A former top lawyer for the city of Detroit who lost her job for calling a local court a “ghetto court” has lost an appeal over her dismissal.

A federal appeals court says Friday that Kathleen Leavey’s comments in 2009 were not protected under the First Amendment because they were made as part of her job.

Leavey, who is white, has said she used the word “ghetto” in a conversation with a court employee to describe Detroit’s 36th District Court as inefficient and poor in serving the public.

The chief judge, who is black, heard about the comment and contacted city hall. {snip}

The appeals court says the Constitution does not shield certain expressions made during official duties.


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  • I feel for her on the one hand, but on the other hand, she did take a job as a city attorney for a “ghetto city.” 

  • Alexandra1973

    What did she say that wasn’t true?

  • Wasn’t she telling the truth? I mean isn’t Detroit a ghetto?

  • sbuffalonative

    Can someone tell me where and under what circumstances free speech IS protected?

    • Alexandra1973

      If it’s anti-white.

  • I shouldn’t normally feel sorry for her due to where she works but I just saw that 40% of new lawyers are out of work.

  • What isn’t ghetto about Detroit, though? Perhaps the final 10 percent or so of the city that isn’t black, brown or arab isn’t ghetto.

  • The truth is an affirmative defense in these matters! Besides, what law did she break? They must supress Whites at all costs!

  • bubo

    The judge, who I”m sure is eminently qualified for his position, could have just had a private word with the lawyer and expressed how he didn’t like that kind of talk in his courtroom.  I’m sure she would have apologized and that would have been it.  
    Of course that didn’t happen.  The judge actively sought to have this white woman fired because she said what everyone is thinking.   I hope people see that this is the norm with blacks.   Especially blacks with title.  Arrogance and pettiness to the extreme.  Along with a burning hatred for whites.  

  • Which goes to show if they can do this to an attorney, what recourse does the average citizen have when speaking the truth?

  • Anyone here who has occasion to peruse Huffington Post, look up the page called “Why I Love…”.  Seems to be a new section. First one is ….”Detroit”.  Asks for user contributions of video and such. I think I posted the first comment, and was accused of being racist.  Must have hit a nerve.

  • Sonya610

    or multiple child rapes in Africa that cause actual fistulas

    Raping children will cause fistulas or  fatal organ damage. I have heard for years that many adult women in Africa are gang raped and end up with lifetime fistulas as well. 

    Just recently read the reason for  fistulas in most adult victims isn’t the gang rape itself, the rapists intentionally use sticks or other weapons after the rape in order to inflict the permanent damage. The attackers want to leave the victim incontinent and shamed for life; she will be shunned and her suffering and unpleasant condition will be a lasting reminder to the family/associates.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Ghetto court???  Try Ghetto county!  90% of the murders in Wayne County (where Detroit is located) are blacks killing blacks.  Another 8% are blacks killing whites, the remaining 2% are white on white murders. 

    The truth hurts.  It’s 1984 and the thought police are on patrol.

  • Christopher_Nelson

    Yes, speaking the truth is not protected speech, because it was made by a white person  in detroit.  And part of her job as a white person in detroit is to never speak truthfully about race.  It doesn’t matter if ghetto is an accurate term.  In detroit they like to pretend that they can be taken seriously.  But can any city run by blacks be taken seriously?

    The only thing Detroit is good for, is watching blacks  act out ,while on the show  hardcore pawn.

  • AmericaFirst

     Yeah, I remember Bill O’Reilly buddied up with the race hustler/liar/hate inciter Sharpton a little while ago.  That is why I will neither listen to him or read anything he says.

  • Anon12

     .  Sowell was so poignant, it made me ashamed that I couldn’t rise above race as he seemed able to do.

    Well, that is because he is allowed to. He can be black and he can be “white”. We are not allowed that luxury.

  • I looked at the three mugs in that story.  The oldest man looks well north of 50, but is only 35.  Hell, I turn 35 this month. 

    I guess that’s what drugs do to you.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Her comment was to made to a fellow employee and, once the black judge heard about it, he complained to the city. The comment wasn’t screamed out to everyone in court, she didn’t walk around with her statement attached to a banner – she simply mentioned it in private to a court employee and before long she lost her job. Her statement was even ‘racist’ per se. But in today’s climate of political correctness, any words that even remotely sound disparging to Blacks is sufficient reason for termination when Whites are involved.

    Whites should take note because, if given the chance, this is how many Blacks in positions of power will respond if they suspect your words might ‘racist.’ Isn’t it just peachy what Whites have done to themselves?

  • bluffcreek1967

    Correction: Her statement was NOT even ‘racist’ per se.

  • bluffcreek1967

    One further point: I’m sure the attorney was just plain fed-up and frustrated by the low-lifes she saw for hours each day! It’s enough to make one cry, and I’m sure she did at times. When Whites speak this way, it’s usually because they’ve had their fill with Blacks and their ghetto culture and they begin to slowly open up and really say what’s on their minds. This is another reason why liberal Whites need to witness and experience first-hand how Blacks truly are. It tends to help remove the fog and cloud of multi-culturalism they’ve been fed all their lives.  

  • If I were a betting man, I would bet the comment made to a fellow employee, during a private conversation was likely black. The lesson being, if you’re White, always assume blacks will filter what is said through their racial world view, influenced by their disdain for Whites. You’ll never be given the benefit of the doubt, will be presumed guilty, and dealt with accordingly.

  • IanJMacDonald

    Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, and Walter Williams have much to offer, but Sowell has a real blind spot in regards to innate racial differences. (He’s also heavily influenced by the neocons on foreign policy, but that’s a different story.)

  • Thomas Sowell is the real deal.  Do not criticize him to me.  All blacks are not the same at all.  Sorry to say, just most of them.  But not ALL.

  • voiceofstl

    lets not forget, the people who fired her are white men.

  • Anon

    I met a traveller from a devistated land who said: Vast and Ominous engravings in stone
    Stand in City. Near them, on the pavement, half sunk, a shattered dream lies, whose frown,
    And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command tell that its dreamer well those passions read
    Which yet subsist, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The invisiblehand that mocked them and the heart that fed:
    And on the pedestal these words appear:
    “My name is Coleman Young, king of despots: Look upon Civilization’s works, ye Mighty, and despair!” Nothing beside remains (For I have destroyed it all). Round the decay. Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare

  • I am a lawyer, and, judging from my own city, I would imagine that almost all city courts in mostly black cities are like that.  Complete dysfunction, almost like a banana republic.