, you’ll get a right ear-full about how ‘race’ exists and how evil you are for denying it.

  • Whites have to be diminished as a social category because they are the group that has the most profound attachment to traditional American values and are the most resistant to the changes that the progressive movement demands.

    This ties in with the previous posting on the   Bonilla-Silva post on the 8th. Progressives have long been frustrated by their efforts to move this country solidly to the hard left. One thing that has protected us from what may well be the inevitable is the Constitution itself. Lefties (really communists) are particularly hostile to  things like the electoral college and the citizenship and age requirements for presidents. Think of the controversies and endless squelching of the Barrack Obama Birth Certificate controversy. When the Progressives start name calling you know that there just might be some element of truth behind the accusations.

    Over the last several years there have been attempts to incorporate international law into American Jurisprudence in an effort to move this country into the main stream of a ONE WORLD CONSTITUTIONAL ORDER with the UN as arbiter for public policy. The way the progressive elites plan to carry this out is through the process of judicial review and the dependency of maintaining power in the White House since the President has the power to enforce or ignore Supreme Court decisions. Judicial decisions are beginning to include precedents from international law to justify extra
    Constitutional decisions.

    One of the barometers of just how vicious these attacks against whites has become and just how important it is for the left to eliminate whites as a political power is in the realm of gun control.
    This is something not to be taken lightly. Whites are the largest consumers of legal firearms and are the most likely to resist giving up that right – you can read into that anything you want. The vituperation that the left levels at basically White organizations is disgusting to say the least see the following link which is sponsored by Coalition to Stop Gun Violence :


    Obama plans to use the UN small arms treaty which is due to be presented in July as an extra Constitutional means to disarm White Americans. If we not only loose our political power but our right to defend ourselves I think the righting is on the wall.

  • A manufactured non-issue from the Democrat Party and the left.  ObamaCare will eventually demand that the Catholic church and all other religious institutions directly or indirectly pays for aborticides and contraceptives.  Combine that with Obama’s poll numbers among white women being down, so his surrogates are trying to distract from the religious liberty issue by pretending that people who don’t think it’s a good idea to force the Catholic church to pay for contraceptives actually want nobody to be able to get contraceptives.  When virtually nobody is saying “ban contraceptives.”  Unfortunately, the issue was clouded when a well known talk radio host called a 30-year old slutty law student a slut, because she supposedly “can’t afford” her own birth control for her self-admitted very active sex life, according to her testimony to a pretend Congressional hearing that was really a Democrat press conference, such that the Catholic church (Georgetown is Jesuit) should pay for it.  When in reality, she is a long time self-admitted “reproductive rights” activist, and deliberately chose Georgetown Law instead of a secular law school whose student health plans do cover contraceptives because she wants to pick a fight with the Catholic Church.  Good luck with that, BTW.

    I can really see this blowing up in the Democrats’ faces.  Even today, the Catholic priesthood still has a lot of power, and a lot of lay Catholics still think that when a Catholic priest speaks, it comes from the Mind of God, the whole Vicar of Christ thing.  (I know, I’m not exactly being theologically accurate here, I’m making a point).  So on the Sunday before election day, every Catholic priest in the country will use the occasion of Mass to imply that voting Democrat is a sin against God.  Obama, meet retirement.

    • Felix Baum

      As a Catholic, and a devout one at that,  I’m afraid what you stated about the supposed power of Catholic priests in influencing the voter block favoring the GOP is absolutely not true. The truth is that priests do not hold the same power and clout as the used to in the past. Religion is not taken seriously amongst Catholic voters. It is also true that most new generation Irish Catholics below the age of 40 are registered democrats. Obama will win the election in 2012. The GOP had a chance, instead of voting ideal leaders like Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman, the have wasted and split the vital vote in complete incompetent idiots like these 3 stooges: Flip Flop Rom, Fat Grinch-rich and Low IQ In-santorum. Good luck with these three: the Republicans just dug their own grave and put a final nail on their coffin. Now, 4 more years of the “anointed one”! 

  • I for one, am Grateful for this type of Information.  Ammunition is after all, what Guarantees One’s Survival.

  • libertarian4339

    Thomas Sowell explained that Bell was hired as a professor, but he wasn’t qualified for the position, and admitted that very thing himself.  Sowell added that anybody who doesn’t rise up to the norm in academia is regarded by his peers as someone who must prove himself or be silently regarded for what he is:  An incompetent.

    Sowell said such a hire has two options: He can buckle down and eventually rise up to competence or he can do as Bell did, which was to lash out in hatred  blaming his low image among his peers on racism.  Sowell says Bell took the “low road.” Constant elaboration of that skewed view and a sense of alienation inculcated in Bell a growing hatred of whites and all things white and he embarked upon a liflong hate campaign wherein he admitted to being delighted to harass whites.

    This is a good example of what the radicals on the left have created, which is a class of blacks in academia who have professorships in nonsense studies, and, instead of being grateful for being given jobs in spite of their blaring lack of qualifications, they acquire a growing hatred of whites and white values, because they don’t get the admiration and accolades they erroneously think they deserve.  Their arrogance and inflated self-image is well-known.

    They perceive a continued lack of recognition of their greatness, wailing about white and institutional racism, as an attack based on race.   Remember Michelle Obama’s college thesis?  She was an AA apointee, yet her entire theme amounted to no more than a constant lamenation that because she was black her peers considered her less than the norm.  In other words, they failed to recognize the inflated image she had of herself.  It’s the basis of her hatred also.

    There is so much anti-white hate rampant throughout the black communities across this country it isn’t possible to ever change their mindsets.  Being stupid, generally, is an obstacle to their understanding also.

    Actually, what this incident reveals is that it just isn’t possible to integrate blacks into a first world society without creating a class of people whose entire being is steeped in hate of one kind or another.

    Keep them out for lack of the standard norm for mental ability and they hate whites for that.  Change the policy to push them into positions they’re not qualified for, and they hate whites for not recognizuing them for their greatness.  Blacks are the curse of every nation they populate.

  • RobRoySimmons

    These anti-whites just hand us a hammer to hit them.  Best thing that could happen is for someone to ask these black clowns to explain CRT, guaranteed hilarity.

  • “Eradicate white supremacy entirely.”

    “Eradicate whiteness as a social category.”

    But do remember to keep all those cell phones, iPads,  PCs, and software comin’ along with all those white taxpayer funded programs.    We like those things you provide.  We just hate you. 

    • MikeofAges

       Noticed by the way, that some Syrian lad was was heard to complain to the effect of “Where is the world? Where is Europe? Where is NATO. Where is America?” Well, if he and his fellows were a little more positive about America and our creed, we might be there. Here’s someone who won’t support peace with our ally in the Middle East, Israel. Won’t support even a little window of religious and secular freedom in his own country and wants to move in on our European allies and take over their countries if he can. And he complains, “Where is America?”

    • The i-pad/ pod/ mac book pro etc. were created by  Steve Jobs – the genius behind Apple’s creations ( An ethnic Semite – whose biological father was a Syrian Arab Moslem) – a non white. Unless, of course some deluded  folks would even consider an Arab or other semites as white Europeans! Besides, Jobs was not even culturally white in the traditional western sense. His cultural inspiration and beliefs have their roots in Indian Hindu-Buddhist culture, from his teens, as a follower of the Hare Krishna Ashram and then as a business designer and inventor, he spent his early 
      years  a follower of Swami Harikhan Baba in Asia – Northern India and later a follower of Zen Buddhism till his death. He even converted his white blonde blue eyed Christian American wife into this Asian faith.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Jobs 

      The modern mobile phone was invented in Motorola-Israel Labs, Haifa, Israel ( a nation located in West Asia) by non white Jewish Israeli Engineers. In 1979, Japan’s NTT was the world’s first to introduce the Cellular network followed by Nordic Mobile Telephone in Denmark. Thus Asians can claim they won the race first. 

      The inventions of modern tech marvels which run our lives such as, the Pentium Chip, MIMO tech which enhances Wi-Fi/ WiMax, co-inventor of the Intel Pentium processor & USB port,  HDTV, MPEG4, vital for all modern computers/ laptops and thus some vital aspects of modern technological life was invented by American citizens of Asian Indian ethnic heritage. In addition, the Windows NT operating system came from Israel.
      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arogyaswami_Paulraj The world is NOT dependent on a particular race. If whites ceased to exist tommorow, the world and all her progress would get along just fine. The Asians ( Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans), Israelis, Persians, Turks, South America would still progress and reach their advanced status in time. 

      • Dear Israel Finklestein, aka Lindsey Weiss, aka Liberal Weiss, aka Aaron from Rhode Island:

        This part is factually incorrect:

        The i-pad/ pod/ mac book pro etc. were created by  Steve Jobs

        The Archos Jukebox was the first hard drive based portable music device.  Jobs just perfected an industrial design and hardware controls that were a big hit.  He had good business acumen and an eye for trends.

        The iPad (aka tablet computer) is far from a unique Jobs invention, in fact, it’s not even a recent invention:


        However, the problem with bragging about inventing the paradigm of tablet computing is that it’s not profound.  A lot of people thought about it, and in fact, AAPL tried it before in 1992 with the Newton.  It was an idea lying around waiting for the right time and place and
        infrastructure and economy to be viable.  When Steve Jobs struck while the iron was hot with the iPad a few years ago, his timing was right on.  The reason AAPL’s Newton flopped in 1992 and AAPL’s iPad flew in 2010 (and superior Android-based imitators a little later on) is because the internet, much more wireless networking, existed in 2010 when it did not in 1992, and therefore, a tablet computer in 2010 was far more useful for the average person than a standalone non-networked tablet computer in 1992.

        As far as MacBooks, well, they’re just laptop computers that use the Mac OS, i.e. the CPU is locked down to have the unique handshake with the Mac OS.  The first kinda-sorta laptop computer was invented, like a lot of our modern computing paradigm, at XEROX-PARC.

        • Dear Question Diversity aka deluded white supremacist aka white nationalist aka conservative white American or whatever title 
          you would like to cling on to:

          The AAPL’s supposed i-pad should have been a hit because the internet was already in existence even before 1992. Granted the internet was popularized by 1995, but it was technically invented in 1969 and by ’73 and later ’79…telenet and 1982 with the use of IP/TCP. And as a matter of fact, the internet was already is rapid use in Asia and Australia in the 80’s and early 90’s. So, this pathetic excuse that AAPL “flopped”   because the internet did not exist then is simply not true. The fact is 
          you were unable to disprove my points from the previous post. http://www.apan.net/meetings/busan03/cs-history.htm 


          Besides, Steve Jobs ( Arab American with an Indian-Zen Buddhist cultural leaning) was the undisputed greatest technological genius of the 21st century.  RIP Steve Jobs – A true legend in the Science-Technological world.

          • I’m fairly familiar with the history of the internet.  (Trivia:  The ABC sitcom Benson was the first American network TV show to allude to the internet, in a 1985 episode when it mentioned the ARPAnet in regards to emergency preparedness.)  You also rebutted your own argument:  It just wasn’t popular or widespread enough in 1992 for the Newton to be commercially successful.  It was a few years before the internet became a household commodity, a few years more before broadband would, and a few more years for WiFi to do the same.  Then and only then was the iron hot for the tablet space to strike.  I actually think, in hindsight, the tablet space needed the smartphone space.

            Just for old time’s sake, I’ll buy both a Newton and a case of Crystal Pepsi off E-Bay one day if I’m feeling particularly nostalgic for the Ross Perot era.  Ya grok?

            Steve Jobs:  Again, I’m not doubting his business skills, or his keen eye for trends.  He’s just not the ubergeek that iDrones think he is.

          • Again the 
            you point made is moot. Trends are made popular only when they are first introduced. So what if the internet was not very popular in 1992….the technology still existed. If the supposed Newton pad was  already  made, they should have introduced it then, no one stopped them from doing that…instead of waiting. Jobs came out with the best innovations from the Apple Mackintosh…to the I-Pad. He was and still is the “ubergeek” the world thinks he is which would make the entire world “i-Drones”….Jobs was the best thing to happen in the 20th century just after Tesla/ Edison.


            People like 
            you are just envious of the fact that a non white with an Asian ( Indian) cultural leaning  could run the show and work wonders outclassing ALL his white mainstream American/ Western rivals – wonder if 
            you hate the Beatles too, after all those nice English lads from Liverpool were culturally Hindus who were during their peak era loyal disciples of the Indian Hindu Sage: Maha Rishi Mahesh -yogi. So now, are you going to espouse the supposed substandard music made by the Beatles just because they rejected their traditional white Anglo-Saxon European Christian heritage and instead accepted an Eastern Hindu ( Asian Indian) heritage to inspire their journey during their peak?http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1351995/The-Beatles-yogis-teachings-spiritualism-set-continue-Michael-Goves-free-schools.html 

  • Stephanie

    “It’s debatable exactly what this affirmative action-appointed goof ball had in the way of plans for the abolition of the White race. Was it a series of pogroms, massacres and death camps to reduce their numbers?”
    The following should give you a pretty good idea:Former (FBI plant) Weather Underground member, Larry Grathwohl, divulged their horrific plans:Whitewashed Obama mentor (and “autobiography” ghostwriter of “Dreams of my Father” Bolshevik/Terrorist William Ayers planned to send (those who resisted their Communist “liberators”) “counterrevolutionaries” to “re-education camps and murder of 25 Million Americans.”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWMIwziGrAQAn excellent series on Marxist Terror in America about the “Weather Underground”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTTKPf_XjqE

    A Christian intellectual and prominent conservative writer, Dr. Jack Cashill, has written a damning expose called “Deconstructing Obama” detailing the then carefully crafted, charlatan’s candidacy and promotion by the corporate media and in particular his widely hailed “autobiography” – “Dreams from my Father” which is properly credited with launching Obama’s rising political career. I was convinced from reading Dr. Cashill’s essays leading up to the publication of that recently published book that he’d expertly proven by using thorough dissections of comparisons of the written passages and key words of that phony “autobiography” and Ayers’ other works that it was indeed ghostwritten by radical terrorist William Ayers, one of Obama’s countless whitewashed Marxist mentors.

    Well… lo and behold, here is Ayers’ only recently FINALLY affirming just THAT:


  • MikeofAges

    Considered  the general condition of humanity? Maybe the East Asian and Indians think about that issue a little. Maybe the Latin Americans, some of them. Maybe you can’t fault a small, poor country for not thinking about humanity. But you can fault a civilization for its, well, faults.

    If our electromechanical, cybernetic and biotechnic civilization come to an end, it’s back to worldwide feudalism and “a world lit only by fire”. We’ve lived through it before, and we will again.

    What will survive the end of our glorious post-industrial age? Here’s a list. Limited direct current generation and distribution. The steam engine. The telegraph. Maybe the diesel engine, but in extremely limited applications. Movable type. Ocean-going intercontinental transport. Rail transportation. Maybe some form of long haul trucking utilizing steam power or, more rarely, diesel. Limited scientific agriculture. Limited modern medicine in a few places. Cannons and small arms.

    But some people might think the above is a better world.  You will be able to smoke in inns. Make your own hooch and smoke weed. No income tax or sales tax. No onerous business regulations 0r annoying laws. No donkey, mule or horse registration. In places where there are different races or cultures living together, people will self-separate in a rational way. Or associate as they are inclined. Most disputes will be settled by elders and community leaders. No passports, ids or licenses. Pay will be low but so will living cost. You will probably always be able to get some kind of job. Some communities will based on village socialism. Others will not. Up to the people who live there.

    What do y’all think?

  • Insoc

    What goes around comes around.
    While Jews are ferreting out “homegrown” white terrorists and American Nazis:Minister Louis Farrakhan opened the Afrikan Black Coalition Conference at UC Berkeley Saturday, bringing together black students from colleges across the state. He pushed a controversial book that alleges Jews dominated the slave trade
    (He said) that Jews control the government and that you need to be their friends in order to be successful, that Jews control the media. “This is not hate, this is actual facts,” Farrakhan said.


    Jews, like blacks, don’t understand who their real enemies are.

    Hint:  It “ain’t” white Americans — you know, the ones who (at great loss to themselves) freed Germany from the Nazis and liberated the concentration camps.

  • blight14

     I posted a similar comment on WND, basically that if ALL whites just poof!, left America tomorrow, leaving every asset, property, business, infrastructure, etc etc etc, within 5 years it would resemble Haiti……..I was blasted on there, the usual, ‘notsee’, ‘white bigot’, etc….

  • j j

    I’m from Texas…and it is well known, an overwhelming majority of  ‘Mexicans’, despise Blacks.

  • MikeofAges

    One of the best post I have seen. Being of Jewish descent on one side of my parentage, I am very aware of these issue. I can put a very simple bottom line on all of this. One thing to be concerned about issues of poverty, labor rights and access to good education for all people. Or pursue achievement in science and scholarship. Or make money. Another thing to compulsively become involved in the extremes of social and political activism at every turn.

    Fortunately, there is some push back against this in Jewish-American society. It is getting stronger, slowly.

  • MikeofAges

    Do we  have to belabor the point? Worldwide feudalism and “a world lit only by fire”.

    Then again, maybe that world was easier for a lot of people. In the minds of many, short life spans and an existence with a rigid social order might be small price to pay for getting rid the ambiguities and confusion of the modern world.

  • Whats the matter, could’nt find one of those “almighty white” bands singing this song? Funny how 
    you consider “blacks” a scourge and 
    yet I see a black band’s music as a support for the argument 
    you make….now if there ever was a better example of irony!

  • I suspect KFC is involved.